Coffee, tea, red or white. Whats your personality


If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free there's creation tools that allow you to record and editor podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So I'm going to be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast and one police. Download the free anchor APP or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started. Greetings my friends and podcast land and thanks so much for joining dray his point of view. I'm your hostess Drean. Each and every week I'll be bringing you something that I feel passionate about and I'll be doing that in ten minutes or less S. for those of you with short attention spans. Your mind wanders with those long shows and you just don't have time to listen to them so I want to keep them short and sweet and I want to do that with absolutely no co host at all that way. I can totally completely and only give you. Dreyer's point of view that being said let's jump right into this week's topic coffee or tea red or white. Which do you prefer? I'm a tea drinker. And I love white wine. And there are differences in personalities extreme differences the personalities between these so. I just wanted to talk about that. I know a lot more coffee drinkers than I do. Tea Drinkers. I've always been fascinated especially since both my parents like coffee. And I don't I might get an occasional frappuccino or maybe caramel macchiato. But far between the average I'm a girl. So what statistics did I find out about that? I I've found that more women drink coffee every day than men. Do most Americans fix it at home as opposed to buying it out in stores which I find hard to believe because those coffee shops the line is out the door about twenty nine percent of consumers? Drink it to relax. An average person drinks three point one cups per day. According to helping to post more than half of all coffee consumers would rather skip a shower in the morning. Then skip their coffee. Can you believe that? And thirty five percent of people tend to drink black coffee that differences. I found between coffee and tea. People if you're a creative introverted morning person you prefer coffee. Oversee us. Tea Drinkers tend to be extroverted night? Owls that's definitely true for me. Definitely a night owl. Coffee drinkers tend to be light sleepers. Anti drinkers are avid sleepers. I tend to be a light sleeper. So that part I gotTA disagree with. There's exceptions every rule of course if you're a coffee drinker you self identify with. Being Messy tea drinkers. Mainly tidy fear coffee drinker. You have five or more close friends if you're a tea drinker. You're tend to be quiet in the morning if you're a coffee drinker you're more likely to be single. And as tea drinkers tend to be in relationships. According to New York Post coffee drinkers tend to take their drink. Straight and tea drinkers. At least will show sugar in our drinks. Coffee drinkers tend to be dog. People and as T. People tend to like cats. As far as music goes coffee. Drinkers tend to like Blues and Jazz and rock. But the tea drinkers. We like country. Pop or rap. I disagree with that one. I really enjoy blues and jazz and as far as tea drinkers. We are more likely to have a sweet tooth at definitely true for me. I have to have my sweets least once every day. The benefits well T- hydrates. The body. Coffee improves energy levels. Tea Reduces certain cancers and tumors whereas coffee improves physical performance. T will keep you going since it has less. Caffeine and coffee tends to lower Parkinson's disease but the best part about it is tea is good for your teeth and it's just easier to make obviously just get a bag and you're done with the coffee use brew it and or just get the grounds and it's it's just now. I'm not girl now. What about the winds red or white? I've known a lot more red wine drinkers so I wanted to look into that. The red wine drinkers tend to be more practical whereas white wine lovers. We live in the moment. The red wine people tend to speak their minds whereas white wine tend to be good listeners. Red Wine drinkers tend to be deep thinkers whereas wine drinkers are big talkers. Morning people apply to the red wine drinkers whereas night. Owls where the white wine drinkers red wine. People like good books whereas the white wine drinkers. We like good movies. Red Wine drinkers prefer table conversations. Whereas white wine drinkers re- prefer to chat on the phone. The benefits there's benefits to both with red wine higher amounts of vitamins. And you know it's good for your heart whereas the white wine drinkers white. Wine brings US less calories. I hope he learned something from this. Podcast enjoyed it enough to be able to follow me on all platforms. You're going to be on apple. Podcast Google podcasts. Spotify anchor breaker podcast radio public and more. This has ben. Dray his point of view.

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