Texas Tech Chancellor Tedd Mitchell on New TTU Regents and the College Admission Scandal


Small businesses big and west X fueled by special breed of entrepreneurs they so seeds of hard work and rely on each other to grow. They're all connected by common thread that creates the character of our community and they keep us moving forward. And no one brings small business together like first Bank and trust at Perth Bankin trust you get more than a Bank. You get a network of cost this entire community. Take a step with debate. That knows how to make small business a bigger deal. History has in place only hear the sound tax Justice rules case, they don't like it down love it. They say we're all round. Subtexts? All's we row. Hey there. Thank you for tuning in, tell him prince, you hang out here right here on the other side at Texas. I'm your host Jay west, Texas Leeson is we roll along a good show to roll along with got Dr Ted Mitchell chancellor, Texas Tech university in studio with us as we roll along here in going to get into some Leeson spring break and. A few other things as we roll along got Dr Ted Mitchell in now, how are you? Dr Ted Mitchell doing real well glad to be here. Jay, I'm glad that you're here. Yeah. You're bringing me and right for the basketball game. Yeah. I'm gonna try to get you out right before the basketball game too. Tell me does it bother you. How much I'm infatuated by your hair? Bothers MO my barber. It does exactly mo- brings. Yeah. You know? But the thing is I didn't know what my haircut was called to you interviewed him. So now now it's flattop with fenders flat. Top offenders. I wrote that was Cheryl. Yeah. Tell me this. If Texas Tech claim west Virginia's we are interviewing here on three fourteen two thousand nineteen tech Mason to the final four are you going to let MO or another barber put a double T on the top your. Shea announcing a shade J double team head. Well, I will tell you if we get if we get to the final four, I'll let him put a double T somewhere on my head. Shaved in somewhere. Not on the top maybe on the side on the sides. Yeah. You just never know have to work out for a while. When I'm in polite comes it bother you. Let me ash Ted Mitchell zip bother you that people will say AM has all sorts of money ain't M's decided not to keep their basketball coach buzz Williams of big name out there. How hands on are you with athletics department in does it bother you that AM Scott coach candidate out there that could become Chris beard at the top of the list while we'll tell you this as far as my involvement, I'm huge athletic fan. But the we have a phenomenal athletic director, Kirby hocutt, and all you have to look at the the records of most of our programs to to know that and for me to try to tell Kirby what to do always tell somebody's kind of like somebody that has watched an episode of ER trying to tell me how to treat chest pain. You know, I'll I leave that to the experts with him. I do know this that Chris's done remarkable job a remarkable job out here. I know that he has a wonderful relationship with the student athletes, y'all says wonderful relationship with Kirby and with Lawrence, and the I will tell you that's a that's a heck of a business to be in being. Coach whether it's football, basketball, whatever, but NC double a coaching is is pretty nomadic. But at this point in time, I would be confident that working with Kirby that Chris will be with us for a long time. He would have to come to you in the Lawrence scuba neck, the president to up his salary, right? He's talks to Lawrence. Yeah. Who he'll visit with Lawrence about it, and he'll make recommendations based on based upon what other folks getting paid. And what he thinks it might need. But you have to remember to that that a lot of what Chris does Chris Chris does it? He he is enamored with the team that he has and building young men. And I know we all talk about the money the money with it. And obviously money's an important thing. But not everything is is based around just the money, but we're trying to make sure when I say we I mean, Kirby and in consultation with Lawrence is trying to make sure that we keep our coaches. Fulfilled in what they're doing? Do you spend a lot of time though, is chancellor looking at all the programs that are opening and knowing that your coach your coach right now. Ted Mitchell is the top candidate across the country said it keep you up at night. No, okay. Not at all. I got a great AD. I let him do his job. I'll do mine. Okay. Ted Mitchell, right here is we usually I I send off a great monologue. But I'm gonna let you play the monologue to is it bothered you. It doesn't bother you. How infatuated IM with your hair? No, doesn't bother me. Okay. Yours is a little bit long. You could use a cut right now. Yours is a little bit. You could use a Cup. This is my wintertime. Let me ask you this though. I asked that question. The second time to say, you comb brush, or do you comb brush your hair Br? Rush. It just brush there's just a brush right because I was used for Halloween, but I had to go into mob barber to make it look, right? But he he did use a lefty do it for Vala. Just kinda you wake up shake your head. And it does some on its own not really, I don't think. I'm looking forward to the double M top your head whenever we get into Sweet Sixteen. Now, you said follow four funnel. That's good. I'll remember people will say this to me, Ted Mitchell. Why do we have to have a vet school in Amarillo? I'm forget, the dynamics of Austin. Why does it have to be in Amarillo? Why can't it be in Lubbock talk to us a little bit about how important it is for you? As chancellor to look at dynamic relationships in El Paso in Abilene in Amarillo in love it. So the way I look at this. If you look at west Texas in general approach like that. And I've always since the time I started here have had to look at west Texas in the macrocosm because they'll sciences center set up that way, so from Abilene to El Paso from the panhandle the Permian basin when we talk about the health sciences center. It's all of it together. It's like the hydra is it is it is one entity that just in several locations. If you look at where we are politically in the state of Texas, the same way, we have that stayed demographer just few weeks ago came out with the new numbers we have thirteen percent of the population west about thirty five. And so if you. Look at the the representations. They're more representatives in city of Houston than there are in all of west tax. And so what we have to do is we have to work with the representatives we have. And then we have to make the decision when you talk specifically about something like the vet school about where the best place to wet to the best place to place it in west Texas would be and so for example, if you looked in ro Robert Duncan said this over and over before if you looked at where cotton research should be what should be in Lubbock. It shouldn't be in in the panhandle shouldn't be an Amarillo. And conversely, if you look at the beef industry, if you look at the dairy industry, the feedlots are all in the panhandle. They're all located within fifty miles of Amarillo. That's where it makes sense to place the the vet school if you look at the dental school with the population density that you have an Paso, it makes sense to have dental school in the middle of a place where you've got seven hundred and fifty thousand people so from the perspective of west taxes. One of the things that we have to do I need to. Rag on all of our west, Texas delegation. And I mean all of them going all the way out to El Paso. They have worked tirelessly for this because we have to speak as one voice one voice for west Texas for the things that we need and from Fru low and Burroughs Charles Perry. Cal Seliger John Smith -i for price. They've all worked together down in the Permian basin with Brooks Landgraf with Tom Craddock and all the way out to El Paso. They've really been locking arm-in-arm on this thing that is the way we have to purchase west taxes, which thing on the vet school all of them. If we look at the needs for west, Texas, we have to protect it collectively. So for the the vet school in Morello for the mental health institute in Lubbock where we have an academic health center housed for even down at Angelo state with the call student enhancement. It's a small amount of money that we're asking for because they focus on first generation college students that would not go anywhere else. And then of course, the the the dental school out in El Paso, if you look collectively all that together, the amount of money that we're asking for total for our exceptional items as a system, it's a rounding error for the state's budget rounding error which way point. Oh one nine percent. Not a lot of money. Right. But then you go back to the argument I've made before an avalanche journal Amrullah globe. The Dallas Morning News. This is where these Republicans one. I think it's worth a rounding error. Absolutely believe that and if you look at it from the perspective of these statewide, Republican sure absolutely, you know, all the state wide races. It is still obviously a Republican stronghold all in the west Texas region, but more important than that in what I do. And what the what the elected officials do. It's really important to tell the west Texas story in Austin because a lot of this is outta sight outta mind. They really what it is what it is. And you have talked about this before I grew up in east, Texas, and you just didn't think about west, Texas. But west Texas is is the the matriarch of our entire abundances a state and west. Texas is like that, you know, the Gatorade. That powers the athlete to win west Texas is like the the wind in the sales of the ships to get more. They're going it's like, the, you know, the the Stein way that that that brings life into the music of that we call the Texas economy that's west Texas. That's what we're about. We may not have the the exciting night lights that the great cities of our state have. We may not have the the majesty of the piney woods if he's Texas. We may not have the the rolling waves of the Gulf Coast. But we're like, everybody's mom and we sacrifice. So that they can all do. Well, that's what we've done my job right now is to help the folks in Austin understand that and ask them to consider this being mother's day because it's time take care of mom. Here we go on on air in on. If you've got thoughts as we were alone. Eight oh, six seven four five fifty eight hundred. We'll take your texts with Dr Ted Mitchell as we roll along. You got on the green stripe shirt. And some Wrangler 's that what you were to work today. And it's what I wear to work most days in the jacket. No, no jacket today. Now, only forty four when I left the no nobody can tell you what to do. Well, you haven't met my wife. But but miss. No. Fortunately, she wants to wear a jacket. She was out feeding horses when I left. Okay. And so you don't want the chancellor's house setup. It take you win the place where you can keep your horses. Well, you know. Yeah. Because the chancellor's house is up for sale right now it is. And here's the thing. If you look at what we're trying to do as a system. When I started in two thousand and ten the state was having a tough tough time with its Konami and during periods like that it's really easy to go in and cut a budget because there is no money for anybody. Anyway, it's tougher to do that when you have a lot of money and right now during the session, we have a lot of money, but what we're trying to do is make sure that within our own system. People understand we're being good stewards of everybody's money. And so we're going through an and we're analyzing things the system level to see where things may be better served at university level. But that also includes the trappings and that includes the chancellor's mansion. And I know I've had pushback from some people about doing it. But that money in my people just friends of mine, but in my estimation, the money could be spent better for other things. And so and we have beautiful venues on our campus. To show off when we're having events we've got beautiful places on campus to take people if you're trying to show off what Texas Tech's all about. We've got great places to do that right there on the campus. We don't need a separate mansion to do that. Region change at Texas Tech. We're look here's my plan. We're in Carey you for the next thirteen fourteen minutes or so K let you get back. Bob. Huggins says is came is not dead West Virginia can let you out of here and see if that team's dead or not coming up in the big twelve turnament, a big regions change, the governor announcing that ginger Kerrick Mark Griffin Desi wobble to replace s. Bras, Lancaster in Francis at Texas Tech. When did you first learn what are your initial thoughts on this region? Change verse some that we've that I can tell that you've had three straight region change 'cause region are up every every two years in Sessa three right here. We've got three regions that are going to be completely replaced one including the. Chairman, right. Go ahead. Well, this has been the first time we've had three like that in a while. But I'll tell you the governor did exactly what he said he was going to do the governor said that he was going to focus on folks in Lubbock, and he did it. He said he was going to focus on women, and he did it and minorities, and he did that. And I will tell you that that for for us in west, Texas. I'm very proud. I'm very proud of the work that previous regions have done for us. I was mentioning you off air that that, you know, the being region is a in many ways it's a bit of a thankless job. They don't get paid for. There's a lot of work that goes with it. And so truly is a service to the system, and we are where we are today because of previous regions that have been through our system, and it's really easy for me to look forward and to make big plans for things because we've had great regents come in before looking to the future when you've got fresh blood injected in to assist them like this. What you get you get new perspectives. And you get a new visions and I'm excited for that. So there would be people. I would think even within your office chancellor who are glad that. I'm not gonna say the words regent gate again. We just did. Well, I'm going to ask you about it directly. Some would say that Rick Francis. Played a great role in the housing of Bob Duncan. What do you say about Rick Francis's departure from the Borderie? Well, again, I'd said this at the time are things going on. I was not part of discussions at going on amongst regents. And so anything that I would say would be speculation about stuff. I will say this that the we the president's all loved working with all of our regions. And we love organ with the chancellor's. Well, what went on amongst them was their own business and for me to go back and try to dissect something retroactively, I don't think serves much of a purpose for anything, particularly when we've got so much on our plate moving forward. I will tell you that all of our regions and all of our former chancellors have had huge parts to play in the success of where we are we've gone from being just as quiet regional university thirty or forty years ago. Being a major powerhouse not just within our state, but within our nation. Tell me as you see these scandals pop up mean we've seen this with scandals in the past couple of days of of people invoking, you know, their their status in order to get into institutions. What is what can you say Ted Mitchell to people who may be listening that gives them some sort of ease that kids aren't just getting in on scandal? They aren't getting in on paybacks to text taking diversity 'cause tech has not been cited at all in all of this. You see has I don't want you to take. I'm not asking you take a swipe at UT. But there have been other universities have what do you think about admissions? And what can you do to make sure that these scandals don't go forward? Well, let me tell you the the approach that we've always taken it tack. And this goes through the chancellor's into the regions as well. The way that the accrediting bodies approach admissions to universities, and this includes the professional universities. And by that, I mean, the professional schools law school med school pharmacy school nursing school things like that. They're very serious about the admissions committee being in charge of admissions, so tack and this has gone on since the time, I've started if somebody came in if we were to receive an applicant coming in wanted to be in our medical school, and you had called incidently Ted. I know this this kid for medical school. And the like then what what what what would happen with that is. Okay. Well, j Leeson somebody that we know somebody loves tack vouches for this kid just becomes a part of their packet. That's all it is. I don't have conversations with the admissions committee about it. I don't I never will call somebody and say you really got to get this kid in this in. It's just not it's not appropriate for anybody. And we do deal with that a lot on the health sciences centre side because of the competitive nature of the various schools. And so the the calls start coming in. We will have moms and dads calling in later saying why did much out get in? They had a four zero. Oh, while couldn't they get into this program, etc. Etc. But at something on the health sciences center said we've lived with for a long time. It it damages the entire process if you allow external folks to involve themselves in your decision making, and so it's something that we as we discussed this amongst ourselves with with the regents with chancellor with president's role really clear about that. There is a process. It's a good process, and you have to let the process work. How long will you be the president of health sciences center longs? I'm here. I enjoy it. And it can enjoy doing both job. I do is what do you sleep like three hours a night? Not. It's very energizing. It's it's it's very energizing. I've got the are great people on our team at the system administration. They're great team on our with our people at the health science. His center we've got really good, folks. And over the years we've developed teams of people that are. They are. They're smart. They take initiative and for me. It's just a pleasure being part of their team. So let's go the vet school for just a moment. What we know is that the house has fully funded the ass from Texas Tech. The Texas house were still in session being session till about the intimate seventy five more days. Yeah. But who's counting? I think seventy six and I'm counting. But. The house is fully funded your request. The Senate is short some thirteen fourteen million dollars. Correct. And monitor standing in Utomi incorrect, the Texas higher education coordinating board is not interested a less it's fully funded. So then what do you do to admit? You'll about the difference between the funding in the baseline budgets in the house. And the Senate the Senate being some four point seven the house being seventeen point seven sub during their well a couple of things with the coordinating board. They're looking at a lot of things one of which is the funding source, but they're looking at can you deliver the academic program? They're looking at the Scillies are looking at a whole kind of a holistic approach they'd be looking for listeners win. Does that happen it varies widely? But generally speaking, it takes months not weeks for them to go after. Recession. That was probably they would prob. Well, not of the they're already have the they've got the proposal. So they'll be doing their preliminary looks at it right now. But typically what they'll do is they'll take it. They send it to an outside person to review somebody that's involved in this particular case in veterinary medicine and veterinary medical education, they'll do review of it in the working in conjunction within then they come back, and they'll make a recommendation, the staff members will then recommendation mecca recommendation to the coordinating board. The gubernatorial appointed board, and then they will take vote on it and that process can take anywhere from a few months up to about nine months to do that some of it depends on their own schedule. When they get something posted just like a a region schedule so going from one to the next. So that process is underway. It's doing its thing with the house and the Senate we were thrilled that in both base budgets the vet school was was put in with funding. And so the work that is then done is we have to make from an egg. Occasional standpoint an academic standpoint, we've got to make our case in education folks in the Senate and in the house about the need for the school. And then the the elected officials themselves and on in this case, Senator Kerry, and Senator Seliger will be working with their colleagues to make sure that once they get to conference that that something felt protect if you will and try to work through. Yeah. But there were just talking about decimals at the same point. I mean thirteen million. I think you are I wanna throw down thirteen million. But from a state level it is around here. It is quite literally as rounding error. Yeah. And so from that perspective, then what do you make it that in this? If it is a rounding error right now, why wasn't it fully funded in the Senate? Well, this is I mean, this has been something that if that has been a trying situation for some folks and. For us. What we do is. I'm not going to try to import motived anybody or any group for anything. We just lay out what's been going on and lay out with facts. Are we do have a lot of folks that have looked at the same information? They've come same conclusion we have. So you've got the cattle-raisers you've got the cattle feeders. You've got the texts farm bureau just few weeks ago. The Texas veterinary medical association, they've all come out in support. Oh, yeah. Of the vet school. And so we just you you just have to tell the story and the story speaks for itself a hundred years ago, my alma mater was the only medical school in taxes UT of the medical branch in Galveston. There was one med school. One nursing school UT one pharmacy school UT one vet school AM you roll at four one hundred years later, we have eleven medical schools. We have twenty two nursing schools, we have nine farms CISCO's, but we still have one vets-go, and it's one of the best in the nation. In fact, it's one of the best in the world. But the state now has twenty nine million people. And we have an industry with an epicenter of it in west, Texas, and the panhandle and all over rulers of taxes that just can't get service. He had any conversations one on one John Sharp. Sure. And let me have. Oh, yeah. How no no I've had individual conversations with chance for sharpen general about life. And and he's a good guy. I mean, he's he's just passionate about tech Z M. And he said that this was a hill that he's willing to die down. Well, he's he has he has made it clear that that that he feels that. If the state will will give additional funding Texas am that they'll be able to solve all problems, and he believes that in his heart. And and I don't I don't doubt his commitment to it. But you know, the the the coordinating board has been talking about this problem since nineteen seventy-one. It's a bother you help condescending he can be making this comments. He's not been conscious. Ending to me at all. He's been very pleasant into you in general, if I if I got bothered by things people said like that I'd be bothered lot. But now, I just I mean, I I will take him at his word that he wants what he believes in his heart. Best Ray him till about the rest of the text techs initiatives. How you think they're folding in the legislature some seventy six days out. I think that that things are going very, well, we've had great conversations with the Lieutenant governor about things with a great conversations with senators and with house members, not just from west Texas before all of the state, and I think again, the the approach is just Sega's. Here's our story. This is what we have going on. What we did do very specifically on the front of this typically, you'll come into a session with a list of of numerous what are called exceptional items three or four or five different things that you wanna use we came in with one per university. So that we could go to the house into the sentence. Guys. We've done the work. For you. We have cut things back and from that perspective where keeping it focused like a laser on what west Xs needs your predecessor is. This question comes in via text, but your predecessor is lobbying. But not as an active lobbyist. Is that? Correct way is saying it that. Well, yeah, he's not what just a true believer in the vet school. You'd better believe it Imbaba Dunkin. He loves Texas Tech. He loves all the initiatives that we have all four of them and not even getting paid. Have you offered to pay him, of course. And he said no longer pay. Wow. And so he. Let me just ask a question here for the common, man. How much do you get paid to lobby for something? Like, I depends. I it varies widely depending on what is sixty grand. You'd have people typically get paid by the month during sessions have somebody makes anywhere from fifteen to twenty thousand a month for some law any turned it down. Yeah. He he what he wants to do. He and Terry have moved to Austin Lexcen. He loves tack. He knows the folks in the legislature, and and he wrote Bono. Yeah. Even free. What's it? Thank you. But whenever he told, you know, I don't want to be paid. What did you think? That's okay. I mean, it's great you Lestat. You know, what I'm looking at our budget. He loves tech. And you love it. I the wind blew like hill yesterday in Lubbock, you're from east, Texas. In Iowa say that Ted Mitchell may be the best east Texas transplant since Pat Mahomes, but the wind is definitely a problem about every every thirty forty days in loving. No kidding. But what what's the problem? Every place has its downside east, Texas. What's downside one word humidity? Humidity said it'll wear you out. I can't tell you. I'm some more than every thirty or forty. That's every day. You know, the one of the things that so incredible about west taxes is that it can be hot out here. Just like it's hot anywhere else in the summertime, but in the evening, the moment sun goes down at cools off and in east, Texas just doesn't do that. It just it stays hot. It stays warm, and whether you're in the shade or not doesn't matter, and you know, I I typically would go jogging the morning's over in east, Texas and run by Tom and temperature and. In July and August, sometimes at five o'clock in the morning. It's still ninety one degrees. It just wears you out the humidity's. What get you know? So you're you don't play athletics, stricter on the radio or not at all. You're looking forward to some Texas Tech football, though, you better believe it. And I think that if you look at coach wells, he has been he's not been Lubbock law because he's been all over seeing recruits. He spent a lot of time really working this very very hard, and he's a wonderful guy. And he came highly recommended from a lot of different people in a lot of different places that spoke with Kirby hocutt and with Lawrence Guvener about him. You understand just how popular coach Joost already is with the student body. And have you had conversations with coach ios about walking down Broadway on the weekends? I've only had one conversation with coach host, and coaches doesn't know who I am. But I didn't know who he was. And I walked into the room and asked him what he did. And he looked at me. And he's one of the coaches, and I didn't know who I didn't know he was the day. They were announcing that wells. Now's thinking gosh, you know, coach of like the surfing team, and is surfers hair. Yeah. But but and again, that's the only conversation I've had with coach. But I've heard from other folks that one of the things about that haircut of his when every goes out to scout a lot of times when he calls young young, man. And we'll say, hey, I was watching you play. They'll say, oh, I didn't see because he is the guy down on the end with the the blonde long hair the all knowing and so for him. It has worked real well. I'm very excited for the team, including the coaches that coach wells is putting together haircut Joost or Mitchell. You kidding? I love coach host. But I love my hair. We really appreciate you coming out. Oh, it's in very enjoyable ostrich. I know there are a lot of people who listen program to try to get just an entry level into what's going on in politics. And you do such a great job of laying it out there. Oh, we protect your mind gonna get Ted Mitchell out a studio so that he can go watch his red raiders play. The, you know goes watch them whip West Virginia with there, you go get him out of here and get you into quickey break get back in with more stories about the winds sorta hill ravage across the morning. Thank you, Ted Mitchell. The right back with the here in just a few moments on the other side of Texas. Oh about the wind yesterday. You know, talk to Mitchell talk about well, you know, it's, you know, the humidity's bad. It was like a hurricane on land without the rain. That's how rough it was in. Have this story here from Amarillo that residents shocked by seventy mile per hour winds how shucked d have to be live here. In March March comes in like a lion and keeps on raven until June or July. The wind was horrible. Today. Said Amrullah resident Michael bridges? This is from ABC seven in Amarillo. I had a rack on top. And I thought man this thing's going to blow off I took her his wife to launch in felt like a roller coaster felt like my Tahoe was literally going to lift up bridges and his family till ABC news ABC seven news wins. These winds were the strongest they have felt blast. Amarillo gusts exceeded seventy miles per hour and sustained winds of forty miles per hour. Four dangerous driving conditions throughout the high plains on Wednesday. Several semi trucks rolled over as they travel down the highways. We have one of those at other sides at Texas on Facebook. You wanna go check it out. We've got the video there. It was crazy said Rhett Archer, I know all the power lines were blown down the merlot and right outside my house on task OSA road and those semis blowing over. It's just crazy. The strong winds uprooted trees and toss them on the vehicles homes and into the street. The winds also knocked over power lines and snap. Power poles which left one hundred and Twenty-one thousand customers without power, according to XL energy as of ten pm on Wednesay that number had been cut to fifty three thousand five hundred excel spokesman west Reeves said they've called in and additional twenty five crews, which is anywhere from one hundred one hundred and twenty-five workers to join the restoration. Effort, Thursday morning, businesses and homes. Also miss sustained major damage the Tesco's drive in screen entranceway. Infants is were broken into pieces. The neighborhood extend a suites hotel. Sign crash down into the L Petrom not to be mistaken with patrol on L patrol on Tex-Mex restaurant while patrons ate lunch damaging exterior and interior of the building the businesses closed until repairs can be made it is unknown. How long that could take? Here's what I do know, my wife, and I being the formidable west Texans that we are decided you know, what here's what the weather's going to do their red flag warnings in the middle of the week. Let's go to Rio dosa we woke up on Sunday morning, and excuse us decided let's not go to church, let's pack up. Let's get outta town which we did and headed west in the navigator in always like Matthew, mcconaughey because we. Are able to have our navigator kinda roll my Booker as we roll down the road like McConnell, only, I've got the bigger belly in not nearly as great a hair as McConnell roll down the road, eighty four three eighty towards riodosa get the kids out we played for two days and then wait for the weather to roll in. And we drove back in the win. Well, no, no. And that was this expertise of it. This is why we're west Texas experts. We knew that the wind would start blowing on see. So we drove in on Tuesday evening, got home, everything unpacked, and then everything turned into Kansas Dorothy in the wizard of Oz on Wednesday. We got home got kids. Unloaded had a day inside yesterday. Had kid day-to-day brought in their friends road bikes. Yes. I did anchor down. There's a tow rope. And I think I'm just gonna. Leave it there for the rest of the spring to- rope around our basketball goal because we we have a concrete had front yard, and that's not because we're grain greener 's their grain new dealers. It's just because we've got a great stained concrete front yard and have a movable basketball goal. Heavy wrote down by to- rope. And we leave it there. And that's how we roll their the Leeson's due in the spring. And that's what I'm just. I'm just gonna leave the tow rope up and do it that way. There was another thing. I was going to bring up there. But I forgot it. Great interview with Dr Mitchell pre him coming in got all things. Texting athletics doesn't stay up at night. Worrying about crispier were crispier might go and enjoys coach ios hair. Appreciate your feedback. J at other side of Texas dot com on your thoughts on the program, and on this particular program gonna catch a quick break here and get back out tell you what's coming up the rest of the week. And what you've got to come big announcement to come in a couple of months, not months. Couple of weeks here on the program in. Now, let you hear some good commercials in be back here about hundred twenty seconds here. On the other side. Brought you. Welcome back to the other side with Leeson. So. Then. Listen coming up. We got some end of the week recap. We played best of and the first part of this week. That's why we've not had mini. Many shows this week with played the best of because me and MRs Leeson took the kids to New Mexico Mundy chew see and now win see. And then Dr Mitchell so gracious to join us today on the program. So you won't be able to find those podcasts. You'll find today's podcasts up when Daniel the digital millennial. Guru brings it up online. And then get into some better Aurora and just a couple of initial things here. Listen, I wanna say this very plainly. I've not voted for or roar. He does not send a thrill up. My inner thaw. But it does it does excitement little bit. How much the left and the right? Disdain this guy that you know, slate dot com, Texas observer, he can't find his bearings. He doesn't know what he thinks on the right? His name's Beto Aurora or Robert Aurore taking slams listen Apollo guy in the biblical text that was slammed from both sides. And I'm not in any way, columi- self better. Roar or any other living person savior, but I will say this. It's hard to root for the gun in the middle. In Venera held some positions that me, and my friend, Brandon Darby think or are problematic to say the least on the border, but whenever you follow a guy in the the coast the east and the west coast, no to do with them, and they call them not liberal enough. And then Texas calls them too liberal any getting all these nuances it begin to wonder, maybe maybe there's some potency behind this. And especially in a Trump era where if he's able to delineate in people can trust if the polls come back and say I trust what better Aurora may not believe in what he says. But I think I believe him more than the other guy. That's a problem for the God that's in the White House. And I say that is to Tom Trump voter. We'll just see what comes to play and not actively rooting for Beddoe Aurore. But in this context in which everybody throws on their labels and then throws on their scarlet letters and everything else. I'm I'm a little bit intrigued with the roar count in that field right now, and what he might be able to accomplish. And you know, I said people come on the show, he's not running. Of course, he was always going to run. And so here he is we'll get into that more tomorrow on the program for now when think Ted Mitchell, Dr Ted Mitchell texting diversity coming onto the program. Interesting. Very interesting dynamic that Texas Tech has playing within the legislature. See if they can get that that school done four now gonna get home. Gotta get home Texas Tech tip off here in about seven half minute. So I've gotta run home really fast from the big twelve tournament. Appreciate all you listening raven buddies ray-ban, we'll see. Next time right here on the other side of Texas.

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