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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at any dot com slash p r. The bull forty eight. I'm Howard Beck. Senior NBA writer for Bleacher report. My guest today is a four time member of the NBA's all defensive teams. But more importantly, he's a member of I think one of the most entertaining teams that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in person in my NBA beat writing and even podcasting career that is the Sacramento Kings. And he is Doug Christie, Doug. Of course. Now a color commentator with Grint Napier on the king's local broadcasts for my money. One of the best local broadcast teams in the NBA if you're a Sacramento fan, or if you're a league, passive Scribner, you know, it they're they're fun. They're inciteful. They they enjoy it. They really engage the viewer. I love listening to those two guys grants always been one of my all time favorites, and Doug as I say somebody who I watched a lot because it my Laker beat writing days, Lakers and kings mixed it up quite a bit back then and Doug was part of those legendary battles. He was the guy. Night in night out trying to check Kobe Bryant when they were facing each other in the postseason and Doug Doug's tough dove. Doug made Kobe work. No one's going to be Kobe Bryant back in his prime. But Doug gave it all. He had and also mixed it up, of course, famously with Rick Fox in a preseason fight. Yes. Folks in the NBA we used to have preseason fights. Of course, I I had to ask Doug about that. So we discussed his legendary kings teams from the early two thousands. Chris Webber devotes pages stock of it's that whole group. They were a ton of fun. Then of course, we discussed decrepit kings who after a very very long playoff drought. I think the longest active drought in the NBA. These kings are on the verge of something. They may not make the playoffs. They faded a little bit. They're sitting at five hundred his I record this but the kings. I'm gonna use the word fun again entertaining. They're funded entertaining. Again, Darren FOX buddy he'll bogdonovich. This is a good crew. Marvin bagley. They've shown a lot of promise. And Doug tells me he saw something in this group early in the season that told him they were ready for this breakthrough. That frankly is a head of schedule. Even if they don't make the playoffs. These guys are ahead of schedule their up and coming. They're great to watch. And it's great to listen to Doug. And grant called her games. You can you can kind of see something special in the making Sacramento. So we will get to that in just a second my weekly plug, please subscribe. If you haven't already own apple podcasts on Spotify on any number of Android platforms. 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And with that we will get to my interview with Doug Christie. I'm now joined live from an undisclosed location in midtown Manhattan by Doug Christie. Thank you for joining me, Doug or thank you for having me to join you. We are in your let's just say modestly sized hotel room here in midtown Manhattan with a makeshift studio here, but it's convict it works. I mean, you know, it's different. When you're the TV guy is when you're a player, you don't you? Don't get the biggest room you're gonna say motel. Just not the biggest rooms. Yeah. You got you got you got the sweets when you're Algo. That's even there's a pecking order they're like when back in the day. I'm sure see web probably have different size room. Then maybe you Patia. Yeah. You know in a lot of times, it just depends on the player because if you do want a sweet, they will get you sweet. But you have to pay the extra for the suite. So they pay your regular room rate. And then if you wanna sweet you can bump up to a sweet if that's. What you so choose. But if you're the star of the team just kind of takes care of that. Yeah. You know, what that's a good question. I think they charge you. But you never know in. There's always a pecking order and everything. I don't know how that functions or how that plays into the salary cap either. Right. Like, how many how many suites can you bump the star up before it becomes a cap? Is there an exception? They're sweet exception. Never know. So so you guys got into recording us on a Friday morning. You guys got in Thursday night. You were saying that you you just kind of stayed in this time, watch them NBA. What's your usual? New York routine. You've been traveling for a long time as a player now broadcaster you played here actually for a brief time as well. Do you? Do you have a New York routine? Do you have Goto spots that not not really I last time. I was here. I went to a really nice restaurant with grant we went out and eight and we stopped at a cigar bar. And but not not not really because this is my second year come into New York. So normally in any city. If pages with us if grant obviously grants with us. Bobby Jackson's now assistant coach, we'll we'll go out and get a bite to eat kind of hang out and talk basketball, and what have you and just kind of relaxed. Normally would would what happens. So as you guys arrive the kings. This has been I just did did what we call our spotlight videos a week ago on this about you guys being the kings being one of the feel good stories of the season. This has been this has been so much fun to see this team merged. But as you arrive in New York for the start of what could be very critical and difficult road trip for these guys. They're five hundred I think three games back in the loss column from a playoff spot that a couple of weeks ago was looking pretty good, right? How you feeling right now about what you're seeing from this kings team and their potential to end this very long drought. You know, it's going to it's going to be tough. It's going to be close more than anything. What I've been saying because you know, grant Napier who. Who is the play by play for the kings? We do a radio show as well from three to seven weekdays. And when I'm talking to the fans or when they call in and we talk about the kings. What I say is listen to the kings are probably year ahead of where they're supposed to be. And if they make the playoffs that would put them two years ahead of where they're supposed to be the fans are like, oh, why don't understand? And I'm saying there's a it's a learning curve that you have to go through in sometimes it's very painful. So when I look at the kings this year, a lot of the losses are painful losses. But they are also it's necessary for them to understand the sense of urgency that goes into being ready at the beginning of the game closing quarters starting this third quarter with the bang and not a kind of falling into it. And those are painful losses that sometimes the other night versus the Boston Celtics. It comes down. And Gordon Hayward hits a big shot and then buddy hits three. Free throws end up hitting the game winner in the game's over and you walk away going. Oh my God. How did that? And then you lose to the Phoenix Suns. So I think that it's it's still a possibility, but they're going to have to play to a level that they haven't played or if they have played it's been sporadic. They played sometimes up to the level of their competition, minus two versus the Denver Nuggets right before the all star break, minus two versus goes day. Warriors coming out of all state all-star break, then beating okay see right after that. That's a level that they can play to but to play their consistently is difficult. Yeah. And this is one of those kind of immutable laws of the NBA, Doug. And I say this all the time to to fans, and it's something I learned over time of covering this league. The youth thing it matters that the experience it matters in a few weeks ago before the Lakers just completely face planted. One of the reasons I was still bullish on the making the playoffs. I said listen the teams ahead of them the clippers traded away their best player Tobias Harris. Maybe they're not try try-. They're certainly trying on the court, but structurally, they weren't. And I said in the king's nothing against them. This is not a knock at all young. They're really young. They've never been in this position before and it wouldn't surprise me as a young team if they faded and that wasn't a criticism. It's just this is one of the immutable laws of the NBA. And it it comes into play in the playoffs. When you're having experience versus inexperience tell me you've went through this as a player, you a young player once and then an older player working with younger players isn't just about the pressure of it or not having been in situations. Like when you see this team start to falter here at a key time when yes, it's right there, the playoff berth is right there for the taking what are you seeing happening with youth in that pressure? Cooker, you know. When you talk about you give you a couple of examples, for instance, during FOX's now in his second year. And if you think about it the earned FOX was in highschool fantastic high school player in Texas. And then he goes to Kentucky. He's a very months that's pretty much what he's at Kentucky for incredible environment. Probably more fans in the stands and most NBA cities, but in CA run in an asset and he's into into the NBA. So what it took for him to get to that level was a lot of it was his hard work. But a lot of it is also God given talent meaning that in highschool. He's able to dominate because he's faster in I've been in that situation more athletic. I'm just crushing guys. Just because of that. Now, I'm also good. I got skills. Then you make it to college in something. Similar for him. And Marvin Bagley similar. He was able to bulldog and take people. In the post inches dominate them. And he did that in high school. He did that in college. He gets to the NBA. But a guy who six six who understands leverage who doesn't way as much as him. He's not able to move them the same way. So now he has to understand reverse pivots in different things like that. And it's a process of understanding in. It's also the MBA guys coming in earlier in the fundamentals not being fully developed, in my opinion, that is something that you have to go through. Also, you take into consideration away that the kings play. They play extremely fast the pace of the game is very quick. So some of the chace that you would settle for early on when it's a high leverage moment. It's not that you don't shoot them. It's maybe you create that shot as opposed to taking net shot and the difference in that is ACA walk into three pointer or I could dribble drive create help. Now, someone gets a wide open three pointer. It's a small difference. But in the NBA. That's the difference in winning and losing in being elite team in being a youthful team and understanding time and score. And that's that gap. They still have to kind of bridge. Right. That's the next step is not just winning on their talents or on their chemistry, which I think is fantastic. So you can see this as a team with really good chemistry. But that they've got to actually understand like certain fundamentals and dealing with teams that that really know how to take away their straits. And with that being said our dis guys are learning so fast. That's why I got really good kid. Incredible incredible talent DR in is is learning net. Fast in Marvin is learning fast. And I use those two because last year like in a preseason deer and goes up in. He goes to the basket normally probably like he would and he gets hit. And he lands on his back, and I never seen that happen to a McGinn in reason is he understood that now I have to go in at an angle that when I hit somebody at squares. Me up and I land how I wanna land. And I just it blew me away because I said to myself. Wow, that's on the job training. And I said the same thing for Marvin Bagley we played after his injury. We played the Golden State Warriors right after the break. He gets the ball first possession. Andrea Dallas strip second time. He gets it. A Kevin Durant strip second third time. Kevin Durant strip fourth time. Kevin Durant strip the fifth time that he gets the basketball he reversed pivot. He sees. Kevin Durant arms goes underneath them draws a foul and goes to the free throw line and Kevin starts to laugh, and he walks up to him in pats on the chest. And I said to myself like for just the Laban fan. You don't realize what you just witness us witness at this level? This is the highest level of basketball in this is the best team in basketball, a young kid who is just bursting with talent. And learn right before your eyes. That's why the kings are your head because these guys are learning. So. Fast tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Xeni optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. Elsewhere start building your eyewear wardrobe from the comfort of your own home at Xeni dot com. 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Police used Luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama, but where was the rifles, and which man was telling the truth forensic files. The legendary true crime show is now a podcast. Join investigators they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools. Subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every Monday and Thursday, you'll never miss out on getting your renchik fix. When you're trying to explain to people where the hell this season came from because nobody saw this coming what he saw the kings contending for the soon, even people were high on deer and FOX I think people were there were some promise in his rookie year. Even if people liked Bagley, and that was actually a controversial choice given other possibilities on the board. I'm even people like buddy, he'll whatever people liked about the kings. Nobody could see that. This thing was going to cut a congealed into into this. When you look at where they are. Now was there point in the season where you thought all right? This is for real like I like a month in. It's like, oh, this is nice. But you expect him to fade they've hung in this whole time. What is it that is has made this a defining kind of breakthrough season for them? And and when did you recognize that it was it was real and sustainable, you know, for me Howard? I recognized early on you know, when we were pronounced Keeton and talking about the season. I said. This is probably around the time two kings need to start trending towards forty people are like quad or forty wins. Yeah. Forty wins. And they're like what you know biggest has about twenty five and a half some of the people around here think we're only gonna win sixteen. We just got beat by Golden State Warriors in preseason Christie. You're crazy. But being our team when I played with Lada impatient. All those guys was and makes and people didn't see that happening. But what you threw the ball out there. You say, oh, okay. I get it. And I saw something similar in my opinion with this team, obviously lot leading and understanding and the talent base. I'm a big earn FOX guy. And I think that into days basketball, the point guard is like it's huge because if you think about the point ours and Western Conference, you about some of these point guards in Eastern Conference kyri got Steph, you've got I mean, you can just keep going down the line and the one thing about the earned. Fox's he plays both into the floor. You pair that with Bogue novel. None of it's it can shoot the ball high leverage situations from winning in Europe, but he healed in incredible shooter. And I was really high are Marvin Bagley because I think that he is one of those players that you don't know what he can be. He's six ten he's athletic as anyone in the NBA. He can dribble a little bit you can shoot it a little bit. You put it in a block. Either hand incredibly beautiful, touch and his motor is is first class. So with all that being said. Probably right after ten games for me personally died early in the reason is I was standing out. I can remember the moment. And I'm standing there with grant. And you know, how we do our hits before the game were standing there waiting to go on. And I always look at one end of the court now watch guys warm up, and then I look at the other court, and I kept saying to him I'm going we could be distinct because as a player, you're going through the layup lines, and I would look down, and I'm like, okay kinda see some matchups in. Yeah. All right. We got this now with the kings, wouldn't wow was playing. It was different. We felt that way every single time on course. But and then we would start playing in the style of basketball lend to the fact where you would see guy start grabbing their shorts in in. Like, he's guys are tired like, okay. We could actually beat this team in it. It was a consistent narrative that started happening. And I think. Probably grandma always says after about twenty twenty five games for him. He realizes if a team is real or not. And I think that it even took people probably another ten probably after about thirty games for for me. I was personally. And I was scorned a little bit by by people because they're like, you know, it's great to be optimistic Christie. But you know, what I'm saying basketball is it's a it's interesting game. It's not always that you have the quote unquote best looking players the best players. It's the mix of the jazz music gets the Gumbo. It's does it. Does it taste, right? Does it feel right in one thing that we have is we got we have a locker room from when I'm around them. They enjoy being around each other. They enjoy a being in the gym in working in those are a lot of the similarities that I saw an art team that allowed us to be successful sounds like some of this was just by feel like a little bit of body language. Like, you just saw something in this group that that spoke to you that was beyond. Okay. Which positions are we strongest do we have enough shooting? Do we have obviously those things are there. But there's always that kind of alchemy of about it too. And it sounds like that's what you saw. Well, that's similar if you watch because it would I started the job I was doing radio pre and post in. So the my first year was the first year that Golden State one and not knowing saw that coming. They some good, and I talked to Steve Kerr the very first game was played the kings. So, you know, I'm the new guy. So I'm figuring I'll go into in. You know, maybe ask the question. I I didn't hadn't had a Kahane's asked the question. So I'll wait until he was done. And I said, hey, Steve, you know, you know, what's different this year than you know, market than previously any K, Doug, you know, oddly enough, you you're the guy who's asking me this question. Other people weren't around. It was just me and him. And he goes we Andrew bogut it. And he said we're going to do a lot of the things that you guys did. We're going to pass to him into high post. We're going to cut off of him continuous motion. And we're gonna shoot basketball in thought to myself. Wow. Okay. Because I I always thought that our team was so far ahead of the curb that we've seen a lot of teams copy that Golden State. I even thought who got credited for beautiful basketball was San Antonio Spurs when we played against them their style of basketball wasn't beautiful. But when I watched them Golden State, it was the outcome e it was like, okay. You got shooters out here. You gotta defender. You got a guy who can do, you know Harrison Barnes who we now have kind of that guy who does a little bit of everything, and it just fit bang, and I kind of see something similar with the Sacramento Kings. It's interesting, and I I always think these are the most enjoyable snapshot moments for teams is when they're on the cusp, right? Young team that all of a sudden the town was always there, and you never know in this league can go. Either way and talent doesn't always equal wins. And talent doesn't always equal understanding how to win period like it. There's there's talented others winning basketball. Yes. And to see team that kind of where it all kind of snaps into play. All right. So is that next leap though, right? Whether whether they make the playoffs or not there's that next step. Do you look at this team and see? Okay. It's just now a matter of like internal growth teams that just it's just a matter of guys taking those that natural progression. There's enough talent there or is this a team where you're thinking like, you know, what they're going to lot is going to have to work some magic. And and put some guys around them. What's what do you? What do you think they're outlook is at this moment? You know, I think that the poor of this group, and I consider the core to be Deering, buddy. Bogue done Marvin hairy Harrison. Left anybody out? I think that's about a think that's about the the bowl of it. I think that that is a really really good core. Are there a move or two that you may need to make? Yeah. But I think it's also based upon the pain that they have to go through this year to see who takes that next step as individual players. Harry jowls is taken a step right now this kid man, I could see how he could have been number one overall pick. If he wouldn't have got hurt because he can do you reminds me of C web on court. He grabbed the ball, and he's pomegranate, and he's looking for cutters. The so you pair that with Marvin Bagley if this is what he's doing in step one. He fast forward a year ahead and high school. So he go to college. He's supposed to be a freshman college this year and to watch this kid grow. Then I haven't even got to who I feel is the best player in that is the earned FOX. I mean, he he is special man. I watch him play. I see how he's. Learning how to get buddy. Involve get bold gun involved find their shots for them. But also still be aggressive enough. So when you pair all of that together, we don't know what their next step is going to be. So the delicate situation in I only the TV guy, but died just dig this stuff. I'm a nerd for. It is how far or who. Do you bring in that make sure that their personality does not mess with the continual growth of these guys? I thought Harrison Barnes was an incredible pickup because I think he's exactly what you need. He gives you defense and in in link at the three position, but you can move him around a little bit. But he doesn't need the ball in a way that some players need the ball that could stunt the growth of some of these players. So I thought incredible pickup. So to answer your question. It's this is the delicate part that's hard to say who takes it in. How do they take? Into the summertime, but he'll took into the summertime this guy. I don't know if he ever came out at the gym. He is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. So I don't think a lot of people saw, but Heald's growth this way. But if you ever see him work out, you'd think in okay, damn this guy can shoot a basketball like nobody's business, and he doesn't leave the gym. And he's trying on defense and he's improving so. That's a good question. Our in that is the Gumbo. That is the thing that you. It's like how do you do it in? I personally out of all the teammates I've ever had. I've said this many times blahdy, it'd be the guy that I would choose to lead them because of his sheared demeanor. And how he goes about it, you you don't know what that big guy knows you think he's using. I know that he uses his his language bear to his advantage. Jesus. Sees a smart one. Yes. He's he's Lois onto a false sense. Joe? Well, listen, I've been you know, a lot of people I have been critical of Laudi in the past. I think it was a little bumpy early on a notes your old teammate. It was bumpy early up down where some missteps, yeah. But they've straightened us out. And they've made some very smart moves of the last couple of years, and I like Harrison Barnes straight as well. That was the right move at the that's a move that if you'd made a year ago, it would have been what are you doing? Yes. This moment. It's that stabilizing force with some experience. Really smart thoughtful player was the right move at the right time. Like, they're they're making good moves now. And now is that question are how much do we just kind of let it kind of Joe and see where it goes. And how much do you, you know, keep working around the edges of it? Where does Dave fit into this in terms of just like he's I feel like he's on the fringes of this coach of the year. There's always like six seven guys for the year. And I feel like he's got to be in that conversation. Given this big lead foam made is there one thing you've noticed about him. We were talking about this before we started recording. You go to a lot of practices. Not every broadcaster. Does that? So you're serving can you get a sense of like, you know, some guys it's just great with the basic schematics. Some guys are personality guys. Some guys are you know, it's the way that they communicate its defining roles. There's all these different coaches at the check Dodd different boxes and not every coach checks all of them. What is it is the one thing about Yeager that you've noticed that has been been a key part of this this leap that made. You know, coach allows me to come to practice, and I truly appreciate it. Because I think that it helps me do what I do. Plus, I just love being in a gym. So I be I don't know be doing if I couldn't go to the gym. But watching him I so we were in Milwaukee. And it was the first time we played the bucks this year. And they just beat the brakes off of us. And we just lost on the other night by a Lhasa by one by last second shot, and that was at home the first one when we lost them was in Milwaukee, and we had been playing really good, and we were trending kind of where people are kind of going. Okay. What's his team going to do? So we go and get beat. But the day before coaching has one of the most incredible practices that I've seen the energy was just and that's part of what he does as I as I've watched him. He he runs incredible practices there. They have a really nice energy to them. He his schematics of drawing up plays and different things. Like that is is fantastic. And I think that as you mentioned certain coaches have certain things in one of the things that I think has been fantastic. Nick has been the the practices because when I when I watch these young players, they're they're searching in looking and of the practice that I've been to have been they've been great. Then I watch coach in his staff in the game talk about some of the same things that I just saw the day before. And I just go. Wow. Okay. Okay. I see how that worked and I see where that came into play in those are just special times for a guy like me who just digs basketball. Yeah. Because he's not a big personality Yeager. He's kind of understated, and you guys still smaller market Kingsmill get quite as much run. You know, he's not getting a lot of attention right now should because if you look at this ballclub, I mean, it's it's come out of nowhere. And that's in oddly enough, similar to what you just said is the kings also fighting for the same type of respect is. Okay. Maybe understated in Sacramento. But when we come to town and something that I've said on air as well is I when I first got back kings haven't been good in some people were like, well, what do you think I said, you know, oddly enough in as I look at them this year, I said when I've been around and kings. They've always been good except for for a couple of years. I said, but the narrative changes when you star smacking people around that's only that's how this game is respected at this level. You can have the best players in name might get respect. But as a team as an organization, you have to go out, and you have to put your foot on people's neck, and you have to do it at a consistent basis. You have to do it when you're supposed to do it. Meaning do you beat the teams that you're supposed to be in? These step up against teams when it's houses game going to go, and you beat those teams as well. Yeah. And you're right. I mean, it's, you know, the respect desert, so you they're kings are getting people's attention. Now, they'll get more if they make a plus or kings fans, you know, I feel like they're probably like, they're so, you know, just beaten down by by a years of bad basketball. And just you know, hope that that vanished before the rise in various times, and it just it just been tough. It's been it's been a tough run. That's really passionate fan base. I know because of all the times that I was there covering the Lakers when they were playing your kings back in the day, like ARCO was rocking. Like that is a phenomenal fan base. But but it's up any fan base is going to wither a little bit during long drought. What is your sense of our fans going to be crushed if they don't make the plants even though they I agree with you there head of schedule right now, but they can kind of taste it right now. So is there a little bit of tension there about well, if they don't make it now, suddenly it's? Disappointments real, you're you're but you get another pick out of that. I think they have their. Oh, they actually not pick his out this right because no no reason not to make. No, I don't think that there is a bit of greediness in. That's good greediness. Because you know, it's like, okay, we're here. Okay. Let's go. And from the fans, I told I totally get that. Which means that. Now, the the hope the the bar has moved. So since the bar has moved now. The expectations are higher and the fact that there's expectations put on the kings. I think is a really good thing. And a lot of the fan base. First of all, they're incredible. It was a little different at the beginning of the season. Because now with the new arena, there's so many different things to watch in this new arena. I mean, golden one center is incredible. So when you go in, you know, you're there for basketball, but he you wanna walk around and see this guy, restaurants and all these different things. And it's something that I'm experiencing throughout the NBA is when the ball jumps not everyone's in their seats will go I in ARCO arena, when we ran out at a tunnel that was the show, and it would explode, and it would be that way until the end of the game will now it's a little different and write about this almost like an LA fan base back in the day. You know, how they would kind of come in. And before you know, it the place will be full and then at half time in about the third quarter. Okay to places full again. And. That's kind of what you experienced. But it's more because of the building the fan base. I think has has the right feel about them. I can I'm going around and community again, I can kind of feel that that sense of urgency net excitement about it everything is kings. When I walk in someplace they wanna talk about the kings and as opposed to earlier on like last year. It was like, hey doing you. Remember when you guys played, you know, they were good. Yeah. And that's okay because that's earn thing. And I think this team is first of all running the fan base is trust they've earned their respect by going out. And losing understand losing some of these games. Meaning that he got to go through the heartbreak it's part of the process that you go through where you get really close. And it pains you so much as a player, and I'm going to add to fans in here that you go away in the summertime, and you do all the things that you're supposed to do to take that next step in. A fan base has to go through that same pain. Because then they that's where the passion comes in. The fight comes in the hysteria comes in the Sacramento Kings fan base is right on the right curve, in my opinion. The right sheets can take your sleep and your style to the next level with bollandbranch the upgrade has never been more Ford -able every set is crafted from one hundred percent organic cotton. They get softer and softer over time. That's why they have thousands of five star reviews and even three US presidents have Boll and branch sheets. Try them for thirty nights. And if you don't love them, send them back for a full refund. Go to bollandbranch dot com today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets, plus free shipping with promo code Bleacher. Spelled B O L L, andbranch dot com. That's bollandbranch dot com promo code Bleacher. Maybe cats for March madness three sixty five on this edition of podcast. I'll be joined by Buffalo's CJ Massenburg, should maybe we could win. And then to Limbaugh. Twenty plus against Zona and then compete, really good with Kentucky. It just gives us a lot of tough stance. Listen to subscribe for free at apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey, guys, Matt Miller from the stick to football podcast, if you want awesome interviews, mock drafts breakdowns of news from college football and the NFL draft three times a week fifty two weeks a year. Make sure you subscribe to stick to football in the Bleacher report app or download and subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows that stick to football from Bleacher report. They have not been to new arena yet. I know it's already been a couple of years given by northern California roots at sits it's sad that I still have not been back there. I gotta get there are the cowbells back. No. They are not, you know. That's funny. How? They they have app now for a cow Bill. They've Akao Bill. I don't personally have it. But I've seen it. And no. But you know, what I think that's going to happen. You'll hear couple here there. But nothing like I mean, we haven't even in. This is what I tell them that these young guys want to talk to them. It's like, you don't really know yet. You're getting close. I I don't remember the game. But the other night, I I wasn't on because Jerry Reynolds who took over the job the legend. Yes. The legend himself. He does ten home games. So I went back to my old job. And I was doing pre imposed on television. And I sit up on perch at the main entrance, and I can kind of look down bird's eye view over the floor. And I don't remember the game. But there was a bucket a steel embody. He'll get ready to shoot at three. And I went oh boy. Oh, boy, I could feel it. They were just on the press. Of just absolute they were gonna explode. He missed the shot. And I said to myself because Jamestown was sitting next to me who is the kings inside or and I said did you feel there? And he was like, wow. Yeah. It's it's not there yet. They're getting near the learning how to use the building because that's another thing of young team. They don't know quite how to how do we use our fan base? How how how do they help us? And that's a that's a thing as well. It's a it's a small thing. But for the team, it's a huge thing. And it when that happens, in my opinion, I think the cow Bill comes back. Hold on the there's a cow bell app. I only read there's an app China. Also know it's like so what I o. Oh, you know, what I saw is someone with their phone, and there's a picture of a cowboy, and when you know when you shake the phone or or. Yeah. E pivoted like cow Bill. Yeah. Yeah. I believe that a kings fan actually invented that. It's not just like some farmer in. That's too disrespectful for me, there certain things that you just don't you? Okay. You don't go over the cowbell. That's one thing you, you gotta go, and you gotta buy your cow Bill, and you gotta bring it defense. Technology's great it is. I know that the phone is a lot less heavy than actual cowbell. Those things are heavy doesn't matter. You got to gotta to bring it back in the day. When you guys were at you peak and Arca was rocking. And those cowbells were out the average fan the viewers hearing them on TV, right? Yeah. That's how they're hearing. It. Maybe there's a shot, you know, ESPN cameras are NBC cameras probably turning them showing them. Here's what people didn't realize the biggest contingent of people with cowbells were the ones who were sitting behind the visitors bench. Yes. And the media seating at that time for the visiting media was right next to the visitor's benched. Right. So when they were all leaning forward as of noxious Lee as possible try to rattle the Lakers with their cowbells knows. That was over my head. Yeah. Yeah. So we got the full effect of it. And it was like it's annoying up there to to work. But, but it was awesome. It was there was there was nothing else. Like in the league. They're allowed crowds Portland back in the day. The rose garden rocked. Utah rocked Seattle the garden, of course, there there are places that you knew where the loudest arenas, but ARCO had a unique feel partially because it was a Bandbox this tiny as old arena. Like be this be clear as a facility it was pretty poor. But as a five as an environment, it was incredible. And the cowbells gave it its own unique sense to it. And so like, I I enjoyed that. I probably didn't enjoy in the moment. Right. But nostalgia. So so let's talk about back in the day a little bit before before. I let you go. You were acquired by the kings in two thousand writing the Lakers of just come off their first championship with shack and Kobe, and I remember there was a period of time when the Lakers had Shagged where initially all the Western Conference rivals were loading up on big because they needed extra fouls or guys who could just deal with him. Typically, right, right. And then there was a wave of teams, grabbing what was we didn't call. There was no sitting no such thing as three and d back then like that wasn't a term, right. But that's kind of what it was. So the Spurs gotta go out and get Boeing, and I think that's when the blazers got Ruben Patterson and kings, get you do did you was that the inter standing when you got there like we need somebody who can who can deal with Kobe, Brian not stop. There's only the only Kobe stopper, Ruben Patterson and Patterson, but that was you had some battles. And that was that was kind of your your job for for a lot of obviously not the whole season. But did you think that was a big part of of your acquisition? You know? You no to be honest with you. I I kind of in. This was the this is that goes back to the thing that we're talking about about the vibe and understanding I could score the basketball. But as I as I sat back, and I looked at our team. I said that's not really what we need. We'll need it on nights offense. Exactly. So, you know, some nice I get thirty so nice. I'd get twenty most nights at get about sixteen points. But where I would use the most is I would say, okay, I'm gonna lock up my guy, whichever it's going to be two or three on defensive in in in a lot of times. Once we got Mike. I'm also run offense. So on offense sometimes arrest that was that was, you know, take bring the ball down. Go through a little something passed the ball. You know, set a handout dribble. Handoff her. And so it was. Wasn't understood in that way. But it was understood for me because all I wanna do is win. So once I saw the formula for us to win. I was all in. I said, okay. This makes total sense to me. You know, I'm gonna guard the best point guard or I'm Bogarde the best two or three dead matter. Whoever it is. That's going to be my guy. You guys were I like our younger listeners here. You know, if you have if you don't if you didn't see the kings of that era, and you don't know about them like go find it on YouTube. You guys were the most enjoyable team of that era. I felt like covered shacking Kobe for seven years. And obviously, I watched a lot of really great basketball. Right. But you guys at that time were what we think of the warriors to an extent. Now, the Phoenix Suns of the mid to thousands. You guys were all about pace you're about the ball moving. You talked about, you know, see Weber or Vlada Byan, you know. You know in the high post and moving the ball, and that was a beautiful offense that was fun. And you guys the Lakers were the most team with you guys were the most enjoyable team of the air. Did you did you feel that did you know, it like this was like that you guys were it's funny because I look back your pace was definitely as high as I remember it relative to the rest of the league. I think he has led the league in pace. But I thought I remember you guys me more of a three point shooting team. And you guys actually turns out we're kind of middle of the pack. But you know, you guys would launch the pull up three which back then was still kind of shunned shot. Right. And that happened that I think probably more often with you guys than team was it as much fun as it was from the outside. Did you guys really? Did you cognizant of how different you words than the rest of league? A yeah. Actually, we were because when you travel with vodka divas pays covets and hito Turkoglu every city that you go in as like a rock band coming because they had a contingent of Turkish fans of. Serbian fans when we come to New York the upper bowl will be full in VI. I mean, just like, wow. You know, we pull out or pull in and they are lying on each side. So from that standpoint when you hit the floor, it was it was interesting mix all of a sudden the ball was star hopping around, and it was start moving in to kind of bring it to today as well as when I talked to people about the kings pace, I say there are many ways to play with pace one is to do it the way the kings are doing that is just a forced down because you have Lamborghini in the air and files, but you can also play with pace by the ball moving around. Meaning that Vlada wasn't the fastest guy running. Chris wasn't a fast guy run. But we played with pace because it's kind of like soccer like you make you make a pass. But then there's a quick second pass. And then the third passes the guy that was on the other side of court, but he's moving already. So there's a flow invive to it. But when we got out there on the floor. It was just it was it was special. It was something. And we what we would. Say is that the king show is coming down? And when it came to town a lot of people were excited to see an excited to watch. We don't get as much credit because we didn't win a championship. That's why I say, you know, Spurs with beautiful basketball. And I'm thinking come up, really, you know, I mean, add some great players. But the our style of basketball was the forefather of a lot of what we see dude. Look, you mentioned the the sons, you know, they were the get it up and down shoot the three ball and a lot of things, but they never got past us. And when you we talk about Golden State Steve Kerr said his much to me, but they implemented in my opinion, three ball in a way, different fashion than we ever did. But if you watch them, they're always trying to get layups that was something similar that. We did especially when we played the Mavericks in the playoffs. We'd go in there practicing. They had banners on the wall. It said how many layups that we got because it made them that mad be. Because is coach career who is the great coach from from Princeton in one of our assistant coaches would always say, you know, watched the guy in front of you. He'll tell you what to do. And if he tells you go back door, go back door, son. And that's how you get a lot of layups when you got passing big guys meaning that every single person on our team could pass dribble shooting pivot, everyone now some in certain areas to a different extent. No one shot the ball like Pasia the post game and a pivot game of Latvian Chris was different than some of our guards. But everybody could do everything which changed the whole complexion of the game. He didn't see a lot of big is grab the rebound and take two or three dribbles to start to break. It was always you grabbed a ball to guard comes back. He gets the basketball. That's slows us now. Will if Chris grabbed a basketball and takes two dribbles needs saying don't wait Doug run by the time. He hits me I'm on top of the other guy. And now that leads to a trill jumps. For Chris or Vlada or whatever. So it was we I think we had understanding a Sports Illustrated cover probably help that and help people understand the greatest show on court. But it was mighty mighty about a fun. Yeah. No. And it was a blast to watch as well. And yes, the Sports Illustrated cover people should go back and read that one too because I I remember that that was the that that they captured you guys. Yes, they did. Was random thought I didn't get going through notes. Just like reminiscing. A while. I putting notes together about your air and everything else. Do we think? Plotting might be the last special time smoker to have played in the NBA. That's a good question. Right. Last time. I came across a player who actually like most likely. Yeah. I would say that's a I mean, it's all charter stink tion culture different era a lot of. Yeah. You could be right. Yeah. Most definitely. Yeah. He's not still as quick by. I don't know. That's a good question. I don't hang out with him. When I see I never did. Even even when we played I just remember because me, and blah they've been together since he was in the Lakers when I was rookies, right? Yes. I've known. Yeah. We go back a long time. You're disavow those kings teams not to dredge up bad memories. But I mean that we think of the Lakers being the dominant team of the because they won three in a row. So there are a dynasty. They won three in a row. That's legit. That's that's just how these things go. But I always bring up to people how close it was to being one instead of three because in year one of their therefore lampien ship. Yeah. They're down fifteen points in fourth quarter of game seven in the Western Conference finals to Portland amazing comeback. They absolutely of course, earned it. They win that one day roll year to and then your year Western Conference finals, obviously there's the much disputed disgust debated. Controversial game. Six with officiating issues, and it goes to game seven, and you guys have a chance in overtime of games. I mean, it goes to overtime at ARCO arena. So two things about that one was about had the the thin line between dynasty and just a title or maybe two instead of three because they could have easily lost that one. You guys could have easily been the one in the finals beaten up on the nets. But to it's how we perceive both the Portland team and your team because that Parlanti stacked. We're team was stacked. And you're right like when you said a few minutes ago that you guys don't really get the credit in retrospect, you probably deserve because you didn't have tattled behind it. But you guys went like I jotted down last night. I mean, it went a forty four wins and a first round loss to fifty five wins the next year and then swept by the Lakers in the second round sixty one and sixty one in a one zero two when you lose in the conference finals to them. And you guys were freaking good. You know, it's so the the second year when we. We were swept by them, which is your first year in we when we go sixty one. So you in competition. It's it's weird. Whether you win or lose sometimes doesn't mean what it would it mean to means. That's the finality. That's what the fancy, but when you competing, you know, you know, when you look across you know, and I think they knew we were better team. We didn't beat them. But in my opinion, we were better team. I think if they were honest with themselves, they would they would say as much because if you look at the this Amaki Walker game, I think that was game three is at the half court. He had to have for he didn't account and that was the derogatory shot at the end of the game. We think we are by twenty and a first quarter. I mean, just sheared domination. Just I mean, there's not it's old school basketball compared to this new school basketball, but we weren't able to to close the doors a lot of different reasons. In ways that the I sit around and still to this day because I studied basketball, so I try to figure out different things. But that's the one thing that that. I always that always say to myself is the you know because in different situations. I knew like manna team is really good. They're coming. But I always thought our team that particular team was better than than we just didn't win on paper. Doug. And I've said this before too, and I've written this you used to do those old in the newspapers you would always have for playoff matchups. Do you go up Severson center? You check the box who has the advantage would do by position. And then you would coach you do bench tangible. Check by shack. Check by Kobe. Check by Phil Jackson. He's fill every check would go to you guys and in Portland series. Every check went to Portland that wasn't shot Koby fill the Lakers. I mean, look that's supporting cast was phenomenal in the way they fit around. Those guys Rick Fox Robert ory, Fisher, Brian Shaw, those guys, but talent wise what you guys had him. Again, what Portland had reported part of to this depth and advantages at so many other positions. You're right. Like, I if somebody said the kings were the better team, though, they lost. I wouldn't argue it like it's a legit debate. Right. You guys were that good. All right. So tell me if I'm if I'm wrong to have this particular interpretation of things like obviously covering the Lakers back, then I'm covering more of their side of it. It doesn't it's not a bias. But it is when you're immersed in. It writes, a little you see more of the team that you're you're near everyday, right? Then the team. So I think my views could be colored a little bit by that again not. On. I don't care what the Lakers won or lost. If they lost. I get to go home earlier and take my vacation. In fact, you're one of that run. I missed what am I close friends, weddings because they went fineness, and I was counting on them losing as they were down fifteen in game seven, right? And as I explained to have the conversation with Rick Fox at one of those years where I said, this is not the personal man when you guys are done. I'm done like, I don't I don't need to cover the finals. It's fine. So it's not that. But here's what I've always said about two thousand to whatever people say about the efficient in game six I haven't gone back and watched but you had a game seven at home the end. It went overtime. I think patient Chris might have both been a little bit banged up. And so there was there was something to that too. In terms of just like your your offense wasn't there? But but guys you had the chance of so my feeling is always this whatever happened in game six whatever people want to say about game six, and no I'm not even going to the place of conspiracies and all that stuff. If you think it was there was something wrong fine. There was a chance. Game seven at home. Is it is fair for me to say, listen, whatever, you think the kings still had their chance, and they blew it. Absolutely. We missed free throws. If that game if you ever go back and look at the free, those I want to say, we miss fourteen then we go to double overtime overtime, or whatever. I mean, we we had multiple opportunities. I think pays you had a shot in a corner as well. I had a even heave at the buzzer. Listen, that's it. That's why they're the champions. They figured out a way to make it happen in what you have to listen to. If you go back and look at all championship teams. There's a moment where things could go the other way down fifteen to Portland at home for quarter. It happens. Overtime sacramento. Chris banged up. Pasia myself doesn't matter you're on court. That's what champions do they figure out a way to make it happen where we a better team. Yeah. I'll always say that in. That's the one thing about competition when you're honest with yourself, and you look across from you. And before that, we were not they beat us in a beat a soundly, and we kept tweaking in making things in all of a sudden, we started to gain the confidence in different things in oddly enough when you win a championship, and I did not. But I watched how many teams do it like a Golden State even the Lakers once they win one. They usually win a couple because the confidence goes to another level and all of a sudden, although Shasta Steph was taken now they're starting to go in Kobe's next level shacks just dominant and one goes to three. And Golden State goes from one to four and five years, whatever you, you know, in that's and it's not just the competence of the star. It's also the confidence of all the people that are around them that they've been in the moment in a moment. And I think even for us as a team it went from you know, winning in the first round too beating Utah in coming into our building in winning the first game. But looking at each other and going, you know, we're really good. Let's go in and beating them consistently beating Dallas, and those that gives you confidence. But to take that that next step that it's hard one today. Yeah. You guys still talk about it? I mean, you've got a lot of you mentioned earlier Bobby Jackson's around and a lot of and pays your front office and see webs doing TNC. And so guys are like this. Is it still thing is that is it not really no not too much. You know, we're a lot of fans will say something. So we'll we'll talk about ends now. Yeah. You know, the like for you. I don't go back and watch. It's be, you know, on top of the fact, it's hard for me to watch myself. And now as I've trained and I've looked at basketball differently. There's so many different things that I think that I would have done different that I find that difficult to watch too. Now, that's I can imagine those. I mean, I do it in my own career. You know, like, I think about that era that maybe I didn't properly appreciate what I was covering as I was interesting. Oh, I totally get you. And yeah, I like, I, you know, I it's it's a natural thing. And I'm working on some other stuff on the side to where I'm reflecting back on that era and of basketball and get I mean, it's the same like, I'll go I cringed stories I've written so right? I can only imagine if you're watching replays on YouTube that are there for the. I see. What are you doing? Yeah. All right before I let you go. Actually, I should bring up the one cringe worthy moment that I meant to ask you about you've versus Rick Fox at a preseason game. It was season. So again, folks, it's it's on YouTube actually comes up. It's like the first hit. If you do Doug Christie Rick Fox fight a preseason game. They brawled in a preseason game at Staples Center because that's what rivalries were actually backed or like back to the glorify violence. I read saying I don't want to be one of those guys who says it was better back in the day when everybody could beat up on each other. But it tits speak to the intensity of how much those teams hated each other. And it also spoke to this which was that the off the court you and Rick Fox or both like two of the best guys anybody could meet and the average fan of walked up to you. But on the court you for different Rick particular, Rick at a bit of an edge there. So the fight happens. You guys started to court, and then you run to the back hallway, and it continues in the in the back hallways of Staples. And your wife Jackie gets into it with her parse. Yeah. Yeah. What do you remember that, you know, oddly enough, I so like central New York, this is where I learned that toughness of the NBA because I was with Pat Riley with the Knicks and back. Remember, you'd get fined if you picked a teammate up or opponent up off the floor. Like you knock them down. They're down. Let's go would this us versus you. And that is a little bit lost in today's game. There needs to be a little bit of disdain for one another to take in my opinion in in crush the opponent. That is a must. So when you say preseason game people go preseason. Yeah. It was preseason that was that was the year after the overtime loss. And there were a lot of things said in different stuff. And as you mentioned a really nice guy but chippy on court. I'm the I'm the same way. Once I step inside. Those lines competitions going to go. To the next level. And I feel that that's the way that it should be afterwards. We can be friends if you want to that's fine most times, probably not. But the point is it's there we can go out and have a glass of wine and what eat, but once that went to that level. I was getting ready to go to fans are booing. They're going crazy. And I'm getting ready to run off to court in Bobby Jackson those here. Now, he says Doug watch out. You know, he he, you know, Rick took off running. So to me, you know, coming from the inner city, you you like, okay, if he's running you start multiplying. He's probably running around, you know. So I go from running to stop and walk. So by the time, you know, now, we're the reason that they put those covers over the tunnels because people were throwing stuff at us. So, you know, I it went to the back and all of a sudden, I never saw my wife. I saw that on the ball post game for but. You know once that happened. It got so aggressive in there. She was sitting so close that I looked at her. I said, you know, come to the back because I'm thinking, you know, I'm done, you know, we're going to be getting ready to go here. So that that's kind of how that happened shack around around, and he pushed Vlada, and it, you know, it was it was intense. But I mean for something as Epoca's people saw the previous year game seven, you know, Sacramento versus LA big city small city, you know, team versus superstars all those different things. I think it all spilled to that moment, which was unfortunate. Because you don't you know, it doesn't necessarily need to get to that point. But the point is it meant so much. It was so much that you're willing to go that far and Nova science kids, but you know, that that's that's that's. It's all it's all part of the game in. I I've talked to Rick on a radio interview a sense. And it was it was all good. Yeah. You you Rick. You're you're cool with it. And I have never seen. I've never seen him. We were. I did. I did an interview for the NBA at not last year year before his all star break, they called me. And we're like we'd love to interview you, and I was like, oh, yes. Sure. It is at one caveat. You know, Rick Fox is one of the guys interviewing the, okay, I said, yeah, I'm okay. If he's okay. So we got on and we laughed and talked, and, you know, whatever, it's, you know, it's part of the lower and all the different things that come along with great rivalries in in battles. Yeah. No doubt. It was it was fun back. Then it was it was a little chippy at times. Interesting controversial hard feelings. But but but never boring. No it was. Yeah. No, it was it was a lot of fun. Loved like, I say love covering those series Lakers against your teams. Loved watching your teams it was it was a blast. And I'm looking forward to seeing this young crew that the kings have now get to that level. In fact, here's my northern California by kicking in as a barrier. Kid who also went to school at UC Davis down the road from the king's like to see a first round of kings warriors, which has never happened would be just be now granted the kings are not ready for that. Now. But still that would matter that would be a blast notice respect to the clippers anybody else fighting for the, but I kind of, you know, for entertainment purposes, and just say, my my nor Cal roots kicking in for a moment. Sacramento versus Golden State would be a lot of fun. And also because you know, as the kings are on the rise. Here the words are kinda tipsy stage. So we don't know where they're heading. And so the potential for that to become a real thing in the next few years that could be a lot of fun. Yeah. It would be it would be special to to imagine. That's never happened would be justed. That's nut. So but also similar to we had to go through with the Lakers. There's a championship team. Here's a team knit is dominant is you'll get. You gotta go through them. And you got to figure out the recipe and the intensity and all the different things that go along with it that would just be next level and bring back to cowbells and not cowbell apps folks, if I get to go to one center, eventually if I see any any cowbell apps, I'm going to scorn, you I won't go Rick Fox on you because I don't have the Rick box most back up. I don't believe in violence. I want to see real cowbells Sacramento when I get back there. Doug christie. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak. Great times.

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