iPhone 12 pre-orders, MagSafe cases, 5G updates in the US and UK, and Intercom feature on HomePod


Hello and welcome to the apple insider podcast. This is your host Stephen Robe Liz and joining me from across the Pond William. Thanks for being. In, love getting to talk about this stuff acasuso things going on this time isn't that? Yeah, there is. There's there's lots to talk about what I WanNa know though as we record as our listeners here this now you should have or may have a new iphone your hand. So will you have a new iphone in your hand as people listen to this? Oh, no no because I'm in the UK. A delivery time slipped stay here than just about anywhere though Arita emailed me from I think Sweden and he's got to wait months for his. I ordered within moments we're going live, but I will not see my iphone pro pro until the ninth of November what. So now now pre orders in the UK they went live the same time as here. Right so it was eight am yes idiom here and it would be one they're exactly that. into one that shows hitting refresh matt trying to get through to it. I was Kinda street the APP and it had lots of problems. So back to the website so that delayed me. Twenty seconds it was. That's the thing. Now, do you do like a carrier plan the iphone upgrade plan or you just buy it outright this time I just bought it outright and it's still I. If I'd done in store pickup I could have got it on the twenty third. Their issues hair Kern virus lockdown. Off. Wife is slightly vulnerable. So I avoid getting in city center together. So I opted for delivery and as I went through the press, the delivery was going to be the twenty third, and then it was going to be a member of the second and by the time that she came through the orders naps the. that. Oh. Yes. Well, I've sorry you will not have one as listeners listening to this. You don't have one but. Just curious. What color and what size did you choose? Two hundred six GIGABYTES. Found twelve pro, and of course, it had to be blurred with the new blue. Okay. Are you going to have a new iphone by the time? This is yes. Yes I will, and because we record Thursday no matter how late Thursday we record, it will not be here but mine arrives tomorrow as you're listening to this today usually comes early to mid afternoon I have a white iphone twelve throw or silver as apple calls it and I went all the way with a five twelve because I'm going to maybe be using it for more video than I have in the past I really WanNa try that HDR and see how that video quality does but I will have it. And we'll also be maybe even testing five G. speeds, which we'll talk about in a moment in some places around here in central Florida that supposedly have five G. and I would love to hear from you what kind of five is available by you. But before we get to that, did you get any cases like MAG save cases or anything like that? No I'm thinking about the MAG safe puck kind of thing I actually I know it shouldn't but I try not to have a case at all because I really like I finished with that cases only wants all these years since I've been disastrously stupid mistake the rest of the time more I I avoid it's. I'm constantly tone Do you have a case that you got an would recommend do well. So actually I have two cases and the MAC safe puck right here in my hand these actually came very early the cases actually came Sunday. So pre orders were Friday the cases arrived Sunday along with the puck. So very fast but I usually like the leather cases that apple makes and those were not released yet supposedly those might be coming in November the leather cases, the twelve twelve pro one thing that threw me for a loop is the twelve case. Now, it is actually both for the normal size iphone twelve and the twelve pro. So when you go to case, there's just one case. Size for the regular twelve or twelve pro. I didn't know that because when I ordered it and I did like a double take and I was like wait did I order the right one and if you go on apple's website or in the APP, it'll say silicone case for iphone twelve, which twelve pro. So they're actually the exact same physical dimensions this year last year the regular eleven was larger than the smaller pro but not the case. So interesting point of information but I got the a white silicone and I got the clear apple case I'm holding them right now in my hand because the clear case has this white mag safe ring, this might be one of the most unattractive. I've ever seen. It's just I don't understand. Now I'm getting a white backed IPHONE. So maybe that White Mag safe ring will blend into the phone I'm not sure but but I got these two I'm going to try them out I. Mine Have Speaker Holes. There was actually images online of some iphone twelve cases not coming with speaker holes for some reason from apple directly from apple so. That was very strange What interesting part is the silicone case has the speaker holes, but there is the case goes all the way around the bottom. The clear case from apple the does not have all the way around the bottom. There's actually the opening up the bottom similar to the apple leather cases for previous models. So it is open at the bottom rather than closed. All the way across with Speaker Hole. So curious about that we'll see if I I don't know if I prefer one or the other, but there there one thought this isn't an early thought and also in relation to MK PhD had video and he had a similar thought where the magnet is not super strong at least against the case by itself and he even said. It's not very strong even with the phone in the case. So curious how close you actually have to get in order for it to line up correctly, and so that will remain to be seen when when we actually get the phones but anyway, that's what I have coming. I have the cases now have the maximum chargers. So yeah I'll be tweeting photos of its digitally as. When it comes in. Really. Enjoy that. That'll be just great. Thanks. I have a fact that doesn't seem to be picked up anywhere else. I spent a very long time deciding exciting I eleven pro I assumed if I bought one, it'd be the twelfth pro but then they're so similar travel topper great deal of time working through it on the end ultimately was lenses in the camera for the video. Did It on the Ram I felt justified and lied are benign let stuff but also the twelfth pro is brighter than the iphone. Eight hundred nets instead of six, hundred and twenty-five and I'd like a bright phone. So there you that that's worth hundreds of pans. Well. So let's talk about some of those differences because there's been more articles come out about the cameras specifically on the twelve, twelve pro and twelve Max. So one of the things that I was sweating over choosing between the pro and the Pro Max, and you don't have a two week return window who knows I might change my mind but the camera difference especially between twelve pro and twelve promex we talked about it on last week's episode briefly the Max does have a forty seven percent larger camera sensor on the main default camera which apple calls the wide camera and it has that optical image. Stabilization on the sensor rather than the lens which they say allows for more movements per second but there have been kind of more in-depth articles. Austin. Man which he is a well known photographer, he kind of does the big iphone camera review goes to some distant locale takes pictures. He actually did his review of the IPHONE twelve pro and I'll put a Lincoln show notes to his review. He takes credible photos with the iphones every year and you know he says, even the low light is actually even much better. Just eleven pro to twelve fro I'm willing to have the Max to test right now but. He says, there's noticeable difference especially in low light the ultra wide camera on the iphone twelve pro. Now also can do night mode and actually found that feature to be beneficial. He's got some great images from that camera sensor. So as I read about all these changes I was like you know what I think I'm still gonNA stick with a smaller size. I can't get my hand around the Max literally it's just too big for me when I've tried in the past and so I'll put several links and shows to Austin Man's photo review of the until he's going to review the pro. Max and he's Excited about that, as I scroll through my camera roll, I realized I'm not a professional photographer and a slightly larger sensor is probably not going to aid my pictures in any way. Oh well, you know I'm shooting a lot more video than I ever did and the more ahead about the Max is extra calm I was briefly tempted but I had an iphone tennis. Max. Got On trading in now and it's just it is. It's too big competitive by for me. So yeah, it's massive. Yeah. One other point on the cameras and stuff halide is a you know well known photography APPs on the IPHONE. Manual controls for like focus exposure a lot of professionals use it. Austin man also talks about how he used it. They just updated their APP yesterday as you listen to this. So check out the new halide mark to APP gives you even more controls and features in one APP taking photos. So if you get one of those iphone twelve pros tomorrow, William Sorry, try out the Halide mark to half I'll put Lincoln show notes and show us what pictures you to capture with that. If you really sorry he'd be sending your ipad like you keep promising. That's got to wait till the new one. You know the IPAD air came out and you know maybe we'll talk about that I know West actually ordered one and so his should be coming in as you listen to this episode. So I'll have him on next week and he'll talk about the high pad air is a very interesting device. But what I'm really curious to talk to you about William because you have the across the pond and knowledge about five G.. Now a couple of things that I have discovered about five G. since last episode, a couple of things. So number one on at and T. here in the United States and both at and T. and verizon actually have only specific plans that offer five G. Connectivity, and so if you're here in the United States and you're getting an iphone twelve or twelve pro today as you listen. To it Friday October twenty third you might WanNa check your carrier plan I was on an eighteen t unlimited plan that I had switched to really just in the last four to six months and that newer unlimited plan didn't offer five G. I actually had to change the kind of unlimited plan to one of their new ones so that I could access five G. speeds. So if you're. On Verizon or at and T. here in the united, check your plan actually make sure if you have five G. capabilities with that plan but also I, don't know if you saw any of these videos William but tech reviewers like Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal and Eli Patel from the verge took their Verizon iphone twelve out on the streets Joanna Stern went to I believe it's. Giant Stadium New York City or just stadium maybe it's one of the same but she went to the middle of the stadium the went to the streets of New York City, and they basically got up to two thousand megabits down on Verizon. Five G. Ultra wideband millimeter wave signal, which just seemed insane to me. So I have at and T. I'm going to be trying out five G. Here in Florida Orlando Florida supposedly has their five G. Plus which is at and T.'s name for their ultra wideband five millimeter. So that's the other thing they call a different things. Verizon calls five G. nationwide like the slower regular five g. and then five G.. All wideband is the faster millimeter wave technology at and T. calls it five G. and then five G. Plus five plus being ultra wideband, which is ridiculous also at and T. has been putting five GE on. IPHONES since last year, which is just crazy making that is not five g. just so you know and then t mobile they do not have a millimeter wave network just yet they're all in on the like sub six slower five g connection, and so they just say they have the largest quote unquote five network, but it's all that slower speed. So anyway, that's the case of five G. Here in America William Tell me about five G. in the United Kingdom Yeah Must I. Do, you even have it previously on five Jay is a few weeks ago Mike Apple inside I was telling me that five G. in the UK is far further advanced than is in the states and you can sign why small country can roll out that the infrastructure quicker. Great. Except right where I am this moment, there is no five G. reception all it. Is Coming I'M GONNA school three and realized actually because I haven't got five. Gee I didn't even look to see what the plans were. I'm just carrying on with what I've gotten. All figured out later. But I, I may not actually Botha with five G. because outside the US, you can't get millimeter wave so I will never get two hundred billion megabits per second. From some football stadium kind of. That really knocks me actually i. mean the fact that it isn't here where I am fine. It's going to becoming coming threes rolling out really well, I was quite surprised that it wasn't where I am near. City Centre. decided to just no. To the thing really F- The only five G. You actually want spill meter may wave one. The rest is it's not a toy five. So I bought five G. phone that isn't a five G. phone I'm five G.. So thank goodness the cameras the best. So even in mainland Europe, is there any plans for me this plenty of five G. and their for the fans that do have millimeter wave stuff? It's just it's patchy within the UK, and even if you have got it, you're physically technically never going to get the greatest speed because of Apple's decision. So I'd love to know what they're thinking is when they're boasting about being able to defy gene so many places, but they're taking away the only five G. that not as I find that annoying and I did find that out before I ordered but only just so you're so so I'm sorry you're saying they're like the European version of the iphone does not have the antenna to get. Millimeter. Wave Five G.. Yes. That's correct. Only I phoned sold in the US have millimeter wave five G. nowhere else in the world has it all we may have better infrastructure but atvs denying us the use of this. Yeah. You're surprised as I was when I heard about it but you get used to after you graduate teeth down a little bit. So now wait a minute now if I buy US iphone here and like ship it to you does it have the right bands to get the wave that's in UK Europe or does point? I. Don't believe. So the last thing on apple support documents was it has to be a five G. phone boats in America used in America. If I, she even for a man owner who travels to Europe at least for a while after saying you're GONNA lose this because it says internationally five running at all that fast at you will probably just sit back to four G. for some. Maybe they just dissing the rest of the world's Five G. infrastructure. But now, I know what might be in the IFM thirteen? Yeah, right. Wow. That is very strange. GotTa be a reason for it. They can't just punishing us for leaving Europe or something. I know what? It's strange too because there was some people asking you know there's a patch on the side of the iphone twelve and twelve pro under the sleep button that everyone was wondering is that could that be touch ID, but on announced store, what is that thing and for the US versions of the iphone it is five G. Antenna Patch to get that five G. Antennas. So and five phones that go to other countries do not have that patch, and so that is very strange obviously in the. In the event who was kind of weird because verizon CEO is on stage and I don't know I know it's been a long time since an apple van had a carrier on stage where they like Tim Cook shared stage space with them. So that was weird. But yeah, there was not really talk about five G. in the world. It was really just about five G. in Verizon's amazing network and that was it which I can understand because for all the years of apple being bashed for not having five. Right now, Tim Cook Command say five Jesus Brilliant but he can't actually prove it's because it isn't enough places and it's excluded in certain iphones. So at least getting verizon to say it was almost like look seriously honestly, it's going to be great kind of thing five gene was thought was going to be the big tent pole feature for this release on the APP was doomed if it didn't bring it out in time but then by the time we got to this stage five G. is not enough for so they had to do what they could do to make it sound with bullying. Right, very strange. Well, we will share would we can know Andrew's going to do video hopefully where he gets some five G. speeds I'm going to try and capture some in Orlando on a t and t to see what it looks like stopping the Lincoln Tunnel. 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VPN dot com slash apple insider to learn more our thanks to express VPN for sponsoring this episode. Last point on five G. specifically because I was wondering this to what the indicator in the top right corner of your iphone, what is it going to say when you're on five G. and apparently the indicator is going to tell you what the best available connection is at the moment. So like verizon, they have a five G. tag when you're in a five G. Network and then there's a five g. with a little you and a little w when you're on the ultra wideband super fast connection. So you're a little symbol on. Your iphones going to tell you the best available connection, but that's not going to tell you what speed you're actually pulling at the moment. So I don't know to me a little annoying like I wanted to know if I see something in the corner, that's the network I'm on you can do something you can go into settings an override, all of apple's default systems to say five g. all the way for everything, and then if you're in Jerry, that's what you're getting in, that's what it means, but you'll lose hours of battery life. Right. To I was whatnot joke last week I totally want to see a variety iphone twelve mini on ultra wideband playing a multiplayer game on full brightness I just WanNa know the hours of battery life or the minutes of battery life that will have. Because that'd be hilarious. But yes, that is the smart data mode settings that will be on the new iphones where you can force it to take the fast speed. No matter what and that is one of the things in the new carrier plans like at least at plan that I had to move to there is a higher data cap for high speed data and you know here in. America. Unlimited data's like infinite. Air quotes because the unlimited is like well unless there's a busy network and then we're gonNA throttle you or unless you go over fifty gigabytes of this and then we'll give you we're gonNA drop your speed. So on the new plan what I tell his, you get one hundred gigabytes of high speed data and then at and T. reserves the right to throttle you for the rest of your billing cycle or whenever they. Need to quote unquote and you'll never know when that is but one hundred gigabytes if you're pulling two thousand megabits per second or two gigabytes per second that would go pretty fast if you're trying to download seasons of a, TV. Show remains to be seen how how useful again, five years in practice keep your on apple insider dot com and we'll try and let you know where to find it hike, use it and Also al included in this week's shown up as well but I did include links to the five G. coverage maps from Verizon at and T. Mobile in the podcast article, and in the show notes as you listen to this podcast and we'll also put the list of cities that both carriers at and T. Verizon are claiming have their ultra wideband network and they both have different lists of cities so you can check out. The list of those cities to see if you're on it, I'm show notes on the article on Apple Dot com slash podcast. So to talk a little bit more about mag safe, there's been some cases third party stuff coming out one really a big point of interest. A lot of people went ahead and just back to this is peak design peak design makes their well known like backpacks for photographers and videographers to. Hold Lenses and cameras popular backpack they came out with their first iphone case, which is a mounting system, with MAG, safe support as a case and tripods and mounts and peak design is making it all mag safe and all that. So put on Lincoln show notes if you want to check out that and one other interesting fact about the MAG. Safe Puck in general, it actually acts as a regular cheap charger even if. You're not using it with an iphone twelve. So if you plugged that MAG safe larger PUCK, the new one into a power brick, you can charge your iphone eleven on that Mac save charger because it's just normal charging. You'll only get seven watts as opposed to fifteen or seven and a half lots I. Think about you can do it actually there's a video from basic apple guy on twitter and he shows his iphone. Eleven on the Mac safe and you can see us star charging. So you can charge your google. Pixel. You can charge whatever device you have that charge charging. You can actually use the MAG safe to charge those as well. It's not that it only works with maxine supported iphone twelve and case just say, but are you getting a a Mexican charger you thought about that well, actually you just made me more interested. I am looking at it. I figured do I really need it when I have Akita already? But if you fucking to swap out that one for this and use it to charge, I'm keeping my last. Brooks I used to cameras on things I've been else shot I. did not realize that like a charge them both on it suddenly much more tempting artist's best. We know when the The. is coming apple seeing that charges the watches well. Quite intrigued by that last look. Yes. there. There's no data definitely price for. No date no price. But yes, I'm very intrigued by that as well and would like to check it out but that should also work with like air pods. So if you want to get that duo charger where you can charge your phone and watch. But then if your phone's not on it, you can throw your pods or you can throw your air pods on it. That seems like a very tempting device very small sleek. So I think rumors of said November ish for that. So Megan November for the charge of for the leather case apples waiting for me that's what they're doing. Points until Williams got his phone, we won't believe to experience everything that has off. That's exactly well one other article and I'll put it in there too is there was a tear down of the new iphone twelve video and you can kind of see all the innards of the iphone twelve and how that's been constructed I wanted so fascinating, just the minute in tiny components in these phones and how they're all packed in there. So I'll put that article show is pretty interesting. Now, one of the feature I wanted to touch on because there was some confusion about this in the last weeks but intercom, the feature that was announced with the home pod many and they said it was coming soon is now available. So if you have a home pod from our whenever you've got your home pod, the update for fourteen point one, the home pod operating system is available. If you go to the home APP on your Iphone, you go to home settings and then you go to software updates for your devices. You can update your home pods and you can actually use intercom on your home pod right now but some of the confusion. Was Fourteen point one also came to the iphone this past week and it was thought that maybe intercom will be available on the iphone as well on all the devices like apple advertised but that is not the case that is probably coming with Iowa's fourteen point to in a later update it is on the Betas right now surround like the public Beta you'd be able to use intercom on your iphone but if You're not doing any Betas and you're just on that public release cycle for whatever the newest public Iowa's and hope Ottawa's you don't have it on your phone watcher ipad yet but you can't do it on your home pod and you can tell your home pod. Hey, Dingus send a message to the kitchen say it and then it will broadcast it in the kitchen you could say send a message to everyone reply. And you can do all that, but it's only on the home pas themselves. So have you tried this Intercom Feature William I didn't think I had but the you realize by accident yet, I have one part in my office is right next to me now and this morning I asked herself to play everywhere fleetwood Mac's on that particularly like and it said Yeah right play everywhere now and it was obviously trying i. was trying to actually play what was it wasn't the song wanted, but it was really happily telling me it was playing everywhere and it was on on all of my one home pods. That's what he was trying to. Suddenly make sense. Yeah it's it's interesting I'm in my house you know we have several home pods and with kids I'm curious to use it this way they can ignore the home pods saying come for dinner rather than just ignore the parents So we'll give him an opportunity for that but curious how it works in a large home did you have a use case that you? Were kind of excited to the Intercom and trying it out. We do chugging this when we moved into this house twenty years ago it was so much bigger than our old one that we used to joke that we needed to kind of star trek style, tap the badge, and talk to each other just to find each other and I suppose this would be it two decades later when. We've prometheus eroded the in the walls enough that we can hear through them. Anyway that's an image. Open links and show notes to that the intercom features and how to set it up and all that. But you can do it home pot only right now if you're on the regular public releases. So one last bit of news and I, Know William is very sad about this. But qube the streaming platform made for mobile devices released an Apple TV and the very next day announced that it's shutting down. So as we end the show today, we are saying goodbye be we rarely new you? Okay. Okay. That that's just examining. As on stretched out on the share. Why why do you feel that would be upset about this I am not she moved than it sounds I mean they tried something it founder and that's got to be ashamed. I didn't like it when I tried Caribbean myself I I worry when you focus is on the length of the show rather than the show I think you'd lose out in the drama. There are reasons why comedies tend to be now and drums tend to be an hour I mean I know we're kind of programmed over the years but things still formal natural certain things and when you instead. So it's going to be distinct and it's only ten minutes long. It's There examples of this before I just share TV geek hair quarter life from the makers of thirty something in my so called life, very successful online in I. Think it was fifteen minute chunks and they put them together to make our long episodes, instant cancellation and Powell stock. Blood and chrome same thing it worked in ten minute chunks. But then you put it together as program and it fell apart because the structure kind of overrode the story too much for us. So I tried I tried really hard and I think it's a shame fell for that reason. But as viewers a drama writer I on not on happy I'm afraid. Yeah, and it's you know obviously probably losing their jobs in relation to the. So that's very sad you know I don't want to listen that. Yeah but it is kind of a perfect storm as in the negative side of a launch qube launched. Earlier this year amidst the pandemic, which you would think might help an entertainment platform, but the problem is everyone was home, and so their main feature was this is media made to watch on your phone but if everyone's having to stay home, surely they have a TV or an ipad or something in their house, and if they're going to put something on for the heck of it and their home, the probably not going to want to hold their phone for fifteen or even ten minutes they have a TV there and so because a lot of. People were stuck at home in the last nine months. I feel like that was probably a big factor and also ten minute chunks of content. There are a couple other huge platforms that kind of have the market on that I mean youtube of being one and Tiktok while it's not that long because of the rise in popularity of Tiktok, you know if you're going to have a younger person, watch a piece of entertainment on their phone, they're going to go to Tiktok or maybe youtube most likely and so it seemed like it was trying to. Put itself in a niche that was already taken and also really hard to fill at this in this kind of climate over the past year. So I know they're still trying to sell some of their content rights and some of the stuff that was already produced. Maybe some of the shows that have already been released, they can go to another platform but unknown at the moment. But yes, qube is gone. Oh, and one other thing that is gone now to is the TV remote APP, which I know William is also very sad about a Couple of weeks ago, somebody was asking me about this and I was truly surprised because I control Apple TV through a control center on the IPHONE and. Concluded that I must have that control. Because I did happen to have the remote high. Well, high fortunate two years ago ran today this but now they separate things on the were and I. It's just so handy to swipe tupper button. Yeah. That's right. Miss I'm afraid and approach tip if you WANNA use a series shortcut. So I've actually got an IRA blaster. If you listen to the Home Kim Cider podcast, you would hear my story about this but I've switched bought hub mini which can control A TV, and so I now have a series shortcut were when I say, Hey dingus turn on my TV. The TV turns on the Apple TV wakes up, and my iphone automatically goes to the remote controller at the end of the shortcut. So if I say that one command I can just pick up my phone and the remote control is good to go. So if you didn't know that that's actually one. Of the series shortcut commands, you can have your phone go to the controller and control a specific apple TV because that's another thing is sometimes if you go to that control center apple TV and if you have multiple apple TVs in your house, it's hard to tell at a glance which one you're connected to, and you might have to like tap the top like the other apple TV. But with Syria shortcut. You can have it control the exact apple TV that you're wanting. So just a little pro tip there at the end for series shortcuts at I I have so many show cuts do so many different things but the one thing about your one that is it ends up with a device pushing a button at the end and I've just got this vision of ropes and police and some sort of Rude Goldberg Goldberg. It's a room. Yes. I would love to do that with a bunch of switch spots but that's just too much. It's too much. Well, thanks for listening everyone we would love to hear your feedback. Do you have a new iphone twelve or twelve pro in your hand this moment as I speak? On sorry tell Steven. Tell. Of It in. Tweet at me, you can also tweet I William but you are twitter handles are in the show notes. We'd love to hear what you got what you think what you're looking forward to. Are you waiting for that Pro Max get that big sensor better cameras and let us know you can check out links to everything we've talked about in the show notes Austin Man's iphone twelve pro camera review all the MAG, save stuff the tear down links to five G. those carrier plans and the five G. maps check it all out on show notes don't forget we appreciate all of those have given. US A, five, Star rating and Apple podcasts has been a few recently, we really appreciate it and if you haven't yet, it would help out the show. Go to have a podcast give us a five star rating in review there, and if you'd like to hear about my switch bought saga and about those smart home devices and all home kit devices, checkout homecare insider, the other podcasts on apple insider dot com you can search for insider in your podcast player of choice or go to apple insider dot com slash podcast, and you'll see it there. Thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you next week.

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