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BlackAF - Kenya hate what you love?


Greetings friends and lovers when not usually the type to preempt the show with a warning? 'cause we usually super nasty and you're used to us this way. If you follow us on the socials or in other places that you probably shouldn't be following US I recently had my wisdom teeth removed or at least two of them. The other two is still on the run so as not would say this is a cell. Vesta warning because Katie Silvestre. Mcshane might pop up in this episode. So there's a trigger warning and let's get onto your howdy friends in law this welcome back to your reference and got your host. Katie and get ready to pop lock at the mandatory hip hop class. Because it's so hip hop girl this week we're covering Hashtag like AF I think actually go to Hashtag in its name. Does even though wikipedia seems to not be able to compete that so it's just black AF on wikipedia com. Welcome friends and lovers Let's just quickly get into the stats. This recently came out just a month ago. Really so in April of Twenty Twenty. It comes from the mind. Grapes of Kenya. Barris and we definitely WanNa talk a little bit about Sir Barris come and fight McQueen knighthood. I guess we'll see And then we also have repeat. It's essentially Jones Kenya Barris. And then they have. An ensemble cost A whole slew of actors. If you're playing for your reference drinking game not I still waiting for those stitches to disappear. Where is up to you? Friends and lovers But Yeah Wow wow iowa well we Binged it over a weekend? The weekend that it came out right we did Let's get into the part of the show where we talk about. How First Impressions? This can encapsulate Quite a lot black AF Obviously not one hundred percent but it reminded me of master of non way. Each episode had a particular theme. That was covered. So we're definitely going to explore a lot of the themes that were introduced into the Shire but even in first impressions like Let's talk about Kenya. Barris have you ever come across in before I just recently found out that he was co Creator? Tyra BANKS FOR AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL And then obviously no. He has a whole suite of issues Like mixed ish Goat on you if you're lucky Let's let's get into First Impressions I guess if you WanNa talk about You know any sort of impressions you have about embarrass and sort of flavoring. Peppering frame of referencing Shaded earns and I guess the show in general so initially. I thought can you. Barry's lady okay. And this was during the American top model days. Also you actually knew. His name was positive everywhere. So can you probably walking with Tara? I am sorry can you? Barry did you picture mad- Orman just you just imagine you're great. Strong country has a woman. And you kind of take credit full Kenya success because his name is plays a huge success. You're not going to say anything bad about him. No the high around. How does the hierarchy work like right at the top and then can you barriers? A whole lot of people lived Kenya. Okay all right all right. Good good so so. There's some way to work their way up there. There's definitely a low way to go for him to reach Obama status. Oh totally Oh definitely and Charlotte to Obama. You're not listening to us. Oh I came across his then. I didn't really pay too much attention. And then when blackish came out I started watching it and I still watch it up till now does it now. I think it's six season. It's not the greatest thing is definitely watchable. And some of the sort of qualms that have the blockage sort of made the way into Blocker F. Okay we're watching this out tally. All I think I've seen this in blackish already and it just kind of semi a back. Because may you're giving a different platform. Just do something different. Yeah I guess for the people who don't really know blockage. This is a new audience and you net net flicks. So it's quite understandable and it's based off his life as his sade many many many times but I think people are just unsatisfied with his answer. I guess there's a difference between being clear in your Onta and not accepting what the answer is. Yeah because I think people expect slightly more definitely things in Kiev and to me his his at least regardless of how he's sort of at least people are trying to portray him as a one trick pony. He's doing something that he's sort of an and if it's based off his life fair enough yeah. You can't really criticize. Anyone says everything. He's doing his best of his life. Because that's all he knows Kudos Fair enough. I'm going to just is you for that. Yeah so we've seen a lot of A. He's getting to not really into that because at least for me. He's one of the block creators out there doing stuff. But I think there's also a distinction that because you know we have a lovely array at some red copy. I think it was a Golden Globes. Say she's just going to root for everyone that's black right which is super cute. Which is a great sort of sentiment? But then there's also another component of yes we can. We can say how we truly feel about it if we not necessarily love it but also at the same time. I guess holding each other accountable in a way we can. I feel like this is what I think would got into this in one episode later by he speaks to this in blockade. He does call this sort of issue where you get sort of two levels of what together facade around any sort of block creation out. There and Toronto breakthrough is what a simple straightforward as you might like and there's a lot of nuances around that and it's delegates delegates object and whatever it is that you put out to the world just know there's like two layers to it because when you when he meets a. I personally as a blockbuster and not watch it out. Have my glasses and accept that I'll have is towards anything. A blockbuster thousand creates you also talk about black tax. I give blocked extra any sort of thing. Blockbuster grits because Fox aches me you made by being able to make it. You have made it well. Why false personally as was like. Oh I okay but the first few episodes I enjoyed up until I think he went up but it was good. It was sort of funny until episode six eight. That's quite a good track. How good laugh in that and a solo reminded me of what modern family if had a sort of diverse cost? Look like he's modern family. Just finished right. I if you've listened to the cost I don't watch a lot of either. I tried to keep my plate with the same sort of flavorings I like to rewatch shows instead of branching out and having more quantity But in saying that I DID WATCH MODERN FAMILY. I think at least two seasons but essentially I off an ot continuing to watch it for a lot longer than he needed to. You even dropped off somewhere To us six so with my limited knowledge and a bit more TS knowledge. We watched the last episode of modern family and literally. Nothing changed a. It could have been anywhere throughout the time. Line like literally aside from them getting older. Just nothing happened it. Just breckenridge had way more character development. Both than they did some off some development. Yeah their character was developing on each other. Not If you put thought in there can I say my mom had a heart attack when they changed the active Ridge because obviously he's in the wall when we start our earn gossip channel spilling the OT but for now. Let'S GET BLACK UP GETS. Let's get back to black Well I guess maybe go through my first impressions I actually didn't know. Can You barris co-created America's next top model unless I'm obsessed with something I don't really watch interviews read credits and that sort of thing? So I didn't really know I knew blackish was around. I think like if you'd be watching it I would be like I'll just like dip in and out but I wouldn't really watch black Domingo. Yeah call it's and then I felt like I felt like out of nowhere. It's sprouted those spin-offs shores Saint Martin's quite big. Little was cute meeting I I've never really been familiar with Kenya. Maris's sort of filmography all any any sort of his work I remember recently lane away was on instagram live. It might have been for twenty finale but she was on instagram. Live for whatever reason And she was talking about. Can you barris saying the first time that Kenya totally in a way that he was going to be acting in the lead of the show? She was confused because she knows Kenya and she couldn't see him in that sort of role so I thought that was quite interesting but yeah. I really didn't know anything about so. I know a lot of a disgruntlement. No I like Qantas go back to. Kwan's a low the qualms that people have is. It's recycling like it's the same people saying the same sort of characters the same sort of story lines. You know the same sort of family models and that sort of thing being copied and pasted right black ish like a F- Even Maris's admits does well. If we do get time later on in the episode I do want to explore the whole concept of people doing the same shit over and over and when it's okay when it's not okay but Leslie that to the side because We obviously have a lot to go through just talking about black AF. In general I fucking loved it I also love insecure. GonNa stalkers was episode. If you want to know what rated insecure but I feel like recently not just like black shirts but just shows in general not even just people have called just shows in general of very self aware. Sometimes it can it can swing to the pendulum or being super PC and super preachy And it just becomes to work for you man And sometimes it can also swing to the other side of the pendulum or some people might argue is the same side of the pendulum where it's disingenuous right and by not wanting to offend anyone. You're not necessarily saying anything all. You're not really contributing anything. That's new in the sort of dialogue right and you know in in this sort of time in these shows that we have we have a very conscious sort of penmanship in regards to these shores. Sometimes like I said sometimes it is grading in its heavy-handed SORTA managing but I don't feel like black AF was sharp. I feel like black AF. If you allow it to not to say you haven't but if you allow black af into your heart cockles. It can really resonate in many ways. I guess I think some of it are really took his tongue in cheek as well. Oh yes so. Because it's not I didn't take it is Kenya Bar is trying to portray the whole block community as this. Because that's what he was trying to do at least from my perspective. Yes the name is called a block Af. I didn't take it literally as black label will be like this or black people alike. This yeah so in many ways I think most of the qualms once he removed that sort of via away from it. Then you could truly start to understand what he's trying to do and enjoyed for what it is. I also think it's it's an interesting story because it's not it's not just that. Kenya Barris is black. It's also that he's creative. It's also that is super super mega successful. We're not talking about someone that contributes to the bake sale like these characters are fucking rich right and they they will squander it or they will thrive in it however they want to To that painting right but like it's not so I be that sort of family sitcom right. This is a sample size of an exaggerated. Sort of Kenya. Says Life a successful creator? Right whether you indulge whether you enjoy is a whole another question. But this is a little micro aspect into his world from the block so it's completely you will not be able to a lot of the things you won't be able to hide. WanNa say reason because that's too strong of a word because he can really with a lot of things in the selling me. Words mean things. Wow just like I don't know why people digging so big on offense on this and I feel like we just need to start delving into the episode and then we can start truly truly understanding and exploring the modern sort of meanings into episodes so. Let's dive into the episode before we do that. I do just want to say one thing shots to Ti. You don't need any sort of Ad Time in apple cost but his podcast expeditiously He recently did an interview with Ken. Barris and like I said because I don't know much about him outside of black AF and that interview Was everything that he was saying. And that podcast into be wasn't anything you which I would say is a compliment. I really. I really like Kenya. Barra's approach he's very Transparent he is very forthcoming. He's very clear in the messaging and the experiences that he wants to share. And I felt like that was interwoven. Perfectly throughout black AF agree so I guess you know. Maybe that's a qualm that you have. Maybe it's not nuanced enough for you but I just liked what he calls a square square holiday and and I guess that's contributing to his success as well Let's off with the first episode. There's obviously a lot of set up that needs to happen In regards to the world I think it might also be interesting just as we continue this discussion. Not is if you felt like. You've watched this already. Because I think June team was also celebrated in Blackish as well so feel free to pepe that in add that to the seasonings of Foia Reference Discussion So the way that we have. This documentary mockumentary. Sorta style being set up is a Going to film school and Kenya so extra that he gets this amazing pretty much. Tv Kerr four her to film all of this and we see somebody sort of instances. I think a lot of the things that really rung true to me was just washing Kenya. Like even at the start where they had the car and he was flexing There are quite a lot of things that are introduced in the first episode and and and it was quite interesting because it you see him rolling up his car sporty car and whatever Korean remember make. You could tell you the interaction with the white person that you know how people deal with money differently or yes and I think they did that. Quite well agreed. Agreed like this has been a slew of black men who became wealthy for second lost. It all okay. Yeah because they just didn't know how to handle money and I think that's one of the things once stock accepting that's a reality and that's a fact of life then. We can stop progressing. I think one of the things that he said in interview was that this is a of generation where people with money to come in and no. There's no handbook for that because previously resolve. Whether you like you know those a lot of oppression so this is all sort of new territory because the slavery because of celebrity. It's only territory whether you lock you to fucking on. That's the base fat. So it's uncharted territory and people once you leave you live with anything and you're living on crops and once you get a taste of people then it gets. It's easy for it to get to. You had yeah but I think also at the same time like I'm sure white people by superfluous things they are like. I Dunno sex dungeons yachts like what the fuck rich white people get agreed. It's all of those Sort of interesting things because he get people like MC Hammer who was so bigger than audio nineties and then a few months later all year later his fucking bankrupt in July. What how does how does this even come to be? Yeah because you think of all of the. All of the touring yeah. I'm sure there will sort of merchandise for those pants. Time friend the loves exactly as as a Delicious COUPLE THAT. Don't have kids. It's fun and it's refreshing hearing Kenya. Just the character on TV sags or how their kids are. Because I'm sure all of the lovely post that you have of your kids on social media is true but I'm sure they fucking assholes as well you just. I lived and died every time. Can you said something? His kids especially the two sons. All you will quite some lovely moments there. I'm the second episode kind of focuses more on I Guess Papa Mali at a festival so we have Kenya and all service shade. His character Joya going to a music festival and also seeing Khloe there as well. So chloe is the oldest of the children she also wanted to go to film school but then she changed to do marketing. I believe Sir you know she's still trying to figure out where all with a with a died opping purple hair. Yes with the boyfriend So it's interesting to see that and I definitely want to talk more about chloe as a character But there's a notion of should they even be at the festival so you have Joya fully dancing all the mandatory hip hop classes a paying off? She's doing all of the dance news right at the front of the festival. Oh for sure and I guess what sort of Dame's introducing this as well as the sort of duality in terms of how block especially gulls young girls a perceived when they do stuff on social media as to what the over sexualization yeah like the expertise to be grownups or they're seen as grownups when essentially just kids. Yeah yeah so I think. Luckily he tried to cover a lot of important things and for all his for all the qualms you can have at least. He's trying to get these messages out and you could always give Kudos to him and I think it was done really well. I really appreciate it. How they set up. The show was like a mockumentary. Soda Style. Kenya Barry kind of get a sense of what his character is going to be. Throughout the shirt and it's it's used very well because the messaging that they use through the show is either through Kenya's exasperated sort of Soliloquy Or It's through voice overs from dreher with the documentary and it's definitely important to choose the vehicle of your messaging especially if it's going to be something so heavy as slavery or the Sexualization of underage blackouts and definitely needs to be done in a way that makes sense. That isn't out of place and I really appreciated the structure of this show And we see chloe and Merman with chloe and Kenya Trying to figure out which one of them's high. It was an interesting. What is interesting? It must be ought to be apparent men for sure. And can you have six kids in real life? Wow that's true. That's a lot of kids to ignore you but yeah definitely. There are a lot of things I explored through this show and I really appreciate the format in which he comes in. Yeah me too. I let speed on over to episode three so the two main themes I guess if you want to have June taint as well the three main themes in this episode Dream Team Talking about the dance video with the daughter Izzy and then also the hygiene between the sons the menace to society reference. Norse and we love reference. We do love good reference. Take another shot friends and lovers. Do you know much about June eighteenth. Now I think the time hot about June teams in Block Ish. So apparently you. You're the only person that celebrates at I. Guess I don't know I think I think the solve of target would be different from. Let's say blackish being on ABC talk with Netflix streaming slightly young audience. Yeah you can listen. The BRA straps on Netflix. Yeah Interesting Again. I watch black ISH So it was all quite new to me Little about easy Who's the third daughter? I don't really know where they fit in regards to ages. I'm pretty sure Kenya doesn't know either so I'm safe But it is correct. I felt was like not necessarily apply the vice but she was kind of whatever she needed to be. She didn't really have a character. She was first introduced as really tough. And all everyone including being afraid of her but then not to say you can't but then she was dressed up really girly as well. So it's I'm not saying you can't be tough girly but like their archetypes and she kind of fulfiled a few of them So it was kind of confusing but anyway so she is found off. Can we say Ching? But we can't say that if they're underage is I feel like a hoot is more of like sophisticated mature. Sorta British acre which. You don't need to look at me so intensely. We will get to the hoochy festivities after this episode. But I'm telling. Ya and I said it in in between his episode. You could not pay me enough to be a teenager again. Fucking Hill magin being like a teenager or like a young adult. I think whistle. You know when young adults you would see us in the young adult section of your bookstores if they still exist but yeah like social media is essentially an integral component to your personality. If you are a youth these days it's insane. I will not be able to live in the Sierra as as as a teenager. Yes sorry to hold onto your same juniper berries. The Black Mirror reference loves another NETFLIX shirt. Yeh I guess there's a lot of complexity around the sexualization of black holes which we also talked about In the second episode and this this much in there and I I really like the way that they did and it kind of brought is close to joy as well and we start to and that's where she actually shared that you know. She was asked by her best friend. Who's boy that? She shouldn't be coming to the sleeper of his anymore And I obviously You know I'm Brown and at some point. I was religious so I was I was I was locked away from the opposite sex so I didn't have if you want to be real. I didn't really have any friends but if I did if I did a friends that I didn't imagine they were female So I don't really know what it's like to have had young friends go through that transitionary. Hey Go boobs now like does it become a weed and I guess he became weird for because the kid like we should put Brown. Now I think and that made the whole situation lot of different. And that's why she was like yeah. I'm not going to be going to any more sleepovers which is fair enough. So it's sort of. I don't know if in my day we never really talk about these things so I didn't have boobs. Talk just looked yes. And then you went. You went in solving crimes. Came percents but again Adolescents is is well within our review of life on the to compare that that we have In the third episode is addressing the hygiene. Now this is the Minister Sergey reference. Yes it is and I really liked it. I really liked because boys occurs most adult males. Gross I don't know if you will one of them or if you had family members or friends just funky just stanky kids. That don't wash their ask. Well in quarantine a reason just what your hands everything else yikes live to the gods the gods out of order. They're going out to get lunch then then not available At the moment but it was fun. It was fun seeing them. They kind of didn't really have much dimension to them. Yeah they didn't like those just too subtle of comedy relief if that funnier appreciations ventures or not is more interactions between Kanye in Gioia and Dra to most the most part though I really captivating and the show yeah I don't know I I enjoyed the little hijinks. Even though they were kind of Fila like there was no canon about them. No let's move onto episode four so the big sort of component in episode four is about being Fatah not as being a father for being a black president father and how they don't get any praise. There's a lot of praise for Black mothers but not necessarily black fathers. Yeah Y- fair enough like I duNno in Kenya. There's not really much solve ceremonial praised father's day or at least growing up our father's day and everyone will be like yeah mother's Day. It'll all be this sort of fanfare and sort of everyone would go out of the way to make them feel special which they should and and not not. Mama About Fathers Day. The only time I used to give my daughter president was during his birthday. Yeah but even then jumps off after Harare sadly soul. Yeah but I think of when I think obviously there's a historical context about African American Fathers Right. And that's that's more concisely. What's being addressed in black AF? Yeah Yeah agreed. Like there's this sort of statistical view of how African American fathers? Aw I we in not thus econ speak to that and of course as with the stereotypes hauch it. So I'm just coming from a an angle of I can see a point where in my culture. We never really did sort of celebrate our fathers in that way a- and it's just become more sort of recent thing that we consciously now trying to do more forefathers than it was back then what about you. I think it would be the same thing with you as yes. Thank you for speaking on behalf of me. Welcome I appreciate it and welcome otherwise be able to say. Let's let's just leave that to the imagination. This episode also says on him taking on the role of the coach. This was not some sort of inspirational buyer. Pick of Kim being the coach and they all win the cop and go home He was terrible at it and we knew preemptively he was going to be terrible at it. May Imagine Your Father Coaching your sports team growing up true if I did support. Let's move onto the episode. Which I think we're going to have a lot to talk about. The the big sort of crocs in episode five was off to watching a particular black film. Kenya sakes out on his feedback. How HONEST GONNA BE? I'm pretty sure this is where we get the coal with a lot of well beloved Directors creatives writers in the Industry Right So this a lot of components. We also have todd per taller per In here as well So there's quite a lot to cover in episode five right so let's pick a just generally so we have. It is not lost on me that Kenya. The one that has qualms and his criticizing in particular film also has the same sort of feedback given to him. It's not lost on me. I do understand the Meta sorta that were operating in But it was very interesting to see because there's a lot of conversation about again I go back to my lady love. Each day is is. It was supporting everything because it's created by black people only supporting it to the point where we're offering nuts. We're offering feedback so that we can all rise together right. 'cause there's differences. It's I'm accepting you as you are or let's work together. Let's get better together. But why should he be mutually exclusive? I can I can support you just because like hey but we could also make notes and be better but then everyone gets a golden stop. No you don't get a golden style. We know walk on improving on what you've created or your creative process we accept you. We accept the effort. We acknowledge it. We appreciate it repot. Its head and shake hands and that we now start a process outside of peering is in just within the community on how can improve it. But I guess that's also the thing as well like black cinema and I guess just in general Non Straight wight Hetero stories on new to the industry so if we want to continue if we want to nurture these stories does that mean we like you say give black tax give it a woman tax give it a person of color tax because it managed to create itself into fruition. Do we do we do. We praise it for the fact that it's been created and when we get to a point where you know where where we all saying. Moore I used to love the word diversity but When we get the whole point of more diversity and more stories being told because they're interesting not just because we think people will understand them from the job right where do where do we lie in that sort of pendulum. Because if you if I guess if you're just watching a random movie and call it trash then that's fine that's not really going to affect anything but if black cinema is still trying to get to the point where it's not even like we've got one nominee we don't need like even when parasite like we've made met corridor like seeing any sort of foreign film win. Best pitcher again. You know what I mean like like where. Where do we stand do we do? We do? We give feedback and do we grow or do we only let quality in like I get it. I understand the sort of nuances that it's very delegate and I think when I remember growing up you'll even that long ago we will not enough block. Directors people of Color off directors producers. That are doing this shit and then now when you're getting them all like just icing them because they'll walk is up to standard whatever you think. Quality or perfection is. Just HANG ON T. I'm calling my best friend Basis I'm ordering a big mirror up. Fear you no but seriously. How are you expected to grow and improve? If you're not checking out these things on a regula can only improve and grow from your failures. Jer or your perceived failures true. So if you're not trying to get putting yourself out there you can never be better at least now getting directly getting fucking block directors. Doing this shootout here. And how? How can they get there if they're not being rated as high if they're getting bad reviews and I guess that's the thing you need you need to stuff from want. Some dot puzzle opens the door. Then at least you know. It's not outside the realm of possibility for for a young person. They're thinking hey if this bus and made this movie Imam critical success but he bit put their bloody guts out to do it. Then who am I not to also pursue this sort of growing up? I watch a lot of blocks Ingham. If you WANNA call it that and I gravitated so much. Was this sort of count environment. Where a lot of the sort of stuff I was watching his thought and to me it felt as if I was supporting supporting the clause because it will it felt more possible to me and it felt nice knowing that this came from some. Who fucking looks like me? So yeah I just? It's just a bias within me. The old want them to succeed to godless. Yeah so if you're putting a walker and it's also the quality hey mate good. Of course they'll noise no fucking good and there's a way of saying it without putting them down saying this way of criticizing it so you could actually give them feedback can improve on rather than just to starting them. What is the weekend Kenya? Barry's came to the guy that was completely off. Just wrong at the panel dollars. Just completely. 'cause lane away was like yeah. I'm going to support you. And then when she saw the crowd you come out in your mind you call it. Sit there and there's a difference between You know setting someone aside and giving them a quiet word vocally announcing at the panel QNA. Yeah I think he is. The word pedestrian said pedestrian. Because a word that is very intentional. It's not a word that you just trip over. It's a very pointed words. Yeah that was definitely not our way that I would go about doing it at all. And you know it's interesting You know even with Elena wave in her most recent series twenties. She talks about this and there is that medicine is fear as well where you have had. These characters You know like pretty much just bagging on cocos butter. The show that she eventually spoiler. I guess That she eventually get work on. And the creator of the show. Says you need to learn not to shit on people. I'm paraphrasing right. Because it's a small community and we need to get through shit together and then she pointed to a tweet that how do you tweet years ago saying that the show is garbage right and now she's like trying to get a job at this shirt so it's interesting it's interesting? I think a very good example of this is fucking lovely wife her Thanksgiving episode on Master of None Chef kisses to none It was great. It was touching. It was amazing. I fucking like Lena Weights Energy in all of my places. Right fucking love but sometimes acquaintance. Same right You can listen to that episode like you can still love support someone but not necessarily be in love with what they might have created right not necessarily their whole filmography. But I think it's fine to have that but again how does he industry Gar if you'll knocking down creations just because you don't like them? Oh create your own niche berry in just go for do you ocean about Tyler Perry because I know I guess if you WanNa call a bandwagon we we have been privy to the old tyler. Perry jerk on the Foyer. Reference podcast And I think even just watching the show it really shed a lot of light and a newfound sort of respect for tyler. Perry because he's he's doing it unashamedly and he his hauling no handouts his his he knows his audience he knows what he's going what they like and what they don't like and he knows what mainstream likes and he's not targeting and his swine. I'm content. I will build my empire on this and ferrying off including some problems empire in every sense of the word. Yeah Yeah and you can't fault him because we wash a lot of military stuff and it's not been the best you can understand why people would like that and I don't like about try. Can you always try to tell them? I don't think it was this episode during the Barbecue with a with a family family. I think it's the same upset. Yeah they're talking about Asking them if washed Green Book. Like all about my Marshall Ali. Was it like oh no. He's not really watched. How they wanna man so the route ability of juryman and something that you like Green Book. Us You know critics will tell. Grim Book is a better movie but I enjoyed the hell out of German more than I did. Green Book because Greenberg. We had qualms under an episode that we never released. Yeah the pod God said was to mccallion day and it deleted it from our product is. But that's that's really interesting because there are different levels of viewership right and I think We have this with Joya she I think outside of Roscoe's chicken and waffles. I think it is. It was after the after they had watched the film Enjoy stick my like you guys. I just enjoy watching it. Yeah right and you can. Have you literally watch something just to watch something or you can watch it with a critical lens and I guess that's the difference right? And that's why Kenny was coming from because he was a lot. There were a lot of epiphanies who was having in this episode He thought it was straight out garbage right but then when he started talking to his family. He's like if if my if people that I love love this. Then who am I to say it's garbage right and then he wrongfully Verd- The wave went on the panel pedestrian right But th that's an interesting because it's not just is it good. Is it bad there are so many layers to this conversation and like does a Standard White Story Hetero Soda Story? Does that get the same? Sort of like scrutiny. Right or is is like those fine Ryan Reynolds was in it again. Fine I'M GONNA fight with Ryan Reynolds chooser fucking lane. Ugly people need some solace. Don't take comedy away from them right but it's a very interesting Conversation that is explored and it's obviously very relevant to our podcast because it talks about media talks about movies and whether or not something is good or not and you know you talked about quarantine and we still in this age if you will somewhere in the future and you're listening to this episode I guess just despair thoughtful us in the past and what we're dealing with right now but something that I've really come to discover. Is You know I used to really be like dismissive of this garbage you this? This isn't substantial enough but sometimes you want shit that isn't fucking deep like sometimes you just WanNa watch rush hour. Sometimes it's good just to have lighthearted hot warming. GimMe a tier if you like. GimMe juices and other places if you give me join a man. Oh my you hinting. What our next episode is. Aw Yes I am but it's an interesting conversation and it's a conversation that will continue to be had and what I fucking love about. Tyler. Perry is you know. He's not striving. For the Creme de la Creme which is an Oscar right maybe maybe the Oscars. We'll get to a point where it's not so institutionalized skewed in a particular sort of Nila if you're welcome Sort of frame of reference But until then people will continue to applaud wherever they see fit right. But Perry's like screw you guys. I'm building a studio. I'm creating Martin content and I'm GONNA fuck higher out my studios to create your Oscar Bait Movie Bates so Kudos to him like He. He's off he's doing his own thing. Man and this episode. Just sort of revalidated important. He is to the culture. Yeah and I know I know. They're a discussion and their arguments to say that You Know Uh Tyler. Perry can be dangerous because if people didn't know any better I have people didn't try to know any better that they will just assume that this is what people are like right and I feel like we need to move away from that shit like just generally like if you all worried about what people are. GonNa think because they watch your shirt like. Why is it the earnest responsibility on the New York right? It's just like The parents of calling the FCC on family guy and it's like why are you let your five year old? What's Family Guy de Dick Jokes in there right dangerous on another animated adult? Sure but you know what I mean like. It's I feel like in twenty two twenty we at a point where we want to consume and we want we want to understand stories. That are not necessarily our you know And sometimes it's important to give some sort of exposition and sometimes there are some references. Will sometimes there are some stereotypes that can lean on or the viewer can lean on and not necessarily know otherwise but why is that why is he ernest on people like that aren't the viewers? That's what I'm not understanding. Great Luck it's a balancing act for shoal and whatever it is you're putting out regardless of how much owners to be on the view. The Creator Steel. Our responsibility all the sort of message trying to send out like we just call her the hunt. Recently we saw the director sort of backtracked while he was trying to do like fucking. Hell may own you shit. Yeah you know what you've put up on so it's A. It's a fine balance where there's definite responsibilities on both and if it's all new flavor may just watch it and that's all. I can say on that really. I just want to cover a character before. We just close off the series Let's talk about Broadway. So this is this is really interesting because Kenya garysinisefoundation talks about you know. There are a lot of famous people that have their homeboys grown up with since forever and no one really knows how they're contributing or whether whether they helping they have any job or any sort of But always around. I understand you need people from all who knew before. Yeah and those are usually people you can trust and fair enough. We've seen a lot of famous people in law people who've made it to also famous. Who still have their boys from The days where the way younger and that's all you can rely on. That's you support right there. Yeah so it's understandable and there was a there was a a dock soda jerk that possibly He killed someone for Kenya. They'll do shit anything for you. And how somehow Broadway is never seen his kid. Interesting just Just interesting but let's let's cloth the series on the next episode also touches on Russia's character Joya trying to get back into her career and I think this is quite an interesting sort of fame as well because the way it's set up in the show is. Joya was the breadwinner for a long time substantially And that was because Kenya was trying to get his writing career off the ground. But then there's a shift and Kenya Barris becomes very very successful and is overwhelmingly bringing in a lot of money right. And then there's the added layer of Gioia having complications in pregnancy. Where she almost died. And the I. It seems as though there was a shift and it was never really addressed And I think it's quite interesting the way that they exploded in the shark because You Know Alberti. We've been around since the dinosaurs and I think Sometimes in in in your life when things get so fucking busy you forget that your like your your your relationship with someone is ever-growing right. You can't just let your relationship set on autopilot for five years and be like yeah. I'll check on you in five years. Time like relationships. Don't work like that the way people feel the way people think you know even with your own sense of self. You probably argue within yourself so you need to constantly recalibrate with your partner and it seems like there was a discombobulation somewhere offshore between them to I don't know how pointed. They decided for this but Kenya seemed very shop. He didn't seem to want to understand what joy was going through emotionally. He thought it was just like it was just her and yeah it was just. He was bringing in more money. And that's such a simple sort of factor that but it's no emotionally. She was such a strong independent woman onto to go back to that exactly and he thought that she was just happy to lap. It up. Yeah was just wearing off because when I came here is hot shit all you know I. It was hard and you know the struggle is quite real until you sort of. Stop getting the money into contribute really into the relationship financially. Then it's sort of. It's not really just an ego thing. No it's in a sense of whether it's whether it's literal power or whether it's perceived power but like financial soda burdens is a real thing just because your earning more or Armani more. It doesn't really matter. We both want to be in a position where we both feel that. We're bringing something volleying financially to the table. Well you say at least feel some sort of independence. Oh yeah and I definitely like resonate with that and I think very early on in the podcast Sort OF EPISODES. I mentioned this but like I had a problem with you. Buying me stuff when we first started dating like to the point where. I would actually get frustrated that you would even think that I would want something you know what I mean. It's just not my love language guys but really an this is some real life shit right and I guess it's just understanding each other not understanding by me not wanting or accepting your gift that that was hurtful as well like that's that recalibration that I was talking about. You know what I mean. And it seemed like they'd gone so far they achieve so much you know. It's that constant sold check in you need to have with your partner And then that kind of turns into a QC reuniting In Fiji also we thought it turned out quite nice at the end. Well the end bought the reasons of going there was sort of not the best it was it was sort of. I don't know something. Something with Kenya just loves talking about separation and I feel like it was really sort of heavy handed in blockage because it hit me out of nowhere like blackish is sort of escape just sort of showing goal family. Just sit around. I'm walk come in blackish and they just wanted to say that. Just teed off its get your lost out of the way done than he brings his sort of heavy topic. I'm like WHOA and unfussy like I'm watching the correct figure. Just checking the INFO to say. Oh yes this is blackish what is going on. Yeah and same with this. I was like ood episodes after the six started getting really heavy. Yeah and that's why I think he lost me a bit and I was like This is not really the show that we started with. Yes it's impartial staff bought. It felt really dark to document. Necessarily yes like. He wanted to put it in there but it wasn't as it wasn't as perfectly stitched. Yeah the other Soda Themes Yeah it just reminded me of Mosser of non as well because you would have episodes had very distinctive themes and then they just decide to focus on narrative but again you said it came up and blackish precise it was important for him to include. It seems like it's an important sort of topic for him and he wants to put it out Which is fair enough but thank you friends and lovers. Thank you for joining us on this expedition. Kenya barriers. That is yeah and you know. I'm only Kenyan to your. Barry's I one of us to dissolve Calvillo said that while we will preparing for this episode and I said it's good. You didn't say that on the podcast because I work react to it do that anyway. The biggest mall in your face. We are not. We're not calibrating right now. Disconnect forever But thank you so much for joining us. Another week in the foyer reference household Hopefully you've enjoyed it. There was a Lotta huffing and puffing All around you know what it was a great. It was a great eight episodes. It was I enjoyed it. I found it funny too seriously. Stung in Jake. Most of it enjoyed it. And you know frame of reference obviously plays a big role in to your perceived your actual enjoyment fucking loved. It really really enjoyed it. Will I watch black ish? Nah I really enjoyed black AF. Let's finish off in a segment. We call for your offense causes no surprise to you. Watch blackish has Anthony Anderson Tracy Ellis Ross. Need I say more? It's fucking it's it's all right. It's what you will do before I get to my references. I forgot to his Just mentioned how they were having the super super creatives coal And how it was on the call as well and Kenya Barris it. Not Everything has to be historically. That's all now for my historical references. I will reference to Mosser of non Muslims non because I didn't really say Mosser of non all black AF as an actual TV show. I think I would classify them as thematic sketches. They have a purpose. They have a theme and they get explored beautifully And the second show that I will. Reference is twenty s because I love lean away do And that is it for us ref. As who thought that. I would be the no Kanji. Wanted to set aside on new thicker in excess. I'll try to say fuck. You know where else you can fuck on twitter and instagram. All fucked me You're going to keep that in his twitter and instagram. We offer your part you could radisson Abiola Hello F bonkers dot com or you. Give US radio PODCASTS. And we'll see you guys next week yeah.

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