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<music> ouch. That's his third travel tonight. Normally i get on this case for being a complete numskull but tonight. I'm chilling stephen. What's gotten into you. I know usually i'd be off right now but i gotta tell you this. Vivid seats thing got me completely changed one hundred percent authentic and got these great seats yesterday when a vivid seats at stress-free wait. We're doing you put a hotdog. What's the matter with you. The old stephen we know plants capture c._o. Two what we help industrial plants capture it to think how we could help lower emissions more more scientists than carbon capture is key to reducing c._o. Two emissions globally. It's one way exxon. Mobil is helping industrial plants be more like plants. That's the unexpected energy she of exxon mobil on this week's adam schefter podcast the n._f._l. Regular season is upon us and we've got some special guests to bring you some of the latest insights. I will be joined by the patriots warmer pro bowl tight end rob gronkowski is he advocates for c._b._d. And talks about his his life away from football and then we'll be joined by steve levy who will be at the mike doing the play by play for the second night game on the opening monday night of the season broncos raider steve levy with the call and then we'll be joined by the washington redskins offensive coordinator kevin o'connell as as he leads case keenum into philadelphia to take on the philadelphia eagles but first joining us now the former patriots pro bowl tight tight end three times super bowl champ five time pro bowl player rob gronkowski rob. Thank you very much for taking the time. Appreciate it. Notice you at the press conference this week to announce is your partnership advocating for c._b. Products and i'm curious if you could explain how you came to form this relationship to advocate for c._b._d. Vide oh yes <hes> it's what c._b._d. Medic- medic- is <hes> <hes> makers the makers of advocates health products and how is performed man you know <hes> i was actually up at the lake lake when it's wake up in new hampshire and <hes> we're playing soccer. I was bear for <hes> absolutely stopped through my toes and <hes> my father <hes> i mean i i you know when you stub your toes and you can barely you know it kills. They're black and blue just totally killing me and my dad was like hey rabbi. Try this cream out. <hes> uses cream. I've been using it for my back pain. I just put it on every day. So i put it on my toes and instantly i got relief that i was looking for and then i can go throughout my whole day rest of the day so i actually kept continuing playing the soccer then and just kept going and for five straight supply it and <hes> you can put your shoes on <hes> do whatever i need to do and it gives you that relief that you looking forward to go throughout the day so you need to do so that's how we formed <hes> and then we got in contact with them contact with c. l. perry and everything from their history while with each other so it was unbelievable there right down the street twenty five miles from me in rhode island so workout any better ma'am. How much could that have helped you. During the course of your career you at nine surgeries obviously dealt with a lot of pain. What could that have done for you. During your career up yes definitely i'm i mean i'm not saying it's gonna make me like five more spectacular ecuador one handed catches but <hes> you know it could have helped it could've helped me out big time varies with some of the hits that you take. You know you get you get huge bruises you get the huge was hits. <hes> and you know you sit in at meetings and your aggravated because your body just you know you just have that painting. You come the hits and everything so it would have been huge. He was just be able to have it and just been able to apply during my career so i just been comfortable throughout the day you know toss you know you sometimes you go out to practice and you got the things that are aching on you just because it's the game of football <hes> it's it's just it is what it is so it's been very nice to just apply it on it and go out to practice awesome. Just not have to worry about it. So when was that incident with your father that you began revenue toes in realize what it can do for you. When was that incident. Rub that was actually over. Are the july fourth weekend. <hes> and i was up at week when talking we had a couple of friends <hes> i was with my girl she was like i was actually facing her. She's on the other eighteen so big. It was getting competitive because it was. We were going full and i that was my first time playing soccer too. I never played soccer before never played soccer. I like that no i mean i kick the ball around <hes> back and forth and everything but we were actually playing the game and our net you can jams yeah worth the cam jams with a frisbee so we put the can't jam down so he's like you've had a kick the soccer ball in the camp and literally the soccer ball was half the size of the camp jam so like the guy in that you would just be jamming each other right in the front. 'cause you stand right in front of the cans yeah. So you know just little games. You make up when you're when you're having fun at the lake house if you had discovered the beauty products while you play. Do you think there's any chance might have prolong your career. <hes> you know <hes> it will just help to deal with the pain that you're going through <hes>. I'm not saying that his magic wonders and it's going to heal you know it promotes that but <hes> you still got to put the work and you still gotta do everything you still got to be having a a healthy lifestyle to take away the pains and aches jake <hes> this just helps temporarily relieve the pain that that you can get your dealing with <hes> for example. <hes> you gotta you gotta go get treatments. If you're gonna go get a massage you got. You took a huge hit. You can put this on the c._d. Medic put it on that relief that you're looking for then. Go get the treatment so you don't. I'll have to deal with the aching pain and and you know what you're skirting because you're hurting helps out big time. <hes> it wanted just helped out big time with the pain that you just deal with every weekend and week out but you still gotta put that work in and you still got to get back grind. I was surprised at your press conference to hear you say some of the words that you did where you said. I wanna be clear third of my fans. I needed to recover. I was not in a good place. Football was bringing me down and i didn't like like people think of you as always being in a good place what what was happening there that led you to be so emotional at that press conference. What was it that you endured. That was so difficult route. You know all the all the hits the body like for example they hit the talking the super bowl <hes> there's for four weeks after that you get twenty minutes asleep every nine waking up every twenty minutes and just in eighteen hake aches and pain and not being able to sleep like that and that's that's that's brings brings your emotions down. I mean your energies drained when you when you sustain an injury like that no matter how positive you stay <hes> it does affect you. I mean yes. I'm not saying how was i was in a bad place. I'm just saying to my standards to where i wanna be nice. <hes> that joy was giving a little taken away from me and i needed. I needed to just step away. <hes> you know i i got all the right tools around me. <hes> whenever whenever whatever whatever i need to get back to where i need and <hes> you know i just have a high standard. I want that feeling good every single day and you know and that's where i'm headed to did you identify all with what andrew luck what he said. When he announced his retirement i definitely hit that subject and obviously he was in some pain of what he said and everything and <hes>. I definitely feel for him. I feel for him for sure <hes> and that that's exactly why i walked away from the game too because of those <hes> feelings that he like you having i was kind of having similar feelings too so <hes> you know i walked away though because i also know that there's <hes> you can recover out there. <hes> you for example if you're in your if you got that muscular paying you got arthritis. You've got the joint pain. You can throw on the c._d. Medic right there and then that's an example of you can just deal with the parent there and then you can go get the treatment and go do the things that you wanna do go get the right workout workout and so you can heal your body. Go get massages in for example. I go up the t._b. Twelve i go get my massages and they'll get treatment in in minutes pain-free and then it works everything <music> out and then you can get back to where you want to get to. How do you feel today good healthy anything. Bothering you know man pain-free dogs gonna know i really am i. Am i am mr recovery. I'm paying three. I'm ready to go but <hes> you know. I'm feeling good. I'm actually twenty pounds down right now. Which i wouldn't say down down. I just feel good. <hes> you know i actually got a little pain free but my cloud actually still no lie still has scar tissue in it. I gotta still they'll get. It worked out. <hes> i'm working on every day almost every day. I put some work into my quiet from from super bowl still has scar tissue on. There's no more pain in w- to deal with it because i it's just it's just not just not there the pain anymore. Scar tissue breaking up. That's only thing left on my body that i'm trying to smooth mood out so my whole entire body smooth and clean and flowing altogether how'd that twenty pounds come off. Was that just naturals less lifting diet. What is that you know. It's everything is a whole lifestyle. It's <hes> you know. I i still lift <hes> i mean i don't lift as much as i used to but i lived with the correct forum now to to change up my workouts and my diet to also <hes> my diet changed tremendously and <hes> to lose it. I mean i definitely started <hes> die. Knocking announced calories the calorie count was way down <hes> and i started changing up my food to i've been going all organic and i've been doing a lot of plants in veggies. Wow <hes> sometimes sometimes for dinner. I literally probably like four hundred calories and it was literally just veggies carrots cucumbers <hes> squash unit munib broccoli you name the veggies and that's all i was eating dinner some nights just so i can get off that way because that way i put on that weight i had it was like bloated wait. That's what i felt like. It was like it wasn't like trend muscular good fat way and maybe one day <hes> i actually not maybe i know. I'm gonna put some background and i want to do it. The healthy way 'cause i was two hundred sixty two hundred sixty five pounds leaving high school when uh when i was eighteen years old i never been under two hundred sixty since then so that was when i was eighteen years old and now i am thirty years old so twelve years later i finally get under sixty and when i was as i didn't put it on the right way. I was eating everything in sight <hes> as an athlete and as an athlete that wants to keep on continuing continuing his career or or feeling good in his life. You gotta do things right and that's what i figured it out. Have you watched the patriots at all during the preseason rub. Oh yes <hes>. I watched actually two preseason games. I haven't seen any practice or anything <hes> but i mean i have a different perspective at it now. <hes> i still got friends friends on the team so it's cool. It's cool to just see him and <hes> i i've seen two games so far and when the season opens on sunday they put the pittsburgh steelers. Here's what are your plans for that day. Oh man i don't know yet man. That's that's what what's the friday so. That's about nine. I'm more days a week from this sunday. <hes> it's gonna it's gonna be a special game though because we got the banner drop <hes> team last year super bowl champions <hes> we put work. We grind it last year. We we won that <hes> we won that championship. I all coming together as a team and doing what we need to do and <hes> so that's gonna be a big night for or patriot fans and new england nation hundred percent. So are you going to the gaming or you don't know i don't know maybe you'll see. It's gonna be a surprise uh-huh well. We like surprises with grunk or is there any chance that you'll have another surprise for us late in the whatever tom calls you in december and says rob come come on post stretch run playoffs. Don't have to come back that much you feeling good your toes a better from the c._b._d. Your body feels awaits better i would have have i want to be doing his treatments getting his ability if he comes over and rub some c._b._d. Matt every communist. I'll spill twice as good and then i'll be ready to go to turn down your your friend quarterback. The calls you late in the season oh man late in the season that they would have to be some rules like all right. He calls me a bitch so when my the just showing up to the game like you're going to get the game the plan on saturday and then it do. I have to stay at the hotel night before what if i just showed up to a game one day and and like you know did the transaction. Can you do that. Is that possible. I just showed up to a game no practices no nothing i went over. The script with tom in my backyard on saturday showed showed up to a game on sunday and was ready to go crazy with that. I think you could do it. Actually you know if hey why not but you must could ask that all the time right like peter and i just have like five plays in the game and they're all just go round up the ball five times to me you go with that. They go with that right. Yeah there. You go just told me ball five times. I got five plays so so so what is the answer on that. I know you've been asked before but when when it comes up if people say any chance rob comes back. What are we say oh man oh no. I wouldn't say so <hes> i mean i. I talked about it already. I mean the i know i will be there. Physically that'd be able to play the game of football and hands down. That's that's why i take a golf because i needed my body to recover. I love being fit. I love staying in shape and that's that's not a cause. I know physically <hes> i'll be able to know for sure and <hes> it's just that if i have that desire to come back and play i'm i'm truly enjoying my time off. <hes> <hes> truly enjoy what i found giving the business. I got a lot of things dropping in the next couple of weeks with my brothers my family a lot of business stuff and i'm. I'm really staying busy with it. It's not like i'm not waking up with a passion. I'm waking up to get things done <hes> every single morning <hes> to work out get my body right and then and do some business ventures every day so i'm really truly enjoying it and then if i truly have desire i'm like i feel like my my name is getting called <hes> and i had in if there's a passion inside of me and then that's the end. It's a consistent want then. That's the time i would ah entertain of coming back and all it takes. Is tom rubbing some c._b._d. On you that's it yeah. Hey hey how you can come over to and so you can highlight the on your podcast like time. That's good rubbery. What you you let me know if he's willing to do it. We'll shoot it. We'll get footage of that will promote the heck outta c._b._d. That'll be the biggest boone ever so if you're gonna come back for that and he's going to rub it in you where all over that gronk. I promise you enjoy your piece enjoy arrest. It is well deserved served and like i said you let us know we're ready for the c._d. 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It gives you unbeatable engine protection. It's kind of like an offensive lineman for your engine. The proof is in the pennzoil based based on sequence for a test using s._a._p. Five w. thirty joining us now my colleague my friend who will be part of the monday night broadcast on the opening being monday night of the season raiders broncos. He'll be doing the play by play steve levy along with louis riddick brian greasy laura rutledge on the sideline and steve. Thank you for joining the podcast schefter you you left out the fact we went to high school together to sort of well. I buried the lead there right vice cool. Look look we were cougars. Belmore jammed k. on the south shore of long island same high school as amy fisher who else school steve <hes> ooh entre <hes> entourage are by doug allen doug element to our high school and <hes> pity dictator of course wheels up never would forget kenny dichter the great kenny dichter. I kind of feel like we're the fearsome foursome much like the los angeles rams defensive front the sixties and seventies <hes>. That's the only hall of fame. I'm ever gonna to get into brother so we're pretty proud of that. We were honored to go into the belmore j._f._k. Hall of fame welfare whatever you call the same night which is an awesome night right by the way it was the night that i actually got the news that r._g. Three was being traded to the washington redskins and coming off a recent town where i drew drew some criticism for not holding story held that story and it blew up a few days later so that's what happens when you hold news right steve honestly shefty that is the takeaway from from my one night of celebration and get the my high school. Hall of fame is watching you. Handle that situation and you know when people ask me about you and you know how difficult your job is and you know on all the time. You're about to be honored but watching you go through the emotions of getting it do i use it. Can i use it based based on my relationship with the sources and and <hes> and the respect that all your sources obviously have for you. It's obviously paid off for you over the years <hes> but watching with through that was really a very eye opening for that was that's my that's my take away from my hall of fame night and hold you getting beat on it by the way i should add that to yeah well. I think you know you play by different. Rules and people have different standards and and it's it's working for you. I would say brother well. I appreciate saying that so. Let's get back to you so you're doing the monday night. Football game broncos writers week week one. How big thrill is this for you to be a part of monday night football on the opening week you know it's only starting to set in now really as we as we inch closer to this <hes>. I was obviously thrilled when i when i got the news <hes> and you know it's the iconic position really in in broadcasting. Yes he monday night football. It's it's funny right out of people associated with hockey. I right well. I think you have to look at the place. I work the place we work when i got e._s._p._n. We had the hockey writes <hes>. That was an avenue for me to go there. We only have one n._f._l. Seat right. We only get one game and there's only one n._f._l. Seat and that's that's the the monday night football seat so that that opportunity never presented itself <hes> prior to this. I've always been a a huge n._f._l. Fan right up there with hockey and people don't know oh that about me and in fact much bigger fan of pro football in college football yet. I do college every saturday. That's because you know own college football right. We have every single game so that opportunity exists so i am thrilled <hes>. I wonder what it will set in everybody talks about you know i'll be here in the music. You know trying to fall off my chair and shutters. Remember to see my a lot of stuff and part of me wants to come on and say hey you know it's me and just living the dream which i really am <hes> at that point but i'm really gonna try to stay focused and keep it the football and distributes my two great partners. <hes> <hes> brian greasy louis riddick was really fired up for the game. You've worked another partner barry melrose covering every stanley cup final free his pinson's one thousand nine hundred chance that we throw brian greasy out of the booth and favourite barry melrose to have them work with you that night just to be comfortable well. If it was a it was a hair situation <hes> you'd have to the the advantage to melrose. There's no doubt <hes> greece and i are going into our fourth year together doing college. <hes> we do the broncos preseason package together as well <hes> so i i've been very lucky to have great partners over the years and in every sport and really even sitting on the sportscenter desk <hes> i've really got along with just about every single one of them and they've gone on to to become really close friends as opposed. Just you know good colleagues so greasy certainly fits into that category. You mentioned the broncos preseason package so first of well. He must be a lotta time in denver here during the summer right yep. You're there right now as we're talking right correct. Are you a sushi eater steve. <hes> i do enjoy sushi shirt you while you're in denver. Make sure you get to sushi den but that's an aside for another day. Put all it's called sushi den. Oh my god steve when i lived there for fifteen eighteen years already two or three nights a week. You know usually these sushi places like a fancy name she did. She make sure you go make sure were you go that is that is oh boy. If i had one meal left that might be my meal stephen. You will thank you will thank me after you go but anyway so you've done. The broncos preseason games you've met with the coaches talked to the players. What is your takeaway of these broncos as you head into the monday night. Game with denver are in oakland my takeaway <hes> shefty is it's so much about the coaches and that concerns me <hes> i'm in the rare minority and hear me out. I i feel for the most part that coaching is overrated. Okay again not not not unimportant just overrated specifically when it comes to basketball basketball <hes> managers baseball coaching and hockey. I don't feel that way in in football. I might even be underrated in football but there's so much talk talk about the change vic fangio the broncos what he has meant they're changing of the coordinators <hes> i play caller <hes> on the offensive side with a veteran quarterback and joe flacco. That's an interesting juxtaposition right there and it's so much about the coaches and not as much about the players and i think that's a concern <hes> and we'll see you know the coaches can do just so much writing but the players in the right position have prepared but in the end the players have to make the plays yes and <hes> and i i would think that that's a concern we we we we've seen so much vanilla out of the broncos offense flacco in that first unit <hes> emmanuel sanders. They've played so little. I think they've accounted for two field goal drive so far in the first three preseason game. It's it's a great unknown. <hes> we certainly know how oh good defense will be and i think bradley chubs poi- spray monster year. What storylines in this game are. We most looking forward to seeing. You just talked about the coach's vic fangio making his n._f._l. Coaching debut head coaching debut for the denver broncos jon gruden on silent as but is there a story line that you're most looking forward to in this particular according to me <hes> other than the cleveland browns. I think the most interesting team coming into this season the oakland raiders and <hes> you know i was even before or hard knocks picked them with antonio brown. <hes> i think there's just so much juice to the raiders in this their final season oakland before heading off vegas and and <hes> it's just it's the great unknown and and what stands out to me shefty this to me might be the most important opening week game for these teams and i say that because if you look at that division right chiefs chargers are head and shoulders above there's a definite line of demarcation between the top two and the bottom two and when these teams and other fans do what they look at their schedule and they circle this like guarantee you broncos country is counting on the raider game as a victory because of the broncos can't beat the raiders gators in the division. Who are they going to beat. I guarantee you. The raiders are thinking that exact same thing this broncos game weren't home has to victory. If the raiders can't beat the broncos at home who are are they gonna beat and again because the division so tough and i think that adds to the intrigue which is already the most played monday night football rivalry history. I've got a bronco bronco the booth with me. I've got a raider in the booth with me. We're in the black hole which is one of the few n._f._l. Stadiums i've never been to the last time we'll see a raider raider game a home game on monday night football the last time we'll see dirt on a field right because the raiders <hes> the coliseum is the last remaining dual sports stadium and <hes> so there's there's a lot of store lives up and down but i think it's still success to very proud franchises <hes> that have gone years and obviously the raiders a lot longest broncos <hes> without success. You mentioned the fact that you've done college football the last four years with brian greasy i should ask you how does the familiarity of these players from colin in college games the last few years help your preparation for this particular game definitely does help. It's amazing and quite frankly watching the draft you know i can't. I can't believe you know the the first round you get all the household names in the first round of the n._f._l. Draft but you get you get after that and <hes> people some. You know if you're not a real draft raft. You could lose some interest. You don't know these players and i feel like you know. We're in the third round fourth. I know these guys. I know what this guy does well and so it's <hes> it's definitely the aided me. The college game is so interesting at them and it. It's a mess and i say that in the nicest way right. The college game is messy eighty. It's like there's another quarter because the games three hours and forty five minutes and it's just so unpredictable and all over the place you know why that is because these college kids and is <hes> my sports colleague. John anderson was fond of saying you know in college. I couldn't find my car keys. You know let alone play in front of one hundred thousand people and try to figure out an offense or defense so and in comparison the n._f._l. Game you know as half the players. There's there's only one backup at each position in college and i'm worried about one hundred guys. <hes> four different players have the same exact number on each team so that presents its own special teams challenges when trying to call a game but it does it does bleed over and it's definitely athlete helped me with the n._f._l. Preparation seen these guys in college and <hes> the n._f._l.'s cleaner game. I think the n._f._l.'s a game is an easier game to call <hes>. You never have to look down. You know oh all the n._f._l. Players certainly all the stars they play the whole game for the most part and <hes> you know the the college games really coaches game i think because the coaches are the one with all the power the coaches which is one that that stick around all these years and <hes> you know in the n._f._l. The players sort have the leverage. Who's the one guy in the college game the last four years or so steve that you saw that you said man. I can't wait to watch this guy the next level because i think he's got a real chance to make a real impact. Is there one guy that stood out to you like that. You know trying to think we've seen so many players <hes> <hes> so many different places these clemson defensive players like they have. They've sort of had an n._f._l. Defensive line these last two years. You know you talked about a raiders storyline cleveland for he'd be an interesting guy to watch you know like he was so good at the clemson level <hes> and we've seen them in so many big games <hes> the translation from the college game to the pro game is stunning <hes>. I'm always watching for these these younger players to see who can really stand out and it's it's funny like you know. They don't dominate right away. I i got a chance to see you know cholera a lot in college and i was amazed by the fact of the speed that he could he could get away. He was really untouched in college and part of that's bydesign by the way he slides down a lot. He runs out of bounds a lot and and his speed allows him to obey tacklers cokes game great coaching yes and great coaching of course <hes> but you know the n._f._l. Guys eiser. He's not going to be able to run away from some of these. Defensive backs even some of these line linebackers in the n._f._l. So i think that makes arizona so interesting to watch and it's dreadful preseason. Actually the n._f._l.'s preseason has been dreadful. Let me ask you this. Do you feel like there's more negative chatter about the n._f._l. Preseason this time around that in previous years or is it just that it's freshest in our memory i i feel i feel like it's just people are just crushing it now. I don't feel that way because i feel like it's gotten rip for years. That fans are being ripped off paying regular season prices when they shouldn't have to what i think is more interesting and i don't view it necessarily in well. It is a negative but i think there's more discussion of the preseason being more irrelevant relevant than ever before and i just think people have come to expect this the last decade or so every nobody likes the preseason but this is a preseason more than any other other where coaches are holding out players in week three which used to be the biggest dress rehearsal there was for the regular season and it's almost accepted that certain stores and certain teams are not gonna put their guys out there on their any cost at any moment during the preseason further illuminating the fact that in the next around the c._b._a. Talks that the n._f._l. N._f._l. Players association have to reduce if not eliminate the preseason period and it's it's hard to argue with some of them right so sean sean mcvay and his his third year he has never played a starter and a single preseason game and you know how do you argue with his success. Check nagy brady into the second quarter last week. Yeah well bell check played them. Andy reid played them. Some of the newer guys i'll sean mcvay matt nagy of the charter. They haven't played them and i really think it's almost like an old school. Versus new school approach and i don't know what's right and i don't know what's not right but they are two different different approaches and it seems like the mcvay nagy other approach is catching on more than the belch reapproach in the preseason to me and what's also catching up or catching fire if you will is these joint practices. I think teams are going to them and i was. I had the benefit and it just flew clock. You know going out to trains them training camps and had the chance to see like two different <hes> joint practice session so get to see four different teams and really from my perspective. You heads on a swivel well. I mean you're looking at two fields and every other you know every five seconds new snap and it's good on good you know and it's yeah and you can script everything so you can see them. In in different situations different kinda blitz is different clock management late in the game those kinds of things and yet then there's vic fangio fangio who i guess you would describe as old school who says the issue. He has with the joint practices. There's no tackling okay so there's no it's all thought right one bump and you're done theoretically so you can't evaluate tackling which is still to this day rather important in the n._f._l. So a fancy seems to be a fan of of the four preseason games james revaluation purposes and this year. It's a it's a fifth preseason game because the broncos blame the hall of fame game. I should also ask you while i have have you. What is your biggest memory of watching football while you were growing up steve now that you're part of it here you know everybody goes to that iconic music and it is that <hes> <hes> i think back in the day this document how old i am and therefore you are to <hes> was they halftime highlights right back in the daesh. You didn't have anywhere else. There was no you know there was no prime time even going way back and <hes> you sort of had to wait for the halftime highlights with the great music howard cosell sell and <hes>. I remember that that being great. I remember it was special right. It was it was it was a nighttime game. If you folks let you stay up like i have young kids my daughter's. Not my boys are seven and i let them watch the first quarter of monday night football every monday and it's i think my daughter she's not that into it. She was like staying up. Stay up later but her brothers are really into it and they get a kick out of the music and the uniforms and the grape production and <hes> but it's always been special i even with the emergence agents of sunday night football and we know about the scheduling and the flexing and internet <hes>. I think there's always something special about monday night. <hes> that's a week a week night game and and <hes> there's just something about those words monday night football what so here's the big question now. Yes is your daughter and your two sons. Are they saying to watch your game. The second game go right. It's the nightcap right so i actually had a so. Here's the truth on that. I really thought this through right like <hes>. My sister said she'd come over my folks. Come over and bring the kids. Kids are gamers not gonna kick until you know ten fifteen ten twenty east okay now. That's the first game doesn't go longer and push push us to e._s._p._n. Seven or something and and if if if the game kickoff is joined in progress then we won't even have it on cameras so they won't even see me if we do get on camera about thirty seconds so i wonder what the overall value risk reward is in that regard. I'll probably just d._v._r. You can fast fast forward to my you know my to on camera. I would say i would say what are you ask because i did think about the ad i would say that there are many times that you get to do the opening monday night football football game of the year for all the reasons that you laid out the raiders and i would say to your daughter in your two boys you get a hall pass tonight. You're going to get the epa late and you don't watch daddy do monday night football. Why let him do it. Steve come who cares if they're cranky school on tuesday surly not certainly not me their teachers care but i'm certainly don't and i think you're right and there's always one. I and you know who knows about it. Get this opportunity again and <hes>. I think you're right. I'm going to pull the trigger on that. Make that eric. I'm glad we got to stay established and i apologize to the teachers respective schools for allowing them to do that for the grumpiness that they'll bring this go on. I will forward those emails from the teacher to you. Can you can tweet them out. Okay fair enough yet before. I let you go like this. You've been at e._s._p._n. So long you're honored for your twenty five years as a sportscenter anchor a lot of august in two thousand eighteen so i guess you've been there twenty six plus years now. Is that correct correct. Okay so e._s._p._n.'s about to celebrate its fortieth birthday right now. What's changed the most in your time at e._s._p._n. And what's been your favorite thing about working at our company so <hes> you know i've always made my bread and butter in the studio and so being a sportscenter anchor. That's that's really what's changed the most shefty back in the day before he s._p._n. To even existed is to forget about dot com and radio news and all that stuff <hes> i was on to you know we didn't have e._s._p._n. Los angeles back in the day and so i was doing the two thirty eight. I am eastern show all right to thirty a._m. Eastern and it was a thirty minute sportscenter and that show during the summer baseball season we got every single score in and i mean a full-page score panel with facts and figures okay every single game made the show and now on on a sunday night eleven o'clock will do a ninety minute show and i would say half the game never make our show and so that's the amazing difference because the show has gone to so much more news and information <hes> and feature and long long type pieces you know humid interest <hes> you'll see on the sunday night the great <hes> will tug at your heartstrings kind of emotional pieces. You know tom rinaldi stuff eleven minutes <hes> my wish those kinds of things. Thanks so that's really. I think we're the show has changed. You know back in the day they used to blame us for <hes> for foul shooting percentages being way down because because you know sportscenter we never show the you know. We don't show foul shots right. We only show crazy dunks or you know wild three point shots we never show a chest bass so people food play sports center because of the lack of you know ability for the for the mundane kind of skills and that that sort of went to every sport so <hes> because everybody wants to be on the sportscenter top ten so <hes> that's how the show has evolved now <noise> also. There's there's much less writing now. Chef de we <hes> maybe i write one thing every the every show <hes> the rundown is is virtual garbage. We throw it away a poor producers. They put a run down and we never follow it never ever ever follow it. We are on the fly off the cuff. <hes> i think we laugh a lot more than we used to. Were genuinely trying to have a good time and it's the philosophy right because now you can get the highlights and the scores you know wherever and whenever you want him so we have to we have to do things differently and <hes> and so we have and i i like bud <hes> there's no doubt knows what stuart scott and he also agreed the highlight. <hes> always was <hes> in the mid nineties. I guess we went to <hes> to kuwait to be with the troops camp era of john and <hes> and we had an opportunity to spend a week there and bring sportscenter to them. Sort of our are bob. Hope moment if you will and it wasn't political in any way we were simply there to try to bring a slice of americana <hes> two of the troops because they couldn't get to us and it was <hes> it was a special special week. I was pretty patriotic before that trip but more so after that the sacrifices these ah brave men and women in uniform make every single day that conditions they work and live under and i'll leave you with this last story we showed up we rolled in on a bus and <hes> the the auditorium whatever room they had set up. Our studio was packed with like wow all these people came to see us and it wasn't that at all the troops troops were all assembled in this room to watch a preseason game. They were they were taking the e._s._p._n. Feed and they showed up with not alcoholic beer of course and popcorn and signs and uniforms and banners and again it was just it was a break from their normal day to day <hes> to enjoy themselves selves like they would have had they been back home with their friends and families and loved ones watching n._f._l. Football on a big t._v. screen and and we bring that to them so that's. I don't think there's anything i can do that with top that not even monday night football and that will always be the highlight of my buddy s._p._n. Career wow also already proclaiming that the holly so the troops had no problems with preseason football correct no hey they they wanted any opportu. Just be regular. You know they wanted to just to live a regular sunday. Just like you know everybody here. In the states dates is able to do you watch your favorite football team on t._v. And <hes> and they loved it and we you know i mean heart just broke just watching them. Enjoy what we obviously all take for granted on a regular basis right unbelievable well. That's a great story steve. I appreciate you spending some time today and thank you again for that. Thank you for the time today. We'll be watching you opening monday night. You brian greasy louis riddick. Laura rutledge coined the broncos raiders a monday night football with with your three children staying up late to watch. That's exactly i tell them they can thank chef. Yes please do that. Thanks so much hey have a great game steve exit today really appreciate it talks. Are we now bring in the washington. Redskins offensive coordinator kevin o'connell redskins get ready to open the season sunday in in philadelphia against the eagles and jay gruden made the announcement last week that case keenum will be starting the opening game for washington so kevin. I guess that would start there and ask you what what has shown you since he became a member of the redskins in throughout training camp well i think it goes back to even before that when we first made the trade the bring him in and then obviously we get them in the building to start the off season program from day. One cases been a tremendous asset. It's not only in the quarterback room before offense. <hes> just true pro his experience on the field the past few years the success he's had obviously we studied him a lot <hes> even before acquiring him but over the past couple years studying him for free agency and things like that even after his year in minnesota and and then obviously last year after year in in denver i've seen a lot of him on tape and a lot of those things <hes> positives that you saw i've really been validated getting him in the building <hes> both as a quarterback and his physical skillset and what he brings to the table but also just as leadership and his presence on a daily basis <hes> it's been really good for the entire offense and and really helps our football ball team and and and and really you know our entire quarterback room with a young quarterback like duane in there and cole who's the co coys the guy with experience in the system but maybe <music> out the experience. <hes> cases had the last few years actually playing <hes>. I think all three of those guys in that room. It's been fun to watch those guys kinda come together and compete compete but also you know grow and learn from one another and kind of grow in that quarterback room setting which is really really important for an offense you bring up your rookie quarterback order back dwayne haskins and while there's a lot of discussion about case keenum in sunday's game in philadelphia. There's a lot of anticipation and expectation for dwayne hoskins. What has what has he shown you throughout the summer kevin what kind of like what we talked about tasting in evaluating a free agent or potential play. Are you gonna trade for multiply that by ten sometimes with the draft we get a lot of time to really study <hes> all of the in my new role all the offensive positions nations that are that we looked at pre-draft and <hes> dwayne his everything that showed up on tape from his time at ohio state obviously having a relationship with ryan day the head coach there a lot of the things he talked about before the draft <hes> have been validated from a physical standpoint. I mean he's a very very talented passer. His arm talent is exceptional and i think that's going to be something that will <hes> you know continue to to help him if he builds on on his early experience here in the n._f._l. But he's been great forest. He's worked very hard <hes> but it's it's obviously transition for a rookie quarterback and we've had you know assistant here with coach gruden now going on six years and and with some veteran quarterbacks kirk cousins that alex smith that have that have played in this system during my time here <hes> it's it's an accelerated learning process for a young player and dwayne has a tremendous skill set tremendous talent to build off <hes> <hes> but he's still young player. He didn't play a ton at ohio state. Although he played at a very high level <hes> he's still learning the physician learning the game learning the nuances of protections protections and defense at this level <hes> when we when we got him in the spring <hes> he's been great <hes> work ethic on the daily basis what we've asked them as has been exactly what we wanted and we just hope he continues to build on that and he's got a couple of veterans and that quarterback room right now <hes> to really learn from on a preparation basis how he's going to prepare for each and every sunday then when the times right between <hes>. We're very very excited about him. As a player and eventually becoming are starting quarterback the kevin have to ask you get promoted to the redskins offensive coordinator for this seizing spent the last two years is the redskins quarterback coach in two thousand seventeen and twenty offense of assistant with the niners and sixteen but they're washington the redskins have had an unbelievable tradition here of pumping bring out offensive coordinators who have gone on to become coaches kyle shanahan sean mcveigh matt leflore. They've scattered elsewhere and gone on to great things. What does it mean to you to be in that position now as offensive coordinator for washington yeah obviously i'm i'm. I very aware aware of the guys that i've had that for a little before me. <hes> and obviously those are tremendous shoes to fill not only <hes> when you watch it what they've done is head tokyo but what they did is in that role here in washington <hes> but more so than anything just with our ho- our head coach jay gruden i have so much respect for him and i've learned so much from him in the in the three years that i've been here <hes> that i just wanna do the best possible job in this role that i can for for for coach and obviously he does does a tremendous job running the entire organization but from a standpoint of <hes> of running our offense i just wanna be continued to be a sounding board for him as the play caller but also continue to help him in any way shape or form as far as maybe new ideas and new things to help us take our offense to the next level and make sure that we're putting our our skill players are offensive group in the best possible situation to have success on sundays and whatever that may be in whatever experience i can call upon whether it'd be my time in new england or new york as a player <hes> or <hes> early on in my career here as a coach <hes> <hes> understanding that whatever we need to do on sundays success how to coach it how to install it how to poachers to our players that they can learn it and then apply it on sundays. <hes> that's been kind out of our goal throughout the offseason and coaches been phenomenal are group's been really really solid this off season and then through training camp. I'm just excited to kind of turn these guys loose and see where we can take this offense this year you bring up. You're playing clearing new england new york and we'll get to that in a moment and you bring up your coaching career and the list of quarterbacks that you've worked within coaching credible because you work with johnny manziel in cleveland in two thousand fifteen colin kaepernick san francisco two thousand sixteen all the quarterbacks. They're who've come through washington. Kirk cousins alex smith now case keenum dwayne haskins colt mccoy. Is there anything that ties these guys together. Is there anything that you've learned from this eclectic tick group of quarterbacks that influenced your philosophy today. I think more than anything it's it's a matter of once once you realize that a guy loves football loves playing the position <hes> and loves the the aspect of of playing quarterback in the n._f._l. Whether you're the you know whether your guy like alex smith who had come off some tremendous years in kansas city and and kinda was in a new environment and just watching him a mold and adapt to that to into <hes> per cousins from my first year first year here i'm in <hes> twenty seventeen and just watching a guy a very talented talented player kinda continue to grow into his own and eventually watching him move on and and and become <hes> what he's becoming minnesota and i still have a relationship with him to this day <hes>. I think you'd take a little bit of a of all those guys. I mean you mentioned calling in san francisco and just watching his physical. Oh skillset and what did he was able to kind of bring chip kelly offense to johnny. Manziel is young player just trying to help him. Turn the corner. I'm in continuing to grow every day with a guy like josh count on the quarterback room especially for me as a young coach i think of that quarterback room early on <hes> and i still remember those guys on a daily basis challenging me to become become a better coach and and kind of set the table for kind of an x four or five years what they've become for me so <hes> all those guys all that you mentioned when you say them all in the same breath i can remember individual experiences with all those guys <hes> and i'm thankful to have coached <hes> you know some some really good players but really good people as well that it helped me become the coach that i am today and it's continuing. I still consider myself a young coach that just tries to bring a lot of energy every day and and continue to learn and and and apply not only the experiences that i've had some great systems and as a player and a coach with some great head coaches and offensive coordinators that i played for and coached with <hes> but also trying to become one of those people on a daily basis and the one the one characteristic adam is just the ability to to bring inducing energy and and and try to make everybody either coaches or players around you the best possible players coaches that they can be because i think that only helps the entire organization. No matter who you are what your role is and that's definitely something i learned from all those and your first coaching job is with the browns as their quarterbacks back's coach in two thousand fifteen. You coach josh mccown. Would you ever imagine that in week one u._b. Your team will be going up against a josh mccown team in the philadelphia eagles. I texted him soon. As soon as that news. I kind of broke that the first and foremost excited to see on t._v. 'cause i thought he'd it'd be really really good and we'll be good at that job whenever he decides to do that again but i never doubt johnson <hes> i- the eagles were very smart to bring in a player like that and he's gonna help their entire organization but selfishly obviously <hes> you know being here in washington i did it just didn't have to be philly is does it have to be the equal <hes> it'll be great to see him week. One <hes> i i really care about josh and like i said he's one of those guys that i will always always remember coaching early on my career because although he was older than me at the time and obviously still is but <hes> he the second he realized that maybe hey this is kitchen helped me. It didn't matter if i was you know i think twenty nine or thirty at the time it was <hes>. It didn't matter that i was younger than him all he cared about about why did i love football. Could i help him on sunday and was i going to do everything i can to help him. <hes> have success and once he realized that <hes> it breaks me like like i was you know thirty thirty forty years in this profession and and i really really respect josh from that and like i said the eagles got a good one one <hes> carson wentz and that quarterback room impressed taylor there <hes> in philadelphia you know i i imagine when when i catch up with those they're going to say how excited they are. Lucky he'd have josh there so your first game as offensive coordinator. Kevin will be up against the philadelphia eagles. What strikes you about their defense. Oh just top to bottom. I mean they're as talented as any defense in the n._f._l. <hes> at all three levels when you think about their front with fletcher let your clocks and brandon graham and derek net and and these guys that they constantly rush the passer they they they're incredibly difficult to block in the running game in passing the game <hes> their linebackers are very talented. I mean not your brand to me is a guy that <hes> pretty underrated in this league as far as his ability to be the <hes> three down linebacker. Obviously zac brown was here in washington so his physical skill set. I i got to see firsthand for a couple of years here <hes> and then you look at that secondary with malcolm jenkins at the strong safety position <hes> at i don't know <hes> besides the guy maybe we signed here in free agency in in landon landon collins. I don't know if there is a better safety in our in our league as far as consistency and and his ability to constantly be in the right place at the right time <music> making plays his preparation experience <hes> i think shows upping each and every sunday i know <hes> coaching against them. You're always worried about where number twenty seven is and and and how we can hopefully limit his impact on the game but it's very difficult to do because like i said his experience and his ability to make plays <hes> in the running game <hes> constantly keeps you up at night as a coach and and then they've got some talented safeties around that they <hes> that they allow rome home and make plays and then their corners <hes> are always guys that they're willing to put in man coverage or willing to put out there on an island for reason they get guys can make plays and and they're not willing to. They're they're absolutely willing to come up and make attack on the run game. So physicality speed <hes> obviously <hes> jim schwartz has done a tremendous mendes job with that defense and they present a great great challenge every time we play them and we're always trying to figure out ways <hes> to attack those guys but it's difficult because they're a great great group and they've been consistent now <hes> throughout my entire time here in washington. They've been one of the better defenses we consistently see. You've got the offense coordinator thing down to a science kevin. You've mastered praising everybody on the opposing defense. You've got this all you. I'll tell you what had of it's not hard to do yeah and they're they're like i said we've we've had our sights set on those guys so <hes> i. I wish it wasn't the case but it absolutely case there. They deserves all the praise that they get and <hes> we're hoping to <hes> we're hoping to have our best possible foot forward here this sunday for those who don't know you're a third round pick in the two thousand eight n._f._l. Draft in the new england patriots roundup drafting. You spent your seasoning backing up tom brady and then matt castle in the year. That brady hurt his knee. What do you think of the idea that brady is still playing at the age of forty to will give ever thought that when the patriot drastic you back in two thousand eight season the you know what i i can remember being there and and you know one of the early conversations i had with <hes> they're even as a young player you're asking a thousand questions probably too many questions <hes> but but he was always so good about you know answering those questions and he was even at that point in time <hes> which seems like so so long ago <hes> he was already. I remember asking him how long he planned to play and i think he told me into his you know mid forties or whatever he said. I don't exactly remember what he said but i remember kind of chuckling at the time <hes> but and he kept a strong faith so he had these he had his is his sights set on playing this long <hes> <hes> a long long time ago and i think that's what makes him so special is he's dedicated his entire <hes> off seasons and his entire preparation into the long longevity playing at a hall of fame level for so so long and he deserves all the credit he sacrifices a lot to make it happen each and every season and <hes> and and i just as far as the standard for the position. I don't know if there's anybody else <hes> that you can really look at it and say <hes> is a better example for what this quarterback position is in the n._f._l. There's a lot of talented guys are so many good quarterbacks right now in our league but <hes> you said it at him. I mean he's i'm now six years into my coaching career and he's and he's still going strong. <hes> somehow making it the super bowls and taking that team that team year in year out to a very very high level so between him and obviously coach bill check their <hes>. That's a very very special organization. That's had a lot of success and tom's got his own coaching tree. He's been playing for so long. He's got you as the offensive coordinator in washington. Got cliff kingsbury another former patriots backup. Quarterback is the head coach arizona's that tells you a little bit about how long time has been around that he now has his own little coaching tree sprouting up around the n._f._l. There's no doubt my son. My son turns five this year and i wouldn't put it past them. <hes> at some point <hes> my my son ends up playing against him. It wouldn't surprise me this voice with with with with how it's gone but in all he said in all seriousness he is he is really really <hes> you know having been shared a locker room and a quarterback room with them. Even for a short amount the time <hes> he he did in fact make me a better player a better and a better coach no doubt from my time i was able to spend around. Have you brought a bill bell. Check there. There was well. What did you learn from him that you were able to take with you once you left that organization just the standard the standard standard of of of what it's like to be part of a team like that <hes> what top to bottom everybody may every man on that roster <hes> from the time you report. It's a training camp through the end of the season. <hes> the goals are clearly set and defined your role no matter what it is <hes> to help the team win. <hes> is clearly set out in front of you and no matter what <hes> that that team comes to work each and every day and and puts in a full day full day's work in in a united way each guy knows how they want to try to win a football game on sunday because it starts at the top. It's communicated in a way <hes> that is that is clearly defined like i said those guys know exactly what's going to be asked to them and so when the expectations are set high <hes> your work like crazy to drive. I try to reach those expectations but when it when it doesn't happen very easily <hes> easy to understand why didn't happen. It's normally on you. It's never on that coaching staff. They prepare their guys <hes> they they work like crazy and they ignore all the outside noise however they do it. They put the team. I and they work incredibly really hard each and every week like i said so <hes> i've tried to take some of those things <hes> remember some of those team meetings remember some of my conversations with coach <hes> but <music> but honestly there's so much that you can take away as a player or coach <hes> from the way they operate up there kevin before you go and thank you very much tom. I gotta ask you. I've asked s._u. By the quarterbacks but i want to ask you about one running back in particular darius geiss everybody's waiting to see how he'll look during the regular season. What are your expectations for. Darius various guys coming off to heal from last year for this year you know first and foremost we we want them to get healthy and he's been able to do that. <hes> and obviously we were able to get him in there in the third preseason game against atlanta um and he showed all the traits that <hes> we were excited about when we drafted him a couple of years ago and obviously last year with his with his injury happened when it did in that first preseason game which was incredibly unfortunate because he was having a great camp and we're very very excited about <hes> you always hope that a guy can regain that confidence and regained <hes> what they had pre injury and i think there has been able to do that. He's worked really hard and there's rehab <hes> and throughout the offseason program with our medical staff and and and his coach rainy jordan's excited about him his running back coach <hes> we're excited about him as an offense and redskins fans. <hes> should be very excited that we've got him back. Amongst <hes> the other great running backs we have in that room we feel very strongly only about that room right now <hes> and their ability to impact football games on first second third down <hes> be very versatile in the past game as well <hes> but various. We're really really excited about him and i'm excited for for him. They see all that hard work. He's putting me off in the off season and in his rehab come to fruition <hes> this sunday against at the eagles while i'm excited that you took the time to join us. I really do appreciate a kevin. It's an honor to finally get the chance to speak with you. Lots of luck in the season opener lots looking your first season as has the offensive coordinator and seeing you when e._s._p._n. Travels to the monday night football game that involves your team later this season afford that on thanks for having male and so there's the redskins offensive coordinator kevin o'connell is his team gets ready for sundays regular season opener in philadelphia against is the philadelphia eagles special thanksgiving o'connell special thanks to steve levy who will be at the second monday night game on monday night broncos raynor's winners with steve doing the play by play and a special thanks to our friend rob gronkowski who clearly is enjoying his time away from football however long that that less and special thanks to you the listener for tuning into another adam schefter podcast. Please join us again next week when the n._f._l. Regular season will be underway and we'll be in the throes rose of n._f._l. Football have a great week. Everybody welcome back to no brainer gary. I'll take cars and trucks. What's the best way to protect your engine. From gum varnish corrosion stabile three sixty gasoline with ethanol can go ahead and as little as blank thirty days using stabile three sixty ethanol all treatment year round is what is it a no brainer. Is you win peace of mind gary. Can i have money spe bill three sixty. It's a no-brainer available where if you are sold.

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