Brad Williams Is Pregnant


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The juvenile diabetes research funding. Who are doing everything they can into a cure type one diabetes? That's all the proceeds from my first ever Christmas song or going directly to them so here it is Chris Jericho and the Christmas elves redoing the kinks classic father. Christmas right here on talk is Jericho ahead the nothing megan risk. Oy Ah for ooh Merry Christmas tree and can you some money for you awesome. It's awesome Father Christmas The Jericho version. You can get it wherever you buy and streaming music I tunes Amazon spotify. It's available everywhere and it benefits a great cause. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund fighting type one diabetes so Jacket out when you know if you're getting something cool a great rock and roll song. You're giving giving something back so and speaking of giving back in having a few laughs. We're going to do that today with a amazing comedian. who was the hit of the inaugural Chris Jericho Rock and wrestling regime as you? If you're on the ship with US last year then you know what I'm talking about the very funny Brad Williams the diminutive Brad Williams. That's a good word so brad was supposed to be the host of part disc setting sale January Kan.. Twentieth just in about a month or so but it had to drop out for a very good reason. He's GonNa tell you why and that's coming up and thankfully he was replaced by Fluffy Gabriel Iglesias. So we got that to look forward to. Brad's also talk in stand up dealing with hecklers and the fans are trying to film his standup routine during the show. Bread's good stories about its early days as the comedy scene. The other little people accuracy admired during up and the things that inspire his own comedy. You'll also hear the story about how he met his wife and I'll say this much involves a radio show Oh bit a threesome. Dating APP called three-under and that's real lots of laughs. Come with Brad Williams. Thanks in part to Stephen Singer now I know. 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That's that's rain right. That's rains right. They're kind of like like if a pug looks at a great Dane and just realizes realizes we're both dogs that's madness now. The another crazy part about me and the big show is as soon as I posted that photo all Jericho Hollick's that now follow me on instagram. From my last appearance and my and my appearance on the Chris Jericho rockin wrestling raiders. See they immediately all said the same thing was he scared of you. Have you said on this. PODCAST that The he has he's he's very no big show before no. This was just so you can tell them the story but yeah super friendly best disposition guy. He can get grumpy at times but he will tell you with a smile. Like I'm pretty scared. Tired of little people and they used to review Vincent send like if they brought little people in with Cindy after show. And there's actually a famous Infamous bit that. We did on a Christmas show where me means. Show got attacked by a gang of dwarfs dressed as Christmas l. and then proceeded to just kick the shit out of all of them. The show was just throwing these dudes around and one guy got dropped off the top rope like Christmas Turkeys. Caesar I'm scared of these guys so I think he's GonNa turn around now. What is like the elephant in the mouse right? Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean he didn't. I got no inclination to that whatsoever when uh when I met him he he didn't mention he told me that he follows me on twitter and then it was very funny. So that he mo- he'll Gotcha. Yeah he knew he he he knows who I am. He actually said that he didn't like he recognized me first but he didn't want to say anything because he's like because if you weren't Brad Williams have been really bad all you guys like same really really like sad and like Oh my God I did the same thing you know and But I I told him that He and I actually have something in common besides you so you know just like what are you have in common with the big show with his size near size and the and the thing is is like we can't hide big show can't put on a Hat and a scarf and be like no. I'm not the big show. Yeah you know what I mean and museum thing. I've put on like I fly. I don't look like take my show self at all I fly with a beanie shorts. Whatever like the most comfortable person ever and no one ever no known ever walks up and goes like like you're not like the the only thing they may say is that they think I'm Horn swaddled or they think we from Jackass but they all they always know on somebody because they rack their brains? Imagine wrestlers are like that. A lot of you guys are huge. You have a look to you. I went to the stones last slate and one person was convinced I was Shawn Michaels Triple H. I was convinced I was dog the bounty hunter. Wow that one must have heard because that guy's a few years ago here's bits all concurrent with the fact that I have long hair now because before it was Patrick swayze. Yeah Bon. Jovi and Gordon Ramsay also hurt. Yeah that one hurts you Gordon Ramsay or dog the bounty hunter. I'm not sure. Yeah and and that's the thing is people say when people say that I'm beard inkling. It's like all right shoulder. But he's like twenty years older than me but We a we man's about ten years older than me about twenty pounds heavier than me. That's right shots. Fired headline take that out And and then Horns log will. I never met him. We text and he's a friend but I've never met him but now he's got like that. Aj styles hair hair now like he's got like the glamorous locks I'm jealous he's always had some weird hair though he was show with goofy hair. Here fires shots fired. That's right you know what. Let let let's just say it right now. Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling Rogers C.. Part do there's GonNa be a triple threat cage match it's GonNa be me. We men and and horns wall swaddled Thursday like he's a kindred spirit ships if you do meet other little people or like Lacrosse Ergo was Yeah yeah there. There's a nod. They're they're like okay. Okay we get it and it's very it's very easy to spot another dwarf because we're the only ones that making eye contact with each other like that was the joke with with the big show where I said I I met his bottom half. I was trying to make eye contact with them but my neck is just not that strong. It's just hard to do. Yeah and I imagine engine. It's tough for him To where he just has to be looking down at people the whole time has not understand but show show is so like he got like like. I said he can't hide and he took photos with everyone who walked up to him and wanted to take photo. He was the nicest guy when you say. The words Gentle giant that net. Nah that is definitely him. I'm just always shocked that people walk up to guys like you or show or Honnor. Whoever that look look like you're intimidating guys like I? If you got mad there would be. There would be an incident. You know what I mean and and probably wouldn't work out in favor. Uh of the person asking the autograph like like I get it when people walk up to made there. It's like what the Hell is GonNa do. You know he's going to bite my knee anything but like you guys I. I'd be scared to make you mad. I'm I'm always amazed at the balls when I used to go. Hang out at the gym to look at. WBF WRESTLERS YEAH A- and back in those is a eight or whatever they were massive massive ass and the only guys that ever talked to the little guys. Like Coco beware and Shawn Michaels Michaels. I try to talk to dynamite kid so he told me cough. Yeah But yeah those are the guys I felt like. You look the my eyes and with that when when when you were doing that time. At least that's before social media and everyone had a camera now you kind of always have to be on a decent behavior. Everyone's got a camera. Everyone's got something and they can edit the video so like we we. We won't hear the part where they yell. Something about your wife Right. They'll just see you turn earn in smack him in the face like that's all they got like So now like now I can understand. 'cause you're okay you have the camera and I could kind of blackmail you but yeah yeah back when you were looking at dynamite. Kid there was I if he conned candidates smack. Yeah there's there's there's nothing there's no proof house a few. I was noticing using this little bit at your show that was that your show Columbus. which by the way thank you? Well just say by the way. Thank you for telling me because most of the time it'll be like dude I was in Columbus to you. Why don't you tell me but you actually had the foresight to say? Are you gonNa be there and it worked out today is able to come to your gig. Yeah it was I I was hanging out with my buddy Zach Myers whose cars from the ban. shinedown shout shine down and he told me he was playing a festival there and I said Oh who who you excited to see any any ran down the line of the instead. Yeah and the Guy Fauzi it sick. I was like wait Fauzi. Oh Christians out so mealy texted you and and You had you had your set. You had some stuff that you had to shoot afterward and then. I don't know how far that drive was the fact that you made the drive and saw me and and saw the show and ride on time. That's that meant the world to me. Thank you thank you for vitamin gone. Show but I was GonNa ask you notice. People are filming a lot during your your show. How does that because you know what happened? I was at the stones was the unless they end people myself included just for snippets. You're watching this great show through the camera. which makes everybody smaller? Yeah does that bother you. Does it affect your Gig. Yeah especially with comedy. Because you you get like if you if you record the stones doing Jumping Ping Jack Flash. They're GONNA do jumping Jack Flash every city. There's not going to be that one city where Where Mick Jagger goes on WANNA try to say the end would be like that the you know? No one's GONNA catch it. Catch one of those moments. The songs the songs when you're doing comedy bits. That's a different thing. 'cause you're you're trying rioting stuff in. I don't always know what's going to be funny I was doing a bit Last week I I won't say what the bit was but it failed miserably miserably and I knew like well that I can't do that and the bit was slightly offensive and When I kinda analyze it I go well? That didn't work but thank God. People weren't videotaping that bit. It wasn't ready right. It wasn't wasn't funny it wasn't and if you just isolate that audio of what I was talking about. Wow Oh wow I would not come out in a good light so I've stopped shows before 'cause when I see someone hold up their phone at a show in my head I go all right. You have a a seven second clock and if I don't see the phone go down. That means they're videotaping So I go okay then I I'll stop show and I'll say hey. Do you know but but the phone down. I'm taking like I do meet and greets afterward you saw that. I take photos with everyone who wants to take a photo. Id meet everyone who wants to meet me. So we'll do then now now it's the show. Sit Down enjoy yourself. How coming across like an asshole though right because you do it once? And that's it that's it you do Kinda roast the guy a bit the message. Yeah Yeah Yeah One Line. I said one time this was right after. This was right after the Louis C. K. story broke and I saw this ride for someone. Recorded him doing a sad and he didn't know he was being recorded and he said something about the Parkland shooting and someone when got released. The audio did not did not go. Well Yeah Yeah A he's done enough but at the same time so oh that just happened and I and I and I saw someone trying new bit and I saw someone with the phone holding it up and I told them you know put it away and they just didn't. They're they're like no. I'm just GONNA keep recording I. I bought a ticket and I say I'm not GonNa let you Louis C. K. me if you Louis C. K. me I'll Louis C. K. you implying the masturbating right in front of you so I said that to them. They're like that's a fair and then they put away the phone it mostly the fans there. WH- what we as performers after member sometimes is that allow. The fans aren't ingrained in this this world like they don't know the rules they don't know everything we do it every day you Breslin music me with comedy So we know the rules. We know how a show is supposed to be run on a lot of people don't know they know. As the same way. I went to a football game last year and I. I didn't know that they have new bag rules rules so my wife couldn't have her bag she needed. Like clear like Romania. The car drop like all thing but like we don't know the rules so we we don't know those rules. A lot of people don't know the comedy rule times. It's just you informed. People they go. Oh okay so let's talk about some of those other rules comedy but I want to say thanks to boost mobile for making talk is Jericho possible. 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APPLY VISIT BOOST MOBILE DOT COM or your nearest retailer for details else. Go do it now. Comedy Oh sweet. Jesus all right We discotheque forever but first of all. There's no need to once someone does a joke. There's no need to turn to your table and be like that's so true one time. Remember when you were at at the store check no no no. Here's how comedy show works. Comedian onstage says you laugh at joke then you shut up and listen for next Joe and listen for that. There is no thing where you turn back conversation that that that gets annoying The I check drop is the most notorious thing in comedy that Comedians hate. We hate the check drop. That's that's when that's when the show is about ten fifteen minutes away from commending and The comedy club has to cash everybody out so they put the Czechs down for all your drinks and food and then 'cause then people are no longer paying attention. It must be distracted. Some clubs are great. There's a club called the stress factory in New Brunswick New Jersey and they don't do the check drop until the end of the show they wait. Yeah couple of clubs do that but Yeah when that happens because then you have conversations before turning like what two drinks twenty five blocks one God the manager like that old thing so I literally have a pardon my act. That's more story driven and long form and not what Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba and not rapid fire for the check. Drop so you can tune out for a second interesting back in. I've literally put it in there and things like dead like people don't realize the comedians are doing. I'm sure there's a million things in wrestling. We're go like Oh shit in the crowd and no one's watching the Matt. Oh yeah born rules just put a million in hold. Oh yeah not watching US anyways. The you'll always see it like Nassau Coliseum or something's fights in the trawler all all the time on TV. You're supposed to look in this way. Everyone's looking over there. Yeah I was wondering about that 'cause I just watched a w bite for the fallen and there there was I forget what match. There's something where the crowd was booing and cheering but not for like the the time when someone made sense yeah. It didn't make sense at all and I think even even the announcer Said something like they're not reacting to this going on the crowd and I'm sitting there going what's happening in the crowd shoot it. Yeah Yeah yes and then so. Obviously the wrestlers then become aware of that they go all right headlines Ako wrestler. Ah headlock exactly yeah exactly unlock. Yeah do you guys when you hear the crowd do something like that. Like you're conscious of it your. Yeah Oh yeah totally whereas it was supposed to be on like when you're on stage and you know everything that's going on. Yeah it's PR- obviously we were in the round still. I can tell what's going on. I can tell people are into the sides of paying attention if they're looking over here looking over there waiting for something else to go on. Yeah so you have to just learn how to read. Your crowd is what you get with experience and that goes for comedy. It's crowd analysis. If people knew what I was thinking about during my set it would boggle their minds. Because I'm thinking I'm not just thinking about what I'm saying I'm thinking thinking about okay. Like all right win wins. Check drop. Is that person. Videotaping me That person seems like they've had their arms folded the whole time. Let me let me try something else to get them in my cursing too much do they did. They say something I'm in about five minutes. I'm going to tell a joke to call it. A black guy wears a black guy. You're orchestrating the whole thing. Yes which I'm sure whether Iraq show wrestling show. You're probably doing something similar. Let me ask you mentioned arms trust. Yeah when you're especially as an opening putting band you get a lot of arms crossed so for us different ways of saying to their face urge eye contact always makes people very nervous to my they will open up a piano. What what are your tricks? Does a comedian and trying to do that. I contact same thing like a because there's this illusion that a lot of audience members have that the performer former cannot see them i. It's this weird thing what's like well. I'm in an audience. It's like a movie theater and we can see you. We know we can see your reaction. We see when you cross your arms. We see you when you're turning in even if you're if we can't hear that you're talking to a friend we see that you're doing it so yeah there are and So one thing that I've done one trick and I passed the song to a couple of the COMEDIANS. Sometimes you'll have people talking like like I said like. Oh that's so true. Remember the time when like they'll have a conversation sation during your set and they're not realizing that they're being too loud or they're they're drunk or whatever what I'll do is I'll get quieter and I'll start talking very slowly slowly and very quiet and not yelling because if I yell over them. The audience then raises their voice to be heard themselves but if we start getting quiet and they're like and then they become self aware and they're like Oh shit like I can hear me very clearly like no one wants to be that guy at the club where like right before before the music like the music drops out and that's when you're the one screaming so I got for it every fears that everyone. I want to be that person so the whole Jericho character in two thousand eight nine with a suit and tie guy that you use that element completely. I was watching no country for old men with Anton Sugar Yeah Bronco have your burdensome and spoke very quietly rightly so when I started doing that I found that it made. This was in the height of the what right talking quieter. I'm forcing people full to have to shut up and listen to me. And then when they shut up and listen that's when they get into it and then you hook them. Yeah right think about like Think similar things. This happened when you're watching a when you're watching. TV show when when they're having conversation. Win Game of thrones was did a couple of episodes. They're like really dark and we've seen I paid more more attention because I was looking for all the little details and then that's when I because I'm doesn't I'd I'd watch the show with all the lights on in the house and stuff going on phones out like now when it's dark episode and I can't see all lights are off. I'm watching night phones. Done moans now paying attention so there are little tricks like that that you can do that will make An audience pay an is pay attention whether it be comedy or wrestling or Israel or whatever. I I have to compliment you you because I've been watching A. W. O.. I'M A fan. Yes you got me hooked. It seems like that. Eighty W is for the marks and. WWE's like it you know it's like the difference between Your Kiss FM pop music where they're trying to like appeal to everyone they they want. They want People driving their minivan to school not to be offended. Then you then you flip channels too like the death metal station can really like we have our fans it is well. It's like you said it's an alternative to what's now become the norm. Yeah and it's nothing wrong with having people Give people a chance to have options. Absolutely has this great will like you. That are super interesting. Those creating a huge buzz to where were selling pulling out these buildings in five ten fifteen minutes. That was stay like that for the next year. I don't know but at least you're giving people a something different than you said something and I and the see this this love 'cause when whenever we talk you asked me about comedy and I and I and I got to wrestling Using something in a press conference conference where your Promo at five for the fall and was the first time you've walked out there with like no script no I I'm in twenty years because I worked for. WBZ Be so anytime you do not know how shows live events non televised shirts different thing. Yeah just grab the MIC and start talking but but on TV it's always so very orchestrated aided in wwe. So this was the first time I didn't have to do that. And even to the point where I'm not even gonNA come up with an outline. I'm just gonNA I have two things that I want to say and the rest of I'm just going through. Just make it up as they go along and see if I can do it. Live without a net. Yeah I mean. 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Have you ever done any Improv. At all. Yeah it's so much fun there's Times win that's like there's there's even a part of my show I think may have done it at the show that you saw where I go to. I go to the audience. It's before I tell the joke about how my wife and I met where I pick out a couple that say. Hey how'd you guys meet right. And then I listened to them. That's some of the most fun to me because I've had the easiest stories and you just have to roll with it. I don't know what the story was the night that you saw me. But give me some good ones. Oh Oh my God. There's been stories where people have cheated on each other like like. Oh I met him when I was married to my first husband or whatever the shit okay there There was one time where it was a Doctor Doctor Patient Situation There was There was one oh one time I had to correct the guy because he was literally about to indict himself because he said I was a teacher she was was my student and I was like over eighteen rights. And he's like yeah. Yeah yeah over. Eighteen okay. Guy Was about to cry doc in the middle of comedy closely. No one's filming that one exactly so. Yeah we've had some weird ones but that's always fun for me because you never know you never know the answer in terms of how couples get together very very rarely. Is it just well. We were at a bar. She was cute. I walked out very rarely So it's always a wife I met my wife on On or I'll tell the whole story you say she's one of us. Yeah Yeah Yeah Ah La La. I'm at my wife. I I was working in San Francisco. California I was on a radio show there. I was burned down from the road. I decided to take a little time off. Comedy decided to Do a morning radio show so you a morning radio show. I had moved San Francisco to do it. I I decided 'cause I know anyone in San Francisco I know friends. I WanNa make friends so we played this game on the radio show called tinder or grinder. Everything they would flip a coin basement lands on their tinder date or grinder date and For those you don't know grinders gay tender and So you would have to go on the date. Yeah I'd go on. That's the rule. I'm what you call go-getter my friend. Okay so a day one flip. The coin lands on Grindr now my wealth. I gotTa do this so I mealy make a profile very quickly match up with a very tall bearded red headed man who tells me only to call him ginger beer. My name is ginger beer. You referred to me only as ginger bear an online cool ginger beer. You just gummy bear. Let's do this. Yeah so we go on and I told him I told radio bit told him out straight okay. She told this work. I feel horrible doing right. So I and he's like. Yeah now let's go hang out and we went out. We had a great time. Went Sports Bar we. We're we're watching a game. We're just like laughing like I'm a imagine just hanging out with your boys and it's like the best night ever than every now and then your guy but he just looks and goes you know you look really good tonight like what it was like. Well thank you. I appreciate that right and in it was a great time then. This is the fact that I'm still friends with ginger beer to this day. Nice the next day. I'M GONNA go on the radio and talk about the day. We had a call all from a listener. Who Says Yeah you guys do in tender grinder? You should hop on this other APP for the game. it's called three-under and I'm like good surrender and he goes. Oh that's tender for people trying to have threesomes that's the thing. That's the thing I know got married way to quit my friend thriller. That's right now. Everyone if anyone listening to podcasts their car guys like slamming on his brakes. Download this doing your well. Here's a you're not lying. It's not called threatened or any more tender sued them for copyright infringement Vernon now it's called Field F. E. L. D. you're welcome This is a real APP. I went on that one matched up with two women rolling on a date together. Either one of the women did not show up for whatever reason I went on a date with just the other one and the other one I married two and a half years later. Why Ah so that kind of opens the door to you know loves women? I love women have in common is great and she's also a a tall. Yes go We we like to call you. People researchers she's a reader. So Yeah I've done. I've done very well for myself. He's have you breach the field Subject yeah. There's there's been breached. There's there's been some there's been some region. Yeah now I it's like I said she loves women. I love women it but it's something we don't do it all the time. We're not like every day every week every month but every now and then it's my birthday Hey we gotta bring in another nature yes bring another richer and just the reach and know that you're a little person well hopefully now because my wife is in charge of She makes the decision of like hoosier and The but we the person who's always well aware there. There has never been a situation where wife comes home through the front door like hey got you surprising rising often. The woman goes well. We agreed to that that that no. That's weird you gotta be really Kinky. That'd be doing the three some and the little person. Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah. That's a whole that's a whole new level man but So yeah we we. We've done that a few times and for anyone out there. That's why I want to try that with my partner. I say great wonderful but constant communication during con during before checking in. What's okay what's not okay? Gods Gods what what. What are rules here? Constant communication. There was literally a time when we had My wife and I went out. We met. This is great woman was down it was all about it. We got back to our front door at the front door. My my wife's kind of looks being goes I don't WanNa tell tell you this. I'm just not feeling it. I'm not feeling and I went okay. I stopped went. I'm thank you. I'm sorry not night if you WANNA come in and have a cup cup of coffee or a drink. Ginger beer ginger beer. He's locked in the dungeon downstairs. Full pulp fiction style bog. Yeah Yeah Yeah. But that's not happening tonight and the fact that I was able to do that means that in the future Wife and I are good. They're no one incident. No one act is going to be worth making the whole marriage crumble. So I I I would say be very communicative be very and be very open with what you are comfortable with that that that is my tip for anyone news thing about doing that. He's also got another tip for you. Yeah now that would be me the perfect spot for this podcast break and for you to go like oh well speaking of three ways group coming over over and you want to feed them all Omaha steaks and if you feel a little sore afterwards DP. Oh that's my favorite part about this podcast and I and I am a fan of this podcast Jericho. So is is when you break in In now and you go on the ranch and then you go right into go right and the AD. The Maha lost their legendary. Well you know what the best part was. I always a little change in the audio. Like it's like yeah because I had a three so anyways broad now that we're talking about your three-way anyway Omaha steak was on the MOXIE. PODCAST which did this ridiculous number and now everyone talked Omaha steaks. I said those Omaha steaks guys Tejo you do only because they got more than those monies worth on this one because it was something he was talking about like a drama or something that he endured the word in your life traumas thanks. That's right it was the best transition as funny when you were talking. I was a friend of mine. Gary Holt he plays for slayer now he he loves slash hates these little women of Atlanta. Oh yeah look it up to see what it was called us what I was doing. It wasn't being rude but okay what do you think about those type of shows. Oh Man Well first of all there's To cast members of the little women shows that I've actually dated really back in the day. So how many album is there There I think there's three there's a little women. La Little Women New York women Atlanta humane a little bit of two so And I don't I I shouldn't say the CAST members they're not consenting to for that information I take a guess yeah yeah but DM ME on twitter. I'll tell you yes so but those shows you know what here's how I view it wouldn't be necessarily something that I would do you or that. I would wish a very close friend of mine to do but my thing is is you reach or having their fun being trashy on Reality Television L. Vision. I consider US equals. We should have the opportunity to be trashy on reality television to it's fine. It's like like I've been a big proponent of of I think they should do little person. UFC fights like I think they should. Because I know some friends that are trained like they're like dirt like they're black belts in Angie Jitsu like they're legit really good martial artist and I would love to have our own division. I said that once I'm GonNa Radio Show and someone called in was like that's exploitive in week. That was not. It's not well you're not gonNA have like a dwarf fight Conor McGregor. You know like that that would be exploitive. That'd be horrible. Give us their own division in who decides whether it's exploitive or not yeah. I'm glad you mentioned that because it made me think of something else. I wanted to ask you about it relates to youth hockey. And it's ridiculous Louis. I'll tell you about that but first I wanna talk about something else. That's super important for everybody listening right now. The state of your mental health and wellbeing mind and body. It's all connected and both need need to be in the best shape possible and I know that therapy can be expensive and inconvenient. And even if you're able to afford squeeze a weekly session in once a week it's not always enough so so then what do well thankfully. There's talk space. The online talk therapy platform. That's accessible twenty four seven. No talk space believes in therapy for all that good good. Mental health is essential to living just like food and water. That's why talk space gives you immediate access to a licensed therapist anytime no matter where you ardoyne check. This out. Talks basis over five thousand licensed therapists. 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You can get twenty four seven access from your phone or computer to licensed therapist that fits your needs and you're gonNA pay a fraction of traditional therapy causes so much schieber one week of unlimited messaging therapy cost less than a single traditional therapy sessions thinking about that download the APP or go to talk space dot com today and use the Promo Code Jericho to get one hundred bucks off your first month. That's Promo Code Jericho. One hundred bucks of your first month at talks base. Just download the APP or go to talks based DOT COM to get started. Don't forget Promo Code Jericho one hundred bucks off your first month talks base dot com. Today I WANNA get your take on this jerk. Surreal thing so in in Canada when you play hockey there's different divisions Aulia Korea Division. When you hit about nine years old midget hockey gay and now? They're taking away midget hockey and calling liners LP. I played midget hockey. Yeah it's not a size thing it's just the name. Yeah how how do you feel about that. The banning it now I'm see I'm I don't. I don't even know if I'm the right guy to ask because that doesn't offend midget. Yeah Horn said it makes me money. Call me image literally said Yeah. Very good philosophy. I don't care For me it's all about words. People use when when they're intent. Is there what they mean by it because if some guy drives by in a pickup truck and yells you've little person he's using the SPEC- term. I'm still like that very derogatory way horrible. But so I'm not the one and I won't get onto serious Tangent right here but I feel like right now. People are almost getting jealous of other people's of when other people get offended ended like people get offended and people aren't offended or like. Oh my God I should be offended. Look how much attention. They're getting when they get offended. I should be offended by something. What's my thing okay? Okay and then they dig in they find this thing. Don't call me a janitor or call me. A master the custodial arts. I'm offended by the Janet Ling. I feel like midget has a a little bit of that in it where we were searching for our word and They're in there's joke I used to make my act. Where would say like I've heard this where people have said like when you call dwarf amid? It's the exact same as calling black percent the N.. Word into that. I would say midget please please like no. No no not the same not even close so but at the same time. I understand like because we have midget football out here. And and there's a similar movement going on to end that I get it but it doesn't bother me I I think there's bigger problems in the world. Go solve those by you know. Once we've solved all the problems we could get to the bantamweight the midget wait the mighty. My okay. We'll figure that out. We'll figure out that we can't call. NBA owners owners anymore. Like we'll get to that. I come on right really cared away own the team you know memo fine. You don't own the people young team this right. You are the Owner of this team the ST bomber. Pay Two billion dollars for the damn clippers. And now you're saying like you're not the owner but but at the same time I'm open if someone someone is offended by something like that and they explained to me why maybe I'm not seeing it from their Persson. Maybe I'm just like I'm being my get you know. Get off my lawn. Maybe I'm being that guy so if someone wants to explain to me. Wide is offensive to them and that happened recently with me where there was Something happened the news. I was very like that's not what and then a friend of mine who actually affected told me about it was like Oh wow now I did not not even understand. I didn't even think about it from that perspective. Right cool. You're right. Thank you for educating me now. Now I'm better so I'm open but yeah I'm not I'm I'm not. I'm not offended when you were younger. And they you know teenager or whatever you no pun intended as you look up to other resilient little people that kind of inspired you yeah yeah Warwick Davis he He played willow Rg to know. That's that was Kenny Baker. But I thought Davis do that in the were David Yeah. Work Davis was Con He was Leprechaun and also in return of the Jedi. He was wicked. That's the way it sorry. Sorry Yet trust me I know him and also to in that show. The life is short. Yeah and Very funny in that that very very physical yeah. I loved him the actor. This very gonNa know this next reference but Billy Barty Oh yeah who was also in the movie will but he was sort of the trend setter of all dwarf actors and then What was the the trendsetter he he in the sixties and seventies yeah and he had a legitimate acting career If you look at his. IMDB he started when he was like six years old and worked until who was like eighty. Because that's the word like I know that name. Yeah this time. But I can't really place or what he was in like. Jared the Mel Brooks Are Mel Brooks movie. Life stinks. Yeah he was in that yeah he was in that he was the guy He was also in willow as the wizard. That goes like. Show me the finger where I I live like. He he's that guy he was nineteen thirty three gold diggers of nineteen. Thirty nine years old. See wondering if he was maybe even was Avaz but he's a little bit too young for that look at the nineteen thirty is ridiculous. And it's just one after another so and then he was also the happy. Hooker goes to Washington. Evan Billy actually founded the organization. LPGA Little people of America. Oh he founded that so one of the reasons why a lot in that's a big organization. There's there's conventions And I've gone to many of them as a kid and a couple of conventions. What kind of stuff do you do? You do there Well they will tell you that that the convention is for socialization Like you get to learn you. See new products There's clothing swaps their sporting events. There's a lot a lot of that. I will tell you. The main reason why these conventions exist why banging its bank straight up banging. Oh that's where you go in and it it may it takes a lot of sense for like for a whole year If you're dwarf you're someone who's sort of the outcast you're the guy whether you're the guy or the girl that's something different about them or you're a fetish you're like a specialty thing then then you go to the convention. You're hot you're just. You're just dearest dearest sex symbol right there. You're you know what I mean. You can clean up man I did. It was fun. I'm laid waste the single days but it was. It was a grand tie. Got A name for you catch up right now. I always set a little bit of a crush on her. So little person. Okay Deborah labral Lee Carrington. This is she and Seinfeld she was in Seinfeld was in total recall. Yeah she just passed just the last year but she was really pretty and Yeah you go you go. You go if you're if you're a reacher if you're an advertised I right now. You're like I'm GONNA conventions you won't get in we we we have security and they're not dwarf security so it's exclusive because we're aware error that there are people that would that would want to go to that and you just for exploitive reasons and especially like with social media. Try and get bullshit to to try to take some photos and don't get me wrong. I get it because like I said we have like sporting events there and like I do them. There's all the sporting events there's track track and field and dwarves running and attract me it's hilarious. It's like I'm not even gonNA tell you know we're just like no it's funny. It's hilarious if you got eight race that go and fire off a gun. Man is at funny our legs go off to the side we're tripping and it's it's hilarious so I get that I get at that but I always loved going to the convention. When I first started wrestling there was a Farm of it was the The the the midgets the wrestling midgets nineteen ninety and it was farmer Pete and little little Lonnie or something like that. The worst games ever. I Love I listened. Remember her Had to do a promo to build up next week. Show Okay and Bob Brown was the book. And make sure you mentioned the midgets and next week here the it's going to be festive residency. Nwea we got you know. Rhonda's things coming in. And we get Johnny Smith. Go in and we got the midgets so many I watched it back. I'm like Oh can't say without any but those guys yeah drink. Yeah you guys can drink away because I remember you on the cruise to when you weren't former God you had your we're loaded and at everything you went to every single event. Yes I wanted to have all the fun to every van I I was watching you I was I was is watching the ACDC cover band watching Did the DP Yoga was doing. I like. There's all the bands like the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. All all the wrestling shows 'cause I WANNA do I wanNA experience at all and and one thing I one thing I will say this shutouts all your fans and The the people that are on the cruise is I've told people about the crews and a lot of the other comics. I must suck like you walk around and everyone's like bothering you go. No Jericho. Crews fans fans were very respectful. Very cool you were walking around all the tune and everyone knows you. I was second only Jew going every single show and like everyone. No one knows who you are on that boat and and would you agree. Like they're they're. They're really who I found when I did. The Kiss cruise played it the first day. Yeah it's a picture fast S. church second day. It's Okay Thurday you just one of the gang and everybody was cool. Yeah we're the same vibe on the Jericho crews as well and the cool part is that like you had those was designated in meet and greets setup so it's like hey you wanna get the photo in the autograph great coming to meet and greet will do it then. Yeah and then you got the new time. That's we're that thing but until then let's sit back and watch corey Taylor do undo Spongebob squarepants by by the way those other boats were not ready. They were not ready for I. Oh my God they were so. We're watching Corey. Taylor were import short Yen Bahamas. That you're still doc yet and there's boats that are on either side of us because we're all docked and Corey start's concert as we're still docked and you you could tell that people on the other. Boats were walking out to their balconies and like being like. Oh what's what's going on with that one and some of them. Let's be honest. Very large urge Irvine larger boats. They they they have a view wrestling fans man. We started chance we started yelling. We point one's boat and be like if your boat your boat both sides ships or check. Yeah that was the chance we're great. I remember I've seen all these old people that are going from the Mediterranean or whatever their Bermuda shorts what is going all Larry are. The people are not took maliciously. Just doing a good time fun. We're not throwing anything at your boat when we got court Taylor doing a damn acoustic set over here not a great time and that man I will. And that's the thing about whenever you go to a wrestling show especially some of the the More underground wrestling shows and certainly in. Aws because it's like marks. They're the chance are very creative. I gotTA GIVE ROB to a lot of wrestling fans. There's some chance for I'm just like wow that's solid. That's like good comedy right once again. There's a fine line though. Where are you? Don't want people taking over the show shirt joining have fun navigate like you said earlier. I paid my ticket. Yes he did. But you wouldn't pay your ticket for a Broadway play and start chance you've got Roberts relying three days of rain or the right now. I would say this when how does it feel because you you say the wrestlers pay attention to the crowds so when you have like a dust and Reynolds and he hears the crowd chant. You've still got it. That's got feel pretty damn good delayed. The ones that to me is A. He'll jerk I was like I never lost it. I find sometimes especially in this day and aged that fans are so much quote unquote in the No. The Ville think they're smarter than the average bear. And you know you deserve it and stuff so once again come join and and have a great time be respectful realize. Sometimes you don't chant. Sometimes you keep your mouth shut or sometimes you fall along with what's going off there was there was one guy and this is a this is on the Jericho cruise when you were doing a live. Talk is Jericho with Jim. Ross and Jerry lawler right and they were telling the story about Owen Hart Right. It got shut down real fast but like Jim Ross is telling the most emotional story yeah. I've ever heard talk about him. Having to essentially tell a world wide wrestling audience that owner passed and one guy tried in you you could tell. Jr's almost starting to cry and one guy just going in like everyone just like shot. This guy shot. It's not the title take time and thankfully he stopped very quickly but yeah that I was the only time. How about the guy during your said that was like trying to rush the stage? Oh Oh yeah. This is a terrorist or something what happened there was God. Yeah totally forgot about that. He just wanted to hug it was it was in Brussels stage. Like Dude. Don't come any closer like he was yelling and screaming and people are telling me to be quiet then he got up and Kinda bum rushed the stage. Yeah they took them out it. Yeah and you you cool but like and I like. He's one of those guys where I can tell he wasn't like he didn't have any malicious intent behind it. He was very drunk just very happy now. Have a show to do that. And I don't know you're not militias right like you see some of the times when like fans ran on the field than sporting events and like the the athlete gives me a hug or something. I'm like don't do that. We all we all remember. Monica Seles legs. Mingru remember ruled. Don't try and pick me up. That's the number one rule. I hate that Shit and It was great. I remember that guy tried to rush rush the stage I stood up it was like. SCU is right there by. Don't do this goes over there over the we're good I. I'm not worried about my safety. I'm very worried about yours speaking of the cruise. I never told you about the survey results. Everybody that went on the cruise. Got A survey afterwards asking asking with their experience in order to tell you about something that came back on that about you but before we do. Let me share a message from our friends at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They they want everyone to have a happy and save holiday. So Do I. I know you guys know the risks about driving drunk you get in a crash. People get hurt or killed but let's take a moment to look at awesome surprising statistics. You might not know almost twenty nine people in the US die every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person every fifty minutes okay and even though drunk driving fatalities of fallen by a third in the last three decades drunk driving crashes still claim more than ten thousand lives each year. Think about that. Many people are unaware that driving while high. Can we just as dangerous. And here's the thing about this. In two thousand fifteen forty two percent of drivers drivers killed in crashes tested positive for drugs and marijuana not so harmless after all is it and check this out two thousand seven two thousand fifteen marijuana. They use among drivers killed in crashes doubles the truth is driving while high is deadly. So stop kidding yourself if you're impaired from alcohol or drugs don't don't get behind the wheel if you feel different drive different drive high get a Dui drive sober or get pulled over a right also talk. Jericho's echoes supported by Diamond Dallas. Page and amazing to why program DP is joining us. Thanks by giving all past and present military members fifty percent off the GDP why apple GDP wide DVD's because every day is veterans day. A DP why everyone knows what. GDP has done for me. It's helped wrestling. Career lasted forty nine years old. Uh of Fauzi singing better than ever there. I have the. Dwi App on my phone. My breathing was stretching. I use it all the time you guys. I can't say enough about how much. GDP is helped me. I wanted wanted to do the same for you. Own Your Life Starter. New Start today and if you are ever serve in the military do it for fifty percents off at dby. I Dot Com getting the best physical and mental shape. Shape your life and go do it. Now let me tell you about this cruise is done. You GET A do a survey vein of everybody and you ask them you know what was your favorite act. And what was your favorite act that you hadn't heard of before the crews and number one on the list was U That seriously wounds. That's that's kind of cool to know that you're appealing to a whole new audience. Yeah and that. And that's the only reason why. Oh I wanted to do everything on the boat. I went everything because I just wanted to explore. I wanted to be all these new fans and I've gotten many people come up to me at at at shows shows all over the country that go sign the cruise. That's why we're here. And then they see on the next one and then it's it's cool. I've got some friends that do and Like Craig Gas was coming back as well. he was telling me that the kiss cruise really becomes like a family because he did the kiss the kiss cruise. It's like eight hundred or something. He says it really becomes like the same people on the boat as an annual meeting for everybody. Yeah I feel like that's the that's the Jericho cruise it's GonNa GonNa be. It's GonNa be trying to do. Yeah making a Hannity and we all get Come in and I'll say this man cruises in the comedian world are like. Oh that's where you go when your career is dead really and you can only do cruises like yeah. It's it's SORTA as it's still like that now not now because there's was like theme right so now like I say I did the Jericho crews everyone's like Oh my God. That sounds amazing. Now you do three eleven cruise or my buddy Chris Porter. What does the kid rock crews? And everyone's like Oh you got that. Sounds like I had people Bruce Jingles. I think you might have contact but I have eighteen. Seen people contact because he wanted to do the cruise. Yeah same with Sarah Tiana You I think you mentioned her as well. These guys are coming on because they they WANNA be a part of it you know. Yeah along with bands and all that stuff too and trust me. None of us are getting rich from the crews and the only guy that didn't make money on the first one not about that it's about creating rating annual vacation with the community and people want to do it. Yeah you make a couple of bucks but you get a free cruise and have a great time. It's a vacation. Yeah and like you say you prey like you didn't make money but at the same time we would you trade it in no. I'll get it back now that we have number two. I'll get it back at some point but you got you got to build build buildings start from scratch and I love that you see that in and also I would argue that maybe other than myself. No one had more fun on that cruise than you. Yeah you nothing else. It's a giant party that paying for them in a disco inferno cost. You came out like you've told us you till disco story on on the PODCAST and you get a pass for a year and a half to do it. Yeah you know and So yeah you dressed up as disco inferno on the Halloween Performance Pasi Awesome. Did you dress up at all. I did not but I will tell you and This is how much might I fan boy out. There's a show that's in Hollywood travel. Sometimes it's called the Goddamn comedy jam. It's a lot of fun. It's where a comedian and Picks a song that they like they do like a five minute comedy set. They they they explain why they like a certain song and then a live live band plays the song they sing the song with the live band. It's a great show. It's a great show and they took it to Austin Texas. As part of a comedy festival I was going to be on the festival. They asked me to show. I've done it a few times. I dressed up one time. Like as As Kid Rock I came out with like a for a fake fur or code and like did the whole thing I dressed up as many fred durst. I posed video. Mainstream Frederick commented on it and it was like wow okay. Never not available available to Olympics get show and this year I dressed up as you and did SOS because that was the only thing. Yeah Ah Yeah by the way tricky lyrics and they're all similar yes all like linkage in like. It's the love you gave me. It's all like in the same realm in but it's all those are all the time I was looking for a bass player. Who knows the words just? Oh that's how it goes. How would you choose that song that was backstage in Germany? And I remember it come on shuffle or rich had it and it was his original idea and I was like all. It's it's perfect because it's dark wouldn't expect it does very well as a heavy song. It does that that that opening Piano Wrath with not yeah haunting as as win your metal band version as much better than shares. Well I like every like. Here's my thing with cover. If you're going to cover change it like if doing a live show okay. That's great 'cause that's the moment that's fine but if if you're gonNA release a cover for song why would you. WHY WOULD I go? Get your version of the exact same. It's the same thing. Make you a little bit different. Different light where it'd be you doing SOS rather be limited has behind belies. All every disturbed song is a cover now ball company by five finger. Yeah the the the The disturbed sound silence. Silence huge hit for them shoe. Dad figure skaters in the Olympics. Skate to that things Zombie by battles. These one hundred million views is on. Yeah 'cause they change it's a completely updated version right where yeah so. I would say if you're a band out there and you're like let's do a cover whatever. Just make sure it's different because your own. Yeah exactly exacts a talk about your big announcement here. Oh Yeah well We were so excited and my wife and I after we got home from the Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Raider at sea that we could not contain ourselves and we had a lot. We had a lot of fun and Very soon There is a third member member of the family will be. They'll becoming my wife. My my wife is pregnant. I did it. You know the best part of that is as a comedian. What's he got a whole new realm of material? Oh I'm so excited and like it's that's the thing is if you track my specials like if you look at my first showtime special I'm talking a lot about When my sister had her first kid and as an uncle and being and what that experience in your sister a richer yes? I'm willing to work from the family. Lucky me and then My neck special was all about my dad. My Dad had fought and beat skin cancer. And so that like. That's my favorite one if you ever wanted to like material based on that yeah. It's it's called Daddy Daddy issues. I believe is running on Amazon prime and then the third one the netflix special. That was all about Getting married so got all this stuff about my wife who was called That it's called the degenerates. It's on Netflix. Watch it you'll hear that I you'll hear why I can never win. An argument with my wife is a fourth don. Black Belt in taekwondo. So I don't know if I n probably the next one will be all about being a dad and I'm really excited man and you know and for those who are wondering Some wives pregnant. She's tall. So it's it's a twenty five percent chance. Kids Dwarf seventy five percent chance. Kids are GONNA be tall. I have no preference right. I I the pros and cons to both but I was in Kanzi there. Is you know like the kids tall great you know. Why can't hide snacks on the high shelves anymore? Finally find out what it's more pop tart taste like. I've never seen them. You know that'd be good. But then the bad aside the kid grows up. He's taller than me. Like eight years old. I'm trying to discipline them. That's not GonNa go to well for me within Then then you have the Dwarf Kid. I Love David Warf Kid. 'CAUSE my wife Chinese so it'd be an Asian Dwarf Baby Holy Shit Asian Dwarf Baby. I can't currency that's that's just that's just cuteness. That's great. Do you know how much an Asian Chinese families worth of the block March. We when you when you cmih driving around that's why But then you know but then if the kid is a dwarf and then doesn't like being war hates being dwarf. That's GonNa be really hard for me because I'm GonNa look the kid be like well. I don't know how it happened. Oh maybe he got it from your mom I mean do so. Yeah it's It's very exciting. And I I will say this. I love watching Like because on your instagram and on and on and on and on the cruise as busy as you are Chris Jericho with Fauzi with a w with this podcast. You still have a lot of time where you post I can be like. Hey look I'm doing stuff with my kids I mean a dad or You had something where like you were at your kids hockey game and they won the coaching it. Oh cool for me. This year has been very eh schedule has been very light by design and also by just the Kismet of aws fuzzy being off record so for the first time ever I got to coach one of my kids and I don't really know anything about baseball. I could try to the guy that throws the balls and sons football player. My daughter plays softball and my other daughter. Cheyenne decided she wanted to try for hockey. And why no about hockey. I can do that those really cool to be able to do that because I remember one of the the great things when I was growing because my dad was coach or tried to be kind of fun for me. Power you as a coach Dad like are you the guy that's going to like I saw some video A few days ago there was a massive brawl like a little like a little league game. Are you that kind of data and thinks I'm GonNa be yelling screaming but that's not me because I just want to make sure that the kids had fun and also the pay attention. He adds a lot like like puppies. They just start looking over here especially a preteen girls girls. Yeah all my Gosh. There's absolutely stop me. RUN DOWN THE ICE. The bike is there's no is okay. Run down the floor. You understand what I'm saying. Yeah it's ice hockey have here. Yeah you know the ladies would say I got a dribble pock note stick handled by bass all your stick handling the idea. You're sticking with the puck down the ice. That's what it is of that but I will say like I've got friends that are has had a career and also they make that time and they have an dad. And you're going to have the two as wind down here because you're still on the road. Yep and now you're gonNA have have to a adjust your schedule accord but you still going to be on the road to do your living now. When I went to Columbus the place was very full? It was the second show of the night. Astros Astros are you seeing your career grow. Yeah yeah it's really cool like now. It used to be friends or call me up and be like. Hey I'm GONNA to come to show on Friday. I'll be like great Lee tickets and they'd be like Oh have like eight friends. It'd be like Great Olivia eight tickets now. I can't do that now in friends are like. Hey I'm I'm come with like going to like eleven people you just leave us. Twelve tickets sold out. Like I can't see I get to throw to anywhere but now I can't do anymore and that's that's exciting and obviously PUTS MORE MONEY IN MY pocket game for that because it seems like as a comedian step. There's always a strong stand up your Sitcom. Yeah get your movie. Yeah Yeah I mean yeah that is that is sort of the plan is get what get a TV. Show being movies. Louise and all that but I don't see a world where I'm ever not doing. Stand up comedy and you can tell that it's a special art form and that the people that do it are really into it. When I'm like Ray Romano released a netflix special? This year. That guy with everybody loves Raymond reminding God and he still doing stand up releasing specials touring Seinfeld about six months ago. Yeah at a at a small theater. Two thousand people in Tampa last night. Last night I was at a a bar in Woodland Hills. California friend of mine called me up and was like hey I got this show. Could you do it for me. Hey our headliner dropped out will. Apparently he made a couple of phone. Calls 'cause Howie Mandel showed up the famous Canadian Howie Mandel of course and e- and he went onstage in did stand up and he and I and I and I was talking afterward. He goes. Yeah everyone thinks I make all my money from like dealer. No deal or America's got talent he goes. I make more money doing stand up. I'm like that's where I'm I'm doing that constantly so I don't see a world where I'm ever not doing standup if I get a TV show. It's a movies awesome. Love that If there's a if there's ever a third season of I'm Chris Jericho dammit uh-huh who got it right. It took me eight years to get the first one sold for years to get the second season so in two years you'll get a third season. Well the third season of I'm Chris. Jericho damage Rose Brad on that but yeah no matter what happens. I'll always come back. Stand up 'cause you and you and you know this from your ventures there's nothing that matches the live yup feeling the live action exactly the instant feedback off. Aw thank you said you try. If you try a new bid it doesn't work you'll know right away right away if you try it you'll know right away if his works Speaking which is the last question for you here went to your your show tonight laughing at I wanNA quicksand porn or real thing. Quicksand porn is a real thing. I talk about him. I said go right ahead guys look it up and explain it quickly what it is. It's it's women thinking in quicksand naked and like unreal it on your phone. I know you don't want that on your history I would. It's real my buddy Bert Kreischer told me about it and no-shirt oh shirt yeah no way and I look it up and it turns out it's real and here's my whole thing with the quick standpoint. Listen I get it. It'd be a freak. Do whatever you WanNa do if if it doesn't hurt anybody rate but like some of these fetishes man like there's other like there's a deep dive into porn hub. Unlike okay. I know a lot about it I. I'm a married man. I'm on the road a lot. I've been to the end of porn hub Seattle. The asking it got it got it needed. I sign on and it's like how from the tape. Welcome back Brad date. They know me they know me there. There's a lot of stuff on there where you're like. I get it if you have a weird fetish. That's fine the battles my mind is like how do you discover that you're in the quicksand porn. I am. Where's the set? Are they building. Set in Van Nuys. Actually going to the House on jungle. Define there's movies about girls that sit on balloons and pop hop them and then guys are like really into that. How you find out like I feel very vanilla when I find out these things are out there saw? How might you know my wife's very very attractive? Just like a little missionary which do doggie Woo crazy. Every now and then we have three way. Wow I thought that was crazy and then I find these guys would like so like girls. Popping balloons are are. Are you going your kid's birthday party. One of MOM's trips falls on a balloon. Hard right now. Oh my God I hold on I gotta go google this Google and you find out that there's tons of guys are also also into that to me. I feel so happy and let them like only in the madness clown porn porn clown born. Well that's okay. I can see that one of your next quicksand not not a bad one. Not a bad one. Book mayhem and Netflix. Always great to see man always a pleasure we. I've seen you twice a week. I know it was it was great. I it's it's aids bonus Jericho time and then Yeah and then. I'll see on the boat. My friend sounds good. Good Sam foreign by Brad. Williams congrats again that Brad Williams and his wife they're welcoming a new addition to their family early next year. Which is why he won't be on the Jericho cruise in January will miss them? But you can definitely go see. He's super funny. STANDUP show is performing New Year's Eve at the Tempe Improv in Tempe Arizona and he's got a full tour scheduled for March. Get your tickets and information at Brad Adam Williams comedy dot Com and get your bubbly at a little bit of the bubbly dot COM dot com. Thanks to everyone already made this such success. Almost twenty thousand bottles title sold. The first few weeks has been a month yet. It makes a great holiday gift so get yours today at knocking point wines dot com. You get two bottles for forty six Bucks Fox. I think shipping might be included in that. It's knocking point wise. Dot Com Ano- C. K. I. N. G. Point Wines Dot Com are also go also to two little bit of the bubbly dot Com and it'll take you directly there so much stuff going on around Christmas time and actually Wednesday. It's GonNa be Christmas and boy. What a special Christmas show we have for you team? Tiger awesome returns. Talk is Jericho for another hilarious. Watch along and this time we get into the holiday spirit as we watched the nineteen ninety eighty six classic ninety six raspberry more like it Santa with muscles starring Hulk Hogan and directed by John. Rousey while you want to see a holiday the Plastic forget about miracle before communicable through four. Th Street. Forget about. It's a wonderful life. Forget about Christmas story. Get ready for the amazing cinematic classic known as Santa With Muscles this Wednesday. Merry Christmas until then stay stay hungry. peace-loving hugs eggs and a big year for Christmas. We wish soon every Christmas wish sue a merry Christmas. We wish Saulius this who go by presence. Go Buy some bubbly. Everyone loves talking about Stephen. Even singer you've heard the expression a million times. I Hate Steven Singer well. Stevenson phrased was started because the competition hates the pricing of his quality merchandise Sundays. That's why and Steven Singer jewelers doesn't run special sales because Stevens philosophies this whatever you walk in you should be paying the lowest price period. It Stephen Singer's committed to one price with no pricing games. Stephen says he wouldn't treat his friends any other way. So why would he treat you any differently right. visit the real Stephen Singer at the other corner of eighth and Walnut in Philly or online at. I Hate Stephen Singer. 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