Hows Canada Getting Away with This TYRANNY? | Guest: Ezra Levant | 4/12/21


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Hello america and welcome to monday. We've got a great program for you. We're gonna start with this question. Do we even have a republic anymore. A democratic republic. Most people don't even know what that is. But i'll show you how it is weekly going away and today's show is what are we going to do about it. We begin in sixty seconds program. So i in the next twenty minutes. You'll understand why. I have said it's going to be harder and harder for you to get a mortgage. Please listen to me It's going to be harder and harder for a few reasons. This month could be a game changer. For the mortgage rates. The economy is starting to approve. At least for now which means the rates might start to inch up There are fewer and fewer options. Now in the two percent range and pretty soon they probably will be gone entirely. If you've been sitting on the fence about refinancing your mortgage or if you're thinking about consolidating all your debts into one easy to manage payment. Please do this now. please do this now. you'll understand a little more here in just a few minutes. American financing just remember that after the next monologue you might want to call them american financing eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net american financing. Nmls one eight two three three four www dot nmls consumer access dot org here. And i invite you to stay with us especially if you're a liberal if you're a marxist you're gonna be fine with this but if you're a liberal or a traditional democrat like my grandfather used to be. I'm not sure that those people exist anymore. I have real hope that they do. But if you're one of those people that That actually believe america is a good place that we have our problems and we should admit to our problems. But we're good place and that the people sometimes get it wrong but the people should be in control of their own destiny. I want you to listen for those who have listened for a while. I want you to understand. We have just everything that they've ever said about. Oh it's a conspiracy theory on the great reset. You can throw that in the garbage now because the by their own fruits by their own actions you will know them. Something happened this weekend. That is absolutely unprecedented. I have done this job. For forty f- i don't even know how many years almost fifty years and i've never seen anything like this leaders of over one hundred major corporations got together and spoke via zoom on saturday about how they could combat election integrity laws similar to the one that was proposed in georgia multiple reports wall street journal and others directly quote. People that were on the phone call. They talked about potential ways to show how they opposed the legislation including by halting donations to politicians fine. Who support the bills and even delaying investments in states. that's blackmail that pass restrictive measures. Now this is according to people were on the call now. I want you to understand what they are calling. Restrictive measures are actually just going back to the way it was before covid nineteen remember. We had this unprecedented election and we had to change these laws. in fact they couldn't even go through the legislative branch. They just had to be done many times by executive order and the state's changed their laws to make it easier for people to vote because of covid had done was unprecedented. One time only so now these laws that are saying okay. We're not doing that anymore now. It's being called. Restrictive states are doing is bringing it back to where it was pre co vid. They are protecting what sources cronies made vulnerable. That's it now who is there delta airlines. We don't have a full list delta airlines city group viacom. Cbs ups the owner by the way. Ups has deepen this. If you're using ups use the federal government's postal service over ups. And and for god sakes frederick express. They may be involved as well. But i know. Ups is actually deeply involved in the great reset. The owner of the atlanta falcons was there. He also co-founded home depot. The chairwoman of starbucks linked in levi strauss a boston consulting group. The ceo of amc entertainment. Jeffrey sonnen fell. He is a yale school of management professor. Who helped organize the meeting. He said to the washington post that corporate leaders on the call felt very strongly that these voting restrictions are based on a flawed press and are dangerous. What is the flawed premise. That this was a new way to vote in america for covid. The discussion scheduled to last an hour went ten minutes longer. It was led at times. By kenneth chenault the former chief executive of american express notice we have financial industry. Well represented here. Also kenneth frazier the chief executive of merck stupid merck make They out with a with a vaccine summer cavan. Not that's approved here in the united states. I don't know if they've okay. Honestly i don't know i'm not sure. They told the executives on the call that it was important to keep fighting what they viewed as discriminatory laws on voting chenault and frazier coordinated a letter signed last month by seventy two black business executives that made the same point the letter that i drew attention to the voting bills in executive suites all across the country. The calls goal listen to this was to unify companies that had been issuing their own statements and signing onto drafted statements from different organizations after the action in georgia. This according to sonnenfeld can i ask. Is anyone on the right. Meeting with corporations is anybody on the right actually holding zoom call meetings and saying. Hey look we've got to start. Working together. they have infiltrated our boardroom. Which was a goal of the tides foundation back in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s. They have into infiltrated our board rooms. And now these corporations think they rule over us. They think it's their responsibility. Not the elected officials but their responsibility by the way some of them because they're so with the people. Some of them made the phone call from augusta georgia where they were attending the masters golf tournament. Which was so woke of them. I think to be able to go to georgia where they are protesting but they wanted to see the masters Right okay one. Georgia-based executive talked about how the final version of georgia's legislation which brian campus said actually expands voting access claim that the left challenges they say was much worse than expected and it should serve as a warning to other chief executives as more states consider adopting their own voting bills. Now why is this. Should this be a warning to other chief executive officer's why is that a warning to ceos. Wouldn't it be a warning to the american people are we just too dom and so we aren't going to support some of these things and so the corporations they're going to act as a what a secondary government one that i know i didn't elect the ceo of merck. Did you stu. I don't remember the ballot where i voted for the ceo of american express den. I as i'm not a shareholder. So i know i'm i'm not a shareholder and they are. They have one voice. This isn't it's amazing that the people that are organizing this and are fine with it are the ones that say that corporations have no voice the it's the republicans it's the libertarians. Say corporations can do what they want to do but the ones that are saying corporations are evil. They keep people in poverty. They're the ones that are stepping to the plate and backing all of this. Why two reasons one the great reset to they know they'll be eaten by those people if the great reset doesn't work if the great reset isn't the answer then maybe marxism is the think and if that happens they're done corporations citibank coca cola. Delta microsoft all have criticized georgia's new electricity a election integrity bill major league baseball good moved. It's all star game from atlanta denver. Like denver's any better and this all came from the pressure from the white house. Remember the white house is saying corporations should do this not the people we have gone not leave gone from blm which is another story. I can't wait to talk to you about. We've gone from lamb a supposed grass roots organization. We've gone from the left saying that the the tea party wasn't legitimate. Because it was astroturf it was funded by big money. We've gone from that to now. Corporations openly meeting and coordinating efforts to change laws. This is fascism guys. Fascism is when government and corporations work hand in hand. That is fascism while final steps. Were agreed on. The meeting represented an aggressive dialing up corporate. America's stand against controversial voting measures. Nationwide have to tell you. they're not controversial. It's just going to the way they were before covid. It's a sign that their opposition to the laws didn't end with the fight against the georgia legislation. Many of the corporate leaders who joined the call seem to view the voting restrictions as attacks on democracy saturday's call between company executives. This quote shows. They are not intimidated. By the flack. And they're not going to kowtow. That's according to jeffrey sonnenfeld. He's the yield management professor. One of the calls organizers they are not afraid of the flack so in other words they don't care what the people who buy their products. Do or say mike ward co founder of civics alliance a nonpartisan group of businesses focused on voter engagement. Said he felt. There was a broad consensus at the end of the call. The company leaders plan to continue working against any voting bills. They think are restrictive to lean into this. Not lean away from this. It's going to get worse. And this is the official. Start the public a outing of what you're going to live under with the great reset. Its corporations that are going to make the rules. And they're they're they're lie. About stakeholder capitalism is this the the capitalist the ones that are going to be running the company's ceo of these giant companies not the capitalist like muir you the small business person but the people at merck the people at citi group The the people at coca-cola they'll set to the rules and they'll crush anybody underneath them. And they'll work with the government or i should say with the left and those in power from the left They will work with them. And your voice. Well you have a share in this to your a stakeholder so your stake. Your voice is at the table as well not on this private phone call. No no no not in any of these groups. That are planning all of this stuff. No no no he. You voted for somebody in washington. Well i don't know the last time. I felt comfortable with my representation in washington. It's been a long time. This law by the way in georgia expands early voting opportunities for most counties and expands voter. Id requirements to absence. He absentee ballots. And that's what they're saying they can't have because apparently minorities are just too poor. They're just it's too tough for them to get any kind of id. It's so horrible. Can we talk about vaccine passports for a second. Isn't that discriminatory. How is it that somehow or another minorities cannot only get the passport. But we'll be able to get the vaccine and then the passport because they'll need that before they go anywhere right. Why is it. Voting is the only thing that you don't need a license or identification to do why i rent a car. I need identification. I opened up a checking account at citigroup. They require identification. They're now pushing for vaccine identification and vaccine passports. The lie does not hold up if anyone has critical thinking whatsoever. Boy i was. I was up in the northeast this last week and home. It's worse than you think. I mean it's like going to california. I was up in connecticut right next to new york and it is worse than you think it is. If you're thinking about selling your home up in connecticut the prices have fallen by ninety thousand dollars in a in a neighborhood that had like two hundred and fifty thousand dollar houses. It is crazy. What's going on up there. I've been through a lot of moves In my life and i've had good real estate agents. 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I trust dot com ten seconds station so a voter advocacy group funded by facebook. Mark zuckerberg donated seven point. Four million dollars to detroit to dramatically expand strategic voter education and outreach detroit received three grants from zuckerberg's organization three grants One two hundred thousand than three million five hundred and twelve thousand and three thousand set three million seven hundred twenty four thousand now. This is the this. We only know this because of the freedom of information. Act the amount augmented by more than half. The city's thirteen million dollar election budget. It dwarf the six point. Three million dollars in grants that c. tcl that's zuckerberg's group gave five wisconsin cities series of donations that have generated accusations that private money was wrongly used to influence state and local election judges and administrators. Yet think the reach of zuckerberg's money has created a backlash in some gop states. Like georgia. arizona. Were lawmakers have moved since november to ban private money from being donated to election administrators. Now listen to this. He's taking a latching officials and giving them millions of dollars. The records obtained in wisconsin. Pennsylvania and michigan show the zuckerberg monies were used to buy off. Government officials dictating the manner in which the election would be conducted and using government to target democratic strongholds. To turn out the vote for joe biden. You want your corporations doing all of this. Are you fine with all of this. It gets much worse than this. We will continue here in a second and some real answers for you today but america. It is time we wake up. It is time to wake up. This is the glenn beck program. I haven't even started on the unions yet Let me tell you about timeshare termination team. Lot of companies out there. That can you know say that they get you out of time. 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Glenn the promo code is glenn to save ten bucks off your subscription to blaze. Tv this is the glenn beck program. I can't thank you enough for your support of the program. Your support of me and my family over the last week. Monday morning i was sitting in this chair. And still we were. What two minutes away from broadcast. Maybe yeah and my wife came in to the studio at the door. And she said i and then she just collapsed on the floor crying and we had a horrible tragedy happened in our family. And i wanna go into it. Because i learned an awful lot That i think. I need to share with you And i'll do that coming up at the top of the hour but but thank you so much we have. Ak shin scheduled for next week. I don't think we're going on vacation now i just can't leave a for another week and And nobody in the family really feels like you know going to a beach or anyplace else so Thank you so much for listening and being there for us in our time. If need i wanna talk to a little bit about the corporations. We just covered if you missed it. Go back and listen to the podcast. There was an unprecedented meeting of corporations over the weekend. I this is the great reset here. It's here and if you deny it you're a fool you you really are going to be sorry now. We're getting pressure From the corporations and they say they don't care about pressure we give them the. I told you a couple of weeks ago that i was going to boycott coca cola. Well i have found that damn near impossible. Because everywhere i go. It's either just drink water or or a coke product and they control the water and everything else and so What i've decided is. I think it's impossible because these corporations are so massive that boycotting them is is mean is a herculean effort. And maybe somebody you can call me and talk me into the herculean effort. I just don't know even how to do it But i've decided that i've got to pick a couple of things that these corporations do for instance i'm never going to buy. What is their water. It's not aquafina it's the crappy water for atlanta on it right. Yeah dasani just santi. The santi not designing locate dasani and coca cola Never going to buy those never. Will i buy those. If i'm put in a situation to where they have everything else's coke product. I'll find another coke product. That i have to eat dinner or whatever But i'll stay away from coke products if i'm buying him at grocery store all coke products but i think we have to. We must begin to push back on these corporations because they don't think you will and they are taking far too much power now. They are going to tell us what our states should and should not do if our states which are run by republicans. They decided that they are going to do voting laws and say we're bringing it back to the way it was prior to in and we're also going to require some identification. They're going to boycott. They're going to hold back money from states. They are going to run campaigns. And they're going to coordinate. That's what happened this weekend. They are going to gut us cities and states. that are at allred. They're going to gut them. Why are we still supporting them now. Another thing when the gutting is being done we know that the small business guy has been gutted already but for those who made it you now have another foe. You have the government regulations. You have the corporations working with the government to make regulations that will benefit them. Not you and now you have the labor union. You are going to be cornered. It's a it's they're holding you with three points. I mean everybody knows you cannot win. A chess game If you have two or more pieces to triangulate people. Well they've got triangulated. Does anybody think that elon. Musk is the kind of guy that cares what anyone thinks about him. That he cares what anybody says about his tweets. Well apparently once the labor union god's get their feathers ruffled he does have to care. He fired an employee back. This twenty eighteen. I think he fired. Employee named richard ortiz labor activist. Who was part of an organizing campaign called fair future at tesla. So at the time elon. Musk said there's nothing. Stopping tesla team at our car. Plant from voting union. They could do so tomorrow if they wanted. But why pay union dues and give up stock options for nothing. Our safety record is two times better than when the plant was a w. a. u. a. w. and everyone already gets health care so that was elon musk's opinion and doesn't have a right to say that. Hey our safety record is two times you get healthcare. I give stock options. I mean why would you unionize. Well apparently that's a grave sin. It violates the eleventh commandment thou shalt join a union no matter what as for the sin the national labor relations board passed its judgment a couple of weeks ago saying that tesla must rehire richard ortiz and compensate him for all of the lost income resulting from his firing. They also ordered a tesla and mosque to delete the offensive Delete the offensive. Tweet saying that. It unlawfully threatened tesla employees. Who yeah that sounded very threatening. Didn't it so he deleted it now. If if he is deleting that must be a pretty powerful organization it is. We know this. Do you remember the story. Ben dominant publisher of the The federalist he he defended mosque. And had you know over the top ridiculously compared the ruling against elon. musk And it was a joke and he was forced to delete it about unionizing. His own employees were not threatening to unionize. His joke was in reference to a situation at vox media at the time but the nlrb said that he was guilty of unfair labor practices and subpoenaed years worth of communications among federal staff members. Some staff members were also subpoenaed to testify in new york and it was a tweet. That was a joke. It's the federalist no one working at the federalist joining a union. But nobody seems to be bothered by this remember. It was this government institution that is now like they like they need. An enforcer like the The unions need an enforcer. They got the enforcers fat tonio via about a door. Now they have a government enforcer and the bullies at the nlrb. They remember they were the ones. Ten years ago stopped boeing from building a new plant in south south carolina or tried to stop it south carolina's a right to work. State washington state heavily unionized and the nlrb twisted the law to benefit all of the union's they oversee the elections by employees at the companies to determine whether they want union representation but they have all kinds of justifications when it doesn't come out their way one case twenty-six the us district court of appeals in dc slammed the nfl rb for a holding the results of very tight election win for the union side despite the pro union employees threatening physical violence against any co workers. If they didn't vote to unionize so he ll on. Musk is a monster because he says hey. I'm i've got free health care where two times the safe safety record of when it was a union and you get stock options. That's a monster. But people who were threatening violence against co workers if they didn't vote to unionize now it's nah nothing to worry about that. This is all about control and it is gonna come at you in a myriad of ways. It's coming to you now. Through corporations through the media through the government through unions and through education and school. This is what fascism looks like when you have all of those groups colluding with one another and as they did this weekend. Hundred major corporations having a zoom call to talk about government policies. That don't affect their business. They just believe that those are the right policies to pursue for the people who are living in states where they have republican representation. I mean those people. I mean just trapped there just trapped. What about all the people that i met this weekend up in in new york and connecticut that are just trapped in those nightmares just trapped. You don't hear the corporations coming out against them. You don't see the corporation saying you know when New york decides in their in their budget to add two point one billion dollars just for the refugees or the refugees. Or where did that word come from the people that are crossing our southern border and are being shipped up into new york. They've added two point one billion dollars to build schools for them. That's your priority. You can't get rid of a guy who killed so many people in the nursing homes in new york while he was on a book tour and that's your priority who's representing the people in new york. That don't feel that way. This country was never my way or the highway was never it was never supposed to be. It may have been in racist days and racist communities it may have been with flawed screwed up people. But that's not what we were striving for this is now what we're striving for my way or the highway more in a second goodness so i was on the plane and i look at my son. He's wearing my recons. And i'm like we're yours. I game to you for christmas. I don't know loss mine. So i've been looking for my now for the last week in. You're wearing them kids. 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This is the glenn beck program stu thanks so much for filling in for especially Last monday i didn't even get a chance to listen all week but last monday left. You like two minutes before near like. Are you ready for the show. And i'm the gag. Got a great plan for the show and then it just kinda fell to you in two minutes. And i don't know how you did it but thank you well. It was also not only doing that but it was after witnessing what you described earlier with really some chaos. I was terrified honestly to watch. Because i had absolutely no idea what was going on and so it was a very thrown. Say but i'm glad to. At least you were there too with with the family because i mean that is an an impossible thing to go through and you're going to be talking about it here coming up yeah and And and i. I think there's only one way out of this mess and i. I saw it in action last week. And so i wanna i want to talk about it and i mean we are really screwed up as a nation right now. We're really screwed up and we're not prioritizing the things that matter anymore. Did you hear what happened up in canada and our three. We're going to talk about this. Do you see what happened in canada. Yeah the they're still going. They want to make an example out of the church in the worst possible way right. No one in the church has had covid. No in the town has had covid but the canadian government has this thing against this church because they wouldn't limit the number of people. But there's there's there's nobody in the town is headed. Nobody in the church is added And so they they took the pastor and put him in. Jail actually was hard core prison for what two months something like that. Now they just coordin- off the entire church. They just came in without any notice and put up barricades around the church. Said you're not allowed to go in it anymore. So all of them had to go home and when the when the church members said no. We're going in any way. A swat team was called. 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Stu said to me you're ready for the show. I hadn't even had time to really discuss it with him. And i said yeah i got it all mapped up. Just follow me. And that's when my wife came to the door of the studio here at her house. And said i had the phone up and Then she collapsed on the floor in tears and i ran out of the studio and grabbed her and held her up and said well. What's what's wrong honey. And she was holding. The phone tried to tell me again and collapsed again and she handed me the phone and it was my mother. My mother-in-law and i couldn't get very much out of her either. Just knew that tania's brother had passed to say this was a shock is an understatement vince. I always looked at him kind of as an older brother Even though he's younger than me. I looked at him as an older brother because he helped me learn the ropes of being in an italian family. You know i'm from german descent and that screwed up six ways to sunday but Being in an italian family there's some ground rules some things you really need to know you know like your first easter or christmas. Slowdown jack slowdown. There's a lot more food coming and family this family. I'm i married into. I think the greatest family. I've ever met the colonia family and i didn't realize i know what a change it's made on my life but i didn't realize how great this family even was until this last week my wife is she's got servant's spirit and she just serve. She shows her love by taking care of people and doing things and never never says oh. It's too much. I have to tell her all the time. Honey don't take this on last night. She was she's still up in connecticut. She called me last night about the dog food and she was like the dog food. And you gotta get more dog food. And i like honey honey. I got it relax. Even though i probably don't actually have it but my brother in law had four children. He had wrestled with crohn's disease for a long time. My sister has crohn's and it it can be awful. It can be awful but you never really know it. He was always the kind of guy that was always like How you doing good how you doing good how you doing when he said that meant horrible. I should be a hospital but he was always the guy who lit up the room. He was always the guy helping others. He would never stop because he was always helping others. I didn't realize how much of a servant's spirit he had until the wake on friday. I don't know how long that line was. But it was a constant moving line constant moving line for four hours. I think the line was not in cars in people a quarter of a mile and it just didn't stop and it it was people they would come up and say. I didn't even know vince. But i met him because i was in need of help and he just rolled up his sleeves and he just like took over and was like okay. We got it. It was people in the community that he lived in. He was on the school board. He was a little league coach. He was soccer coach. He helped build the church. He took care of the lawn of the church. He was constantly doing things raising money for charity. Working over here helping organize this. But he was never the guy in the spotlight he was just the guy doing it and we had no idea how much he had done because he never talked about it. We also didn't know how much mental anguish. He was in because he never talked about it. And last monday morning after spending easter with the family everybody thought it was fine. He got up at three o'clock in the morning he was staying with my mom and dad tania's mom and dad and he got up at three o'clock in the morning he went into the office. He put everything together that the family might need all of the things that his children and his wife would need and left a note on the person who he's worked with for thirty some years on their desk because they always come in. I don't go upstairs. Just call nine one one and he killed himself. This is now the third family member of mine that has gone through this. And i keep seeing play out over and over and over again in exactly the same way. We had an immediate family member in my family. That police called the my house. This even know how long ago is now a few months ago. Attempted suicide world is sick. We are sick. When i talked to tanya on monday all she could get out of her mom at the time when they were both hysterically. Crying was what she thought she heard was and vince. Kick dad on the way out. And i'm like oh my gosh. What was that all about. How did that happen and all day. I'm thinking what is my dad going through right now. what is he thinking about. You know his relationship with vince and everything that just came out of the blue. I found out that he kissed him on the way out which was a much better way to go. But i looked at that and even that was in active service to let your dad know how much you loved him on the way out. I know this sounds weird. If you don't know much about suicide or if you've never gone through it yourself and really the only way to understand it is to be close to it yourself. No matter how close you get to it. If you've never experienced it you don't understand it because it doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make sense because it's insane but you get trapped in this place to where you actually start to believe that the world would be a better place without you that your family would be a better place without you that they would have it easier if you were just gone. None of that is true as a survivor of three now in my family. It hasn't been even close to true anytime. Suicide has such a long tail to it. That even when you think your past it and you've recovered that tail comes swinging around and can smash you at a time when you think. The dragon is gone. I know what these four kids are going to go through. Because i went through it. I'm speaking of my other brother's son's wedding giving the fathers toast this summer because his father is not there. Let me say this. I if you are thinking about suicide if you think there's no reason to live if you think there's no way out if you think the world would be better without you it's a lie and i know because i've been there. I've thought those thoughts myself. And i was lucky enough to have a friend. Take me to the hospital. I went against my will. I actually said this is not going to change anything. Because i know what the problem is. The problem is me. And while i had good reason to think that at the beginning those were reasonable thoughts of a change my life but it spirals down into everything and if you if you do it it only gonna make things much worse and there is relief and there is love again and there is light and there is joy you were born to experience joy. Please call for help please. If you're on the receiving end do not dismiss this. Don't tell somebody. Oh well it's gonna get better. Keep your chin up cheer up. There's nothing more offensive than that when you're in the situation because they've tried if they give any indication at all the good ones won't they might leave a few breadcrumbs but in our case it was a guy who you would have never thought because he's always fine or matt and he's always helping other people but he couldn't get help himself. He didn't know how to accept. Help himself it's a two way street. You have to ask for help and then somebody has to be there to help you and if you don't know what to do just take them to the hospital. The hospital will know what to do. But if you're in the situation to where somebody did something there's nothing you could have done nothing. You could have done or said it's not your fault. Now what did i learn from all of this back. In a second brother-in-law he helped build his church and then he talked a lot. The church members talked a lot about how he was always. There was a bleed of grass out of place. He was on top of it. He used to take care of the lawn and there is something good about taking care of lawns. I know that's what he did. He could sink and he could focus on something and find some peace while he was doing chores. That most of us don't look forward to if you're looking for a lawn mower and i hate to turn this into a commercial. But it's was relatable at the time but Let me tell you about hustler turf. 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It was one hundred sixty hundred and seventy million words and some of those have been hard. But i don't think there's been anything harder than this because i didn't know how to describe him. He was you know brother friend a father a husband a son and then when i went to the wake and i saw i listened to people i realized that the word that was needed was not even servant. It was loved and i've pondered that over the weekend. There are two great commandments. Love god and love your neighbor grossly abbreviating those but love god and love your neighbor and i realized that this is the biggest thing. We're missing right now. So many of us. The fear up in connecticut was palpable. Now i know. I live in connecticut and i could tell those who had bought into the hysteria over covid. Because i'd say i'm from texas and they would back away from me but the fear is how possible. Fear doesn't come from any place good and the fear is not needed. It is not needed. So how do you combat that. And what do we do to save ourselves our country and our children next news. The glenn beck program. I don't know if you're a big fan of boycotting businesses that you don't agree with or not I mean generally speaking conservatives have never done it but we must begin to raise our voice if you missed In the first hour. I talked about an amazing meeting of one hundred ceos over the weekend. It's in the wall street journal's think it's in the new york times it is things are changing and you've got to support those businesses that support your values and get away from the companies. That don't here's an easy one. You can do var isan right now. They're part of all this nasty stuff. That's going on especially when it comes to abortion. They give a lot of their money. which used to be your money and then they take it from you and then they could spend it however they want but i don't want them spending any of the money that i worked hard for on abortion. Please right now go to get premier activation. They'll set up the phone for you. Get a special gift with the offer code beck same service lower price for your son's phone service and people that believe in the same values it's patriot mobile dot com slash beck nine seven two patriot and blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn the promo code glenn ten bucks off your subscription to blaze tv tricks. This is the glenn beck program. If you've just joined us. i was gone last week. Due to a family emergency. We had a A tragic death in our family of tanya's older brother of events. And i learned some really important things really important things as i was watching this wake. I'm seeing these people from all walks of life. Some you know some walked by me with a face of i know who you are. Keep it up and other people walked by like. Oh dear lord i know who you are ooh hick. But they were all there for vince. How many of us have friends on the other side of the aisle and not friends. They're they're not friends. These the people that were there were there because he made a difference in their life. He was a true servant. As i'm watching this all that kept going through my mind was by their fruits. Ye shall know them. The fruits of his labor were on display. He was a servant all the time all the time in no matter what he was doing that was his priority and like so many of us. Sometimes you know our job interferes with the family or whatever in in his way service became such a big deal. That i wondered. When did he have time for anything else but he found a way to love everybody. They're two great commandments. Love god with all your heart and mind and soul and love your neighbor. So those two great commandments. Boil down to love truth. Because that's what god is it. We've wrapped god in all different kinds of things and we've given him some anthropomorphic. You know tangible anthropomorphic. Tendencies and traits. I don't know what god is. I think i do. I believe i do. But if i get to the other side and you know i've said it a million times a space octopus r. guard nba. Like wow that's a total shock but okay because whatever god is truth we we. Don't love truth anymore. We denied true. We are all living untruths. Every time you put a mask on you might be doing it for other people. And that's cool but if you believe that this is a lie every time a little bit of our truth dies with us when we put a mask on it does and i can justify it in my own head because i'm compassionate of other people but this is not based on any scientific. Do you know that the definition of truth actually is truth. A or state of being true that which is in accordance with reality or a fact or belief accepted as true. The last ones. The only one murky. And it's always. It's always the last. When you're out gathering they were going push in a quality of state of being true that which is in coordination with reality the mask thing just as an example is not in accordance with reality. Any scientist can tell you that it's like a building you know a. She were building submarines. The mask is as useful as if he said. You know what we're also going to put you know all the hatches. Were gonna put screen doors there. It doesn't stop the water from rushing in. Maybe it makes us feel better. But i think it's actually doing the opposite. We have lost the sense of you know when you love your neighbor. I mean really. Love your neighbor when you serve saturday. We did a dinner for the family and there were. I don't know. I mean italian families. There's like it's like a mob gathering except nobody's killing each other no. He's got a body in the trunk and But it's just massive. Everybody is there and it was my way of serving. The family. And i had the best night. How many times have you done something for somebody else. And you've come out and you don't know they got anything out of it but you you kind of feel selfish in a way. You're kind of like wow. That's where joy comes from love thy neighbor that's where joy comes from the opposite of joy despair and that is the complete absence of hope hope is defined as a feeling or desire that things are going to happen. The second definition of of hope is a feeling of trust. We don't trust and we're beginning to lose the field that something good is going to happen. That was the american thing we believed in the future. We believed a brighter. Day was just ahead of us. That's all but been destroyed in us. We are no longer americans if we lose hope and that's despair the loss of hope and the opposite of despair is joy. And how do you find joy. You find joy by routing herself in the truth even if that's the truth that you don't want to accept accept the truth and serve others. I talk to mercury one this week because we've been so focused on education and we are serving so many on education. But i don't want i wanna make sure that we don't lose our charitable arm ongoing in helping people as well. It's the. It's one of the best memories that i have of. Covid was helping the city in detroit. The change hearts that mercury one encountered in detroit. Did it change anything political. No but it changed hearts. It changed hearts right now if we don't be the people if we if we aren't saying your loved just like i'm loved and it doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what you do to me. i'm always gonna love you. I may not like you. But i will be the first there to help you and i'm not there to help you because i'm trying to change your mind. I'm trying to win or anything like that. I'm there because i believe family is the only thing that matters and you we're all family. We're all family if you haven't repaired your family yet you need to doesn't mean you're you have to take abuse but the only way things will change is if we find a way back toward one another and that is truth and remember you. Don't tell the truth percent you don't. You're not required to tell the truth if it does more damage you know like hey i want you to know when i was a kid. I rob you blind. Okay might make you feel better but is that going to do more damage. You should tell the people and make restoration can restitution but Just to tell people all by the way. I was making out with your sister the whole time. Not a good idea not a good idea but we have to stop. We have to stop saying that. There's nothing we can do. What are we gonna do well. Here's the first thing. Stop living ally and before you clean up anything politically you gotta clean up your own life. Stop living a lie. Whatever that lie is and it could be a lie that was given to you by your own family. I'm i was known forever. I think i still am. I'm the stinky little brother who's row. Whose room always stunk. Because i didn't get really put my clothes in the laundry in whatever. I'm the stinky little brother. That's who i am still my sister's okay. But that's not who i am. Who are you what do you believe what do you stand for. I think all of the time now. All of the time of what this woman said to me over in poland. She was one of the righteous among the nations. And i said how do we get that tree of. Righteousness you know. The the righteous among the nations were the ones who saved jews at their own peril. How do we. How do we water that tree of righteousness. She looked at me. Like i didn't understand there is no tree of righteousness that you have to grow you. You already have everything you need you just have to say. I'm not going to participate in this lie. I know the difference between right or wrong. I know the difference because i was raised in the truth now. Some people weren't and our kids are being indoctrinated but for those who are aware without malice with charity toward all we have to say. I'm not participating in this life. I'm not gonna go there with you. i'm not. I'm not but i love you and i'll serve you. I'll help you. I wish you know. As i watched him and i thought a hundred sixty five million words. I've said over forty years. How many of those were important. And here's this guy who has no platform and he has hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people show up at his at his wake at a time of covid in the northeast. How does this happen. I don't know how many people would show up at. If i weren't on the radio i don't know how many people would show up but not hundreds and hundreds and hundreds even know how many people job at my funeral. Even though i am on the radio. I have no idea because really what are my personal works litter. My personal works. I don't know. I don't know and to be that sad. That doesn't save me but it does save others and it does bring joy and it is only by those those works and the fruit of those works. That people will know who you are and we keep thinking that. That's a bad thing. I don't want people to know who we are. Let them know who you are. And let your legacy be like vince. Colonus was because. I know exactly who. He is in a different way. Because i saw the fruit of his work are sponsored. This hour is wreck. Tech time has come to revolutionize the way that you cook your meals not just the way you grill out but the way that you cook all together because when you get a wreck tech you're not just getting a grill you're getting something that can smoke something that can grill something that can even bake and it does an amazing job at all of it whether surf and turf at you know at night for your house. Maybe throw some stake in shrimp on the proverbial barbie or you want to make the world's delicious burgers and hotdogs or believe it or not. 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We're not and anybody who wants to come can come now. It's in a town where. I don't think there's been any cases of covid. There's certainly been no cases of covid in the church and the so. The police came in after he wouldn't stop preaching and they arrested him. He was in maximum security for a while. They released him now. They just took the church from him and put a fence up around it then. Yesterday they started arresting journalists for telling the stories. What when did canada become the soviet union. You need to know this story. And i'll give it to you from somebody who's seen it first hand coming up in just a second. There's this new movie out the landmark case roe versus wade and it's got a pretty amazing cast especially for. I mean think how brave you have to be to be in this. Corbin bernstein is in. Its stacey dash. John schneider steve gutenberg and of course our good friend jon voight John is amazing in anything that He is in. I haven't seen the movie because of what was happening last week but it is. I mean this is one of the most important court cases that has changed the fabric of america but people don't know the full story They they don't have any idea of what really happened. The political maneuvering and the the targeting of even supreme court members and the graft that went on. It was really really dirty right. Now you can find it. It's available on itunes. Amazon and google play seat on demand or from your major cable or satellite carrier after half a century. It's time to expose all of the lies. The truth has its day in court. Download roe versus wade the movie today. Roe versus wade. It's not a documentary movie. Do it now And we thank them for their sponsorship of this half hour on lays coverage show begins a few seconds what you were not to hear fusion above entertainment and enlightenment us glenn beck program. Hello america and welcome to the program. Thank you for tuning in today. There there is some. there's some amazing news. Going on about joe biden nine. Haven't had a chance to even talk about the gun legislation or the executive orders that he has done the the transportation bill that they are building human infrastructure. Everything is designed to change who we are and how we lived same with the covid rules now up in canada. They've already thrown one pastor in jail. High security jail They let him out and now over the weekend they they took razor wire and chain link fences and put it around the church and said you're closed without any warning or anything you're close no one's going into the church this church that hasn't had one single case of cove it not one and why are they shutting down. The church await it gets better. Then they started. The canadians started arresting journalists. Who were covering it. When did it become china. And how close are we to this in sixty seconds all right. 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Radical church non any of that stuff close it down and then started arresting journalists who were covering the story. What is happening in canada. Well let's go to As relevant he is the founder of rebel news. that's kind of like a blaze up in canada and he hosts the as relevant show. Welcome to the program. Thank you glen. I i love americans. One of the things i love about. Americans is care about freedom around the world. I know that you care about the freedom of people in xinjiang. China wieger muslims. I know you care about christians in iraq and other places in the muslim world. But i sort of feel shy to say it i. I think we might need some help up here in canada. I know that sounds odd. But i i sure would like if you could help. Shine a light of scrutiny on. What's going on up north here because the troubles about religious freedom and press freedom. They're not just in far away places. Now they're just across the border. And i can tell you to cresa cases. The first is what you mentioned. The grace lights church. It's a very nice church outside edmonton alberta. I visited it myself loving peaceful. The friendliest folks. I tell you if i was jewish i go every week. Make people and the pastor was sentenced to thirty five days in a maximum jail. Maximum security jail because he wouldn't close his church by the way when he was in jail. The church kept open anyways. It's another pastor presided. When they didn't they didn't do anything. They didn't do anything to that pastor. They didn't do anything to the church. No and there was no need to and by the way there was never a single case in the church let alone an outbreak and everything was fine until one day. They moved in it dawn. There was no one in the church. The police seized the church occupied the church and turned it into the only way i could describe it as a paramilitary garrison. Life like a forts. They have a perimeter fence and then within it. They have another fence. They put a big black tarp around it so you can't see what they're doing they have police coming and going in shifts. These are heavily armed. Police they also have lesser armed police. They brought their latrines in. And i think it's very disrespectful. They put him right outside the front door. The church the bathrooms So they're literally doing to the church what they're also figuratively doing. I wonder if they would defile a mosque in the same way but they have turned this church into a garrison. Why because if they were to leave the church members which is go back in so they are a permanent occupation and militarization of grace life church. I know you're thinking that can't be true. Well there's plenty of video of it so this weekend. Obviously sunday to interesting things happen. First of all the church members met but they did not meet after church. They met at a second secret location and underground church like they do in china china so the the actual congregants of grace slacks church and their pastor did not go to their building. They went somewhere else. They believe that the churches with them start a piece of bricks and metal and mortar correct. And so they're having an underground church china style but at the same time almost a thousand people not with the church way to the church and solidarity. They were different approaches. Some of them were more angry. Somewhere more peaceful some prayed for the police some shouted the police and there was a moment when some of the protesters knocked down the exterior fence and and by the way some people affiliated with truth said. No no. don't do that. We could've taken the church physically anytime if we wanted to. We're not. We're not protesting a piece of metal. We're here for the right to pray and there was an interesting divergence in views. Should they physically retake the church or not in the end. The fence went back up quickly but not before a huge brigade of heavily armed swat style police from the mounties. The royal canadian mounted police came gas masks riot gear basically stormtroopers they were at a staging facility nearby. What are they gonna do were they. Were they going to shoot people. It was so insane. So you have an underground church in hiding pastor conducting secret services. I would've The surveillance of police. You have a church being turned into an armed garrison like a like a military base. You have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds close to a thousand people protesting this when someone pressed against the fence and knocked it down they dispatch you know stormtroopers. It looked heavily-armed. That is canada. And i happen to be from the province of alberta. Its motto is strong and free. That's false advertising today. Glenn first of all when did the. He's lose their cool horse. Red jacket well. Thing now teaser. So beloved because they have such a great reputation going back more than a century There was that old show Oh boy it was show about amounts in the states the fish out of water kinda show. I got it. I mean it was mountains. Our beloved their friendly. It's like the british bobby. Everyone loves the mountie. But that's not the the amount he's today it announced today. They only wear their red jackets and ride their horses for fancy ceremonies today. They were doing the dirty work of shutting down a church. I can't imagine that any young man grew up. And said i wanna grow up and go to the police academy and get a shield and a badge and a gun. And and so i can. What bank robbers catch murderers or expropriate and occupy a church and throw pastors in prison. That's in prison glenn. They emptied out four hundred violent offenders because they were worried they would catch. Cove it in the prison. I'm not making that up. Four hundred violent men were released from prison. But they put the pastor in that same prison for thirty five days. That's canada and i. i don't want it seen alarmist. But i sure would love it. If you know. Americans with a big footprint like senator ted cruz marco rubio people who talk about freedom in cuba or iran boy. I'd love it if they would put out a statement about this. And can i tell you one more story from montreal this weekend that i was personally out If it's about the media. I want you to hold onto that Our crazy i wanted to yesterday. Hang on just like. I wanna talk about that here in a second i i wanna ask you one question on the media. And then i'll take a quick break The the mainstream the cbc are they even covering what's happening at this church they don't cover it off and when they do they cover it With aggressive criticism they pay to the church as Criminal radicals they yeah radicals they smear it as unhealthy Super spreaders. Even though i say again don't one case let alone. An outbreak this pastor obviously could have got out of jail. One minute let alone thirty five days. It was as if they gave him his own keys. All he had to do was lie. And say i won't go back to the church. Imagine a man who would endure thirty five days of maximum security prison when he had his own keys he endured that because he would not say ally the lie being. I won't go back to the church. And i won't print he wouldn't say that. And that is the most gentle man the most peaceful man the most non violent man the most self abnegating. Now you'll ever find and yet. They demonize him. They call him wacko and extremist The mock the church itself Because it's not just that he's a dissident it said he obviously believes in a higher power than politicians. And he. if you are a walk down if that's source superstition. I'm not even gonna call it a religion. If you believe in lockdown ism. If you wear a mask the same way a muslim women might wear hijab or a jewish man. My worry jamychal if the mask is your religious symbol. Your symbol of submission to your philosophy of lockdown is now one nascar to master the high crease. Where three masks and javale look if you believe that whole mindset fine but there are some people who believe in something higher than anthony fauci and that's what that's what people rage against churches and other institutions of religious institutions. That won't close 'cause they say a ha. You don't believe what i believe and your resistance is a is an insult to my belief system. I think there's something to that glen. I think it's a nature of horse vacuum and this this superstition and so devoid. You know as you're you're the type of mind that would enjoy You should read the book. hitler's monsters. It's a very scholarly book. But it talks about that that one that nichii was right and once you killed god. What did the german people fill that vacuum with and it goes in depth on on a lot of the stuff that i think. We're doing right now. And i'm talking religiously you you start to go into myths. You go into magic. I mean it is. It's nuts and we're starting to repeat this and and condemning the church and real believers and making them look like idiots imbeciles and radicals more with ezra levant here the second american financing. Mls one eight two three three four www dot For just a minute. I want you to think about what it would be like to be out of debt. I mean think about think about what it would like to have what. How many more hundreds of dollars Every month i can help you save hundreds of hundreds of dollars every month. Maybe even over a thousand dollars if you refinance your mortgage with american financing without resetting the term. That's the kind of Outcome that you're facing is being strapped with debt or figuring out a way to get out of those high interest credit cards or this mortgage with a very high interest rate and doing it now. If you have debts you're not alone. Twenty twenty was a really rough year. Twenty twenty one. I think is going to be worse. You've got to weather this storm To put yourself into a situation where you are as as good financially as possible whether you're looking to purchase a home for the first time or wanting to refinance your mortgage or to consolidate alone american financing is the way to go call them today. You could be saving hundreds of dollars every month. Do it now. Don't take my word for it. Give them a call. See what american financing can do for you. They work for you. Not the banks. American financing eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty american financing dot net eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty ten seconds station so ezra levant joins us. He is the founder of rebel news. You can find rebel. News dot com also fight. The fines dot com. Which is a really important thing. You guys are doing up in canada that we're working on here to be able to do Down here in the united states. So tell me about. We know we now know the church but now tell me what happened to the press. That was covering this. Sure well as you mentioned. We don't just report the news. Sometimes we try and get involved in it if we we can make a difference and one of the things we do is we crowd fund. You know what that is. Everyone chips at a few bucks and before you know you got enough to do something important. So we crowd fund civil liberties lawyers to fight some of these crazy lockdown tickets for people and so far. We've we've taken six hundred and seven cases across canada and we've even recorded a french version of our program. And i know you're gonna laugh a yiddish version. Because there's lots of yiddish. Speaking religious jews. In the city of montreal i picked on because because they have to pray at certain hours and they can't synagogue by zoom because they don't use electricity on the sabbath so there's a religious jewish community in montreal. He gets picked on a lot so we made a special video offering them legal help so we have french english units. We have lawyers across the thing is police forces. Don't like that because they want people to pay these huge fines they want them as a deterrent. And if people aren't scared anymore maybe they won't be so compliance and by the way we ask prickly questions like. Hey how come you were abusive when you made that arrest or can we have some disclosure of your case or maybe this isn't constitutional so because we both do a the journalism and be the fight defines activism we have a new set of enemies revenues including the police and they started physically pushing our people around when we cover things in montreal we have one reporter and the the who himself is jewish and when the police would stop them they say. Oh it's the jew media. Oh you're the all my gosh. And and that's all on tape by the way and it sort of bug me. Because i thought that feel tiny semitic the feels like policing i mean maybe he means like a jewish newspapers so i don't want to jump to a conclusion but it gave me the willies. 'cause he's not there as a jew. He's there like we have only two jewish journalist. We have muslim journalist. We have christian we we it's. We're not a religious company Like it's thought we stand up for everyone's free but we're not at your media So they started really on our guy yankee and so we sent three or four more reporters to back him up. Who by the way happened to be from different religious and racial backgrounds and then police targeted them handcuff them gave them thousands of dollars of fines pushed them physically assaulted them so we had one reporter. They pushed him around so we sent three or four reporters that push them around so this weekend then. We took half the company. We took seventeen of our people to montreal to stand with yankee and our other journalists to wear big high visibility. Kenny's saying press and to go and report on these lockdowns to show the police that we're not going to be pushed around. We actually hired a lawyer to accompany us on the streets because it was important to us to assert ourselves of the press so we had seventeen people backing up our one montreal or the police went nuts. They found our airbnb. We were staying at an airbnb which was actually a little spoke together that way. We had privacy and we were all together in one place. I've got about forty seconds. Police raided the houseboat. I said come back with a warrant. They said no. We're locking the entire boat down as a crime scene. You may not get on or off the actually you can only get off. They searched us for ten hours. They demanded to search the rooms of the reporters. No search warrant. They physically roughed up one of our reporters and jailed him. And no judge would gives a mr warren. There's a war on the church. There's a war on the free press. It's happening candidate police help. Okay i i gotta pull you over for the next break if you can stay with us for for one more segment. Because i need to understand what they thought you guys had on. You were what they were searching for america. It is on our doorstep. Wake up glenn beck program. Connie lives in nevada and over the past few years she started suffering from back and hip. Pain that just progressively got worse and worse. She saw doctor about it. They tried a number of different things to make the pain. Go away nothing. She tried work for very long. Boy do i. Do i really want to that when she would when she would find something that would work. Just dull the pain and made her fuzzy. Connie was at her wit's end talking about relief factor on the radio one day. She's decided. I nothing to lose you. Give it a try. She says literally within a few days her. Her pain began to subside. And it's never come back. Connie got her life back dr. It's not a drug. But it was developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people who try go on to order more go to relieffactor dot com or call. Eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred hundred eighty three eighty four. It's relieffactor dot com head over to blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn the promo code is glenn. You'll get ten bucks off prescription to blaze. tv. Welcome to the glenn beck program. Where with ezra levant. He is from Rebel media Op in up in canada. Almost in in mission really almost a sister to blaze dot com. He's the founder of rebel news host of the ezra levant show. You can find him at rebel news. Dot com rebel news dot com also. He is the founder of fight. The fines dot com where. They're trying to help people with fines that they incur from the canadian government and just kind of do a crowd funding for those fines. Back in march. I believe you guys were at a a global meeting or protest of the lockdowns. It was happening globally. And you guys walked away with six thousand dollars in fines. Can you start there with your story. Sure we cover Peaceful demonstrations every single weekend in various cities so when we send reporters we're not sending them as activists were sending them just two point a camera and report and in fact we often wear these big vestige they press on them We we comply with the rules. We don't get between if if there's a rasping made. We stayed a few feet back. We don't want to get into it but police seem to target us in toronto. They say that media is not allowed to report They say media are not essential and then when we pressed him on it they said well your non essential other media are exempt. Things like that In montreal the same thing happened handcuffing. Our people throwing them against rennes harassing them. Strange i i need to. I need to see the video of this as i find this so hard to believe coming from canada. What what were the people what were people doing. What were they reporting on. Tell me the scribe. The we have the videos up at lockdown reports dot com. 'cause we're doing a series of them and you can see for example. There was a huge march in montreal and and our reporters were standing on the sidewalk but because the police saw their cameras they went up to them reach for them. Grab them push them flat up against the police van in one case through their phone to the ground. Handcuff them thousands of dollars of tickets. You might be saying. No that can't be there's gotta be something else going on. Surely you guys threw a punch. Surely you guys did no no no. When they see the cameras they know and in fact on and we we now wear body cameras also so if they throw our held cameras to the ground we catch it anyways. One of the police told our chief videographer. Why are you guys being so skeptical and critical. The other media aren't he. He dropped the mask for a second and he the genuinely confused these montreal police. Because we're not submissive compliance. Like what i call the media party. So there's there's no mistaking are are mild mild mannered. I'm noisy but our video. Gophers are polite and mild mannered. And they're standing on the sidewalk They're they're just filming that to to montreal police officer of you have a camera yours. Dangerous someone who has a gun because you will show their misconduct and so when they discovered we were on this airbnb houseboat on the weekend. They tried to storm the boat. I said go and get a search warrant ten hours a called our boat a police crime scene in the end they couldn't give a judge got judge decide. The shirts worn and i kept saying what. What do you think you're gonna find. They said oh this. Airbnb violates rules against social distancing in public gatherings. I said it's a hotel it's registered. You're gonna shut down. It'd be like obviously they were trumping up some excuse and just bizarrely. After a ten hour siege they just packed up and left. No tickets no charge. The i read in the newspapers that they're telling other reporters they're going to send us various fine to the mail. I suspect we'll probably get about twenty grand words and signs 'cause each to what fifteen hundred. Well i i don't know anything They gave us jaywalking fine. They give us any fine just to load us up. But you know we're fighting finds for six hundred and seven other people. I'm happy to fight finds for a journalists to. I think they looked terrible. But what's so scary to me. The actual worst part of this all Whether it's the church in edmonson that has become a police paramilitary garrison or the little rate on our airbnb and montreal over the weekend. The worst part isn't even. The police misconduct is that the media party the mainstream media legacy year the corporate media. They look at it and they say yup yet. Those are bad guys. That curcumin is a bad guy. Rebel news or bad because they're not with the narrative and yeah you can be a bit rough with them. I mean where's reports without borders whereas pen international whereas amnesty international. Where's the canadian civil liberties association our version of the aclu normally. They would mean out yet if they didn't mean it. Generally reporters took him to the police station for six hours yesterday. where where's the outcry. If we were a lot what what was the charge. There was they police. They were pushing. They were physically pushing us away from the boat. They they were taking bikes and sort of fifty. Cops were uploaded all the video. You can see some of them. A lockdown reports dot com. But we've really just got back to toronto last night. So we've got like hours worth of footage we're gonna upload seriously. Most of our team was on that boat and we were kept off the boat. One of our guys was in jail. We should have all the footage out over. The course of the next few days aren't some worrying. We're at a tipping point. As i know you have to run. You have a show to do but get that. Get that video to us. And then i'd love to have you on tomorrow to take us through this video to show america because you're right it you need. We all must stand together. We all must stand together or we are in deep trouble. Thank you so much as relevant founder of rebel news. You can find him at rebel news. Dot com. Stu i mean. Do you know that. Youtube is now taking away the platform for him. They've they've taken away all of their ability to monetize anything so even even the sponsors that specifically say. I want to be on rebel news. Youtube won't let those people sponsor. They specifically say i want to sponsor it's amazing. How far their go. I mean candidate does seem to be worse in some ways. But it's obviously either here at this point or right around the corner in the united states as well. Where do you go. What border you going to cross for safety. Where are you gonna go in the world. China did you hear about what happened in canada with Sidney mccain cindy mccain has the john mccain ward for. i don't know what it is service or something and they are. this is an organization that is very. I don't wanna say china but you know not not china friendly anybody who is standing up against the atrocities in in china This charity will recognize well. They've they've given a couple of these awards out now. One was too. I think chinese group of dissidents Oh the dissidents in in hong kong and then also. I think dissidents in greece were standing up. They wanted to give this year's award to the president of taiwan canada. Said if you do that we want nothing to do with your organization. Hal is happening to canada terrifying a minute. We went over. Some of the stuff The show last weekend. And it's so far trudeau. Oh is so far beyond sane. Like he's got a policy now. Where if you take off on a flight from the united states. Let's say you have to take a test and come up negative before you leave and then you also have to take a test once you arrive so like as if you've got covert on the flight of course it wouldn't show up on the test when you landed and then even if you test negative you still have to quarantine inside the country for fourteen days now. These are not science space absolutely insane. This is not a science based idea. Here they just it doesn't matter anymore. It's really now at this. Point seems to be this signal of control. And i guess apparent virtue but i don't see virtue in it so i missed the i mean i've read all about it but i miss the joe biden speech last week about guns fun events. The good one did i. yes i hear. He called it the a. f. t. the anytime was he did glenn. I think one thing that has not been noticed by many that. I've heard at least is that he. You know there's this thing that would the left where they said you know. Look thoughts and prayers are not enough and then became like something that actual politicians on the left were saying which was very younger. He actually said in the speech No more prayers. He doesn't want any more prayers. Apparently enough prayers which i thought a strange states for a supposedly religious person to take that he actually not only are they not anymore and only do so much really can only do so much. There's no miracle coming. Clinton i mean sure we have vaccines developed in the fastest amount of time in human history but no miracle is coming so he's limited god in that way and now he does not want any more prayers from this hard. Heartfelt catholic seems like Seems like he's acting on that so he his new gun controls. And we have to talk about this Tomorrow maybe Is his first step is to get ghost guns. yeah Off the street now. I didn't know about ghost guns. But here's bad news. If you do know about ghost guns and your part of the ghost ghost guns industry. I guess I think he's hired the mystery machine and the whole no trouble making kids those damned teenagers. That dog To capture the ghost. Guns I didn't know we had a problem with ghost. Guns did you did you No no they're not problem. It's just a good way of getting people excited about an issue. They're not familiar with right like it's night we'll talk to a ton of who actually have built ghost guns before quote unquote goes guns. That's a pejorative term. Of course but it just you build it yourself from parts you can buy online. Yeah and they have some of them that are like eighty percent done. So that's that's goes got. It comes at a kit but it's like you have to have like a drill press. They people were walking us through all the steps. I would absolutely blow myself up if i tried to make one like. It's not like it's only criminal. Syndicates are going to get together and you like what we can. We can avoid the serial numbers for the murders. Were going to commit. We care a lot about the serial number crime and not the murder crime. So we're gonna build to take all our resources and go into building these guns. i mean. it's just such a ridiculous thing. It's a very very minor. Part of i will tell you the the mob the the syndicate as i believe lucy once said in In charlie brown's christmas The syndicate would get together and make guns and goes guns if they're band if all the stuff is banned and people can't get them. Are you kidding me. What the black market will be mainly well all for criminals. I guess if you're buying it on the black market But do i mean it'll be a massive boon to criminal organizations. Still though it's never. I don't know that it ever unless you're in like a gilead sort of Handmaid's tale situation. There's never going to be a good reason to go. And build your own gun for crime. Like pete hobbyists do it because they love it just like we're using his example of like some people like to brew beer other people like to go to seven eleven and get into a twenty four. Pack right like brewing. Beer is not necessary right now. People love to do so. That's why people you know. Build their own guns like there's four hundred million guns in this country and an open border on her south with another one hundred million down there. There's absolutely no reason to build a gun to get a gun right like only if you just love the art of it if you love to do it that way you know. There's no reason to bother. You can get them. You can steal them. You can buy them on the black market already and left. Won't close the border where they keep coming across right. This the subtly audience knows. I read the prequel to the handmaid's tale And this is what the bad guy was telling people. Yeah aces good bad guy style days. I think i'd be a good guy. To in any tale really tax hikes money printing hedge funds collapsing banks losing billions in bad leverage bets. These are the things that are all coming. Our way business unusual as usual as As our government and our financial industry is eroding the value of the dollar. The current administration is doing that collapse of the dollar is all but inevitable at this point and you can. They will deny and deny and deny but they are talking about. It's what's called a d. Usd a digitized us dollar gay. That's what's coming. That's the replacement and the that you have is going to be worth fraction in just a few years. I think i think we could see it in a year. I think we could see it in five years where we are no longer. They're buying the dollar for pennies on the dollar for for those who who saved it in dollars. Please please find out about gold line. They have a current special with every single order. Place this week. Only you'll qualify for free. Mind your business. Silver bar at no cost the bars were actually my idea. Mind your business is what was minted on the first american coins. Goldline strangely listened to my ideas. But maybe you should try it out as well goldline. It's their way of thanking you for your support for the last ten plus years. Everybody wins when you call goldline today. They're standing by to take your call. Call eight six six goldline or goldline dot com eight six six goldline or goldline dot com. We did not get to a very important story. I had a note from somebody who i really respect that Watches international affairs for me and said we are moving towards war and nato is going to be right in the center of it and we have a major decision to make. And i didn't get to today but i want to get to it on tomorrow's program also if you're a parent and your kids are coming home. And they're like what's the difference between gender and sex. You don't even know mom and dad. Hopefully on tomorrow's program will have a tutorial for you on how to talk to your kids being brainwashed. Glenn beck program.

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