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Welcome to the PODCAST number. Ten thirty one come on out to Irvine the Irvine Improv doing standup November fifteen and sixteen. That's the Friday and Saturday. And then December twelve thirteen. Fourteen in Tacoma Washington at the Tacoma Comedy Club and were next year a bunch of dates. So I'll be announcing that very soon. If the GO-TO IVYTECH DOT com slash tour. That will give you those dates or you just Google those respective clubs. If you feel like it come on. It'd be nice to see see you come on out. Let's talk about what you're doing though in the community events that I d ten t dot Com like Ken who writes I created a stained glass. Sr worked for you Chris that I sent a while back the enjoy. Brio Reggie Watts. Oh yes thank you. Can he goes on to say my father-in-law and mentor taught me how to do it and supplied the material royal in shipping. He's former talented. I and I'd like to plug some of his current work. Scott ouderkirk is celebrated a celebrated stained glass artists. WHO's doing a lot of really creative and verse stuff your listeners? To check out his youtube series about building and restoring old wooden boats on the Saint Lawrence River called the wooden boat experience. That sounds awesome. He also created various handcrafted goods shop glass goat on his daughter also makes themselves awesome soy candles through Glasgow soy candles on its as well. I reckon every checkout Scott everyone checkout Scott ouderkirk beautiful stained glass works like the Queen and considered supporting his other work. If it strikes their fancy can thank you so much for the piece that you made for me and I will definitely check out Scott's work especially the boat stuff that sounds Oh my God restoring an old wooden boats. Oh God I love it it. I'm I almost I'm just going to. I'm going to finish recording this. I'm GONNA jump right onto that and then I'm GonNa get obsessed with worcester restoring wooden boats. I'm sure which there's something I never knew I wanted until I just read that sentence. This episode is David Boreanaz who is promoting nunnelee season three of seal team Wednesday nights at nine on CBS but also so the twentieth anniversary of Angel which is a show. That if you listen to this podcast you're probably somewhat familiar with all available. Episodes are on Hulu and oh he it was great. I knew it I knew he was going to be a nice dude because he has worked so much in the last twenty two three years and as as I say the podcast. It's not an accident usually when someone works job after job hit show after his show. There's an element of They're probably a nice dude and he he was so. This is very very very fun episode and I hope you enjoy the podcast number one thousand and thirty one with Mr David Bory on us and let us begin the thing. He protocol microphones check. I hope it's not embarrassing. That I'm wearing a sunnyvale shirt. I thought with the university coming coming up that it may already had it did have happened. The anniversary went down happened and it was always a experience. That's for sure in writing. Get chance to. I'm lost in your wallpaper as I kind of sit here and talk about the Angels Twentieth Anniversary. My Wife's my wife's the wallpaper make make choice. She's the one that puts everything up. The one that finds all the wallpapers. Yes so I I tend to like. She's good with furniture but furniture pitchers really my specialty. Her specialty is Colors wallpaper drapery memory click. She just finds all these yeah extinct seemingly extinct fabrics and wallpapers. Looks Cool. I like what style is your house. Well we don't we're just we're actually redoing our home right now so we're completely pulley doing a major tear down the whole properties. Going to be leveled are you. Are you so. Can you know leaving. And we're not. We're not living in here. I want to. I want to live in an airstream down at the bottom. But my wife's like that's not gonNA happen. That would not have and I would easily could have done it. You know it's easy for live in airstream or wherever and and the wife now I need a closet and I need like a facility. That's a bathroom with. At least you know running water. That doesn't stop so more charming. Everybody do the airstream that it actually is. I think David Got Hotel. So we're in the midst of doing in that so we rented a place which is cool because it's like circa nineteen eighty-seven place so it's all like it's intact act so you kind of feel like you're going back to just back into the eighty seven era with like an old movie or something. It's it's just. Has that whole kind of vibe going on nineteenth civilisational surprises like bricks of cocaine and said it was completely bananas. There are a lot. There is a bric a piece in the bathroom. That makes me wonder. Should we knock some of it down trying to hide. Something look would banisters. Got The old thermidor ovens and you know like the older ones when I came out and the refrigerator still kicking and it's great because it's just makes things really cold so I like cold cold milk and things that are cold. Cold Beer can't be like cold. It'd be cold cold on the verge of like that frost just has has a little bit a kind of tip of slush on the top almost a solid. Yes Click Chris. So we're we're kind of living this in the midst of moving right now and that's always difficult when you're moving from one point to the other and you get rid of stuff and you purge you give things away and then you also soc- boxes that you haven't opened up and pictures always get you so you're always go back in time. I is gone through of so many different pictures of my past. It's it's like it's crazy. Easy emotional hilarious. You know funny. People haven't seen in a long time and it's I I ran across the Lombok. Seems like Nineteen Polaroid Twenty of them of me and Glenn Quinn just like by Pint just drinking Guinness and hanging out and for those. Who Don't know Glen Queen? He played doyle on Angel. WHO's really dear friend undermine ended up dying and of a bad hair when overdose but great friend of mine still someone? I can't really Kinda let go in my life. Sure interesting so but I saw that. When you're moving you see these pictures and these things in your Cadillac? Wow this is just kinda hits you you know you kind of you. You remember all those times that you had when you're when you're there you don't think about how time goes by so fast is yes especially when you're young. You feel it go. This is a river but having a physical there really is something having a tactile experience rather than I mean you know my my. I cloud photo thing has literally seventy five thousand pictures in it wall. Did they just go back. Like from the first iteration of the iphone and it's very rare very rare. Do I go back and but when you go through a box and you find an old picture it was like a a milestone of that tight here. There's just something it just it. Just maybe it's just an old thing Oprah's and things but it just feels like it means more and more value when you can hold it of course when you're looking at pictures of people that are no longer in in your life or pictures that have that you'll never see again in you just kind of relive that experience. Sure moment is it's just overwhelming sometimes and on top of the moving beings wouldn't you move. It's how many flights to get into when you move with your better hat okay. This don't keep that you're annoying me getaway. Get Out. We're going with this. Don't touch my okay. You go over there over here annoyed me ninety times through the series like okay. So you've been divorced. You're back together again. You're divorced back together again okay. We're fine hunting experience. Everything that's divorce is it's all of. Oh they're moving the entire religion everything all in one minute. My office was stacked full of stuff that I was gonNA move and it just ended up my office at home just ended up looking like a hoarders closet. Yeah and so my wife kept going. I could just go in there and do it. I'm like myself and she. It was like nobody. You really need me to help you. Know I don't and then in the end of course I did need her to help me up but it you really do need someone to help you make some of those harder decisions because obviously obviously you wanNA keep polaroid's of a friend lost but like Oh. This coaster came from this really meaning yourself written on the coast cocktail Napkins Far Napkins. If my friends writing scripts and I have a box and I'm like I'm not going anywhere since like it didn't really make much sense but at the time it was great. So you know all that stuff yeah ash-trays and like I I collect old ashtrays from hotels around the world. I had so many really cool. who'll ones and things like that and mugs and pine classes and I think we have a similar love for antiques looking around this place? This is pretty cool. Oh thank you. Yeah what what was the hardest thing you actually got rid of. God that's tough. It's still happening shoes. I have a lot of shoes. There ensued suits like older suits that I want to pass on my son and let him have. Because I remember when I was growing up like my grandfather who I stayed a lot spent time with in Buffalo New York Doc. You know lived in where my dad grew up as an older house and I'd go up in the attic and look at all my grandfather suits and like this is great. You know so maybe that kind of leaked onto me and so like suits roots and older shoes and I still hold onto like the these great double breasted suits from the late eighties. And I'm like well I really WanNa hold onto these. Because they're just this time I've worn them and I want my son to Kinda dumb because I don't want to throw them away so I'm still holding onto them. They don't fit me ties ties or like all old vintage clothing leather jackets. Geez forget I have Oh. I'm sure I'm sure you know me tons of leather jackets. That's what I was going through the closet. I think I have angels original of their coat house like two of them in my. I gotTA keep that right. I was like which one is it. Is it this one or that one and I think it was a Hugo boss. That was the was the make who made it but that was the original one. I'm like we can't get rid of that. Let's like fake bloodstains stains on the diary of that period of time. That's about I mean some day you know a hundred years from now that you you could that could be in an that would go for like never know. Yeah you never know that could go wrong twenty grand or you could just kinda donate it right through museums nine even to museums is like let it go. Yeah so then somebody would pick it up and not even know that they're wearing that code. Oh they should. Because there's like blood on here I got this uh-huh yeah write a little note on the inside and then you donate it buys. It reads the snow like well. That's kind of that's an authentic piece. I just found well. I think you know I think with old props like a fun thing to do at some point if if someone could you know part with something maybe there's something to part with is just like you know have an auction for charity charity because then you raise a bunch of money and then someone really wants it gets it and then and then and then you don't have to deal with it anymore and then everyone kind of wins that to me is when you have kids though you want to pass it on to them. So then if they're blessed to have children and you know it's kind of stays days within the family. Dad's vampire yeah. They don't give that up. But I got a pinball machine James Garner's machine it was made for him from the movie. Maverick and I know is his daughter very well. And she's like oh I got a bunch of stuff and I'll take the pinball machine so purchase that from her and that is just hard thing to move around. It's not easy you can't just move pinpoint takes at least six. People advocate that thing but That's a cool piece that I have bad. That's really cool. Yeah and it wasn't ever used so it was made in his honor for the movie for Maverick and it just kind of you know. Yeah basically we just turned into Steve Martin. At the end of the one of this is just want that all I want a new empire Jack in pinball machine that good luck trying to drag the pinball machine jacket would be fine but it would take a lot of people to move that thing we do. We have been ball machines to and they're fun but but I find that you play them a lot for the first couple weeks like bowling young guys board after the six frame or like having a pool table obviously funding pool tables and you play for like a month and collects dust thumper pools cool remember bumper bull and that was actually kind of a cool little tiny hole at the same time Bam. You'd hit it. She who got it included and then you can just hit. If you were on a roll you would just hit all the balls and that was a good. That's a lot better because it's smaller. Yeah not as big doesn't take as much base yeah. I think I'm going to get a bumper pool knowing I had this one space in thinking. This is a good spot for the bumper. Buddy I know oh you may get rid of a lot of stuff but you have enough room for a bumper pool and I took the bar that I made because you can't leave a bar behind you don't WanNa bar to be destroyed. Sure sure so that was that was huge. They got it. I couldn't believe it. I asked my friend Roberto Dude. He got like six seven guys and they're like did it and I'm like wow yeah tour from the wall and they just pushing it through like the the small little space in areas and then they got to the rental and they're going through the bushes and it's like well. We're almost there. It's flying all over the place. It smells like Thanksgiving. It's crazy three things that I've tried to explain to millennials to know too little to no success was one was bumper pool. This these are these are things that everyone three things that everyone had in the seventies bumper pool tables pachinko machines. Yes and I tried to explain organ stores like every mall had an organ just or they did and all the people who work there could play in. So you'd walk into a mall and you hear didn't I didn't and then there would be like these tiered because we we went into tears of them. Here's of them because we went to the malevolent premier here at the El Capitan than they have. An organ played. Worse comes out my wife's like Oh that things crazy and I go into my wife my wife and her thirty s and I go well every mall had one of these and she's like what I go. Yeah they had these Oregon stores. Everyone had a fucking Oregon call these switches and all these crazy and I'm like but now that your phone can do that. A little the less exciting than it was in the mall and then you win store to Hickory Farms Sausage Orange Julius yes the carpets stores that were rolled holdout. Climb on them in your mom like me. I grew up in Buffalo New York. I saw a lot of those those stores but yeah the organ was huge for me is hockey okay. So it's the sound of the the sound of the organ store the smell of the hickory farms the taste of the orange. Julius that to me those are the real real like those. Bring out the mind t-shirt champion t shirts with the details. Oh the vinyl liga smell the vitamin like. Oh Yeah I like hot rod cars. I'll get a shiny hot right tale. You'd see it'd be burned on and then you'd be like this is awesome. Get like two days later. It's Bob Lynn and Palin Sunburn Peeling David. I just I have not known new very long but I think we should pull some of our TV money and opened a seventy S. That would be good man. That's a good idea. There's there's a lot of property out in Westlake that needs to be. Uh Ah. I think that'd be fun to just build a small community. I wonder if that's going to happen at some point where people who. It's sort of like the plot of the village that were they moved out to be away from technology. Rather than moving into like pilgrim times we move into just pick an air like the seventies where we have some technology but not much of it. We have enough to cook and eat plumbing share. We haven't television. You can play the member Dragon Dragon's lair towards the arcade game of every absolutely. I was I. I just put so many quarters in that machine donkey Kong was I mean those reckons layer. I have some original cells from the animation of drag. That was done by a guy named Don booth and it was like an original like that's when they first started screwing around with laser technologies. And I'll say yeah. Yeah so you know. My friend was here last year. To Hotel fell somewhere and they actually like it was in Mexico. And they had the Arcade Dragon's lair in the lobby. Oh my Gosh I kid you not there. It's like he's like the game used to play when we were kids in Buffalo New York the mall and like acids and there was like you had the one two three two one like you had the whole technique in order to get the layer soared the horse. Yup that was big. That was my other slide Stewart. I remember I remember in six six or seven th grade. We had to give a speech class about something. We were an expert Burnett to teach other kids and yes they should just give you an idea of how popular I wasn't I gave Mike about how to dragon slayer like all the patterns and so there are only like three other nerves in the classes before the Internet and we could all pool our resources but Like two or three other owners the class that had questions like Oh this one the one board in the treasure room. Oh well that's up down left right all the. Oh Yeah I would draw the Diagram on the board and needless to say I was a terminally unpopular kid but but that that in space as you like laser game and you play dungeons and dragons course see now that I. I didn't play dungeons dragons but when it first came out the kid street had it and they're like got to play this game unlike what is called Dungeons and dragons. Wow this has got to be kind of like almost like the forefront of like Qatari or along the line easing like were is it. It's like here where these dice and paper. I'm like this so boy I'm sorry not doing. I'm like expecting dragons. Moving around and like dragons of the mind did not work for me but it has a query popular. It's it's it's ahead of quite a resurgence. They'd had a lot of people. Were playing it now. I think also as a response to how isolating just playing a video game alone can be you get a bunch. The people in a room they have to interact with each other use their imagination be resourceful so it. Actually has a resurgence now. I'm sure it does. Does everything lack of regionality. But there is a big resurgence of television shows movies. It's what streaming. What's not is a lock on? I'm sure I you know I'm sure joss always gets it. And then you're GonNa do a firefly read. What are you GonNa do GonNa do an angel reboot not in this lifetime but this is what delight me and fascinates me about? Yeah you have been on television since nineteen ninety ninety seven without a break. And that's like that's a fucking incredible achievement. A lot of pain from buffy angel to bones to seal team like every season you have a hit show on. And that's that should. You should get an award for that doesn't happen. I think the anatomy of a hit. If if you want to call it a hit is just like maintaining your sensibility about the work in your your work. Effort is to me like the most important part of the whole journey journey and has been I mean I went to private school high school all boys and it was like Augustinian. Pres you work you the memories stuff growing up as a kid and my mom's like you have to have the job Dork. The farmers market a worked every summer. It was so I created a work ethic that I translated into my work that I do today and that just is for for me. It's always been about work. I like to work. I love being around it. Love the people. I don't I try. I try to always necessarily just focus on that and everything else. I don't like I I don't I'm not a big person who's into the publicity market or go into red carpets. Are Meeting this person or that person you know it. It's exhausting. I tried that ad and it's very daunting and people don't even know really how to talk to people. It's a very odd situation but you know to to the to the work it's all about. The effort is listening to something day. Ivana Chubby is like my my my guru. I've been working with her for over twenty years and acting coach and we work together on everything and I. It's just again her recipes. It's one of the questions was. Do you like working with your students. You like working with the stars who've made and she's like well. I've worked with students who have lived with eight people in a house and it's like those people have broken out because the certain people have work ethic is there ethic is constantly gearing towards towards making choices. That are risky right regardless. If you succeed or fail you need to make a choice. It's risky and out there and put yourself out there and that's very scary for a lot of people no matter what business you're in I mean not surge and you'll and make a risky choice when you open heart or let's let's see. Let's just try it so I mean I think to me overall is is really what it's about. It's about the work and it's tough. I mean it. Television region is a is a grueling pace. I mean I work seal team now and it's still twenty two episodes. That's like a lot. Why do we still doing that? Formula I mean I look at people with thirteen episodes or eight here I'm on net flicks and I'm like. Wow you can fuck and swear you have a fucking alive. You can read a book. I'm still like twenty two episodes for shooting in an eight days seven days because we're so fast and meanwhile the cruise dine and everyone around like this. We can't wait to get the Thanksgiving break right right right just to get three days. AW UH-HUH WHOA. So it's it's been a journey and a blessing for one and I don't continue. I just want to continue that and I don't plan on stopping anytime saying. Yeah but all the but it's but you look at it in everything you've done. I mean obviously angel came out of buffy but bones was different than than yeah angel and then seal team team is different than bones. And so you. You've really done a good job because it would have been really easy. I imagine to take another job. That was like oh I should probably do some kind of fantasy Scifi. I five thing and you you jumped and did a network procedural yeah and it worked really well you know so it at the time where you face with some of those choices. Did you have a lot of options. And you said Oh this one really makes sense to me or how did that. I didn't really necessarily think that would be the the the key I was like. Oh I got a choice. That is necessarily different from what I'm doing I'd necessarily was just. I live my life. I wake up and wherever my environment is kind of is dictating the character choices in my life since I play pretty much all the carriages. That's infused what's going on in my life relationships or whatever so when bones bones came along it was it was kind of like a free kind of. I always think that when you end the job it's or a long running series or carries like it gives your sense of sense of freedom because you're you're very vulnerable and you're open to a lot of things you see things a lot better and things just kind of fall into your lap and of course you you sit there and you say well I I remember people saying well. You should go for this role here. This is a really cool role and got a great cast and I said well I like this other role. Oh that's Kinda interesting called bones and you know we were the last pilot picked up when we shot it and they're like well. This show is not going to go. It's silly it's name bones and I kind of like the relationship and the way the characters are talking to each other it was very like romancing the stone yes John wrote to me and a lot of people didn't see that and I did and I just kind of went into that arena so for me it's like it's not conscious choice. It's just something that happens shirt and I and I I don't want to be too like a theory about it but that's the way I am. You know just kind of happens. We'll go for this right and it worked out. I'm glad it did. And you know we were very successful in that show and creating characters that worked opposite opposite of the procedural. I mean when we started that show. Emily and I worked with Ivana for Eight or nine episodes every weekend rewriting stuff and bringing it to the producers reducers and changing things and instituting things and at first they wanted like a drama they wanted like an x files. One this mysterious thing. I mean it's not that it's not funny. It's not you know corky and it was great to see after we had successfully broken those barriers for five seasons later other procedures. Were doing the same things they wanted to of conversations over bodies about like you know. What did you eat last night in? Why am I feeling sick like these things are all character related and but it made sense so we were proud that we are able to do that and see that and you know working with? Emily was Was a joy and just great experience. She's she's his financial and also Somebody who was The two of us were able to really work with each other in the work environment and understand each other's moods it was a long marriage marriage. And you know what. I'm not having such a great day today. I'm telling you that right now a fried oh sure. Emily goes yeah. I understand I respect. I love you man but you know we still have that banter. We'd still respect each other. Who would never we always be open with? Each other would never hide things from each other are very it just became a great match. I was very fortunate to have that so But bones was. It was a great run and Regardless if it was a an unconscious decision I think it was smart for m- mm for me at the time because you do show like buffing very cold arena and then you take the character and it gets spin off to its own series for vice seasons and I think angel was a show that could have gone on a lot longer. I think that ended a lot quicker. I think it was different. Type of show was darker. Obviously more adult oriented themes teams. I mean the Guy Vampire living in Los Angeles saving souls. It's so like hilarious. I mean it was great people that we had on the characters are so great. The pump episode. Everyone loves the puppet well. Of course it's up. It's the best. It's a triumph at the television triumph. Like to and that's that was the fun. The thing about both of those shows is that it was always looking for ways to have this fun sub textual with the audience of like. We know what you're used to seeing and we I want to play with that. Yeah and have fun. We WanNa have fun with you the audience and show that you're willing to break the mold sometime step out of in in that and I think that was what you know. Buffy really kind of started this nine hundred ninety. Six Ninety seven started this era of respecting that type of a kalt audience. And saying like. Hey if you were if you were to make show this is the type of show you would want to make. Yeah and that's what it felt like. It was very much when we went to comic con. I think it was early on ninety six ninety seven. I was just boxes of comics on the floor. There was no huge marquee advertisements for movies. It wasn't it was a pure comic book convention. Your people selling like real men are the you know become everything it was just authentic and then now it's just kind of gravitated go there and everything's promoted sure it's it's crazy. Everything's like a big movie era of big production and there's lights dance like what happened here. Well they osh blew up man. The entertainment industry followed the money. Because you you know this sort of this sort of trend in nerd culture that you know that buffy was definitely one of the for the contemporary nerd movement planted the flag in the soil and said this is a real audience. And it's not just Nishi and it's not just a bunch of that. Stereotypical do boost indeed. Hey baby maybe I live in the basement of my house and I let my mom live upstairs. You ever think of that but in any case it when they they started realizing like there's a real audience here all the entertainment company's course you know because then around two thousand two thousand one. You Have Spiderman X.. Men Harry Potter. Yeah that's great and so yes. What all blew up but it does go back to what you were talking about before about that? Pr Dance Yup. which you're right and I think I've always I was saying that to my wife? This morning that I've I've always respected that. It seems like you chose to not be a part of that because that also you get attention based on how you you know how much they perceive you as being it's like and that's very fluid you have no control over that and then you're just a commodity that now feels that could really fuck with your head because you're trying trying to control it absolutely when you try to control than it just goes crazy this messy. Yeah you're walking with shoes on backwards. I think you're you're you. You just create his own world inside your head that's like a fantasy world and it's not real right. It just becomes your own. Dragons layers nicely. Done really does play when buffy started out and we were fortunate to get I got on that show it was like I was a reoccurring character the first thirteen eighteen episodes in the night. It just works the character of Angel and Buffy and it was a love story and it took off it was a very big league. impactful moment for that show and just catapulted that love story even further up and then I'm like hey they want some more episodes mature. I ain't doing doing anything. I was living in Los feeless with like four. My best friends. It new rented this house it was like the first original house in Los feeless was. It's like the sunset boulevard was a plastic surgeon. made this House for Charlotte depre- who is silent films. And it was in honor of his love for her so we rented out with all the original furniture and it was like crazy. You know and I was like hey. I'm just staying here. We'll do six more episodes of of a vampire with missile. I didn't care but the breakdown came out and it was like he's like Joe Louis prizefighter. Who can take a shot can always get back up like that resonated more with me than anything thing else when they said this? Is the character breakdown. I remember getting the role and we had this big party in those fearless and my buddies are like dude. You're playing vampires and I'm like. Yeah it's Joe Louis Care to Canton. That comes back in like doesn't take upon and it was just like this all these like interesting metaphor is going on in my head. The time I and I was excited to be working to in identified show up in it I it was not really a lot of stuff who just meet brooding and corners and kind of look into her and talker loved her and we created this thing and blow up there eight episodes later and then turns into a series regular. I'm like wow this is taken off. It's crazy and you could fulfil the momentum of it in a way that was like. Why are we going with this week when it comes out it's popular six episodes in it gets more popular than its? Is this cult thing and next thing you do him doing. Cover shoe the Rolling Stone magazine with Sarah Michelle Gellar and there's big e fans and Griffith Park and there is nine photographers around. Everyone's drink drink beers and Shan't say what's going on coach flying. You know I I did a photo shoot with any LIEBOWITZ milk campaign. I'm like when when I went angel. Got To get his own show on harnesses and they're like I'm drinking milk. It's like this is a bad job. This really is far far from the Joe. Louis Guy Really Mad. It was pretty intense. A you know you find yourself getting more and more into the trying to control that aspect going to places getting into places and it's a it can become a wrecking ball for for with all your Saul role. Yes because it's so self identifying here. I am playing a character has to save souls in Harriers your own soul going down these path or like what's it's going on here right now and it's fascinating And when a transition happened into my own show I was. I was so like Josh Joseph. Like hey you're going to get the show spinoff green wall and I'm like I was working on his Irish accent. That was horrible and I was in characterized long hair and I was playing Liam News. It was like I was more focused on that. He told me I was like okay. Great I got to go through the sea now like my face. My my thing is is always moment to moment. Never what's behind behind you always the next step and swell of my life you know and It to faults sometimes but You know that show show went on to greater success because of the success that came from from buffy the character created itself and going and going and the People Roy Moore the show runners that are now show runners. The writers became show runners. You Know David Fury Mardi Knox and I can name tons of that have gone on are now successful runners of their own shows and created. Some great stuff is it. That's that's the best part is really working with these writers and people have created such remarkable material and in the in the relationships you've garnished other cast members and guest stars that have come on fantastic couriers and is always going bones. It was such a long running show on the guest stars had come on. You'd see their careers. Take off and that was always exciting to see that as well and I think there's also a testament to this. This business will put up with a lot. Yeah but I think in order to maintain a career. I've always just assumed like. Oh Dave it's probably a super nice guy cause someone wouldn't get show after show after show after show if they weren't fun and easy to work with because it at a certain point eight the businesses just like guys kind of a pain in the ass you know and so it but hearing about how you just make it about the work but then also hearing that you'd went through a period period where you had to learn about how insatiable the ego can be because there's never it's unfilmable hole course and some people that just just fully consumes and then some people can go. Oh wait a minute let me take a step back in time because it's really affecting your life or it's affecting how you feel about certain things and yeah. Of course you go through those moments I think to to this day. You always do it for me to be blind and not say that there would be stupid. It'd be lying to myself. You always are going wing through challenges regardless of what that is where you are You know simplicity is always that the most important thing to me and laughter or is the most important thing that gets me through. And it's you know you work with these seals and You know these guys that these real tier one operators at work these Smith major missions. You know so. Don't get make it out. And some of them do or have their arms blown off or they're loose their legs and I was like. So how did you get through that moment. It's like well you know. Just have my arm was blown off and you know telling jokes about movie lines and getting through with laughter through pain slow. Hello it's intense like it's hard to comprehend it but it makes no sense you know I think laughter's the biggest care for everything in life and and you know I think that you you need a lot of that in and of course my dad and my mom and my family's very tight with me so they've always always help me guide that especially my father. Yes like huge huge He represents everything to me. You Know My dad's everything and they always they're always with with no judgment But there to strengthen the laugh gene that's good and it also also makes a Lotta sense unfortunate too. I mean look there's you I think you are a product of your environment. I represent like that for which is like take a kid who is Trying to make it in the sports team out east and he was brought out somewhere. Living didn't have the facilities of the type of training. And then you go to the East Coast and your competitive and you're not as competitive because these kids are leagues Eddie you because of their environment You know the you know when when you you play sport out here and it's like let's say hockey. It's not as you know you can't just go outside and skate on the frozen canned and like these kids are all doing out here. You're just like you got son and you can't do much. Yeah so it's different. I mean environment plays a big part of it. Sure I really do but hearing you talk about working with seals and because this is the first it's not like you could talk to a vampire or you know I mean it who says you can't talk to a vampire everyone's fascinated. We talked to a lot of empires his role. We had to paint the windows black to get into it. And you know it's a whole thing. Well you know sometimes you bite the person the neck and what every dialect but but what I what. What's so interesting? Is that this this show where you're actually playing. You're representing acting a real group. Yeah and so. was there anxiety on your part of like well I WANNA make sure I'm respectful. 'cause you're talking to these guys and you see like they have you know and then you look we look at performance I guess. My Job's really. Not that hard. You know what these people do to put themselves in. Harm's way day in day out sacrificing pricing like you said life and limb and and and they and they can do it with such Stephen Breed. Yeah exactly all right different breed. So what was any of that. Did that affect you when you first took on the role go. I really need to make sure that we do the right way. Because it represents a real group of course we we do it the right way and we're proud of that you know it's something that we don't take lightly at all and it takes a little bit time but when we shoot it's it's very effective and very fast but the Matt one of the executive partners on the show executive producer with me with me As well Chris Shellac on a we you know we've he's I use someone. who was on thirteen deployments Captain Phillips Bin Laden? Those guys are they're just they're just different Britain uh-huh and you can see it in their eyes you can see them where they talk to you And they're also very tumbled and extremely just just really cool great guys to hang out with Great storytellers and they. They they tell you I think to a point What you WANNA hear To be honest. And so you take that information and for me was all really about the mind. And how they function and how they compartmentalize things how they deal with being away in deployment and coming home home after a long run and Gino putting someone's head back together and make an emission complete. They're arguing about Christmas tree lights. And you know why I have to tell is not working in the kitchen and you get into an argument your wife over the disposal the day after it's like Whoa. That's a big flip right and and it's playing this role going into the third season. You take that that on you know you you to tap into the mental aspect of of what this character goes through and From the beginning season one. It wasn't as it's really starting to get darker and deeper now. Really get into his mind fine. How he kind of is hearing kind of those voices and the demons and his brothers who passed away and how it's catching up to him And when you're on that grind you want to be as authentic as you can see you do talk to them and you do get the stories you but you also have to bring flavor to that right. You have to an actor to take that Information Ivonne and I work on what is underneath all that inside like how to make these specific choices that you know these are Alpha male guys. They operate one hundred and fifty percent. You know their engines are always going They don't ido very well but yet they're very methodical and slow when they're on the attack and they were operated team so in operating team if one functions off then. That's not going to be a team which I love that aspect of it so for me. It's always very sports oriented. It's so easily last. Sports Metaphors Hockey team takes the ice. If you're not playing the right move or you're not in your position. Stain your laying. Then things are gonna go crazy is he's not gonNa work and that's how they these guys operate and When there's a clog off the mission does not succeed? Their biggest fears failure. They don't want to fail like that's taste accepted for them to them is like a big gaping wound when you see a physical wound that is not as effective as a failure and emotional national wound. That's opens up and stays with them and it just festers and they live with so much regardless of what they're dealing with. PTSD TBI whatever that is is it just grows and grows and grows so to your point. Yeah we I did talk to the people I've talked to Matt. I did talk to tyler. The guys that were Delta Force Force guys that are on our show. I got into their heads. I you know they're very good friends. Their brothers we went out drinking at parties in my house else with them You see how they operate you see how proud they are. You know. It's a when you bring a bottle of whiskey and a bunch of tier one guys. It's an interesting night night. I'll tell you but you learn a lot and not to say okay. Well we just got smashed learned. It's you know you don't really need to what you can effectively find attitudes and how they adjust and it's amazing to watch from the actor perspective you just take all that and then you find yourself living it right. Find yourself immersed so much in the role in the you're now you're really into this role in your part of it in for me Jason Hayes has been the most Immersed character I think I I have ever played on all of them because they all lead to one another in a way you for you and you say oh you take bits and pieces from certain characters that you play. I fell into this role and it made sense to me and it was called to me I gave it up. I didn't WanNa do it. And then it came back to me so it made sense to me and It just was kind of like this needs to happen and I fell into it and here I am in third season. I'm like wow. This is really amazing to be apart of but because I feel it I I can do a scene If doing with ray abroad to guy and I'm going to an issue or problem I've done the work and working my subtext It's it's there's A. There's something about it that again. It's the you do them right right. It's the history. It's the history of a tier one operator of plane. Whatever that is veterans in the room you have an obligation to to them all of them right because you're playing this character and he don't want to be you want to be as authentic? Thank you can right and that becomes real and you feel it and in the scenes and it for me. It's it's like it's ignition. It's you the spark plug goes off. I can hit a line. I'm hitting a role and I'm on my roll with it and it just becomes very vulnerable right. I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed that feeling that rush of intensity here that that feeling that I'm going through because it showing the character struggles. It's showing the characters victories. It's showing the character's involvement involvement in bringing the team together in leadership and how effective leadership can be and also the cost of leadership right how it can change the dynamics of team mm-hmm right and the other choices. The other Bravo members are making. So it's a fascinating world in in. I've just enjoying it right now and Also understanding them as human beings and not just these machines that go out there not not have depth and they have they deal just the compartmentalization to me is so because especially because we feel like our culture right now is an estate where where you know. Everyone is conditioned to not ever feel an uncomfortable herbal emotion at any given moment like Oh you know we take we take pills to stop that and we do and we you know we consume to forget and we go on social media to distract you know and so you know to see that there are still people in the world who go. Yes the core of my job is living in a state eight of discomfort seeking that embracing fighting through it is so I have so much respect for and it's endlessly fascinating to me because it's antithetical to what I believe is happening a lot in our culture now which is just a complete. I want my life to just be like a big pillow now any of that but I wanted my life to be like an instagram ad or in person or whatever that post is and you're right you're only as valuable as followers right Sounds Crazy Z.. But it's like you know the star belly speeches thorax reference. Come on man like what's going on. You gotTA start. I don't have a star while go to MC monkey mcbain in August stars off. They don't have stars star off machine. How are you communicating? Because your kids must be t- how old are they seventeen and a ten year old just the weirdest time to be a young person right now. I would imagine because I don't know how they do it. Man Man I mean social media blitz Krieg the snapping the it was hard enough to navigate our own immediate social circles in schools and I also was along with everyone in the world. Now it's intense and it's in your scrutinize and you're under a microscope in so many ways and You know my family is to me very private and I keep it that way and I don't like to kind of really divulge like what they're doing but I will say that that my son and my daughter are very different. Parts of their one. Ten one seventeen one goes to school a boarding school out east. And he's feeling ailing all that what I felt like grown up in east coast the winters. How tough it is carrying a backpack full of books? You know all boy school like it's intense it's in the grind is intense. Sports is intense. It's like wow. They're really working hard every day for whatever that is and not just for the physicality of it but for the mental aspect aspect of it to break walls and become a young man right and learn that through through the environment that you're in again. There's my daughter is home. She question writer and she's on horses and she's jumping now on the tenth. I'm like this is crazy but she adapts to the environment because she loves horses and she's at home jumping dogs all the time. Our houses is like got sticks. All over dogs are flying. It's like it's like a magical world greasy but it has been consumed with with again the social media at they are scrutinized. They are put under a surface or your dad. Does this for a living. Now you're become more than just who you are yourself. Ourself identity for them is. I have to break through that. I mean me growing up. My Dad was in television. He had a kid show called rocketship seven and he was listening to whether guy in Philadelphia Philadelphia. He was a very popular guy in Philly. Dave Roberts city line I got the whole thing and I went to school and I was like razzed or whatever bully whatever that is whatever you deal with his kid kid you got that under that umbrella of whatever comes with it you have to find ways to navigate around it. Are you being my friend. Because my dad's whether guy in Philadelphia right right right right. Do you WanNa go around the station and meet the news. I wanted you on the podcast to be honest. Billy's Game Don Paulson was a sports guy that time you meet the fanatic like sixers cord. It's like crazy man. It's and you know but one thing my my dad always told me it was like you you you. He would introduce us all Dave Robert. Oh Yeah this is my son David and was like really daddy got to reduce me. You're my son in. This is who they are and you take time to talk my dad text everybody. It's like a Utah Goodbye. They say goodbye in the kitchen in the hallway out the doorway and I know you gotta lever leaving an hour. You better start planning now because that's when you're going to get out but also that has taught me the simple things handshakes shakes and looking people in the eyes and communication with vulnerability in love and support and listening like being able to listen to somebody without all this noise. You know like the social media noise like I'm I'm just happy that my son can read cursive and write a letter Jeff. Have you written. Write me a letter I have. I wrote a letter last week. I my handwriting. I tried to write something recently sad and I'm like what happened to him by handwriting. Oh fuck you gotta practice this. It'd be nice all go to handwriting school ink pen and the quail calligraphy amazing. It's really and then I have my nephew he doesn't he doesn't write cursive. I'm like how do you not do that like they just they just. They're not it's not how they were treating. This doesn't autocorrect itself. I don't know the blue. I've got the four color pen. That's your auto correct right. My autocorrect is yeah scraping out. I mean I remember having to take you know I had to take typing in like seventh with Gregg. Remember that and we were on these non electric. y'All like mad men era particularly to and if you fucked up you had to go go back and put in like a little white the little white thing and hit it Redo the letter and so there was no there was no safety net. There was no room for mistake and it was incredibly stressful. Yeah Safety Nets are another even brings up from me. He's like you'd go out and audition for roles and the evidence enacting teacher. It'd be like your coaching with them to go to audition for something like you'll have to have that safety net because if you fuck up then you have to go to right which I kind of understand what I also like. Hey maybe she don't have a safety net you'll fall and you'll find another place it'll be more interesting than what you just try. That's that's always by choice to but and there's a lot of safety nets today. Embracing falling is is a great thing to learn. I'm not saying I'm great at it but it is if because I feel like if you can embrace raced the fall. You're relatively unstoppable in life because you're constantly in a state of growth learn like okay. I'm not afraid you know I have if I have a friend. I had a friend ingrates who was not a particularly big guy but he just wasn't afraid to fight because he wasn't afraid to get hit in the face and so he was actually not a big kid but considered a tough kid only because he was not afraid to get hit and he was not afraid to throw a punch and I was afraid of both of those things and so it it it feels like a skill set that if you could adapt that in your life then you really could get through pretty much anything like I remember as a kid. I always we want to skateboard when you're not getting to skateboarding. Correct your head but you can go play ice hockey okay or you can go play football like okay. Well that's all right what's going on. I remember playing soccer kid and I picked the ball up and started running in the wrong Bundy's movie one for me. Remember the East Coast and the cold and playing in the dirt and Plymouth playing football games and there was no grass it was dirt and stones. And you get your knees chopped up in your elbows cut up but it came out like it's like a war. Yeah and like you said you go through these falls in these paying but you get back up yeah you learn how to get back up. And that's why I'm so I'm I'm very happy and proud of my son to be on the East Coast to be able to experience that In getting uncut metaphorically by You know the the east coast mentality who the weather the way they live out there compared to while they live on the west coast so different. So that's a blessing for him and a blessing for my daughter to get on a thousand pound animal. Take off and I said Dad. I'm an athlete. I write a thousand pound animal and this other issue but she tells the animal what to do. I think Bella cert- first season of Angel on my character got on on a horse. It was a black stealing. I have a picture of it and I wrote downtown on a streets. No why full gallop with a lance in my hand. I did that one take in the library get him off bucking horse right now. I'll feel you'd never again Kelly. I'm fucking talking horse. Cuckoo charging the coastline and I was like remember stoppers like bark. Yeah it was awesome. Get the fuck you. If you're you're my fucking horse you get injured this shows fucking like okay. There's an alternate timeline. Where that David didn't survive that horse? Yeah now that areas are probably but I I I find myself actively always being involved in the roles I mean bones wasn't really a stunt show. I was like I always said to them. You're not really utilizing my capability. Here I can ride a horse through the lab and everybody would be happy you know but because it was relationship and then when I got to it to seal team it was like wow you know you gotta keep your body going you have to keep your mindset with the the workouts and intensity of it I just turned fifty so you have to maintain your workouts in your eating habits and you're constantly grinding. That out and you wake up and you're sore. North Dallas forty. Yeah Yeah you can't use like what did I just get. Hit with putting on the gear and the guns and the helmet and truck on on long nights three days out and location in the middle of the night going up and down stairs and low crawls like a man. I don't know how all those guys do it. Because there there's there they have an unspoken language but they're also in you know what's really interesting about these guys. is they blend in. You know they'll beards. They all like they don't. They're not military cut guys they kinda were t shirts and they're hanging out in all of a sudden they're like whoa that guy come from a Ninja Dude. Serious fucking Ninja Superhero. We're here without a Cape. He's not from green screen. He's not wired up and he's doing serious shit. That's protecting the were off the country to be free to wake up. Even make scrambled eggs walk outside without Baltic. These these guys are doing that again. Back to your points. That's why you want to get it right. That's that's why you WANNA scratch those services and if if I can with this character Cast some light in the shadows their minds were they struggle in society where they're not accept it turnout understood. Then I'm doing well and it's also the ability to learn how to like with you know putting all the gear or these these these guys that you're talking about is just being comfortable with discomfort and pain. I have such a low threshold for pain. My Wife to my my my wife will like you know like recently I kinda notice. She turned her head wearing. What's wrong she goes? I pinched nerve in my neck and go. When did you do that? And she was like I like four days ago and go. You didn't say anything. You seem fine and she was like. Yeah what good would it do. How do you do that? You know like the first point that would have happened to get out of bed. According to bring me things I mean again I need anti inflammatories I need and so some people just have the ability to embrace the pain and not an push through. Anyway I agree with you and I think that that's one of their things their adrenaline so high that they can push the the pain. Kind of actually motivates them the pilot we were shooting in the tyler graves. Delta Force Guy was coming off of a of a chopper role rope and he was coming down and he slipped on the take he was so fucking Matt. I'm like dude why he's so mad he wouldn't talk to me he's like he was so upset that he disappointed the whole routine. He took it so to a degree. Because these this guy's again will not accept failure right. They push through pain like you said. They're very good in their fast to their fucking multi fast. I mean these guys can fuck and run Like it just they just like gazelles just taken off man and some of them are just rhinos. You know like a j Buckley plays the you know the guy. Who's kind of like the grunter of team TV's funniest from Texas? And you know He. He's those guys like rhinos right like coming at you in Berlin. GotTa break the role all you got to break through walls. And they're just they got the big guns you know their knuckle draggers ammo right. I'm leading a team. I'm compartmentalizing talking to the havoc base. Where we're at how I'm going to do that? And I'm talking to them and telling them what to do and we're taking charge so it's Kinda like mouse trap game just for example example ethics. It's like you don't WanNa get never fucking game to work. Never not one time setup perfectly if you breeze wrong thing would fuck and fall or it would start to always stop like. Why did you stop? I don't know it's very frustrating. Milton Burrow Games. Were they were very frustrating. strating right back in your dad's Day. Entertainment was much different much different dynamic but it was also like it was like the big tracks when that thing came out. I remember number wanting this thing for Christmas there was this robot thing was big tracks and you program the back of it and it was just. Do you remember the big tracks. Was it like a little. I can't believe you don't remember. Was it like little tankeea. Robots robots thing on the back dump the Apple. Yes yes the diverse dad's like reading the newspaper. You can bump one thing at a time and the commercials like the kids like beep and in this thing takes off like the pod and in Steve Austin was fighting the pod was indestructible and it would go down the hallway. Take her right. The cat would look up this thing and they fire at the cat. Laser's would go by the dad and it would drop the apple to the Dad and return home. What the fuck boy I want to add had my dad's like it's can't afford it and like Dad Watts? All I wanted man was big tracks and I remember gotten and all I did was go up and down the hallway. Because we didn't have this cool house today asking. Yeah wouldn't go downstairs and eventually a program that got on the stairs at broke. It flipped and why I follow the. I follow an instagram account. I WanNa make sure I reference it correctly but it's it's called Saturday morning cartoons and it basically is yeah Saturday a underscore morning cartoons and so it shows a lot of old clips of cartoons and then the commercials. Yeah so you see how these these shop wagon. Yeah you see all these old commercials and from when you were a kid or watching cartoons or whatever and all the commercials for the toys. I'm like that commercial is basically the one thing cnet toy does and when you get home you realize fuck. This doesn't do anything really. Doesn't they sold it so we'll go ahead. Yeah but I mean for me. It was like creature. But you're double feature you okay. It was hilarious house of Frankenstein. Which Vincent Price to the opening of that and Billy van played all the creatures cheers? Man I mean he was to me like he's awesome. Man He played the Wolfman. PLAY THE DRACULA DUDE Frankenstein. But the opening to that those vincent price's glowing going head coming at you man. It was show though. I don't remember that one hilarious house of Frankenstein. One of the best Saturday morning shows Billy van. Okay you'll love love this. I'm GonNa find this on the Internet back. I miss this. This is a classic well. Buffalo Toronto Canada really kind of very popular up there. Was it a regional show. Maybe as a regional show that's great show And then it was like onto you know the creature double feature and Godzilla and whatever. He was fighting. Yup All those this kind of thing so yeah it was there I feel like the nostalgia thing because we talked earlier about how everything gets remade. It's just because you know the the world is overwhelming. All information is we just can't process all of it now and there's something it's taking us back to that simpler blur time. I don't know if you ever watch South Park. But there was a whole arc on season of these things called member berries and the bears woody and they're just go home. Hey remember back then the and then they would just zone out because it was just all this style Georgia mushrooms pretty much but it is okay New York man my college mushrooms behind. No that'd be a little bit but of course we had problems when we were kids and we had but we've removed all that and it just seems like Oh that's simpler time when everything was just you know a guy with fucking cotton balls on his face saying he was a Wolfman Dan we add effects like those regional Munster people like they really made. It did your dad ever do regional regional needed original kid's show rocketship seven but never did like the monster thing but he had like a robot he had puppets like it was pretty bad ass man task it was it was kind of cool to grow up like total rumpelstiltskin in the garage. You know with my two older sisters waiting for my dad to come home because my mom was upset with us so I don't know what was going on. We waited for dad on all of his stuff in the garage. And you can't touch this stuff. It's you know. Of course I'd go up. I've been be like. Wow what's all this you know and it was like walking into. I think it's armed so fascinated by this places. You see all these things in these trinkets in these fabulous little pieces like that's the world. I was Kinda like growing up as a kid with my dad. He was traveling kind of circus act in his own way with a head of robot in the backseat. Backseat of his station wagon. I would go and do appearances with him up in Toronto and traveled from Buffalo to Toronto. The guide put on the robot suit that looked like a big dishwasher. Washer and the big shoes and you know and then Mr the he put the puppet on Mr Beeper would come on and this is so amazing. Watch all this is in my father to pack it back up and he'd get paid thirty dollars. Oh my gosh. And you're like all that work for that too so I can buy. The Kid's Christmas presents writes in Buffalo and cold New York and snow and the Blizzard of seventy six seventy seven. I mean just a remarkable families has targeted so me day. About how great just to be around that and I think the closeness of the families and going to the house because they had the pool and they had the construction company so they were like rich richman pool in the head like the exercise machine downstairs you put on. It was like this bike thing. What is that like as as a kid like Holy Shit? Let's press that on and goes crazy but I think that's all grown up in that around that area again environment for me and I I. It's who I am today and a lot of ways. It's the types of roles and I like to play again. I'm attracted to the hero. Within the Joseph Campbell type of roles holds and I believe Jason Hayes is a hero in his own right because he's doing journey and that journey is going to take him to a lot of dark places that people are going to see him like you know what thank you for that. Thank because it shines a light that people don't understand. Well what are you just as we're wrapping this up what are you. What are you excited about? Is there anything in particular in general than you that gives you hope for the world that makes you happy is kind of your happy place. I feel it's though you know. Happiness is in a smile Kind gesture Staying away from the the social media blitz writing a letter Going out and seeing the ocean going to a Lake Lake Lakes to me are just great. people conversations at old diners piece of Apple Pie. Always my mom said if you're having a bad day have a banana split. My kids progress in a way. That is Adversity for them first and foremost and challenging themselves That's exciting But it's very daunting times very now. See how that all plays in today's world. We are doing a great job and I it was a real pleasure to meet you and you know again. I've been watching watching you for years and as a die-hard buffy fan moving forward you know but then also understanding how the business works looked at David Stewart. Some right asked me to something right because that's not an accident. You know anyone can get one good. Anyone can lock into a job but to maintain success over decades needs is. That's a separate skill. Set to keep your head on straight to navigate all the shit and stay focused and I think just distilling it down to what you said you just make it about the work make it about the work and your nice to people and you appreciate what you have. There isn't much more to really do beyond Matt and all the other stuff you know. It'd be nice one day. Just sit by lake and read a book and not having a call time. Say That and I said it's my wife all the time like what if we just got a ranch and just ahead and it'd be it'd be loving for like a week. I'm driving myself. What am I gonNA do have hobbies? Yeah that's the problem. Can you just you daddy like diving out of the barn. Just use my phone. Dad just wants to dive out of the barn firemen dive out of its ads. Please take Arthur fonzie early. They couldn't build the Bird House. There's no way David Boreanaz is building them either. Very parallel career by the way could sponsor supposed to have zone and then he ended up becoming kind under the focal point of that show. So He's a great guy and a Great Guy Henry Winkler of course great. Yeah but thank you so much for being here and it was a real pleasure. Thank you and thank you for tolerating my Sunny Deol razorbacks. Shirts Hewlett Man. All right the That was the podcast number. Ten thirty one with David Bory on us. It's time I'm for idiot rap. That's what I'm calling it this week. y'All that's what it is right now. Who knows what it'll be good? Branding change the name every week so there was a lot of talk in this episode which I really enjoyed about like pushing through discomfort and discomfort is already not not a fun sounding term. No one wants to be uncomfortable though. Sometimes it is necessary if you WanNa get some shit done now. That doesn't necessarily have to mean like physical discomfort. It's even emotional discomfort. I feel like I feel like we might avoid emotional discomfort more because we do encounter that that more in our day to day lives just things we don't feel like doing especially if you've been working all day and you. There's stuff that you need to clear out whether it's your garage so my case it was my office office alright. My officer became a repository for just a lot of stuff that I didn't know what to do with. I didn't WanNa make a decision about thing in a moment and so it just got stacked officer if I left it somewhere else in the house it would just magically appear in my office lydia although she had every right to do you that because it was just my thing that was cluttering up some other part of the house. She's like I'll put it in your office. You'll have to sort it sooner or later. And eventually she did. What an amazing partner does? which is she applied some pressure? She was like look. You've got to clean out your office. It is a a their pillars of things everywhere. And it looks hoarding. You your you look. You're almost looking like a hoarder in your office and I go okay. Okay I just didn't know what to do with that stuff. It's very uncomfortable to think about it. Means I have to make decisions to get rid of things and you know the problem with Marie. con-going my life is a lot of things I pick up bring joy so it's difficult to get rid of so again thankfully because he is the most amazing amazing and perfect partner. She said I'm going to help you just going to get in there and do it now. I probably put this off for a good year like a calendar her year at least and then finally one day without really thinking about it we just started tackling it and so a couple of ways that I did that was I knew it was not gonNa be fun and I told myself that I didn't have to do it all at once again. I did have the help of Lydia. which was tremendously tremendously helpful? And we just made stacks of things. Okay all these things are going the podcast room. This is going here. This is trash. This is a donate pile and you know like after to work on it for like a half hour okay great. Let's sort all the the stuff that we put in the hallway. We put all that that was going to go. Then we go back in and You know after two or three or four sessions it was finally done and it feels great. I this is me walking around my office. There was no room to do that before I was stepping over shit so it wasn't until I embrace the fact that it I was going to be uncomfortable. There was discomfort. And it's just that emotional thing. It's the same kind of emotional discomfort. You feel when you can't figure out what you WANNA watch on Netflix. Search or or Apple. TV or whatever because you look at stuff and you go. I don't know if I'm going to enjoy that. I don't know if I want to take risk of of watching that and then I don't like it and then it's not comfortable because we're just so programmed to feel like we have one hundred percent like everything that we consume all the time all all the way through and so in that case we just go you know. Let's watch for ten minutes night into it. We can bounce so I guess where I'm going with. All this is that there are probably a lot of things in your life that you want to achieve things that you need to tidy up things that you need to sort out and you're just avoiding it because you know it's not gonNa feel fun and as long as you can accept that and you can tell yourself I don't have to do it all at once and you force yourself to push through it anyway. Any little exercises is you can do to embrace that kind of emotional discomfort will make you stronger because then once you do it you just sort of realize yeah I'll be. It'll be uncomfortable for like five minutes. And then then I'll just be in it. You know and also forgiving yourself like. I don't have to do this all at once. I don't have to you know I'll do it. And then if it becomes so unbearable than I will give myself a break but at least if I just start it you know. It's a funny. It's when I tell people all the time about like comedy you're writing or any greater project. He's gotTa Start. So how do you get through stuff. That's uncomfortable you just gotTa start it. You just gotTa run the Discomfort Marathon but then once you do it it's done and then you can. You can put that a little feather in your cap. You cannot put that little endorphin rush rush notch under your belt and feel good about yourself because you know when you accomplish things that you don't feel you like doing. It does send a little message to you also for your own self esteem like it was worth it. I was worth it enough to do this thing that you know help create some space in my life or just you know allowed me to embrace some responsibility like cleaning my office. And so that's all that's all. I would do. Break it down into digestible little chunks. If you need to so you don't have to do it all at once and just you know each day you know like one or two little things that kind of embraced his comfort. And then after that you know because once you can conquer that then you know a lot of things. I'd say most things in life you be able to push through you know most things most uncomfortable things in life. Most uncomfortable things in life are not of the tragedy variety. Most of them are just annoying. So if you could just check off the a little annoying discomforts and not allow yourself to just want to feel super at ease and just comfort all the time. Then then you will. You'll be able to accomplish great things that as a skill set that ply in many other areas of your life. So thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you and I hope. I hope you're able to get through something that slightly uncomfortable for you today and get stronger. Make a stronger longer you for tomorrow. Alright I'll see in years next week and have a great weekend if it's the weekend or a great a day I really did not stick this landing then now. This is uncomfortable. But I'm getting through it all right goodbye Gaining complete enjoy ovary.

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