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Hello and welcome to another. Apple this podcast. Hello, everybody. My name is over TOA will in. I'm here to demonstrate an iphone slash ipad app. Cold fronts. It spilt if our OTC in this app is an update you could play text based games tech space, meaning you you interact with basically the screen in text for men, text based it ventures that you can play using this in using commands that you type in to respond to negate he use that using new standard typing Manson using voice over in this. You'll see later in this demonstration voiceover actually's. Pretty good relaying all this continent in this application. So what is this about? Well, some people might remember playing those old style games like text based games in their computers their docks order dos framework. I mean, or whatever in the they they just typing commands in the game tells them what is of like reading a novel by instead of directing in unit still bleeding. You are actually interacting with an oval you tremendous story. Some of us that grew up with Brel notes. Like, braille know apex realm power you're actually able to play these games. So for those of you who enjoy this kinda games. That's great. Great news. This up allows you to play those kind gates. You can actually do that for for those of you who are new to this. You is going to be a great interaction. To the world of these six metre games. So what will happen in this demonstration? I really show you the interface of the application of the fruits up next. We're going to setting sin. Find out what this up KENDALL. We're going to get started section. Why not help available next? We will actually search for game to play on the online repository and explain how that works a little bit in the Leslie will actually playing find out how it works in them straight things that you can do the game without further for their do women of lunch. The application. We're going to go into fruits frauds fraught eagle I'm going to dole top. Trust route browse have debate gotten. Okay. So this is the app interests. We're going to move around this application. I'm gonna flick right to move on element by trots settings button. This your settings button. What I soon is going to be in upper right corner of the screen at it gotten issue standard IOS edit bought at a button Rican arrange things things it's ever selected story. Search search field. So we are in this select the story is the main the meat of the of the application here when main frame section of the tissue in we will this just your search. We search she if you had like hundreds of games here, you can find one vice specific name does he can here. So let's continue looking recently played adding recent e played this section were only recently played fire. Are listed here. So balances gotten more info balances gotten one of three so they're three recently play games. Rookie scoring L artery button. More info L artery gotten to three varies Ella button. More info varies Ella button. Three three awesome. Cleo, three next story list, adding lewke. So this is the story in this. This is a story need you can play stories that you can play in. This is just a list of games in that these games York nationally are actually installed in your library. So we'll go through nine five button. More info nine five gotten one of nine I currently have ninety install game so inactive murder gotten more info and act of murder gotten to of nine in just with anything in this deck world, some games of descriptive titles. Filename seen some aren't right. Now, I have found a way to rename these files. So just just a thought here all rounds? Gotten more info all roads button, tree of nineties, more info buttons NATO, you the midday of the ova games in whether about some of her descriptions, some don't, but the most part you find the description the game. They're the game snow is looking at the book information the back of a book, you're going to liberate snack kind kind information, the author title, John Ron scripture, everything that's in here anchor had gotten more info anchor had button for if not bounces more info nap L. Arthur it's more in various other more in the weapon button. More CR K M. I T version button to there's of games on what I wanted to do. Right now is. We were going to settings in. We'll find out exactly what this is all about more more info settings button settings. I'm gonna go attempt here. I moved to the top of the screen by using forefinger tap on the top of the screen involved the settings. So they will type settings adding six wherein a sitting row nujis- keeper fricking here gun button info, adding there several sections in year also says this is the info, but about trust gotten about fronts tells you the application version zero number all that stuff that technical in. It can be useful. So people would getting started button getting started. So actually went to going here. Yes. Some various information for specifically for those of you who played this kind of games. They're actually pretty fun games to play final getting stopped settings back button getting started adding no flicking, right? Getting permission gun gotten, Saddam. But we're Oakley news interactive fiction heading level to okay. So I'm going to let voice over read. So that commission I'm going to just a little bit. Just a bit of time to introduce you inexpedient each game's about case. So I'm going to between. Here we go interactive fiction makes you the main character in a story you control what your character does by entering imperative. Commands such as such as light the lamp or give the banana to the monkey so he's kind of input. You can take you can just type. Ping. I action administrators on a little bit his very visible experience. So let's keep reading at the story prompt. So you've seen that you can take these things at the story prompt greater than if contains many sub genres ranging from classic puzzled as adventure against and treasure hunts to murder mysteries to more literary works with intricate plots and character interaction since every story is different most support about and help commands to get you started. Okay. So basically seeing when you hit the girl than prompt you can type in your command in you can just keep things. Explain things in going things. All that. It's like, you know, these audio games three games people. Enjoy so much so people, you know, they hiring actors in professional recordings in all the they can be could expensive at here in these games. You get to use your imagination. You you get to know spoiler Mino bit. With just stinking problems. All. A little bit sharpen your skills. It though have to worry about large file sizes that skin efficiently runs in your your phone just like interrupting with a novel. So I'm going to know really where do I start adding level to if you've never played interactive fiction before don't worry frost include several stories that are well suited to beginners. Mosque Hegg table start. You plan named grunk on a mission in his clever and entertaining game bronze wound trusting in a game. That's set in considering hold. This one dream in the dream hold. You exploring wizard's castle. Looking for clues your past also designed for people who are new to it which to'real help and even the Americans. So okay. So what would you do is will go out known what the scheme the dream hold? It says that includes Katori in includes information about how do you get started playing this interactive fiction so age wanted one get gun gotten so on go browse have EBay. So we move the top. The screen at the from the sittings altogether in the get started together in we're going to do is. We're back in the interest in the main screen. We're going to click on this debate gotten browse. I if teepee which is basically interactive drug to fiction database in which these games can be located his games. Now. Most of these games a little bit open source. So you don't pay for it. Some some you know are paid most of them are maintained by an community. This you know, it's open sourcing you. They just won't tears. They weren't particular time. Just write these games Ross for people action we pleases. So I'm not a though to have your story last button story browser adding story browser what what wearing going to be interacting with here. He sa- standard browser collect safari in for FOX in all that. Just like whip rose this up is using standard whip kit IOS development platforms. So that we can track this standard whip browser. But he's actually very acceptable. So omen just keep freaking rows rank table start. Heritage. Article line search link. James is rich text field submit button checks 'field for seek of clarity on just gonna river. You this is just your search bar in weakening explore the screen little bit in find out. What is available, but to could might point a little bit across. I'm just gonna search for this this games game. Text field is heading insertion points at start. I go to win burn a broader, my keyboard new. I'm going to see if I can find work speak find rail screen input for inclusion market, landscape dot happening. Ancient? Oh. Portrait. So find the game. They're mentioning the dream whole sexually pretty nice game. I used to Baker my brethren. Log in rank dream old Zia dream old z eight glenk dream old Zayd glenk drift windows game package link dream bold dream old noggin link dribbled Zayd link image table, curl. We phoned the game. Squadron cold, gut z z eight is defined extinction. They used to late to disseminate these four there are needs so ups in themselves or sub abso programs or whatever they're contained in in a container for miss. So that you you interact with things dream old z eight glenk, Merkley coolness or double tap ner. Dream old z eight link select alert selected story auditory list. So it brought up on a standard IOS, very acceptable saying this story file has been added to the story. This library dream old. Okay. Button. Rows I have debate button in the link image that you heard is actually going to take me to the about screen seat. But since we already know what the game is about from the description will listen to a little bit Scrivener on castle on everything. So we're gonna go ahead and just cutting it started. So when the debate nuns main screening trust settings button edit button selective. Recently plant balances varies story last adding moose throwing his nine five. Gotten more info CR, I'm actually scrolling through the doing the forefinger tap in the bottom of the screen us closer to the bottom of the app in find this because his starts with t in alphabetically sorted. The weapon varies Ella. L or through the whole. Oh, okay. So clean. So I'm going to dole up this. The dribble back button in a mood to explore the screen froze settings button. Caso just like a new screen you like on keyboard button. So dimmed like, Sal dimmed? That's I'm gonna spend a little bit. This is called the status bar. I would sit sale dent is. So I to be the name of the place, you're in usually names of Rome locations, when they call are putting the status bar stems can be access by going to hear twice over in screwing for that time shifts inflec-, Sal, I'm going to flick in you read some permission time shifts and flattens days and decades folding decide like pages in a book. You can see the dream hold eighteen twenty venture by Andrew Plotkin copyright, two thousand three four first time players should type about release five slash serial number zero four one two three one slash inform V6. dot to one library slash hand. You rent your eyes open rough Greystone grace zone ceiling your head hurts and you're lying on the floor your staring at the ceiling, and it's rough and grey. And if you don't recognize it, you will slowly smooth whole floor and try to sit up he hurts you. All right the walls. Ross don't also scraped your aching fingers. You can't there was white agony felt like well, why tearing you apart? You can't remember anything after that. You can't remember anything before that gone, Euclid shed memory. And there's nothing what empty air his games nice in one direction to the game. And he also gave us the game information. So sell this face barely wider than outstretched arms. Seems to have been chopped raw and square from unfinished own only. The Florida's move a fine white surface beneath your feet, there is a narrow gap in the east wall. Don't know how to get started type help inventor greater than oh here, we go. So notice that we gave we get a description of the room of the of the place that we are in in a gave us the, okay? So these. Stonewalls with you know. You're trying to stretch your arms you can't in. You know, the space that but notice he said something about there's a gap that you can look through in the east wall in in gave us the don't know how to start. Blah. Helper gotten so oh in another thing if you noticed voiceover say greater command greater than that's the the grayer than prom. They're talking about him. We typing your input now. In man at the bottom of the screen is going to be an impetus is input. Command is weird as this might sound. It's actually a text field area where you can type your imperative sentences you commands input. I'm going to double tap here. Input? An insertion points at start can also the inner voice over text field can ACTA me. So when he bring up my. Sports behind rail screen input orientation locked landscape screen away mode. Contracted type g go. Hey asked able ablest go east. You talk your head and pushed through the gap narrow hallway you are standing in a short window his whole hallway to these is the foot of a flight of stairs, which rises out of sight to the west the highway narrows ending in a small gap. Doorway looks like you've taken the first step well-done. Let me introduce myself. I am the voice of the suit Oreo most games don't have any. But in this game. I will watch over their shoulder and give you some help with a little practice. You'll soon be moving around the tax Adventure World in style. Back to the story. Remember what's going on? Actually, you don't as the introduction said you can't remember who you are. Or what you're doing here? And yes, it's ugly. Shea put it will do for a tutorial. I'll let you go on exploring the west corridor leads back to the south where you started. So you'll want to try out his heirs instead type of our clients. There's carrot. So it's just going to tell you what to do is continue other of this that. Did you notice that is actually very very accessible with voice? I want to try you know, climb the stairs. I am be prime as he asked. Or it can just go up doesn't matter or Bris or up commander or type up in Brazil. Join just climb stairs. You begin climbing. The stairs. They seem to go on for a long while Alexis pressing between Tim stonewalls, whereas the light coming from. You haven't seen a window yet, Alexis climbing, Alexis, how far Alexis until you ask the doorway to warm candlelight crowded study Houston amid clutter Ogden's shale since stacks the chamber is comfortably broad centered around a massive and well-worn wooden desk, but so much as Johnson around the end of the penalty walls that you barely find rooms to stand books papers dried plants animals, stuffed and preserved antique instruments candles at any Hugh. You don't recognize half of it and who can't name half the rest there are why doorways on the north and east sides of the room adore heavyweight stands close to the south and stairs descend into gymnast to the west. You see an immense book on the desk behind the desk as it tall glass. Fronted cabinet beside that as a small brass trunk which has closed if there were a quarter as much here and attempt as many books, you might be in any scholars study. But this knowledge must represent lifetimes of were. Work lifetimes under a single hand. You do not know where you are. But you care. Care dot for. You can get us the story. What's going on over? Notice. How successful these are you typing your command you Bris entering on your keyboard or Nikes, I'm typing my commanding my breasts Brielle screen input screen in flicking, my two fingers with down on the screen in. I pressed. Let's enter in its reading everything. So it's very simple. You can just kinda know what this is about for the purposes of this tracing on Warner see if I can. Not act paper pay as the next papers books are lined up on shelves stacked on the floor scattered in hazard across everything else in the room you glance titles, generally covered. But recognize none of them any scripts and languages you. Find something in the chaos catches, your it. Looks like a white pappy notching ask lying beside the desk. Command greater done. It's a mask. So I taking examine peepers or experience for short is known. I can. But anyway, he says is known as that there's a mask revealing behind papers papers. So we'll do is. I'm going to take say tape. Etang? I can't repeat mask taken yours. Go has gone up. Your score is displayed in the top of my corner of the window. One of seven means you've achieved one out of seven main goals this increase when you picked up the so dot four also known as it said the score is split on the right top quarter of the window. That's for the the author assumes using screen here. We're not using the screen. We are using a screen reader voiceover portrait. Adding someone to go back to the to the area on the flick left with input helper got greater than crowded study wanted seven dimmed I flick left couple of several times until I found that the area where it says dimmed the back earlier one is the cell knowing knowing says crowded study wanted seven dimmed Laura study one of seven so that's the score us a status mom, so not is according to this game. You're one of seven tasks you need to achieve in get or one of seven masks the. Get in. This instance. End in the score is how each display here. Okay. So now what what I'm going to do some going to get of this game. The game will save automatically. So, you know, in in your device, or in your dropbox someone explain a little bit enough selected story. The dream old got my scrub with two fingers quickly too thick the back button. So now, I'm going to going to horn fell the dream old settings sings settings adding gun info padding consume about getting start to what's new button file transfer button farm where you can actually transfer just explaining quickly with e can do Hyun can actually transfer your files, your your games in your safe games, which are separate files to your iphone via a browser or we know exploring though, or MAC or whatever in this. This is phone here will actually act as a whip. You can transfer game files here. So that's what you can do preferences. Adding you preferences, X color button for those who low-vision resume users seen you are interested in commenting yourself. Here's your color background color, who wasn't your background color. Story. Font gotten you funds. Font size, twelve this phone scrutiny? Take twelve if you wanna read go along with voiceover. Roy large sprint as will resume. You can do that increases very flexible twenty five percents adjustable. Nielsen has a thirty five percent font size thirteen that you can adjust just lickin Euler just bar. My by doing up and down with one finger thirty five for toward completion word completion. Switch button off. I personally thrown off because you know, it assumes you it's like Tech's prediction on voiceover. Insa? Mrs may not play. So without story. Infants. Editing story infiltrating switch button off drama settings button, jump FOX cities. This is the most important thing who of you who want to on a little bit more cloud, like ignition your files evening. Your dropbox interviews a macrophages a windows machine. You can put both gain files in saved game violence here in reset preferences, default you can do that reset prep dropbox settings button. Mogollon Hewlett settings back button dropbox settings adding looking right with when finger done button frost is currently links to your dropbox account this automatically synchronized saved game files with your dropbox. So you can easily share them between multiple devices going awesome reeling to dropbox account. It looks at unlinked account dropbox folder for FRANZ files. Heading sake folder slash frauds. Text field. This gift licking to get to the substance. This is the Ford or in which he will sink it will sink. You your games? The you save to computer you play it will create a fuller name fruits in it will do that tagging. You can save your files in. Okay, that's pretty much it from from me to demonstrate the fronts app, if our OTC, that's how it spell fronts if our rotea, see, okay. Hopefully, you enjoy this app completely to get something out of this up in. Hopefully, you're able to do something useful with this up. You play games just gonna sharpen your mind a little bit using these games near your creativity problem solving sales in what that's pretty much it for me. If you do have any questions about this application in if you have something you want kneecap with. Feel feel free to contact me. You can either post your comments on you can either have my Email address maiming address. This is. Ollila av. L A dot B E, RT dot h u m b e r t o two at mail dot com. So this is a reload dot Birt's, VRT dot marital. Many forcing each U N B R T O number two at g mail dot com. Hopefully, this is helpful to you in onto her. Weekday just have played goodbye. His podcast was brought to you by the team at apple this for more information and resources to help you get the best experience from your apple devices. Visit the apple this website at WWW dot apple this dot com where you can also contact the app this team.

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