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Carello everybody. You're looking live at fans Ville a college football utopia. With a rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper where every day is Saturday in. Everyone's a fan even babies and the seasons never change. Because the only season is college football season. Get a taste of fans Ville this fall during a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official Drake of fans Ville grab some today. Fried passion, then patterns re of college football leaves here. The Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. Look where we are on a November day, the university of Kentucky who would have believed that on this the first weekend of the month of November the biggest home game in Kentucky history. One of the biggest games in the schools history. And we say Hello to you from. Pretty fired up crowd. The basketball season against Duke will essence begin Tuesday night with a football season is well underway and the cats the cats have a chance to do something tomorrow that they have never done in the modern era punch a ticket to the SEC championship game. Oh, yes. There's another big game in Baton Rouge. We'll talk about that. But the show begins now from Lexington. So pretty high level of enthusiasm on a beautiful forty three degree day. I've been all over the country this week to to the east coast other parts, this is the coldest place. I've been but it's a hottest place when it comes to atmosphere and in physios if you haven't heard by now Kentucky hosting Georgia tomorrow. But we know going election from this crowd and great atmosphere for these guys probably probably is gamed stadium excited for for our players. They've worked sir streaming hard to be put in this position. You don't get in games like this unless you don't, you know, unless you take care of the business that you have to throughout the season at Scooby. What I what I've been dreaming about is going to be that big moment that big game. That's going to be a fight to their their fiscal football team. They get they get after you never really well really experienced to you know, they got some seasons. Guys who played a lot of football championships out to win the SEC east as big as we want program to be certainly going here. I feel like everybody overlooks ah. They always seem. We're the underdog, and we look at that as motivation, we've made it this far, you know, but we still got more. We still got more games. Don't win. We still got more people to prove wrong. Well, they do. And it's pretty amazing. When you think about the last time we were here two years ago on couple of weeks ago for the Mississippi State game a lot hung in the balance and quitting the future of Mark soups. That's no longer a debate. Here. He is well in concert with this program and a chance to do something. Very rare tomorrow. Meanwhile, there is another huge game the SEC west is at stake as well in Baton Rouge. You can often read things into what Nick Sabin says. And what he doesn't say. Have you heard about what he said last night? Well, to be honest with you. I hope we elect a kick ass is what I hope we do. But. Man. Listen, I consider myself, a pretty high ranking save an allergist, I don't ever remember Nick Saban showing that type of confidence before in LSU game all games, but read into that what you may Alabama on its way to Baton Rouge the whole country watching both this game and that game. Yes. He see has had many big games. But rarely has it had a double header like it has beginning at three thirty here tomorrow. So what's on our show this afternoon live from Lexington? Hilo Kappa Lodo, the president of the university of Kentucky, Dr kapalama will be here in just a few minutes. Also co cubic he is going to join us from the university of Florida. Former coach Jim Don talk about one of his proteges Kirby smart Reynolds wolf about the weather from from the Weather Channel, maybe make it warm up the commissioners here. Greg Sankey he'll be. All over the place this weekend. And we look forward to seeing him Brock. You're on the call for the Auburn game are critical game down there and the head coach of the Wildcats Mark stoops will be here in about two hours as well as Tim Tibo, many other gases. Well, our guest lessons about as long as get Desmond. Howard, the big sheer going up for Lara Rutledge athletic director, UK Mitch Barnhart. Jacob Tommy the former tight end Reynolds wolf, again, he's not going away with this type of weather and Matt Jones will be with us in the final hour. Maybe getting the biggest year here. So anyway, we welcome you here. We will try to squeeze in as many phone calls as possible. I know Tuesday night was Halloween, but I'm dressed up as as a snowman today welcoming in winter to the Commonwealth. Let's get going with the calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five and Andrei in the AT L starts us off. Code one in the world. Are you doing in Kentucky? No, one cares about the university of Kentucky and the university of Georgia this weekend, you know, whatever by the talk about coq five. Come on. Background KOMO coat is causing trading a whole nation. It looking at Baton Rouge, Louisiana down Nicholson, drives what the whole nation looking at. We want to see big football. I hope if a good game code. What do you think? You know, I disagree. I think in many ways this game is more intriguing than that game. We've seen that movie before. Komo. I can't tell you. How many times I've gone to tiger stadium expecting something different to happen? And the same thing always seems to happen. Alabama wins. Georgia. Be kentucky. Hughes rented new, you know. George gotta run school bullet up on them. I hope you can give them a good game. Coach. I really do. Listen. I heard Colin cowherd half bad mitt this week on the radio even dough heated like it out the committee voted on the con- playoff. Who? Did you say? Now of ESPN. Okay. See if the best confident at much he doesn't like it. He stated that the number one ranked undefeated team the number one, right? One loss team to Laos team and three laws team. Although in the college football playoff hold off a one conference. He says not good for college football. But SEC, hey, Andrei, let let me say this, and I say this with Collins of personal friend of mine. Here's what he thinks about the the Paul come on. Yeah. You're right about that coach. He's a pundit. Code hope. I hope that L as you can make a big game. But Alabama Tatum. Here's the difference Andrei urine LSU fan, right? Say it loud. You just got through saying I hope my team good. The fans behind me think they're going to win this game. One more thing. Go those fans have been smoking Kentucky bluegrass COCOM ball. Okay. Smoking that blue grass from Kentucky. Thanks. Thanks. Andrea. You got you got. Dennis is up next. It's good afternoon. All we'll conviction. Almo- fast tortures while women and the best in the world. And hello. I have to agree with Andrei. They're going to be a lot of people interested in this game the bar. I just hope it's not a blow out either way out which competitive game. And Joe cats. I love you. And we're gonna win the mar- go pick blue. Kentucky is gonna win. Their fans are winning today. So far, Chris is up next. Go right ahead. Dress. Hey. We are having a blast down here up here wherever we are. Kentucky fan to reality. Check Kentucky this year. Granted they'd be Florida. But they remind me of that Notre Dame team that was the twenty thirteen. We're they're barely beaten teams. They got that great defensive player like Mantar peyot Bennett's, Josh Allen. But then when they actually play a really really good team. Guess what happened? They got being rolled over. And I guarantee you Kirby smart get a go into this game thinking that Kentucky the best team on the planet. And we're going to be ready. I I bet you gotta be like thirty six to fourteen go. Okay. Thanks. We are going to the break. We have a lot more to do here, including the president of the university of Kentucky coming up shortly you capita. He will join us. Also, the head coach of the UK, and the director pretty much the whole whole team will be here today as we are live from Lexington. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast on a November day in Lexington. We welcome you back to the program this campus is buzzing and. But many believe is the biggest home football game in Kentucky history. We are delighted to walk in the president of the university of Kentucky like Caputo to our program. We've known the president for a long long time before he was president before he was even here in. Thank you so much. It's always great to see you all good to say you thanks for joining the big blue nation. I'm a member. Listen, I I know they're always difficult decisions to make on any college campus. But but you were hearing this narrative disseminated quite a bit today. And and over these last couple of weeks about you, and and Mitch Barnhart and others on this campus, especially YouTube standing firm and support of coach stoops a couple years ago when some were anxious about what the what the president future looked like you must feel pretty good today. Feels great partnership with Mitch Barnhart started my first year here, we put two point three billion dollars of infrastructure improvements in this campus. The first package included Commonwealth stadium new college of business and a brand new science academic building, which which you Catholic expanded. So we invested infrastructure. We got great talent we had to be patient. But we were confident it would pay. And I it's always interesting on the academic side, the residual no one ever knows. What disag- sports means? I mean, we think it means a lot otherwise wouldn't be the investment. But we certainly know what other sports have meant the -versity of Kentucky but a weekend like this. I'm really interested in what happens to you. And the people that you encounter, and what it means low short and long-term for school like this. First of all, we're one of those few academic programs in the country now that charges no student fees to support athletics. And in fact, our athletic department transfers millions of dollars to pay for buildings its entire costs, and and Maine's dollars in scholarships for our students, so totally has that positive effect. But there's you can't put a number on building community strengthen the big blue nation. And it's infectious of people say, gee, we can do this. We can do anything. We can move our graduation rates like we have in the past six or seven years. We are increasing research funding by twenty five percent from last year. We have a thousand more graduates than we did five years ago, and we're reaching more low income underrepresented minorities and all that comes together, it's sort of a culture of a candidate. And especially and I know as the president you're in all residents doesn't matter where you are interested in in the entire university, especially when it comes out and all the different intercollegiate sports, but football is so big it's on such a big stage, and it has been on stage here periodically, but just not consistently the states tomorrow is hard to get any bigger unless you win the game. And then it gets bigger. Counting. Certainly helps and they, you know, the wonderful opportunity. You have is university. President you make students faculty staff and the difference. They make but I've gotten to know some of these players certainly a lot of coaches to see their hard work dedication commitment. Perseverance persistance to pay off of them particularly gratified in not knowing a little bit about your background. And where you have previously lived. You've you've seen college football at a at a pretty high level you understand it. And and I and I I know it must be particularly enjoyable, and and and I want to talk a little bit more about coach stoops because. You mentioned the infrastructure, and that was the tools that that he needed or anyone needed? But what Sokolow's without him because he is a fascinating personality and that he's very low key. He's he's committed. He's fiercely competitive, but what do you think there is about him, and what he has put together that is finally moved this program forward. I remember when Mitch Barnhart came to me and said he had interviewed several candidates, and he thought he had the person he wanted. So then I had an interview with coach stoops from the beginning he had a plan. It was systematic. It was going to be building talent recruiting it was going to take awhile. You can't do this overnight. And then you know, I saw on the good days, and I saw on the tough days. That's when you really learn about somebody, and you realize he has sort of goodness that's important to do these jobs. Cbs his strength that you need and he surrounded himself with great people. So to me those are signals that you got the the great talent pool to go with the infrastructure to make a difference president basketball seasons well underway as well. There's a game tonight obviously to see night against Duke. And and I I was I think we're at the same event a couple of weeks ago, and I ran into I know where John Calipari, and I was really struck. And I shouldn't be because you see this on a daily basis the enthusiasm and the passionate he was displaying for this football program. I thought it it who's in bodyman what a college campus should be about. We're all in this together. The UK is a family athletic department, and all those athletes are certainly strong family. And he's a great member of it in terms of wins and lose wins and losses. I know administrator. Look at bigger pictures in that. But let's talk about. But Tamara would mean. With the victory. And I'll read an recent article we've won ten games twice in a hundred years. Can you imagine what it would mean to be successful Tamar? This place is supported football deeply there's a lot of pinta hopes and dreams to have some of those fulfil starting with Tamar. It couldn't get any better. You know, what's interesting though. And I I was on this campus in nineteen seventy seven a student not not here. But when my my alma mater came here, and I saw it it was it was pretty remarkable. What that season was all about in since? Then since I started doing this. Kentucky fans call up, and they say we really care a lot about football. And I think some people nod their head, but we're seeing it now, and we're seeing, but it wouldn't be possible if the support hadn't been there. Well, it took a lot of people. It's a we moment took everybody to come together. And everybody should feel proud. We win tomorrow. It something the entire big blue nation should feel that they they held a part of the responsibility. Well. I. I know I know what these people think is going to happen. Are they're pretty confident. Present. Thank you, very. It's always it's always great to see in your gracious with your time. Thank you. All right to say what a pleasure president like how joining us here as we continue. We are live in Lexington. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf. Bam a bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV in surround sound anything. You could have done to help. I'm a foldable table, not an electric TV. Trae can't help you in a lightning storm. But the guy co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how a forcible renter's insurance can be looking back. We are live in Lexington Kentucky as everyone knows what is going on here and elsewhere. But there plenty of games going on to more than the big two. And we're about to head down to Gainesville right now, and we're joined by Cokie book from the SEC network. He'll be part of the coverage of Missouri at Florida Cole. Thanks for the time. So here comes zuri after a devastating last second loss trying to. Pull themselves back together again. Florida being thrashed as well. Help us understand this game better tomorrow afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul. Thanks for having me. I think if you're Missouri. You have to find some offense you go eight consecutive three and outs in the second half of that game. It's just unacceptable with a first round draft pick it quarterback like drew lock solid offensive line more than capable SEC tailbacks. I don't understand how your offense can get that bogged down even against a good Kentucky defense, and then you mentioned the mental and the emotional aspect of founding back after a loss like that. And you have to do it in the swamp against a very aggressive for defense. Led by Todd Grantham who is at full strength up front on defense and can apply that pressure usually with just four or five rushers? So I think drew has his hands full tomorrow. This Florida rushing attack has steadily begun to improve. I'd say I think Florida is very close to being very explosive on offense. When you study them on film. There are some things that are right around the corner that are ready to explode for this Gators offense. And the defense is given a lot of explosive place could. See it happen tomorrow. Cokie joining us co let's there's so many games to talk about I want to get your input on as many as we have time for the one here where we are Georgia visiting Kentucky. What's what's the most important aspect of this game to the Kentucky defense has to win on first down? Because if they can force Jake from into third longs. I know he was great against Florida on third down. But Kentucky has one guy named Josh Allen on the edge that can affect the pocket and disrupt the pocket on third longs. If he can force that offense in those situations. I think Kentucky defense has a chance to make this game close. And then obviously Terry Wilson's going to have to bring some balance. Paul. It can't just be Benny snail. The Georgia front seven is not what they were year ago. But they're still pretty good. They have good players. They have talent. And I don't think that that Kentucky offense is going to be able to survive being one dimensional. So can Terry Wilson provide some explosive plays with his legs and do some things through the air. And it can't just be. Voted anymore. They've been forced feeding him the football somebody else's got to step up. Dorian Baker deep CJ Conrad working the middle of the field. There has to be that number three option in my opinion. And maybe it's Terry Wilson with his legs. And he has a huge game offsetting what Georgia defense is focusing on with Vinny snail. But that third option has to show up for Kentucky. It can't be Benny Snell force to football voted that won't be enough against Georgia defense co Q making a lot of friends here in Kentucky with that analysis. Ama fringe make Baton Rouge with an analysis of Alabama LSU tomorrow night. LSU defense can keep this game. Interesting at least four three three and a half quarters. The fact that Dave Aranda has two three guys that he knows he's confident in can cover in Maine demand situations will allow him to do some different things if he wants extra defenders on the back end to help take away some of the easier throws if he wants to bring some guys up and try to pressure he'll be able to do that. Now, it's going to hurt not having Devon white in the run game from physicality the leadership standpoint. But he's pretty good in coverage as well. He's a three down linebacker. So even if they go nickel dime. He's a guy. That's on the field. All the time. I think up front physically the LSU defense has to keep the game. Interesting as well. Finding pressure will be key in how many guys does Dave Aranda half to bring define that pressure. Now offensively I don't have as much confidence yourself how many points LSU need to win this game thirty five thirty eight forty two points. There's not a lot of people that realistically believe LSU can go out and score that many points they've gone out of their way to protect Joe. Borough and make his life easy with seven six man protections this year, if you do that against Alabama. I think they have the edge on the back end. So I don't know if LSU can score, no points. I do think their defense keeps it interesting. I think Alabama adds a score or too late to cover. I'll take the tie to wait in Baton Rouge. Khoa wanted to go to the planes tomorrow. The Gus malzahn seem derailed a couple of weeks ago in Tennessee came in. And then they were able to get a pretty big win at ole miss which help calm everyone down. You're in Alabama, you know, much about the Auburn program bigger former player, what's at stake tomorrow. I think a lot Paul. I actually think the by week calm things down more than beating ole miss a team that just has no defense to even put on paper and discuss much less. Brag about but I think this Auburn offense. You ask yourself three things. What are you most confident that they can do to get things going against a very good front seven that Texas brings to the table. Is it get the run game going is it protect the quarterback? Or is it that that coaching staff is going to devise a plan that's been different than most of what they've done the entire season. They give the quarterback in receivers through a quick passing game. A better chance to go out and win that game. I'm not sure I have confidence in any of those three things happening Callum on has big physical. Receivers he has athleticism. Auburn doesn't have the speed edge rusher that they've had in the past their great up the middle, and that defensive line is absolutely stunning against Iran and the front seventh-grade against Iran. But I think Callum on moves around throw some fifty fifty balls too. Big physical targets down the field. They find a way to generate big plays. And I just don't see the Auburn office getting things going what's on the line poll. I think alike considering you still have Alabama and Georgia on the schedule. A lot of people have sort of pressed pause on how they're going to judge Gus malzahn based on this season. And I think their judgment will come based on what happens in this game. And then the next two conference games against Georgia and Alabama. Appreciate as always co keyboard? Joining us on Friday today from Gainesville when we take a break. We're when we come back. We're going to be talking to a former Georgia head football coach hall of fame. Coach Jim Donovan he will join us to look ahead to tomorrow, the two big games right after this. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Walk me back. We are live in Kentucky on this Friday afternoon. Just a spectacular scene and vibe on this campus. And we appreciate you being with us. Jim Don, those a little bit about playing up here. The former head coach of the university of Georgia coach, thanks so much for being here. It's always a pleasure to see you. And I know you're on the UGA campus today to help us better understand this of of the of the of the dogs coming up here. Playing Kentucky for a shot at the SEC. Hey, I got a lead for second Kirby. Get some cold weather gear, man. Picture you in the airport today? Look like Bermuda. Short G ready to go on with that. But I tell you what I really gotta congratulate coach Mark stoops and the job he's done with that Kentucky wildcat program. You know, when I was coaching Marsha one of the things we tried to do go into southern Ohio and get players, and as one thing because stoops's done, you know, you look at twenty seven guys on steam, and the one thing you knew about those Ohio kids as they grew up in football backgrounds. A lot of small high school teams that meant so much being on a team and develop character leadership. And this team has stayed together. All year want some fourth quarter games. And we got our work cut out for tomorrow. Paul. Let's get into the nuances of this game. Because we we know we're Kentucky cannon can't do. But they still had a remarkable season. If you had to like, you do as a as a former coach break this date game down for us and tell us where where to keep our eyes. Where should it be? Well, starting out in Kentucky fancy no veteran group that really knows how to play together Allen's tremendous player off the edge. They got late then or secondary. And they really don't give up a lot of big place. So you're gonna have to earn everything on offense. And I think offense gained a lot of confidence last week. You know, we kind of got knocked off course, aired to LSU and give LSU credit. We'll talk about that later here. But I think our confidence got back against Florida. So it's going to be a case of khanate stop us and make sure that we don't stop ourselves. I mean, Georgia's got to take good care of the ball offensively. They're well coached team eighty grand has been around a lot of good winning programs. He was at Florida state when they want to and also at down there with coach Vail at all when they went feed, and so he knows how to coach and big games. And certainly having a big back like many snail is a very good security. I think the key there is how Wilson played a more for their offense. You know, he's got to be able to throw the ball. Thank Lee when guys are open, and he's got to be able to take good care of the ball, kicking game wise. They got a good punter. They've struggled a bit with their place kicking. But I think this go be a tough game for Georgia. And it's one that always tough place to play. I'm sure they got the grass up about seven feet I in that stadium. So maybe they got turf now, I don't know. But I remember back when I was coaching grass was always pretty odd. Well, this is the bluegrass coach I do want to switch gears and get your thought on the the other game not to diminish it pretty important. I'm talking about Florida, Missouri. We're talking about Missouri. It seems like wherever year we're sitting here talking on this first Saturday weekend, November talking about Alabama LSU most people a lot of people don't think LSU can hang with Alabama. What about you? What are the things? I wanna do is right off the bat give coach oh a lot of credit for what he's been able to do since taking over that team. He's really done a great job of pulling everybody together. They've had some big wins head of tough loss Florida, but just a well coach football team very physical team. And they know how to play with, you know, as a group defense, you know, had some guys on before me, and I won't labor the point. But there will coach defense, but I think festively ends maker. It's really put it together. Really good package and Berl doesn't get enough credit for for being really good solid quarterback. The big key for them though. To me is are they going to be able to score enough points. He's only thrown three touchdown passes against power five teams. So they don't really. Slowed and hit the big play on a lot of field. Those the other part that people have been talking about Alabama schedule, and it's nothing you can do about it when you have a schedule. But I know, and you know, having watched Alabama practice they get challenged every day against better players brackets than they usually say in game. So I don't think the fact that they haven't played anybody's going to bother them near as much as maybe playing in tiger stadium. That's certainly a venue, but they get challenged every week. This all week is help them from the standpoint of being able to go back, and look what was good for them in the problems. They've had and I look forward to run the ball affectively here. Because if I'm a defense has got to stop this passing game with two and you start doing that. Then that's when they break these explosive plays, but it's a great venue for SEC for the national press corps, everything but Alabama to me unless they just make a few mistakes. I think it's going to be hard. For them to lose this game. As a former quarterback coach. And you were certainly a good one in college. Give us your view a two and in what he has to be concerned about tomorrow because. Yeah, no, he sees that good defense in practice. And we know what he did in Atlanta. But it is tomorrow night going to be any different for him. Or do you think it it's just another 'nother Saturday on the schedule? Well, you know, he's had kind of six six or seven walks in the park and he hasn't played in the fourth quarter. But he is a guy that splayed big when they they needed him against us. Let's you're in a championship game. He just tremendously accurate quarterback. This got a gift for no one wind to anticipate the brakes, he just got a really good feel for throwing guys open. And he's got some human jets going down to feel and then Irv Smith on a crossing routes, and he's got the threat of play action and very good offensive line. But I think the big key for him. He just believes so much himself. Whether he's playing the you. Lele or whether he's talking to the press, whatever he's doing. He just feels like he can do it. And that that's a great trait for any quarterback. I take another quarterback that we won't talk about on FCC much that I think's very comparable to to is collar Murray for you. He's having a big year two and these two guys just show you what a dual threat quarterback in do. On teams score prolific amount of points talking to coach Jim Don in coach. Let's talk about strategy. Devon, white is not in the first half. That is certainly not a new story. But if but it's a could be a factor if you're over on the offensive side as you've been so many times in my colossally chair consulting with Nick save and try and trying to figure out. Does that matter or not take us in that room? And let us know what what what do you think they've been talking about all week? Well, there's another good key for Nick. And I think he deserves a lot of credit seven coaches last year different jobs, some the head jobs like Pruitt going to Tennessee, but he's rebuilt his staff to coordinators and they've been really fun shooting. Extremely well. I think when you haven't player down, you always look at trying to make sure you tack whoever taking his place, but you don't wanna get so consumed in that that you forget about using your stuff too. I think this that LSU can use this as a big plus for some way, they can find a way to kind of blend together and make up for that loss. And then know that he's going to be there in the second half. And they have a shot that can really help LSU. But I think from from the standpoint of code savings initial game plan, they'll probably do some certain things maybe attack that inside backer situation. And the thing about why it's so good. He's. A three down linebacker. He can play the regular downs. He can play nickel and dime. So you're gonna probably have to have two or three differ guys coming in for him in the first half. The coach of a strategy standpoint considering the success that Alabama's had do they do they really change anything? Or is it just to see what the setup is and tested, and how do you test that middle of the field? The things you always do is having an open date like both these teams look what you've been able to do. Well, and also what the other team going against us done. Well, and you know, maybe go with your strengths against our weaknesses certainly LSU has tremendous secondary. But they play a lot of man coverage. And they when they go to man coverage Alabama uses four and five wide receiver sets, greedy Wilson. Cain cover everybody. He can only cover one guy. So either who's going to cover these other guys out of the backfield. These really good receivers that Alabama presents when they go to these different look. So I look for Alabama to spread them out. See if LSU tries to play as much man as they usually do and also -ffected. Lee used their running game some passing downs because LSU been hurt with some explosive plays on some big runs. The biggest key to me though for LSU is stopping these big plays. Alabama said twenty two touchdowns over fifteen yards this year, and you know, no interceptions. LSU's intercepted fourteen balls and giving up very few big place. So it's forced versus four here. I can't wait for the game. But I'm certainly going to be watching the BULLDOGS at three thirty before that one. One last question. Bama coach in terms of Alabama's rushing attack. I mean, they've got three great running backs that we never talk about is that something that you just alluded to it for a second. But that's something we see more or does is it just a matter of just watching and waiting and taking your shots. You don't think in setting up their offense? And watching it evolve as the season progress, I think one of the big keys for was developing passing attack and using two streets with navy giving up a little bit of their running game against somebody's lesser opponents. But now they're going into the meat of the schedule against us defense against the Mississippi State defense who's really been pretty good this year. I mean, only two touchdowns in the last forty. Times other teams had the ball. And then you got all Bernie always plays. Pretty good defense. They're running games going to be important to them because you know, sometimes when you throw in a ball he can't count on all these great completions. And all this tremendous protection. So it's a good security blanket. I think that's going to be something that'll have to out tomorrow night. Coach. Thank you as always great to have you on glad to be weighed. He Paul and hope you make it through the night without freezing to death. Well, I think I will. Thank you. Appreciate it coach Jim Don joining us from Athens. We're having quite a show here in the next hour. We'll talk to the head football coach at U K Mark stoops as well as a Commissioner of the SEC, Greg Sankey. We're coming right back. We're live in Lexington.

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