The Cheeto Trough, Henry VIII spies, Royal Jellied Eels, The naughty protein shake.


Pillows Chappie here. I'm A. I'm actually stranded at sea cotton fishy on a beautiful. Green Boat! Viking variable Tuesday four becoming southeasterly forty six laser. See, state, slight or moderate weather rain later, visibility good occasionally poor later. Not out share when North Wesley four or five, becoming variable to four, then becoming southeasterly four to later. See States light to moderate becoming smooth or flight whether ray later. Visibility good occasionally poor later south up share wind North West they fortified the coming variable to four, then becoming South Isley, four and six laser. See State slight to moderate becoming smooth. We'll slight rain later. Forties when variable, three or less becoming southerly or southeasterly three to five occasionally six laser see states, Mughal, light, becoming slight to moderate weather fathom rain visibility, good, occasionally poor. For when bearing Southwood, three to five, occasionally variable to later see state smooth will slight becoming slight or moderate weather fathom. The rain thundershowers blazer visibility, good, occasionally, poor Dogar win variable before becoming salvio southeastern four to six. Smooth will slight becoming slightly moderate. Weather and rain showers go to Caisley Poor Laser Fisher. Northwesterly five I northeast, wise variable, two to four, becoming southerly or south westerly for the six states, slight to moderate weather fathom rain showers, German bight, when two to four, becoming southerly or southeasterly four to six. States slight to moderate weather, fathom, rain or showers visibility go to cage me Paul later fall of you, fishermen and sailors on the high seas. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, Captain! Off. Not Right now we got. Sorry. I'm so sorry sir. Oh. What a clumsy clots I am! A thousand apologies, my boy. This keep calm. Cauliflower cheese you. Keyed. In county flower. This carly fly. Yes welcome long. Monsieur Madame. Governor Governor. Chappie the British Butler. Welcome along to the program. Wonderful to have you here. I think everybody's in attendance. At the you're listening. Yeah, so I also. You're sleeping a game. So just. Talking about some of the things that we. May Not be talking about on the program today. Trial by separation anxiety for lockdown puppy dogs. Everybody's back to work that worrying about the POPs a hounds. How you GONNA keep them. Happy. You're going to keep them content. Whilst you back to work the work very very well, but you could come back to chewed up house cafo. Dirty Dancing Lakers back in business as water levels RISA game. How Welsh pig farm changed the history of rock and roll. saw somebody playing beach cricket in the week on twitter. One of the heavier members of the team was used as a heavy Rolla. It'd be more about that later potentially and. Big News family news anyway the Quainton, Prince Philip and moving back to. Foul moral. And the seahorse colony gallops back to life revealing our impact on the natural world. And then British cowboys saddling up for the Rodeo on dot ball. And then how Henry the eighth told his daughter to spy. And how to get dressed. What does your Swim Sate Swimsuit? Say about. It's lovely they'd be back again. On this whimsical little portal we call keep Comin' cauliflower cheese, and this is actually episode number. Sixteen in our Pantheon of keep calm and cauliflower cheese episodes, so it's. It's wonderful to to be with you here this afternoon. here I'm live in Colorado, but Bro costing over the world I know a lot of people tuning in from the UK. US France Italy Asia. So you're welcome. You're welcome and. Will Latisha. A little bit of British eccentricity will have some we'll have. Some poetry will be having a snapshot of an old. Dirty, old man's life in the south of France entails of the companion. We may have a little bit of Scalia like dots where we ruining dissect the most heinous crimes of the gutter press in the week and and write them in terms of missing the bold triple twenty up to Chappie special prize. So some of the quotes of the week we half to mock the truth. You have to know the truth. Free, speech is too important for broadcasters. Zip, allow, to censor offensive. Program says actor. Idris Elba mosques of the new Bra. When you don't wear one everybody knows is Judy Mary Andy Murray's. The threat aimed at oneself is really not the same as an avalanche of death falling all around you. That's living in hiding. After Iran's told him. Amy Threaten my life. Says Salman Rushdie I. feel like a constant feeding machine, those what the Duchess's Cambridge southern life with three young children. This English accent was always sounded I. Say Saito with someone I didn't like. Received, pronunciation was the voice of the Tories and the ruling classes Welsh Act maxxie reese, who was pushed to learn to speak drama school Sirsi will know it's pretty essential for Butler to wear the sparkling White Prestige Glaus that you have this boy lauch a spoonful of oxy clean to get any dirt or horrible unskilled stain out of them so. One the I guess I well problems as opposed in terms of snack foods is the Wonderful Orange Delicious Delight? That is a cheeto. Now. My daughter was staying with me recently. And I said well, we'll sort of snap. Would you like to save him? Darling and she said. I'd like Cheetahs Daddy and so I got. Back Cheetahs and Puerto some into a ball and she says. I don't really want to touch them. I don't WanNa get that. That sit of insipid orange stain on. My thing is that I can never get off these offer the week and I was easing some cheetos and she says Daddy. Your hands are stained for five hours. I said why washed them at the stain is still that. So I, don't waste. Wear my white gloves around oversleep around in the bath so She suggested I so I gave her the ball and I said What are you going to do that? And she actually moved up a sheet Miana. She moved face down and I. Appreciate the Cheetah's like a trough face down, and then I got to say well darling, if we to identify part in this living cheetos. The, they'll thing that you should have a basic neanderthal, so she then evolved into etiquette friend friendly eating cheaters spoon. which I think is absolutely genius though easing the eating the. cheeto trough was one thing. The spoon was absolutely genius, so that orange dirt an Oscar doesn't get all over your fingers. That's why one always has to carry a pair of white gloves in the pocket, white gloves in the pocket at all times to avoid any any snack. The link is on the fingers rather too long. Through praise to the Lord the dirty dancing lake is back in business. Water levels are rising against so fan of the Patrick. swayze film can have the time of their lives. I have the time of. Thanks to good spring rains every fans, eighty seven film, dirty dancing make pilgrimage to the Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia Patrick swayze hoisted Jennifer Gray ever ahead. The Lodge has original cabin where baby pay by grace stays family in the Gazebo where she learns to dance, it started to drain in two, thousand, six and two thousand. A night was completely dry, according to hide Easter. Easter and the manager. It was an awkward moment for the resort named Mountain Lake Lodge. As it was even harder for all the dirty dancing fans, they know very well from the most famous London film that nobody puts baby in the corner now to the delight of the lodge all that who wished to be baby? The lake has abruptly began to refill started coming back. Back this spring says Miss Stone and we've had an unusually wet spring. See you're going to have a lot of people probably on their way over to the lake. retracing this moment now I'd love to a couple COUPLA SUMO's lift each UvA in that lake. That will be pretty fantastic. may be a very strong smaller lady, a robber robber, a ton man would be. Be? would be rather fantastic as well, but in my you know sad case said I am in I think I might have to take my dog George there and left her aloft, but she may need a snotty to to persuade for me to lift her loft over my head in the middle of that lake, but we would be having the time of I la. says. We're of lovely piece about rock field. How Welsh pig farm changed the history of Rock and roll rock failed is down a rocky track between two fields. A few miles from the Welsh town of monmouth looks much like any other ramshackle, pleasantly bucolic family farm cows failed horses in the stable, dry stone wall, bordering and old bond. You'd never guess how many of the world's greatest rock bands of live slept for and made the album's hair Freddie mercury apparently wrote a human rhapsody. It was called Freddie's thing and queen spent a week there where they played frisbee and did the recordings. Cul play. Chris Martin recorded his albums there. The stone roses took thirty months making the second coming. And they wanted to witness the arrival of two cars on the Farm David Bowie potter out with a huge piece of cheese and a can of Heineken according to Jim Carey simple minds. He recorded albums there and no gallagher who made the second oasis album? What the story morning glory at rock filled a two weeks in one, thousand, nine, hundred five, and apparently there was like almost a pick forks at dawn. Some of the some of the band members I imagine late Liam and Noel maybe wrestling, romping around in the in the straw hair with pick folks dawn, trying to decide over the next lyric for one the wall, or whatever it is, but really an interesting documentary out at the moment about rock-filled femme and its history in the in the whole encyclopedic knowledge of Rock and pop music. So I said in the show, recreational cricket and other Recreational Sports Back Baseball's actually back this week as well, which is Robert, fabulous but I saw on twitter beach game of cricket where they wanted to flatten out the sand, and the US went one of them more heavy Walrus, looking teammates, and they rolled him along the sand to perfect the. The beautiful smooth pitch like surface so at least afterwards after this gentleman I think he was probably almost like a keg. At that point, he is the head to sheets to the wind, but at least they didn't see any cracks in the pitch off to be enrolled, and now just boycott can stick his kid and zip a moist track on all. So, we're all on zoom calls at the moment and apparently veins zoom as going crazy for Cama- cosmetic surgery before returning to the office next time you're in the office, do not be surprised if one of your colleagues looks a little bit different. 'cause medic surgery clinics reporting a surgeon people having procedures of the MSA scrutinizing their parents on the video conference APPs such as zoom some opting for tweaks. I- lifts to restore. Move more youthful appearance of choosing mummy makeovers. Involving breast lifts Tummy Tucks and Liposuction Up to twenty thousand. pounds. Jeff Lamb. Jared Lam's hurry because medic plastic surgeon and spokesman for the British Association for Arctic Plastic, surgeons he runs reflect clinics all over London. He said his bookings increased fivefold over the zoom factor. Many are extra keen to get booked while they can work from home and recover without colleagues, and why family knowing that they've got had some work done. There will be a lot of people returning to work in the coming months looking mysteriously fresher perkier and slimmer. Well, you know I, think I probably store a Bagel in between my Chen's at the moment, so I I might get. Get a little bit of Chin Soccer, match the but you know, start collar and Cravat or ask Ole cover a multiple of sense. She can pop them. Ask all up to cover any double Chin and then if you have puffy to ruffled shirt this well I and you can, you can probably You can probably see cover the cover the beer belly as well so my my advice would be get yourself an Ascott gold, Cravat, and puff that up under the Chin I think that works wonders and another thing to to probably dissuade. People, on the on the zoom, com is have a portrait of yourself directly behind on the call so I the pitcher myself, my dunk directly behind, so people can see May and then they seem the portrait of me and George actually I think. Is Eddie behind me, so that's Arava wonderful trick as well. But my go-to on any Zuma. FACETIME call. Is that while bowl? An EMOJI? It release all board for those on the Cole sang a like a big hairy cartoonish while bowl very tuskegee, very, Harry, absolutely delicious for his ankle and knee out ails any. Any any od y'all's jelly deal swifty nails jelly all deals jelly deals deals and the ODEAL. An Annual D. yells anyway so jelly deals, which is absolute British delicacy. So you know long snake like things swim along rivers we actually fish for them and make them into a Jedi like substance so. Jelly Deals Cure Pied Prince William for some reason. It's Herod the dog. avas swear by. Johnny to so capable. The previous night successes, the future king at she tends to Jelly sales after a bender the Duke of Cambridge reveal that he wants tried the east end snack chopped boiled in the spice stock that sets forming a Jelly as a hangover cure. The Prince William made the surprise admission to form a rough sleep Gary Griffiths during a visit on Thursday to the Light Project Peter. For the homeless Griffith REPHR- worked and the restoration of wind, ninety two remarked on the Jukes Trim Physique and he said he needed a Pie Mash to fatten you up a bit and when replied. That the Jelly deals on a hangover after bender, agreeing he might have to shed a few pounds after in around the jobs. The working class dish dates back to the eighteenth century when ill pie and mash houses opened up in east in east London, but it's acquired taste and many disappear as European hills, which once thrived in the river. Thames are engaged in the numbers a down ninety percent. Organized crime sentiment make three billion dollars a year smuggling, fifty million live babies to Asia where their prized hangover cures dismissed by the National Service of the myth, but the prince could try eating a banana before bed, downing some pickle, juice or rubbing size of lemming under his armpit before drinking. You know I I quite liked the idea of the jails. I think what I would do. Is I would go for Jelly. Deal Cucumber Sandwich. Of course the cross have to be cut off and then followed by the Jelly deals I would add a spot of an sport Dick and some casted so jelly sandwich cross cutoff spotted didn't cussed Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy so love a bit of Banter with with our alsi cousins, of course a lot of them. Arrival light thing. Did we send them over to To Australia on the back of the boat many years ago, a couple of ex cons over that, but now we love a little by the Bantu Lot of sport play between the UK and all the all the land and. One of the most interesting things I was looking at the week as biddable picture of the snowy PA, so living in Colorado snowy passes, said of to a penny, absolutely stunning views and vistas him, but I never knew about Charlotte. Poss- New South Wales so the Charlotte Path Pass. As an elevation of one, thousand, eight, hundred and thirty seven meters, and its location, snow, resort and village in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. The pass is located in the National Park that crosses a Kangaroo Ridge and the positive closest village of Mount couscous. Go now I've probably absolutely messed that up the the pronunciation of that but his in the snowy mountains named after Charlotte Adams who was the first European women to. To clown climb the mountain, and it provides access to some of the Australia's highest Alpine terrain AS Roma's Stafa. Stop off point for a public vehicle access to the mountain and being an Alpine areas subject extreme temperatures. I never knew that was a never knew that there was actually ski destinations and ski runs in. Australia, but no South Wazoo is is the highest point I believe in Australia and I think the northern point as well. but anyway the things that you learn about about our ozzy. Our cousins so I, mean I. Would probably need on the Charlotte Path. Extra firm is required, Kate. The snags warm You could have sort of like an ashes, equivalent or bobsleigh equivalent England against the alsi ice fishing competition. Maybe for sustenance, toasted vegemite sandwiches for all the cold skiers and. What are the other? Areas within. Australia. The Robin detain me when I was a little bit of research about Charlotte Pass. Is the name smygin All's name? All's. Which is another part of? This northern part of Australia this this is very high elevated part and S- Megan. All's is Scottish origin and it means a trampling of hundreds of cattle consumer rock soul that Grazie to place. They're causing depressions that filled with water. These depressions are called S- Megan all's. It reminds me of some of my ex. Girlfriends. Actually the year nineteen thirty nine signaled assault smcgaels as a destination, scarce Megan, all's is widely regarded as one of the best to ski roles in the Australian Snow fell. So I think I made may need to make a a quick trip out the Smith and halls, and then how the sky and they do have great meat pies. They're so you can always have. Halt pile off of the doing the background. You'll. We have some fantastic news. They gentleman naked cowboy. Rules Strip streets of New York the BUSCA. The Naked Cowboy is in Manhattan as started welcome back Tipping Tauruses holiday makers trickle back to the big apple so Torres tentatively return to Times Square. The Naked Cowboy has a novel waving, encouraging them to come close for photograph, he says coronavirus, my ass, and a wiggles around his tone behind his tertiary his Daria. We can't French kiss anymore, he says. It works at treat. GIGGING OUTTA towners leap into the street performance, beefcake arms, and pose for pictures and Lee for tip Robert Burke to use his real name as wearing his usual three piece uniform, tight, white y fronts, cowboy boots and Stetson style hat, and he's now sporting. His face marked as its Chinstrap with his guitar, slung under his Crotch, hiding his breeze, giving him the illusion of nudity. So anyway. Good that the is good that the cowboy is back. Maybe I could become Colorado's naked Butler giving white glove treatment full table, dancing services while serving orders, but I didn't think we could do the flaming at the table. flom Bay too much flammable heroin show. So it seems like in the week Mick Hotwheel, the randy rampant redhead from simply red as come out as the rock is against wokers. Something's obviously got him started. He certainly on a new flame, head, red head, and he used to just want the ladies for their babies, but now stars fallen. At least he's speaking against the fairground, woke brigade, no laughter about midgets or bid ladies. I think in this new age. bidded ladies I mean I was thinking about this in the week. Bid Lady should donate their facial hair to balding men with a limited Bonnet, I think it'd be apps. It was solve a lot of problems so in if they decide to shave off the beard, then then then some of these more unfortunate gentleman who lacking had could have the bid lady's. Bonnet on top of the on top of the building damn. What do you think? So. We have a little bit of medieval Delving into the Dingley Dell. Henry the eighth. taught his daughter how to spy. England secret service was not founded as supposed by Elizabeth I curious. Try to secrets so Francis Walsum. Her father had his own sophisticated network. Half a century historian claims Neil Murphy of November. University said he then co uncovered rings dozens of Spies Working Henry in Scotland in the fifteen twenty s at the same core skills of walls again who would bring down Mary, queen of Scots decades later his research indicates that England's espionage networks with great, the expanded and refined during Henry's conflicts with Scotland and France. For Paper Vaster Research. Dr Murphy. Troll back to fifteen twenty three inland with Bryce for Scottish invasion that threatened to divert their resources for an offensive in France, the academic said he was surprised to discover extensive infiltration, the Scottish court and army of spies informers, operating in cells and passing on coded messages. so women were very prominent amongst England spies Isabel Hopping Ringel. Of Cold Stream, the first person to alert sorry to Albany's arrival in Scotland in September that year. The sixties used her position as a pretext to move. With their retinue, observing Scottish preparations for the for the the actual war. Dr Murthy said the popular understanding Elizabeth third laid the foundations as secret service is incorrect. Most of the ground vickers established by Henry the eighth. These groups of informers was similar to what you see today, the double agents and triple agents and they're opportunists who come with information shadow individuals at the center of the Scottish Court, and the French court. Scalawags Darsur so we take the most heinous headlines. In the week. Mainly in the British press Probably around the world we we. Drill into some of the dodgy headlines across the whole of the world in terms of. Heinous press headlines, so we basically side. There's missing the board triple twenty. Is it going to be pools? Special prize so I think Probably missing the ball this week. We've got another latest citing the Loch ness monster yet A. Size of the. Monster. Getting old so dull so dull indeed. slaps missing the board and I think also missing the board this week is panther on the loose clinging to a park bench turned out to be a stuffed toy. Missing Missing The Missing Arrows board this week. And I think we have probably triple twenty. Swarm of flying ants is so big. It actually shows up on the weather map from space. And then. We got absolutely brilliant. Bubonic, plague. Frivolous faulting of a bullseye here man is fine, four hundred and fifty pounds. Find four hundred and fifty pounds lady's Mantle Paces. Four a provocative fart in front of police officers, four, hundred fifty, the grains. For a provocative fought in front of in front of Police Office, I'm just sort of wondering. You what a what a provocative body the means so VN has been finally five hundred pounds for farting provocatively in front of Police Officers Ostrom police officers of forced to defend the penalty. Often, the rich newspaper revealed the mandate being punished for the. Public Decency on fifth offices argued that the offender was uncooperative and behaving provocatively, which led officers leading up to the incident they wrote on twitter, and they're mannered, been sitting on a park bench before looking up at them, and letting and letting go a massive intestinal wind, apparently with full intent so I'm just thinking about how that would probably how that would probably sound in if we're if we're actually if we're if you delve into this I. See. You've got your your police offices coming over here. Just imagine the like a couple of a couple of bobbies. and and their own their own the way to see that the culprit as sitting on the sitting on the park bench and a all remote. What are you doing there on the park bench. And then he and then, and then he just liked. Let's absolutely. Or Governor. You're going to have to come with us. Anybody got anybody rubber gloves. And we have choppy special prize. Mom Drinks Sperm smoothies to fight off the coronavirus, so I think she's having shake for breakfast shape for lunch, and then a full evening Shag I would say. Tales from looking Panya. Tell to the French countryside, my DOCILELY! Nolte little, impish, cheeky, little uncool. Who resides in the south of France at a trip to Paris, apparently recently with lockdown lifted in seventy five destination Frances. Is, actually one of them and a little people, obviously adding to more secluded areas, but apparently Paris according to him as ideal the golden all the. The train service on the Eurostar. Train, SERVICES ACTUALLY PRACTICING Social, distancing everybody's wearing moss. You're getting leopard-print ones. You're getting the French Nichols on the had apparently according to him this belly, a acuity liuw. Arrived at eleven, thirty slot and quickly through security. and. There was no cues to sing. Leonardo's virgin on the rocks. Hobby Virgin for many years Pinellas portrait of the young Princess Goya's. A copy of no no cues that the museums actually operating a one way system, so you end up walking miles down corridors. And you'd probably hit ten thousand steps within half an hour, and then across the same. The muzy does all say. You don't have the book and there's no wait to actually get in. Mart. The, no way to get into more mart either. So I mean it's. It's A. Wonderful place to go at the moment hobby any crowds. You can sit on the sand and have a little bit of picnic. A lot of the restaurants had practicing social distancing with only fifty capacity. So. You can have your back in the little. DASH BLADDER PUNISH SHOCK LA. Anyway I imagine. Uncle and his trip to Paris almost like when Crop Dundee went to New York. He probably being full tweed rather than the fedora skin jacket. But you know what I think make Dundee's knife. If my uncle did have a have a similar sort of machete knife would be absolutely wondrous. And fantabulous when the Sokoto Replayed Arise Coscia cooter board, just imagine having that knife to carve up all that meat and cheese. In I think I'M GONNA get myself one of those. So always love logo poetry to end the and the podcast keep coming, cauliflower cheese episode number sixteen. So I. Had A faure into some some Colorado pudgy visit, absolutely as the mountain vistas Hera incredible so I came across his lovely auto. poem by Henschel I am Eagle. I welcome the rising sun from the comfort of my airy, surveying, my demane, the mountain streams and third and prairie I pre- my feathers and flex my wings for another day of Flight Song over God's Vaas Craciun, cherishing everything in sight to behold the ever changing panorama unfolding Neef, my wings, immortals can only dream that magnificence of such things shimmering lakes, from which latter for lunch snag trout below Hud's a bison and groups of day with forms gambling about. Heard from Dulcet hymns of water, rushing US stones, and meandering streams, distant, snowcapped mountains, glistening in the sun's radiant beams. I settle a top Colorado spruce to rest. Amuse upon my situation, I'm so honored to be selected as Z. emblem of this great nation with the people of this land. I shed Vegas fossilized vision even with its flaws. Democracy will be sustained. This is what I envision. I take time to gaze at the grandeur of the sun setting in the West never glorious mural by the. Status so beautifully expressed. I Sore and Back to my airy top, the mountain tower, and fold my wings, and dream is soaring the great heights one more out realism, ignificant, momentous permanent. Makes me think the of the. Of the of the trout that Sir swimming in a could be Colorado. Lake already. And the eagles circling around almost hypnotic, circling around the the lake and sees the trout. Floundering swimming, no knowing it's fate below. The trout swimming, watching the Eagle as it circles the head almost hypnotic. As swoops and dies down into the lake. The trout jumps out of the water. To make life easier for the Eagle, and this hoisted aloft into the skies into the sky is. Obviously the end of the the trout's life, but the trout wanted to experience something bigness, magnificent, a wondrous separate from its mundane life, going round the the lake all the rather, and for that moment it costs, and really sense God's presence and I think it's like a quite a quite a good little thought to end the podcast. So what we have! Obviously after the end I think with with a with a little British ditty, little British poem, few and Always always love always love the summer poems here memories of some. Province Brown. Awaken at the dawn of chorus of birds, warm sunlight on my pillow. Cumulus clouds surreal. Guy Fields of golden wheat below the buzzing of Honeybee as it passes by unseen, the distant sound of a cricket game, being played on a village, Green, a graceful flight of swallow, soaring high above the trees, the fragrant scent of Lavender, carried by some breeze, a picnic with my loved one eating strawberries in the sun, the peaceful sound of a blackbird singing when the day is done all these fond memories. Asama seemed to help me in a way when the weather's cold outside on a frosty winters day. Really appreciate you hospitals and hospices listening to the podcast so weak and all your feedback. Keep Cheese at key on twitter and. Your I'll be back again. In this little portal of Windy and wonder and nostalgia next week. thanks for listening into the podcast on the week where the pros the quotes of the week I think is. England cricketer becomes I to break role in the no saliva on the Bulls. Jerry.

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