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Today's Chad breakthrough show is sponsored by express. Vpn Your online activity shouldn't be public. Protect yourself at Express. Vpn DOT com slash. Watch Chad. Hey is mom. Welcome to another episode of the Chad. Prager Show here quarantined in studio twenty. Two which is the mother ship. We'd rather be here than anywhere else. The puppet master market the helm driving us into the Nether regions. That are all things. Covert nineteen quarantine as I have now gained fifteen can dc the queen of the Ethiopians looking lovely as always as Herbert. The silent deer looks on party. Fell Steve at the pub hanging out. He's got that. That's why we are social distancing folks but not. Everybody has the privilege of being able to social distance. We gotta live at home together so folks. Here's what I want to know. In our modern woke well adjusted white male hating wonderful world of inclusivity and withering tolerance. Why in God's name is it? That are ascendant societal. Better you know who you are. Those troubadours of their truth have not seen fit to give us a blueprint for relationships. During quarantine we are living with much trepidation. These days as we see the digital confines of our bank account dwindle trembling like a man in a coal mine with no canary praying to God that I will not have to sell small arms and munitions to Third World countries in order to survive this pandemic Armageddon. But but now I gotta deal with living full time at home with my wife as well folks. The diaphanous vibe of this experience is beautiful only in theory. It's a cruel of experiences emotions and critically overpriced mental workout of netflixing. Jill has added. An element of dangerous relational expansion. To The universe of quarantine love it has created therefore I the man I'm like Undis- If is pushing the boulder up the side of a mountain which gets a little taller every single day. That's right ladies whether you'll admit it or not. It's understood by all that our job is not only to break our backs to woo and take care of you in these days. But the drum up the emotions of supposed- enjoyment that we are cloistered in our boxed abodes together. Twenty four seven. Oh we love you so much and guys out there listen up. Your woman's probably going to tell you that you don't need to put forth that much effort that none of what I'm saying is true. It's all good honey. I'm happy with just a pizza and a movie on the couch alone with you and the kid does every single live long day even though eight days into hiding we've exhausted the full library of every movie available to man and we're now board and begging for release yes men are from Mars. Women are from Venus and it is apparent that we're now speaking daily different foreign languages to one another. I don't know who you are. Can we survive these crazy days living so close to the ones we claim to love the most? We're going to figure it out on this episode of the Chat Braid. There's Joe don't you move Y- League hey with all the talk about Corona virus people stop talking about the flu which has killed sixteen thousand people in house by hospitalized over quarter million the US and the season isn't even over yet. One of the best ways to avoid getting sick as a healthy immune system come out now which is why I four to five this golden body every day with field. Greens by brickhouse nutrition. One scoop a full serving of Real. Usda certified organic fruits and vegetables which boosts energy supports a healthier immune system hyper and full of vitality vigor and life doctors agree. Edyta fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of Heart Disease Plus Field Greens as prebiotics. Its probiotic and a great source of vitamins fiber and other nutrients so just put one scoop in glass of water. Stir and you are now right now. I want you to save fifteen percents of your first order. With the offer Code Chad at Brickhousechad Dot Com as brick house Chad dot com subscribe. Today save an extra ten percent. Every month this virus and flu season turn your immune system into a brick house with field. Greens go to brickhouse Chad Dot Com. That's BRICKHOUSECHAD DOT COM. Hey if you suspect that you have a covered nineteen. The Wu flew the chop fluey. The new virus the Jain. Ah Virus as trump calls it or the flew flew platter. I want to encourage all of you not to dig around underneath your fish. Tank and out a chloroquine phosphate and take it as one Arizona man has passed away unfortunately and his wife is in critical condition for Going and eating the stuff. Don't eat your tank cleaner okay. This is just people are doing dumb dumb things right and then want to blame the president. Oh somebody took the medicine. That trump recommended the chloroquine now dug it out from underneath their aquarium. An eight it Steve. That's pretty moronic. It really is. I mean that's you just think that I mean I've taken Corcoran for malaria. Right in Africa. I you know you track of but not that I mean it's IT'S A. It's a great drug if you need it but you don't go digging around in your cleaning supplies and just say okay. Well let me try this borax and you know. See if this works. It's be careful people I mean don't don't let idiocy take Overman And I think that I think that maybe he didn't. I don't know I'm not GonNa talk about the dead but you know I. I think there's a lot of things going on in these days of quarantine where people are doing some dumb things. He didn't have his reading glasses on or something he thought because sometimes I think I read something without my glasses on. I don't know man. I know it's aquarium cleaner. And that's what they dug it out. They dug it out. Made it and you just saw the name and they're like. Hey let's take this cheers. I just craziness man sad sad tale of of this thing You know how first of all you and I are somewhat fortunate. We can get out of the house and we can come to the studio. We are essential. Yeah we're media but we get to come in here and hang out with the puppet master in Candy C. and Herbert We have quarantined hot. News Natalie. She can't come in no she. Sneezes coughs and hacks. She's got the allergy stuff going on and they took a trip to Colorado so she's about ten days of that. We won't let her around us. Yep So no. We won't let her in the house Mister Mister so it's just been are ugly mugs on the Chad Rafer show. Yeah and we're twenty feet apart. Is that twenty feet. No but it's close fifteen and and you know and you're sitting over there. We got all the whiskey on the shelf of. We want to kill this thing but so what I was going to ask you and Tony. All are getting along. Okay right. We're actually better than ever think. Okay see I think the people can use this to build relationships like so. Many people don't know their kids. Now you have an opportunity to get to know your kids get to know your wife again. I mean it's like we spend more time sitting in a room together plan on our phones than we used to there. You go so like. I don't see her anymore than I used to. I still staring at my phone right. Can you imagine puppet master if we were? If we didn't have cell phones we were going through this. Imagine those barbarians in the black plague or the Spanish flu. Oh yeah imagine before the Internet. Yeah I mean what did you do? When you're I guess you could read books but most people don't even have books rich. You know I'm enjoying Guan. Live on the social media and just doing little. You know the stuff on Youtube just having fun with it is I mean. We have some outlets that are there. I've kind of been. I don't know it's forced me to be a little more productive in things like I've been working on the book been working on the Sitcom. I'm reading the part for the movie Just little things that I. I really don't enjoy doing all the time. But it's Kinda force in my hand to do some things some creative stuff We've been coming in here Getting in the truck doing some dog videos or rant videos with with Willie and yeah so I mean here we are. We're having a good time. Jade seems to be doing okay. She's still doesn't talk to me This craze fantastic. That's fantastic man having to sleep six feet apart scranton separate rooms ricky and Lucy knew what was up do when they push those beds apart. I don't know where little ricky came from. But that whole sleeping in your bed deal. There's something to be said for that. The older you get it's fantastic. Wasn't it like the Brady Bunch? When came on their bed which was the first that was like one of these showed him in the bed showed him in the bed. Caroline Mike Man Raze up what? We did canisters back in the room. I've been waiting A. We reached out. Of course one of the things that a lot of people are doing is they're on net flicks. They're on their subscription. Ott stuff anchorage everybody subscribe to the blaze you can get blaze TV. You can get us on Pluto which is free television. Were Channel Two fifty or you could get us. Of course you watch our show on Youtube but I encourage people. Sign up for the blaze. I just renewed my subscription. No I do not have a free subscription to the blaze I. They would give me one. But I don't take I pay your by the subscription. My my co doesn't work anymore so I no longer. I'M GONNA have to Steve Lee up like that but I signed up blaze. Tv dot com slash CPS chat breakthrough shows CPS. And you get ten bucks off for the year but one of the things. I've fallen in love with you. Haven't figured it out yet. No it's not baby. Yoda No it's not the outlander It's the tiger king. I'm in love with. I am love with the characters from Tiger King. I I just love these people here. He takes straight men and turn they may so that. I have an affinity for Meth. So like I don't need a fix is your affection or your infant for Tigers rednecks rednecks. Just love love rednecks. I love to watch it on display. I've told you I had to get away from the state of Georgia. Get away from the family. Business of Meth Got A cousin. It was wrested a cockfight for selling chicken salad sandwiches without a food license. We're country Folkman The the you know if if your sister got her first job at sixteen and your uncle had to drive to work at a strip club You know that's if you if you've ever seen a stripper. Planner Fasciitis are on Walker or an icy hot patch on her back or bruises on her where they've been hitting it with quarters all night. You might be a redneck. I mean you could be. I don't WanNa Steal Jeff Foxworthy's phrase makes me wonder if the Strip clubs are still opened in are actually the strip clubs. A lot of them are being very entrepreneurial and industrious. What they've started doing now is delivering food. So it's called Buber eats and they'll bring it out to the curb so you could still get your three forty nine Ridi- with a baked potato. They'll just a little salad little bit strip clubs honestly have some really good. So that's one thing for our trucker friends out there. God bless our truckers out on the roads. Man You are the lifeblood of this country right now you keep in the heart of America beating maybe hit the Strip clubs up. Get that three forty nine. I was wondering if they're hanging plastic in the Strip clubs. You know yeah clear. Plastic BETWEEN YOU and Steve. I saw another one where they had a a truck going down the street that had glass walls on the back of the flatbed and there was a stripper pole in there and like they were just like mobile strippers Kind of that's kind of like they're doing. Some of the churches are pulling in the parking lot. Roll down the windows and then blast in the sermon over the loudspeakers that whether same concepts they keep their clothes on. Yeah yeah concepts the same. What'd you say this now? You don't want the you don't repeat that concepts the same. Yeah you gotta get the message out there one way or another and I know we'll have our people who are getting mad at us because you're like out. Area mentioned the Word Church in connection with the stripper. Hey Strippers get saved all the time. They'll say at strippers go to church. Strippers get say. The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is Eternal Life of Christ Jesus our Lord and we say that every stripper out there with all sincerity. The free gift is for you to Hashtag me to you to. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Buber eat says what they're doing those. Steve Mean you've got to be industrious in these times. Like I've we've created the Chad pray through supporters page. 'cause I want support I've got my cameo now. We'll give you a shout out. Put My Vin. Moma social media you put on there. Hey we gotta keep this economy going. You know we have. You can get the podcast. Merge the Party Tom. Mom T shirts the F. The left the Yala latest Saddam. You get all those t shirts you can get them. All at shopped oblates media DOT COM. I mean it's industrious. But what I was going to say is I think I'm drawn to redneck on display. Like when there's just it's unapologetic about who they are. I I got my hair. I'm broke a shed. I loved Joe Exotic Joe. Maldonado passage is his name. He's been married three times. He gets young men to yeah now. Young men that are I have binged on his music videos. And we reached out to Carol Baskin in Florida. Tablas game if she crosses my fence Of course we know that there was a feud between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. They both had big cat. Refuges refuges And so here was Carol. Ask Response to the Chad. Aether show she says when the director's I'm going to read it to you in its entirety. And you're going to appreciate it. She says when the directors of the Netflix Documentary Tiger King came to us five years ago. They said they wanted to make the big cat. Version of blackfish. I don't know what that is to you okay. It was the documentary. That kind of brought into question like seaworld captivity of Dolphins Whales. And stuff like that. Okay The acclaimed documentary that exposed. The horrible abuse taking place at seaworld. I could've just kept reading And other similar parks around the world a lifelong animal lover. I was immediately drawn to the possibility exposing the misery caused by the rampant breeding of big cat cubs for exploitation and awful lives where majestic creatures are forced to endure in roadside zoos backyards. If they survive their time use for petting there. No words for how disappointing it is to say that the series not only does not do that but has instead chosen to be salacious sensational as possible to draw in viewers. As part of that they devoted an entire segment to twenty-three-year-old lies innuendos suggesting I was involved in my husband. Dawn's nineteen ninety-seven disappearance. I will not use this platform to bring further attention net flicks or they're unethical practices especially when so many of their so-called inside sources have been clearly shown to be heavily biased. Instead I invite the public focus on the real issue at hand and the important work. My team have been able to accomplish for the last twenty three years. We've devoted our hearts and souls of stopping the abuse. Big Cats used in cub bedding schemes roadside zoos. Through our Tampa Bay Sanctuary. We've been able to rescue and rehabilitate over. Two hundred cats. Educate hundreds of venues to not Allow Cup petting traveling exhibits on their premises passed. The captive wildlife safety egg now have enormous support in Congress for the Big Cat Public Safety. Act which would in abusive cub heading and outlaw having big cats as pets and educate the public about the abuses associated with circuses and inbreeding of White Tigers. I hope yours would join our fight and see support of the individuals capable of this abused by not engaging in cub petting or tiger selfies. And even more importantly help us fast. The Big Cat Public Safety Act which would end so much of the abuse and we'll be fair for more information. Please visit cub truth. Dot Com and big CAT DOT COM. So there's there's the official statement from Carol Baskin. She will not be appearing on the Chad breakthrough. Show I've never wanted a tiger selfie more than I do right. Well honest assessment. Ganz pull that. Microphone over honest assessment. I mean how does that letter strike you? I don't know I feel like Carol. Might be Might be with Joe in jail pretty soon. I feel like the Netflix documentary is GonNa Look. Raise a lot of questions with her husband. And you know we're going to find that out that's GonNa be a whole nother documentary in. Its own yeah. Where is Don Luis? He's somewhere he's somewhere. Where does all this money from this Netflix? Deal table. That make it okay. That's why people make movies. But I know that her donations or or they've got to be out of this world insane because I mean people that animal and cat lovers are. GonNa you know backer in Sapporo. She's gotten tons of support over the years. I mean you know she was she honestly In her defense and to her credit she was one of the first ones that kind of locked down getting viral on social media in that world. Right she got on facebook and she was doing her videos and all that stuff and you just have to you know I would say a lot of things but you gotTa Watch that series. People are so mad at me promoting this I think they they loved hating each other. Yeah you know the kind of thing because it gave them both a lot of exposure. Yeah Batman needs his joker right but we don't know which one was Batman because they did. Netflix did an effective job of painting both of them as something that is less than desirable in the breed of humans or the species. Yik Ams I wanNA know what happened to the longhaired gentlemen in the series listed with the elephant. But where is he finally Biogra- VOM Antler Antle? He got busted. They raided his compound. But you know when those little girls when those girls sort of moving in his little hair them they all had their little trailers and then they were living in big five bedroom houses as Gypsies man. It's like a Gypsy camp. Don't come at me Gypsy and look. I know I know it. I got to wear Gypsy tattooed on my body in two different places. My Nickname Gypsy gyp. Everybody that knows me knows that candle making me. But they're not even Egypt. I know there you go Logic by Steve Hang tight. We've got more I just got some breaking news You'll be interested to know that former candidate. Hillary Clinton has tested negative for president of the United States. One of the things that's going on with some headlines here police in India. I'm so glad I don't live in India man it's the subcontinent of Asia. They're one point three billion people. They woke up the other day to find themselves in the world's largest corona virus locked down. It was scary stuff man a and if you try to leave your house you got beat then. We PULLED VIDEO. You got beat man. I'm laughing I'm laughing by comparison right because we act like we gotta so bad you know they say hey stay home and these people they were using the canes to beat people in the streets so they would make sure they stayed in the house. I still want to see it Abbott. You do you probably never. I'm not getting. I'd probably beat with a cane to keep me in watched a good movie last night talking about abuses Just mercy just mercy. That's a good maybe Michael Jordan and Jamie Fox. Check that out. I mean it's again. It's one of those movies. Works to stir up race tensions. You know because that's what you gotTa do if you're Hollywood but it's good movie. I haven't seen it so India has confirmed Just five hundred virus cases and nine deaths nine deaths out of one point. Three Billion People put that in perspective folks India's projected to be laundering China about twenty twenty four as far as population rice manute. I mean that's nothing. Yeah so they locked them down man. They're using the canes to beat them in a compliant. So you know if you go. If you're sitting here thinking about things to be thankful for while you're sitting alone at home six feet from your wife. I want you to think about stuff like that. Prince Charles of course tested positive for the corona virus. I blame Megan. Markle tested positive for the corona virus. Apparently he's self isolating with mild symptoms Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. She tested negative. We'll see how that goes so they're hanging out at the house and I don't know man I like. How important do you have to be in this world to get a test? Harvey Weinstein's in jail. He got one. I bet if you really want. He's a jail any if an audience on the way. But if you wanted to test you could get you could get one. I think one important enough I think you are. I think if you win with the symptoms which tasked if you've seen the diagrams of it. I saw them doing the drive up but they did it on video. The shove a q tip up your nose but they go way back. They got behind your. That's it ain't too bad. It's not as near as bad as a committee attest off either they'll take scrip Bush and run it. Oh that's like the worst the worst when they gave me. I've had some pretty bad things done to me. Like when I had the SUSPI before had surgery and they had to run that camera down my. Yeah Yeah and then there was Then there was a time mark where they had to do basically an MRI where they had to pump fluids into me. And you have to hold those fluids in. I won't say what orifice they used to pump fluids in but yeah. That's brutal bro. Yeah Yeah. They're asked they got shove it up your but. Rana virus q tip paint too bad. I still bad like it makes me WanNa Puke just thinking about it. I mean it gives me my gag reflex and I mean they gotta get behind your eyeball. They got touch the brain stem. They gotta get down there and Swab. Your Medusa Oblong gotTA. I hope this doesn't this curse somebody with symptoms from going and getting the test. No it's it's a pleasure. Go get it. Go get a test. If you feel like you need to get the test I think everybody should be tested though. I don't think everybody should be to come on. Why not because okay? Let's say if you went into healthcare facilities and you tested every worker there I think we'd lose half our force. Our workforce in the hospital. So you don't need to be tested. Because they they may have they just don't have any symptoms and they're going to fourteen days. It'll be gone over okay. Well let's test everybody except our healthcare workers there. Yeah that's probably better but the problem is if the health care workers have it could spread. They could spread it. So that's why I disagree with. Y'All Matt if we have to go down to because here's the thing if let's say you have to eliminate some of the healthcare workers and put them on a fourteen day quarantine. It's still going to stop the spread and also you will have less people coming into the medical care facilities because they will have tested negative already or you can find out if you've already got it. Yeah maybe so but asked New York right now. How many how many how short staff they are. Why no that Andrew Cuomo has asked for? What thirty thousand ventilators? And they have like four thousand on hand. My pillow is now making masks. Our friends at nine line of payroll or making masks Elon. Musk has opened up his factories. To at least one facility to make ventilators Very easy I saw video on Youtube. How to make a mask out of paper towel and rubber bands and a stapler. I could make one not quite the same in ninety five it. Would you know stop you from spreading it? If that's the only thing it's just gonNA knock down the stuff. I love this story. I really love. This story. Are Compassionate Friend Vladimir Putin. He's he's a man of the people he really is. He cares about his demands allegiance and loyalty fealty and adoration. He demands it. He'll cut your Weiner off if you don't give it to him didn't he? Just change the laws so he could be an office for another twelve years. He's not going anywhere like he's DEFA. Ever Omit Steph have But he went out any visited. Some patients He visited some folks that have the corona virus. He's suited up in has MAKIR. Bright YELLOW HAS MAC YEAR. He put on a full head to toe has matt suit and a breathing mask to protect himself from the bug Which he's got to protect himself and he's going to go out of course he's got us. We've got to do that. But that was the whole visual optics for his people kind of move anyway. It's Kinda stupid I would just think. Don't go out. Yeah don't go visit them. You could skype them. Did you see the look on everybody's face in in a press junket the other day whenever the person talked about having a mild fever and they were in there asking the president questions? I liked it the best part when the lady said something and president trump turn and by US away from her. You hear the cameras. Just go technically sooner. Person said that and trump gave them the big. Are you out of your freaking mind? Look all the advances. We have today around the world and we still have cameras. That go click. Click Click Click. Whoa yeah we should. You can turn that noise off your camera. Well maybe it's the you know what makes that? Click sound the shutter opening and closing. But that's false because you don't need you don't need a shutter for digital cameras. I don't know what do you think about this Senator Richard Burr. I've come out against him. Dumped his stocks and Feinstein and a few others said apparently had some insider points of views on something. Yeah what they did. I can't I mean they knew about it. They dumped their stock one. Point seven million dollars in stocks. Before the pandemic caused global markets. I think they had Wyndham hotels and they knew that was going to take a big hit and I don't think the what they did was illegal. If they share that information yes I mean if you had information that your stock was going to go do just tank. You would sell off. Yeah Anybody in their right mind. Would you're not going to sit there and lose close to two million dollars You know it. Don't you think that's how these politicians go to go to Washington DC and get rich because they'd have some of course get one hundred percent knowledge from this question about it Letting them do it. Yeah there's no question about it. There's yeah that's that's there's no way otherwise you can go in with one hundred seventy five thousand dollars. A year annual salary income out worth one hundred million dollars forty million dollars. Whatever they're coming out worth. I mean it's just that's nonsense. Of course is that way. So yeah man. I hear that government workers lucrative these days you know little insider trading Martha Stewart did it. Look she came out on top. I mean what's a little bit of house arrest for fame and fortune? Come on get to hang out with. Snoop Dogg too yeah. They're still hanging out their buds and she'll teach you how to fold a fitted sheet. I've looked at that and I've tried her method over and over again. Just can't do it. You know how full I don't want him up. I'll let Tony to just let you know. We just want them up that or we don't keep any extras or just. Keep them all on the bed. Your snatch them off one at a time and there's another one right there. It's just on their. I'm a thinker folks. I'm giving you solutions We have some pretty expensive sheets. J. Bought recently and she got. We went to get. She went to get into bed last night and look in our little Rhodesian. June had got. She'd gotten on the bed. She loves to go in there and lay down just a lazy dog and she has Brown baby which is her little stuffed. Animals takes everywhere whether she likes to snuggle with Brown baby. She's like a kid. Yeah but she left a hole in the in the sheets. Nail dug a little hole right there. Jade was pissed not was pissed. I look at what our shot. That dog and ahead a long time ago. I our gone ahead and put it the way of John Lewis. That dogs cost me thirty. Five Thousand Dollars Tiger lady got you. If that's a rescue dog. That is a rescue dog at forty dollar rescues customer thirty five thousand dollars over the last ten years eight years five or six years six years. Six years I'm serious. New fences new floors a new windows. The neighbors windows the neighbors windows. She jumped over the fence one day. She's a little dog six foot fence. She jumped over that thing. The neighbors had their window. Open the screen. There she went through the screen jumped on their bed that came home and found her sleeping on their bed. Probably a hole in those fitted sheets to what's a little house arrest. People nuts a little house arrest. You can hang you can you? Can you can open up the windows right now during quarantine I mean basically. We're under house arrest now. Just open up the windows hanging bare ass out and sun those legs minus the ankle. Monitor's you can't leave the property and don't you leave either. We'll be right back. Gern T I guarantee you that this covert not team virus started in Carol's Meat Grinder. Nancy Pelosi is a trip man. She's nuts they're all nuts. They're all nuts at this stage in the game everybody in Washington. Dc is crazy all of them. Trump's crazy mitch's crazy Lindsay's crazy town like Lindsey though I kinda like Lindsey just POPs into the microphone like Hey. What do you want to say today? I mean like I just love how you just kind of POPs right in like a puppet. Nancy's crazy chuck Schumer's crazy Adam. Schiff Jerry Nadler. They're all nuts man but Nancy. You know they wanted that. Cova nineteenth stimulus bill. She wanted all this crazy stuff in the thing. She came out yesterday and said that that's not true. Everything in the bill. Everything in the bill was all about covert nineteen. That's a lot Kennedy says. Explain to you. Let me tell you what was in the bill. Here's what she wanted they wanted a bailout for the. Us Postal Service. They wanted to student. Loan debt forgiveness. They required same day voter. Registration Airline emission standard regulations a study on climate change migration collective bargaining provisions increase federal minimum wage for companies that accept government loans publications of race and. Pay Statistics for corporate boards? That's ridiculous so she line when she said nothing was in it She said nothing was in it. Everything we are suggesting gas. You're late. She covered nineteen. If not about making policy for. Your future is not changing policy. He kept. I can't apply here this you because you know he line came out as well in a TV interview. They ask her about the president's tweets. Where do you think about the president's tweets? She said I don't have time to follow people to its tweets twitter whatever tweets but she said So don't expect me to comment on them. Well even beyond quitter the president of the United States cane. He could open it up. I don't care I don't care I don't care I don't care and they said well. What is your opinion on that? My opinion is that it's not scientific. Hitch notion mongering as he does almost every day show rather than way anytime on commenting on. President. I'd rather spend my time focusing. On the fact the president or anybody with responsibility should be scientifically inclined evidence based data. What is going to make the difference? I can't the cure. It's the biggest message of hope. That's out there. We have the best. Oh my God. She says we have the best minds in the country. Twenty four seven all hands on deck trying to find a path here and that is what will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Okay if the president got up there hey the scientists are trying to find it. But they're probably not going to because this is a big complicated deal that would give a negative deal so him getting up there. Hey I hope we have the same crapped up by Easter. You know that kind of thing it a message of hope right yeah I mean versus being negative about it and I knew what the pinheads out. They're going to say well. He's trying to bail out all these corporations and all this stuff and I've come out on this already if people always assume they know what I believe if you just listen. I'm pretty clear about it. No I am not for these. Golden UMBRELLAS FOR CEOS AND EXECUTIVES. Where they're going to pad their pockets and have all of these safety measures for them. I'm not for stock buybacks. I don't believe in any of that kind of stuff but for helping corporations that are going to employ hundreds of thousands of people. Yeah I am for that. You know everybody will say Oh the cruise ships. I wouldn't stop jumping on any one topic. Everybody on both sides. Stop just jumping on any one topic and say oh but you want to you know how can you how can you You you have a P grabbing president. You defend him. Oh how can you say that get over it? Just get over it you know I. I just don't understand this absolute hate because you're right Steve. Damned if you do damned if you don't it doesn't matter what he does. He could come out there and offer some notion of hope. How dare you give false hope? To the people of America he could come out there and be completely bleak. How dare you suggest that we don't have the greatest minds in the world working on this? There's there's no win for him either you you. You liked him. You love him or you're indifferent but I'm going to sleep every night knowing that you get to wake up to that Shit. Every single day it would be very nerve racking. I think he's handled it better than any of the previous president. I can't handle it I think he has But I imagine like you can sleep at night. No just think just knowing what you gotta get up and deal with Tamar you never get a chance to go to bed with a problem solved by right now. He doesn't get to do that. Nobody does nobody thinks he does go. He does have that positive hope and he goes to he. I think he does go to bed and go. You know what a I'm GONNA put this to bed right now and I'll wake up and deal with it tomorrow. Well the thing is and what people failed understand is we voted for a businessman who was saying things that we needed to hear about Washington. Dc wouldn't vote for politician. We hired the guide. Do the job He's doing the job. Let him do the job. That's what I'm sick of man and then and then if you WANNA reminder go get our single he's still your president and sing it to yourself over and over and over again as an anthem. He's still president in spite of what you play pay. I haven't got any roles loyalties yet. Doug it no you don't tenth of Osama or something now getting royalties. I don't get any royalties. I mean you know I might make point. Zero zero zero zero nine cents per download but anyway I saw the numbers on the song yesterday streaming pretty well is Dallas. Free will need people to get it dollar twenty nine and then whenever Quarantine life comes out. They can order to online. Hey Go watch DOT COM and get it. You get that little single right there. I'll even sign it. I will sign it. I don't know why you'd want that. But I will sign it and send it to you. And if it doesn't look quite like Chad signature. I was forging it there you know. I will sign it. I swear I will sign it. I'll be the one who does it. I'll sign the cover and the CD. I will I will. Also I'll tell you what if you buy two t shirts I'll send you want for free which is throw it in there about that. Steve Boom in good stuff. Good stuff man I. It's just capitalism moving shaking living breathing. We can't go out and do live shows right now. We're still going to do the rescheduled for June. We're happy to be here. We miss our friends that are out on the road. I may start delivering pizzas and listen. Domino's is hiring. Cvs is hiring. Walmart's hiring all these companies out there. There's still hiring there's places so God bless you Steve. I hope you make. I'm still waiting to get paid for a couple of gigs. We've done over the last six months. Y'All think this life disease I am. I'm just sitting here. You know looking at like I said in the opening. I'm just sitting here on the couch with my wife watching the bank account dwindle. You know paying bills like everybody. There it is. I might have started selling off some stuff. Some munitions and some arms to Third World countries. Or something I got some rifles. I got some rifles. It ain't coming cheap. No Somalia you tell you that anybody wants a corvette. I'll say a corvette got beautiful White Corvette. If anybody wants that right now it would look good if you put a tiger in it and the website. I may by tiger. I think Somalians want Toyota White Toyota. Trucks you thanks. That's their vehicle of choice. They did with a machine gun in the back. Fifty caliber back there and I follow Hundred deadly skills. Clint Emerson at one hundred deadly skills on social media. Hickey alive you know I got I got my whole house is tactical at this point. I did your tactical move within a are my whole houses tactical at this point. I mean it's not Glenn Beck's House I don't have a Cabana full of armed guards. At every point. You Know Kevin. Costner is not teaching my limo driver how to drive. You know what I'm saying the bodyguard. Okay Yeah I don't have personal bodyguards. I don't have Scottish or English Special Forces members who are out there to take care of me Steve. I don't have Massad want me. I got your back. Yeah so exciting. So man I sleep better at night knowing that. Yeah it's all up to US folks. We gotta take care of our own. GotTa Take Care Of. I'm just here for y'all that's brave. I braved the microbes just to come into studio twenty two so I can give you all the stuff that you need an entertain. You everyday hang tight with. This is more of it you know. The names have been fantastic. I mean just all the all the stuff that's come out of these days for people sitting around and I still contend the media's killing us I mean the media's doing worse job than anything virus can do One of my favorites. I just came across it on Instagram Haven't seen a couple of days. It's got a dog. Is it says when you leave the TV on for your dog on a news channel. Come home after eight hours and now the topic suit and the facemask telling you man the news the news will kill you They're they're scary. I just I just implore I implore the folks in Washington DC to do the right things through the right things man. The American people have entrusted you with the role of being a servant to the Constitution and the American people and represent them faithfully and effectively. Please do that. Don't don't hunger for power to the point where you're making us all live with a two edged sword and we can't you know we can't go any one direction without finding harm in hate. So just I'm imploring the people in Washington. Dc. Do the right thing. Stay in contact with your representative Joe. We're here for you. The Chad parade. The show we love you all the ways. God bless starting next time back.

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