The Be Happy Project (Part II) The Pursuit of Plan B, Thoughtful Risks, + Define Your Own Success with Dana-Maxx


listen interesting and listen to that voice that knowing inside of you that knows where the spark of magic lives within you and go after that magic in a thoughtful risk. Taking way as a risk taker as somebody who wants to start your own business wants to start your plan. B whatever it is your side-hustle your dreamer are your creator. And so you have to live through that you have to be true to yourself but do it in a thoughtful risk the way. Now let the magic begin pal. Jae jao maya me's it's rakha your soul sister right here and you know this time. This moment in time. I feel as though there has been a period of deep perhaps even one of my most recent deepest moments of introspection for complete shift in my world view perhaps the chaos in the world has rattled and shaken up a lot of us to awaken us to something more of what this world is going through and perhaps also what that means for this individual. This vessel along with the collective. If that makes any sense. I feel like a lot of us are going through this. And it's honestly shifted my perception in a whole new way and of course it's made me realize to be super grateful for where i'm at but also what can i do next to upgrade to level up in my own life so i can make a difference in another way. My soul feels called. It's wild the different ideas that are coming into into heart. Which i'm being very vague because the specifics are very sacred at this moment till i decide exactly which avenue. I'm going to walk down but if you're going through this to and for whatever reason you're feeling called to another lane or something new or whatever is perhaps something not to be ignored. Perhaps it something that you can do simultaneously with whatever you're doing now because we're not one dimensional creatures you know we're multidimensional and there are a variety of different lanes that we can expand our world on and yes of course. I think it's great to have tunnel vision and focus on the one thing that is truly bringing you a lot of happiness and grow from there but perhaps whatever you're expecting or excited about next branches off from that and this also applies to those who might feel stagnant in life in somewhere stuck or they're in a lull because they may feel like they are stuck in their environment because of for whatever reason family finances or other physical or mental barriers while. I think that this message is a beautiful message for you and also a beautiful message. For those who dreamt their life about their world would look one way and perhaps they accomplished it. Perhaps they didn't. I was jus- face timing. One of my best friends said he was on this podcast before and we were talking about our dreams yesterday and what we also dreamt of since we were young and how it evolves perhaps. There's something our world or bust explore before we make that happen or perhaps our soul is called to follow something else. That is actually going to really night us and it was just a beautiful to our conversation. And it's funny. How the episode today aligns with. Not only that conversation. But a lot of things that i've been going through and i feel like a lot of others are going through as well. I am having other visions to expand as in a plan. B with your magic. Perhaps it's something that might expand your. Oh magic in some way or just expand my personal world in some way. But i think that the messaging behind this episode with the one and only dana. Max who is the creator of the be happy project. Which i recommend you check out if you haven't already at the be happy project on the instagram's and watch her many amazing interviews with a variety of visionaries who have also been on this podcast for example gabby bernstein and of course listen to the episode. That dana max was on. I believe it was october when she came on the podcast briefly touched on having a plan. B the beauty of it and pursuing it. I know that a lot of success in self help gurus share. Don't ever have a plan. B always follow the plan. A because if you have a plan. B it's basically an excuse for plan a to fail however what if the new ideas that come through are actually guiding you to a greater expansion of plan a or what if for whatever reason plan a is something that the mind the ego just created but your soul feels called to do something else and gone a different direction. And that's your plan b or if you feel stagnant and you're not so happy in your plan a anymore even though it was your dream at one point. Kinda like dana. Max will then. What's wrong with going and pursuing something new a plan b. There are a variety of reasons why people follow a plan b. So wherever you're at let's say right now you're in your plan a well. It's okay for you to move onward and forward with the plan b. And maybe it's even simultaneously happening alongside your plan a if plan a is very instilled an intact so there's so many beautiful messages throughout this podcast. That dana amax has for you. And i love this conversation. I also just absolutely love and adore her as a human and admire the fact that she worked so hard and is also a mama and she talks about that along with her advice for other mamas that are desiring to continue to pursue something for themselves and also for everybody some advice and tips on how to pursue a plan b during this wild time that we're in right now so this episode of course has soul like always but it's also very practical and i love the advice that dana max provides her. Many golden nuggets of wisdom also wanted to preface with a courtesy for the mamas out there. If your children are around or your child's next year and you're blasted in this the car. I love it but fair warning. There are some fun words on occasion. Just a fair warning. You do with that what you will. I don't always provide that preface as a courtesy. Though i would like to remember too but i've just been listing the episodes with swear words as explicit. So that's just something to keep in mind for future reference. Also this episode is brought to you by derive at qasr medics and skill share and skill share is continuing to offer the oh means a free trial when he go to skill share dot com slash magic skills share is an online learning community for creatives and offers unlimited access to thousands of classes illustration design photography video freelancing a much more so make a mental note to go to skill share dot com slash magic to try the free trial. Because i mean why not. It's a free trial to explore. 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I'm so picky with the products that i buy and they have to be super clean and obviously cruelty free toxic free and scam conscious which thrived cosmetics is more on thrive in the show notes and in the middle of the episode at some point. And don't forget to gently tap the subscribe button. Just kidding i feel like a youtubers saying that. No but if you do have the option to subscribe on whatever platform you're listening to. That would be amazing along with leaving a rating and or review if you feel called if this podcast or any episode of your on magic has helped you shaped you transformed you and shifted your world in some way shape or form. I would deeply deeply appreciate that. I read them. They make me tear. Make my dad actually ball seriously ball. His is out. He remembers the reviews to. He'll like repeat them. It's kind of embarrassing. But it's also very endearing and keo. Anyway i just want to give you my sincerest appreciation seriously mink you and now with all that being said. I believe it is time to let the magic. Begin with dana dana. Happy to have you back thank you. I'm happy to be here with you. My answer the best. So what is leading you up most in this wild season in the season of your life. Oh i'm having the unexpected blessing of being able to spend so much time with my family We're a healthy and safe and we've been shacking up together for several months now. My parents me my husband and my daughter my sister. So it's like olden days. I is amazing to have everybody your parents included in one house together but honestly it's so needed during this time. I'm in california. My parents are utah. And i was with them for a while and now i'm not with them and i'm like wanting to go back with them because i really appreciate that quality time. Yeah it's such a nice leading time so it's nice to have that support around you and that love abulait for facetime zoom. Like for my friend. That's what i'm grateful for it right. Imagine going through this quarantine without facetime zoom back in the old days or something. I can't think technology is up to speed right seriously. We're focusing today on the theme of plan b. So how would you define plan b. plan b. is where you remove any expectations that you have a the vision of life that you thought would be and you embrace what is yes. So what would plan. Ab then you know to me plan a. It had a lot of expectation a lot of long term goal setting. And there's nothing wrong with goal setting but envisioning this like perfect life. Are you stink. Your life should be when i'm going to achieve acts by date. I'm gonna do this by this. I'm going be the next big thing. I'm gonna whatever it is and there's really it's a it's without as much thought plan has thought it's it's a risk but it involves. It's thought full risk that. That's what i was missing in. My plan is the thought behind the risk. The thought behind the rest of the more mindful way actually practical way and also a surrendering way which is one less. Anxiety helps with their mental health. What do you think about. The the common notion that self help gurus and success. Skiers say when they're like go full force on that plan a don't even think about a plan b because then you will not be successful at the plan may otherwise you're guaranteed to fail or whatever you know just really heightened this notion that only have a plan may say tankers on your absolutely i say fuck failure because walked the noise If you have to think it's it's hoping for the best and planning for the worst so in order to to take thoughtful risks. You need to plan out your certain extent your finances. You need to plan out okay. What are the pros and cons of of doing this. If this doesn't happen my still going to be happy and happiness. that's what i learned. Happiness should not be tied to the result. It should be tied to the process in the journey of trying to achieve that result. Whether or not it happens you're still going to be okay. That's that's the whole plan b to me. I love that you said that because a lot of people when they get to their destination they say man but that journey like the journey to get there. I look back at that time. Reflect back at the time. I just felt so nourish unhappy and sometimes even when people get there for example. Let's say someone wins the presidency or whatever a lot of times they say they're most depressing bakes. They finally achieved what they've been chasing their entire life. Yeah and you know it to it. Just you're able to appreciate the journey so much more. Because i think when you think so far out and you don't think about the possibility of what could happen. Will they still be happy. If i don't achieve this I think that you are actually in a way inviting failure end because you haven't even thought it through and so you know you have to have hope you have to have fade. You have to believe in yourself and you have to manifest what will be as if it already is but during that process you have to already be okay with what is and so as as a fallback and A lot of people don't think that way and so when they get they get that goal they they reach that achievement. It's not good enough and it was like okay. I got here now. Let me get there. And everything is never never good enough for them. It's never the like the gold bar of achievement and so it's important to live in the moment and be appreciative. Of what is in this moment and just realize you're going to be okay. I'm happy i'm happy. I'm happy with you having this conversation. And if it leads to something else great. If it doesn't. I'm so grateful for this. So that's that's what i think. Plan b involves. That's so key for one's mental health. See we keep striving for a variety of things. I want to continue to expand and grow. However where. I'm at right now. It would only do me disservice to not be so thankful for everything that she didn't. Let's say that. I didn't have this podcast. Even i still remember looking back in wanting something like that but still i was so nourished in my that. It made me happier and then when the podcast happened i remember going through a dark period. Nothing to do with all of this. But because i wasn't really taking care of myself in a practical way is so key to be so content and that's when i learned to really love what is in this moment and i gave me so much peace during the dark period. Where i was able to transmute it. I love what you just said that. So part one so many people can connect to that. And i was definitely somebody who since i was a little girl i had a plan was no sandy and i thought that's how my life was going to end up. I was gonna be the next. Diane von furstenberg. That was my goal to be this amazing superstar fashion designer and I reached that to a certain extent. But what i realized is i. I never knew what success meant to me when i started out either. And that's that's part of when you transition to your plan. B learned so much. Learn the lessons and so when i reached certain milestones and successes it was never good enough. I was like okay now that i did this. I'm gonna do this and my happiness was tied to those milestones. I never appreciated the journey. If a failure happened or Lost miss an opportunity or someone rejected me. I felt crushed. And so everything was tied these these milestone moments and I learned so much through my failures. And when i had to close my business i was in the fashion industry for over twenty years and when i had to had my own company when i closed my company i felt a tremendous amount of grief and pain. I felt like i. The love of my life just died and i didn't even know who i was. I lost my identity myself and so there were years in between what i'm doing now and where i was those were good. I call it like intermission when you go to show and you see the first half and then there's intermission and then you see the second half. I was in intermission for quite some time. And i didn't know where i was. It was like this weird middle space. And i was so lost and but you know what that was the time that i chuck as an opportunity to grow myself grow inside because if you do this off work you'll get the self like when he gets this self like all of a sudden opportunities come right because you know who you are you know your worst. You know how to treat yourself so that others can treat you and all of it is tied into this beautiful package that i like to call lampy absolutely and i mean i've seen it. I'm sure you've seen it as well when people have done the a work and they do genuinely like what is suddenly people draw in what their initial plan a. Perhaps it looks slightly different in. Perhaps it's actually more of what the feeling was that they wanted from their plan a or another manifestation of it but the plan a somehow gradually manifest in many ways because they became authentically than yes and sometimes we don't know what our plan b. is for years it's the years that the tell us and so I felt so so so lost like i. I had this purpose in her life. Since i was seven and suddenly i had no purpose and so i know a lot of people can religion that where you're stuck in this place. Where either you have a job where you john and you feel loss. You feel like there's more to my life than what i'm doing right now and so it took a lot of internal growth To figure out what my next her and plan was but life has a crazy way of leading you in that direction yet. I never in a million years. What have guessed that because of going through the grief the failure the loss of my business the loss of myself that i would ever have started to be happy project and all the things it to be. Happy project are now gearing towards. Sometimes i stop. And i'm like you know what i'm still on the journey of finding my purpose and everything when you're in not the plan b. Free mind you you never give up on roast involving yourself and continuing to find your purpose and path but you're not constantly going after the gold star. You're you're like happy with what it is. And because of that frame of mind amazing things continue to come your way absolutely totally came to mind uniform. How when you were talking beforehand. And i said i was often graham to release love things but also some things came into clarity so wild like all these different stories. The narrative gets like you curate. Them the new. See something and the universe gives you the different pat to navigate and then suddenly something becomes so clear and i'm right now releasing really learning to let go of this rhetoric so i can expand more because it's been a barrier in some way i don't know how to describe that without being so big gig i get what you're saying. Yeah yeah and so. I am excited to step into something new. Still keeping the podcast. But something came. And and i don't know where this leaves but it's another plan b and i'm really excited for where that goes and that's that's what plan b is about right so plan easy. It's not just the set in stone vision that you have of your life because your heart is open. Your mind is open. You're living in this present moment. You're grounded in whatever is it has arms and ranches that come off of it and so a lot of things can be attached to it and come from it and grow from it. It's a beautiful tree. it's it's always blooming if you water it in the right way like the good stopped water the good stuff every day. So if you're watering in the right way you're keeping your head in the right space. It's almost like it's a cool superpower lamb bay because it's just you're right in this moment your eight year presently living in joy and contentment and good. Things always come from those places. So what about those who feel like they're very stock. Maybe they feel as though they've been very successful materially or financially or even relationship believe relational but they feel like they are in some way and they don't know how to move forward. What was your advice for them. I always practice the pause. So i try not to make any decisions out of emotion and so you have to step back. Take a deep breath. Ask your closest friends family. Inner circle People who really know you best what they think Listen to your intuition because it doesn't matter what anybody announce i'd says it's you have to trust your decision in your journey and sometimes there is no right or wrong answer and it so gray but if you listen to your intuition and you do what you feel is right ethically morally spiritually. You're not gonna be wrong. And so i used to think when i went through so much failure i used to think my god. I've made so many bad stupid decisions. That obviously had caused the failure. Yes through certain extent. Take accountability For some of the failures that i experienced at the same time now. Because i'm in a different place. I can look back and see. That was life's way of moving me forward That was a that was an opportunity for growth yup. I don't look at anything as failure these days. Like if somebody rejects me an opportunity. Some of like. Oh now. I don't wanna do that or someone doesn't see my value and worth or whatever it is like okay. See like there's plenty of people who do so you just keep moving forward. Thank you for saying this. It's like a new. I feel like i've experienced a new level of this recently. It's been a reminder for me where i literally had to not give two shits about what certain people think of me and that has allowed me to go of the rhetoric. I was talking about ram like what is really making me happy. Am i doing this for me or my doing this. Because i want to be accepted by whoever and then when. I really came to terms with anna's and i was like wait. How can i do this. Reme- became so empowering. And i'm on a completely different path in this moment it's so weird but i'm so happy about it. We look like i feel you point right like it's you can get to this place of making decisions that feel good and it doesn't matter what the outcome is because you can look it in the face and say you know what i did this because it felt right in my soul in my heart. It doesn't matter what people are gonna think made as a matter how this comes across. I'm doing it because it feels good. I know i'm doing the right thing. And so you know a lot of it has to do with letting go of shame letting go of guilt Forgiving yourself for past mistakes It's also learning how to not care what people think is much in caring what you think about yourself. What are some questions. That people can ask themselves introspective questions asked themselves to see. Perhaps what is holding them back and then give themselves permission to move forward. I mean intuitions. A huge one. So a lot of people say Wizards intuition gut assigned from higher source. Whatever it is intuition is knowing. You don't need facts though. It's a knowing inside of you that something feels good. It feels right and you have to get what i always suggest was go to a quiet space a space. Feel safe for you. You can light some candles. You can Play some nice music. Whatever the environment is that you create the feel safer you. That's where you go to listen your intuition and intuition. We'll talk to you if you allow it and the way to become friends in trust. Your intuition is by listening to your intuition in small moment. So i'm talking about for example if i go if i'm out shopping and i'm putting a shopping cart away and i put it. You know you see people who put it on like the the media in between the cars if you do that and something inside. He says that's not where it should go. And you listen to that voice and then you take your car and you back world other cards act. That's the universe is way of saying. Thank you for listening. Now i can give you more. You've leveling you up. And so you have to listen to the small things if i'm if i'm in this is excessively but if i'm in my bathroom and a us i wash my hands on as talented i'm a hand and i just throw it down and a voice inside of me says no no no pick out. Put it back where it should be. I listened to avoid. Because if i'm listening to that voice if not gonna it's not gonna give me bigger things in life. I appreciate the small things. So that's a big one short interruption to share a quick message from your magic's longtime sponsor skill share skill shares offering a free trial for the euro on magic listeners. A two week free trial in fact when he did a skill shared dot com slash magic a free trial of bear premium membership so if you're unfamiliar skills share well. 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Everybody can relate to that those little whispers just listening to that and adding all the little things up leads the bigger trust also in that intuitive voice. It's trust that's what it is like. Learn how to trust yourself and trust that worries. And because i do believe that voice however you feel comfortable labeling it it could be it could be a higher power it be the universe it could be your spirit your soul whatever. It is your best friend. It doesn't matter it's someone who is there to guide you in the right way so you have to listen And so if you listen you will be guided in a beautiful direction toward your purpose. So beautiful hockey one. Pursue your plan b while they have another job so you have to like in this honestly a mistake that i made with plan a. because i was so gung ho about my plan i go. It goes back to Thinking through making thoughtful risks are taking thoughtful rest. Not just taking a risk and so. I quit my soul. Time job to move to do the really uncalled thing. I moved back home with my parents and my twenties to save money. When i was working fulltime i worked as a designer for marc jacobs. Marc jacobs and becky johnson. I saved all my money. As i'm gonna start my business move back home but didn't realize is once i quit my full time job and started my business. I had no money coming in anymore. So even my saved up all this money in two seconds i was spending that money on creating my business building it until i really learned from that and so anything i do right now. I have two part time jobs. And then i have the be happy project so i really have three part time jobs in my life and i'm a mom i have a toddler at home and i'm a wife and i'm a friend and you know i want some self care time and i'm doing all this in the pandemic so it is possible. I will not give up my part time. Job is because i wanna see that money coming in because if there's a moment where i feel You know nervous. Or i feel like oh someone just you know. I lost this financial opportunity with the be happy project. Which is something i want to continue to monetize and build and it has been but i'm not a place where i can do it fulltime and so the minute i feel rejected by someone or whatever i know. I'm still getting money from my other jobs. Yes it takes away that That sting of rejection or failure. And i also not. I'm not fully dependent on it. So i'm able to appreciate what is more and by doing that. I have created so many more opportunities than i could have ever imagined through this and you know what i do at night. I like after i put my daughter sleep. I spent two or three hours doing work on the happy project. When my daughter naps i try and spend a least a half hour to an hour every day. I mean doesn't if you can dedicate like one hour a day it adds up and you know sara blakely who's the founder spanks. That time she started she literally was working fulltime job and at night for an hour every day she would work on spanks and so if she can do it anybody can do it. I mean and she she put like five thousand dollars towards banks and now it's a multibillion dollar company yet wow success stories Her story But the point is you. Anybody can do it if you want to do it. So all of this gold. Is your baby nap right now. She is yeah. My husband has the monitor all good. I mean that's the point. I'm like okay. She's napping that's what i'm gonna do this. Podcast like you just make it work. And i think a lot of people do that I was doing work for my other job before this. So it's like you just do it when i ask. People don't realize it takes a lot of time. I always figured her her full name but her account is birds. Capella i think it is. You know she's very big. Unlike body positivity she's awesome so we follow each other on instagram. And i remember her. She posted a story that She was worked. She has like over million half hours or something and she's always doing these advertisements in liquid. She's so successful and she shared that it took her six years of not making any money from this account and then two years so the seventh easier. She was doing it part time. And then by the ninth year. It took off and she started. She was able to do it. Fulltime and what people don't realize people will think that this has been her full time job for nine years. Maybe it's like people have this. This caught behind it but they just don't realize how much work and time it takes. She's example to there's so much power in just being tenacious and the compound fact as well of doing the little things every day does add up to it. Its goal by. So you are probably a big proponent of You love having different streams of income as like. Yes because i used to. When i had my first company may am fashion business. I was focused on one stream of income. And you know when you have when you're entrepreneur. You have your own business even if you have a big company or small. It doesn't matter everything falls on you and so it's a tremendous amount of stress. It's twenty four seven job And so in your solely focused on this one stream of income and so right now because end the differences too. I feel like. I'm really myself in this. I can just be my south Not people accept me. It is what it like. I just i feel good about myself so And i'm doing something with a higher purpose and meaning to it which was important for me and so although i'm still building this plan b and i don't think it ever ends I just feel good about it. And so hopefully i answered your question. I don't remember it. You're absolutely that's so good to know because it helps you not care so much about what other people think but also you don't feel you're worth is based on the success of your one business. Yes and it's you know. There's so much. Shame i think in our society Admitting that it's like a part time you're not working fulltime and and it's not as you know you're not a success was everybody thinks you are. Oh fuck like come on. You're making a smart decision by having multiple streams of income and you're being smart about your money and so i'm way smarter this time around than i was the first time and the first time i only had one stream of income so i mean just because i'm not People were like shocked when it's not my full time job. I'm like no. I'm like mom. I have all these other things like. It is what it is right now. But i i love it and making money from it and i'm inspiring others and i'm helping people and it feels so good and so that's it you know a period on a story okay. So moms moms need to hear this. Because i know that you know. Sometimes they are not going to say. But i know that even myself figured like oh man if i'm a mom than what is that distracts me from you. Know upper level in career when that's far from the truth is not a barrier by any means in so how can moms navigate their plan b. m. similar to if you have a full-time job because mommy is a fulltime job and i don't care if you've helped or not still full time job and so it's similar. If you had a full time you know a career. That was a fulltime job. You do this. You build your purpose. Your side-hustle would your dream. Whatever you want to label it You build it on the side when you can and if you can't take even a half hour day which i think everybody chan at night or in the morning you get up earlier stay up late or whatever it is then. You're making up excuses. Why are not building this plan bay and so there's no shame in it. I mean if you the only person that's holding you back is yourself just because your mom doesn't mean that you can't achieve goals like that's the most ridiculous thing ever you. You can't be sexy or whatever it is like the it's all within your power of your mind. You hold the power and to mom at the same time and you can do it all a really really can. Oh my gosh. And i think that the biggest barrier for sure is the mind telling me that he pointed that out. So perhaps you didn't. Someone needs to seek therapy just to release their thoughts bent out their thoughts because honestly moms they deserve the utmost respect in our society. Are you kidding me. Like taking care of a human being assembled scenically. Also you know fueling their soul to which in turn actually does help the child as well when the mom sees her value in worth. allows a child to also help see their value worth otherwise it takes a lot of work. And if you look at it this way to if you were able to create a human that that is the biggest. That's why i'm here. You will ever work on creating it's of you and your mind and your body and your spirit and your heart or able to create that you can certainly create a plan b. so the only limitations are in your mind There's so much power. Just letting that go and i feel like i've always slow. We let that go to different degrees. It's interesting how many layers there are two carrying about what people think so many layers and really at the bottom of it is shame and grenade brown has a lot of great books on shame and so i would highly recommended reading her box yet through that process but once you let go of the shame. You won't care what people think in for me when i close my fashion business. The number one thing. That i felt was shame. I didn't even know it was shame i was so i. Was you know in a lot of magazines dressing celebrities and all these things in assigned to stores and i was so worried about what the industry would think of me what my friends thought of me. What my family what My peers thought. They're all gonna look at me under like a magnifying glass. Like a total failure. This loser you know and it's simply not true. People really just aren't going to take the time to really do that. And what was yeah. Some people ended up distancing themselves from me. They probably did think. I was a loser in a failure. But you know what. I don't need those people in my life anyway. I was shocked at how many people in the industry were actually like whatever you do next. You're gonna be great. And i was like well. Thank you liked. were looking at. Maybe they were underneath at least to my be supportive and now today when people find out that i'm the person behind the be happy project which has almost five hundred million dollar five hundred million goals. I wonder five hundred thousand dollars. You just shocked and was like oh my god. I knew you were going to do something like to to the people to the people that knew me in the industry are not surprise and then some people are shocked that i was able like to just go from one thing to another do a total career change and so you just have to listen to your instincts in care what people think. It's not like you had them in mind when you were in the process of making this happen or even now know i still don't think about honestly i think the community and i try to hear what people are telling me little. Thank true to myself. But i i don't think about anyone on the surface really brought such a good point because there is such a balance i think i still want to definitely care. N deliver. what listeners wanna hear you know but while simultaneously being authentic to my evolution and it's it's It's there are moments i think it's it's challenging and you know. Sometimes you see that people pull back. They're not as interested because they feel like. You're not You just as doing what you were doing. And sometimes it growth can be intimidating to people who were not growing themselves know if people are things stuck in their comfort zone. They're gonna look at someone who is elevating themselves as a threat. You're always gonna have people who either if you're growing mayfield. Feel you suddenly authentic that. You're doing things just for money or You're you're not as purpose driven whatever it is. I mean most of the people who know who you are and have been following. Let's say you're podcast or whatever it is will see evolution and appreciate an wanna go on a journey with you. Figure listening to it because they themselves want to evolve as you and there are those people in i tell them that i just love them today and and there are some that are just coming out insane high near like i've been listening to ut since two thousand seventeen. And i'm like and you're just saying hi now. I know there are those people that are there for the journey. And we're all evolving together and maybe even differently but just honoring each other's own rhythm ladies and gents into skin care and make up. Well if you're like me and you prefer higher quality cosmetics that are also clean and vegan and cruelty free toxic free skin conscious. Yada yada with. I prefer when it comes to my products. Well keep listening. Because i am absolutely amazed by this company thrive cosmetics of actually had my eye on thrive for quite some time. Now so it's exciting to have them sponsor this episode of your own magic especially since for every product you buy. They donate to help another woman in need the right as they've partnered with the national breast cancer foundation foundation for women warriors and a few other nonprofits. And i know that you're listening to this episode. So you can't see the spelling in front of you. So i'm just going to spell it out for thrived then. Cosmetics c. a. u. s. e. Medics that's right cosmetics. Like i said previously they help women in need the ride and also pita certified. So you know. They're doing something for the animals as well. And i definitely stan company. That doesn't test on animals. Plus they're also a good cause for a skin. As thrive products are formulated without parabens sulfates and thousands. And good thing. The holidays are coming up because they're offering holidays sets and in fact. Some of the holiday sets include a free tube of thrive cosmetics bestselling liquid lash extensions mascara the award winning mascara which is flake. Free smudge free and clump free and it's so popular that one is sold every five seconds and i just apply their liquid lash extensions must-carry to my eyes. I genuinely do get the hype. Actually i really do. I love the brush as it makes it easier to separate lashes. Because i really liked that full. Look the also love the best care in general so some of you may know that i have had tila mania since i was fifteen of course have had an episode in a while but trigger. Tone mania is a hair pulling disorder where one feels a text more for me. It would be my eyelashes so i would actually unconsciously be pulling out my eyelashes and it took a lot of time and in our work to finally bring awareness to whenever i feel triggered but one of the biggest triggers for the take are certain mascarenhas. Perhaps it's the chemicals are ingredients. And so i know that this is a very clean product because the tick is not triggered and so i always have to have anything around. My eyes has to be very clean. There are many chemicals that i do not want near my is also very thankful for thrives in. That was one of the big reasons why i felt really compelled to share this. I'm also wearing their breitner on my water line which is also another sensitive area. And i'm so glad. I can wear it. I love highlighter i love. I bright. mary's especially to make your eyes pop or your brow. Pop makes me so happy. And i'm wearing their liquid bomb lip treatment which is an intensive lip treatment that replenishes moisture with a protective veil of skin nourishing vitamins and juicy hydration. And as far as skin care. I'm trying out there. Bright balanced three in one cleanser. No complaints on my an whatsoever so far so indeed check out. The holiday sets that they're offering this month along with the ala carte of course and start thriving and help women in need today by going to thrive cosmetics dot com slash magic for fifty percent off your first purchase. That's thrive ca a u. s. e. metrics dot com slash magic for fifteen percent off. And of course this is in the show notes but again that's thrived cosmetics dot com slash magic. What are some different ways. People can navigate a plan. B during covid nineteen yesterday question. So again i think it just goes back to i would not I would suggest not quitting your fulltime job. If you have full time job keep on that path. The especially because Were in such unstable Unpredictable times right now and so you want to have something that feels safe while you navigate such a rocky journey of starting a company or whatever it is so definitely having the fall back on is important Taking whatever time you can choose to dedicate yourself to growing this plan. B and again it could go back to just take a half hour every day or you focus it on the weekends where you know. Let's uber nine to five monday. Through friday job and your kids to care for cook at night or whatever it is okay then on weekends take some time to yourself. You know that could be your self care time developing your purpose in your passion And i think while you're doing all this work on yourself too so whatever that means for you that means that can mean listening to spotify in creating a playlist of like mantra music. That keeps you in the right head space To family and friends who support you on your journey Whatever makes you feel good and allows you to continue to reclaim yourself in such a rocky period of time. You need to do that whether you're fully invested in your plan b or you're not you need to always do self work because a plan b at some point may go back to being your play right. You have to be grounded. You have to be stable again. It's like everything that it is a beautiful tree. We have your plan b. Is this beautiful tree branches that lead to other things if you water the good stuff. The good stuff's going to grow into these beautiful full tree in bloom bloom but you your roots always have to be planted. Your feet have to be planted you. You gotta be grounded so that you can stay present in the moment and appreciate everything that happens and be happy in that moment to yes. What about okay. So when he was saying this. I had a friend that came to heart. And he's he's amazing he hasn't been able to find because during this time. You know there's not a lot of job opportunities that are opening up pitas like shoots or whatever like photo shoots and i know that. There are many other people in his shoes. Oh the reason why. He came to mind as well as because he's had this plan a his entire life and he's recently realized he's letting that go the plan b. It's just a blink campus. It's a blank canvas so given the nature of today. How can one begin to approach a plan. B it's not i mean. I hosted a while back in our stories on instagram Different companies that were offering job opportunities from home. So you can work remotely and do other things. I believe that there's so many opportunities out there right now to work from home and make some money. Whether it's freelance writing or you know. I mean like i don't know i read the the craziest stuff like people were doing photo shoots from home as an example so i mean that opportunities are endless in a way right now to work remote a make money So i do believe there's opportunity out there. You have to find them so again. It goes towards manifesting. If that's something you want to do you have to go and do it. You have to be proactive about your own life. And there's a million excuses we can come up with with why we can't do something whether it's during kogo or not were always gonna find reasons to let those limitations gerald because you have to be able to look back on your life and she'll good about the decisions that you make and you don't need money to do all these things like honestly you can start building your plan b. I mean to be happy project literally. All i did was. I went on instagram and i was like i'm gonna start at age of quotes. I was like my literally my first thought. I want to name it to be happy project. 'cause i've learned that you have to be happy in the moment and appreciate what is and so i'm going to name it. That and i posted like one quote and it got like maybe twenty likes team. Like that. And i was like okay. Cool like it was for me. I don't rhyme and for years. I never spent any money. I posted one thing day and it just grew. And so you really don't. Even during that time i was i was monetize. It small leased from it. Which i was shocked. I was able to even do. Because i wasn't thinking that way i was doing it and so i think you can't have excuses. You can't limit yourself. There are ways to do things during covid when you have no money when you're broke. Whatever it is you can still do it. I love that breakdown. Limits be proactive. I think that is a key. And they're a variety of different ways to manifest manifest. What are you talking about. Oh my god. I'm a big believer manifestation but I dude in various ways. I mean i cre- vision boards of my life and i'm still live in the present woman while additioning where i wanna go. Division work could be something as small as it doesn't have to be these wild long-term huge goals. It could be okay. I wanna start a business. And i wanna find a partner. Okay so the pictures on your vision board can be of you. You know someone a picture of someone's shaking someone's hand that you know that symbolizes a positive partnership. Something is moving forward. It could be someone creating it could be the small moments that you controversial. Where because that will lead to bigger moments I think you know manifesting money as if it's in this you currently have it in. This moment is huge. Clean out your wallet. Get everything in order. You gotta clean out your space in the chaos in your space in order to bring peace and joy and money into your life and there's no shame in that like people are scared thing. I wanna make money like okay. Money is just an. I read this like recently. Like money is just paper in energy that you put towards it developing a positive relationship with monies of and Just continuing to work on yourself. Listen to positive uplifting using. I love the always talk about him. I love the artists laundry. Al l. o. N. d. r. e. l. l. e. he has like this amazing positive affirmation music. I listen to anywhere i'm going. It puts me right head space There's so many ways to manifest what you want in this life light a candle do. I don't know if you're into crystals that might be a little who for some people. But i'm not into criminals but if you're into crystals whatever it is find something that speaks to you that's way even looking in the mirror and saying affirmations everyday like i am kind. I am smart. I am you know worthy of my dreams. Whatever there are so many google's a great resource and google and look up different ways to manifest. And from what you want to happen in your life. And i think that the biggest thing instead of just used to think. Okay well now. The universe is conspiring. And there's this portal opening up an entering into and all of a sudden. This is going to be my new reality in now. I really realized that it's more. So it shows the universe where it shows your higher power whatever you want to label the higher beings and yourself more so than anything that you're showing up for yourself and you care about where your future leads. You care about You care about you you know you care about you and therefore you are opening yourself up you subconsciously to more possibilities and opportunities because you're focused on it and so you never know what may happen and i think that's the biggest part when it comes to. I think that's why people are are so pro all these different manifestation tools like i was big on all of them as well and then for a while as like well. What the hell why you know this. This doesn't seem to be working out. But then i realized looking back i manifested the mall. Maybe in a different way but it was something. That was more in alignment. With like how i feel about myself in my worth and therefore aligned with other opportunities people that match that works you know. I think that's a big portion of what people miss about. Manifestation manifestation is not just the thought you're putting out there your energy has your vibration has to match that thought. Yes exactly what you just because you inside that. That's when the universe word you you can say all you want from your mind. I wanna make five million dollars. But if you're not in your heart and in your soul aligning with that. The universe isn't gonna give me what you want. I'm trying to comes in unexpected ways and so you have to be open to the universe working. It's magic if your heart and your thoughts and your words and your energy are all lined. The universe will bring it to you happen to me. I i used to manifest. Just my thoughts out quite does not working and then start manifesting everything was aligned and suddenly like opportunities were coming to relieve it. I was like wow and so yeah. it's all it all works together. It has to go hand in hand. I love this so much man. Is there any other messages before we continue on. Pla the last questions messages. Definitely i wanna share People that have changed careers. Were in people on like. I've snow money. But i'll just aim a few Donald fisher was forty and he had no retail experience before he started the first gap store. And that's just one. Jack couvert worked as a scientist before inventing the cheese regarding that. I am going to name a few an elaborate on any of these as well. I keep a few in my mind. So that way i always remember. They started on a totally different career paths and success through their plan base. Tim zag. It was an attorney and then he started The big jagat food review. Vera wang was a figure skater in a journalist and now she's one of the biggest fashion designers and she went into fashion at forty years old I'm gonna name to more julia. Child worked in advertising before writing her first cookbook and becoming a chef a renowned chef to fifty years old fifty. That's pretty remarkable And my favorite. Walt disney who. I'm obsessed with disney. Walt disney was rejected and fire from being a newspaper editor because quote unquote. He lacked imagination. Ahead no good idea. There are so many people who started on one path and you know through failure obvious are through the universe lying to redirect them or through their hearts. I want more whatever it is. They then went to plan b. And that is what that's where the success was plan b. okay. I have major chills right now and wow did disney show them otherwise than never a limited by what other people were labeling him as so it just shows you that literally the possibilities are endless and whatever path. You're walker right now. If you're not happy with it or you're ready to evolve from it. It's okay to move on to something else. Tc tc thoughtful risks. That's what's about thought porous. I like that. And then yeah. It's smart to be practical honest for a long time as well. I was like you know what. I know that i will always be taken care of which i do and i still believe that like i'm always taking care of but i did it in a more. I was more blinded by this perspective. Where it just kind of allowed me to. I'm thankful for everything. And i did not take some thoughtful risks when people say like take these risks and just go and live your dream and everything's gonna work out. I do think that that's dangerous. Advice it's smart to be thoughtful. Do something that's right for you and then you can go and take the leap. Yeah and it goes back to. You are the person that you're leaning on then continue with your full time job and for a half hour hour night. Whatever time you may have whether it's every night or on the weekends dedicate that time to building your plan b and so anyone can do it. It's a matter if they really want to do because a lot of people feel safer in their comfort zone now the actually step out of it but you are capable absolutely even if you. Let's say you go through your plan. A that doesn't work out and threw plan bay. You're still gonna make mistakes because you're you man and i think we're all in perfect. Humans of the most important thing is to take those mistakes and turn them into lessons and opportunities for growth. And so you don't repeat the same mistakes and so it's okay if you make mistake it's okay if you like fucked up and you know are in debt or whatever. The scenario may be But as long as you learn from it and when you start your plan b plans to your plan to whatever it is you had you. Just don't repeat that don't mean that. Okay so the last question that i ask all the guests and you're going to probably say something completely different than you did last time given this different narrative that we've talked about today. So how would you advise zero magic listeners. To create their own magic. Listen to your intuition and listen to that voice that knowing inside of you that knows where the spark of magic lives within you and go after that magic in a thoughtful risk taking way because as as as a risk taker is somebody who wants to start your own business who wants to start your plan. B whatever it is your side-hustle your dreamer heart your creator and so you have to live through that you have to. You have to be true to yourself but do it in a thoughtful risk. Will i love this thoughtful risks. I feel like i need to place this on may near something thoughtful risks. Yeah because usually you difference between just taken risk in a thoughtful risk and so much more power behind taking off thoughtful risk and issue being gentle and compassionate and understanding of yourself and where you are in what is practicing the pause jumping into things and doing things with. It's kinda like taking recipes like jumping into the ocean without a raft or something it software rescues. They're gonna jump into the ocean. I'm gonna have my wrath with me exactly ever you know. They mean as backup just in case. So that's the difference. It's the little thing and something that also just came to mind is taking a risk is more so following what the mind wants but then taken. A thoughtful risk is more so following. What the intuitive voices where the intuitive voices guiding you. 'cause they're not gonna just blindly. That voice will not just blindly guide you unless they've got you. The inverse has got you. Yes yes i love that. The intuition is your what do you call those. The lifesaver the raft might delays yet. That's still exactly dude. This is so great. I'm so thankful for you also. Everybody go follow dana. Max at the be happy project on instagram. And is there any other place the means for. But we've stuck coming up twenty twenty one so keep an eye out the you so much for coming back on out. Thank you for your time. And i absolutely love this podcast so i so appreciate your light in your your airy nasa about you your spirit i love you think your knees that is a rat is irap for this episode that i hope that some things spoke deeply to you expanded you in some way. Please let me know it. So you can catch me on instagram at raquel mantra as bill raquel a different way than most. So you can see the spelling in the show notes or. Hang out with your knees. The like-minded very conscious inexpensive and helpful soles on the year on magic facebook group especially a place to turn to when it comes to. Well whatever you're going through and there are several tools on the euro magic dot life membership site all right. Well thank you so so much and have a magical rest of your day.

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