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Embrace your wild side in fortnight chapter two season six primal in the aftermath of these zero crisis the zero point has been contained but reality is collapsed in the process. A mysterious pulse shot from the newly formed spire restoring a natural balance to the island in your fight for survival traverse primal battlegrounds hunt wildlife for food and craft weapons on the fly. The island has grown wild. So must you. If you know anything about fortnight you'll know that every season there are some insanely cool story map changes of the past few seasons. We've seen everything from the island. Flooding to the legendary black hole in this season. Zero point has been contained but reality collapsed in the process restoring natural balance to the island craft weapons home wildlife for food and do everything it takes to survive picking up the battle pass. Let you run wild with the likes of lara croft and teen titans raven jump into fortnight now to experience at all or go to f n dot g g slash season six fm dot org slash season. Six to see it. All welcome to the sports illustrated that media. Podcast i'm your host jimmy traina. Thank you so much for listening. If you are into the gambling world you will enjoy this podcast. Very much tied ferment. Former oddsmaker caesar's now covers the gambling. World we get into a lot of hardcore gambling stuff and not so hard core so to appeal everyone We get into what's going on with legalized gambling with each of the states. The importance of shopping around for line bad losses this season. What kind of losses are the worst. How sports have been impacted by this. Which sports have benefited the most talk about baseball and bedding. How baseball can sort of get helped by it. So we covered all wit firm in everything in the gambling world. Before we get todd last week andrew marsh and from the new york post john where we covered a potpourri of items in these sports news. Sports media news landscape. Paul pierce gymnasts bunch of things. They are two weeks edge. Wwe superstar just was in the main event russell three weeks ago. Great podcast with scott van pelt. If you missed any of those go into the archives and give those listen and please subscribe to the podcast all right. Let's get to this episode right now with todd furman and some gambling talk right joining me now. Gambling guru plenty of jobs used to be an odds maker which fascinates me. So maybe we'll get into that again but In this world where gambling is taking over snowing. Better really check in with from time to time and todd furman. Todd how are you. I'm doing very well. Jimmy just catching a little day baseball watching our beloved yankees chason early deficit against toronto blue jays. It's funny you say that. Because i was going to tweet this morning. I very little about sports anymore. Just because everyone twitter is an asshole. And i i disagree when just trying to have like a light fun thing and i was going to tweet like if you this year. Bet will the yankee score. I know in every game. You're probably very rich right now. They don't squawk i and they did today with the aaron judge moore but they never score. I it's very rare. And i don't know curious. Is that a bet that is offered on sites these days now the game so prevalent it a lot of spots you can find which team must work than game. Obviously you have to pay a substantial price for the road team. Because they're going to get a for trying to do so and then a one of the big betting markets. That's really growing in popularity for major league baseball as everyone gravitates towards this quick fix is will there be a run scored in the first inning. So it's amazing to see a lot of folks out there that are aggregating the data trying to figure out which pitchers vast yes. It's james paxton. The first guy that comes to mind a lot of people may of cash on him last season as a member of the yankees betting. Yes there would be a run in the first inning. And i think they were extremely disappointed when he was shell for the better part of this year at just one start with the mariners about the pittsburgh pirates. You're a team. Where typically their staff early on this season at course it a small sample size. They've been beaten around pretty good in the first innings up your betting. Yes run be squared in their games. You profit financement so speaking about willow run be scored. I want something totally crazy did. Now did you see all the videos. this wednesday after night. So this happened. Tuesday night before the reds giants game in san fran. Did you see the videos with joey. Votto and what happened You know what. I did not see the highlights. I saw a little bit of the buzz that was created. But i can only hope that it wasn't nearly as controversial as the ground swell. We saw corruption at in the wake of sunday night baseball with the braves phillies fiasco more lighthearted So here's how the story goes. It was in if you if you're listening to this and want videos checkout train of thoughts of from wednesday april fourteenth basically during batting practice. A fan was screaming at joey. Votto asking him if he thinks a ronald be scored in the first inning. The fan bet. No run in the first inning. And joey votto is trying to tell the family. This is not what he's interested in and he's trying to win the game and the fan keeps badgering him. This videos of the fan. Just badgering joey votto and they have back and forth because the fan wants no run in the first sitting what happens joey votto homers in the first inning and the guy loses his bet. It's it's really great. You gotta check out the videos. It honestly jimmy reminds me the video. That circulated with peter lonzo with the fan that you could hear in the background yelling about the over under and then he takes the ball yard but i think these encounters if players embrace them. It's going to be par for the course and his fans do it in a white hearted. Way i i can find an appreciation. It's the idiot that take to social media and decide they wanna berate or belittle eighteen and nineteen year old college kids because they lost a bet. I mean you. And i come from this game same school of thought on this. If you're betting that kind of money that reduces you to going after professional athletes are college guys scale things back and maybe find a different hobby That keep you from putting food on the table whether or not. You shouldn't be going after people on twitter. It's just so stupid but there's a for me. At least i think there's a big difference between the alonzo incident and the vodka one from this standpoint. The guy in the met game screams at alonzo. Like i need over nine runs while the lonzo is in the batter's box in the game is going on in alonzo never acknowledges the fan. Words vodka engaged the fan in this guy. I can see. I feel like i just screamed. I can see rob manfred seeing that video and saying to the players. Don't to the fans about betting please while their cameras all over the place You know alonzo was an innocent type of thing which was a great. Also but yeah. I'm glad you mentioned that one because that was good. Think we're going to get to that point where the commissioners are have to be cognizant of it and it's going to be uncharted territory as we talk about. The proliferation of legalized sports betting into a multitude of state. Hopefully in your backyard. Sooner rather than later as well. But i mean injury reports. They became a hotbed topic and clearly. These kinds of interactions are going to happen a little bit more especially we're fans are in close proximity to players regardless of the sport. So you mentioned the legalized gambling in my backyard. Which is new york where we're still. We still don't have it posted to happen but from everything. I hear it's not supposed to happen in a great way. My degenerate friend. Pd texts me everyday about how bad it's going to be. Let me ask you this. Where where do we stand now. How many states have it legalized now. We're up to eleven states. That have officially legalized in some capacity. And of course things are very different in states. Like montana where state lottery and it's more or less a license to steal without a gun with some of the prices that you have to bet into if you wanna do it. Any reputable manner compared to spots like tennessee and jersey. That in my opinion have done things the right way where they're making it a competitive market forcing the operator offer a product. That's going to bring people in from the grey areas and some of their corner bookmakers to do things legally and you mentioned york. I'm curious to see how this plays out. We know that politicians carry a ton of weight. But if you're gonna limit it to just a couple of operators and have an exorbitant tax rate someone is going to have to bear the brunt of it and you hope it's not the consumer because anybody who's been in this business knows how hardest outrun laying a dollar ten to make a dollar if you're going to jack up prices substantially higher the entry and the opportunity to actually make money and enjoy it. It essentially becomes a glorified lottery system or anything else. The exact quote my degenerative pd us. So here's what i want to do because you just gave us a really broad analysis i wanna get really specific and break it down for people who maybe aren't into gambling so let me do it from that so it's funny one of the questions. I wanted to ask you ed. Written down as a little note was which states are doing it the best. You mentioned tennessee in new jersey so it just explained to the listeners on a basic level. Why they're doing it the best. So tennessee is unique. It became the first state that just opened things up To online sports betting since there are no brick and mortar facilities. They had to do things a little bit differently. You didn't have to worry about partnering up with the casino whether it was with fortune. Five hundred company tribal operator to get your gaming license. If you pay the entry fee you could come in and operate so. Of course the bed. Mgm's the fan does in draftkings garbled up market share quickly. Tennessee is going through a little bit of a scandal with a smaller operator of action. Twenty four seven which had some money laundering issues that i think have largely been swept under the rug would never put my money in a slight called action. Twenty four seven the price for head shops at all of us us about ten twelve years ago. You squared up once once a week or thereabouts. But they've had their largest problems of folks are interested. I think the tennessee and did a bunch of articles to catch up. There's only bog you some of the minutia but jersey. When they i i mean you had you know the meadowlands partner up with a couple of different books and you had what were called skins that were available so if i was a gaming operator i had three or four skins that i could subsequently sell so be it was to draft kings to fan duel churchill downs or whatever the operators may be there for everybody had an access road to get the space now the ones that i'm curious about how they're going to do it is maryland just approved. Some legislation believe earlier this week. Or maybe it was at the tail end of last. And they claim that they're going to open up to as many as sixty different operators. I don't think they're sixty operators. Even out there again free market economics offer competitive product and throw whatever bonuses. Do you want at the plate ears. And that's going to pay dividends. That's the one thing about listed drives me bonkers is that you still have shops. That are gouging players. Because they just don't understand the math behind it to people what you mean by gouging. The players explain that generally accepted in the sports betting space said spin for years that you put up one dollar and ten cents if you want a better football game to make a dollar. So regardless of the game Hey you wanna bet the jets versus giants. The giants are four point favorite. You put one hundred ten to win one hundred if you like the favourite same way on the other side and that translates roughly two historical hold for sports books about five percent and what that means the books take on five cents on every dollar if they assume that the book is completely balanced which we know is a little bit of a fallacy. Because it's never fifty fifty in terms of tickets or money what you're seeing for. Some operators now is that they're adding pennies here or there and you know minus a dollar twelve or minus dollar thirteen and to a customer. That's only betting to win ten bucks. It really doesn't matter to that thirteen to win. Ten isn't fundamentally different than the eleven to win ten but if you extrapolate that out not to get again too much into the math in the weeds the sensitivity analysis says the book can make a substantial fortune by doing that repeating the transactions over and over again and it reminds me off for those folks in pop culture of the movie office space where they talk about rounding those pennies at the end of the accounts. Oh no one's gonna notice a penny here there and then all of a sudden they realized that there's nine figure balances that they then have to give back to the company so when you're looking for a product out there you always want to try and find a dollar ten to win a dollar as your standard operating procedure on some books will do reduce juice. But it's extremely rare l'egalite space and i think that's who were headed until the consumer understand. Exactly you know what him or her. I entitled to as far as competitive balance. you're gonna see look to take advantage. And that's the unfortunate reality. We were in a given. How new the space julia. I don't wanna put you on the spot and you don't know it but i'm just curious. Do you know the breakdown with the eleven states. that are legalized. How many have more than one operator. And how many just have one outbreak. I talked to my knowledge. The only states that have one operator. I believe oregon is run by the state so they have a state lottery. System of montana is another one. That's the same way in dc other than that. Everyone else has multiple operators that are there some in varying fashions whether it's in nevada model whether it's the completely online model like tennessee or situation that's brewing in the state of illinois where they've eliminated remote registration. Which of course has strong political undertones. The reason that took place where you have to physically go into a sportsbook to sign up for your account but you're able to Fund the account subsquently thereafter. Why are they doing that so they did that. At there's there's a lot of political ties. They're so. Originally they repeal the governor pritzker because of covid protocol said. Hey look we don't want people to congregate in casinos. We wanna make it available for people to be deposit remotely. Do think safely. I think this is some of the casino operators in some of the stronger entities. They're pushing that. They feel if they can get bodies into their casinos whether it be bet rivers whether it be you know some of the other spots throughout the state that they can take a few extra dollars from a player may plunk down fifty to one hundred bucks plan. Blackjack eat in a restaurant. I think it's shortsighted but clearly there are some folks that want to help us. Some of the land based casinos have a leg up over the draftkings fan. Duels that may only have sportsbooks available in more remote locations. Amazing that independent the the scamming so that people could go into the casino instead of letting them sign up online. So i asked you. The states with one operates at oregon montana. Dc and that's what's going on here in new york as they think it's going to be one operator. If i'm not mistaken. The government basically last check us to of but still at the same time. I mean if you're only gonna have limited operators it allows any of them to create a monopoly. I mean h have access to a variety of might've been Other any other downsize to stay having one operator besides the juice on the betting odds. Or the other downsides. I mean that's gonna be the biggest thing because they don't have to worry about competition so especially if you wanna bet on local teams Then you have no recourse. I mean you're always going to pay a premium and some states a little bit different in terms of what you can and can't bet as far as college teams are concerned. But i mean for example if you're in the state of montana and you find yourself to be a big montana grizzlies football fan. There's no chance that you're going to get a fair number on any of those particular games up even with some of the pro teams. That are the case. I mean you can look at the los angeles dodgers will be the perfect illustration a market price on them may be more than that minus two forty to fifty range but at my customer can't shop and i know they're gonna use it as a poorly lagging and every single bet. I'm gonna jacket number up. And i expected to pay a premium for some of those higher profile public teams. Yeah so if you're someone who wants a wager you wanna have multiple operators so you can shop around for the best line. It's amazing to me like new york wouldn't allow draft kings fan dole. And you know. I mean especially when new york i mean. It's amazing to me that when i see the stats every month at the state. That's making the most money off. Legalized gambling his jersey. Think new york would just copy it and do. The same thing makes no sense. You know. that's the whole thing. That's mind boggling to me because you look at the population density. I mean a folks are happy with the product being offered in new york. How tough is it to drive into jersey especially on the nfl. Sunday when you're talking about filling metlife stadium with jets and giant fans. I'm not gonna bet the game if i'm in manhattan. I'm gonna wait till i'm in jersey and use those books to shop around for price. So i can get it if you're on an island if you're hawaii and there's nobody else that you're worried about. Where folks that live inside your state can go to try and becky games. Sure i guess you can offer something. That's a little bit more discouraging for the players shop around but for new york and everyone that lives in any of the five boroughs. If you're serious about it get on a train. You take the patron go to hoboken and sit there and watch games all day a college football saturday instead of saying you know midtown to watch games and lose some of the opportunity shop for the best numbers yes. I've i've been in gambling. Hell for the last. I guess football season because for fifteen seventeen years. I used five times. That was the site i used. I got. I always got paid out. I want to get paid out. So i never had an issue with them. And then they closed up shop basically in the united states. I guess i don't know the owners were doing all sorts of areas things Lot of malfeasance. Fear an office fan so they had to shut down in the us so that a search for a place to play and of course. It's not legal here in new york. So i couldn't go to draft kings fan bill and i use bed online dot. Ag which was fine. No issues there. And i dabbled with vodka and i liked bo. Vodka like interface in ease of betting. But then i realized this. Because i'm an idiot. The only way vodka pays out is bitcoin. Now i understand. Bitcoin is all the rage and people want bitcoin. I would like cash cheque. Money order back to my credit card. I don't want bitcoin. i want american dollars. And that's an issue so no matter i. It's amazing how difficult it was. Easier for me to gamble fifteen twenty years ago with pinnacle and there's an than it is now when it's supposed to be it's crazy. I feel like it's harder now. Yeah i mean. I think back to some of my first experiences in the space in thirteen or fourteen years old sneaking off to the local currency exchange sending money orders for a couple of hundred bucks which is a lot of money. Hold on hold on. Hold on hold on. You are sending money orders at thirteen years old. Jimmy you're working at a pool making four dollars and twenty five cents. An hour cleaning bathrooms are slowing in slices of pizza. During the summer. You have to try and find a way to get your action fix for football. What sports betting. Thirteen years old all. I was betting mainly nfl Mainly nfl back. Then we did have a on campus bookie. I guess we even want to call that in the junior high so you know he would take twenty dollars was as max bat at the usa today or the chicago tribune at the time. Flip through it in study hall and you'd have to find him just. You didn't have cell phones or anything like that. You had to find him before the end of the day. And i mean i think the first two bets i ever made with him. I bet a big monday college basketball game which back at the time in those games tipped off at twelve eastern in the mountain west at hockey game. But when you wanted to go a little bit more. Legitimate we use the term loosely. You know you had a wire. Money to a caribbean country. That you couldn't even find out a man. That's what i was doing with five times. Yup i would send money orders but they would always pay me out so to me like you know. We talked so much about finding the best line in the best juice. Aaron judge just hit his second home. Run of the day that you go But for me it was always about what i wonder about the payout situation. That's what always you know and you know i-. Bitcoin is not a way to pay degenerate. Gamblers we want. I'm sure you probably want bitcoin. I've seen your tweets the option. Give me the option to on bitcoin. You want regular monte. Take the regular money. It's tougher and tougher. And i think that's why you know any of these states. That are moving the route of legalization if they offer competitive product are going to provide a service in an opportunity for their players that you can't get in the offshore ruled that you could have ten twelve years ago and it. It's a game changer. But at the same time you want to see them at least give you a little bit of value an opportunity of bang for your buck instead of going. Hey no because we're all giving you a service and you can trust each payment and everything else you have to put up a dollar fifteen to make a dollar. I mean you just can't outrun that math standard austin would in your mind. Which sport do you think has benefited the most from legalized gambling. If there is one you know. It's tough to say. Because i look at the four major sports and i don't think any of them have fundamentally changed in terms of their viewership. We know numbers. Were down for the nfl. The superbowl wasn't anywhere. Close to what we've seen in the past but people are going to bet on football on no matter what you did to provide obstacles or restrictions in that regard. I honestly think baseball can be the biggest beneficiary from it. Because you're talking about not having a whole lot of competition especially during the slower summer months this year. The anomaly because i think the nba playoffs go into late july. Or whenever the hell. They're going to manage that up. But you're talking about you know once the nba and the nhl wrap up and maybe a little bit of horse racing you know major league. Baseball becomes a standalone entity from late. June through the dog days of summer when you're talking about first inning. Will there be a run score. I five inning strikeout. Props that major league baseball has a huge six week window. That if they really wanted to make a major push that they could keep all of those gamblers who might go and normally we take summers off fully engaged. Find different ways to bonus and that's part of why you've seen you know the major league baseball go with digital show that will focus a little bit on gambling shirt to incorporate some dfs components. But i think that's a sport can do it one sport that i can speak to that. I know is openly embraced in his trying. To figure ways out is actually nascar. I've had extensive conversations with some of the folks there. I've covered the sport for the last handful years and it was really a niche for me but they know that most casual fans aren't going to tune in and watch a race for three and a half to four hours they have to find other ways to try and get them involved. 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It's funny you mentioned horse racing so over the weekend. Had a buddy over for a little barbecue Did a little small gathering at one point. We we were playing trivia tribute pursuit. And we weren't really playing. We were just going through some questions. Now this trivial pursuit game. That i have is probably from like the late eighties old. The original trivial pursuit in the blue box and one of the questions for the sports category was what is the most bet on sport in america and the answer was horse racing. Now like i said this was prob. This game was probably from the late eighties. Is that still true today. you know. i think it's a reach but when you look at all the numbers that are out there horse racing just because of volume of events Has a little bit more of an inside track than some of the other sports. That are out there. But as far as the level of importance placed on horse racing for the sportsbooks in the state of nevada it was more or less an afterthought i mean we did it for our customers when i was at caesar's as a courtesy above all else the nice part about horse racing for the house in the pair mutual pool. You don't have to worry about booking any of it because you're collecting eighteen to twenty cents on the dollar for every dollar that goes into circulation. Unlike sports where you're matching wits against the individual. The mutual pool takes care of itself. But that's part of the reason though that you've seen horse racing decline some not just because in popularity but even the old timers that did this forever. The takeout is just so hard to overcome so for a lot of the guys that would sit in the ot bees. Or if you go through local casinos out here in vegas. On a tuesday or wednesday when they're in the third race at delaware arcor gulfstream. These guys can't beat the math again. They cannot run the numbers so horse racing his really fallen off. Well of course the buzz and a couple of weeks for the kentucky derby and if we have a trip crown candidate as we head to belmont. Then horse racing captivates all of us for a month but in reality it truly takes a back seat to everything else Mainly because it's just not accessible for some of that new age gambler coming up through the ranks interesting. Now you mentioned at the top that you used to be an oddsmaker what what casino. You're not making for again. I always forget. Oh no problem. Also houses caesars. Entertainment broken in the corporate finance side and then learn the sports trade simultaneously before i made a full migration over that world. Do you miss it at all. would you ever see yourself going back to it. Would you wanna do it again. I miss some of the high energy days. I miss being behind the counter during the thursday and friday of march madness. I miss being buying the counter on super bowl sunday and seeing the energy that comes through the book. I don't miss it for getaway. Baseball on july fifteenth on wednesday. Where you're hoping that you can get a couple of bats are worth a damn on. The marlins brewers and i don't miss filling out the paperwork. That was a lot more extensive in the less glorious portion of it of mature odds making standpoint. I think the books are a lot different. I mean back in the day jimmy we. We had a set numbers we had to make sure the people had their assigned seats. We had to make sure that we were given breaks to our ticket writers so for some of my colleagues now that their primary job set numbers monitor the bets. That are coming in. They seem new joy to heck of a lot more because less interaction with customers but for the right opportunity somewhere down the road. I would shy away from going back but definitely a lot nicer being your own boss talking about games not having a set numbers on everything from wnba data third-division turkish soccer right. But do you keep up now in your post. Oddsmaker life though. Do you check in and see like money was better than the masters how much money was spent on the tournament. We do you keep up with all that stuff and if so tell me how the masters tournament of this year you know. I talked to a lot of the guys. The exact numbers trying read some of the articles. that are out there for public circulation. I mean there are some great guys to cover. The industry patrick. Everson of dot com does a great job. David amedee spn. Those guys will make sure that they share whatever numbers they can't off from folks that are out there masters numbers i can't speak to you haven't had a chance to walk. Gather all my intel there but the ncaa tournament definitely right up there in terms of what you would expect as far as betting handle in popularity. It's crazy when you look at the tournament and of course you're talking substantially more games in the super bowl but that's a bigger betting event on the calendar. You take the full three weeks. Then what you'll see wagered on the super bowl because people can roll over their money and we can only hope the next year we're going to see crowded sportsbooks again and one hundred percent capacity people. They're taking their money from the first four games. They're rolling the early session on thursday and they're not gonna stop until basketball shut down in its sunday night and what that nine o'clock eastern time slot that my colleagues at cbs. Love to put out there for some of those young children. Young topper from being able to watch the entire round thirty two full. It is funny it shows you. It shows you how degenerate this country is because nobody anymore. Nobody watches college. Basketball at all during the regular season and tournament comes in. It's like one of the biggest betting events of the year. It's actually amusing that you know it. I mean i fall into that same boat. I mean we spend so much time for a lot of the things that i'm associated with covering the nfl and college football once that kind of winds down in early february. Then i'll pivot. I have guys that are heck of a lot sharper in college basketball. That feed me information so i can keep up you know. I'll watch games with a passing interest your january and february but nobody wants to talk about it in the media landscape until you get into march even in running february. It's an afterthought in this year because you a lot of the big boys weren't relevant gonzaga in baylor don't become national stories is unfortunate. That sounds kentucky. duke michigan state in those perennial powers. Aren't there. It hurts the college basketball brand. And i think as we continue to see the advent of some of these other leagues. Whether it's know the pay players more money or some of these other prep showcases. You'll we're going to continue to see some of that deterioration of college basketball too. Far cry from the old days when my dad couldn't be removed from the tv watching the big east tournament. Because you knew all those guys we're going to feature prominently. mba rosters following year. The amount of friends they had told me they watch one second college best that she had been filled out a bracket was was remarkable. But again my friends have some issues. One of the things. I i say. I'm curious if you see it or if it's just my imagination. But i do feel like one of the things that's really growing. It are the futures in the props. You mentioned baseball is a sport that can maybe with with with the sports betting you bet. Al mvp mvp and that could keep you into it all season. You know how many home runs over under this guy is gonna hit There are a lot of ways betting actual where you can you know. Keep your interest in baseball because of the props what are the other props getting bigger and bigger or is that just my imagination. No it's not your imagination. At all and a lot of credit goes to oddsmakers that have been forced out of their shell be more creative and offer those extensive betting markets. Because years ago. You're right you couldn't find you know. Al mvp nl mvp. You couldn't find. Al cy young. Nl cy young. It's maybe later in the year. You talk about over. Under batting average hits stolen bases home runs. who will lead the league in home runs. Division odds books are done. I don't interrupt you can also what's new to you can bet who's going to win a division during the season yet where i remember. Listen opening day came. That was shut down. That was it was overdone with now. On any day of the year you can go out there and but it was about the emily's etc five seven years ago jimmy and you'd be talking about like you said you'd be able to bet that before the season started and a lot of bolts then reopened updated division odds right around the all star race. You'd get a couple of days there but it wasn't something that you could bet every single day and i think it's just trying to find that churn and burn. Keep people engaged. Give them an opportunity to bet on their favorite teams but along those same lines. I think what's really grown. As far as the market and part of it is because the media spends a lot more time talking about it it's created awareness is windows. I mean win. Totals for years catered only to the sharpest knife sharp betters and so you would actually go through the process during the summer months hang. Nfl win totals in early august. And you would dread the experience because you knew there was a game. That was even a team. That was even a half game off. You're gonna get absolutely obliterated how quickly you could move that number forgotten. We're going to go shop around town whether they were. Scalping bryce with you bending over one side under at another book our just taking full advantage. Now i mean. We don't even know the nfl schedule. We know the list of opponents and books are all coming out with their windows already because they want to give people a chance that they know that the new cycle demands it. And i think it's just fascinating to kind of see how all of this stuff is coming to light over. The last three to five years Where college football games of the year coming out earlier and earlier. I mean last year for fox. Bet i mean we push to get those out during the pandemic people needed things to talk about so here. We are speculating. Before these teams even had spring practice and then a lot of. Didn't you know trying to put out numbers on georgia alabama hoping that you could elicit bats and that people wanted to try and get involved six months before to- ever met leather and a game truly took place. It's only been two weeks. Have we seen any early trends with. Mlb anything that stand out or nothing. You know you've seen a couple individuals moving. The player props market on tyler glass prices come down substantially amid his hot. Start to win the cy young one of the other big moves. That was out there. And i think he's pitching years pitching right now for. The brewers corbin burns through his first couple of start. You've seen his number offer. Ns cy young and the lead the league in strikeouts come down. So that's the one thing early on. Bookmakers are forced to overreact. To how some of these guys perform baseballwise over the first couple of weeks whereas better never want overreact bookmakers half to because we know that these hot streaks can sometimes carry three starts into fifteen starts and suddenly a guy burst onto the scene. And we've seen year in year out especially odds to win the home run. You know lead. The league in home runs. It's not the mike trout and aaron. Judge's that when it's the look void that get off often. Suddenly they just can't be stopped so books have to stay proactive their You can find a little bit value for a lot of those words for player that starts off. Maybe there's another guy's odds at drift out and you can take full advantage. I this has been one of my pet peeves and then i. I've said this a million times but they're on twitter. Micom you know football betting has become very very dicey now because of the extra point because they moved it back. There's extra points missed. In every game the number gets thrown off and everything goes haywire with teams chasing it and now baseball. It's not as drastic. But i almost had a little problem yesterday because i was perusing lines at night looking for nike to bet. And i see mets phillies. It was nola against Marcus stroman total was five and a half. And i'm like okay. Listen i know you know. Noah's good omens okay. I've never seen a total five and a half what's going on totally forgetting that. It's the second game of a doubleheader in those games are only seven innings. I mean even if you're into this there's still always things that you know. You really need to stay on top of things. It's not something you can do casually especially now harder handicap like you said for rule changes everything else that's going on and the other thing that can come back to kick in the nuts with some of those seven doubleheaders. Is you have a game. That's one one going into extra innings and suddenly. We're starting with a runner. On second base wonder five and a half so a game that was a stone cold winter to start. Suddenly you're very much Involved in a heavy duty sweat. And i'll be honest. I mean when it comes to some of the seven inning games there guy significantly sharper with numbers in the math. In me i won't even handicap him. Because i think it changes some of the dynamics that we've grown accustomed to and i can tell you firsthand that we've gotten plenty arguments for a longstanding fantasy baseball league that somehow a complete game shutout goes seven innings should not count the exact same game shutout that goes nine innings but to no avail. End my colleagues. Cvs haven't been able to try to just they're scoring system for it. Accordingly yet makes me so happy. I stopped playing fantasy sports for five years ago. Give me give me your worst lost this year in twenty twenty one. Oh not monetarily. I mean the scott van pelt bed. Beat i'm trying to think through. And i would probably say just as it happened. Recently we all fall victim to recency bias. had a little bit under money in alabama and ucla A game that had no business going over the total and of course you find a three that goes down as time expires for about thirty five feet out and then the rest is history. But i mean i could be mon nascar losses until you're blue in the face and people go. We don't really give a damn about any of that stuff. But i wanna go glass half full. Because i had a master's bet that worked out well for me this past weekend. Bet zander shaw flea in the fourth round head to head against decky mazzi yom. So that looked dead and buried when zander double bogeys early on in the round then all of a sudden he gets white hot strings together. Four birdies and we're talking about having a competitive finished. She got a two stroke lead there then he triple sixteen going in the drink. And you're figuring going into eighteen that there's no shot worse cases to push decky. Plays it sock. Rick support for about four feet so i wanna glass half loved. Ones talk about bad. Beats me every now and again the gambling gods can smile on you so i felt fortunate to be able to steal at but on sunday. Not a hockey guy. But i watched van pelt sped beats from this week and there was a game that ended up going on an empty netter. That's got to be such a sickening feeling. I've been there a ton. And i think i tweeted about it had to be was a san jose sharks game and i didn't have any money on it so i don't remember who they were playing. I think there were three. Goals scored in the final twelve seconds or two goals scored. But yeah you wanna talk about losing an over under bet on an empty netter especially as team start to pull their goalie with five or six minutes to go. I mean it's downright lethal. What do you. What do you think's worse. Losing a bet. On an empty netter losing it on like the three quarters court heave at the buzzer or is equivalent. I would say an empty netter. And the reason i say that is because basketball every now and again you at least know you're going to have to dodge that bullet you know that will be an inbound pass with a couple of seconds and you're going to see that shot. We've all lived through hockey. It can be as simple as their six seconds to go in a game. A player loses possession of the puck in the corner and get defense new just flings the puck at the empty net. She go from having a surefire winner to watching that puck of two hundred plus feet in june empty net. And you know you're completely defenseless. The worst is though in the camera. Guy can't move the camera fast enough. And you're hoping that the puck ricochets off the boards and suddenly you see the puck Sliding across the goal line. And this is what i sometimes for betting unders and one of my one of my friends in the industry. Dan o'toole tells me the time. You're an idiot anytime you want. A bet and under and unfortunately i'm a glutton for punishment there is something about the empty netter where the puck is just slowly gliding towards the empty net. And you see your life flashing before your eyes and the l. comes. It reminds me of a lot of those gambling. Movies where You're talking about through. Let we all know. Slow it down your one the ball bounce around hoping that you can land your number that you just watch it in like a slow car wreck. You're hoping that that puck hits. The post lies the blue paint And dozen end up in the net but for every bad beat you have as sports. You'll evidently have one or two workout in your favorite. But it's amazing how the human brain only remembers all the negatives you never wanna remember the ones that work out in your favor. He'd rather I bloody murder and file and things go against you. Absolutely you just said relate you just man i miss i miss. Playing roulette have gone to a casino. Obviously his of the pandemic and a while. I miss that that rush when that little white ball is spinning man. There is an adrenalin rush. With that i cannot describe but it's there it's absolutely there has nothing to do with gambling. i did today in my column about the best sports quote of all time. It came off of the fact that a little background. If anyone hasn't seen it on. Tuesday night timberwolves guard. Anthony edwards guest gets asked what he thinks about. Alex rodriguez becoming an owner of the. He's not going to be the owner. He's going to be one of those. You know investor on a tight. Whatever but i guess about arab coming onto the symbols and anthony edwards says that he's never heard of alex. Rodriguez in what i think is just a room. I mean i wish a report would have followed up and said j.lo's boyfriend to see if that would have triggered his brain so off of that. In train of thoughts on wednesday. I did a whole thing about the sports of all time and i mean i got a couple of thousand responses from people which were amazing so i wanna get your favorite Sports quotes a couple of them. If you have them off the top before you quickly to. I gave that of my personal favorites One was from colby when he said. I want an mvp with smush parker and kwami brown on my team. I was shooting forty five times a game. What was i supposed to pass it to chris memo crack brown which is just a classic kobe quote and then the other one is when bill parcells coach of the patriots. The trainer tells them that the kicker is injured and bill says well. I don't need them to play. I just need them to kick which is a phenomenal quote from bill. Parcell so just curious if you have any one. two three. Sports quotes that off the top of your favorites low-hanging fruit has to be. You know jim mora talking about the play offs. And you know his response there In the end that press conference. I mean is right up there along the same lines white singletary going bonkers in a similar capacity since so those are up there one in the nhl app ninety nine percents year exchanges between jeremy roenick and patrick wa back in the day and wasps says no. I can't hear him. I got my stanley cup rings in my ear so that one stands out that was submitted in the column. Yes and that was a good. I mean that that's outstanding. And i mean when you look for other examples that are out there. I mean they're scott. There's just so many the the one that i always forget the bucks coach. I guess from the seven days what do you think about your teams execution. I'm in favor of it isn't amid favereau. Good there is a a you know with another one. That i had heard from jimmy johnson back in the day when in cut a player on his roster for falling asleep in the team meeting and i believe the report. I'm going to butcher this but a team reporter asked you know. What would you have done. Treatment fell asleep in a team meeting. Jimmy's response was to make sure i get him a pillow and that he gets a good night class. Yeah that's another one. That's up there but all the ones that just come spontaneously from these guys impressed markets Incredible and anthony edwards. I mean don't you think if you play for the team at least gonna google potentially who one of the minority owners is i jimmy. There was a video circulating. That talked where edwards was asked about. How good he was playing baseball and said that he could have gone to. The rose is a baseball player. I know alex rodriguez is. If you think you're going to ultimately have a career major league baseball amazing it's amazing the ghetto good or the segment. We go kids these days. They just have no wonder. And here's the thing. You can't just read the anthony edwards quote. You have to see the video. It's so great because he could not possibly care. Less about who alex rodriguez. there was. No faking it or anything else. He was suppose stylist hair. Despite the nut. I appreciate you coming on and give us some updates on the gambling world. Hopefully new york get something soon here just as an option in you know in addition to whatever i have to legally and we become a real state here i mean. Wyoming and south dakota have legalized. Gambling in new york doesn't just pathetic fingers crossed. Every state comes to its senses in the ones that do End up approving bills. Do so in the right manner. We can talk about a full proliferation of betting options. That if you wanna bet on your favorite book regardless of what it is to be able to take full advantage shop around for lines to get the best number because we know it's hard enough to win in this business with one shop. Let alone non with multiple shops. Let alone if you only have one or two options out there. That's drip hi. Todd thanks a lot. I appreciate it and good luck with the wages. Always a pleasure jimmy. Thanks all right. My thanks to todd. Furman sure if you're gamble you enjoyed that conversation. I know i did if you missed. Any recent episodes of the media. Podcast feel free to go into the archives and check those out. If you're into sports media news we covered a ton of it with andrew marsh and in the new york post last week. Wwe superstar edge was on the podcast two weeks ago. He just came out of the main event of wrestlemania three weeks ago. Great pod with espn scott van pelt. If you missed any of those give those listen and please subscribe to the sl media. Podcast you can rate and review as well always helps all right. That wraps it up. We'll see you next week right here. Stay safe and take off.

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