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A quick announcement about the podcast name changes


Career changes scripts listeners you have been so patient with me in the past few weeks. Well, I have been changing the logo and changing the name and inevitably changing it back. I really really appreciate all of your patients while I don't rebrand the punt cast. This just to give you some insight this moment this mini episode. This announcement is only me dumping. My brain out for you to understand the madness that has into. So when I first started changing scripts podcast, actually, it started as the YouTube channel, which is much less frequent, then this podcast. So when I started the YouTube channel it was supposed to follow me while I switched over to reading and writing and Mandarin. Chinese switch is way too much of a definite go over and never come back toward sort of word anyway. But there it is. So thus changing scripts, because I was changing from the Latin alphabet that English uses among other languages and going over to the hunter characters that Chinese uses when I figured out that I was never going to really right? Right. With my hand the hunter characters and I learned how to type them the few that I knew I realized that, oh, the name doesn't really apply as much anymore then when I realized after talking to many, many people who got fluent. In various languages Mandarin Chinese specifically, but other ones, generally for casual enjoyment reading, which is where my reading tent is pitched. They generally referred back to their first language, most of the time to learn language, they would use reading content but to relax with language. They used their first language. So a whole bunch of my initial language goals. I wouldn't say it was squashed. But that was the first bird that just came into my mind. So a lot of my initial language goals with Mandarin Chinese were changed. And I can't say that I have replaced them, which is probably why I've been on a steady whole hiatus, shall we say for the past six months? I don't know that that's over or not to be quite honest with you. And I'm not going to pretend to predict the future, but what I was trying to do in the last few weeks was get the podcast. Ready for the inevitable. Switch to other languages and to veer away from the script that I thought I would eventually be reading and translating dissecting and making humorous and personable for you. I'm not going to be doing that at any point in the future. So I thought that the name didn't fit anymore, and then I was talking to a friend about it tonight and I realized I was probably being a little too specific. And she made me realize that. I probably had to fast that was not her words at all. That was my words. Those were my words, those are my words, I also discovered that the name I landed on for changing scripts, which was language stories is already a language podcast by none other than Lizzy that does language who is a prominent and popular polyglot podcast or already, so there's no point in having to podcasts with the same name. And so I was going to switch it anyway. Thus the whole question of did I make a mistake. Switching it in the first place. I'm pretty sure the answer was, yes. So moving forward. Can we all agree that changing scripts is basically just changing languages and not necessarily the script that you write the language in if we can all agree with that we can continue on with the hem with the regular changing scripts name. And there will be no rebranding, except for I am going to make the logo more playful because I feel like sometimes my logos look, too serious, and I do like to play with language even if I can't use it functionally very, very well. So I will be playing with the logo. So I hope you like what comes out by the time this is posted. Thank you so much again, for dealing with the things that are happening in my brain as they happen on the podcast. I do apologize for the name switching and coming back and any confusions at that caused. I hope that doesn't lose any of you. But if you're listening to this, you're not the ones that went away Yikes. So there's that anyway, thank you very much for sticking with me through this refocusing and realizing that being too specific. Sometimes in my head is not a good thing. Holy all right. So thank you very much. And let's get back to changing scripts, shall we?

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