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223: Life After Roseanne On The Conners


Beta for Jackie. The can't wait. I will chill. Okay. Okay. That's that's. That's a good starting point. This is the extra hungry podcast episode, two to three for the week of October two to two zero one eight. I am optimal kitchen flow. David Cole, and I'm here with rogue Vicadin Sarah devante more like NAR. Can't americ- oversize chicken shirt. Tar area, no shirt. Almost a racist cashier. Sarah Baker on their own theory, Buddha. Welcome to another extra. Great. Thank you for bearing with us. Well, we took last week off, but we are back to talk about the Connors and we have with us a first time guest, Sarah Baker. Hello, Sarah, Ella. Thank you. Sarabi. There bees in the house. Purposes of this podcast to reduce user confusion. Sarah bunting will be known as Bundy for the whole episode, which is her nickname in beyond. Indeed, Sarah Baker, you are an actor of note if people recognize your voice, it may be because they've heard you on Bob's burgers disembodied from the rest of your physical form. But where are some of the other places that people may have seen you of late. Of late. I am on television. Sometimes I, I think people usually recognize me from either the campaign which was a movie several years ago with Zach l. is will fairl or from an episode of Louis that I did, even though we can't talk about it anymore because he ruined everything off bureau, so on, go on on, go onto with Matthew Perry, and you were almost on the Roseanne, reboot, let's let's start from there since it was in your in India. Is there a story that you can tell about that? Yeah. I mean, it's not. It's just I got an offer to play a part on Roseanne. You know the first last season. And it was, yeah, it was a racist cashiered grocery store. And I, I considered it because it was Roseanne. And at the time I was like, well, I never dreamed I would get to be on rose AM and now I'm glad I did. Just just a place that for our users. Like is that would that be a big stretch for your pretty racist in real life or. That's why they called. Study way you wanna come on. I don't know about the cashier parts. Handle money at all. I know that about you distort you just drop it the floor and you're like, you walk away. Is the she. She has a little Roseanne actually sticks up for this woman, her neighbor who's our Muslim neighbor who the cashier ano- says something really clever about going back to her camel or something like that. An Roseanne actually six up for this woman, but because it was the new Roseanne. She also at the end said beano the joke was she's got enough fertilizer in her garage to blow this whole town up. Yeah, it times I was like, I think I'll pass. Well, so now this brings us to the Connors which is Roseanne minus Roseanne like Garfield without Garfield comes. What if it was that? Actually, they actually just took cold episodes of Roseanne just rodeo scoped her out of the episode that would be the baiser. And so now I think this is a show you could proudly go on maybe not to play a racist cashier, but I I was nervous about it and I was pleasantly surprised after the first episode I thought, well, that was kind of morose because revolves around the death of the titular Roseanne. But I thought the second episode which we got to see in screener was was much stronger. Sarah Baker, what? What were your thoughts on the first two episodes of the Connors? I felt the same way I was. I was nervous, but Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman are so incredible. I think Sara Gilbert has really turned out to be an interesting actress than I think when I watched the first episode, it's kind of weird because her character was so you know, so teenage in so missing, throw pick the to have that as sort of the center now seems weird, but the more I watched sort of the less at bother me and she still sort of retains some of that while also being. Like a nice normal mom, and I thought the, you just can't beat John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf. So you know, Laurie Metcalf actually made me choke up in the first episode. Yeah. And also both of them made me laugh. John Goodman's line about like sina action in Phnom to the smart mouth kid actually laugh out loud and then the second. Yeah, I agree. It's like, okay, you can see how we're stepping away from the Roseanne stuff and how the show is sort of taking its own shape. And there's also I think they're just handling all their people really well, like DJ is there, but we don't have to see a town of DJ. Little splashes and I think his wife is actually really good that actresses really good and funny in knows who her character is strongly. So I, I liked it. I think I'll keep watching. I wasn't like. You know, it's still multicolored format which is not so much my jam, but but I think all I think I'll keep watching. Now let me after we watched the first two. I two, I turn today and said, I wish that they had started with the second one because I felt like the I was very heavy. But Dave, you disagreed. I thought the first one actually did. Okay. Job of, I mean, they had to address it, right? I don't think they could have just started. You know, it would be like Connors, twenty, twenty five, you know, they, they could've started like a year later goes physicians, but yeah, it could have been worse, right? They could've went the other way. It was the day of the funeral and everybody's doing right doing their marinas that way NewsRadio three weeks especial weird time after a death in the family. Right? Because you know the, the weird sort of. Saving grace of being so fucking busy with all the red tape of somebody dying, especially when it's just like your first parent and the other parent is still alive and you have to help them deal with all the stuff like there's so much stuff that has to happen right away. And it's like a whirlwind when my dad died and I went up back to Canada, like I had to stay up there for a month to deal with changing the car, registration, the Bank stuff, the insurance stuff in phoning the OPEC in figuring out where the pension stuff goes now in all this sort of stuff like there's so much to do that like around the two or three week is like where you actually like get a moment to yourself. And I felt like the kind of the tone of of the first episode did it. Okay job capturing that just like the exhaustion of being in the in the public. Everybody saying how, sorry, there are all that kind of stuff and just doing all the grunt work of a family death. And then just like having this moment where you let yourself be yourself and let go. Dislike beside for a while. I thought that was pretty good. The one thing I kind of like like I know it was a, it was a storyline in Roseanne two point, oh, with the pain management, stuff like that. But the whole opiate overdose things seemed a little after school to me like the way they handle like it seemed a little broad a little loud. This is a good way to this is a good time to throw to bungee. I think as as an intervention, chronicler, this more area. Did you think they handled it and or the bereavement since that, sadly, something that you also have gone through in your family? Very recently? Yeah, I thought they did. I think they had limited options really like they could do the, they could have handled it sort of in the Charlie Sheen way which was like to literally drop a safe on her or something. Yeah, which I don't think was an option, and I think they put in this. I think the way that they ended up going with it, at least in the first reboot episode where it turns out that there's like a pill sharing rang because healthcare in this country fucking sucks. And the, you know, the fact that they tacked to the left with with that, I thought was clever, but there there were certain things that I think they had to do, and they did them man. I agree with Sarah Baker that you know having having Laurie Metcalf in your cast to handle the parts that. Need to be sad that on one level, you have this cast saying goodbye to this character who was there center. But then you also have the character saying goodbye to the character, and she was such a champ in that scene, which is something you haven't really seen before that trope of the, you know. Frantically organizing person trying to control grief by rearranging the cabinets. Sure. But what I also liked about it is that there is a really black humor or sometimes not even a black humor around these events that like everyone sort of coming and going in the house, and you know, passing the portrait of the person sort of fund -ly patting it, but also still making fun of that person. Like maybe that's just my family, but I thought that was very relatable lake. Becky being like, you know, they find the pills and Dan takes them. She's like, that was the only thing has closet. I actually. Like, yeah, go and then at the bar being like this is a domestic beer. My loss steeper than that, like that is exactly something that my my late Oko cliff would have tried to pull just kidding heat and really important beer. He would have tried to leverage its though Maki rest. But yeah, I thought it was. I don't know that this is really my GM either to keep watching, but I thought this was the best parts of what I liked about the original from back in the day. And I have to say that Sara Gilbert is has gotten really good at these quick changes between like the fact that this character is always kind of up on a tight rope with the snarky nece like over the sadness, and she's gotten really good at changing back and forth between those really quickly and letting us e what the character is. And she had a really nice moment with that in the second episode and I was impressed with that like, this is not something that I would, you know seek out, but I'm not gonna leave the room to avoid it. You know on principle, thanks to its its lead characters, blow it anymore. So. Yeah, that's what made me so sad about the first one like that. They're it when the last the last season of Roseanne the last last season of Roseanne. But I thought the first episode that we saw was not very good. The second one was getting better, and then the third that they had provided for critics was like from later in the season, I think it was seven. It was one that that got into her the characters, opiate opioid addiction, and that was like getting the closest I thought to what the original run of the show did. So well, which was like actually portray the problems of working class people. And that was like the whole line about the reboot, like there are other shows about working class people. They're just not always white like we get it, but, but I thought that was really strong. And so it's, you know, I get why that that was a through line and it made sense for that to be the cause of her death. But like what made me so happy about the second one was it's like, this is a show that I can enjoy an and it's bringing up another generation of characters to I have to say as good as. Where isn't she is the casting of Emma Kenney as her daughter is amazing those to look so much alike, and they have such nice chemistry. I thought heiress and she looked that actor really looks like the product of the other two actors. It's really amazing. I will also say just quickly before we get off the topic of the opioid stuff. There's also a moment in the second episode where becky's talking to Dan about how she was really having difficulty going whole day. Yeah, or shift without drinking. And they managed to play like this is a really narrow fairway to stay on that. It's not a PSA, but it's not like inappropriately jokey either. It just is. And I think that has always been the gift of this show that they could just let things be both like a little bit dark or scary, but also kind of funny, which is how they are in. Life, and it's it's always been good at that, so I appreciate it that too. And I might actually tune into see where that goes because it's like the one show that I might, you know, be interested to see what they do with it because there's kind of only two things that shows ever do do with it. And I think they will find a third way anyway. Sorry to interrupt. Yeah. I also thought it was interesting that they, they sort of made it like that's part of her job as a waitress that you know, she drinks shots on the job like that's late. I mean, I feel like that's the thing I've seen surfers do in life and on shows like, you know, that makes more sense. Whereas when you're working drywall at six thirty in the morning, it's not really okay to come with a vodka bottle full of or water bottle of vodka, but they also have her when he says he has a zero tolerance policy about that on the job. And she shoots back like, oh, what is the union about? Which I thought was also a good line that she could get him back. But anyway, Sarah Baker, do you think he will continue watching. This, or was there more that you that you thought about the the first two votes that that made you hopeful or not about the becoming seasons? I mean, I think I'll definitely Choon in for the third and then see, I mean, might typical habit with a show like this where I like it, but I'm not necessarily it'll end up sitting on my DVR will be two, and then they'll be three. Then I'll either watch them all or delete them saying, we'll see which way it goes, but but I do think in talking about the all the stuff with her death, they did kinda pick the perfect time for it to be like if it had been that the funeral it would have had to be sad or would have been so inappropriate, but it didn't. We don't wanna be that sad for that character. Right. Good point in super smart for them to put put enough distance so that we wouldn't have to watch people morning this, you know, terrible ish woman. So I thought that was really clever. And I do think that that's it didn't bother me the darkness of the the first episode just because I feel like that show was always maybe it's because of the time period was on when they used to not just be joke. Joke joke, these multi cams, but I thought they did allow moments to breathe on that show always and an n. lake your Tomo with the drinking thing where it's not. It wasn't like, oh my God, she's a terrible alcohol in by the end of the episode, she's totally downhill nor wasn't just resolved. And now she doesn't drink anymore. It's like, yeah, this is going to be an ongoing thing. And an even her dad isn't like God. Damn it. Becky. You've gotta get a handle on this thing. You know it was just right. She was like, I'm gonna try to do better, and he was like, okay, well, you know, give you the speech time in there. We go. No. Everything is just a little bit more yet realistic for a multi camp show, which I appreciate. I also liked that they threw in a lady bird for a joke in the second episode, two with Harris threatening to jump out of the. For even if Laurie Metcalf couldn't be with her, it's still I saw it and I enjoyed it. Well, Dave, I doubt you're going to keep watching this unless I do. I mean it was it was good. I liked it, but I'm Sarah, like appointment television for me, but I thought they walked a line thought they did a good job with their situation. If anything's going to keep me from watching this show is probably DJ's hairline which is terrifying, monster ish. Yeah, it's frightening. I don't know what DNA that guys working with, but that hair is going to last him a lifetime. And you know done, I guess. All right, everybody it is time to go around the dial, talking about a little something. We're watching these days. I stop tar areo. Well, I'm going to compare and contrast the first season of camping on HBO and the second season of splitting up together on ABC which has just started in which full disclosure includes on its writing staff. Brian Rubinstein my co host on Bryden, boom. Hey, Brian. Camping is the new show from Lena Dunham and Jenny Connor. And I believe it's a remake of British show, and this is the one with Jennifer garner. She's married to David Tennant. It's his birthday. They go out camping with a bunch of their friends, and she's extremely Taipei and neurotic, and everything goes wrong and she can't handle it because she's super Taipei. This is the less interesting of these two and it's and yet I'm gonna keep watching it because like everything around the Jennifer garner character is so good and really well observed, Sarah bakers, former co star. Brett galman is on it with his real life. Are they married? His wife girlfriend is partner. It's connects Bravo. Okay, they are. They play a couple on the show. They are great. Juliette Lewis who also was guest starring in the second episode of the Connors that we saw is a is a cast member here as well. I only sky place Jennifer garner sister, Chris Elvin from this is us is playing a much more scumbag character and he does on that one. All of them are great, but I feel like there's so much they make the Jennifer garner character, Catherine the butt of the joke. So often and like the premise is she's, I mean, not the premise of the show. The premise of Richter is that she's had problems with her pelvic floor like she had to have a hysterectomy Ovech to me after the birth of their son, and she's had like ten years of chronic pain issues with this, and they make it seem like all of her, like it's all in her head. They make it seem completely psychosomatic, which is a really weird choice for a show from two women creator. When like women living with chronic pain, and that doesn't get diagnosed properly or taken seriously by doctors is a real problem that happens. And I believe Lena Dunham has had some kind of gynecological issue like fibrous. Maybe I can't remember. But like you think that she would have more empathy for this character, but she's just so abused in a way that is not enjoyable like I was sort of with her in the first episode where like she's she has a whole binder for this week that they're spending camping, choose plan, things out like to the minute. And when they happened upon a lake, she's like, no, we can't go swimming today, swimming tomorrow. Today's for birdwatching and gets all angry when no one listens to her and stuff like I'm also Taipei. I get it, but she's so joyless and like it's just everything around her is great. And then for her to be the center of it is like just unfortunate. Whereas contrast that with Lena on splitting up together. This is show that we talked about briefly when it premiered. Heard at midseason earlier this year where this is the couple Jennifer and Oliver Hudson are are getting divorced, but they can't sell their house because they're underwater. So the parents just take turns living in the big house and looking after the kids one week at a time and Lena is also super Taybeh. And we're, we're given to understand the part of the problem with their marriages that she sort of had to become like the Nagy stick in the mud because someone had to do it in their marriage because they had three kids. And yet this show has so much more empathy for her and the premier in particular, which is the only one I've seen so far. The second episode will air tonight as we're recording this. They, they have her go on like this. She in the and Oliver Hudson's character are trying to maybe rekindle things or try it out or just fool around or whatever. They're not sure what they're gonna do. So she books them at this Airbnb in Malibu, and when they get there, it's not as advertised like there's hot tub, but it's disgusting. They claim there's a king bed and it's clearly not an after. She spends the night with like one foot on the floor is so small. She like waits for him to go to for a run, and then goes ransacking the house looking for sheets and fines. When that says full and calls to complain. And it was like, this is relatable to me. That's exactly what I would do. I would be fear is that I want to solve the problem. And so the way they get through it is like she has to explain to him like I would. I just would appreciate you understanding that there are reasons why I'm like this. And part of it is because you're not like this and someone has to be or else things would not function. And so if you're. Are interested in Taipei female character, but want one that doesn't treat her like a joke all the time. I would recommend splitting up together over camping, although I am going to keep watching camping because the supporting characters are superb. And for my plug Sarah and I were lucky enough to be back on Dave and Jeb aren't mean what day. Sorry, Bundy thank you, Dave. And I were welcomed back onto Dave Jeb aren't mean passed and Shirley future guest of ours. Jeb Lund has a hallmark a podcast where he talks about movies of the hallmark network, and so we had previously been on in may. I think to talk about the wedding March with Josie, beset and Jack Wagner. The wedding, March two is the obvious choice crested discussing that second episode. So we'll Lincoln in the show notes, but that is now free. It's no longer behind a paywall. So check us out, ripping on Jack Wagner's, weird, Elizabeth Warren hair on that. Sarah Baker, when you go, I have been watching get ready for it, especially after what I just said, multi camps. A gums cool kids on FOX, which is a show starring Martin mull, David, Alan Grier key, Lawrence, Leslie Jordan, the premises that the three guys have been friends than they had a fourth best friends. The cool kids, you know of the cool table in the retirement home and one of their friends dies. Vicki Lawrence comes in and sort of barges her way into their table end their friendship in lives, and they are all fast friends in going adventures together. Guys. It's funny. I really love it. It's I mean, okay, believe you. I'm just excited to have another show. Now, granted, again, I've said, I'm not a big multi Cam person. So I go into a show like that thinking, man, I'm really excited because I love all four of the main people, but also this could be so dumb terrible. So the bar was low. So let's let's stay that of front. I, I mean, I laugh every episode. It's Leslie. Jordan is so funny to me. I also watch will and grace which I also very much enjoy and it's different character than he plays unwilling grace. He's more what I would imagine. Actors, like in person, he's just a regular guy, but you, you know, you haven't really seen older gay guy, character that much on television. Yeah, an while. It's very much a part of his personality. And you know, he talks about dating men. Whatever. It's not like other at all. You know, it's part of who he is, but they're all they're all buddies. They get into little adventures. It's still very silly multi Cam in some ways, but and maybe it's, you know, the background of those three people or four people, but it just kind of works for me and Martin mole is still Martin mole. And he he's fairly subtle in his characters a little bit more of like the subversive kind of down. Note guy, David, Alan Grier is always really funny to be too. So I think it does a good job at. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid watching golden girls. Okay. I think this will may be be that for some people because it comes on Friday night to for me. Golden girls was on age where it was like, maybe you would go out sometimes on Friday night. Oftentimes you were at home, but you weren't going to bed early. You're old enough to, you know, stay up in watch TV and there's just something very comforting about that. There's, you know, it's a multimedia. They're not in a lot of different places. It's kinda in golden girls in that respect only besetting here's a nursing home, but it's just it's, it's just comforting. It's like a delicious bold soup. And I think you should check it out why I enjoy mom. So that's like it would be a good pairing with mom for me. Yeah, totally. And for your plug you work all the time, but what is the tell. About the next thing that you have coming up? The biggest thing I have coming up is the show called the Kaminsky method which will be on your that flicks machines on November sixteenth. It's eight episodes it stars, Michael Douglas and Alan Arken I play Michael Douglas's daughter, Nancy Travis who is on everything right now with her reboot. She plays a Michael Douglas's student slash love interest, and it's basically Michael Douglas's an actor who maybe had a brush with fame in the past, but isn't like a really super famous, well-known actor. But he has this very successful acting school that he runs in is his daughter sort of run mainly the business side of that. And then Alan Arkin plays his longtime best friend slash agent and Allen's character suffers a loss at the beginning. Of the series in this kind of follows that their relationship together. It's it's, it's a good been show it. Literally each episode, there's not a lot of time covered. Each episode picks up where the last one left off more or less. So an it's only eight episodes and. Like Douglas Malloch market or incredible. Allah Mark is fricking delight of human being the police that that sounds great. I will definitely watch that for sure. I'm here to talk about get a room Carson. And Tom, I actually have not watched the new queer. I loved the original though, and I love Carson Christly as a judge on repulsed drag race, but I was a little prohibitive about this because Carson at least is sort of like. You know those little silver candy balls on Christmas cookies. I, I was like, they're so like they're circles gloat their their balls. They're great, but like a handful of just those is no good. You need cookie. So there's a little apprehensive because Carson just Carson could be kind of a lot. But I liked Tom Felicia, a lot, not least because he laughed at one of my jokes in an elevator once like fifteen years ago, and I was like, thanks buddy. Didn't have to do that. So I thought what the hell is going to be reinventing the wheel. But I think these to really balance each other and it's probably TV comfort food. It is not reinventing the wheel. It is TV comfort food. These two clearly like are definitely friends in real life. They really like each other sort of conceit. At least in the beginning is that Carson and he's kyron this way in several shots is a interior design. Trae me. He really like he has one moment with an early client where he sort of freaks out that Tom is going to check his work is gonna like it, and then that the client is not going to like it. He like he really is learning this aspect of the business. And then Tom is teaching him and us at the same time little tricks like why things look way more orange once you get them home than they do in the store or at mood, which of course there moved. You know, again, it's something have seen before the episode structure structures, predictable, it's a couple of different clients during each episode with varying budgets and levels of neurosis. And there's plenty of time in there for Tom and Carson to do like bits in the car on their way discarded stale or wherever they're going. There's a little bit of helpful Intel from Tom about how to set up spaces. There's behind the seats insight into how to collaborate with reluctant slash tacky clients. Do you need to DVR this when there's an entire HDTV network? Not necessarily, but if you let them rack up five or six weeks of episodes and then bunk down with a Baratheon of it on a weekend day, when the weather gets cold, it'll be just the thing. And if you want to watch live or live if it's on Friday nights. So I watched it too. I thought it was good as well. And I agree that the the, the chemistry between Carson, Tom is delightful, but I felt like it didn't need to be an hour. Yeah, I don't think so. Either as. Given that it's to clients each like just cut it down to half an hour. That was sort of, yeah, I agree with you that. Yeah, because the thing is like for for what they're filling with. It's like you're not going to be able to learn much that you can translate to your own room when you're dealing with a client where tell them for me to redo your living room and your deck will be one hundred thirty thousand dollars and they're dislike. Sure. Like there's nothing I can take from this on my own. Well, the other client is like I have a budget of five thousand dollars. Also, you will need to consult on your design decisions with these chandelier that is inhabited by the spirit of my dead mother. In law. That room looked great though. A really nice job with that. I agree. It is. It is enjoyable and it's like a, like all of HDTV shows even the ones that are now like you just turn it on, like sort of pay attention to it and then just wait for the reveal at the end, you know. But you're good and everything looks. So everything looks so pretty and clean on those shows. I really love it that I'm like if I only just like dusted and got a magic racer after those smudges on doors like I could live like this, but instead of fucking watching TV as always anyway, that's get a room with Carson. And Tom, it's Friday nights on Pravo for my plug. I have a true crime podcast is called the plotter presents. Recently. I've begun publishing or am recording little sort of Shorty's. They're called blotter briefs briefs. I literally say t- every time I say briefs thing, it's all the stuff that I don't get you on the main podcast. So this week, apparently we're in a golden age of foot. Ball crime podcast. So I'm talking about a couple of those talking about a couple library books. I read. I'm talking about a couple episodes of POV and then on the main podcast Beatty or getting into making a murder and a super terrible and tacky. Take on the Bernardo homo case from fezzet six starring shit. You not lower pre pond. I'm very aware and show Collins of supernatural. It's not good. So that's what we're talking about on the main podcast. But in the same feed, you have little five to seven minute short shots as it were. That's bladder briefs to heap briefs, wherever fine podcasts are not sold. So I actually watch something this week, so I actually have a real thing to report probably get back to people forced to watch other things next week. I, we were trying to find stuff to watch because we had a very lazy weekend here at Austin HQ I came across and I feel like in the back of my mind, I knew about this, but I had forgotten about it. There are two episodes of Monty python that they film for the German market actually made him in our area and they're on Netflix now under a separate bucket. It's Monty python's of my terrible in desert d'oeuvres weekender. It's actually like it. It's it's not essential, but it's actually pretty novel. If you're a Monty python fan and you haven't seen it, haven't seen it in a long time. It's like sixty five percent new stuff. I'm gonna pay it at thereabouts. The second episode had had less new material than the first one idea and the first episode, the guys rashly speaking German, and his all subtitled apparently some number doing it phonetically. There are some weird little twist like the lumberjack sketches in it, but it's all German German. The guys like barbarian deals, leader hose in everything like that. But there are some good sketches in our some terrible, long sketches that are like real clunkers, especially in the second episode. But if you're a Monty python as worth checking out there like an hour and a little bit each and is just a weird to like, see them, speak German and like sketches us seem familiar, but they're all now German people just like it's like stepping into a fringe universe. You know, it's just like what happened over your in the German Monty. Python universe. Okay, got it. Got it. So that's available enough licks Tara. Once again, the title Monty python Vlieger circus. Yes. There you go. And in other news, we actually ended up devouring the whole run of dreamland slash utopia that Dan casino made me watch. That was a very good. Yeah. Actually another season that season three that's not on Netflix yet, but something to look forward to and then we moved onto the or I moved onto our already washed it. The one degree of separation show rose even talked about right earlier. Yeah, I talked about it at around the dial earlier the two of the actors Iran, you Toby also have the show called rose haven set in Tasmania, sort of Kirke town friendship series. And it is really funny. It is like it's. Quirk without being Fe is perfectly. I really enjoyed a lot, alas. You can't find it anywhere, but I might be able to help anyone who's planning to fly to Tasmania. To locate it because it's, I don't think it's on the Sundance now even which is what Sundance air. Here's the thing. There are so many outlets that need material that I bet in six months will be somewhere. Oh, I'm sure. I mean, if if if dreamland made it to net flix I'm sure it'll be on Netflix to at some point. Exactly. Yeah. That means it is time for the cannon user submission this week from Dylan Garcia. You may recognize that name. He wrote a lot for briefly dot TV. He is here to talk about Rupel's drag race, all-stars, takeaway Dylan, high shot. Great. I'm presenting season to upset five of Paul's drag race all stars titled revenge of the queen's with episode deserves five in the canon because of its Shakespearean vanquishing of season villain. VP O'Hara, hilarious, main challenge and most important the greatest lips. Thank the show has ever seen. Never will say. We begin. We begin the workroom which THEO Harris during ludicrous amount of shade at the most recently unlimited Queen Elissa Edwards wanted to dramatically reveal of all of the queens have been limited so far in the season are seeded behind the to a makeup mirror listening to the whole conversation. PT stands in stunned silence will the other girls screaming, invasion, the limited cleans make their return to the workroom and Elissa immediately confronts the who comes across as bitchy in petty something new. Do you remember when you were in high school on the phone and you were like, girl? I can't stand her. She is so fake. And in your friend was like, Melissa, what do you think about that? And they were on three way babies crack was that three way phone call in highschool cracked. Challenge and limited Queen will be paired with a queens on the running for a stand up comedy routine. The top to returning cleans will lips in for their life. The winner will eliminate a Queen still in the returning running in return to the show and their place a live audience for the show will be fellow drag, queens, everyone is beyond us. Illescas parenthood ASCA ginger with Caccia Tatyana with detox, CoCo a few feet in Rockdale service solo MC, and she wins. She has to win at a Queen and then choose a clean to return spoiler alert she doesn't win terrible the entire season. Thinking coca reprising characters. I've played on this season which is super lazy probably because the two of them have a sense of humor despite being drag queens CoCo, no. She's not going back into this visibly bored throughout the brainstorming session, although Alaska limited, listen, the last episode they worked together well and plan on playing the lists. Barker's one miners Elissa does not know. Cliff notes are and also I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to read. You. Make out learn can go with on the now. I have my class. No lifts notes. Person's name is cliff hotel. Jeez, I read. Exactly. With Roxy immediately apologizing sucking and proceeds to fumble. I joke she'd been makes that turns to an airport joke and everyone groans at it. Like I said earlier, she's not going to win feeding cocoa out. I holy shit. Somebody call to see Williams. This pregnant and the payment is sky with blonde braids. Sixteen anals Coco's playing someone that looks bearish being near feet. They perform a weird human one. I'd play with exactly one joke by using does Dessus makeup in lasts only one minute, but, oh my God, what a minute. Turns to the stage as character, tasha salads and season five children shower and proceeds to the bar with some hot salad funds. Why did she have this coffee with her? Why she doing this again? Oh God. Why? Why? Why. Alaskan less come out and kill most bizarre dialogue, roast settlement. It makes no sense in somehow absolute destroys room. It's proof that charisma get you far show Jason Caccia fine. That's about it. Although it's more prepared than Alaskan listens bit. It comes across his force in the weird guess what y'all more salad punts from Roxie. Tuck Tian detox have a weird alliterative monologue. But ENA says, the funniest actually tire invite. It's hard to describe, but it works on all levels. Bitter, which is already here. At Patty's pooches with prolapse garden. The road buds were full blue. Listen, declared top while Roxie fees here on the bottom, which feels about right. Both home and nothing value would be lost. What makes us episode especially Canada, where the is saying to the Folles Riyadh shut up and drive and what precedes the next one hundred? Four seconds of stuff of legend. Each clean is a known lip sync assassin and performing the top of their game. It comes across as incredibly rehearsed because they responded, react reactor. Each other's moves with synchronize jumps in spins that thing. Tatyana points of the Lissa. It's honestly, Josh trumping in Carson's reaction of silicon ick has been used in trillion, reaction gifts on Twitter, a win for the good guys. They both return to competition at both eliminate fee with the biggest smiles on the faces. She leaves the show looking even bigger monster. When she refuses hug, Melissa, one of the all-time time is reality develops. I tell you what. Experts in this episode that makes it. So I'd comic and important history. The show I haven't Mason of the cannon, and if not you a bunch of homophobes started. Perfect. Well, Sarah Baker picked this from among our users emission. So why don't you start us off with your your thought, okay. I love the show I watched. I think all pesetas of the show minus. I think I must like one whole season which was maybe season six. I have, I guess a problem with all star seasons in general in that all the people that are on should be the greatest people, but they've kind of now because they're all also regular people. At least in this case, they have a drag persona that theoretically doesn't really change very much, but it's kind of like they figured out what people left about the from the first season they were on that made them all stars. And now they're just doing a weird amp version of that. So that was kind of bugs may. There's not. It doesn't ever feel as genuine. I mean, he I know on these shows, they're villains, but I'm somebody who I don't. I don't. I'm not a love to hate it type person like us, and I just hate fees. She so awful as a human being and she wants redemption so badly, but she's not going at it in any kind of genuine way where she's actually gonna get it because she's. Not changed her insides. She's still the same person and it just makes her look terrible. And so any any episode where she's the main focus I just can't get into. Plus I feel like as an episode of this show, it just doesn't have any of the to me. I would want to be a classic episode. I wanna see them all. There's no, there's runway show. You know, there's no normal runway walk, which one of the best parts of the show, not that every episode has this, but I would want it to be one of the ones where they're in the workroom putting their makeup on and end up talking about their lives. And even sometimes the people that are fighting on the show end up sort of supporting each other because they have in fact all had mostly pretty hard upbringings or at least shared some of similar hard moments in their upbringing because of being gay or because of being drag wing or in some cases because of being trans. In this episode didn't have any of that. I, I love Eliza. I love Alaska at. So it has some queens on that. I really like to me. This isn't like the classic repulsed drag race episode that I, I would want to add to the cannon. Okay. Buddy. Yeah, I have to agree. I would like to say on behalf of. Homophobes Dame therapy, I guess span. I was definitely not mad to revisit this franchise, but I was struggling to see why this is canonical for for the franchise. First of all, I can't agree with Baker about fi. Fi. It's not even satisfying when she's sent packing because it's not like a come up is ever received. She just fees off like she's gone, which is a relief, but it's not like she ever gets it. And before she's gone, she's an asshole. I, there was an extended opening argument in which the phrase thrown under the bus or some variation there on which is like one of the worst reality TV over uses as it is, was us like I'm gonna say, conservatively sixty seven times and I still I couldn't even follow it. Like in order to follow the beef there, I think you would have had to watch three episodes before it as well. You know, it's always a pleasure to see some of these guests judges. I love Todd recall. I love Chelsea Peretti. I love the editing that makes the comedic bombing seem even worse than it is. But the thing is it was really bad. It was really painful. I laughed way harder at Dylan's Roxie shade than I laughed at anything. Anyone said, even the good routines that three way calling thing is the most I ever liked Roxie Andrews, but she gets a lot of screen time in this and I don't like her either. So this. This put me in the rare position of feeling kind of sorry for Michelle. Josh, that's unique, but I'm not sure it's. I'm not sure it's Kenan worthy and all of baker's points are right on like there. Their things about this episode that are not typical enough and give the show the heart and sweetness, and I continue to object to at least in this season, the unbelievably baroque and unsatisfying elimination process with the lipsticks and the list lip sync for your legacy is just too complicated. Everything about this is too complicated and not on brand enough in good ways. And like the only thing that's really on brand is fi, and that's not a good thing. So I really enjoyed this presentation a lot. I did not hate watching the episode again, but yeah, I don't. I don't know. I don't see the logic. Okay. I'll go next. I did love it. It has. I agree with Dylan. It has so many Connick. Moments. I mean, you're that girl. I knew you were an Alzheimer. The the lip sync. He's right. It's like one of the greatest ever and the coordination between them like just from costumes onward. I mean, I assume that they had quite a colloquy whatever time there is between. You know they're judging and when they come out because they obviously worked out a bunch of stuff like even a rough way and they sold it amazingly for me, I agree with Sarah bakers points about, you know that all-star seasons are not as satisfying. I agree with Bundy that the judging is for Kochta although I wasn't mad that both of them came back, but I just I was just delighted to revisit it again. And I thought Dylan made a good argument at convinced me. Although I was, I have to say pre-convention because by the end of it when we get to like fi trudging off stage and Eliza trying to hug her and then like the hand wave like so many giftable moments. I just love us. So. For me this. This was a great episode. I personally do think it is canon worthy, so Dave. Okay. So fi as the villain totally works for me because she is just total shit. Like there is a moment. I agree that it's a little unsatisfying at the end that she's not. She's not catapulted out of town out of the village. Aw, but that she is just like this total as and there is a moment where she tries to make up and men defense. But then like during that she becomes incredibly defensive again and undo everything she had done in the past minute, and then she's put off by the whole process that she started trying to save her ass in the group. Like it's amazing how self destructive that she was. She's like, I don't have to kiss your as to stay here since like, but you do. That's what we're doing right now. Right. Do it. Pigheadedness is sort of amazing thing. And when somebody is is toss or it, it is very satisfying, but I agree the manner in which she left at the end like there is no. Don't let the door in the way out sorta moment from anybody else, maybe because the disappearance, the return of a bunch of queens. So there are a little hesitant to. You know, make anything definite, but I did enjoy the episode. I'm not really up on like the structure. And what goes into a typical episode of this show? Even always talk about a lot. We usually do permit season premiers on believe we did a cannon. It was too before this once upon a time, judging by tunes the library, which has a cre- is this five? And I think we did three point, but I really kind of enjoyed the premise that there is this, you know, comedy show and emcee and everything like that. I thought it was a good showcase. A law snatch game. I- belt actually kind of felt sorry for the MC because I feel like if that was me, I would be exactly the same house stuff prepared, but with fumble over it, obviously, you guys know if you've been listening spots for more than two weeks. Your perfect angel. But the lip synching at the end was fantastic, and you can really appreciate how the fans of the show really latched onto all the moments seal tar was talking about and dilemmas talking about that turned into sort of, you know, the internet memes stuff with with good reason. I did enjoy it. I just wish either that everybody else gave fee nice sendoff, you know, or that fee was more blindsided by Alaa Mitchell from survivor. Vigil. Just if that was a little more satisfying? I think it would have been even better, but I did. I didn't joy this episode a lot. So with that show with this to the official vote, TV and find out who the true LGBT Hugh, I, Alex. All right. Baker. Every time somebody says, Baker, I imagined you in full desert camouflage running through some sort of action scene because baker's the perfect army grunt in a movie Baker. You, I guess we've already established that my races, so throw homophobic onto pile. Vote vote. No, I love the show I vote now because I love this show. Love the show. Love the presentation. Apparently don't love my l. g. into QA plus brethren sister in and other than. Over me. Yes. All right. I'm also going to vote. Yes, but ties mean that unfortunately. Paul's drag race. All stars. Season two. Episode, five, revenge. The queen's. You are not inducted into the actual great. Ken. American level winner. You. And we'll not tolerate. Nope. It's time for winner and loser. The who has our Witter me and it is emerald fennel or possibly Fennell, I guess, of call the midwife. Although I don't think she was on the most recent episode at all. Anyway, she's been cast in season three of the crown playing then Camilla Shand the future. Camilla Parker Bowles, and re looking reminded me that I done oppose the will link in the show notes on previously dot TV, but did side by side comparisons of a number of photos of emerald Fennell and khloe Kardashian because they have a same face. So if you can imagine that face candy, it really is. I mean, partly that post which jozy as this show knows it's. If I may say good photo research, but still they are really, weirdly identical in the face. But anyway, that's going to be the other woman of Prince Charles wedding in season three of the crown. Whenever we get and loser the are you a show on Netflix consisting of two word phrase, each of which the words have four letters than are shit outta luck or maybe you're shows called shit luck iron. Fist cage were both cancelled by Netflix after two seasons each, I forgot the existence fired. It's never mind that it even had a second season. So that one's probably find Luke cage is a little disappointing, I guess. But I think that show never quite figured out how to be. It's how to be best. Yeah. So we missed opportunity that show. I wanted it to be so much better than it was and it had like great moments, but it was so that season was so flabby. Yeah. So long speaker about things that are flooding along. Do you know time it is. It's game time. All right, everybody. This is the six game time of the currencies to remind you. The season scores are tar three bungie one and value guests. Also at one, I just want to say at this point, if you have a gain that you're thinking of submitting, please do so or if you just have an idea, you wanna pass by me. I make sure it hasn't been done in the past. Absolutely Email me at David at coal that c. o. l. e. dot f. y. and we'll have a little chat. All right. So today we're getting into the upcoming Halloween spirit with a game called monster. Mash from good friend, Dan casino. In this game, I'll give you the name and description of a monster from a TV show along with the year, the monster debuted. All you have to do his name, the show that the monster appeared on. If you needed hint a give you the name of one of the actors that appeared alongside the monster or in a case of a cartoon one of the voice actors. Okay. Here's an example. If I told you that gossamer who first appeared in nineteen forty, six is a giant orange creature. Apparently made entirely for with big eyes and tennis shoes who hangs around a mad scientist layer occasionally chasing rabbits, ducks and pigs. You'd know that he appeared on looney tunes or funny. Looney tunes and hin would have been probably Mel Blanc. Make sense? Yes. Do we get two points for correct answer before the hint. And then one point after? Well, yes. For the most part. We'll get into that as we go along. Okay. To make things a touch easier. Mr. Dan casino has ordered the questions chronologically by first appearance of the monster. So we're going to start in the distant past work our way up to near present. Okay, thirty six questions. Tara steel mill situation, please. Thank you. Dave. Sarah de bunching has five steel meals in valued guests have three and zero. All right, very good. And can use plain to Sarah Baker, still meals on how they work? Absolutely. If another player craps out answering their question you can before Dave moves on or gives the correct answer, say steel and then you can answer and steal their points. Great. All right, everybody are. We ready to play, monster mash, yes. All right. Let's see. Who's going first. We will start with Sarah, so our order is fun. See, Tara. And then Sarah, are we ready to play? Here we go. Our first round is the sixties seventies and eighties. And because the further back we go in time, I feel generally the harder this is going to be. I'm doing a few things here in this round. One free hints. So every question is worth two points to get all the information and to free steel meals. So if they don't get it right, get ready to steal meal, no power. All right. Here we go. Everybody's got three questions in this first round sixties seventies and eighties starting with Bundy. The gremlin from nineteen sixty three every Mark ably goofy looking monster. This creature who looks like a guy in a bag gorilla costume and some guy liner seems more curious than attention destructive. But the direction of Richard daughter made him threatening your hint, William Shatner. Looks like a guy in a bag of costume, and some guy liner. More curious and attention. The twilight zone the twilight zone. Yes. The wing. All right. This is tars. First question Zante the Zante said a n TI nineteen sixty three also giant ant like humanoid aliens who placed their convicts on earth. Their culture won't allow them to carry out executions, so they send him here, knowing that humanity will definitely wind up, killing them halfway to a good twilight zone episode, which is right on par for this show your hint Bruce Dern. Honeymooners. Just kidding. That's not my real answer is this the outer limits limits halfway to a good twilight zone episode is the perfect description of all limits yet. All right, baker's first question coming up, got to a white gorilla with a horn on his head and a poisonous bite existing on a very thin. Vietnam metaphor, planet your hint, letter nimoy. What's that show? I McCain Star Trek. That's a good hit for that one. All right guys, real good hint. It's got two points back to Sarah bunting tai-bo t. y. b. o. not tai-bo like the exercise guy. Hi, beau the carrot man. Full pas remote tai-bo the caravan nineteen sixty eight an alien represented by a guy and suit during the entire crew of the Jupiter to investigate people in retaliation after Dr Smith, pick some flowers on his planet into Bill mummy. Leumi I think moving. Yes, you're right. Sorry. And I think it's Billy well, it says Bill here, you know, he's Bill now. He's probably Billy now Bill read that again for you. All right. We're talking about the Caraman as this is this is a monster from nineteen sixty eight an alien anti a guy in a carrot suit. Right? Turn the entire crew of the Jupiter to it. Divestiture people in retaliation after Dr Smith, pick some flowers on his planet. Lots of hits there. So many lost in space. The SOS is big. Space care. Okay. Two points there. Tara. The ghost where wolf from nineteen seventy. Of course, the green ghost of reported where wolf silence long. He shows up scarce people and occasionally chases them down always turned out to be a sheep wrestler in a mask your hint gays. He Casom. Do, where are you. All right. Everybody's doing well. Sarah Baker, the l. traditions the traditions nineteen seventy four. A benevolent race of highly evolved telepathic lizard people. The costumes didn't have moving mouse. So the telepathy was helpful that created the mystical land. Our heroes are now trapped in your hint, Kathy Coleman. Kathy, with a case. Land of the loss and the loss will done. All right. Back to Bundy. Here's your last question of this round. The Spanish moss man. Nineteen seventy four or research experiment. Dream deprivation produces a Cajun bogeyman covered in Spanish moss who goes on a murder spree until the reporter specializing in the supernatural bigger. So what's going on your hint? Darren mcgavin. Another hint here. This is the tough. I think this is the toughest one of this whole thing. Inspiration for the x. files series was. Does not hell him afraid, dark shadows. Seal mail steel mill Tara culture, the nights, Docker track nights, Docker, correct. Alright. So tar just picked up one point with that. First free stimul- of round, and here's towers. Real question. Your monster from nineteen Seventy-six sasquatch. Sure. He looks like a big foot, but he's actually controlled by aliens. Get this has been on the show and being used to steal precious metals and gems from earth until he stopped by cyborg multiple times your hint if you need it, Lee majors. The six million dollar this dollar band is correct. All right. Thank God for the hinge because I was very close to seeing the incredible hulk. All right, Sarah Baker, with our last question of this round, your monster is the arm from night jumping a bit nineteen. Eighty nine. Ooh, yes. A being existing on a psychic plain that claims to have grown out of the severed arm of human host, twenty five years later evolved into a tree with a brain on it weird in a nerve ING. But that's kind of the point you're hin, Kyle, McLachlan, McLaughlin McLaughlin McLaughlin. Glad and Glock Len not like luck every time. Twin peaks win. Clio McLaughlin group is my favorite show. All right score break. Very, very close game. We have. I have seven points. Sarah Baker has six points. Saturday venting has four. All right. Well done. We're now into round two talking about the nineties musters and the offs musters and now you have to ask for the hit. All right. So if you can get it without a hint, you can guess get incorrect guests or just, you know, you don't ask for the hint after which the correct answer is worth one point. All right. Got it. Got it. Starting with Bundy your Bonsor goal, Dr goal, Dr, nineteen Ninety-three and giant ape with fangs and blue face wearing gold armor and a bizarre headdress. He's often big enough to wreck whole cities. And when he's not, he sometimes drives a giant robot either way. He's a chief antagonise and several seasons of the show is on, oh, and he has wings too, because why not? Bentsen. I'll take that as a you need the hint the yes can't Ricardo Medina junior. You might remember from that time he stabbed his roommate with a samurai sword. Small wonder. I don't know. It would have been so much better of show. It was. That is Power Rangers power. Tara, your monster from nineteen Ninety-four, four floor nineteen. Ninety four. Is the Newark flu C'mon. Then human sized flat worm created in stew of irradiated sewage from ternal. It attacks victims through the sewer system in Newark, leading to an FBI investigation. I believe this is the x. file for two points. Okay. The back I nineteen Ninety-six. Innocent girls from ancient Greece are transformed by demonic version of diagnoses into lesbian vampires and know the show in question was never known for subtlety nineteen, Ninety-six ancient Greece. Lesbian vampires. He the vampire slayer, that's incorrect. Here's your hint dammit. Okay, you're actor. In question is Lucy lawless. Seena warrior Princess good for one point. Back to bungee the monster brain guy the year nineteen Ninety-seven being foam planet of powerful psychics who claims to have no physical body despite the fact that we can see him. He also claims to have psychic abilities, but mostly seems to use them to teleport bad movies to a satellite. Brain guy m. s. t. three k. yes. Well, tar area. No, yes. The worm Yulon Queen nine hundred ninety nine a giant slug that Ainley secretes a highly addictive substance used in soft drinks in the future. Each around two of. But I think this is a good one for you sir. The gentleman the gentlemen, nineteen, ninety nine a group of floating ghouls who take away the voice of their victims so they can torture them to death with anyone being alerted the apparently still they are apparently still vulnerable to wooden stakes though fee the vampire slayer. The way you do it charm. Punchy, the man in black, two thousand four. He was once a normal man with dark hair and steely is banana. Counter with the heart of the island brought by his brother. Jacob changed him into a violent cloud of black smoke. It's really helping you were going somewhere else with that. But that's the man in Brown. This is from lost. For two points Tara. Yes, weeping angels, two thousand seven, a race of aliens, disguised himself as funerary statues of angels and only move when you're not looking. Doctor who actor who. Sarah Baker, the Meena did the Meena two thousand eight. Normally a human woman in appearance. The mean add can transform into Claude bull like creature who committed late humans in one appearance, she force an entire town into an impromptu striptease in another. She turned a whole town into pigs at believe. It's mine add m. e. n. a. d. I lifted up this apparently Meena but okay. Sorry. If if we don't get the pronunciation, right, there's no way. The astronauts. Guess clue. Please pack win. Oh, I was gonna guess that true? Blunt guess it. There's no penalty for guessing. I don't. I don't watch that show so I don't know what happens on that. Believe in yourself. It is true lesson good for one point. I lost a point, but I learned a lesson guys. All right. Everybody's last off. Monster coming at ya the regarding the rue Garowe night. Sorry, two thousand eight while they look human for thirty years regard, develop an overwhelming desire for human flesh. And once they partake, they are transformed into savage pale-skinned monsters. Well, this one's Benson obviously. And your hint is Jared Pella, lucky at Alexi pedal. So many supernatural references lately, supernatural good for a point. Tara. Yes. Your monster doomsday two thousand nine an alien monster with gray skin, red eyes and bony protrusion all over his body is disguised as a normal human. Most of the time is monstrous side only coming out when he's angry or exposed to certain alien rocks. Two thousand nine. Yes. That's not smallville. Is this the flash. Your hint, Tom welling. It is smallville I monster on for a long damn good for one. All right. Our last question of this round d'appel ganger ze two thousand nine. When the first supernatural beings became immortal, the violated the law that all creatures must die. So that d'appel gang who look exactly like them came to exist in to die in their place, kind of like Kenny from early south park. Please Nina dope debris. Dobrev fill breath. Vampire diaries. Also accepted the originals and that is our second round. Okay. Still very close. Sarah. Bunting has nine. Sarah. Baker has eleven. I have fourteen. All right. Here we go round three. We're talking about the teens now two points. One point after the hint starting with Bundy. Marceline the vampire Queen two thousand ten. All right. A fun, loving one thousand year old vampire Queen. She does not need to drink blood to survive. Rather she eats the color. Red Marceline is also an avid musician who plays an electric bass that she made firmer family's heirloom Battleaxe. Sounds annoying actually shows aren't in here more than once by the. Yes, that is correct. Okay. 'cause I would have guessed the original. So I need a hint. Clarice Leach men. Fun, loving thousand year old vampire Queen, right. I don't know. I don't know this one so much steel. This anybody know says adventure time at ventured. Tara. Yes. In two thousand eleven the dead Franken baby creation of Dr. Charles Montgomery who tried to bring his baby back to life in accidentally reanimated a monster on the basement of a haunted house. Who among us American horror story, correct. Sarah j Baker, you gene. All right. That's the letter u. then another name. Gene g and e two thousand eleven Barma suitable experiments, render amend invisible as he automatically camouflages himself. So he can blend in perfectly with whatever background. He stands against an effort to be seen. The man kills innocent victims and drains them up there. Pigment, leaving them ghostly white. What's that show? Sounds cool. Hint me Joshua Jackson is your hint. And then going to give you another not Dawson's creek. I'm stupid. Not that stupid. I know he's on the show. A show called. Leftovers. Steel-mill fringe rental point. I was like the fair. Damn, I should've started watching that shit. All right. The death's head mentor the death's head Manticore two thousand thirteen Manta cores are highly aggressive in extremely venomous scorpion like insects from the content of ethos which can grow as large as lobsters while and have markings on their tail that looked like a human face. Lacks mirror. I love that guess Amelia Clark's is your him. Emilia Clarke Zetter name that. Right. Okay. Game of thrones. Yeah. Highly aggressive scorpion creatures with human faces on their tails game of thrones. Okay. Well down gave throats. The Nogi SUNY, two thousand fourteen Noga SUNY, an evil spa FOX spirit, which can take over a person corpse or even aware, wolf, causing chaos feeding off negative emotions. Be even aware. Wolf part makes me think this is teen wolf. All right. Sara Baker boy forgot this one was in here. All right. Is German. All right. Circus. Good. Neko's Esser spell that for you g. e. d. a. c. h. t. an IS. Good. Neko's Esser generally looking like a normal human. This creature can turn into an octopus face humanoid that uses tentacles to burrow into victims brain and extract memories like most of the creatures in this series. The name is German Noche. It. Benson. You're going to help you at all. Is David gentilly gentlemanly. Oh, Kim, totally. All right, fine. I'll pay. Okay. I was just listening to this really good podcast called extra hot great podcast on they're talking about stupid road rules guy. Yeah, and he was on another show, but it wasn't road rules, but that's what stuck in my head because I also Ostro drills. The creatures series, the name. No, he'll still grim grim for one point. Hand, thank God. The German show is over with they'd be said, punchy garage. Two thousand fifteen. A giant super strong telepathic silverback gorilla was temporarily relocated to gorilla city on earth to with the other intelligent gorillas, but has returned to earth one multiple times. Zoo. Zoo's a much better show in your guys. Imagination. They're not months. Hint grant Guston. Yup. What the fuck the flesh. Rod telepathic giant silverback gorilla we hardly knew Clancy Brown. Yes. Two thousand sixteen the demo Gorgon an other dimensional creature Dame dapper Mazda from dungeon Ganz with a face like a tooth. Flower, opening an enormous strength, stranger things, stranger things. Sarah Baker, the cut Derian demon, two thousand sixteen an ancient demonic samarium spirit bonded to the evil book known as the Necker NAMA. Namakonha portion of essence can possess individuals, animals or even in one memorable case the severed hand of a main character. It is immoral enormously powerful, but also seemingly vulnerable to a guy with a chainsaw. Evil dead. That's close enough that's ask I did. Okay. Close the movie. We're, we're. We're good here. That was Bruce Campbell. Of course, Muncie Connie. The hormone monstrous two thousand seventeen and other dimensional creature who follows an adolescent girl around and encourages her to embrace her wildest desires. Oh, you just talked about this. Now I can't remember the name of the show. Oh my God. I draw the people from. Big mouth. Now you yourself a bath. Yeah, I did Tara two thousand seventeen Bill quiz, an Asian fertility goddess who survives in the modern day by consuming men after having her way with them, although not in the way you might expect. American gods. God's correct. All right, sir. Baker, the shadow king, two thousand seventeen a psychic parasite that moves in between the minds of various individuals leading to symptoms of mental illness in his host. He prefers colonizing those with mental powers sometimes appearing as a pellet, obese man. Lesion. Everybody's last question coming at you. So let's scoreboard please star. Okay. Let's see. Sarah d bunting has fourteen points. Sarah l. Baker has fifteen points. I have. Okay. All right. Sarah bunting otherwise, known as the Griffin, two thousand eighteen a giant wing humanoid with feed line legs who lives in cliffside nest along the edge of the world. The characters assume she's male, but she corrects them and less them know that gender is a spectrum. I give you another hint we've watched the show, but I don't think anybody any made it to this snow. Definitely not. Happy endings. Just kidding. Abby jacobson. Abby dickerson. City. I think you're either out or you probably shouldn't be using this. Yeah, I wouldn't. Okay. You've really wanna show off. Go ahead now. I don't see too. Okay. I won't count my. I won't point myself, but it's this is to sentiment. Yes, correct. Tar area, no thing, two thousand eighteen the tune Bach t you you and be a q. A massive creature resembling a polar bear with is it look almost human that rip apart British sailors stranded in the Arctic will Dave like it. Yeah, kind of. Oh, what was this called? The terror, the terror, correct. All right. Last monster of the game for Sarah Baker. Your monsters. Name is unnamed giant gold flying robot monkey that poops missiles, two thousand eighteen created by the toymaker the fleet of giant gold monkeys that invades National City includes a one extra joint one who poops missiles at our heroine. Heroin is a good hint. Sure. Supergirl Earl. Right way to end it. Let's get the final scores. Okay. Well, I realized that I was taking steel meals into pass the free steal meal round. So I subtracted five points for my score because I don't know how many was, but. Here we are Saturday benching his fourteen points. Sarah Baker has. Seventeen points. And let's say I have twenty. Okay, so Tara takes it, but we're going to reuse our tiebreaker for some steel mill opportunities. Okay. All right. So here's your chance. Until cheating. I will sit out this route. All right, that's fair. I to allow that. So this is how it's going to work. I have one, two, three, five, six monsters that are all from the same show, burst person to identify the show, wins steel meals. Take start at six, read the first one bub-bubba all the way down, right. Gotcha. The answer the more steel meals you will get. Are you ready syrup out situation, yell at whenever you want and yellow as much as you want. Here we go. Fin the Ghalem. On a hot guy created by a wizard to lure women into his lair. The hollow a cloud that can possess people including hot guys, making do things that are at a character in the Ghalem. Number two, dark lighters, demonic spirits, mostly betrayed by guys who try corrupt magic users and the Delic charmed charm, correct? That gives you five steel meals by Sarah. Ever do anything. We'll play Tara x. accidental cheating. We, oh deed on the Connors, going around the dial where we did some camping before splitting up together. We met the cool kids. We were told to get a room with Carson and Tom, and we finally joined the German episodes of Monty python's flying circus Dylan, fucked it up. It being the induction of rupaul drag race, all-stars episode, revenge of the Queen into the canon. We crowned winners and losers of the week, and Tara was a winner of this week's game time putting your within reach of the season win next week. Remember. I am David t Cole and on behalf of tar area. Sarah d bunting to read anything. Anyone wants to hear and Sarah Baker. Racist home guess I'm Trump. Thanks for listening and we'll see next time right here on Xtra. Stop. What. I don't know. I didn't expect to stop the work. For flavoring.

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