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You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective Jerry. Welcome while you are out there. I'm here in the studio gang. Lenoir have a special guest today. Kenneth La- master. I will let him introduce himself. But just before that. Don't forget to hit me up on your Vin Moab Cup of coffee or a shot and a beer helps support the podcast. And and if you don't have the Vin Mo- APP why go to my donation page and you know of added some new Rewards for making a twenty five dollars donation Asian. Now we'll give you a gift certificate to get a kindle version of my book leaving Vegas Out. FBI wiretaps mob domination of Las Vegas Casinos or my my new movie. Brothers against brothers The Sevilla Spiro War. And then had the old standby gangland wire so without any more commercial breaks. Let's let's introduce Kenneth Master. Welcome candidates really Great Abbey here. It's absolute pleasure to be here so Kenneth You wrote a book. The title of the book is Let me get this down. That's a that's a mouthful you WANNA say tattle your book. The part of the book is Leavenworth. Seven deadly 1931 prison break and that Nets an interesting prison break folks folks. That was a lot of the the roving gangs of bank robbers in the Nineteen Thirties. Broke out what two or three different prisons I believe at the time Sometime in the neck those two or three years of mining clad broke some people out down in Huntsville or Eastham prison farm and much. These guys broke Gavin Leavenworth and they went on to bank robbing spree and ended up in the big shootout up. Little Bohemia did podcastone dillinger at little bohemia showdown but Gareth. Let's Ah Delo weren't average out there a little bit about your history of kind of interesting history any nap with your even a prison guard up there in Leavenworth for quite some time correct. That is correct. Correct I I always tell people that I did life on the installment plan eight hours at a time. I started out my career as a correctional specialist in the US Army. I served at Fort Leavenworth military prison. There towards the end of my first three years in the military met this little girl and fell in love and we got married and I decided I was going to spend my time in Kansas so I went to work for the Kansas State penitentiary when it was still the Kansas state penitentiary and little all over a year and after that I went to work at the United States Penitentiary Leavenworth and worked there for twenty seven years. So from nineteen seventy nine two thousand ten when I served as a correctional professional. Wow you use all of our mobsters go through there from down here in Kansas City. Didn't you a lot of acquaintances for EH. Not only the Kansas City mob mob all over the country. I've John Stand for work for me for about eight years. Really new Tuffy to Luna had conversations with Russell Bufalino about what they did with Jimmy Hoffa interesting interesting. That's really topical right now. Yeah I guess. You've seen the Irishman. I saw the Irishman. And I gotta say that Joe Pass. She does an excellent Russell Buffalo. No Hair Dad's folks from a man who actually they knows Russell Move Lino and interacted with him over a period of time. We'll give Joe Patchy thumbs up for his His portrayal love the the famous mob. Boss from he was from Pennsylvania New York upstate. Pennsylvania is like it's hard to put put a particular city like Gaudy New York Knicks Belen and Kansas City. Tony ACCARDO and Chicago. Those guys you now. Buffalo Lino have the I guess. Northern Pennsylvania Stanford had the southern part of Pennsylvania. Okay Yeah Philadelphia Area and all that mess. That happened down there and racing. Entertainment may have to come back and do some more shows on on those guys time and crew. Yeah I'LL BET and one quick question is like we've seen in the movies. Do they get some of their own food and liked to cook their own Back in cell block where they all kind of have will be housed in an that. Same kind of general vicinity tier of a wing or something. They actually do house them. Pretty much basically close together and back back. When I first started leavenworth they had a in diesel house? It was called the old man's wing and all the older mobsters Russell. Buffa Lino Tito from Mira. Henry Borelli all of those guys were living in the cell house but they were living on the lower galleries and the rest of the top galleries. Respod Bod- Gallery side by the city walk and a half long and the younger guys were upstairs. They were just regular everyday run of the mill criminals but the the mafia pretty much held at down. Downstairs Christiaan divvied. It was part of the French connection. Oh Yeah Crew New York and on up to Montreal. Yeah and he was. He was there at the time. And I know some of your listeners may know who Phil Garrido was Familiar with that was the guy a couple of years ago that was found holding a woman out in his backyard in Vegas and his wife and him were. His wife was kind of strange Doug herself but they were holding a young girl out in the backyard and had a child was out in makeshift. Shed you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah I remember that he was he was there at the institution at the time. Interesting seen some interesting people corrections is one of those jobs that you see something every day that Mexico. Yeah I know. We've got our friend from David who was a guard at Marian that has a is not podcast is more like a youtube podcast. He does a youtube videos and tell stories out of Marion Penitentiary So it's called as a key returns you guys. If you haven't ever taken look at as a key turns on Youtube you take a look at them those stories. He's been on here. He's a guy that he told us a story about when John Gotti I. I hit the cell block at Marian. He was one of the guards he said he said the man's lined up but like it was the king was coming in and and really gave him huge respect until the end and what that beat him so bad it almost guilty John Stanford was the same way when he got. The Leavenworth has the his. The following was quite really well quite well. And I mean you've got figureheads like that with the Mafia they you've got a crew. That actually walks walks around them. Protects them keeps them from getting beat on. Yeah most of the other inmates no they. They're not messing with those guys mess with them interesting. Well some things. Sometimes that life does imitate art. Maybe art looked at life and and then created in the movies. Sometimes I mean looking at the Irishman when I was like I I've seen that before kind of how people relate to each other. Oh Yeah respect this kind of you know the the the higher up you go the better it is what it that way so you also were the historian effort. Leavenworth correct. I I I I kind of got that job by the fault I had A. I've amassed over the course of my career probably three or four four thousand photographs of the military prison and the US Benetton uniforms badges. But I've probably got the got it somewhere in a box somewhere and done a lot of reading nurse including mine my two books on the penitentiary. Lovemore seven the. US Penitentiary Leavenworth. I've I know of about thirty three books that are written. It have some type of story line that deals with Leavenworth. Wow So let's talk about your most recent book first of all you. You mentioned that other book talk. Just just tell folks a little bit what that's about it and how they can get it. It's it's more of a picture book. It's I'm one of these kind of I. Don't jump in the middle of the pool. I kind of stick Matola into sea order like I understand and the first three books I wrote were basically photographic histories since I it was at the US or the penitentiary for twenty seven years. I wrote a pictorial history of the federal prison through Arcadia Publishing and then did a book On Fort Leavenworth goes I was stationed there and then a book on the city eleven worth and the development of the city of Leavenworth in its early stages. And they've draw a lot of interest in the Federal Prison Book. USB Leavenworth has brought a lot of interest from a lot of different people throughout the United States it's carries on from the very earliest beginnings of the institution all the way through the modern era of corrections that tells the development of the institution itution White was developed. Who always there? I've got pictures of the bird. Man and Carl paying Ram Frank Nash. Frank Nitty cool. So how would person get those books. They're all on Amazon. They're all on Amazon They can Do you have other pates. Can they just hired Kenneth the master if they put them master okay and the search engine of their little old computers at home. They'll find out more about me than I know about myself and then just go to Amazon Lincoln. Of course we'll go. You'll find the podcast. Once it goes up to but Just go to the Amazon Lincoln. And you'll oh find out those books so let's talk about your most recent book. The Leavenworth seven the deadly nineteen thirty. One prison break ended. That come about the escape actually took about three years to master minded. pull off the crew. That was actually broken out. Seven of them. The four of those guys. We're members of Frank Nashes crew. The man who was killed at Union station massacre and most people don't realize it Frank Nash mostly as they know about the union station massacre. But he really know very little about Frank Nash. Nash was a mastermind. His father ran hotels in Bartlesville Oklahoma and he had uncanny ability to talk to people uncanny ability and he could schmooze his way. He actually talked his way out of the Oklahoma territorial prison three separate occasions one occasion. I'll join the army okay. They let him join the army. He actually fought World War One. Second time. I've got some business to take care of Bartlesville. I'll go ahead. You're okay and he would his personality was he could win over. Just just about anybody and Frank Nash. When he was Ed McAlister had became friends with Al Spencer L.? Spencer was a territorial cowboy that fashion himself after Jesse James and the media had followed him for quite some time until they just kind of realized that. Hey this guy's pulling off bank robberies. But he's pulling off robberies that are only netting twenty five bucks seventeen dollars just just odd pennies and nickels. Title's off of what the Henry stores and everybody else was fallen off at the time and it started kind of making fun of him. While Spencer decided he was going to leave an indelible billable mark in the history of Oklahoma and decided he was going to rob a train Jesse James E was going back to Jesse James and Frank Nash. Rush being the masterminded he was he was L. Spencer's lieutenant in his crew. He went out and surveyed. What they could rob Bob and they wound up rob indicate limited the MCAT railroad in O'Keefe's Oklahoma which in itself would wind up being the last armed train robbery in the history of Oklahoma and when they pulled his arm train robbery off half the crew had never pulled off an arm train robbery and her life life had one guy grover cdl which was one of the seven was broke out? He smashed the firemen in the in the engine. Ad Within Frank Nash. The whole time robberies going off frank national standard talk in politics and calm cool collected and national figure it out we rob this and he told the guys when they robbed a strain leave the federal bonds alone. We could get our way out of mcallister. We'd get our way the the situation in Oklahoma but if you touch the federal bonds to run this train we can't get ourselves out of the Federal Prison Well L. Spencer decided he was just GonNa take it all. He took everything off the train including federal bonds and all the guys were caught within a short period period of time. So that's what got the feds and they ended up in Leavenworth and that's how they ended up in Leavenworth. And when I got the Leavenworth Frank Nash. Storage shortage SMOOTHENS schmoozing himself away around the institution. Yeah he knows that game. He knows how to play the game. I know another guy that did that. If a Marian he knew how to play that Game Hey and he talked himself into a job that was a sweet as it can be. He was the head Cook in Deputy Wardens House out on the front lawn of the institution. Yeah I've seen that house and he did the interesting bull enough. His Assistant Cook was Frank. Nitty really well. Oh Frank Nash. One afternoon decides to he goes out to the front gate of the prison tells the altar. He's got a party to cook for down at the deputy warden sales force they they let him out. He goes down to the House about nine thirty. They call up the house and said Hey. Nash has got to get back over here for the ten o'clock count nationally. Been in over here all day. And he's gone and the same way with The couple of other crew that helped Nash masterminded reminded escape. Was Thomas. James Holden and Francis Keating they were put in Leavenworth for Robin Evergreen Park Mail train in Evergreen Park Illinois and they'd actually got away with the robbery of the train for over two years and another crew pulled off the the exact same style robbery using all of the techniques that Keating Holden abused they pull his train robbery the off they get caught the FBI figures out who pulled off the initial train robbery. So they send that crew plus Holden and Keating the Leavenworth breath holding and Keating get involevment. They make friends with a guy by the name of George Machine Gun. Kelly really machine gun. Kelly was a little bit of. I'm an educated man had grown up in the upper middle class section of Memphis Tennessee and he is working in the records office well. UNBEKNOWNST to a lot of people at in the institution George Machine Gun Kelly dumbing passes for inmates nights trustees past work outside the walls the institution. He Dummies two passes for Francis. Kaeding and Thomas Holden they get outside the penitentiary pantry. They walk off so they're gone keady holding Meet with Frank Nash in Cicero Illinois. They've got an inside man that is helping with the plot. They've got a correctional officer that is smuggling communications in in and out of the institution they get word to them at Cicero Illinois. Put The ball forward and they start drumming up this plan to help these guys get out of the institution. Well did they. Were able to get some guns inside the institution in this one too. I noticed down in eastern Oklahoma summit at Huntsville with Bonnie Clyde prison break they smuggle a gun in there to where the work crew could find the gun. Did they did the same thing that they actually Part of the plan was is the guy started watching and paying attention inside to the routine the worst thing in the world that you could do in prison is set a routine. Yeah because inmates. They're they're twenty four hours a day seven days a week they can watch you and figure out what your routine is. You don't ever want to do the same thing two or three times in a row because they know what it is so they started started watching what was going on. They used the business office in the Federal Prison Industries and they ordered a barrel shoe paste because the shoe shoe factory which manufactured at that time all of the shoes at the military were they were inside walls of the institution while they order a barrel shoop pays from the company that The institutional racism from May pick it up hollowed out on the inside put a cachet. They have weapons to include six pistols six rifle one hundred seventeen blasting cap seventeen sticks of dynamite and one hundred hundred feet of blasting chord into an inner tube and sinking into this barrel. A shoe paste man paint it the color that the federal prison recognizes big noses. Yeah and they ship it into the institution that's amazing and once they got the weapons inside the institution they'd be. The biggest plot killer for the escape was frank. Nash and his crew Machine Gun. Kelly and Thomas James Holden Francis Keating had pulled up and and did a robbery of north met resulted in the death of the Bank President Sun and and Charlie Harman and they called. They got news to them and to them. It's ideas tuition telling them. Hey you know if you go. Oh Wow that day. You're on your own. There were hot for X.. Men Shot. We're not going to be down near the plan. was they. Were GonNA pull up in front of the institution with two separate cars that were manned with police radios for clothes for the guy's money for him to get out of the get out of town and that plan. Dan dissolved once. My Bank robbery went to pieces and so they were robbing a bank so that has some cash when they got down for the prison break and once you know in these small towns like this back in those days the the word went out especially if there was a murder lack that the word went out all the little towns around were were on the look. They're probably had a car description at least in and certainly weren't that many cars travelling around any on on the the more through roads. Once did a bonding. Clyde Tori taken. Some of the roads that they talked about them taking like one sixty nine and sixty nine murders or secondary roads now but those are the kinds of some of the only through road roads to get some of these places back in the thirties and and especially if it rain you know those other Rosier Metro. You're getting through them so these local policemen that they'll be looking out for any kind of a car that comes anywhere close and has people that don't really belong at in the country. So yeah they would have been hot. Yeah they so they were on the run and I always tell people from the this escape started falling apart because they picked the worth ward in the world ever take hostage. Yeah they took a guy with name of Thomas Bruce White Thomas Bruce White I grew up in Texas. His father author was a County sheriff and he grew up watching his dad in law enforcement forever and he and his brothers became became members of the Texas Rangers and he was a Texas Ranger for almost ten years became a railroad detective from a railroad detective decides ads in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. He's going to join the. US military and fight in World War One any pay flunks a physical and this guy blame of J. Edgar Hoover come calling and he says hey you know you're kind of the type of guy we're looking forward to form is agency called the Bureau of Investigation. And he him and his brother was. Actually what are the very first F. B. I.. Agents ever hired for the Bureau of Investigation would turn into the FBI on this was a guy who was was awarded. And and this was not just some bureaucrat. That had come up through you know as a good typist in in a connected to some politicians and then got promoted motive in the prison. Industry is what he's saying. Is that girl yeah he he was a very smart individual and and and tough to tough can. How did it go down today? In what what was kind of the overall plan. I guess the overall plan was to take the warden hostage force opened the gate. Well going back to. You don't want to set a routine. What are the things that that Thomas Bruce wight did every morning around? Nine o'clock after the institution. Stop Serving Breakfast and at that point in time one of the things. Everybody's kind of always ask that question. Well it takes three years develops escape. How did they get caught well? Back in the prohibition era when you've got all these gangsters running around you got bootleggers running around. You've got all these laws that the Harrison Narcotics Actors New prohibition is new The interstate transportation stolen vehicles becomes a federal crime. So you're talking about going. From an institution was originally designed to hold fifteen hundred inmates. During nineteen twenties their population was forty. Five hundred allows allows it was double neighbor gobbled up and they had they had inmates everywhere down to and it became a you know a lot of people take a look at the Birdman of Alcatraz and I think we'll just how does a guy maintain a bird aviary inside the walls of a federal prison. Yeah well it was sort of one of those things that they had so many inmates that they were kind of giving them something to do. It's kind of like the OUTTA sight Outta mind if we give you something to do. You're not creating havoc or chaos. So and that's how that works but they had Taken three years to the mastermind. This get anything and everything in and out and get it all set and older born December eleventh nineteen thirty one. Seven inmates put to escape plan to emotion lay lay a pretty well had to run at the inside of the prison. Sounds to me like these guys. Oh yeah a lot of those guys. They worked in and they used force passes to obtain access to what we call the recorder. The if you take a look at pictures of Leavenworth the institution the administration building is out. Front you come in the front door of the institution you pass through three grills now back then there was only two and you would get Access into the institutional the institution has a central Rotunda sorta like the Congressional building in Washington. DC and you walk down a long hallway and at the end of that hallway if you go straight back you've got the dining room on one side the auditorium on the other and you've got two exits one goes towards the west side of the institution one goes towards the east side of the institution to get you access outside while the inmates get up the rear quarter which is on the east side where they're coming from present. These two phony passes to the correctional officers there and lay get access at nearly take him hostage immediately. They've got the guns that got alll the dynamite and they had taken they've got the dynamite the weapons in the institution about three days before that and they had taken a dynamite and actually sweated nitroglycerine. LIZ run out of it by cooking it and put it on a bottle so they got into the main institution and warden was holding conferences. That morning with inmates. It's a hold meetings every morning then mates so used as they were. They knew inmates Rabin coming and going from the win and they knew exactly where he was going to be at any given time and the guy sitting at the desk talking to Frank. Tom White at the time was Fred Barker Mall Barker's a a New Year and the get up to the warden's office get inside the warden's office and they start throwing down and they even took it may toss stage judge. They took the inmates hostage. All the Staff Hostage Palm White Heard Commotion Going on outside its office. First thing he did was he took his car keys out of his pocket. The one hundred eighth his desk and cover them up of the rug and they come in forced him out of the office forced him towards the front door. Will they get to the front door. The institution Anders. This older correction officer and they look at him and tell him open the door and he says might open the door. There's only one man in the world to order me to open this door. And that's the word himself and one of them pulls up a stick dynamite lights a match and he tells me so so. You're not open this door I'm gonNA blow. All the hell. Correctional Officer looks at them. insys domino old man. We'll see each other and hell man as a deaf. Oh bird there and white kind of seeing the situation as it was as if they blow up the front end of the institution because a larger escape so he kind of prevails. Calmer heads I guess and tells the officer said look just open the door let us go out front door. Yeah and and we'll we'll deal with it from there and they start out the front door they've got all these hostages got eleven hostages Dodie they force their way out the door and the officers up in tower there was a main tower that sets out front of Leavenworth and at that time there was a cat walk around the tower one of the officers recognizes. What's going on at the moment? What they step out on the Front Portico of the institution and he jumps up and rips the canvas off of a One thousand nine hundred nineteen seventeen belt fed. Yeah I was GONNA say Browning rounding machine gun he would have been armed with at least be ours up there but they had a bad mouthing grounded. Wow and he pulls a canvasback awards like Hayes. Let's let's think about what's going on a minute wait a minute. I'm down there. So they get down to the bottom of the stairs and they grab white start across the front lawn with him towards warden's house which at that point time was on the front lawn of the tuition. They they start out over the the lawn and the guy in the armory opens fire on them late. Start to return fire and whitest once again. He he tells them. Hey you you know. Let's think about what we're doing here we've got you know houses across the street and really innocent people doing whatever and they got all the way to the warden's house jump in his garage. They jump in his car and the inmates. Say where's the keys. I left them in my office. Ah well now it becomes a free for all. They have nobody to blame themselves on that one and they jump out of the car and once they get out of the car as soon as they get out of the car. The powerhouse whistle muscle starts blowing. Yeah you could say they every institution. Every institution has a whistle that alerts the staff that are not on duty method trouble at the institution. You need responded institution less the town around because it's built right you know practically in the town. Oh yeah townspeople note. Hey there's escape so late. They run towards Metropolitan Avenue. Which is the street that runs in front of the institution and at that point in time? Missile how desperate guys can be. There used to be a bus stop right there. They're actually contemplating. Hey we need to jump as bus and taking hostage to get out of town and one of them recognized. How's the car going East metropolitan and they jump out in front of the car? which was a group of Buffalo soldiers from Fort Leavenworth? They were coming back from rabbit hunt so they force them out of the car and well now we have more weapons and ammunition. We have more you know more of everything so they spend in the car around the head out west and ask the warden. What's the quickest way out of here? And he tells them. Well he's if you follow the you take right up here in follow the highway out. You'll be in Kansas within about twenty thirty minutes. You go across the bridge get on the back roads and nobody ever know where you're at or whatever get over to Missouri from there and the the guy that was driving a car was a relatively new inmate to the institution by the name of Charlie Berta Out San Francisco and he looks at the warden and he says you're lying. Well this is where everything goes crazy. Because the previous month was a record month for rain and freezing and thawing so they wind up believe in the pavement. Turn It on the twentieth and metropolitan into a into a mud road. But Barry's got eight people in a car. You're not going anywhere those skinny tires and cars. You're not going anywhere and they actually bury the car. Rei Mud and roll it over boy and they get out of the car and they take off running up the street. And it's it's just almost like a keystone cops type. They are running up the street trying to find cars to steal and one of the authors that was responding to the institution. They actually jumped him and took his car threw him out on the curb and took off West of town and while there. I'm and we're talking back country roads back then and befuddled Laden and their bogging down. Will they get out to a place called possum hollow which is just you know every little ever. We're a little portion of town back then had its own little name jazzy. Valley we at the Tennessee Valley foams of Boston Mahler and they get out there. And there's this little one room schoolhouse called a possum hollow school and they say this Carson out frontal they're gonNA steal it to break up the amount of people that are in cars. I will get into school terrorizing kids. The kids are all screaming and everything and one of the guys runs up and he grabs a schoolteachers purse. And says give me the keys to call her out there and the teacher looks at them. So I'm just a schoolteacher. That car is all. I've really got started battering back and forth over a purse and keys. And she's give me back my purse and he's give me my keys. GimMe Back my first. You've keys she's I'll give you the keys. Give me back my purse so and get up in front stick. The keys and ignition of the car turned a car. Nothing happens will. The teacher had problems with the car. So they'd actually actually push a push button. Start up underneath the dash where she can push a button to start power yeah. They didn't know that so they abandoned that car. Jump in the back in the car and back out of the highway they go and about a mile or so down the road. They thought they were turning into a another road and they were actually turned into into a back lot drive to a farm and they just as soon as they turned into they buried the car. All the way up to the axles and now they're caught again now now it reminded was machine gun Kelly out there with these guys machine guns killing 'em from the inside. But he actually helped Thomas Dreams over to Francis Keating get out and they actually released machine gun Kelly for good conduct early from a two year sentence that he was doing for smuggling alcohol on an Indian reservation. Version Oklahoma say. He was better to wait for that. He probably knew he was a shorttimer so he didn't go along on that but he did and he was already out at that point in time he was he actually helped him smuggled weapons the weapons in interesting he was looking for for recruits freeze bank robbing crew probably got free. Oh Yeah and a lot of those guys you take take a look at the makeup of some of those cruise. The Mall Barker Gang Machine Gun Kelly Gang Frank Mash gang the Thomas Old Gang A lot of those gangs back them. They inner worked with a lot of each other. They knew each other. I noticed that and anyway they they get out there. They take the whole family hostage. Well by this time. You've got everybody that could carry a gun in all these guys and they've even got airplanes up in the air from Fort Leavenworth. The military prison at Fort Leavenworth at that point in time was what was called the Federal Prison Annex. Everybody kind of gets a little bit confused when you talk about the military prison and penitentiary. They're two separate titians about three miles apart and twice during that military prisons history. It's been part of the. US prison system. It was actually the home of the very first federal prison in Leavenworth. I opened and the inmates from that institution built the current day Federal Prison March and back and forth three miles every day and the military prison hasn't had been turned over again to the Federal Bureau. Prisons because of a riot occurred at Leavenworth in August of nineteen thirty because of the overcrowded conditions and poor. Four everything was going on in the institution at the time so they reopened it to kind of relieve the overcrowding situation in that prison the officers from the military or the military prison responded over to the Federal Prison and two companies of soldiers actually responded to the institution itself Lil wants. Those inmates got out the front door. It was mere chaos institution. Inmates were inmates knew what was going on and they decided that they were going to and kind of be a little bit. Some of them were kind of Passive about what they were doing. Some of them were even more a little bit more. Active in almost sheer right was breaking out inside the institution so they they decided that. Hey you know what we're going to send to companies soldiers inside the walls the institution and once they end made Satan two full companies soldiers coming inside the institution with weapons and loaded for bear. They were kind of like we don't want nothing to do with that so they hey doll. March back to their cells. Got Him locked up and the manhunt was on and everything from the city. Police to the county sheriff's to anybody had to carry a gun and knew the terrain then had already notified the FBI in Kansas City the FBI and the kind of misunderstood facts facts about the FBI was is that they didn't actually carry guns until after Frank Mash Killing Union station and that's actually inaccurate. You're at the FBI agents could carry guns and be armed. The only thing that they had to do was is when they went into a municipality say they came from Kansas City to Leavenworth they had to notify the authorities that they were actually FBI and they were carrying guns and get the approval the nave from the local authorities to whether they could carry or your gun inside the municipality so they get out. The inmates are continuing their quest for freedom. And they take the family hostage and everything's going south so they decided they're going to start walking a cow path over to the next farm over in order to get to the closest highway. It's actually paved and and they marked probably about a half a mile over this farm. They take more hostages all the way that their margin over there they got airplanes in her head. They've got guys could see that are approaching from all angles another armed sound like going to have a good ending no invades and and maybe some hostages to and they can out on the league to this farm and they break they break into the farm. Take another family hostage and it was decided decided at that point in time they were gonNA take three people with them out to the highway. They told everybody else to get into the basement. Took these three including a man and a wife and one of their farm workers and they started towards the road and as they're walking towards the road you're seeing the posse which at this time according to the FBI reports and and local newspaper reports and stuff like that numbered anywhere from five hundred thousand. I'll let her on the trail of seven guys so they get out to the highway and of course you know anytime you have a big deal going on anywhere you've got sightseers everybody's out looking for the action. So here comes. This color of sightseers up the road at the little coupe and they stopped his car. Tell them to get out of the car. And it's a couple of kids kids and they're you know they tell them to walk back up the road and don't look back well back. In that era coupes got two seats in the front and what they call a rumbles back back. Yeah and it's there's no way it's going to hold seven individuals running boards though Weld Brennan boards but they needed another cars. Ars what your vehicles vehicle suspensions of a long way since nineteen twenties and thirties so they told three other for the other guys shake out and find another vehicle vehicle. They're gonNA take this one. Yeah well you've got three guys on the warden. Four guys were naturally never standing alongside the road and and those guys the others take off looking for another vehicle. The warden looks up and he sees one of the inmates come up with a thirty ought six rifled imported towards the kids walking back up the road and he took that opportunity. You got three hostages standing there one of them's a female and the whole time on walked across this field award and told him. Hey you know you don't need to do anything of this girl. She's not you know she's not part of this. You don't have to do anything in her her. And whatever and the inmates telling you know you don't have to worry about it because I want to kill you. I don't worry about it so the warden kind of concerned about the situation with a female and the other two hostages reach up and grabs one of the inmates that has a shotgun and get an struggle over a shotgun and he had made hollers hours. He's trying to get the gun. We'll eaten toward haller's hostages to run and the inmate with thirty ought six walks up behind him. Hits Him in the back of the head and he let's go with a shotgun and the inmate with a shotgun turns around and load both barrels into the warden and blows him into a ditch. Well now they think they've killed the warden. Yeah so they jump in the car all four of them they take off his. They're taking off. Here comes the warden sedan up over the top of the hill side with three correctional officers and a deputy warden inside the car. And you've got county sheriff that is headed headed in their direction and this is the middle of highway ninety two in Leavenworth. They actually engage in a gun battle or these guys are. The inmates have got thirty ought sixes and pistols and shotguns. Well they're getting shot at by five people that have Thompson Forty five caliber machine guns. I got and they actually struck the car and hit and it made by the name of we'll green was one of the escapee's hit him in the head and actually tell you how her hardheaded he was. The bullet didn't penetrate his head but it actually fractured skull so they wind up. They think they're going to get off the road into another another Back Road and they turn into the driveway of a home and here we are again mud and they bury this coupe. All all the way up to the axles and they get out and they start running towards US House more hostages. Only guy in this house believe it or not was seventy three year old farmer banana. Ms Emerson Salisbury Oldbury. And he looks sees these guys coming and he says Yup Hutton fellows and they said no. We're the we're the hunted. And they put him in. The House. alson started looking for additional weapons and trying to figure out a way out will one of them on the way up the oldest made out of the crew grover to real had told them you know we get up at House. We're not getting out of it. You might if I shake out and try to find my own way and it's like you know go do what you gotta do on. And then grow received realm got out on his own. And you've got three inmates in the house for about the next three and a half hours this house is literally bombarded with POSSE member shooting in the house. They shot tear gas into the house. Inmates are shooting back. Emerson Salisbury Seventy thirty. Three years old is in the House and he stuck and he even actually went up on the top floor of the house into the attic and started waving a white a handkerchief and they actually started shooting so you know he finally decided. Hey this is my chance. Yeah there's no prisoners in that deal so he actually slid down the way they describe it. There is a The I'm not even exactly sure how to even describe it for your listeners. He just it actually slid down a chute and went out the front door. At least three inmates were stuck in the house and there was no way out they knew there. There was no way out and from what the coroner's report read. Two of. The inmates suffered gunshot wounds one behind the left ear. One behind a writer and to the right temple. KUDA MAS like I said no prisoners in this deal here. Well that's a hell of a story you know kind of running low on time folks. You need to get this book. I as you can tell all this is one hell of a story. That's a good read and find out exactly what happened in the end. Is there any any last things you want him to look for that book and one of the things things. This book kind of describes a and it's been well received through the correctional community throughout the United States One of the if you go to Amazon and you read the comment that the guy put on there. It's actually refreshing to read a book that was written by somebody that actually worked in prison environment. Yeah instead of somebody money that writes a book about prisons. That doesn't know anything he knows about it now. It gives you the inner workings of how prisons work and it shows you how the inner workings escape will actually Take time to do how they get things in. And out of the institution how they communicate inside now the institution it'll give you the framework Of all of the characters in the book how they managed wind up in the federal prison system. Frank Nash and his crew. Neil KEESA train robbery. Thomas strangehold and Frank Francis Keating Machine Gun Kelly how they wound up after the escape some of going to Alcatraz the outcome of how they all their lives ended and how they some of them became outstanding citizen. Some of never became anything other than an inmate's enter dead or dead and Thomas James Holden actually most people don't he's not an everyday name in in criminal circles goals in today's society. Most people don't realize Thomas James hold and actually would become the very first man of replaced. FBI's most wanted list really his notoriety. As being a bad guy was well documented and Charlie Berta the driver of the car he would actually be sent to Alcatraz contrast and he was actually the last man ever to be placed in what they call the Dutch unit Alcatraz because he was such a malcontent. He he finally gets out of prison and becomes a bartender in a bar in his hometown of San Francisco where he can look out the front door the bar and see al Astra and but the whole story behind itself and how they actually purchased the barrel shoe wax and how they purchased a weapons and everything was all brought out of When I started getting interested in this book back when I first started work at a prison I started collecting anything and everything I could find about this escape which included newspaper articles? I've got pictures from the actual of the Escape Deep Network Hers News Agency photographs that I purchased through Ebay. I got this idea that you know. Hey maybe I should call the FBI guy and send them a four year request and see exactly what they send me. When you're thinking about escape that occurred eighty years prior and you're thinking well the F. B. is probably got one or two pages on it and they'll or they'll tell me Your Adalah and might did you get well? I get this letter and they tell me we're sending you were sending you pages. How much is it GONNA cost? I believe it or not. The only cost me sixty dollars. You Got Lucky. Well they cost me sixty bucks and the FBI. I got I got five envelopes. The contain twenty five hundred pages now and the box and a To compact disc of additional down pages that was amazing. They even the the investigation and some of the things. I wasn't able to because when you write a book if you're all we're ever thinking about writing a book there's things that are part heart of the book and there's things that are not part of the book and I had to decide to leave some of the some of the things out of the book that were not consequential to the escape the the actual outcome of it There were instances where they thought that the Kansas City Mafia had actually finance part of the escape. uh-huh help purchase the weapons and stuff. That didn't pan out all those leads. If all those leads that they followed down a rabbit hole that really don't pan out big investigation lack that the phones start ringing. You start rattling your informants out there and they write down everything and so he'll have a story they wanNA tell and if if interesting if anybody after ever wants to really just find out you know when you sit here and listen to Senate confirmation hearings and and these these guys talk about you know we do a form thirty two and and and we do this and and we. We don't do that. We get yourself I I did get yourself some. FBI files and see exactly how an FBI investigation works and it's amazing what you find in another thing here of two. I'll give a plug to the guys at the National Archives and Records Administration here in Kansas. City they're helpful. They're they're an amazing group individuals to work with and I've worked with many times and the inmate files for Leavenworth or actually on filed with the National Archives here in Kansas City. Devil pershing pershing road and the I went down there. 'cause I asked him I said so. Do you have the court case for when these is guys were tried for escape and they got back with me and said well you know as a matter of fact yes we do. Yeah they've got is amazing what they have and I went down to the National Archives that day. They brought the pile up from caves in Kansas City. Yeah and I was going through the court case and they actually had they except for the weapons opens. They had all of the evidence. Rally that's unusual there to find well as the evidence or anything. I was actually blown away at the fact that they had the they had. The original forged passes that the that the inmates had used to get into the main quarterly institution. They had the hotel tale registry from the Hotel in Cicero Illinois. That Frank Thomas Holden when Francis Keating and all them had Stayed in and I was looking at the registry. They were there several times while the FBI'd ahead of description and Eric how they figured out who the radius were and had pointed out where they had signed under aliases in the in the hotel. And when I was going through there I noticed that Frank Nashes alias was written underneath the name of billy for Shit Tale really and I really I really kinda found that really kind of interesting and that was one of one of the page that I included in the and a book was the fact that you know. Here you've got frank. Nash and crew masterminded an escape. They would actually lead to a very similar escape of the diller crew out of the Michigan City prison in Indiana. And I'm like you know is the ray connection between Green Evelyn for Shit being in the hotel at the same time. Yeah I probably was dull could have been there at that time. How helping them with the planned land so interesting entry? This has been great Ken this has been great. So we'll You know how to go out and find his book and and you're GonNa get a lot of bonuses in that that book and the documents and that he researched in photos and everything and his other book about Leavenworth Prison Acadia Book. It's more of a picture picture picture history of of Leavenworth and just go just go to Amazon and search the name Kenneth Lay master L. A. M. A. S. I T E R and we're GONNA wind on down here folks if you have a friend or relative has a problem with drugs or alcohol make your first call first call call late one six three six one fifty nine hundred or go to their website. WWW DOT I call casey dot org and if you want to find any mind material go to my right website. WWW dot gangland wired dot com. You'll find my most recent movie brothers against brothers. This avella Spiro. War Did a lot of reenactments in this movie more than I did not in the last one at a lot of fun doing those during one of our local kind of Irish pub kind of a bar. Kelly's into a strip club for one night Titan and we had a lot of fun with that so go out and get that or gangland. Wire my book leaving Vegas how. FBI worked APPS in mob domination of Las Vegas Casinos IOS and recommend you get the kindle version because I've I've connected the actual audio for many of the wiretaps to the kindle version you could listen to the people people as you Read the story about this money from Las Vegas Casinos. My I got my APP candy mob tour APP. You want to get that and you can take a mob tour of Kansas City. Wherever you are you could be in in Russia and take a mob tour of Kansas City? Thanks to the miracle of the Internet so can't has been great great having you here a pleasure being here all right. Thank you tonight. Folks music provided by our good friend and superfan profanity from Portland Oregon. Casey McBride Thanks Casey.

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