Ask Charlie Anything 04: Epstein, Drag Queens, California and More


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We are lucky to have charlie them. Charlie kirks running the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's is it incredible guy his spirit his love of his country's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA He will not embrace race. The ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. What's up everybody? We are doing a live. Show here on the Charlie Kirk show podcast so many guys have been subscribing. So thank you for that. We are live turning point. USA headquarters here in Phoenix. Arizona Arizona. We're going to ask me anything where we're going to field questions from you guys but right now if you guys can help us out type and Charlie Kirk Show your podcast provider press subscribe. You guys guys have been so great with that so thank you. So we're going to do. We're new some questions and we're here at turning point. USA Headquarters is where Alex Clarke her show politics. And so we're live live here in Phoenix Arizona. Taking your questions. So what are we got I charlie. Do you think to California is lost for conservatives for Good Boys California law so if you WanNa look at a failed state it's definitely California now. I never want to say that any state is totally lost because some people thought you know twenty or thirty years ago some states that were just so liberal would never become conservative again. There's a lot of examples of states like that. All of a sudden now have become deep red states even some such as states that were kind of on the edge. Great it would be Wisconsin right example. It'd be Wisconsin. Wisconsin was a reliably blue state in the nineteen nineties and two thousands and now donald trump one of course a couple elections of Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson Johnson but California has some serious problems. Let me tell you we talked about this on another episode of the Charlie Kirk show the poor southern border The homelessness the defecation vacation The failing public schools. I'll tell you that we are. There's so many problems in California and you see Democrats always like to say we. We need gun control. We need more limitations on individual initiative and Freedom and liberty what what California really needs is Democrat control. They have they are one party state they really are. They're a one party state and because of that. There's no competition to actually provide success or provide results. I should say to your constituents kitchens. The best states the best performing states economically the best performing states financially and fiscally are states. That are actually very competitive politically because because the politicians actually have to go and say. Here's what I did for you now. Elect me again. Because here's what I did it with. I don't do that then. You could call me and my now new home. State of of Florida is a great example of that chlorine has school choice. It has one fourth. The amount of state employees that New York has at one sixty might have employers state employees. That California has even perky per citizen. We're talking about even the population adjusted per citizen has one of the best education system that has term limits. And you know what the income taxes in Florida Zero percent so for those in California my heart goes out to you. Guys but zero percent income tax in Florida's rather attractive the only thing California has to offer is the weather and even that is not as good times as it should be but I think America should look a lot more like Florida and a lot less Californian you know what the approval rating is for governor onto Santa's Anton Florida sixty eight percent. Try Try getting at that. High Gavin newsom. Next one Charlie. Do you think the big tech bias against conservatives is having a demonstrable effect on elections and if so what is the appropriate conservative response. Yeah I mean look big. This is one of the biggest issues. I have to say the biggest issues that I I hear about in the conservative conservative base as number one immigration and number two tech and talking about tech tyranny and oligarchs and you know the oligarchs if you will then have so much power in our kinda cold co culture and country and so I did some thinking about this and i. I was reading the federalist papers. That's what I do on weekends. Is I read the federalist papers. The basically I hear that's what a lot the people do with their free time. But when I read the federalist papers I realized that the founding fathers were always worried about centralize power and they said that the biggest amount of centralized centralized power that they were worried about was government. Now here's a question for you guys to contemplate who's more powerful Google or the United States government and there could be arguments arguments for both but Google has almost unlimited unrestricted power. And they don't have anyone ideologically that actually works for them. That believes in conservative libertarian values your principles and so look I think big tax is one of the biggest threats to freedom and liberty. And I don't know the correct answer for it. I mean I think to saying oh we should do nothing. Total Odalis as fair. I don't know if that's the answer anymore. We did a podcast on this too. That you guys can scroll back and listen to on the Charlie Kirk Show where we talk about how you know. Basically Google facebook doc. Instagram facebook Amazon has so much power. Have so much control and that if we do not do something serious sometime soon our freedoms and liberties could be encroached upon upon and so You know I think that that's something very important to talk about. It was recently announced that jared Kushner is directly involved with the building of the southern border wall question number one. Then why is there not more wall built and question number two will Kushner's involvement. Help finally get this accomplished. We'll look we do have some of the wall being built and I think look. I'm a friend of jared and I think that he's going to execute on it quite well and we need to build the wall. Look there is a crisis on our southern border. We have tens of thousands of people illegally entering into our country every single year. They're not immigrants. Rents these are not imigrants. These are border jumpers and line cutters. In fact it's a insult to actual imigrants when these people enter our country illegally and they enter the way they do The amount of drugs the amount of children that are being sex trafficked the poorest southern border makes our country more dangerous and puts our sovereignty at risk and and so. I have to tell you that. The Wall is critical to our national security. It's critical to our sovereignty. It's critical to who we are as a country. This is also why English should be the official official language of the United States. This is why we should not allow sanctuary cities or sanctuary states. And I've even said that we should birthright citizenship. So explain to me why somebody Hooah legally crosses into the United States of America across the southern border and might then have trial ten months later why that child should be a United States citizen that while they broke the laws. And don't take my word for it. Nikki Haley who gets under fire by certain people but she's a friend of mine. She said that if you break the law enter our country you're gonNA break the law while you're you're in our country and I tend to agree with that not to mention the tens of thousands of crimes that are committed by illegal aliens in our country. The amount of just our prisons that are being overrun overrun by illegals that are in America. The southern border needs to be secure. And it's a disgrace that our politicians have not secured the southern border. This is something that we talk about quite a lot autumn our podcast. And we're GONNA continue to next question. Charlie can we trust the polls coming out. The seemed to indicate trump has nearly thirty percent of the black vote. So look there's been three polls have shown that president trump is doing quite well in the black community Thirty four percents. I think thirty three percent and many of these polls reflect that there and I have to give a lot of credit to to the people that have been in the black exit of the Democrat Party Movement Brexit Candice Ellen's. We're very proud of you work that you have done. It's extraordinary it really is. And you're making a very serious difference in our country tree and our culture and you deserve huge amount of praise for it. Also Terrance Williams David Harris Junior and many others. We've seen such big impact. I'm telling you right now. If this black exit from the Democrat Party Continues President Trump will get elected in such a convincing way. He'll win states like New Jersey. It's unbelievable not to mention the lowest ever black poverty rate lowest lowest ever black unemployment rate. We see such amazing success results. Such as criminal justice reform such as opportunity zones enterprise reprise zones president trump is going to super bowl in the black community and I just love seeing president trump. Getting this kind of support and communities that has traditionally has not succeeded in. I've got new book coming out. Maga- doctrine and part of the Maga- doctrine is playing offense. Were conservatives have traditionally not one and part of that is going into communities like the black community and saying hey what do you have to lose five words that will get president. Trump elected in two thousand and twenty reelected school choice for black kids school choice for black kids. Kids will get him elected in two thousand twenty and I can't wait to see this black exit and the Democrat Party continue in some states. Did you know the week after Christmas. He's the heaviest case load for police. 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I actually actually think the conventional wisdom is now that there is some nefarious activity around his death. And but I will say this. I think that if the media really really wants to investigate the story first they have to purge their own. James O'Keefe Project Veritas. Got This leads tape of how. ABC that killed the Jeffrey Epstein lead story play tape. I've had three years. I've had this interview with Virginia. Roberts we would not put it on the air I I was told. WHO's Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is the Stupa Super Story Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways We were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview Kate Wills that we also washed the story and then And then Alan Dershowitz. It was also implicated in because of the planes. She told me everything she had pictures. She had everything she was in hiding for twelve years. We convinced her to come out. We convince her to talk to us. It was unbelievable. We'll be Clinton we everything I I tried for three years to get it on to no avail. And now it's all coming out and it's like these new revelations and freaking handle all of it I I'm so pissed right now like every day I get more and more pissed because I'm just like Oh. Oh my God we what we had was unreal other women backing up pay. Yep Right Edwards. The attorney three years years ago saying like on like week. There will come a day where we will realize. Jeffrey was the most prolific pedophile. This country has ever known and I had it all three years ago. Oh so that was any robot from ABC News Unbelievable Audio. She had the story she had the people and yet it was the media that covered up for this Animal Jeffrey Epstein and they did nothing. They've never been held accountable for it. Ever so they would rather protect the superpredators then actually do real investigative journalism and guess what people are silent about it and people need to start going to prison forever for this and you know what that might mean Prince Andrew you know. What if he's an Aristocrat Child Predator than he should be held accountable for what he you did? That includes every person who can be proven under a jury their peers. That engage in this sort of activity with that animal. Jeffrey Epstein Next Question Charlie now that Warren seemed stalled. Bloomberg's entered the race. Kamla is out and Biden has remained steady. Who Do you think is most poised to win the Democratic presidential nomination? This is a great question so I this question a lot. The answer is I'm not a Democrat first and foremost thank goodness. I'm so happy and grateful that I live in America and that's exactly why I'm not a Democrat not exactly y but it's large in part wise. I'm going to go to realclearpolitics. Dot Com is the firsthand analysis of exactly what I believe about that question but I do you guys look look. I hope you guys love football. I hope you guys because if you love football you're probably a happier person and if you don't love football who'll be some sports. I Love Sports. I think sports can be a metaphor for so many different things. He's got some massive college football coming up. We got the PAC twelve championship where the ducks are against Utah. The ducks screwed it up. The duck stood up against Arizona. State ever the table has been set for them screwed it up Auburn beat Alabama. That needed to happen. Everything was perfect and they lost to a very mediocre Arizona State team. I can't say that too loudly here at our turning point. USA headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. Half my office went to Arizona State University at least it seems that way nevertheless Got Some Great Games coming up with the SEC. The championship game which will finally not include Alabama. Which I'm pretty thrilled about we got LSU versus Georgia? All I can say is I actually liked Joe Borough Joe Borough seems like a Class Act. I really like him I think he's a terrific guy. In fact I would love to see Joe Borough go up against Ohio state. Because that's where he used to play and they decided not got to play him. But if you guys are totally disagree with my analysis go to bed online dot. Ag Promo Code. podcast one and get in on the action now. Kirby smart a head coach Georgia i. I think he might be able to cook up a little bit of mastery. I think that he might be able to pull off an upset against Lsu and get Georgia into the College Football playoff. That would make me feel a lot better as a duck San because then that would mean okay. Oregon would not have gotten over Georgia but at Lsu SEC championship game. I will not feel as good We also have the big ten championship game. Wisconsin Brazil State Ohio states playing like the best team in the country. I predicted Lsu Ohio State National Championship. But don't sleep on Clemson. Clemson has something to prove in their tired of people doubting them. NFL ACTION WE GOT Dallas at Chicago. I like Chicago and remember that you guys want to the action but about online dot. Ag We got Baltimore Buffalo. I like Baltimore San Francisco at New Orleans. I'd like San Francisco. Kan The city of New England I like New England and Seattle at the rams. I like Seattle so again. Get on the action. Use that Promo Code podcast WANNA bet online. AG Go ducks everybody. Let's see if they can win against Utah. which would be a very winnable game but online dot? Ag To get in on the action and so look. I'm looking at the realclearpolitics average right now. And the national average has biden up. Eleven has boot edge edge up. Five point seven points in Iowa has edge up three points in New Hampshire and has biden up nine points in Nevada. And buying I up a whopping nineteen points in South Carolina just so we understand the betting odds though Buddha judge has come in second place now in the in the bedding outs and the person I just can't figure out the person that and I've done commentary on this before but Biden is up eleven points nationally which is just amazing to me. I gotTA play this again. Not all these guys. Listen to every single episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I gotta play it again so please right now. If you haven't go back in a prior episodes of Charlie Kirk Show and you know what I'm going to play what Joe Biden mindset that. I WANNA play a clip from Mark Stein Tucker Carlson which might have been one of the most beautiful pieces of television I've ever seen. It was laugh out loud hilarious. Good so let's play the clip. I of the Joe Biden talking about his leg hair and young children sitting on his lap. Play tape and by the way you know I sit on the stand and to get hot I gotTa Lot. I got Harry legs. That turned that that that that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rubbing up my leg down so it was trained in that. Watch the hair co- come back up again. They look at it. So I learned about Roach's I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids jumping that I don't know what that was but let's play tape of Mark Stein on Tucker Carlson with I think it was one of the best three minutes of television I've ever seen. It was uh-huh smooth laugh out loud comedy central style hilarious stuff play tape. I avoided all my life. Talk for a hairy legs candidate and this is the this is the critical lane in the Democrat primary. We talk about the mold redlining the socialist lane the even more socialist thing but the heavy leg lane lane has been wide open bay. To- instagram'd himself shaving his legs back in August and then using an rubella exfoliating to moisturised them Biden cunningly soul that there was an opening for her suit legged candidate to me. Harry licentious screamed toxic. Masculinity they're almost the definition of it. Well I think you'll I think that you'll get to hug up on it you you know. There's absolutely nothing weird about city a seventy year old boy on your lap and inviting into smooths down your leg. And and then what she gave rise again. I believe in fact that seven year old boy was the junior lifeguard at the pool. Young Kim Jong UN who was willing to work exchange as your program from North Korea. That salary knows him. And that's why Kim Kim Jong UN saying those legs and that's why he's terrified Biden. Whoever that kid is I suspect? He's is now consulting his lawyer. Do you think that this this is like the macro political question which I'm bound duty-bound to ask Cable News. Host does all of this help or hurt. Joe Biden in his. Apparently his day job is primary goal of getting the nomination for whatever party he belongs to I think on balance it helps him because if he went it crazy and talking gibberish we'd be talking about. How corrupt squall it he and his family are in fact I I originally? When the winning said it was the no Malarkey so I thought that was no Malaki? Who is the chairman of Barack Obama? And all they got who actually wanted to come on the Iowa. Toby Hunter Biden wanted to charge him. Forty seven million dollars to accompany them. That's why it's the noma lackey. I should yeah. I really should let our viewers that none of this is scripted. I have no idea what the questions you just throw out. Whatever comes to the top of my head and those are your responses? I talked a Biden campaign. The parents live so good. Mark Stein. Thank you you know what that tells me listening to Tucker Carlson and Mark Stein on kind of going on a tangent. How dead is late night? Comedy I mean this stuff is ready to make fun of itself and yet I have not seen one. Funny thing from Jimmy. Kimmel or from Stephen Colbert there. Are Jimmy Fallon Jimmy. Fallon's pie the least offender. He seems to be the most light hearted about it and the least political. But I'll tell you what do you notice that. No one really laughs at these shows anymore. Yet they clap. Trevor No is showing everyone's clapping and no one's laughing. It shouldn't be called comedy central Communist Central. I mean it's as if the people are more more focused on destroying Donald Trump. Then laughing and having a good time about it and that's perfectly respectable thing. I guess if you hate America and are very unhappy to yourself just MSNBC to do that. In fact I think. MSNBC's funnier on your than comedy. Central does watch all in with Chris. Hayes I mean. The guy is a disaster with his analysis. Not to mention you got Lawrence O'Donnell who's makes an incorrect observation of basically everything the one thing that bothers me the most NBC. Why does Rachel maddow where the same thing every single night is is there a strategy behind it is there some sort of like three dimensional chess for one? Sometimes she's GonNa come out and boom where like a readdress. It's the same thing every single night really bothers me next question Charlie. I'm seeing a lot of people on twitter talk about Christian nationalism in drag McQueen story hour do you think it's on the rise and if so what's causing it so look. This is a really important question. There is a debate between David French and so rob Murray. I missed I. I apologized for pausing. I just don't want to mispronounce it and it was basically about a lot of it was focused on this idea of the drat child's drag story our drag McQueen story hour and to be honest. I'm a little bit in the middle. I mean David French I would be. I would have been more on the David French camper. He argued that okay. There are drag Queens. Is doing story hour two young children and we should do nothing because basically we shall we say it's detestable. He agreed that it was disgusting. But basically dissolution not use the law against that because it could be used against us in the future and so rob our Mari said. Are you kidding me. This is disgusting. We need to do something dramatic against it and if we don't do something something like what point is the societal and cultural decay enough and I have gone through a lot of different ways especially in the last year and a half I. I'm getting closer and closer towards that. We we have to do something about this sort of societal decay and actually does affect all of us the fact that you know drag Queens should be able to have open access to young children. I mean look. All the left does is is rob children of their innocence. That's why this argument when the West has oh donald trump. We can't have the president on in front of our children. Yeah okay but you're perfectly fine with sending them to a public school and planned. Parents comes into sex education when they're nine years old. Oh we can't have the president. I was one of his magazine because he might swear yet. Then you go take him to an NC seventeen movie where there's someone with automatic automatic machine gun not wearing any clothes saying the F. Word every other word that's perfectly fine. That's sort of societal. Decay is opening the minds of our young children. But you see young children. I'm being exposed to these horrible horrible things so basically this is going to be the new debate on the right. Which is where are the guardrails that we put in place of some of this leftist garbage and his left his cancer so that we're putting into our country? At what point do we say that government should play a role and look. I'm very apprehensive. And I'm very skeptical. The US government. At all in fact I think government should do the least amount possible but I'm getting closer and closer to the argument that if we do not do something bold and dramatic we're GONNA have a country that is soon unrecognizable where you have children decided to choose their own gender. I mean Palatine high school but right down the street where I went to high school. I went to wheeling high school right down the street at Palatine High School. You not men who think they are women that are now able to compete not able to go into locker rooms and compete in sports. They can biological women. I think the president trump had a rally just called. That men aren't women. I think this would be a great idea for a rally. President trump could have the men. Aren't women women aren't men then rally. I think people would flock from all across the world to go to this rally and she should give a speech saying men are not women and women are not men not that there's anything wrong with people who think that they are but it's just not true if he says that and he says I as president of the United States. I'm going to sign an executive order that any school that allows a biological logical man. Who thinks he's a woman to compete against other women and collegiate sports lose all their federal funding? It would absolutely blow the lid off of this entire hire nonsense that the left has created around transgenderism by the way where the feminists in this whole debate. Where the feminist that are taking a hardline stance? So I you want a shirt that says men are not women. If you guys think I'm totally wrong you think that women are men and men or women emailed me at freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. That's freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. And you guys might okay. We'll try that's kind of ironic. You wanted freedom. You should have the freedom. Of course you have the freedom to make mistakes. Of course you're the freedom do stupid stuff but I also have the freedom of call balls and strikes and I have the freedom to tell you you're wrong and I'm going to tell you that men not women and women are not men. The holiday shopping season is here and this year. Your gift can start a next year's good habit with quip quip quip is something. That's sure to put a smile on everyone's mouth because dental care. They'll actually wants to use every single day. That's why is the perfect thoughtful impractical gift with an electric metric toothbrush refillable floss and toothpaste all intentionally designed to make good habits. Simple the quip. Electric toothbrush has sensitive sonic vibrations and they timer with thirty second pulses to guide your routine and the quit floss dispenser has premark string so you can always use the right amount. 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She's unbelieveably dumb and so I'm GonNa let's play tape right now of her with the heads of the she's the chairwoman or the chairman. Whatever I don't want to I don't know how the genders work over there okay? The chair person the chair human of the Financial Services Committee and she had the heads of all the banks and she was asking them questions about student loans and she didn't even know they were not doing student loans anymore. She thought they were still issuing student. Loans else I knew that. Let's play tape thank you today. There are more than forty four million Americans that Oh this is student. Loan crisis one point five six trillion in student loan debt last month. This committee testimony that last year one million student loan borrowers which is on top of the one million bars who defaulted. How did the year before? What are you guys doing to help us with the student? Loan debt. Who would like antifreeze? This Mon- Hand Big Bang. We'd stopped making in student loans in two thousand seven or so so you don't do it anymore Mr Club. We actually did student lending in two thousand nine Mr Diamond when the government took over through minding in two thousand ten or so we stopped doing doing lending at thank you. maxine waters also encourage people to come after to go after people like myself saying detonator getting their face scream at them. Play tape side to make sure we show up wherever we have to show. Hello everybody from that cabinet and a restaurant gasoline station. You the U.. maxine waters not a fan if she never never if she never serves again in the US Congress dimension. She got supply supremely rich while her district is in total complete ruin and disrepair. She is a dismiss honorable woman. She's a diss honorable Democrat. Senator Dick Durbin. This guy's a disaster I from my home state of Illinois. He's so dishonest honest. He's so sanctimoniously. So self-righteous Dick Durbin. I wish you would not have to serve my original home state of Illinois any longer you irritate me to no end. Look the worst president. That doesn't I heralded as a good president. Lyndon Baines Johnson Bitter Racist started the Great Society Program continued the illegal and borderline Immoral war in Vietnam Lyndon Baines Johnson got people addicted to government programs. Grew government tremendously really really bad guy. Also also a president that was horrible was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He gets unneeded credit for what he did. He had all these horrible programs that we're still trying to get rid of that. Totally dramatically increased the size size and scope of government But worse than all of them put together and combined was Woodrow Wilson. This guy was a disaster. I think Senator Elizabeth Warren his closest to Woodrow Wilson ideologically logically and also from a worldview perspective. So those are my opinions of my least favorite people that have served in United States political office. And I think that it's it's very important important that we understand and know our history and far too often people. Don't talk about what presidents were good and what presidents weren't so good one of those three presidents. have in Common Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt Mundane Johnson. They were unapologetic leftists. That grew government shrank freedom and liberty and put this country in a far less competitive and advantageous situation. Charlie I want to get involved in politics but don't know where to start. I'm eighteen just about to head off to college. What should I do so if you guys want to involve the best way to start is to get involved with turning point? USA NOT USA DOT COM. That's T P DOT COM have a massive palm beach do next summit coming up. We Have Ben Shapiro Glenn Beck Candice Owens Dan Crenshaw Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham and many others. TPS DOT COM SLASH SAS debt engaged. Get involved it's cheap. USA DOT COM SLASH SAS started chapter debt involved the local level and do something active. Make phone calls knock on doors do something that matters get engaged. You're never too young to make a difference. Great show everybody. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. This is always fun so right now if you guys want to dead on the next next asking anything episode we're doing email freedom at Charlie dot com. That's prematurely perk dot com. Make sure you are subscribed. DESCRIBE CHARLIE KIRK show type in. Charlie Kirk showed your podcasts provider press subscribe and download every single episode. You possibly can download them. Download download download that you can get a friend into the same. Thank you guys so much for listening. Support our sponsors the next time. This is Charlie Kirker the host the Charlie Kirk. This is fun assume.

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