Talkin' The Star: Projecting the Cowboys 53-Man Roster


What's up. This is talking to star podcast and the regular season is almost here. We have one more preseason game to get get through. Were so excited for the regular season to kick off. We're not gonna talk a whole lot about this preseason game as it kinda just full folds into what we're going to talk about about the day and that is the fifty three man roster prediction show that myself dot miller coal patterson are going to go through. We're going to build the old this cowboys fifty three man roster today before we start doing that cold dawn how you guys doing tonight pretty well. How are you good good as always dog you hang in there. I am hanging in there. I'm i'm hanging in there for college football this weekend and i just can't wait for week. One man i i want them to just absolutely beat the tar out of the giants well in order to do that. We gotta get fifty. Three is right now. They're ninety. They gotta cut down to fifty three are- this fourth preseason game is going to. I don't know i feel like i feel like in previous. Years is fourth preseason game in a lot for twelve to fifteen guys as far as who makes the rostrum and if you like this year's just so solid like i feel like you could probably predict ninety percent of the roster before the game even starts and have a good feeling of what you were doing but we're going to go through it. We're going to do this kind of a unique unique way. We're gonna go through each position in order to keep somebody on the roster. We're going to have to get two of the three of us to say yeah. We think this guy is going to make it where we want the scholar roster we are going to do this is what we think. The cowboys are gonna going to do but we do want to have two or three votes to pass the guy onto the roster so it'll give it a little fun experiment in by the time you guys hear us again and these cut downs warranty happen so that's why we're doing this. I know it seems like it's a little early but we do wanna get it out for for you guys before the cut downs actually do happen so we got a lot to talk about so we're going to dive right in quarterback. I feel like this is probably an easy one. Maybe going into the year. It wasn't with mike way cooper. Russian russian dak prescott but i feel like mike white's play over the last few preseason games probably played himself off the roster. Would you guys agree with that. Yeah we agree. There's much to argue there yeah no he. He's been objectively terrible. He's so this is kind hard to do. I think they go with just dak prescott and cooper rush. You guys don't think you'd see them going out and looking at a brock osweiler veteran for that third spot the i would. I would be very upset if they actually even attempted to talk to brock goss- waller was i was just mentioning. I mean i would say that there is a eighty five percent chance that that they're just going to stick with cooper russian than trying to get my quite on the practice squad if not kind of just totally move on from him and look for somebody else but those that's my take on it my votes or for dak prescott cooper russia's the quarterback one quarterback to what are you guys. You guys are cool with that. Yeah obviously running back gets a little interesting here because right now. Zeke elliott is not on the roster. He's not on the cowboys active roster. He's on the reserve not did not report list. I think they're gonna keep four running backs and that's including jimmy's allah wali so you know i'm gonna go ahead and write all down as my fourth guys that okay with you guys yup yeah all right. Let's go ahead does zeke report before the start of the season. This is going to be an interesting one because as we have to get two or three votes say he'll be on the roster. This is again what they're gonna do now. What we hope happens or will we think's going to do so. We're having to predict if if azali it does show up by the start of the season which kicks off what on thursday so y you know we've got seven days. He's gotta show up within seven days to to make the roster for the start of the year dalton. I'll start with you. Is he here in time to play against the giants to be on the fifty three man roster cutdown zapping. Honestly my gut is saying no. I don't i don't know i it's such a weird situation because i feel like he wouldn't wanna miss game checks but he wants to look like a serious but with the schedule being so easy you know relatively to start the season i just it's a weird weird situation. I i think he's going to be gone for a couple of weeks. Okay all right so that's one coal ezekiel elliot here and this is interesting. I wanna clarify this is for what we're saying is the cut down day on saturday so the cut down to fifty three so you're pretty much saying is going to be here by saturday. Do you think he'll will be in the building. You know reporting by saturday when he's cutter made by saturday. I don't think so <hes> i have gone <unk> gone back and forth with our now. He'll be back for week one. I'm kinda. I'm don cyber by gut. Kinda told me no. I don't see you don't see necessarily signs of him coming back <hes> he obviously wants more money and it looks at the cowboys are holding firm and not wanting to given <hes> i i really don't see any way he goes for saturday. The real debates if he sues up against the giants. I agree with with what you said. I don't think he's here by saturday and i'm leaning towards the side that he did. He's not going to be here for four week. One and i think you you know after a couple of games. You might look at themselves in the mirror guard. I need to get the word but we'll see what happens with that but i don't think any of us see him being here when the roster is trimmed down to fifty she three which is quite a bit of surprise kind of what people reported in what people were saying the last few weeks so with that i think everybody can one hundred percent pencil tony pollard as a roster lock heading into strata already gets low interesting after that you have mike weber who is a seven round draft pick this this year. You have jordan who has a nice little preseason. The team seems to like a lot and then alfred morris dairy jackson. Let's go with the number two spot. We got jimmy's all awali we've got. I think they're going to keep four. Would you guys agree with that. Yeah i would agree with that. Don't you think they'll keep four including putting all the wa i do. Yes all right so we're going to sort out these other two. We got mike wherever we got. Darius jackson got alfred morris and we got jordan sean dalton. Yeah i'll go ahead and let you put in your vote for the next two spots cole. You'll do your next to and then. I'll do mine so the way that i would do. It is different than the way that i believe the cowboys were going to do it it it would be it would be pollard and weber but i think that it's going to end up being pollard in chun. It looks like sounds like they really like him so i. I don't think there's any getting around it that i think webber ends up on the practice squad okay so you're sending webber to the practice squad putting morris in shown on the roster correct. Yes cole is at the same thing you are going with or you some different. I think they i think they go with weber head of chun. Okay so you have mike weber and alfred morris on the roster. Yes all right. I'm going to have to go with morris. Inchon's gonna go with dalton so that's going to give us twenty pollard offered morris in the reason behind that in our first little discrepancy here but it just sounds like the way the what they're saying to the public is talking about his football i._q. And you know he's still has a lot to learn. That just seems like a practice squad guided me where i don't. I don't know i don't they've jordan chun's been in the building for a little bit and he's like. Don said they seem to like him but also mike weber was a draft pick and they seem to value their draft pick so it's definitely not title walk. That's a tough one that they're going to have to decide on but i'm going to have to go with john and morris so that will give us our are four running backs now real quick. Do we want to go over what would happen if zeke does show up yeah. Let's do that okay just just yeah so real real quick. It's zeke pollard morris and that's interesting. They keep more. That's interesting. Do you think they would keep morris if he does show because then you would have turned out they would see i think they might. I think they would consider actually on the other way. If you're saying they would just keep john on over morris or yeah. I think they would pick. We have pollard and zeke. We can afford this third. Guy can afford to be a little. You know he could be an inactive going into game days boy. If it's just pollard the pollard morris as the bell cow or they might say okay. We don't know how pilots going to handle all the durability side of things you know chun morrison's getting up third age so you don't know how he's gonna handle things how successful he's going to be so we might have to carry. We're active guys going into the game day. I wonder zeke's here in you know if they will change their game plan for. That's a good question because they could definitely view it as hey since we have zeke another veteran. Let's stick with the draft pick. Let's go with the guy who needs a little work in whatever. I don't know that that's a great question. Nobody wants to know i mean i do you think they would stay you guys. I think they would stick with for me. It just doesn't sound like they really like weber all that much right. Now i started article of i think i personally don't keep more susie comes back or i think <unk> kind of cars in the fact that they weren't morris here to talk for <unk> gives a veteran player for twenty to lean on lucky said that <hes> durability things of that bell cow is he comes back. I don't see a row for more but that does this thing. That's that's. That's these discussions. They're probably having right now is. They're trying to plan out okay. Hey if he shows up. We're going to do this if he does that. We're going to do that and that's that's what makes us whole thing fun because there's so many different scenarios and so many different options of go ahead and move onto wide receiver ever. We all agree that we think they're going to keep six. Yes yes okay all right. Amari cooper obviously an absolute salute lock. We're going to go and put him down. I don't think we need to discuss that. Michael gala also an absolute block. I don't think we need to discuss that. I don't think we need to discuss it but everybody does have randall cobb and thinks that they're sticking with marina cobb. Is that number three guy correct yeah yeah. I can't believe how many people i've seen say something like. Would that be surprise cut. It's like no. They're not going to cut their third best receiver signed to fill a role that cole beasley left but yeah yeah all right. Would you guys all agree that it looks like table and austin is safe for another year. Yes they really liked avon elson like since he stepped on stepped in foot. It's star off season too yeah. They like him all right. He's going on pop. You stay on all right on to start the year. Noah brown is going to be pop that again that leaves us with two roster spots available. I think thirsts three guys who were still badly. I think there's two guys but i think you could mention engine. Three devon smith the former second round pick from the jets cedrick wilson the former six pick from the cowboys last year and then you could could include john v johnson. There possibly reggie davis in there as well. I think it's a pretty pretty safe bet that they're going to go with devon smith and cedrick wilson <hes> you guys with that or do you have someone else on that roster agree with that but what happens if they don't know burn up. I mean they'd have to take him off. Pop like tomorrow though what you think till like yeah yeah i think they will. I'm just saying like net hypothetical scenario. Who would be the last receiver to make the roster who who'd y'all think wilson. I think i think they would try to get him back on the practice squad quad. I wouldn't agree with it. I think that you know i would probably go with wilson over. Smith put may seem to be really high on smith right now. He's had a good what are your thoughtful now. That's a good question as well. What was that. I'm sorry court. Cole was saying what does what happens pins if they don't keep known pup. They take them off tomorrow when i been i've been wondering about this for a while now. I think that they're really going to. I think they're going to go with the speed man. I think that's what they're gonna do or even though i think that <hes> cedrick wilson is probably the better receiver overall. I think that they really liked that speed and i've really enjoyed what i've seen from devon smith so far i and he is a former second round pick. Even though he is a little bit older i think that they're going to they're going to side with that. That speed really. It's we've seen it in in other places is be a huge asset and it's something that other than take on. You don't really have on offense at the wide receiver position. <hes> i mean amari. Cooper is is somewhat fast but he's not fat so i can see them using him at in like that <hes> oh oh what's his name that went on e._s._p._n. I can't even think of his name right brice butler. I can see him role where he just gets down routes every game and gets a target. Maybe two yeah no. I agree and i think i think they're kind of looking at it to was mores. Cooper's foot ends up not being good which i don't think that's going to happen but let's just hypothetically say. Amari cooper ends up missing six games this year because of his his foot. I think they're looking at it. As devon smith was a highly touted guy coming out ohio state <hes> he had a lot of potential coming into the league so i i think they're going to go with hey. Let's go with the better talent here. Why cedric wilson. I think has talent. I think he has a lot of potential. I don't know if he's quite there yet. I think devon's must been oblique. He's got <hes> experience and he had he come little league. He was one of the prize guys coming out ohio state so i agree i think they go with six with the bean amari cooper michael gallon gala marino cob day von osten devon smith and cedrick wilson with noah brown gone on pop and then you know it's gonna be a tough decision when he's ready to come off. If those guys are a plane wealth cedrick wilson devon's makes plays. It's going to be interesting decision to see what they do and noah brown is available to come off are tied in. You guys got him. Keep it in three or four. That's marcus. Lucas guys had a pretty good off-season void <unk>. You guys got three or four. I'm interested it to see what those injuries are like and if they're actually going to be ready for week one or if either dalton scholtz or or blade charwomen are not going to be ready for week one and possibly go onto i._r._r. Because i wasn't concerned about it at first but the less we hear about doubted the more concerned i get so. I think that they keep a three because i don't think so. I think that lucas is one of those guys who you can cut and then say keep your phone. Keep keep keep your phone by you. Stay stay close. I think that's who that's what that's what they're going to do with him so coal you got you. Have it going whitten german scholtz or do you have have <hes> marcus lucas sticking around at do tend to go with three <hes> but kind of what don said it it is worth mentioning that there has been a lot of talk about the injuries so it is worth keeping an eye on but the end of the day. I do think they'll go with three times. It's funny because you mentioned you know they haven't been talking about a lot and i haven't been paying attention a lot. Either have a practice at all since being injured. Is it been limited. I don't i believe so okay. That's something i want to keep an eye on demarcus. I honestly forgot about it because it happened so early. In the off season being behind witnessed it's just jarwan and schultz and lucas that guy they signed halfway through the preseason. I thought they were gonna take it really easy on those guys because they didn't want to have those guys get injured. Injured have to ramp up whitten's practice rupp's and preseason rep so that's something i'm gonna pay attention tomorrow. Make sure that either. They are proximate or not because they're limited. That's a good sign on but i agree with you guys. I think it's gonna go whitten german schultz. The only thing i could see is that if one of those guys like you said is that banged up then i think i think they would just be a murderous. Lucas swap for for one of those guys but i'm gonna go with german. Schultz says the three tight ends on the roster. You guys good with that yeah gotta. I am sure all right oh line. This is where it gets. It gets a little tricky. I guess you have your five that isn't going to change change tire and martin frederick connor williams allow collins everybody straight with that correct and i think everybody is everybody okay with the joe looney and his the six right now. I sure am guess all right. What about cam fleming right. Do you guys have them keeping now. Entertain offense lineman. It's it's tough because each tell you gotta make cuts somewhere and where is it going to be is the question i get here. Here's my first question before we even get to the number. I don't think conor mcgovern's going to play at all this year. I think they're we're gonna. You're gonna play all i think they're going to he had the injury hadn't practice he practice yesterday and then felt discomfort and left. Oh ooh tells me that he's going to do in that case. They go short yeah. I think think mcgovern's gonna go on on i r because he can't even if they even if they even if he goes i are they can designate for but then he would he you would have to be able to fifty three on saturday which is tough because then you're keeping a guy. You're cutting again then. You're so so i think he's he's literally going to get put on i r. I think it's something to look at tomorrow if he doesn't practice tomorrow i think he's i art and i think they're just going to cut their awesome for the season and come back next year. It's just that's such a tricky injury to an offense interior linemen that uses that upper upper body strength so much to have a guy that injured his pack not practice a whole lot not play at all and then get into practice in his first day back. He feels discomfort and leaves. That's dodges tells me that it's not ready and it's probably you know he's been. He's been on the show for you know t._a.'s and stuff so i'm gonna have to. I personally say he's going on. I r and not gonna not gonna see the field this year. I know i might be on my own that so that's going to be a question that i wanted to ask you guys. Well the the problem with me. The problem i have with it is i just i don't know who else you put on there so user for yeah for interior guys for backups because joe looney is your backup center so is adam redmond he's again. I haven't making it kind of in place of so you're out onto a fellow well no because we still have two spots left. We have two spots left but you're going to take another tackle like it's going to be compost sir. Here's my thinking behind you. Connor williams could be your swing your backup to the swing tackle if you need them. They're not going to do that though they. They are not gonna move connor williams outta that left guard spot. You think campos makes the roster though i mean. Do you think he's actually no. I think mitch high it is going to you know i know maybe they seem to like him but he's been banged up this year. This is tough off so we we have seven guys right now. Tyran smith zack martin travis frederick connor williams lea collins job looney cameron fleming. I think whether other is i._r._s. Return connor mcgovern's field for the key might start on the fifty three but he's been going to go right off so we're just gonna leave him off of it for now just to make these things easier easier. I think you're next two spots or are going to be decided by brand night mitch. You know what i'm cool with that. I'm cool cool with that. Because then i'm taking seven wide receivers and then i'm taking no one even if you can't because and i say that because is even if you carry three tight ends noah brown place special teams and if you really need a pinch he can line up in line. He is two hundred thirty pounds he can do it. If you physically able to perform there will since we since we don't think he is going to gary gary got written down. Let's go. Let's let's fill these two less lots on the offense align so we can break real quick. We got through spots available. We have two tackles. We have joe louis who can play both guard and center. We have lyle. Who's your tackle so we got three tackles. Connor williams. Who's a guard marred travis. Frederick chooses center exac mars guard so you have three available arbs three available tackles in two centers. I mean i agree. You probably do need to carry a guy and that's what i'm thinking. Brandon is because the dude he's played guard amy's played tackle so you're getting getting some versatility there and i know he's been banged up but as a ninth offense alive and you think they could afford to just carry that guy that hey we like what we've seen from him. He's got position. Flex guys think it's going to be brandon either urgent campbell. That's my opinion see i i just i seem to all americans. I see all the all americans and i can just see him taking retired but if i'm in the minority on that unhappy about that let's go. I just know how they love big schools and college ward if guy. Let's get your picks dot. Who's your eighth guy offered on. Its it's hyatt cole whose rates pickle offense the line brandon knight. Just keep i. I do know they like him. I do like this position flex so is that eight or is that nine that's eight brandon knight is your i think they take nine right so that you can take so then you can take redmond or you can because we feel well. They only the only reason why i say redman is because i think redmond could play center or guard so if one of our guards gets hurt maybe they've throw looney in there at guard and then take looney center of some happens to frederick i. I don't know how they would do that or do. They feel better about just keeping looney. It's enter into a fellow guard. Let's do this because we have to break down. I'm conduct. I'm going to do so hilo cole. I like to feel it too. I would have said redmond but i also agree that. They're going grist probably going to feel just because they're familiar with them over so we're gonna take our first break. Were to come by. We have are often knocked out comeback. We're going to do our defense and we're gonna do our special teams and we're going to get out of here and get ready for this last and final preseason game. We'll be right back after our first break. We are talking star. Football is finally back and nothing adds to the excitement of watching that first game like having a shot at a million dollars draftkings the leader in one day fantasy fantasy football is celebrating the start of the season with an extra special week one contest new users can sign up today and get a free shot at the one million dollar. Grand prize is just by using code s._p. 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I'm your your host connor lives. You make sure you follow me on twitter at connor n._f._l. Draft here's my co host tonight. Coal patterson and dalton miller make make sure all those guys on twitter at cau l patterson and dalton b miller mixture following blogging the boys on twitter at blowing the boys the podcast on twitter at the star and always want to give a big shed off to blogging the boys and vox media media for allowing us to host the podcast. Put it out for all you guys to listen to check out a scream at us about whatever you know. We love doing it. We love doing this every week. So we're going to keep doing would it because there's guys give us the platform to do it on. We're going to review real quick talk about the guys that we have so far on the roster starting with the quarterback position we out that prescott cooper rush go under running back. We have a elliott not reporting by saturday so we have tony pollard. Jordan chun alfred morris and jimmy's awali wide receiver. We got him carrying six. We got on the pup list with amari cooper michael gal randall oh cobb tape on austin devon smith cedrick wilson on the active fifty three man roster tight end jason witten blake darwin dalton schultz the three tight ends that are going to be on the fifty three markets. Luca's had a heck of a pre season but he didn't quite make it if one of those guys is more banged up than we initially think right now how to position where he could probably slide into their spot while they recover in offense line. We kept nine guys that was turned. Smith zack martin travis frederick roger connor williams lau collins joe looney cameron fleming brandon knight in executive sue a fellow and that leaves us with twenty four offensive players on the fifty three freeman roster. We still have a response to fill so we're going to die right in. This is going to be a good one because this is probably gonna be the one spot where we're going to have the most a differences in between our three choices so i wanted to start off defensive line. <hes> i'm gonna go through. The guys who we see is locks already. I'm gonna to start off with of course the one and only demarcus lawrence if they cut demarcus lawrence. I'm done with the franchise so i'm going to go and put him all right right. Next guy on the defensive imposition robert quinn is on the suspended list so he is not going to count against the fifty three man roster so we don't have to worry about him right. Next guy who i think is clear. Lock is me collins. I don't think they're going to be moving on from him at all. This year at least is a free agent at the end of the year so hopefully he. He plays good enough where they can get him back but he doesn't play good enough to where they can't afford them. Antoine woods. You guys have antoine woods making the roster correct a friend of the podcast absolutely tristen hill you guys of course. I don't think even if he was absolutely the horrific this year. It'll be on the yup right doorns armstrong. I feel pretty safe about putting him on you. Guys the group that one yup yup all right. Let's move onto the next guy we that's five six six christian covington the free agent edition from houston. You guys see him being a lock on this roster yeah i think he makes her roster. <hes> all right. Let's go and put them down long paul's but thank he sticks to his good preseason so far ars wall art kerry hyder another free agent edition from detroit played really well this preseason. He's probably not as safe as a lock as some of the other guys relisted so this might take a little time cold kerry hyder making the final fifty three yeah. I think he does make the team <hes> he had pretty good performance against houston last week in a preseason it johnny gopher sports day wrote a nice piece on that and i think that pretty much solidified his place on the roster but you can argue that eh navy he doesn't make the cut but i think he does carrying hundreds month boy. Don't make an eraser yeah. Absolutely i think he's been one of the a really true bright spots coming in. I gotta give you props on on that one because as soon as the signing happen you were on on top of it that this is due to watch out for it's good. It's good to see apache on the back when you deserve. It not matters man. You got played out of position game. It can kill them yup. That's what i've done. I'm tired crawford. I know a lot of people want him gone. You know don't think i think he's he's a guy that this team values that guy more than more than a lot of people no. I think he's still a lot to make us. Rosser golfer gap yeah all right. This is where it gets tricky. We were eight now. I'm gonna say they keep. Are you guys ok with keeping ten all right. This is where it gets tricky taco charlton. Yes he makes the team. I think he makes alice. They cut him what what about trade you don't think he gets traded by saturday. No trade form yeah all right all right we got we got the rumors coming out of their deep offense defense. Line teams are calling all right. We got one more spot left. We have one defensive in one defensive offensive tackle to defensive tackles three defensive tackles two defensive ends four defensive tackles a guy who can play both and kerry hyder guy that he can play both entira crawford defensive in taco charlton that gives us one two three true defensive ends to defense alignment in war. Were the three true defensive ends taco charlton demarcus lawrence endurance armstrong and queen doesn't count because he suspects correct quinn's suspended list so he won't be <hes> you know he won't be on the roster until three coming into week three after he serves his suspension. You have carry higher can play some three tech and he can play some defensive in and the tyrone around crawford who can also play some three tax defense events so you're pretty much split down the middle right now with the same amount of defensive ends is defensive tackles if you look at it. We know what those defensive line so. Let's look at this then. You're also guy who's been around for a little bit. Do you guys think he sticks around for another year or do. You think that it's his times kind of commons. A member of the cowboys vicky make. I don't think he makes it either all right. He he is on the street levied under all's sorry buddy dan your wise rookie out of kansas. Another guy who can play in can play out out. He needs to stay playing in but he can't play out and they have played him outside a little bit this year. Do you guys think daniel wise is a fifty three man roster candidate. I think he's a candidate. I don't know if he makes a team. I think they might try to get on the practice squad but i think he's borderline doc. This dude it so tough for me yeah. I want daniel wise to make this team so bad but i ain't he has a better chance of of making it. You know who daniel was reminds me of that louis neil. I think he's much better player than louis no but i think he's going to get that same treatment a guy who every pres every off season. You're like he's finally going to make the team coming on l._s._u. Similar guys who played inside play outside outside shrimp and it was just always a struggle for those guys to stick but i i like daniel is coming out of kansas. I'm going to say that he ends up on the practice squad. I think i think thanks to ricky walker rookie out of virginia tech a guy who no one really knew about coming into higher. I knew about first preseason as i was. We were all over trying to tell people look out for them not very consistent but man. The flashes are there for him. <hes> <hes> he's made some plays. You know he's a guy who's primarily gonna play inside. You think he's another practice squad guide or fifty three man roster guy. I don't think he makes a fifty talk about it. Really i got man. This defensive line is going to kill. Kill me talk about it for a second because i gotta think about this. Yeah i mean. I think it's so tough because you're looking at it now. You have demarcus lawrence a pure pass rusher. You have me collins. Who's really a pure pass rusher. I mean not a bad run-defender but he's a pure pass rusher antoine woods. Who's your run-defender. He's not a pure pass rusher tristan hill whose pure pass rusher dorrance armstrong who can kind of do both so he's kind of a neutral guy christian covington guy who can do both kinda probably known for his pass rush more than anything carry higher kind and more known for his patron anything entire crawford and do it all guy taco charleston i think he's only on this roster because he was a former first round pick but a guy who you think can do both he hasn't hasn't shown the ability to rush the passer so i think when it comes to these next this next spot unless you wanna go to eleven you need to keep somebody audie who can be that run stuffer and i don't know if ricky walkers that i don't know if that's his his game it wasn't at virginia tech as more of an off the field guy could disrupt the pocket and there's not many more candidates to be that guy so that's kind of what i'm looking at in this situation. I think walkers kind of more of a practice squad guy possibly can but do they have. I mean they don't even have that guy really other than yeah obviously antoine woods but that's kind of what i was getting at is kristin covington might be that guy. I mean i think i think they ended up taking i think they ended up keeping joe jackson because he's he's got bigger defensive end who in a pinch i mean i think he ends up being the new tyrone crawford in crossing so too and that's how we're gonna fill it. Out is is joe. Jackson is the tenth and final man unless you do want to go deep. Do you want to go to eleven eleven or no way no yeah i i mean i think i think there are ten. I think that those are going to be demarcus. Lawrence me collins antoine woods tristan hill during armstrong christian covington kerry hyder under tiro crawford taco charlton joe jackson and what i'm interested to see what these cuts. You have guys like jalen jobs. You have guys like ricky walker. Walker and daniel wise who we don't currently have on the fifty three but those are three really talented guys that you kind of hope can get onto the practice squad. I know they love jokes wchs they love his potential what to develop him a little bit so it's going to be interesting to see because you can't put everybody on the practice squad but when you have three talented i wanted defense alignment in daniels rookie walker and jalen jokes. That's going to be a phone. Keep an eye on to see who sticks around who unfortunately doesn't for sure yeah <hes>. Let's talk about these linebackers. How many how many linebackers do you guys have them carrying into the season. I had fixed when i made my my last one year all right. Let's go ahead and put down the blocks. <hes> l._v. obviously is on the roster. Jalen smith is obviously on the roster me and i was getting ready to say sean obvious the roster that is you guys would say that as a first thing right yes of course all right after this. It's kind of a crapshoot. I think sorry joe thomas definitely on the roster for sure. He's been balling out jones so that's that's your four l._v. Jalen sean lee joe thomas. I think those are your only for sure four locks to make this roster after that. It gets a little interesting. You have justin phillips the rookie out oklahoma state who's played really well this year. You have just in march who's been with the team the last few seasons who's played well. He's a good special teams guy but then then you have the luke gifford's covington's. You have those guys like that. Nate hall even rookie out of north western. Who's played well preseason. You got two spots. What's left at you. Have two spots left with about three or four guys that you say could probably be in the mix. Just in marched is he stick around as the team's fifth fifty six linebacker. I think that he does. I take it as well. I would say that he does as well. The only way i don't is if is if something happens before and i don't see them trading for linebacker with their linebacker depth no if the only thing they get a call from somebody that they have to trade off future sixth or seventh round pick for an established special teams guy. That might be a little bit cheaper. <hes> that's the only thing i can think of but but i think just marches on the roster in the sixth and final spots probably gonna come down to justin phillips and luke gifford bird flu gifford is also a guy that they might put on the roster initially in iraq to return that could be a potential option for him <hes> or he could be a guy that they just pull roster and sit and wait on but it doesn't sound like he's going to be ready anytime soon so between luke gifford just phillips who were the two who are battling for this final spot. What would you guys agree with that. I guess you think chris chris covington's gone. Oh you know that's tough. We already have christian in covington so find it difficult to we can but house scales doing oh house scales i i've. I haven't checked sleep when they picked chris covington. I was like why didn't they do other indian. Yeah exactly. I don't know how scales is doing but i really enjoyed gifford from what i saw before his injury. I hope that he somehow somehow makes makes the team <hes> so. I'm gonna put him on it just for that sake. I don't know how serious that injury is. Women really heard much sense taught me we. We heard that it was you know somewhat severe but that's i think that's about all we know about it right like it was just a bad ankle injury but it's not broken so it's like a high ankle sprain probably what six to eight weeks so. We might get a week four so they might just keep him and said. Don't wait and see how he feels. After a couple of weeks co houdini got luc gifford or justin phillips yeah. This one's pretty tough for me. Honestly honestly i've liked to have seen from both aussie. Gifford's look good. I really like would have seen from dressing phillips's ablaze. The injury is kind of thing that makes makes it a challenge because like i think they're both healthy right now. I think they would go gifford. <hes> i just injury you don't know are they gonna win away for him. They wanna put on. I are like harden. I i will. I i wouldn't be surprised either way. I'm just gonna go as phillips. Philip talked about from jacksonville like i said i would have seen from different as well. I think what the injury. I think they go with philips. Here's the thing i agree with you calling the only reason i do. Do you know i am going to side with philip because guess luke gifford's injured but how much was luke if we're going to play this year especially on special team reps but industri defense tro- he wasn't you just arm and then you start this process over next year. That's probably the best thing to do is just put him on i._r._a. You have them again for for next year and then you start. Let's do it. I liked that connor talking sense all right so we got late. Rain-drenched gerald smith sean lee joe thomas justin austin march in justin phillips six linebacker linebackers. Excuse me that takes us to twenty five twenty six twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine thirty thirty one thirty two thirty three thirty four thirty five thirty six thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine forty men out of fifty three. We have thirteen spots to phil. Three of those are special teams. Obviously let's go ahead and knock out the special teams roster so we can finish up with the cornerbacks and safeties and then we'll be out of here for you you guys. I mean this time three weeks ago. I'd say no way but britain. Mars is going to be for this team on saturday. Correct us rush. Yeah reston piece matt right chris jones. You guys don't this is tough. You could save a lot the money goals casey read but i think there instead christian saint they stick with him as well. That is something to watch. You grew that dome mm-hmm yeah it would be less less a surprise than dan bailey getting cut last season but i don't see what happening either yeah all right so l._p. Is your long snapper and that is your three special teamers that gives us forty three so we have pretty deep here and we'll go back here in a second second. See if we want to add anybody in anyone else but we're going to say <hes> you have you have ten roster spots left and the only position and we have lots to talk about is the defensive backs. We're gonna take our final break though before you then we're going to take our final break come back. We're gonna sort out these defensive backs. We have ten spots to phil. What are they gonna. Do what arena do we'll figure out what we come back. We're talking to star and we're back on talking to star podcast and we're back from our last final break of the off season because the next time will be on the regular season. We'll have kicked off and we'll be talking regular-season n._f._l. Football we can't wait. I'm your host here with my co. Host coal patterson dalton miller follow us on twitter at huntersville draft at coil patterson and et. Don't be miller follow blocking the boys on twitter as well at blogging the boys and thank those guys so much for allowing us to do this podcast every week. We are pumped for the regular. The season were pumped to get this thing started. I we got ten more spots to fill. We got the cornerbacks got. The safeties and we have ten roster spots left personally. I think this works out perfect. I think it works out perfect for what they wanna. Do and i think that's exactly the plan. They have as far as i think our numbers that we did home. I think are really going to correlate to what they're going to end up doing them saturday but let's let's talk about it. <hes> everybody byron jones you see him being healthy healthy and ready to go <hes>. Maybe maybe not week one but he's going to be on the fifty. Three man roster comes saturday. Share cheeto think he's pretty really safe as well i would. I would assume so brown still just playing great football. Nobody talks about him with the do just shows up and plays every week. <hes> jordan lewis even though the coach hates him. I think he's still away sure all right. This is where it gets interesting five and six i think c._j. Goodwin is an absolute lock to make this roster really because special teams special teams all the way. I think he is is by far. The best special teams player on the team and valued showed some ball skills in that last preseason game and i think that might solidify his role in this team going. Hey d hey can play special teams and if he's going to make plays like that then we don't mind having him around and it's interesting because if you're not looking at it from a special team standpoint. You probably go mike jackson donna one but i personally have c._j. Goodwin is a lot for the for the team. I think he makes it as well like i think they value special teams in. He shouldn't be on on that unit and i think that is what puts him over the top. Don't i'm just curious. Even though we did go to one mm-hmm i wouldn't personally have him on but i think that that's what they do. They're just building your your padma roster pretty much so this does get interesting though because you have and we can talk about this as well right now now i have them keeping six corners four safeties. They could keep seven corners and three safeties if they really wanted to. I don't personally see them doing that because i think that i don't know if they've seen enough in this is what we need to talk about this fifth quarterbacks i've c._j. Quarter because he's more of a special teams guy than he is a quarter yeah. That makes set's fifth corner. We got my jackson and we have donovan. You can make cases for both guys but i think it comes down here to to. It's gonna come down really to to the to christmas charlotte what he what he wants to see. We were really excited about kris westerly coming wing into the off season with his size with his link but he just never really panned out. He couldn't stay healthy. He's a potential practice squad candidate as well oh but he's definitely not in the consideration to make the fifty three. Put i think it comes down to donovan a lumber in my jackson cole. Who do you have making it between those two to do this because they do like matt i jackson. He has that size. That christie looks for sad to moments in training camp it. It shares why the cowboys drafted him why they wanted to bet on some upside. I do think donovan <unk> limbaugh does make the team. Don't between a lumber jackson. This was really health. They did just take. They just drafted jackson a. I think it's alama. I think fits what they wanna. Do even a little bit better than jackson does even know jackson's a little bit bigger of a corner alleged. Look good so far. It looks like richard sherman out there besides the obvious you know c._b. One talent so. I think that that's where they go with it agree. I think it's going to be donovan. The lumber a to both are around the same size it just this again. I feel like mike jackson's the only corner that had some struggles rules this year in preseason the one the forty niners game. He got picked on a little bit. You didn't see that with any other corner but him and indigent it's preseason. He's not over. I'm not overvaluing but i think that that might go to the decision-making along what was able to get his here not multiple footballs and serbia little bit more physical when i take it kind of makes a difference when it comes to picking between two guys were so close in these last few roster spots. I agree with that all right safety four spots left. We got the safety position. Excessive your woods not going anywhere forever. He's only roster astor jeff heath. You guys both jeff rosser right. People are crying right now that we said that all right this is where it gets interesting as well because behind exhibitor woods jeff. Heath doesn't really donald wilson rookie who i think's gonna make the rosser. I'm gonna go ahead and put my voted for donovan wilson you guys. How are you guys donahue wilson. I agree with that too. I think he acted keisha law. That's who i would take better. Take him yeah. They better keep him share last spot on the roster. This is the final fifty three man not necessarily fisherman but our fifty third man deciding between cave on frazier got. It's been around from central michigan for for multiple years. Georgia yoka a nine year veteran a boise state. Don't forget about that. Yeah coins eight. He's got that link. He could play a few different. You can play both spots george. I oko jimmy showers. I think thanks for everything you've done for us but i think you're gonna probably not make it an endearing thompson former hydrographic also out of boise state so don't forget about that either. It's gonna come down to one of three georgia yoga capon frazier during thompson where you're going with this third safety forth you mean for. I think it can be cave on frazier. I think that they really like him. He's he's an arcade so that's that's really where right i go with this. He's done a lot of stuff in the surrounding community around here and i think that he's good enough on special teams for them to keep them cole. I'm gonna go with dairy thompson for the final safety on dallas cowboys roster however with that said i do agree with with what don santa with cave on fraser they do trust and they do like him. I do think he brings a lotta. Special teams value <hes>. He's a guy that davos davos. They've obviously got me known a lot <hes> over the years so i do think he has a real case. Make the roster would not be shocked in the at all if you were to be the spot. I'm just going with during thompson. <hes> i think i think he can succeed in the secondary. I think they would like to bet on his upside and talent talent. I think they go with that is great because mansi personally our take take georgia even though you haven't seen a lot from them this year but i just ah dude the six four to twenty five that has had really really great seasons. I mean cincinnati. Bengals are just terrible. You went to the vikings last year. That defense was kinda fallen apart as well. I would personally take cocoa but there's nothing that they've shown me that says that that's what they're gonna do tough because i like gary thompson cave on frazier. I'm gonna i think i'm going to just look at the roster. Mr woods being a true free safety jeff heath being the strongest donovan wolfson having a strong background. I'm going to have to go daring thompson too but i would be fine. Okay ron frazier. This is probably the only don't have a real argument with. I guess i'm just picking during thompson so you have to quote unquote free safeties season to quote unquote strong safeties but it wouldn't surprise me one bit. They call frazier because they're familiar with them. He's a great special teams. Gala golden said so. That's pretty be much. That's one of the only spots that i say is true. Toss up for me everywhere else. I can make some kind of an argument for one guy or the other but but that one i either way with so i think there's a different direction sticking guests africa you obviously there's a lot of different directions can go so i wouldn't be surprised and went which sporadic take i agree. I agree. That's that's it fifty three guys. We went through mall. We'll go through them. One more time. Dak prescott prescott cooper rush. Tony piler jordan chun alfred morris. Jimmy's hawalli murray cooper lifestyle randall cobb cave on austin devon smith cedrick wilson jason witten blake jarwan dot and shorts tyran smith zack martin travis frederick connor williams allow collins joe looney cameron fleming brandin knight exhibitors sue feel demarcus lawrence maliki collins antoine woods tristan hill thorns armstrong christian covington kerry a higher tyrone crawford taco charlton joe jackson latent vander ash jaylen smith sean lee joe thomas justin march justin phillips phillips byron jones job a woozy anthony brown jordan lewis donovan a lumber c._j. Goodwin exhibit your woods jeffey keiron frazier donovan wilson brett maher chris jones l. p. this year. That's it fifty three guys looking back at this. We get so lucky. Knock on wood that nothing happens in between now and he's in but you don't have any other than zeke elliott not holding out all of your studs so far are looking like they're going to be on the fifty three man roster at the start of the year in that's that's huge when you start the season with with all of your you know your your all your early players either the one that are healthy and ready to deploy. I think that's a huge huge huge huge confidence boost for this team because also takes for tyron smith to to towards a._c._l. L. a. mark again. You got some guys that are paying but it sounds like they're all gonna be brave for week one and that that's really a huge confidence booster heading into week one. You guys got anything else. Get out of here. Quick covered it well. We're out because this is the last podcast cast preseason next time you hear from us we will be into the regular season regular season football be upon us. We will know the fifty three man roster. We will have more clarity on the ezekiel elliot situation. We'll be ready for the new york giants baby because we will just be a few days away from the first week of the regular season the next time you guys here. Thank thank you so much for joining us tonight. We're talking to star. I'm connor livesey dot miller coal patterson blogging and boys had a lot of fun. This offseason can't wait for the regular season kickoff golf and we will see you guys then we are talking to star <music>. Hi medically editor in chief of eater. I'm daniel janine up producer here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from the biggest names names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. It's really fun time so i would say subscribe to eaters digest for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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