Certainly, we got nothing but respect for back in his representation in terms of what they're trying to get out of the deal they certainly. WanNa shorter deal. Historically we have is management wanted longer deals because it's more cap- friendly and we're able to spread some things out and keep some players which you know at the end of the day and back understand this. That's what we're trying to trying to do here. All right that was Stephen, Jones the first time we've heard from him on this summer regarding the Dak Prescott contract negotiations who world champion Ryan Clark here with us right good. Have you with us we'll get to you in just a moment, but I got to start with the Aficionados on all things Dallas. Thoughts on Stephen. Comments. Talk to me southern. Steve. Well you know I I mean southern Stephen Certain Stephen able to tell you that I'm not surprised at all by Stephen, Jones comments. Seemed Apropos at this particular moment in time, you got that Prescott locked up thirty one point four, million dollars for the upcoming season. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. You might not have to pay him the money that he's looking to get it because engine for Christ sakes or something like that. I will tell you the southern Steve would say Stephen Jones didn't say anything that was inappropriate in accurate or anything like that. Stephen however would tell you it's I'm disgusted with it because here's the deal what you've admitted publicly is that I'm trying to lock him in long-term at a deal that. He clearly believes is below his value and as a result we said up, it show improve yet. Again, FOUR YEAR STARTER HASN'T MISSED A game nor Scott took them to the playoffs tied twice to division titles actually a couple of playoff victories more than four years or just as much as four years that Tony Romo did it nine years and the thing about it because I love my man Jerry Jones and I respect the hell out of Steven Jones but the thing that really rubs me the wrong way is that I firmly believe same numbers same level of production same demane. If this Tony Romo deal with the got done for some reason when it comes to Dak Prescott, you can't do that. You'd have done that for Tony Romo okay. You did you took care Jalen Smith. You took care offensive line. You took care of Amari Cooper. You took care of Zeki Elliott, start no doubt. But the brother was chilling and Kabo Okay when you gave him fifty million guaranteed in about ninety five, million dollars in salary I'm just saying to watch it's one thing not to pay debt Prescott. It's one thing not to pay him what he thinks he's worth because you're. Openly challenging what he believes is worth is it's another thing for him to be the quarterback of America's team and you take a a multitude of assets are around him who would amount to nothing if he doesn't produce the you but in the same breath, you don't take care of him and then got the nerve to go out publicly and give an explanation as to why that is. It's a Mesa it really is. I would say that just to pick up your point Stephen about the difference between deck and Romo. First of all, it's interesting because they're slotted in their respective eras around the same spot. Romo, was something less than an elite quarterback, but he's very, very good and same thing with that. He's very good. He's not quite. Yet although Dak looks like he's trending that way Robo I think was if one of them was perceived as actually better than the other in their era I would say Romo Roller wasn't about what he was going to be what he was going to become about where he already seem to be. A role then or Dak. now given the NFL in both I would say Romo then not not all that long ago but I think he was in my mind at least I rated him a little bit higher than I rate Dak now and I think that can explain some of it. What's odd to me about what Steven Jones is saying and I get Jerry is like the big immagination guy forget about the details right and Steven? Jones. is much more like that. We got to pay attention to the details so if Steven Jones wasn't There you think they draft an offensive lineman or Johnny. Manziel you know. But so that Stephen Jones way is like you want to dot the i's and cross the t's and make sure you get the details right? The devils in the details put Jerry's come out and said his every one of his best deals he overpaid for always in the moment it seems like an overpaid but looking back at an actually that was that was the best deal I made like that was good for me to do that and he runs the Dallas cowboys. When. He's left to his own devices much more like that with a big imagination and it seems to me like Stevens. Job is in that dynamic at least to pull that back a little bit and dot the i's and cross the t's. So what I think is happening here is like, yeah, we want Dak Prescott and Steven. Jones wanted to get him for the Right, price and you know that wasn't budget and now they found out he wasn't budget and Jerry's probably sitting there going hold on we don't have that sign up we have to have our quarterback, and now they're going to have to get it done what it all amounts to is essentially a public admission by Stephen. Jones. That they tried to pay play Penny wise and. Pound Foolish, and now it's probably going to cost them a little extra. I think that's the big thing for me Max it's going to cost them extra money. Now because now, you're pushing leverage to deck Prescott side either he gets thirty seven million on a franchise next year, and then he's unrestricted free agent or you find a way to pay him the way you have to, and when you look at them talking about doing a longer term deal that means you gotta change the money if I want short. Term Deal. If I'm Dak Prescott or some of these younger quarterbacks coming up, that means you're GONNA have to make sure that the money makes sense for me to sign in longer because the cat will rise and we'll get more TV money. They're all these things that will play a factor into how my money stains or where I stand percentage wise at that time down the road and that's Dak. Prescott is saying, I, want to get money. Now and then, I, want to be young when I have an opportunity to Rio. But what this says about the Dallas cowboys to me is they're showing you how they feel about Dak Prescott because we Jalen got his deal when Ezekiel got his do Steven Jones was still there Stephen Jones was still making decisions. So I know Mac says Steven. Jones job is to pull jerry back a little bit. Where is he pulling Jerry Back Win Ezekiel Elliott was in Kabul there was no pullback them with Jaylen Smith was getting his deal before Dak. Prescott. No pool bag in the hundred million to Mario Cooper no pull. Beg Them. So this is not about Jerry Jones wanting to do something Stephen Jones, not wanting to do it or penny pinching or Steven Jones being that guy that controls it this way this is them saying deck we feel a certain way about you in that way. To pay you a certain amount. You eat we're not paying nothing over that. We're not changing our mind on. So Dak Prescott better understand. So it sure about heels other guys. Sure about deck. Ron Tell You Sarah Ryan right now Ryan I understand where you're coming from and I get to point. But I'm going to respectfully just modified those comments that just. Tell you this. They're not just showing them how they feel about them. They're telling them what they don't think about them and what they don't feel about your result this and excuse me Sir even in this day and age you shit, feel privileged to be the quarterback at a Dallas cowboys who hasn't won a super bowl in twenty five years has won about four three or four playoff games in that span has been a walking piece of immediate mediocrity with the worst fan base. In American history those seem Dallas cowboys you should be privileged and proud to represent. That's what they're saying about that Dak Prescott and that's what I think. He should he. And you know what? I would say southern Steve if I was with the Joneses family at the negotiating table. If not back then who who's this magical quarterback I will say this that's going to get them to where. The draft I will tell you this molly. I will say this with all the criticism I've had eight and Jerry Jones Direction do this contract situation with Dak Prescott, in the fact that he's been a wall with all, it is social justice stuff going on. I would say. I wouldn't mind being invited on that. Yeah. Would Monitor. Their. Boy More. Messed up of the leave a guys leave it. There are seeing appreciate you. We'll talk just say when we come back. By. Yourself a yacht. Policy from state farm gets you collision coverage and this radio ad from state farm gets you coverage of this beloved nineties hits. The call. A. From whatever age isn't state farm DOT COM. Only fifteen minutes night. Did you feel located? You want to go back out there was this just kind of kind of holding you back. They weren't. They weren't holding me back. Didn't want to be out there but. You know we're just working my way back in flow saunas outside as it's a plane. When you know your minutes are GonNa be as limited as they were and how long do you think it'll take for you. Get that that you're used. Honestly I don't know only take. I guess maybe a couple of games. Is straightened but it's not so frustrating 'cause you know like. I can. Easily. Could probably not even let me play but. able to play some. Cam. Mater? All right. That was I on Williamson there and it was great to see him back on the court. Perk here with us and made champion Kendrick. Perkins always great to have you. Max will start with you. Are You more disappointed in Zion or the PELICANS? Well Zion I didn't think played very well, I'm not going to say the Pelicans because the minute restriction because the hardest time to do the right thing, the discipline thing is when it's inconvenient and in a close game and it would be very good for this young team. It's not life or death. You know they have some time to get this thing going it's his rookie season, but it'd be great for them to get playoff experiences rookie year, and it's almost as though. The NBA came up with the playoff format rules where you know you have to be at least four games up where there's a plant in order to get fat Zion in the playoffs like who wouldn't want to see that. So I get there's a temptation to do it but in fact, if he's not really in the kind of game shape, you'd like them to be because of his injury history because the motor in him which in his frame we've never seen before right It's just absurd. That's why he has sneaker can explode in college because that kind of force that he's put the stopping and starting and and speed and quickness in that size like he's unique. So I understand the really trying to be careful with him. Now, what are you weigh against like? Well, you don't WanNa be too crazy about that. You GotTa know when you can. Violate that by a minute or two it's not gonNa really do much different do much of a difference right but was not playing particularly. Well, they reminded sixteen with him on the floor you that. Nice. Behind the back pass the he's certainly is a scoring machine like around the ask you can't stop him but he was turning the ball over he was he wasn't grabbing rebounds. Forget about bears rejecting them at the rim he could do that to everybody but or or rejecting the pain, but he would not say that vintage I on and while he might have brought a certain kind of energy to the end of the game, the game itself this game itself did not provide enough evidence that said boy like this will be the difference in this game and we should violate this rule we're trying to be disciplined with for the sake of Zion's future and our franchises future in order to get him those extra couple of minutes so. I can't say I was disappointed with the Pelicans and I have scenes I on play much better. Well for me. For me what I would tell you is this. The PELICANS are what I was most disappointed in I understand Zion left bubble on the stand that you know the necessary amount of training. Camp conditioning or what have you may not have taken place whatever but you're talking about safeguard and a guy that hasn't played basketball in the last several months from a physical perspective. I mean I understand you know the minutes, restrictions and things of that nature when he first returned. From from being injured when he played those first nineteen games for the Pelicans I understand you have to proceed with caution the deputy killed moment of time. But considering the footage that we saw him where he looked like Bain from I, think that's the characters name from the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight rises or whatever I mean brother looks just these or what have you looked phenomenal shape. I. Would have liked to have seen more than fifteen minutes I certainly would have liked to see him at some point in the last seven minutes plus. The game before it ended I definitely think that Zion is capable of going out the giving you something at that particular moment Tom, and I understand again it's about the future it's about the marathon that's not about the sprint please don't get me wrong I'm simply saying it's been about five months since they played basketball and all of time he's been working on his health and conditioning and what have you. So why would you feel the need to restrict them the fifteen minutes in a game last? Night. When last time I checked the reason why you were invited to the bubble is because you you on the outside looking in but within striking distance of forcing at least a play in game for eight the final playoff spot in the western conference or you trying to win an up and that's what I got from this. I just thought that the Pelicans should have played them and again if you're injured or whatever please don't get me wrong I, understand it but if you're in good health Just because you haven't been taking you know you're not in a proper conditioning or whatever. The case may be got eight games left got eight games left, and in all likelihood you might be going home because you might not even make the playoffs if you're invited to the bubble and he's putting himself a risk just like anybody else just by being there although break Popovich another other is the safest place in the country right now considering it they don't have any positive test. The bottom line is he's there and he's there to play. He's to try to win. He's to try to enter into the postseason. Hasn't played a five month I. Don't want to stand the restriction I. Stephen, A. Makes hit is I. Don't think we should over-react to this first game because Zairean didn't get a chance to go to training camp and he didn't get a chance to play to those scrimmages and as a player that means a life. It's a protocol that you have to follow for getting back into the game. Say the Pelicans didn't have practice. He wasn't able to scrimmage five on five. Now when it gets down the line to game to in game three and we started seeing men restricts is now there's a problem but I'm with to Stephen Listen He's twenty years old. Enough time to risks he should be ready to go when the when the Pelicans going to release this bear out of the cage he's box office he's their franchise he's ready to play. Let him go out there and play and makes your point I. don't care if he was a negative twenty four he's your franchise player. He's GonNa play. He belongs on the floor period there are better team with Xijiang Williamson on the floor I know Brandon Ingram is a stood jj rare was Paul Lonzo ball finally turned the corner. What you mean not last night. It was his last night by the fact is I. They had their their point differential negative sixteen when he was on the floor. So generally your rights on out last night. So so so what so way what he's a franchise guy, it happens so. You still got to have him on the floor pierpoint Blake. He is a force. He didn't get opportunity to go back on the floor because. No benefits to make that into a positive so they don't make a point to. Point Max as a franchise player, you deserve to be on the floor at all times I'm just trying to. Win is the right time to release them. You can't low manage him look I. would say that. He's healthy. You got. Anything like Zion. We've never seen just physically anything like Zion and I believe that the franchise is probably concerned that unless they really feel he's in game shape they want to be very careful understandably now, I think actually the best reason to play him in those moments is not what I'm hearing from you guys necessarily, which is a shot to make the playoffs still, and you're a better chance with him on the floor or whatever his plus minus was last night still you're a better team usually I on on the floor gives you your best chance to win I. Think there's another better argument for why you play 'em then and I saw this happen to job Chamberlain of Relief Pitcher who could also start Through one hundred miles an hour, the Yankees, the Yankees, not all that long ago in the last decade and they put him on a pitch count. They wanted to be very careful with him because he had this great arm in baseball you don't WanNA throw too many innings more than you did the year before as you're developing a pitcher, you're afraid to blow out his arm and the Yankees started messing with his pitch count and like not started when he was supposed to start and saw them in my view psychologically mess him up in a year where he was trending in the right direction and he may have had other problems because he was never turned out to be great but. But I thought maybe he had a chance to be better than he was, and that's the best reason to me to play your prospect, your prize kind of franchise guy when it matters most. To sometimes bend the rules a little bit about your own discipline about. Pitch Council minutes restrictions because you want to cultivate them the motion psychologically to but from the physical point of view I get it guys his motor his frame is different and if you want to be very careful with this guy's health I'm just saying my God demands. Offs. I mean I it's been out for domino's that's like going to the point man's with a mile waiting to go next and you know what you say. I'm only going to play a couple of plays. You know why you out there. Play. Out here guys. Don't forget. Yes sorry park, we gotta get into commercial break. Much more to talk about this. Okay. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. So. Here's my thing and this is not knock on jittery I love Alvin Gentry. But as a as a coach as a coach I understand that you have a minute restriction. But as I understand the game, if I'm a head coach I'm going on maximum. Hey Big Fella how you feel and if he tell me feeling good I'm GonNa put them right back where I beg. McCoy. That's that's I would do it. If I was the head coach enforce managing his minutes in is plans. Does me personally every minute created equal. The adjustment to conference only as about we've been playing college football in this country for one hundred, fifty consecutive years well over eighty five years of crowning champions in the SEC and we GONNA make sure we're able to do that and There are parts of it that we regret. But did drove our decision to to have a teams compete for a championship this year to the greatest extent. Possible. The SEC will play a ten game conference only football schedule. This season, the full schedule will be announced at a later date sec became the fourth hour conferences month to alter its schedule in order to provide more flexibility during the Pan Democrats on that. No, we bring in the mouth of the south. Where is the Paul. Finebaum. Paul Soga. You always put a smile on my face Paul talk to me here. This is actually not something we should be smiling about more pessimistic. nope. What are the Chances Paul? You see what's happening with MLB? There's no bubble situation that we're really going to have a college football season or at least finish it. Molly I thought yesterday was a very bad day for college football and I say that because the SEC was the the conference that everyone. If it's the big ten couldn't go with the PAC twelve. If the big twelve, the SEC would go and they would start on time and they would start. But by the commissioner saying they're not going to at least tentatively start to September twenty six was a body blow because that means you wipe three weeks out of the season the Non Conference Games that we look forward to all summer. And just the tone and tenor of Great Sankey Voice I I spoke with him last night and it was a sobering conversation. This has been a very upbeat optimistic individual who carries college football's biggest brand on his shoulders. So I think they'll try to start it the one thing he told me they were not comfortable starting on Labor Day weekend finally, some honesty from a person in a high position. So they delayed it three weeks and and finally they wanna see what happens and here's the dangerous part when students start converging back on campus and guess what mix with. College football players that's what they're scared of. Paul Finebaum, could you educate me about this because so many times we sit here and we point the finger of blame and we're clear with the point that thing in a lot of situations as it pertains to college football you've you've articulated the absence of leadership that insisted that has existed as it pertained to just a individual that overseas the sport itself when you speak to people like Mr Sankey and others who they point the finger at for the conditions being what they are when it comes to college football. Well Stephen A. for those who don't understand. I'll give a quick primer here. college football is not operated by the NCAA THE NCAA president. Everything. Else other than big time college football, they're in charge of the march madness charge of division one and two and all these other divisions. But in college football, the five commissioners they remind me going back to the Godfather. The each one has their own domain. I got staten. Island, you got the Queen's the five families of the mob and they are supposed to get along and meet, and because of those five plus Notre Dame, they have the College Football playoff. Football, but no one is in charge and what we've seen this week is really depressing. You saw a couple of weeks ago the big ten making announced. Wednesday. The ACC makes an announcement yesterday, the SEC and none of them are on the same page I talked to the big twelve commissioner yesterday Bob Bos me they're planning on starting on August twenty eight So you have five five conferences that are all planning on starting on different dates. In other words no one is in charge no one will ever be charged because no one wants to give up their own feifdom. It wasn't until this day that I realized it was a pandemic all along. Yeah. It does I hear Your Godfather reference. Paul. Let. Me Ask you this when when I, hear. Dana White when I speak today in a white or todd the buffet top rank or or when you listen to Adam silver. You're talking about leagues and operations that have successfully staged events. They've had to cancel things postponed things they have a bubble the whole thing when I hear the tone. Of College football people I hear as I mentioned on the show many times starry eyed optimism from what which does not inspire confidence from what you're hearing now, and you said that there seemed to imply there was a tone shift. Would you say that you're hearing? Realistic concern in terms of what they can do and what's going to happen. For example, if they were saying boy, we are really in for this I don't know if we can pull it off but then I think if we do X. Y. and Z. we have a shot or you here, we're going to have football season come hell or high water, and don't worry about it like what's their tone now and has there been a change. There has been a Paradigm Shift Maxim and yesterday was the starting point because Not to overstate the. But but the SEC's motto is it just means more and yesterday it seemed like it just meant less in terms of how many games they were going to play. They announced they were they were only playing ten games and by saying that there's there essentially saying we're concerned. We see we we do realize for the first time there is a pandemic and it's killing people and it's making our our student athletes sick. So we're going to be careful what's happened finally Max is the presidents of universities have gotten involved in these ad's who just keep giving US nonsensical comments we're playing. We're we'll have we have full stadiums. They have finally been silenced for the time being in the adults in the room are in charge. Now, what happens from here? I'm not certain the commissioner told me last night they're watching a number of things guess what including MLB, which is a scary thought they're looking at MLB and they're also paying very close attention to to the public health numbers which were terrible. And the NFL if MLB crashes and Burns and I know I know the betting line in Vegas isn't great on that today and the NFL succeeds it gives them a more more pause. Can we do it or can we not do it but but right now until someone gets gets in the way, you're going to see all these conferences going in separate directions and it looks like it could a disastrous result. Yeah, it's pretty scary stuff very sobering week in sports in the NBA Paul. It's always good to see you stay safe. We'll talk to you soon. Sir. Oh. Make. A We. Continue to make pro. Day allow make him proud. I'll live my life not only. On basketball floor but off the floor. All right an extraordinary moment we saw last night all the players kneeling unison, and we had a conversation earlier Jay Williams back here with us and Steven I brought up the point. It's nice to see the players Neil, but where were they back in two thousand sixteen initially when Colin Kaepernick did this and I know that kind of got you animated. So let's let's pick up right there. Why were you bothered by that notion? Molly I think certain players subbed obviously Lebron James it more than vote. He put a lot of things in action. Voices opinion. A lot of other NBA players voice their opinions, but I also want to put this whole thing into perspective at that given time when Colin Kaepernick I did that we were on air talking about I. Think a lot of people were talking about it making a stand with him while doing that I think people started to get extremely nervous. I know a lot of African American players started get nervous because they saw how it was politicized and they saw. How a lot of conservative owners frowned upon that and it thought it can limit their earning potential and I just know I think is very delicate of a situation I. Know It's easy for certain players who make a lot of money to do that because they're liars won't be impacted but ultimately players that need that money to support their family I can see how that could be conundrum. I'm not saying it makes it right but I do think it's understandable for those players that maybe didn't decide to kneel automatically with them because they were afraid of what the earning potential, how that could be in jeopardy. Well I didn't say it wasn't understandable J. What I'm saying is is that just like you can understand that point and I completely agree with you, there is another side to it. I didn't knowledge I didn't fail to acknowledge how they should be applauded and it should be appreciative and taking the stance that they take because I definitely appreciate it as I'm sure you do as black men but there is a flip side and when I bring up Colin capital, let me take in shifted just a touch. Know what on many many occasions myself and others have brought up of the port city of African Americans who were in executive positions, how the numbers have dwindled amongst coaching and how you have a league that's damn near seventy, five percent black that almost never speak up about this issue. Why is that? There's nothing wrong with that you can appreciate what they bring to the. Table You can understand where they're coming from but in the same breath too much given much is required, and since you have a bevy a place where so much is given them and they have to concern themselves with their quality of life. Why not take that position where I remember when Karma? Carmelo. Anthony P. Three Lebron James a debate they stood up at the. It took the position that they took it terms of addressing the level of violence. We applauded them Ad Nauseam, but we also pointed out how excuse me wasn't risk gay for them to take that position because everyone knew that was absolutely one hundred percent right and no one black white or otherwise could disagree with that. Now you transition the Colin. Capital it's not about nearly when he was dealing the point is if you felt the need to lock arms at that particular moment in time, you could have taken a knee. As, well, you elected not to you shouldn't be insulted for that or anything like that but if you wasn't willing to take a knee, then why would you be willing to take a nap and if the argument is that it's safer now then if it's safe for where's the sacrifice I'm saying people are going to ask those questions and I don't think those questions beyond the Pale when we could sit at a FAC that the in these positions, not just because of their great talent but because of the sacrifices made to. Facilitate them being a position to benefit from those sacrifices. That's all I'm saying, well, human nature human nature is human nature, and so you have to ask yourself why was it only capture nick and a select few who were willing to do it then and why now why is it the same thing to do now? Why are you safer in the majority now kneeling then then you are not nearly versus several years ago well, it's the same thing when I say, why do you think we'll chamberlain in sixty one sixty? Two average fifty points at twenty five boards, a game and the same year Elgin Baylor Average thirty seven and Oscar Robertson thirty points with a triple double for the season because the environment allowed that to happen in that day the way they play ball allowed for those numbers to happen. It's not because they were better than players who came after they were comparable. So why now it's not so much that for black people in my opinion, things have changed so much. It's that for white people, they have been the impediment to. The advancement of. Social Justice has not been black people. They did that's not the reason the injustice exists in the first place. The reason things can change. Now it's that the power structure and those who support it have changed because this pandemic has met things aren't normal. The economy suffered its worst quarter in modern American history. There is a global pandemic hundreds of thousands of now died things are not normal and before they get back to normal, a lot of people are saying, wait a minute normal should benefit everyone not just a select group of people I think that's W-. Underlying factors. Are What we've seen represented ultimately on the surface in the NBA protests. Go ahead Jay I'll. Chairman. Stephen A. Question for you are there any individual players that you felt didn't stand up for the opportunity to Stan in alignment with Colin Kaepernick because? Or? Not, at all blocking to everybody I'm not saying. No? No. I'm not saying that what I'm saying is that at the time that he stood there, League consists of sixteen hundred and ninety six players in the nfl you got four hundred and fifty plus players obviously nobody took a knee in the NBA because the rule was ruled against taking the knee during the national anthem indicate the NFL players even though there was no hard and fast rule, they strongly covered you to stand. You still had only a handful of players like eleven to fifteen out of sixteen, hundred and ninety six that join Kala cabinet, and in the end, it was only evergreen. Just sitting there saying. Now, that it appears to be okay with the quote unquote power. Structure Because of the Times that we're living in your taking that position, they are going to be though. A great. That are going to say we appreciate it, but it wasn't that much of a sacrifice right now because it's safe to do. So now they're going to be people who say that. All I WANNA say real quick is I think initially when Colin Kaepernick Kapernick did this I don't think it was discuss amongst all the players and I thought it was an issue because a lot of politicized and that's when completion happen organization started. Different than what originally Super Yes. I understand I understand that I understand Celtics Bucks six thirty eastern on ESPN six o'clock NBA. Count. William Stephen a Max fabulous weekend. We'll see you all on Monday. Take care.

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