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What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of games. Daily for Monday March thirtieth twenty twenty. I'm one of your host Greg Miller alongside for the first time in forever the busiest lady in the Business Andrea A. Wow Evans clapping at home. Which he hasn't done for any of the we have cool friends so that is a big number there for me. I missed you guys so much. We missed you to Andrew. How you been? How long have you been gone to? I'm semi last show was in September where I move. I think it was September tenth or September eleventh. Gotcha yeah it's crazy right because I don't know about you. Time is definitely lost all meaning in two thousand twenty one hundred percent. Can you believe it? It still March Greg. I cannot large at all I was watching. You Know Tomas Remedy put up about I. I am doing my dice expense reports in that feels like a lifetime ago and I was like Holy Shit. The dice was last month. Not only last month like not even yet like if you it's just like we don't even know what's going on. I just can't keep up with anymore now. I'm with you. I was also going through some some photos and things and I saw this stuff from CBS. And that even feels further ago but it wasn't the last couple of months ago we're still Q. One technically outrageous. How's everything going with? What's good everything is going great as you could see. We've got our brand new studio up and running. Example was beautiful a mask or penal joint. Right yes go bunn production shout out to Matt and Hannah for being Pentastar to work with. I'm so it's been going awesome and Britney and I launched a brand new show which you can see behind me. What's Good Games live? Is our new live show with this going to be right after a cave? Gd actually we were thinking about What time did we do the show and I was like you know? We definitely don't want to cross over with td so eleven am on. Mondays is when we're going to be doing that. Show because we've always wanted the ability to address the news that we miss on Thursday and Friday specifically our show we tape Wednesday nights usually and then we post Friday morning. So there's always breaking news that happens before we are able to publish that. We never get to in the by the time it gets up the next week. Kind of feels like it's old news. And so this something. We'd been kind of you know stewing on for a while and this work from home situation felt like the right time the right time to give people more content right. Yeah exactly every Monday eleven. Am Pacific Time going to be late today. Twitch DOT TV Slash Games? Yes exactly. That will be late today but hopefully if people haven't checked it out they can and then if for some reason. People aren't keeping abreast of the situation. I heard the team expanded. Oh yes we did so I packs east this year we announced that Riyadh Emanuel has joined. What's in part time. Which is very exciting. So obviously lots of camps know about Riana new and they are just wonderful people. Riana has been to amazing part of the. What's good Games community really since we launched and just getting to know her over the years of WG has been phenomenal and she approached me last year and was like. Hey I want to do more with less good. Like what can we do together? And I was like actually we might finally be in a position where we can you know? Hire someone part time and so we kind of talked about what she would be interested in and came up with a plan and we started working with her in March this year. So Great. Great time ringer onto just goes to hell is. She's she's so great and we love that she's going to be on the podcast. Once a month and more of her schedule allow she. Of course like steamer has a girl job and she just has been such a joy because she complements the type of games that we all like so she not only plays some of the more combat shooter. Focus Games that I really enjoy. But she also plays some games that I don't really spend any time in it makes a really nice compliment to the kind of expertise that we bring to the table. That's awesome I'm so proud. I'm glad you guys were killed. I thank you so much Greg but enough about that today. We're GONNA TALK ABOUT MARIO. Having a hell of a twenty twenty resonable three reviews being out and final fantasy. Seven might be coming to you early because this is kind of funny games daily each and every weekday a variety of platforms. We run you through the video. Game News lead. Know about if you like that. Be Part of the show patriots dot com slash. Kinda Funny Games. Yuki was your questions. Comments concerns the squad up requested everything else under the video game son. Of course there you can get the show ad free and the exclusive po show but if you have no bucks toss away. It's no big deal. You can go to twitter dot TV slash kind of funny games in Watch. Us Record the show live. If you're watching live you've a special job go to. Kinda funny dot com slash your wrong. Tell us what we screw up as we screw it up. So we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on YouTube dot com slash kind of funny Games Rooster Teeth Dot Com and listening on podcast services around the globe housekeeping for you as I mentioned the top there. Resonable three Remake reviews are out. You can catch hours on youtube dot com kind of funny games and of course the Games cast podcast feed. We'll talk about that soon enough. Thank you are patriotic producers? Mohammad Mohammad mope drew garnier fruit teas blackjack and the kind of funny destiny to PC clam. I can't get away from this destiny left as I can done. France rarely on stuff anymore than here they are. They sponsor the show and I just saw ran on p. live last week. I finally guess on that show and he was on as well but I love that. Your PC clan specifically was like yo we need some more players sponsorship so good. It's so brilliant. Uh today were brought to you by. What's Good Games live? But I'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin the show with what is and forever will be. The Roper report. Did six items. Are you crying or laughing? Acre doesn't have a mouthful of breakfast to a bacon. Dan For why we went big. I like them. I appreciate that a lot Number one on the rope report Nintendo switches twenty twenty. Looks like it's going to be dominated by Mario. This is Tom Phillips. Over at Euro. Gamer Nintendo switches. I party lineup for the rest of twenty twenty. We'll be dominated by Mario Games old and new to coincide with the original Super Mario Brothers thirty fifth anniversary. That's according to European resources with knowledge of Nintendo's upcoming plans who have corroborated report posted by vg. See I the report states. Nintendo released quote most of Super Mario thirty-five year back catalog this year remastered for Nintendo switch. There's no detail on which games this includes but the article includes a banner image of Mario Galaxy perhaps intended to suggest the we classic as one of these Games euro game resources have indicated that Mario Galaxy is indeed one of the game's being ready for a remastered alongside a couple of three D. Mario favorites update. Gazoo is now gonNA firm visa as Super Mario Sixty four and Mario Sunshine which Euro Gamer can corroborate. Many earlier. Mario Games are already available ONS. Which via the Council Online Snes APPS second the report states several other Mario titles will release in twenty twenty including a new paper. Mario you're a gamer sources. Have confirmed a new paper. Mari was in the works. Along with a deluxe edition of Super Mario Three D world which will include an array of new levels. This long rumored we import is one of a couple of first party. Were First Party Games from Nintendo's previous causal currently do for a new lease on life in twenty twenty when contacted for this story Nintendo gave Euro gamers traditional response? That did you did did not comment on rumor or speculation Andrea Rene. What is your reaction? I'm super excited about this. Obviously we knew that Nintendo was going to be remastering some of its legacy library for Nintendo switch. Like that was going to happen. They do it for pretty much every platform they have. But I think that this comes at a great time because we know that their release schedules probably not going to be at least the same cadence as it would be in a normal year because it's happening globally with cove in nineteen. But I think that this is a really good set of like comfort game. Titles that people will really love gravitate towards and I'm going to be buying them one more day exactly right place sunshine again for sure some trying to game I loved on the. We haven't played since then so to get back to that superstock for however our opinions barely matter on this because you know we work with him motherfucking gettys. Who of course is a huge Mario Fan? I reached out to get a quote from Tim and this is what he wrote. And it starts with Tim Voice. So I'm sorry gardeners let's fucking go. This is ten out of ten. Tim gettys gatorade get hype decade of Dreams Material? Ladies and gentlemen. I will play every release of Super Mario Sixty four till the day. I die but Mario. Sunshine and galaxy are way past overdue for supplies throughs. I'm going to assume galaxy to was also part of the somehow. My biggest questions with these are how are they released piecemeal in misspelled piecemeal in some sort of more. Super Mario all stars to and more importantly what does remastered meet on. Just uprise ports. Do we finally get reo sixty four and wide-screen. Are they all redone? The Mario Odyssey engine real quick. Hey Injury I miss you moving on after almost two decades of Nintendo refusing to just do a superpower or whatever paper. Fan wants if this new paper. Mario isn't the thousand year door style. So help me got honestly though the best thing about all of this is that it criminally underplayed super. Mario Three D world will finally get the respect. It deserves with new levels. Jesus talk about a game that will benefit for being on the switch. But will we ever get a Tutti Mario with an actual creative and fresh art style in finally make the new Super Mario Brothers style old time will tell bt Dubs? Anyone saying that this is too much. Mario find some magic in your heart. The only thing that's kind of the only thing that kind of bums me out is that these leaks robbed us of all the melting down during utterly relentless Mario Direct. I guess Jason Schreier friends really wanted to save some laptops. I don't understand anyways. I would trade all this for a Super Mario Sixty four remake. That looks like the nineties is fuck. Og Concept Art and then he put some links that cat. If you want to toss it in Millard be what you can get these moments right. Like time will tell and then he winks to the camera. Tim I miss you too. I can totally hear exactly how he would read the story if he was doing Cape. Gd with US right now. Of course of course Kevin is throwing up teams. Aren't right now to see some of this artwork. You wanted there there you go. Yeah more stuff. That's how it looked like Yeah so then. We actually have questions here. Andrea from horse listeners and viewers like you is gentlemen the five star man wrote into Patriots Dot com slash. Kinda funny just like you can't and says hey. Kf GD crew with the reports hitting about Mario Games being remastered and new games being worked on. What did you think? The original release plane would've been seeming. Kovin has had an effect on schedule remastered coming earlier this year and then maybe a new game for holiday or is that too soon. Also do you think the new game will be an odyssey sequel a whole new Mario Ip? Maybe we'll finally get his updated art style. I WANNA bring the. She'd whisper before reading answering injury because his or their question applies as well. If this turns out to be true and we do get remixed. Remastered just playing re-releasing. Mario Games like galaxy sunshine etc. Do you think there will be piecemeal order? You think they'll bundle like Super Mario all stars. Let's start there Andrea when you see this and we're talking about this release schedule. Five Star. Man's talk you brought up to right of like comfort food in this time. Twenty twenty being a weird spot for Nintendo. Do you see this being one game or do you see these being spread out. That's actually a really interesting idea. I mean my gut would say spread out because sell them all individually. You make more money than you allow people to kind of pick which ones they want making bundle isn't necessarily a bad idea either. Making it like Mario Legacy collection could because then you make it one price point and then everybody buys it no matter what because they want that one game in the collection and then they just get everything else included go either way but I mean I really WanNa see them make Super Mario Galaxy Three Super Mario Odyssey to sure sure? Yeah I can see it both ways and I think it is a situation where you can't your cake and eat it too where I think you could put a Super Mario all stars to or whatever you WANNA call it right and Super Mario all stars switch and having be one bundle of all the Games and then digitally you could sell them all piecemeal as well but as we're talking about for Nintendo the big Cry from the fan base so far this year in Twenty Twenty S. We don't know what they're doing. What does first party Nintendo for switch look like this year in so if Zelda to if metro it if all these games that we do know are in. The works aren't ready. I think doing this piecemeal spacing them out through the year leading up to the new paper Mario. If that is the new the one new Mario Game You have. That's what would make sense to me. I don't think you WanNa blow your Wad who early and put all these amazing games right galaxy. Sixty four sunshine putting them into in Duluth Super Mario world putting all those into one collection is awesome and obviously it would be good intend to move. They sold that at sixty bucks. However I think Ya Number One business wise. You could make money in then number two. You could make a bigger event if hey for this even no. I'M NOT GONNA math. What five month period? Maybe a five month period. We're GONNA have a new mar more new. Mario game every month leading up to a brand brand new Mario game that can be cooling rick. Great Way to celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary. I agree it would be cool but it'd be very untraditional for Nintendo. They've never done a release like that before and I wouldn't imagine that they would do something dramatically different from a marketing perspective. Right now But I I do think that releasing at least one or two of these titles you know ahead of the fall would be great if we could get something like in. May in June or July around that time frame to kind of titus over until later the holiday that would be awesome. I think that it's great looking at more of their three D. FOCUS. Mario titles for switch because we all know that those two D Games are classic but they've been released on virtually everything that went out and I think that they also want to bolster their Nintendo online subscription service. And a great way to do that. Say Hey let's instead of releasing this for a set price point say oh you can only buy it or you can only download it if you get an intendo online subscription. Much like the DIPA Tetris. Ninety nine when it first came out so I don't I mean I don't know I mean speculation. We can speculate. Oh we want. I'm just glad that this is hopefully happening. That's bigger thing to I. Hope it's real. It sounds so great and it sounds awesome. I would love to galaxy again and I would love to see. I've played sixty four sixty four. I skip the DS Earth radius remake. So getting that back seeing those obviously hate on sunshine all the time. But that's just because I was disappointed with at the time I'd love to play it again and see how it holds up More Mario generals great idea agree with both what Tim said. And then the excitement over having Super Mario Three D world which wasn't game. I really did enjoy but only really play during Aegean. Let's plays I don't. I never actually put money many hours in because at home. I hated my we you so much for us to turn it off. I mean I don't I don't blame you for hatred. It was just. It was just one of those periods of Nintendo's history that we all prefer to maybe not remember But I think that it's interesting kind of looking at some parts of the questions here of you know. Are we going to get something? Besides you know Mario and the holiday and I don't I don't think so. I think if Mario is going to be the franchise that Nintendo decides to go with for twenty twenty especially in a year. That's really important for them to hold their own against the brand new consoles coming from xbox and playstation they wanna go with their biggest gun and their biggest gun is definitely. Mario and we don't traditionally see Nintendo release multiple large franchise next to each other right. We're not GONNA get like Zelda and Mario like eating November. I mean it's possible that you know with animal crossing being right now that that's like there for the first year. Then second half is going to be Mario. I don't anticipate them saying. Oh you know what? Let's throw some metro in. Let's those in there that to me. Seems like you know not really a possible. What's interesting about it to the dilemma? Of what Mario Do you end on? Because I think you'd say oh. Well the brand new one but paper. Mario doesn't have the same cachet and or fan base of a regular. Mario and so a deluxe Super Mario Three D world like granted. It's a rerelease of a game of spin out forever but it does have levels and again it's coming from coming. From the we you which meant games got criminally underplayed in so you look at the success of Mario Kart. Eight deluxe. I don't think Nintendo's GonNa shy away from that. I think they were end on one. Maybe they do end on the Deluxe version of Martha World. This This amazing game. You can play multiplayer and have fun with and Mitt. You did play. Probably no but when you say end with what do you mean exactly? I mean there last one. I feel like they're building up to. What is the final one? They're putting out for the year. I think the re releases release in twenty twenty. Yes okay so I'm talking about in in this lineup of how. However they're putting them all out. I think you end with the biggest quotes. What what is the one that is going to be? Your Big Mario Holiday released like we were talking about. Like what is your big. Your final big. Mario fogging if it's not a new Mario game will. Yeah because I'm saying yeah exactly. I'm sorry I I can't see your face I. I thought you're asking a question I saw I saw now. You're you're kidding okay. Sorry no no. I was just trying to understand what you were referring to like. Yeah I mean that's an interesting idea hadn't really thought about and I'm just saying I think I think the one they'll make the bigger deal about even if there is a brand new from the ground up paper Mario. I think they'll make a bigger deal about Super Mario. Three D world deluxe a one hundred percent. That's what yeah. That's that's the point. I was driving towards. We're lost out here there. There's no there's no lighthouse for Andrea. Yes number two on the Roper report. The resident evil reviews are up. There is a round up here. I Kinda Fun Games daily for you. When I jotted down the metacritic it is at an eight point. Oh this was at eight fifty four am Pacific Time however. Let's start one of the top ones. I gave it a nine point. Lucy O'Brien the lion wrote as the credits roll on resident evil threes campaign. I immediately started playing over again. Not because I felt like I missed anything. The first time around. I was a festival as I was as festivities as developer. Capcom encouraged me to be but because my journey through raccoon city was so consistently packed with tens monster moments in breakneck paced fun and it was so challenging throughout. Its six odd hours that I wanted to jump in all over again with sharper skills and knowledge. My undying enthusiasm for it speaks volumes to the Polish seen in this remake and the finesse with which it manages to tread the tight rope between a confident modern horror in a total call back to the original resonable trilogy. Easy allies gave it. Eighty five Huber wrote and then said Re- resident evil three is a superb reimagining that complements last year's evil to by prioritizing for frantic action without compromising its horror roots. Jalen Carlos Emotional Journey is bolstered by threats that build their bond new convincing ways while nemesis remains one of the series most memorable creations more than a few surprises await veteran residents of racking city. Then we started. Go down a bit. Us Gamer gave it three point. Five out of five. Katie McCarthy says resident evil three finally repositions its place as not just a true sequel the resonable to but as a bridge to resonate four both in action and plot while it streamlines the formula of resonable to into something more linear. It's still the best way to dodge the raccoon city with Jill and Carlos even with Nemesis. Always on your tail and the occasional clumsiness. Here and there with a breezy runtime. Resonable three is well worth revisiting. Maybe just maybe not resident evil resistance. Which of course the multiplayer game bundle been that. Most people are not talking about because it hasn't been out long enough and Gamespot has a review in progress. They're giving single player six Alexandra friend Rights our rights in wrote on his review. As a remake resin will three not only fall short of honoring its source but it also doesn't quite stick the landing as a standalone horror experience even without taking into account the original game or its predecessor are three struggles to keep up with its pace amid clash clashing of elements from survive horns standard action while it has a strong start in gives its principal villain some great moments. This truncated retelling of the of the concluding game from the original trilogy. Trilogy doesn't do it. Proper Justice Andrea have. You played this and or how much Brit screamed at you about it and so I have played a little bit of it. I finished it yet because as you can imagine. It's quite a stressful game to play and play that. Yes I appreciate in my review. This was legitimately in the very front of that game. I was like motherfucker like I don't WanNa play anymore way too stressed out right now. We're at stressful times. The last thing my wife right now is something that's GonNa Cause me. Even more stress intentionally literally opens with the line. The pandemic swept the country by surprise. Took the country by surprising. Yeah it's It's chuckles for sure but Britain. I played the demo while I played the Demo while Britain made fun of me last week on the stream but of course she has played multiple times. She has a lot of thoughts that she is going to give. You know what's good Games right after this but I mean she's a resident evil lover. So I pay her. You know liking most of it but then probably having them issues. But I don't know I asked her to send in a couple of thoughts that we could read and I think she's just a little busy this morning so if you do want whiskey yeah at the come. Come to what's good. Yes so like I said our views up right now. It is myself blessing. Tim and Imran. We're all in the same place varying degrees of it where it was good we we all liked it but it wasn't as good as able to which I think. Yeah sorry to interrupt you. I feel like we knew that going in right that it wasn't going to be able to live up to like the amazing bar that Ari to sent sure. Yeah so is one of those that I i. You know. There's a whole bunch of stuff in there. It's enjoyable for sharer my main takeaway from it's enjoyable. I I liked nemesis the most of the front and then throughout. I think they water him down in the boss fights are they. I know one of the reviews. I just read talked about a call back to its roots. They get way too like this. Is what a battle used to feel like in the PS two. I don't want that again like this is not smart. Design emphasis was completely terrifying. The first few times I saw and now he's Kinda boring to fight he's wandering around me. I guess suck because they it. I don't WanNa say they rushed out the remain but it feels like because it came so so quickly after the Ari to remake. It's almost like they didn't put as much care into redesigning specific elements of the game like they did for our e to think it's just that's just the bones of the game. Were Never GonNa get any better see. I think I think it's a bones thing I'm talking out of turn because I didn't play resonated with the real thing you know if you're new to the Greg Miller storyline right like zombies or my favorite horror movie zombies. I couldn't get over the controls and how bad they were. Thought as controls and reservoir Nivo up until Code Veronica was my first one and then started really. Didn't click for a long time I think from what one of the comments on the youtube thing was literally like already three itself. What the original wasn't that great? So there's no way and I so I do think it comes down to bones in a way of like you. WanNa honor what it was? You WanNa do things with it and so yeah like all it just for me personally and these aren't spoilers especially washed trailer like he just doesn't totally add up that like the first time I ran into nemesis. He's cutting off air anywhere. I turn to run he to basically teleport's too and it's like fuck this guy. Terrifying this is like legitimately kept dying and I put it down. I was like black. Do I have it in me as a horrigan panicky playing but then to get to now uses a rocket launcher in slowly. Tribes around this one giant crate. You might all right like this isn't this isn't even fun. Gameplay you know and then you add that leaves beautiful except for Carlos is here games gorgeous except for his hair every everything else is. Stunningly is stunning. That game and I liked the pace it moved at. I like I like Jill. I like everything it's happening but then again it was that I ruled credits in. I think it was five and a half hours and whereas Ari to you know you've finished and then play the other campaign this would be like loses talking about you just restart it and there's some different modifiers you can put on it but there's not like there wasn't a real encouragement to go back to it and so this came up in the argument to its sixty bucks for five and a half hour campaign. Granted comes with this multi-player but I'm do I could do we care about the multi-player like that's it reminds me so much of A. Ps three era. Where it was. We're making this great single payer game but we know everybody loves multi-player we don't need to sell back Game Stop. So we're putting animal mode that nobody gives a shit about and I can't speak to resist. Is that because I haven't but that's my read on it. I guess yeah I don't. I don't know why they decided to do that. I feel like it's not anything anybody was really asking for. Honestly I think they did because they know how short it is again. Ari Three in general from what I understand short as well. So it's like you're not adding much onto it. They're trying to make the package more appealing. Schumer. But I feel like the people who are going to buy in for three remake. We're going to buy it regardless of if the resistance multiplayer was in there because Ari to remake was a pretty short game. I mean sure you can make the argue about replay ability with the different scenarios. You're like ab formulas like the secrets and things like that. But I feel like the people who are the market for already three are going to get it regardless like why why making that multiplayer aspect when potentially those resources could have been used to full like further revamp some of the elements of that clearly fell a little flat according to it's different teams but I think it's part and I think the idea would be that both games are helping each other in some way where adding multiplayer to three makes it closer being sixty package and then taking them. And putting into our because obviously Ari. Three's going to have a bigger fan base than a random resident evil multiplayer thing like even though. I have no real interest in it like I now own resistance right so if I do hear people playing it or there was like hey we should all go play tonight or whatever. I'd be okay cool. I have it like there's that chance to get an install base right in actual player structure going right to your wrong before we go any further. I want to get out here. Ananta biologist has both of them. He says Greg Brannon Jones is the one who narrates the reviews for easy. Is You said Huber? Read it too. I know as soon as it went out of my mouth. I knew bucked up all right but I'm not gonNA stop the show to correct it and then now also falls up or three already. Three remake was made by completely different. Capcom team at the same time as a two. It was not the same team that turned it around made it new year. Good correction there. Thank you question though and again J. MT right saying the Patriots Dot com slash. Funny Games just like you can and says watching the Games cast review for our eighth three and Tim comments on how Ari three as a sequel the two but has characters from one in how we are expected to know who they are and their relationships with each other. Do you think Capcom should have done a remake of one in the style of two and three I do you think they should before they sorry. Do you think they should before? They presumably do a remake of four interesting question. I think the problem there is that remaking the original resident evil has been done before and then already that one's been re released in so it starts to get so goddamn confusing as to what are you're talking about when you talk about it that way. I think people have been clamoring for an army to remake and I think the fact that they wanted to deliver a nail that made sense and it did make a fan out of me right like as I said earlier. I guess technically Razzie will. Seven is the one that made me a fan fan where I was I was playing that in. Vr digging office having a great time. It personally I'm still way more excited to see where we go from there rather than keep going back at remaking stuff but I thought Ari to finally getting. It's Ju Justice and being redone. I think that's what the fans needed at the time. Andrew do you agree. Yeah absolutely. I mean Britain. I've talked about this quite a bit on the idea that you know Ari to was the right. Starting point I think. For longtime fans of the franchise. They agree with you. One hundred percent. Greg that that's where it needed to go In that where it goes from here is going to be interesting. Because we know that in a from Ari four through like already six. The series took a turn for the more action focused combat focus dial which specific fans of resident evil really loved and then other fans of Resident. Evil really hated big. Divide right and so now. I kind of had posed to Brit. Like what game do you think that they would remake if any you know? Instead of just focusing on Ari eight would they remake another one and she seems to think that code. Veronica would maybe be the next thing that they would choose rebate if they had a team as capcom that wanted to keep doing that. I look at the commercial success of this game. Really see what Capcom priorities are going to be. Because if this doesn't have the same kind of financial you know benefits. That are a to remake brought to Capcom as a publisher. Then maybe they'll choose to not make any more remakes. This'll be kind of it. Yeah I would think that wants to set the world on fire. The way they'd last year that they probably looked I. They must have a team working on eight. Obviously but then I think they really started. Yeah looking at what else they could remake in what else they'd WanNa remake and how they wanNA take it again. I think it'd be cooler to go forward in. Keep giving us new stuff. But if there are to do an asset of a reboot right of just starting from scratch. Yeah I think Code Veronica makes a lot of sense. I do think eventually now that are too is done. All eyes are on Ari for right which is like arguably one of the best games of all time people door to see that with modern sensibilities and amazing graphics. And all these things be fascinating to see if that's where they ended up actually doing it but now I don't think they need to go back and make the original against number three. What Europe and Australia. You might be playing final fantasy seven earlier than you thought over on the final fantasy twitter. I'm going to read a along. Whether they posted the final fantasy. Seven remake team have worked extremely hard to make this game and we are incredibly proud of what you are about to play our biggest motivator during the development. Was that so many of you were were willing us on. And we felt your enthusiasm and passion every step of the way we have some hard decisions to make during the final few weeks before launch due to the disruption I'm sorry due to disruption to disruption channels Ono's due to disruption to distribution channels caused by the spread of cove in nineteen. These unique circumstances have made it very difficult to align timing of our global shipping. Our highest priority. Is that of you? Including those who live in countries currently facing the biggest disruption can play the game at launch. So we may decision to ship the game far earlier than usual to Europe and Australia as a result. There's a greater chance that some of you in these regions will now get a copy of the game. Prior to the worldwide release date of April tenth for other Western Regions including the Americas copies will be shipped this week and we feel optimistic that most of you will receive the game on four launched however due to the challenging situation we cannot provide delivery dates for each country and each retailer. We really want all of you looking forward to the final fantasy seven remake experience. I fucked that up. We really want all of you looking forward to final fantasy seven remake to play the game on April. Ten inexperience everything. We've been working on together to everyone we would ask. We would like to ask a big favor. If you get the game early please think of others in. Don't spoil it for them. We know there are potential. Spoilers that have been out there for over two decades. The original fantasy seven was released in nineteen ninety-seven but final fantasy. Seven remake is a new game. That still has many surprises for everyone. All of our fans and players deserve to experience the game for themselves and we ask for the support of our dedicated community around the world to ensure that on behalf of the entire development team in everyone around the world that has worked on getting seven remake to all of you. Thanks again for your support in most importantly please stay safe. That's of course from the producer and director. What a weird time to be alive. Andrea Games aren't getting delayed. It'd be released early. I mean it's kind of exciting but also I'm sure incredibly frustrating gamers who aren't in those territories right especially in a game. That's so narrative focused and the reason why people really are excited to play an in addition to you know. Revamped animation and combat is like the story elements. That are different. But I mean this happens with any kind of narrative focus game so hopefully you know you can get your mute. Words all set up on your Social Media Channel. Then you know. Be Wary of you. Know comments on twitch. Yeah keep off the read it If you're really concerned about those stories boilers but I feel like with this happening. That screen suggests release it globally everywhere. Oh go ahead with that exact same thought Andrea than saying Patriot dot com slash kind of funny games and says what's Good Greg and Andrea. So why keep the release date at this point? It's squares trying to think of the fans while also trying to keep all the employees involved with the distribution process as safe as possible. Shouldn't they just start releasing copies or is that leaving it way too much up to chance for when people will finally get to play the game? What about those who preordered the game from the store that is now closed cannot get their money back? Will they be considered? Sol told slash told to go digital by the developers even if it may may not be possible for so so that's the really challenging part. Is that this idea that this physical pipeline to brick and mortar stores is absolutely interrupted right now and would be interrupted even if there wasn't a global pandemic happening you can't just flip a switch and boom all of the physical copies are in the stores or shipping out when they need to be if you decide to release early and it's challenging because you don't want to tell people who spent money priori that their dollars aren't as important as the people who are buying digital. It's like it's interesting because we've been talking a lot over the last couple of weeks. If this pandemic is really going to push our industry specifically into digital distribution much faster than I think the infrastructure is ready for and really. Publishers are ready for mean. We're seeing widespread. You know Internet congestion issues. In addition to people like YouTube xbox Sony publicly saying we're slowing down bandwith or slowing down downloads. Intentionally to try to combat this congestion. So it's like well if you do just want to say okay. Everybody WHO's bought digital. You can go ahead and download. It's like that super not fair. It's like how do how do you do a rollout to make it fair and I don't think that there is a way I think inherently it's just always going to be lopsided if you do something like this particularly in the face of the global pandemic that we're in and that's the biggest thing about it and I want you to know from the start of this. I'm not throwing shade unanimous or anything like that. It's I think all of us getting so caught up in our little world where we're trying to take this pandemic and apply to the thing that we obviously are looking forward to obviously one. Have you know if you're a final fantasy seven fan of lusted after for twenty years right like it is the longest short that video games are entertainment in? Don't matter that much you know what I mean like. They are art and I love them. They're my entire life but I'm saying that to turn it around here and be like why not do this and what I mean first off square doesn't WanNa do this. Their hand is being forced. This is from their statement right. It sounds like a hail Mary to try to make sure people in Europe and Australia. Get the game in time. I'm sure this they're dealing with this costing them a obscene amount of money. Probably in terms of speeding shipping. Getting these things express doing whatever they're doing so take that part to it and then apply to do that for the entire world because it would cost even more money and they're trying to take care of fans the best they can in. This is the best they can do right now. Send them out early in totally grin and bear it and hope that people don't immediately go to twitch and ruin the entire game even though they could and that's within their right and they own the you know what I mean. There's so many moving parts to this. Then come back and like you know what about this preorder from a game that This now closing. They can't get their money back again. That's not on square that the store would have closed because of this in. It's not on you the consumer that you preordered a physical edition that store's not there to be open. That's just the fact that right now. The world isn't fair like the world isn't fair right now. In any sense of the imagination we are. We've always said that in day in day out we are being proven to be correct in that way and so it is that at some point we have to sit there and be like man. This fucking sucks but at least it's not medicine at least it's not food. The game stores closed. But the grocery store is still open is still stocked. And they're trying to keep that production pipeline in delivery pipeline. Going like I hear you and I. It sucks in if you know if it was some game that I had been on the IRT. There'd be that moment in that selfish moment we're cough county but like at some point we have to step back and look at the bigger picture and be like okay. This sucks spot. God Blesses Square. Try to make your money. Trump's take care of your people I mean this is them doing the best they can write. This isn't them trying to gouge them. Saying Fuck you America. This isn't doing it. It's I'm just really our hands are tied. We want to get this to you. GotTA TAKE THIS RISK. And that's hard that's crazy. You said it I do that. You'll be sorry I mean you were very. You're very thoughtful in your response. Good entry I miss you. I am not greg. One day. We'll be in the same room again. He will happen number four on the rope. Report modern warfare. Two remastered looks like it's dropping this week we're talking to or this is rob. I don't want to go talking to. I was Andy Robinson for video games. Chronicle DOT COM REPORTS. The much tip remastered Which is thought to have been developed by Wisconsin based Raven software is most likely to arrive with the playstation store's big weekly update which takes place every Tuesday while warfare to remastered has been listed on the German playstation store which confirms that the remastered will cost twenty four ninety nine in weigh in at forty six point nine gigabytes. A trailer is also leaked. Just like twenty sixteen rerelease of the original warfare. Mata warfare to re master remastered will feature an updated version of the shooter's campaign while there is no multiplayer mode included some of the original games. Maps have already been remastered for the twenty twenty modern warfare game with more coming in its upcoming season. Three update on warfare to remastered will feature a tie in with the new model warfare and thus free to play warzone which shares the same item store. Cool I got nothing injury. Yeah exactly good. It's been rumored forever. Go get caught fans Scheuer. It's it's Nice I mean it's it's smart of activision to say. Hey we were waiting for a reason to maybe released this later as part of like a marketing push. Maybe we just do it now because people are at home playing more video games now than ever before. Though if it's ready to go like chip it yeah. I wonder if that is the reason it was. You know if they've been sitting on a forever or if it was already they were trying to shadow. Drop it here or how that all works out. I feel stories. Yeah I would guess that if you know everything that's happening wasn't happening and we were going in this was in twenty. Twenty was a regular video game marketing year that they probably would have announced this or released it in. May when they traditionally announced their new call of duty for the year that's generally when they do their big splashy like this is the call of duty that's happening obviously it leaks on. Kabq first and then they announce it like a week or two later and then they show it in detail at e three. That's really been like their formula for the last however many years it's been and so I would guess that's when they normally would have released it but I mean why not. Just do it now. Number five on the Roper Report Games Industries Rallying to fight cove in nineteen. This is something we've been updating. Has We go but Andrea. You dropped this one in here so what? I thought was really great about this. As we know that there's a lot of people doing good and raising money for charity is on twitch all the time man. I got a press release about this specifically for for who in the United Nations Foundation And that this event had so far has raised over two point seven million dollars. And what's great about that is that it's a it's a Nice feel-good story in a time where there's a lot of knock feel-good stars happening. I did think it was interesting that there was so many artists that aren't traditionally associated with the gaming industry that part of it people like Ellie Goulding Mumford and sons and and John Legend but what I thought was the best is talking about where the proceeds are going so the covert nineteen solid our Solidarity Response Fund which helps make sure that Healthcare workers have critical supplies. Like masks gloves and more. It helps to make sure that more test. Kits are available and that health workers are trained on how to respond to cove in nineteen and that scientists and researchers will have more funding for vaccine development. Something I think we all can get behind. Yeah Yeah it's awesome. It's been really cool to see everybody come together and start supporting and all these different ways to. It's crazy that you know. Obviously as the shelter in place has been extended even more how much more we will all need to come together. But it's always good to see that and it's good on game. Industry is for keeping a running tally. I know of everything going on. You can get in there and see all the yeah I think for all of our psyches like we need to focus on the uplifting part of this because otherwise we're just gonNA sink lower lower and get more angry at each other and we. We don't need that we need to like persevere and the best way to do that as to focus on the things that are going well and the things that we can control the things that we can do to make other people's lives better Wilson Andrea and then to close out the roof before number six. Just a fun fun story here for you must. You're the person getting destroyed players figured out a way and how to get into the Star Wars Jedi Academy Console Editions. That are destroying people. This is Jordan. Goodman at Jian the Console Board of Star Wars Jedi Knight jet. I academy is being invaded by veteran players. The news arrives thanks to a report for PC gamer which details the quote accidental. Cross play which has led to PC players facing off against those using nintendo switch or playstation controls in Jeddah Academies multiplayer mode forums and social media platforms are amok with players complaining about PC veterans arriving in their multiplayer lobbies and wiping the floor with the inexperienced more casual players on council. Who Don't have the added benefit of pinpoint mouse and keyboard setup as noted by user. Max Payment on reset era It looks like PC players finding council servers Ip on the console versions of the game and then jumping into their PC PC version connecting to that I. This effectively bypasses the assume restrictions in jump straight into open console multiplayer matches allowing PC fans who've been playing the game originally launched back in two thousand. Three Surrey Cabinet It's IT'S J Red Cross. Play Situation Solution Many fans have voiced their concerns on twitter with some responding to a tweet from aspire media the developer behind the console port asking to fix the asking us to fix the server of roller abilities. One reply from Twitter User Jedi Knight. Hub reads quote. I think we'd all rather you patch out the IP address being displayed. Change the IP's and do all you can't from PC players do all you can front pc players entering the servers. Please look into this. It's ruining the experience for the Newcastle players in quote. Obviously don't get me wrong. Sucks Vera Council player and you WanNa have fun but also in these times kind of funny somebody who's so dedicated to this two thousand and three boot it up and go kick the shit out of people that are on council Sure that's yeah. I guess that's one way to look at. It is not how I look at it. I would look at it as like wow displaying people's. Ip address seems like a breach of security that I know still exists in a bunch of PC games and a bunch of online games in general. But like maybe you don't maybe just don't put that your game anymore pretty important. Yeah I would. I would definitely say yes. Definitely reason not to do it. And one of the lesser reasons not to display your IP address. But yeah. I'm sure it'll be fixed. Probably by the time is episode posts. You imagine there. Do you think enough people are playing this gave they're gonNA jump on a hot fix? You'd think so rightly it's a big deal. I saw star Wars People Star Wars. I think the fact that it's getting traction enough that has it. We're talking about it like there's a bunch of God she's clearly. This is now a story. They have to have something to say about it today. Yeah I don't know like the idea that pc players feel some kind of superiority. Going against Nintendo switch players like cool. Good job buddy. You really did it but man if if you're getting a good xp boost you know what? I mean angry. I can't wait to see how long it takes. Aspire media fix this thing but that's so far away you know what else is far away the upcoming list because I need to tell you about our sponsors today. Sponsor is none other than what's good. Games live you can watch it live twitch dot TV slash. What's Good Games Mondays at eleven? Am that's right right after this episode of Kinda Funny Games daily there will be writing. Andrea. That's right greg. What happens on what? What's Good Games live? Oh this is really nice of you and by the way. We didn't talk about this ahead of time. Greg is just such a kind person that he's doing this as a very sweet favorite to watch. Good Games So you can find and I talking about news from over the weekend and also taking questions in deer. Wg Gee we also. We'll be doing a gameplay stream most weeks I don't know what we're going to play today. We didn't talk about it but it's a way for you guys to catch up with everything that was good. Games is all about if you've never joined us if you've never downloaded an episode or Ben to our Youtube Channel and you're like oh I wonder what what's good games like you know. Maybe we maybe what's games live is the place for you so head on over twitch. Dot TV slash. What's good Games right after Kinda Funny Games Daily? Today speaking of Today Andrea. Today's today if I wanted to know what came to the MOM and grop shops. Where would I lie Greg? You would go to the officials upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind any games daily show hosts each and every weekday to do to do a bike. I'm telling you right back in the group you never. You never missed a day today. What's the box on? Switch Stealth Scape on P. C. Memory. Pc and Mac Rush Berry Merck's on PC and then kill yourself on pc new dates for you for star Trek Online. The Games I contact day. Celebration takes place on from April second to the twenty third and on xbox playstation four from April ninth through the Thirtieth Aeronautica imperials bureau says flight. Command comes to this may comes to steam for PC riot games today announced a closed. Beta testing period. The much sought after. Game evaluates will start April seventh. The closed Beta will be limited to players in Europe Canada Russia Turkey and the United States with the possibility of Lena roll out to more regions pending developments with the current Kobe. Pandemic then square annex today reveal that the cult classic Third Person Action Rpg near replicate ver one point. Two two Whole numbers is about to be rebuilt for the playstation four xbox one and at steam other platforms The release of near Rep conversion period one period to home numbers gives those new to the game the opportunity to experience the origin of the near series following the launch of the critically acclaimed near Automata Square annex also announced today that near. Automata will be available on April second on councils with XBOX GAME. Pass xbox passenger. What a good one an X. Deals deals of the day for you. The elder scrolls online is getting a free play event beginning April April first so Wednesday through April thirteenth. The next Monday so you can play. Eso For free. Free Free Free Andrea. Yes Greg believe it or not. I'm doing it. I'm getting you out so you can go. Do Your live show at eleven o'clock time to squad out this one of you writes Patriot dot com slash. Kinda Funny Games. Give me your name username platform choice and why you need help in a video game. I hear the best friends. Come and find you in. Everybody Plays Games together today. Alex needs help on playstation four the. Psa NAME IS AP. W Zero two nine. Hey everybody trying to get that doom platinum and I can use some help getting the two hundred kills and weapon weapons expert trophies because I really suck at the multiplayer mode would appreciate the help boosting this and of course be happy to die. Two hundred times for your trophy needs in return my handle his. Ap W fifty nine. And I'm only available after seven PM eastern Cuz I try not to let my two year old son watch me slay demons. What's the best advice Alan if you WANNA play some demons do some stuff get in their? Ap W five zero two nine eight. Yes Greg we asked people watching live on twitch dot TV slash kind of funny games to go to Kinda funny dot com slash. You're wrong and tell us what we screw up as we screw it up so we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny Games Rooster Teeth Dot Com in listening a podcast services around the globe First one comes from boards in double zero a member of the destiny to Kinda funny. Pc clan he andrea we crowd funded the spot not to recruit but for two full one to get our name on the wall of the new studio. I kind of funny in to to make. Greg acknowledged the PC PLATFORM. Leo's for a month murdering it. There you go. And it's more than turbo tax. Apparently you know what I mean. Steam Juror ABS. Right so the clarification. I said I did not understand the laptop line. Why Jason Try was trying to save laptops. Clarification is this. Tim was referring to him destroying and these laptop during the game. Awards joker view. Obviously when Tim got too high my apologies. Of course Kebab says Greg was wrong Super Mario Sixty four. Ds was on the original Diaz. Greg Mistakenly said the three D. S. I can't keep them straight because I was playing playstation consoles. Oh you're wrong to fusing for me. No it's not. Okay name biologists then right there with a different Greg. Did you ever pay injury for saying Games Games? Pass one hundred times. Yes I remember giving you a twenty five dollar bill at some point on the show. What debt was paid the three hundred pizza best? We HAVE ON RANDOM ACTION FROM GAMES CATHOLIC PIZZA. Well those one dead that hasn't been paid by Barrett for losing to Gary to losing to me into bet that Gary Barrett and I had about the delay for the last of US part to Georgia. Because it's still standing right. No I mean I won. I won that bet and he but he has volunteered to pay it. I just haven't cashed it in yet. Josh Pillow to pizza for what? What are you order pizza for? I keep throwing pizza things in there. And you guys keep agreeing. Something happened and I remember. I'm older pizza but here. I am pizzas. You're going to tell me Kevin you think NATO biologist and Kebabs are so on the ball that they slipped suddenly on these. Beats Bets if you were out of pizza we would know you wrote a pizza. I don't believe thing landing around here. No pants on no pizza. It's bullshit also. Won't you know I mean that was breakfast food if I send you a pizza not only? Are you going to be in trouble with Paula? I'll be in trouble with Paula right. So that's the way you will be in your able. We can hide it at the office now that she's a united Andrew. Yes thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me Greg. This has been lovely. I I'm really glad that you guys are doing amazing work in such a challenging time and knowing just how many moving parts that are. When you're all in the office together doing it remotely is is a feat that I think viewers of kind of funny don't quite have an appreciation for but I hope that some of them do a lot of them. Do they've been really nice about it? Thank you so much for that engine. That means a lot to us in. Congratulations on you. The new show the new new hire killing it. Thank you sound much. We're really likes and hopefully twenty twenty could turn around put. I'd love to come see the studio with my own eyes being your new studio. That'd be nice to come down whenever you want to be in one of the buildings. I'm paying lease on right now since I have to for some reason but no big deal Israel worship Ricky. I'm twitter as always the best place to find out everything that I'm doing at Andrew. Rene on twitter is where I link all of the products that are working on. But of course if you're not following what's good gains. What good underscore games on twitter? You can find what's good on every podcast platform that you listen to Kinda funny on We can also be found at YouTube dot com slash. What's Good Games and We have some cool stuff in the works. Hopefully that won't get completely delayed coming later this year. Plus there have been many so lots of stuff to look forward to you on. What's Game's awesome? Of Course Gentlemen. Las Look forward here on kind of funny games daily remember each and every weekday on a variety of platforms. We run youth video game. News need know about this week. Your host look like this. It's GonNa be me and Imron tomorrow Wednesday it'll be me and Gary widow. Thursday blessing Tim Friday myself in blessing. I might let him down Of course remember you should write in patriots dot com slash. Kinda Funny Games gives your questions. Comments Concerns Baptists. And names everything else. Of course you can get the AD free and you can get it with the post show. I'M ABOUT TO DO INJURIES. GotTa get ready for her. Show that stuff. Youtube subscribe like share all that Jazz. We're happy to be here for you just like you're here for us so thank you so much for that injury once again. Thank you for your time. We love you. I love you guys until next time. It's been our pleasure to serve you. Virtual handshake. Oh yeah yeah that would not that way the other way John is bad. It's hard it's hard it's confusing.

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