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Great news. There's a quick way you can save money. Switch to geico geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance. Go to geico dot com today and see how much you could save. This certainly isn't how i envision. This plan this amion retire <hes>. This is not an easy decision <hes> honestly it's the hardest decision on my life but it is the right decision for me. I'm in pain. I'm still in pain. I've been in this cycle which feels like i mean it's been four years of this injury pain rehab cycle and for me to move forward in my life the way i want to it doesn't involve football. That's the greatest team game in the world. I've loved being in that locker room. It's it's truly been the honor of a lifetime to to suit up next to many of those guys and that's part of what what makes us very very very difficult absolutely stunning news of the week. It's andrew locks of rubbed announcement of his retirement firemen from the n._f._l. You know we will be talking about that. Welcome to i take. I'm rows golden woody. I'm filling in for molly karen. I'm here with stephen. A smith and joining us will cain thank you for being usually didn't allow my man on this show but i have a like a great deal so he's allowed and i am like like anybody. I love you man. We might be come on now doing john john mcenroe please be. That's not what i do no that would that not only that now i wanna make i want to make sure everybody at home knows to stay with us throughout the day. We also have the best defensive defensive player in the n._f._l. Joining us today ram superstar aaron donald is coming up in just a few minutes plus r._g. Three joins us in the second hour to talk about the story three of the weekend and sports and yes guys andrew alexa announcement of leaving retiring from the n._f._l. Steven a. what's your initial. What's your reaction to this news. Stunning think it was stunning <hes> but it just really really highlights and illuminates what he must have been going through physically. I mean everything that you've heard about andrew luck. It wasn't just about his ability to to play the game. It was about his love for the game and when he was in the post game conference and he alluded to if not directly stated you know the injuries rehab have and what have you just the process of what he's had to go through over the last four years lacerated kidney the shoulder injury that left that made him miss the entire tire twenty-seven you've season you just have to imagine that he had to be some excruciating pain both physically mentally to get to this point at age. You know purging originates dougherty just seven years in the national football league with hall of fame clearly you know fully knowing he has something to look forward to her in that regard the him to walk away from his game eighty something that maybe they could get the n._f._l. Union leader the union president or leader to get better deals for the players. After you see another guy go bite the dust because he you can't handle it physically worse. They have the worst contract in the history of sports. These people have non guaranteed contract well. You're you're not familiar with that right because you have a guaranteed contract right. I can only hope how well you walk off the set right now. Here's the thing john truth with. The a union is not failed. Guys like andrew. Luck failed the guys at the bottom of the depth chart andrew. Luck's made one hundred million dollars over seven years. He's had his money it in game. Here's what i would say okay my reaction terrible about by the way andrew luck that just shows you once again before you you have but you get you see like i look at tennis the u._s. Open starting. It's a tremendous sport dare. I say it's an far safer sport so at least for the kids avid tennis academy. I gotta charity where i tried to get kids that can't afford to play to play this great game of tennis at least looked at the sport continue to play football ten in twelve fourteen fifteen play basketball. I play basketball soccer football. I was a kid now with this hulking physical presence. I wasn't that imposing to some of the football ballplayers and i was so i think i picked the right sport of but you know keep that in mind these poor guys are like gladiators in the roman coliseum like two thousand years ago and they just toss him aside. It's like next jacoby percent. He's gonna stop this guy. Supposedly one of the best quarterbacks ever doesn't that send some some. Please tell me we'll send some shockwaves. Andrew lucked retired in two thousand nine hundred sitting next to a legend telling him something. I'm sure you're already knows intimidation. She does not directly tied to physical stature. I'm imagining your intimidation. Factor had a little more to do with other things loking physique you you know you could be right okay <music>. You're smarter than i say roz. My reaction was now stephen eight now listen. It's an individual decision. John points out all the factors you put out of the factors to physical toll this took on andrew luck and that's an individual man's decision. I have to respect it but three points on now now. This was a seven year kerr. Nobody thought it would be this short the colts when they drafted and certainly not andrew luck well now. You lost your joy now. When you on the precipice of super bowl contention all the things he's been deprived of birdie was hurting. I agree on the judge show exactly the extent of his pain but he's now gone offensive line. He's got defense. He's got everything we thought he ever needed. The colts were in contention and finally stephen eight now two weeks before the season. I gotta tell you steve berlin. Who's a quarterback just tweeted. This chris. Mortensen talked about it. There are guys who will not say this on the record but you retire in march and april not two weeks before the season. Oh we may maybe wasn't planning on retired. You think you think that that's a safe bet. I think john that does how dangerous in physical the game he was desperate. I mean you gotta say the very least the guys desperately wants wants to play. He came off and missing a year goes into playoffs right and they say bigger things are happening for indianapolis. You don't think that he wanted to play that. He did think he possibly blinkered to get ready for this season. Most people most people don't have any sense not questioning whether or not he wanted to play because he's renowned for his love for the game not just as ability to play it so we we recognize that the timing obviously is something that people would bring into question because you could have done a month ago. You could have done it two months ago. You've been hurting for four years. Why this particular moment in time which is something that we'll get into a little bit later plus. You're looking at the indianapolis. Colts one could make the argument that david though they've been in the a._f._c. championship game before job. This is the best chance they've had a superior. You acquired funches. You still got t. y. Hilton running back a writer. You got brandi gitai. You've got an offensive line. That's rife would monsters who are committed it to protecting ham and it to me it makes me go back to. I'm going to bring up the name ryan grigson. I'm gonna bring up. Jamir say i'm going to bring up gano and all of these guys because those first three years that andrew luck was in the national football league where he got sacked one hundred times where we're looking at one hundred seventy one sacks. He struggled throughout his career now last year chris ballot who's done a fabulous job as g._m. Put together an awful lot that protected them and it was the first time because he really even though he's only played six to seventy two thousand seventeen last year was the first topic was protected and so when we look at it from that perspective you can lament the sport but what what i'm saying to you is everybody had a problem and you look at. There's a whole bunch of teves. They're put together a bit off. It's of line aaron luck andrew luck hat to work with. I see the indianapolis colts right management. They're the ones that screwed up from the previous. The previous i was about fifteen fifteen dollars. Johnny teen years just wasted this john deere point though in an answer lux defense it does seem according to reports that he had been considering this retirement decision for years quite for a whole year awards you consider and the conversation came up with the colts before this a few weeks ago i mean it kind of sounds like maybe the colts were encouraging him to give it a try and see if he could still find that joy or want to come out there and play this season would certainly think if i was involved with the colts own colts or manage the costa they'd want this player who seems like you know. He was a tremendous leader and a tremendous partner wanna to play. This is like a tragedy. This is really sad. I mean i can't understand you know y. You should've retired a couple of months. What this guy was desperate to play one more. Look at these guys. They hang on look. It's amazing. I mean brady's. The all-time freakshow of freak shows that this guy can still do this and it just shows you more than just there should be now. There should be recycled wayne gretzky. You're not allowed to hit him on the ice anymore. You can't even touch tom brady. He probably accept that in the n._f._l. When they will position might get there soon allow me to interject because john mcenroe's the great john mcenroe. You are saying quite a few things that i feel the need to address first of all. Let me be very very very <music>. Glad you waited for that. Means you ready. That's good. I will tell you this. This is not about andrew luck. This is just about the position that you're taking about the game. There is something to be said about knowing what you signed up for. I get where you're coming from. In terms of the volatility that exists within the national football league we also also have to understand that these players know what this up for fully capable of dealing with it to the best of their ability. It ain't tennis then when you bring up tennis because you here. We all know what you uh-huh. I love tennis well. Let me very very clear about something here. You know as well as anybody that most folks antennas don't last into their late twenties. That's good enough so when you're sitting here and saying take a look at the sport and damage football so volatile understand violence perspective you say look choose another avenue uh but in terms of longevity in terms of accomplishment etc one could argue that swamp people achieving and football they are achieving in tennis tournament americans i get. I am wherever i'm not suggesting listen. I love football okay. I think it's a tremendous game. I think they should be better taken care of that's what i'm saying. Okay let the owners either multi billionaires that weren't multi-billionaire until they brought the sport up to a level higher than it's ever been wondering they take. I don't know what the salary cap issues are wills. You know an expert on that new probably are too but how can they give more guaranteed. I'm going to be this is for the players. You give them guaranteed contracts like they do in the n._b._a. Like they do in the n._h._l. Like they do in every sport. Tennis doesn't have guaranteed contracts by the way and if god forbid they get hurt arena. They toss them and they get someone magical. Yes sure something called a signing bonus. This let me finish. Let me finish tomorrow m._r. So if you have all right signing bonus not just at but a guarantee portion so aaron rodgers side for one hundred plus million dollars okay or rather a better example is russell wilson he signs a hundred seven million is guaratee carson wentz. One hundred seven plus billion is guarantee. How much how come what's the not the entire salaries juice out and like nothing's guaranteed. I didn't say that okay. Don't come on put a pause. We're gonna talk tennis now. Yes the next next ten hours joke convention sissy pass. We are going to get into that and yes the appreciate you being here. You're kicking me out already right. I won't be watching you. Don't wanna miss his casinos in basketball twelve noon and god knows we received the football. Yes someone cares for somebody. Nobody truly physically intimidating. Wait to waiting to come in and this is where we say goodbye to you. We gotta say goodbye. What's going on everybody. I'm only carom and you're listening to the first take podcast summertimes here breaking out the hat for a day at the beach. Whatever going game etc cetera or you're just trying to hide thinning hair. Don't sweat hair loss the summer do something now while you still can listen to this. You're not alone. 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What was your reaction when you heard the news shop but it's kind of sad because such a great football player you never want to see that but you know you take a toll in your body after years and they keep happening to your guest you get tired of it and also attended a day. You've got to protect yourself so this decision he may but definitely said and will cain here so as rogers introduce you to time defensive player of the year but there are people beginning to talk about you as and maybe too late by the way in the level but we keep talking about guys like for example luck brady rush. It seems to be a quarterback. What's it gonna take. What do you have to do this year. Finally bring that m._v._p. Defensive side of the ball just keep playing ball man. I guess touchdowns but to keep planning and thinking about it and just let it happen so you know in a mix of me doing my job trying to win games success coming. You know whatever happens happens. Do you feel you deserve to league m._v._p. Do you feel that you're somebody that deserves and warrants that kind of consideration not just defensive player of the year but league m._v._p. Considering the the position that you play well that was last year. This is a whole new year fresh all over again so if you if you make replacing you that type of guy that you know planet level and deserve it or not so let me go back to last year because obviously you guys went to the super bowl. You lost to the new england patriots. I certainly don't blame the defense for that. You guys showed up your offense. That's a different story for another day but as we go into this season. How are you feeling about. Your defense kept fowler. Obviously you're still there. You're quiet clay matthews off season. He's not what it used to be but experience. It's matters that he can still ball but donna consumers going how you feeling about your defense coming into this season offer real good. I feel like we've been looking great. You know we can you know all the right. 'cause we got back. They're making great calls. You know a veteran presence that had a lot of success in this league and clay to the mix that athletes that's not we're gonna do nothing but make us better definitely play with a guy that had a lot of success in olga communications huge for so veteran presence like that had to help us. You know already had fillet. That's gonna make us that much better so i'm just decided about it aaron. You held out just before last season. You were looking for a new deal right now. All the headlines are about ezekiel. Elliott's hold out. Do you have any advice for him in this moment i'm i'm just keeping your cell phone and top shape. You know keep working. Keep grinding and that's a business ended a day so they always wanted to go. Just don't take it personal. You know you take take a personal and that's when things start messing with you and you start getting a little angry so long as you let business business and keep yourself on top shape here before and obviously missing training camp didn't hold you back last year and i'm gonna ask you. How about this. I'm asking for two names. Okay tell me when you're lining up that week the quarterback back that you're going against whether or not it's how quick releases or how much he's capable of reading. What's about to happen with the defense that you're most nervous about the quarterback but also i really am curious. Switch offensive lineman you feel like is the biggest job for you as you line up that weekend when you have a lot of the says she's still getting a lot of attention so you really don't get that many opportunities that one on one so i always tell people you know not one guy's about two or three guys you gotta worry about so <hes> you know we play against a good team and we've been preparing for that to get ready for it. Even though you know we got one more preseason game left ultimate goal is to get ready for week. One and that's what we've been doing. Uh-huh just started breaking down film yesterday on them so <hes> you know they got a great quarterback. Gotta you know a good medic and a lot of things in a backfield and out the backfield so got a lot of good pieces around you. You got to study that and make sure you're trying to contain them so everybody's been looking at you guys rating defending n._f._c. champions and and a lot of people look at you all and they say okay no surprise if they get back to the super bowl but there's chicago. There's philadelphia. This dallas who you handed in the divisional playoff upped again. Thank you by the way for that. I really really appreciate that when you look at when you look at what what the other teams in the n._f._c. how they're looking right now. Do you believe this is the same situation as last year. Do you think is going to be considerably tougher this year because there's a slew of teams that are perceived as being better. I'm um. You never know you know you. You gotta play the preseason. Obviously guys ain't gonna play their stores and you know you play multiple not too many snaps and things like that so you never know you never know until are you actually suit up week wanting you see actually playing the game and and see this assist heaven and they actually start pulling plays out. You know you really not running too much in the preseason. You don't know but i'm coughing team. You get with the coaches. We get you know we're going to be better than we were last year and that's the scary thing we we are a lot of room for improvement and you know we approve them things. So why. Why do you believe y'all are going to be better especially. Listen and let me preface my statement by my comment uh-huh saying this too many questions have been asked about todd gurley south damn near feel. Let's unfair to him. Give demand a chance to show up on the field because we know what he's healthy. He's an absolute stud cut but nevertheless there have been those questions and we saw golf struggle a little bit in the super bowl. Why do you believe this team. This year is going to be better than last history with them. Last year. You know you you live. You learn from mistakes last year. You know i feel like you know the ups and downs. We have eh us that much of a stronger team. Obviously going to fall short enough that if you feel like you know everybody's nobody got a different type of mindset had experiencing and going through what we went through last year and then new pieces to this to this defense obviously like where to an end and clay and what i've been seeing that practice. I just feel like we look much better than what i've seen last year to in the past year so i'm excited about this upcoming season aaron listen. I understand you didn't want to give me the quarterback. You get double triple teams. I you don't want to give bulletin board material. I understood what you were doing there but this feels safe here and you're not this isn't going to be bulletin the material right e._s._p._n. Just put out its all time n._f._l. Team okay on the defensive side of the ball. There was obviously some big time names lawrence taylor reggie wight when you are now look to tom n._f._l. Defensive player of the year now. We're gonna start talking about all time stuff with you in the not too distant future when you think about that. Who are you chasing. Who's the greatest. Who will you chase it. <hes> honestly i'm really chasing nobody. I'm just playing. I learn in college. I used to always trying to chase that since they like that. I feel like you know you don't play as best you don't want to go out there and you just plan free and having fun and that thinking about about it. You tend to have a whole lot more success. Oh i'm just playing a game you know honestly i'm just playing a game football trying to find ways to have success out my team to win and like i said and a mix of doing that you have success and things happening on full how they unfold but angle is to be the best player i can be. You know obviously. I'm that plan to be average. I want to be great so i'm having success in my main goal is and continue to keep getting better and better so i'm just playing all right aaron. Donald we wish you the best of luck and the best of health the season go ahead say donald first of all again. Thank you you for silencing them. Damn cowboy fans last year. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you for bringing relevancy in football back to l._a. Because because there are many many worst places to be the southern california can grow appreciate has love for you so do we have a great season. Good luck and thank you for joining us aaron. Thank you appreciate it. Any player will be hurt by that. I'll those fans you know have their moment where they can look back and say man ever they shouldn't have done that and how they apology from fans but <hes> he's done a lot for that organization so they should rethink that i applaud them for making a tough decision and it's hard to make that decision with the scrutiny in <hes> you know what people say on social media and i know what happened last night. Also gotta understand to give effect. That is the livelihood that something happens. You can't adduced for the rest of your life so that's much bigger than i guess the numbers and whatever they look campbell is the gift that we've been given also the curse those were colts fans booing andrew luck after news of his retirement broke during the colts preseason game saturday night and following the game luck said this about the booze it hurt. I'll be honest. It hurt all right. Let's welcome in former n._f._l. Pro bowler keyshawn johnson. Thank you for being here. Well thank you. We'll start with you. <hes> was the booing by fans fair or allow me to take this to go. I i'm going to try to be as nice as professionals are positively can be here. I can't believe i'm saying this. The fans were not wrong. I think people it's it's real popular to sit at the appoint the finger at the fans and a lot of times it's justified and it's deserved zurve but i gotta say it wasn't that you gotta take everything should be contextualised. You just found out about a week to go before n._f._l. Week and a half before the n._f._l. Season start that your star quarterback who by the way missed the entire twenty seventeen eighteen season comes back wins comeback player of the year takes you to the playoff gets you to divisional playoff game and not only do you have a significant portion of t. returning but you add devin funchess to the mix to help out a t. y. Hilton you got a massive offensive. Line egr on is coming off an all pro caliber year when you look at all of those things taken into consideration and then in the moment you learn. The man is retired right like what the hell's going on. What is this okay and this is the point that i'm trying to make jim brown didn't retire at age twenty nine. You know what he retired. July thirteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty six berry said there's retired at age thirty one you know when he retired july twenty seven nineteen ninety nine calvin johnson retired eh aged thirty you know when he retired mortgage eight two thousand and sixteen if andrew luck had retired at any of those times. I don't thank you get that kind of reaction. It's that wait a minute on august fourth. I think you told peter king. I expect that'd be ready week one and two three weeks later you retiring so i think that we have to take that into consideration. I think you don't think the bulls were about leaving. I think the booze were about the timing in other words. We get ready to start the season so you've been going to what you go into and a weekend before the n._f._l. Season begins we get this news. I think that's the problem i think as a result of that i think in this particular instance first of all it wasn't everybody there was some seventy landau it was it was i think those people in that moment deserve that pat all right listen. That's what what i'm saying keyshawn. Let me jump on stephen for just a moment here. Here's the thing i actually think everything you just said was true. Man the timing of it the overall sense of disappointment colts fans had a real legit reason to believe they were going to contend for a super bowl this year. I was going to talk with them in the a._f._c. Making my preseason picks there's real will not just disappointed with the sense that things came in way under expectations for andrew luck and the indianapolis colts and i and i understand that man and here's the thing i've made arguments passed. I fans job is to be fans and to feel it there visceral. That's what they're supposed to be doing. However everything you've just said can be true stephen eight. I'm not trying to be on a high of course i'm not trying to sermon is but you've got to be better than that. You can feel all that it can be real and you can your mom can tell you i understand baby the patch on the back but you still got to be better than that. You cannot rain down our guide. Who's giving you seven years. I respond kisha well. Look i kinda somewhat. I agree with stephen anaconda somewhat agree with two wheel. I would say at this way. No andrew luck is a teaser to the fans okay stephen. A. said he he put them in a situation where they felt good. They go out there. They get devin funchess they draft line and they do all the things to make a run their faith. They were favored to win their the division. Okay let alone the conference by some. They were favored by some. Even maybe make it to the super bowl all of these sort of things fantasy football you you just name it and then all of a sudden you here why sitting in the stands at a pre season gate quarterback has decided to retire tire right before the end of preseason and now you basically a stuck with the number two quarterback having to be your starter so you're gonna feel a certain type of way now as it comes down over the next several days. I'm sure we will see people say come out at the fan and the fan base and say they would sorry ortega ready. We're emotional all of those sort of things but i don't see twenty four hours. It'll be overweight as far as the bulls go. People will celebrate the seven years that he had in indianapolis. I i think a lot of people were saying now the seven years we're all making seven years like they won a bunch of super bowls. They made some play-offs. They want some divisions but it's not like like they want super bowls tom brady and because a guy who was showing promise from injuries and taking them to the playoffs when they had a bad season a year before yeah key and because of that. I'm not sure it's going to go away in a couple of days. We all agree the andrew luck experiments. Stephen indianapolis fell short honestly way he's short of expectations. I don't waste your will oh man. I don't think short oh you're all be andrew. Luck was drafted. He was billed as there's a generational quarterback. I'm not talking about a first overall pick every other year in the draft. I'm talking about a guy who ousted peyton manning ragsdale break break break. We gotta go to commercial break. We'll keep oh you don't wanna listen roz. We'll be talking about this topic all throughout the show. We okay showers hanging with us. We gotta finish this segment right here right here right case today right.

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