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Chapter 6: The Verdict and the Miracle


A listener. Note, this story contains adult language and some graphic descriptions, violence. Previously on Caruth somebody said something about the Caruth trial starts tomorrow. And I said a few words because I realized that's when I had gotten deferred to firing five bullets point, blank range into Shariq out body all the elements of premeditation or there. She was the strongest witness for herself to her own murder rated founded saying his head. There was a bad plan also. No, actually he's saying he didn't do this Mr. Kennedy and that you're a liar. They, we're going to use van Brett Watkins, and I'm just sitting here thinking, hey, ain't gonna work out so good for you. I would rip you like a rag doll, probably the most unhappy guy in that courtroom was gentry. They were afraid they were going to lose the case. Down the hallway from courtroom, thirty three, a one in Charlotte's criminal courts building. There's a meeting room tucked in the back away from the lawyers, the parents and the media scrum engulfing everything around the Ray Caruth murder trial. The one window in the room looked out onto a parking garage, the twelve men and women of the jury gathered around a long table about to decide Caruth fate. In the killing of ceriga Adams, we had four or five things that we had to discuss. They had been charged with four different items. This is Clark panel, one of the jury members, and I've read after the fact that people out in the hall said, we were yelling and we were doing this and we were doing and I took exception to that. We all had been stifled for three months. We all wanted to talk at once. I wanted to make my point. She wanted to make her point. He wanted to make his point. It was like sitting around with family, you know, at thanksgiving dinner and everybody's talking at one time. It was basically that for those three months jurors had passed the time there during breaks in the trial by playing cards or working on a puzzle, or sometimes just counting down until they had lunch at a nearby. Restaurant called show Mars the only way on news circus because we could look out the women see what was going on outside. We were kind of confined to the jury room. And then at lunch, you know, we gave show Moore's lot of business. And occasionally some of us would bring our lunches and we'd go hide out in the park and the because if you didn't, people were come up. People did try. And I guess it was people that had come to the trial and they'd see us headed show, Marge women. And we'd just start our heads and and keep going, which is what we were instructed to do after going that far, I don't think any of us wanted to get kicked off the jury for doing something stupid. There was no TV in that room and know newspapers were allowed either the jurors had their own private bathroom when they threw away notes. The tore them up first before giving them to the court officer. And there are Pennells sat among a lawyer, a banker, a homemaker, a fraud investigator, and the others who made up crews. Jury scribbling stream of thoughts into court provided notebooks. The judge told us before the trial started who said they were going to be a lot of stuff say I'd done a lot of action said you're gonna need to remember everything that happens. So I recommend that you take as good a node sues you can't. So I went through the I eighty pages and then I flipped it over and started coming back on the next eighty pages. And then I went to book to started on page one sixty one. In a way after three months that jury room had come to feel like a prison of its own on January sixteenth, two thousand one. The jurors themselves were handed the key lawyers for Ray Caruth and the state of North Carolina completed their closing arguments for panel and the other men and women of the jury. Only one thing stood in their way of going home. They simply had to answer the question should Reich, Aretha live or die. From the Charlotte observer in McClatchy studios. This is Caruth. I'm Scott Fowler, and this is chapter six, the verdict and the miracle. This podcast is supported by the national coalition against domestic violence for forty years. The grassroots voice victims and survivors and the catalyst for society that no longer. Tolerates domestic abuse learn how you can take a stand against domestic violence at NCA DV dot org. This podcast is also supported by safe alliance, providing hope and healing to more than thirteen thousand survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Charlotte area each year. See how your donation helps build a healthy and peaceful community at safe alliance dot org. Now, back to our story. And it's closing argument. The prosecution argued Caruth was the mastermind responsible for Cherie Kaz killing. The defense claimed her shooting was retribution for a large scale drug deal gone wrong. If Ray had just paid us the money, none of this would have happened as the drama shifted to that back room. Judge Charles lamb. I instructed the jury to pick a foreman. Most observers presumed it would be her Brown a lawyer for thirty seven years himself. And one had even tried cases against the lead prosecutor gentry caudill, but Brown wanted no part of the job. I never did get into a contest with anyone else trying to be the form and I prefer not to because I think it would appear had been a form of being an attorney with as much experience as I had, then the people may get out of there. Well, why did you have that one lawyer there when his other eleven jurors have been more puppet like I did not want that to happen. The attorney recruit. Himself immediately, which we all thought was probably a good idea because he said, if I'm jury foreman, whatever verdict we come out with is going to be torn to bits. And he said, I just don't think that it would be fair interest to me or to the jurors for me to be the reform was fifty two years old and worked at a Charlotte charity called crisis assistance ministry. You'd actually served on a jury in a murder case before the not as the Forman. But this time Pinna was elected Forman in a secret ballot after I was elected, we said, well, we don't need to vote on anything right now. We need to just kind to get our thoughts about us. So we all started going through our notebooks. And then I said, okay, give me some some input. What are your thoughts next? The jury needed to reach unanimous agreement on each of the four charges Karoo faced ver. First degree murder conspiracy to commit murder using an instrument with intent to destroy an unborn child and discharging a firearm into occupied property. Everyone. Very composed in in our deliberations. And there was no unkind words said to anyone drawer. This is Brown again, problem ause well, Ray Caruth wasn't the actual man who shot and kill the victim sharia atoms for name in North Carolina. Criminal cases, prosecutors can recommend the charges to be brought against the defendant and the defense can even way in. But the exact crimes right Caruth was charged with were determined by judge lamb who died in twenty sixteen, both sets of lawyers told me they agreed with lamps charges. Judge lamb told us what he intended to charge on. And that was first degree murder or not guilty. And the reason is and judge lion was falling law and correctly doing so this is gentry. Caudill the lead prosecutor. In the case, all the evidence was that this murder was done. Premeditation deliberation and specific intent to kill. There's no reason, no justification for submitting anything. But I agree murder by way of premeditation. So it was first degree are not guilty to the murder charge. The jury was given a verdict sheet to fill out for each charge writing down guilty or not guilty on each of the four pieces of paper. Well, we, we took votes on various charges. Some members of the jury had their minds mostly made up including an insurance underwriter in his late fifties. Whose name was Jerry karst. We had only one choice for the murder charge which was murdered in the first degree. At one point I asked question, is there anybody in here who doesn't think Caruth is up to this and up to his eyeballs. Everybody said, yes, they agreed that he was in the jury room. They weren't buying defense attorney, David Rudolph's theory that shriek have been killed over a drug deal. I've seen his most recent staircase set on Netflix, and my impression of David was he came up with alternate set of possibilities that were never backed up by anything in the testimony that I ever heard. He said it could possibly been it a drug deal, gone bad. None of the testimony even hinted at that, but 'penal remembers that for two days, the jurors disagreed on what to do with that interpretation. We decided that we would take a preliminary vote and we were not unanimous on any of the four atoms. And so we talked about it a little bit more. And I think I said, now that we've talked some more, should we vote again. And somebody said, no, I don't think we should vote again because from what I've heard, we're not at the point where everybody's gonna change their mind. Pennells says that gradually the jury agreed on the three lesser charges as we got more into the trial. And as we got into deliberations, we kept going back to that nine one one call. We just couldn't wrap our hands around. Why would she save some of things? She said at this moment, if they weren't rigged. And I was kinda thinking to myself how you couldn't help, but believer seemed almost impossible to me. So I think in the overall picture that was probably ninety percent of why voted the whale voting. But the murder charge caused problems. The four conspirators in Serena's killing Caruth had been the first to go on trial, but not the first to resolve his case van Brett Watkins who actually shot ceriga had already pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Caruth had declined the same plea deal. And now this first degree murder charge came with a potential death sentence that said, jurors like her Brown, Gerry karst at odds, but didn't think Ray Caruth was guilty of first degree murder. If the trigger man were guilty of second-degree murder, while we convict someone else, I agree murder, who is not the trigger. I mean, that's how that case played out. I think he should have been convicted of first degree murder and everything that we saw in court back that up. Everybody's story was the same Cherie Cas nine one one call and her later statements in the hospital. I don't think would be sufficient to. Convince me that Caruth was the perpetrator, but everything else along with. I mean, the David Rudolph didn't come up with any good alternative explanation for the facts that we had. I would've voted for the death penalty. In this case. He certainly did everything that is required for that type of conviction after two days of deliberations. Penaltl judge lamb. The jury was at an impasse, but at the tail end of a three month, long trial, the judge was having none of it lamb sent them back to the jury room to keep working. So we went back and we sat down and have we had another couple of hours a very good deliberation. So we broke for them. But before we broke, I said, now tomorrow's Friday. We do not have to make a decision just because it's Friday. I said, you know the whole world sitting out there waiting on us to make a decision. But if we don't feel comfortable tomorrow morning, when we come in about voting, we're not going to say, listen, I'll go home, get as good, a notch wrist as you can think about all things have happened the last two or three days, but most especially what's happened in these last three hours. And let's come back tomorrow morning and will continue our discussion by the fourth day, the only remaining question was whether to convict Caruth of first degree murder. Everybody really seemed to be more refreshed and had a little bit of about sender stale, and we deliberated probably onto lunchtime. And then we came back and I think that's when we voted and. We all called our spouses or significant others that we wanted to call and said. Turn on television. It's going to happen move in the next hour. The jury returns unanimous verdict as follows that the defendant Ray Lamar cruise is guilty of discharging farm and occupied property. Guilty of using an estimate with intent to destroy an unborn child. Guilty of conspiracy to commit murder of sharia Adams. But not guilty of the first green. The verdict left everyone stunned crew had been effectively declared guilty of masterminding. Shariq is killing but found not guilty of her actual killing. He wouldn't get the death penalty, but he would spend years in prison. Karstic knowledge is the punishment was either the best of both worlds or the worst. We were not permitted to consider second degree murder. We said, okay, we'll agree that he's guilty of all the lesser charges, but will say, we cannot convict on first degree. That's what we came out within the end. Caudill didn't like it a bit. He was about to become a judge himself. So this was his last case as a prosecutor looking back over his sterling legal career. This is one verdict that clearly still bothers him. The judge following the law jury didn't. The court instructed them that if they found Caruth was acting in concert with Watkins and the codefendants in their common scheme to ambush and murder, Shariq Adams, then he would be guilty. I agree murder by way of acting concert and or if you will, if they found that Caruth aided instigated, procuring Watkins to murder, Shariq announce or. Fire into our occupied vehicle, then he would be as guilty of first degree murder as Watkins, and they found him guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, aiding and abetting. If you will acting in concert, they found him guilty a fire into an occupied vehicle, felony murder. If you find those have fun, I don't have to the jury and have to do anything, but you know, if they follow the law, they follow their oath to apply the law is given to them by the judge. Then one would follow the other. They did not follow the law Pinot completely rejects that framing. I think the state made a huge air by not giving me stop Shen of second degree murder. We all knew that he was part of it, but with him not pulling the trigger in good conscience, we couldn't say, I agree if they had said, second degree ninety nine percent. Sure we would have done that. I know I would have. What you gotta go with options you're giving as we were told numerous styles, we're not allowed to deviate from the instructions that were given to us. Caruth. Defenders were equally upset. His mother told ABC's twenty twenty that our son was punished. For quote the sins of OJ people down here, feel that professional athletes have gotten away with too much the Audrey Caruth said they had to punish him for something. They punished him for OJ Simpson, even Rudolf agreed with caudill in a narrow sense, how do I feel about the verdict now looking back on it, you know, at the time I was disappointed, you know, it was an inconsistent verdict. I thought, you know, we had a very good chance of winning that case. So I was disappointed looking back on it now. I think in some strange way, the jury sort of figured haven't and sort of compromised to a place that you know, even Ray can accept. Okay, I get it. I, I'm responsible for this situation, so I needed to pay a price. And so you know, the jury probably got it right now with with what they came up with, and you know, that was a death penalty case, so that that was. You know, looking back on it, that's a win. You know what I mean? Ray is walking out of prison in October, you know, in a lot of ways, we sort of won that case the day after his conviction Karoo spins twenty seventh birthday in jail, two days after that, judge lamb sentenced him to at least nineteen years in prison. That hearing was the first time in the entire trial. The court heard from Cherie Carr's mother, Sondra an forgiving. I can't hate rate for roof because he is fundament grandsons, but in no way to do. I think that he should get off easy for what he's doing, remembers another moment of her grace. It was no winner. In this case, just tragedy all around. And after the verdict, she asked us to join her in a room outside the courtroom. She and some other friends and relatives, I guess, formed circle and she prayed prayed for us. Pray for right. Caruth prayed for van. Brett Watkins. It was an incredibly moving moment. I'll never forget. Yeah, regardless of the verdict, Sondra was still left to cope with the loss of her only child, whether he got nineteen years like he did or if he would have gotten closer to forty years, like van Brit did Rica still dead and is not bringing her bag. So not wasting my emotion on what day he gets out. This podcast is supported by the Children's Defense Fund founded in nineteen seventy three by civil rights. Pioneer Marian Wright Edelman. Dr. King was shot went into riot-torn, Washington DC neighborhoods, urging children not to loot, get arrested, ruin their futures, a twelve year old black or looked me straight in the I and said, lady ain't got no future. Well, it is time for the United States and for the black community and all of us to prove that boys truth wrong. You can help improve the odds for all children at Children's Defense, dot org, slash never give them. Now, back to our story. Caruth has been everyday since in prison. The verdict survived every appeal. At least once a week for the past fourteen years Sondra chancellor have come here to the busy child and family development center in south Charlotte. This is the reality left behind once the verdicts were read in the public, moved on privately. There was still a young man coping with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. He has irreversible brain damage suffered. The ninety was born when his mother was shot by the killer his father hired and with him every step of the way has been Sondra Adams, his beloved grandmother. They were the ones left behind in the aftermath of the Burdet CT clinging to their faith and to each other. Sandra has been chancellor lease primary caregiver from the beginning. And no, she will be for as long as she lives. She's embraced her role is Jima partly, of course because she sees so much of her daughter in grandson. But she was so determined that she was not going to die out on that street that she was going to get help and deliver her child. She was so focused on, you know, this her baby. She showed so much determination and so did chancellor because he could have had a week spirit and not really fought to live like he did, but he was determined is Wael that he was gonna live, and I think he's been determined since that time that he will live and be the best chancellor that he can be. Because chancellor does not think he's disabled, he is able differently. So he does not conduct himself like a helpless person. And so I see ceriga coming through that fight net determination. Of course, Sandra also say someone else in chancellor Li smile, and I must give credit to rake roof because I think Ray has some of those same qualities. You couldn't make it to the NFL just being mediocre. And so that strong athletic ability, the chancellor has and he displays when he's doing his therapy and it's not even disturbing is the day today task that we take so much for granted that he has to put so much effort into doing. I think it's great that he displays that drive and that to NASA Turkey. And I've been lucky to see that too nasty in person over the years for the most part, Sandra has kept her grandson shielded from the media, partly that's due to his past, but also because she doesn't want to overwhelm a teenager with significant disabilities. Chancellor -ly knows a number of words, but speaks very few complete sentences. He recently learned to count to one hundred by tens. His speech can be hard to understand unless you're around him a lot. But periodically and especially over the past few years, she's offered me extended glimpses into chancellor lease life. For instance, when he does therapeutic horseback riding, misty meadows farm just outside of Charlotte. What are some of your favorite things to do. Five or spec. Do you have a favorite horse where. Are you on Reiter? Yeah. What do you say Li when you want the horse. Oh, walk on. And what about when you want the horse to stop more. Yeah. And here at child and family development where chancellor Li sometimes simply walks the halls. Although there's nothing simple about walking for a young man with cerebral palsy. We have recounted every steps one, two threes. Number eighty two. But now we don't have to count. Amy Sturkey has been chief physical therapist since he was five used to walk everywhere in his own used only walk sometimes. Now he trusts starting to walk some independently. Doctors said, predicted chancellor Li might never walk it all today. He walks by himself. With the aid of a Walker or with a gentle hand to hold his steps are deliberate and often flat, which also makes them somewhat noisy. When you have cerebral palsy, you tend to move in more simplified patterns and some of it actually minutes early development, early kids what they want. They wall kind of like this and he's still a locker relatively speaking. So he tends to walk this way what leg up and down. But we walk by flexing our hip, extending the in Bercy flexing foot. So we don't walk with hip flexibility flexing coming like like that, like a little baby. And it's puts a lot more pressure on your joints and set you up to lose your. So we're working on a hilltop gate powder and because that you often get here early coming. Told me early on. He would never want to look. Until. We can take the stamp in March, and it is wonderful. Say, agrees miracle love to hear him coming. As you never thought you. After walking the hallway, chancellor Li often heads through a side door for a tricky. The stairs. Christner. Now. He has to take turns speak. Sturkey leads chancellor Li to a small trampoline helps imbalance while a bats balloons back to him ever tosses. So he hits on this particular day in twenty sixteen it was me. Then it's onto what's Turkey calls, elbow, extensions. Basically pushups on a red and yellow Jim, Matt near the wall. He'll do ten of these. The determination required for those pushups as a apparent. All the way. All right, very good. And there's another unmistakable site, chancellor lease arm, muscles, literally bulge out from the sleeves of his purple polo shirt. Do you like going to therapy. The same? Yeah. Are you strong and yeah. Having worked as larger muscles, chancellor Li sits with occupational therapist, Abby wash to hone his smaller ones. All right. For fifteen minutes. He'll practice scooping food out of a bowl with a spoon. These metals aren't doing. Yeah, grain telling. Muscles to overwork, really relying a lot of these big muscles to make these small movements happen. That's why he's doing that lean here. We're working on when he brings it to his mouth, really using the shoulder rather than you. And I are just going to keep it from the elbow down canes to use his big muscles because that's where he has the majority of his control. By doing things like leaning this way. That's why he's got that shoulder going. The whole by has to get into scoop in the next wash, helps chancellor Li practice, writing his name, which starts with opening the plastic container of markers, how you can hold the base it part of got it on there and I'll help you hold it down and then pop athlete open. If you need me, you know what to say. Right. He's got things containers at home. He needs to open dressing food stuff, that kind of thing coordinating his hands to get what he needs. Purple purple day. Buber don't they look good, Sandra believes chancellor league. Got that fashion sense from his mother. He loved to dress up. Everything had to be, you know, just need, never and chancellor has a lot of those qualities. Chancellor is so particular about his clothing in ill tell you can't feel like we're in a certain color and, oh goodness, don't let him be eating and get a little something on his clothes. She was the same way she would go and change. Now he just has to get wiped off. Gee, mom doesn't have time for all the. For the next ten minutes, he'll work on writing his name with a big purple marker that matches his bright polo shirt. And this land board gives him a little better control of his awesome tail to start with first name. Okay. Okay. Just go for it and we've got a couple more papers on here. Heaney a couple of times you can do a couple times. Oh, okay. Top in yourself and your arm out of control there. That's so good. Youthful. And you read that perfect picture. He's really usually he just saves the excitement for at the end when he gets it today, he's so excited. You're just gonna do that the whole time. You should know during therapy is phenomenal. Every single week, no matter what's going on. I mean, it's like you could be having a bad day in here. If you're lucky enough to be working with leading, never mind the ongoing reality of raising special needs. Child is obviously more nuance than that chancellor Li will likely always require caregiver. Pass Sandra about that during one of chancellor lease therapy sessions. I remember like it was just yesterday, sitting in doctor's offices are the team of medical staff was they're telling me all the things that he won't be able to do. He won't walk. He won't talk. He's not going to be able to feed himself. You know, every part of his brain was affected. So you know, we may be looking at someone this bed bound and you know, under my breath, I was rejected and every last word of and he is talking not as clearly as you know, believe he will. But I understand him. His teachers understand him when you around him and always say, he's in the smile ministry. You know, he's already walking in his collar and he, he just smiles and lights up the room and puts people at ease, and you know, and he's. Happy. He literally wakes up in the morning smiling and he goes to bed. He's still smiling. He has taught me more about how to love unconditionally the best lesson that I could've ever learned in my. So you know, when I think of the whole package of chance to leeann now how he's really coming into his own with his moral independence, and I'm just disgraceful from just grateful. There's no doubt she's right about the joy. Her grandson brings to others. I know I feel it when it gives me a hug which is done before and after every one of our interviews over the years. Thank you. This day. Anyway, everything was going right for him in washes, hardest test. She sits chance early in front of a mirror and tells them to button his own caller by his standards. He does it extremely fast, so fast. In fact, she almost misses it because she's answering one of my questions in good faith. Eighteen minutes do, but we do sometimes three battles in session and not one complaint from this number one of loss of focus anything. I mean, just amazing. Right? I is to. Time is to. That calls for a celebrate Tori dance. To what else, but the Ferrer William smash, hit happy. This podcast is supported by no more no more. It's none of my business, no more. He didn't mean it no more. Not my problem. No more. She was flirting with him no more. She was asking for it. No more boys will be boys. No more say something next time noble or by standing? No more ignorance. No more excuses. No more pledged to be part of the movement and donate to help prevent domestic violence at no more dot org. Now, back to our story. Four men responsible for chancellor lease disabilities. Only Caruth went to trial, Michael Kennedy pleaded guilty to second degree murder and serve nearly eleven years in prison. He was released in twenty eleven and declined to participate in this project. But his lawyer, James XM did speak with me. He feels like a bad chapter in his life and wants to move on from it. And I understand that. And I think again at Michael's non-participation is that he feels very bad about that. He knows he stepped out of his normal character and not so much of a get it because that's possible. But again wants to have that behind him and move forward Stanley, Abraham served a little less than two years after his own plea deal. He got out in two thousand one yet somehow the conspirator Sandra felt the most connection to is the man who shot. Her daughter van Brett Watkins. He'll be in prison until at least twenty forty six. If he lives that long, I told Sandra that I've been divisible him recently in prisons isn't doing okay. Seems to be doing okay. Is in 'cause I know he had some health issues and I was concerned Izzy does have some health issues, but they're not like critical. Okay. Here, things are more bothersome like he's. Okay. But Caruth is the man who will forever cast his shadow over this saga. With every step chancellor Li takes the teenager moves farther away from his father's legacy and the awful circumstances of his birth. Then again, maybe that something mostly outsiders like me worry about as he scribbled his name in purple marker, that therapy session. Chancellor Lee grant from ear to ear as it usually does. This is gonna be here warm up one to just do your best. We're gonna flip it over and then we're going to do another one to get going. Sometimes it gets easier s. Sandra at that session, how much chancellor -ly knows about his father named it. There's more, you know, we have video, you know, I'll show him the video. He sees his day and I have one of Ray's football pitchers. I haven't in his ABA with this Bursa ticket and everything. So he could see his parents because I want him to know that you will formed in love to me there, no illegitimate children, their illegitimate circumstances. In always explained to him that you day just did a bad thing. He's paid for it. Now, given the severity of his mental disability, I asked her if chancellor Li understands where his father is right now, where he, I don't think he really has a total concept. What that means. He's watched some shows with people behind bars in prison, and I'll tell him, you know that this is where you're at, he is. He's locked up like this. And so I mean, I think he understands to a degree, but you know, maybe not in maybe that's a good thing. So he don't really know out that works soon. Caruth will be a free man and a new media storm is already taking shape. Once again, the reality for Sandra inner grandson, we'll surely get harder before it gets easier. So when they recently visited our offices, I had a few more questions for chancellor Li about life inside his smile, ministry. Something. Yeah, just gonna put it on here. Okay. To do any on this site too. We could hear you at the microphone. So that way when we talk to you are cameras can hear you, isn't that Laura. Dr. It is much. Would you count for us? Can you count. Q. Okay. Okay. So let's start by you telling me your name. I-. Leah Dems? Yeah. Now, what do you call your grandmother? You fall Jima. Yeah. And what do you call your mother. That's right. Do you like. What is your motto church? I can't do our good through Amy. Emme give because bird girl draw is. I can do anything because God is with me. That's right. I'm glad you told me that. What do you like to watch on TV care? Are. Steve. The mar- if places girl play, feel chances cargo, where have you been that you really like cow? Why Colorado. Who went to college Colorado, where. Do you know what right looks like. Yeah, dude, it you look like for a girl. Mommy. Piece z. like mommy. But a lot of people think you like your day gray. Yeah, yeah. Look like rate a little bit. Do you know where your father is now. We're. That's right. And do you know what's going to happen to him pretty soon? Try. Would you like to meet your father? You. What would you do if you met. Say. I'm Scott. Fowler in this podcast is produced by Jeff signer and Rachel Weisz and Davin Coburn at McClatchy studios, fine. Lots more about this case at Charlotte observer dot com slash Caruth and for just thirty dollars subscribe now to a full year of the observers, award-winning sports coverage at Charlotte, observer dot com. Slash sports pass, leave us a rating and review on apple podcasts, and you can reach me directly at s Fowler at Charlotte, observer dot com. In chapter seven, the long road to forgiveness and everything that comes after my fault is that I didn't do like a hitman should do kill everybody on the same. I think I'm a grandma that would do what she is supposed to do in the face of tragedy. -cations. Co Wargo Colorado. So. That always happens when I talk about them. Thank king associate, November sixteen with the Dame. My grandchild was our meal boy.

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