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Seeking even more circle round fun. Try circle round colors volume to our newest coloring book. Grownups get your copy by giving fifteen dollars or more to. Wbu are boston's npr station. Visit r. dot org slash circle round and click on coloring books produced by the island. Wr are boston. If you could have an endless supply of something something you really love. what would it be. Perhaps it would be your favorite food or something. You collect like stickers rocks or seashells now at first it might be really fun to have this endless supply right but more often than not when we have too much of a good thing it might not seem so good anymore and we're about to meet a farmer who learns that trying to have too much of a good thing can spoil everything I'm rebecca share and welcome to circle around story time. All the time to their story is called the bearded lake versions of this tale. Come from the country of wales in the united kingdom. Some really great people came together to our telling this tale including tony award winner. Owen teale grownups. You may know owen as sir thorn. On game of thrones. His newest film dream horse will be released in the united states on may twenty first so circle around everyone for the bearded lake in the northwestern part of wales up in the high country where rugged windswept mountains give way to sloping rolling hills and green grassy knowles. There lies a lake. It's known as the bearded lake because of the thick reeds and rushes that fringe shores like bushy brown beard in the summer. The bearded lake is covered in water lilies. All of them is bright and white pearl once upon a nothing cover the surface of the bearded lake the brown reeds rushes sprouted around a body of water. That was smooth and clear as a mirror until one man changed everything. According to legend he was a farmer a cattle farmer whose lands stretched all the way to the edge of the bearded lake. We'll call him farmer davies. Every morning farmer davies awoke at the crack of dawn time to get to work and he pulled on his boots and headed out to the old red barn. I he would milk the cows. Aw lovely milk you'll given today couva utah. Deasy than he would drive the cattle up and down and around the hills coming out loves phone delicious. Over this week as the sun farmer davies would lead the heard back to the barn then return to his snug stone farmhouse where he would polish off a simple supper of meat high or vegetable stew crawling into bed and falling fast asleep. Oh farmer davies wasn't a rich man but he was comfortable an honest and humble fellow who was content with his lot in life then one winter everything changed come december the temperatures fell and so did the snow great frosty clumps of it clobbering the high country so hard and fast. You couldn't see your hand if you held out in front of your face. The snowdrifts grew so high farmer. Davies had nowhere to leave his cows to graze. The herd began wasting away to scraggy and gaunt to give milk so when spring rolls around farmer davies still arose at the crack of dawn to. You still tried to milk. The cows move come on crew even one drop and he's still tried to drive them up down and around the hills. How do you dog you moving slower than cold melas. But once he led the heard back to the old red barn and returned to his stone farmhouse. he found his simple supper growing. Depressingly simpler meat pie was no crust of bread. Vegetable stew was now a boiled potato. Who use of moods nesting january. After supper farmer davies no longer crawled into bed and fell fast asleep instead. The wretched fellow paced around his bedroom wringing his hands and fretting about his future or gm. If mike how's it going give milk my family's doom. One particularly sleepless night farmer. Davies burst out of his bedroom put on his coat and boots and stepped out of the stone farmhouse and into the cool moonlit night the air was so brisk farmers teeth chatter. Does he wandered around his farm. It was so distraught. He lost all sense of time and direction and eventually found himself at the edge of his property. Way on top of a hill spread out before him. Quiet instill lay the bearded lake. The lake's surface was so clear and calm. If reflected every twinkling star in the sky not to mention the shimmering milk white moon farmer davies gazed down at the smooth sparkling water and he sank to his knees and burst into saab by going to do. I'd be working hard that assab mud sweeping upstream. I'd vote fo- knew it. I dutton vote. Only seventy eight depot. Could help me now. It just so happens. That in wales where our story takes place. It's common belief that lakes can be a doorway to the other world the mysterious non earthly realm where magical mystical creatures reside magical mystical creatures like fairies and little bit firmer davies. No it but the bearded lake was home to a whole host of ferries and from dwelling place way. Down on the lake's bottom. The enchanted sprites were hanging onto the desperate man's every word farmer davies couldn't hear it but does he knelt at the water's edge bawling his eyes out. A curious sound began to rise from the lake The sound was high and sweet like a woman singing but not like any woman who ever walked this earth. there was something other worldly about it does. The other worldly sound echoed across the hills the normally placid surface the beard lake began to ripple and quiver bubble into churn but farmer davies was to overcome to see it. He cried and cried and by the time he got back to his feet and staggered home. The sound had faded away the next morning when farmer davies rolled out of bed pulled on his boots and headed out to the old red barn. He was greeted by a most astonishing sight. One that stopped him right in his tracks being What do you think the farmer saw outside the old barn. We'll find out what it was after a quick break. Anything four selena is a new podcast from. Wb you are and throw studios exploring the life. And legacy of latina pop icon selena euthanasia. Join me maria garcia as i explore. What selena's legacy shows us about race identity. Body politics and belonging in america listened to anything for selena now on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen here on circle round you enjoy stories about everything from dragon fighting farmers it is a the powerful to talking three legged pots. Time to skip and skip grownups. We can't make these happen without your support. Please consider donating to. Wb you are the npr station that makes circle round possible. Give fifteen dollars or more and you'll get the latest circle. Round coloring book chock full of new pictures and activities is at wbz dot org slash circle round click on coloring books. thanks welcome back to circle round. I'm rebecca share today. Our story is called the bearded lake before the break farmer. Davies was in trouble after a particularly savage winter. His herd of cows was weak and sickly into the future of his farm looked bleak. One sleepless night the farmer wandered up to the bearded lake a smooth clear body of water bordered by reeds and rushes fell to knees and broke down crying. Calling out to someone anyone for help. Little did farmer davies. No the leak was home to fairies the magical sprites heard his plea and the next morning. They had a gift waiting for him a rather extraordinary gift. It was oko not just any cow for this. Cow wasn't black or brown or spotted like all the other cattle in the barn or all the other cattle in the country for that matter. No this cow was white so white. She practically sparkled in the sun. My goodness look at you does. Why does the neck of a swan. The fish lamb do ever heard of a pure white cowan. Did you come. From vicious one farmer davies tingled with excitement. Unlike his own sickly heard this pearl white cow had such bright case plump body such a full utter the farmer reached out a trembling. Hand stroked the cows alabaster side. My your coat is a softest potch of moss and your duties followed pipers dash e. You could do with some milk. In my friend. The cow turned her glimmering whitehead and blinked. Her wide bright is at farmer davies. The farmer couldn't help but smile or right precious one. How about this. You stay with me in my food for a little while and if somebody comes to claim you well it was enchanting to make yo quit but if no shows put my do you can consider yourself part of the family. So the milk white cow settled into the old barn with the farmers heard. He named her blood win. Which in welsh means white flower as the weeks went by no one came to claim wind and farmer davies was elated. Not only did sweet. Gentle blood would have the best temperament of his cows. She had the best milk and plenty of. It could produce more milk in one day than the rest of the herd gave in a month and oh how rich and pure that milk was richer and pure than any farmer davies ever tasted than anyone had never tasted. It turns out the first time the farmer bottled milk and set up a stall in the market. The shoppers went wild davies fish. Who is a delectable grows your divine. The farmer began selling bottle after bottle of lodwick sweet milk before long he was selling case after case and fetching quite a handsome price. Howard davies. I'll give you fifty silver coins for a case of your meal. I'll give you a one hundred. Two hundred i'll give you three hundred when farmer daisies started using blood winds milk to make butter cheese and cream. The demand grew even higher soon. Customers were flocking to the market hours before opening time just so they could be first in line at farmer davies stall. I've been waiting here since five. Am to by the farmers. Oh yeah well. I've been here since four to buy his fine golden chief. An odd who've been waiting since three to by has saw sweet border win. I've been waiting here all night to buy that stock so there. For the first time in his life farmer davies was prospering and when blood winds started giving birth to calves all of them as gleaming white as their mother and producing the same rich sweet milk. It was like he had hit the jackpot. Now the farmer didn't have just one install at the market. He had four one for selling milk one for selling butter one for selling cheese and one for selling cream. Business was booming. It wasn't long before farmer. Dvd's was the richest farmer in all of wales. Longer the humblest you see. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn the farmer now lased in bed until noon instead of pulling on his boots to milk the cows and drive the herd up down and around the hills. He hired a team of farmhands to do all the labor. Well done then Keep it up and instead of returning to his farmhouse and having a simple supper wolf down a five course feast personally prepared by his mirant new cook a farmer. Davies would climb into his king-sized featherbed. Fall fast asleep before doing it all again. The next day one afternoon as farmer davies sat by the window watching farmhands graze. The cattle struck by an idea sure he was making a mint selling his cow's milk butter cream and cheese. But what if actually sold one of the cows themselves. The farmer stuck his head out the window and gave a whistle. One of the farmhands came. running inside. Can hope you sir. Farmhand do see that co over there. The farmhand to look to wear farmer. Dvd's was pointing. Oh you mean blood wins. Our own white flour yeah broadway. We've had deal irv for quite a while now and i worry. It's just a matter of time before she stops giving detailed market and what you can get. The farmhand fell quiet as he gazed out the window. Then he turned to farmer. Dvd's with a sheepish. Look do respect sir. Blood win is a stout and sturdy is ever. it's almost like she's enchanted. She hasn't aged today since she arrived here. But if you really think blood when is passed the prime sir why not. Just let her watch the fields for the rest of her days and grays to a heart's content farmer davies is flashed nor nineties made up. I'm sellin that cole. I won't you win. The other workers to panetta for market at once and the workers followed that order they fetched a horse-drawn carts and loaded it with. Hey but the moments they looped a rope around broadway and snack began leading her toward the cart. Truly docile cow lowing mooing blood went kept pulling away from the farmhands staring farmer davies. Her sparkling is wider and brighter than ever come. No you meddlesome could make kids. Such a fuss wouldn't quit. She kept blowing and ruin pulling at staring at all of a sudden. She stopped for at that moment. A sound began ringing out across the hills. It was a mysterious sound. High sweet like a woman singing. It was the same other worldly sound that had risen from the lake so many years ago on that fateful star filled night. When an honest humble farmer fell to his knees and begged someone anyone for help into now all this time. Later as the sound grew louder and louder. Do you know what happened and let out snort. Then she lunged forward and broke away from the farmhands. Her shimmering white tail swung back and forth as she tried it across the field and male. She was heading toward the lake at the edge of farmer davies property the bearded lake. The mysterious sound grew even louder now and before anyone knew what was happening farmer davies other cows all of blood winds children and grandchildren. They to took off toward the hill. They're glimmering white bodies streaming out of the old barn so fast they looked like a streak of lightning farmer davies tortoise farmhands. His eyes blazing urban. So they did. They broke into a sprint as they went chasing after the runaway cows but when the men reached the lake they were too late led by blood went herself each and every cow was walking into the water. Slowly treading deeper and deeper. I up to their flanks their backs then their next than the tops of their gleaming. White heads to the moment. Each cow vanished beneath the lake's surface. Do you know what happened. Right at the spot. Where the creature went under there emerged a tiny water lily. Each bright star shaped blossom as white as the neck of a swan the fleece of allowed the pearl of annoys her ever since come summertime the beard blake has been covered in water lilies and eternal reminder of gladwin the white flour to the farmer who was foolish enough to let his humility Now it's your turn farmer. Davies wasn't content with what he had wasn't satisfied but a great way to feel content is to practice attitude. Being grateful helps. Focus on what you do have rather than what you don't so next time you sit down for a meal kick things off with a gratitude. Circle have each person. Say one thing or person place where experience that they're grateful for and then when everyone's done you can enjoy your meal with even more thankfulness in your This week story. The bearded lake was adapted by me. Rebecca it was edited by emory. See efforts circle rounds original music and sound design direction. Aloneness are artists. What's color while you listen beyond has created a black and white picture for every single circle round story and you can print them out and color them ask a grownup to visit. Wbz dot org slash circle round and click on soundtrack and color in pages and while you're at wbz dot org slash circle around. You can also find a link to sabinas circle round coloring book and a transcript for each and every circle round story especial. Thanks to this week's actors kevin corbett. Maisy broaddrick scarpa. Nick shali alexia trainer chris. Tucci and owen. Teale watch for tony award winner. -til the feature film dream horse coming out in the united states on may twenty first are featured instrument. This week was the celeste. You can learn more about this keyboard instrument with delicate bell like sound by visiting our website. Again that's w. b. u. r. dot org slash circle round. Never want to miss an episode of circle round. Follow us an apple podcasts. Or whatever podcast app you use and please leave us. Some stars register review or just to tell your friends about the show. Circle around as a production of wvu are boston's npr news station. I'm mike shuster. Thanks you're circling around with us. One of the best things about creating circle round is hearing from listeners. Like you circle round fans have been telling us about their favourite circle round stories and we're excited to share some of their voices with you. Hi my name is lila. I live in new york city. My famous circle around story is style and the dragon. My name is fiona in. I live in oregon and my favorite show is the charming flip. I like when she plays her flute in the woods and all animals come to listen. Hi i'm colby. Nice here at circle around is the had the horn of the proof. I like the part where the big elephants arrive in the duchesses yard and she goes crazy. Did someone mentioned an episode. You missed no problem. 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