A Stunning Look at the Country Music Highway


After the civil war Kentucky's coal-rich hills exploded with life as trains and factories across America, demanded more and more coal to run across Kentucky men and machines race to scrape this fossil fuel out of the ground. They worked in giant minds like this one the blue Heron. It operated right up until nineteen sixty two belching dust as dumped coal a railroad cars below earning. The mining company that owned it millions. But life was tough for the miners who work these hills. Colbert set up their own small towns. This one was named Barthel camp miners, and their families had everything they needed housing groceries a barber and even doctors provided by the company they worked for but at a steep price. With each expense, the minor paid he handed a piece of his paycheck right back to the mining company until nearly everything he earned fell back into the companies coffers. Hardship of a coal miner's, family inspired one Kentucky woman to make it an anthem of country pride music star. Loretta Lynn, grew up in this narrow valley known as butcher hollow. Childhood home, still stands. Nineteen seventy single coal miner's daughter Lin sang about how her family may not have had much money but had all the low they needed. The song was a huge hit at his fire. The nineteen eighty movies starring Sissy space it an Oscar winning performance. Both the song and film helped humanize the plight of coal miners everywhere. Let Lynn's home is one of several stops one route known as the country music highway, the winds through the green mountains of eastern Kentucky and was named as a tribute to local superstars like Dwight yoakam, Patty loveless and Billy Ray Cyrus. It leads to Ashland where two of the biggest recording artists in country music history had their humble beginnings. Before she was a star Naomi Judd played music at Ashland's Baptist church. Eighteen gave birth to a daughter Winona here at king's daughters medical center. After years of struggling when ONA Anders single mom. It had big catapulting defame as two of the top selling country artists in history. Like, many before them the judds sang of their in the style job for their old, Kentucky home. The state's beauty is inspired many ballots.

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