Cassandra's Revenge MID-SEASON FINALE review (Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure)


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Cassandra's revenge on big mid season finale. There was an episode and episode for the books. Wouldn't you say oh I would say but before we get into it? Let's do a little catching up. What's up with your life. I am going to take the final firm. I J term class this week and I'm flying back to university. My break is sadly coming to an end in a few days. Thought time. That's all I have to say. Welcome back to the real world. Come join us. I'm so sad I'M GONNA MISS. My little puppy so much. No little babies were flying back to school. But I'm going to be driving back home coming from school. Have my second ICE Rhodri. Yea well good to see you then and we to celebrate his birthday together. So that'll be fun. Well not fun for you because you have surgery but any less offensive surgery so I think all of the thankful for what I can get Our auntie said don't tell got his son know when uncle has done. She said that it went really well and he could like opened his eye with an hour so laser his doctor. The doctor said that I'm going to have to wear a patch for the first day so I don't think all the opening the I can i. Can I call you? Pirate Pete if you so choose can I call you horace? I mean the Free Country Intel cast comes and takes it over. That is so. Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns okay. Speaking of the Hud's I'm really excited about the new Milan movie coming out the trailer. Really good okay. Now they've got that way CASSANDRA's revenge. is the double-leg midseason finale. It was written by Ricky Roxburgh and story boarded by Anna. Leoni Caitlyn Ridder Windy Sullivan and Kuni. Tomita and it was directed by Tom. Caulfield and Shane's Alvin it. Also features two new original songs from Alan Menken. Ooh So let's Start by kind going through and talking about what we thought so. The episode opens up with this really beautiful like instrumental music. It's a lovely day birds chirping and flying over the city and then at least I know I paused for you. You interrupted me go ahead. I just loved the opener and the song so much. It was just a tangled tangled at. It's finest and you better tell everyone where you watched this episode so that I can publicly. Shame you for it. I wash my own guys. I've a very very nice screen. And it's not super small phone and the we I live out in the country and my phone gets better connection than my laptop so That's why I have to watch on my phone. I don't accept that. No one should ever watch anything longer than like a ten minute youtube video on their phone if you are someone who watches like a full length. Tv Like hour-long special or a movie on your phone. There is something wrong with you. Well someone's screaming. Lord Judgmental Today The opening song we start right off with the girl who has everything I thought it was a pretty nice on. It wasn't super memorable like I don't really remember how it goes but I do remember what it was about. And it was a good song to set up. You know that proposals the super privilege. Princess has everything she's ever wanted. I loved how she was doing her art and like the art was coming to life during the saw it was just so magical and I just love the opener. All the color is in disrepair like back in her positive like mindset being so happy and laid off but it was definitely like wow I can see why cast like has a bone to pick with you yes. It wasn't important song to set up. How costs about it and Since we learned last episode it's been months since all the Castro. The happened makes sense while pencils back to normal sunny so yeah there was a light in the song that I thought was kind of funny. Because it almost sounded like S- I mean kind of sounded like she was friends. Doni new gene in a way even though they're like obviously dated and stuff but it was just kind of funny 'cause she was like. Oh I love all my friends especially you gene. Like he was just a friend and I just made me laugh a little bit because I was like but sounds like he's not really the like more important to you than regular friend who was just. Kinda funny and I love. She had one of her and her mom and her aunt and I loved it when she and her aunt got to have a dry together. I missed that spunky aunt so I was glad they included her in the beautiful portraits. I'm glad you mentioned that because I wrote that down to is like the two. I really liked with ant. And then the one with red and angry and Eugene lands and how at first they were like enemies and then they were friends. I love how animations that she was Illustrating just Kinda came to life two. It was really cool and then I really like the thing I like most about the song is that lady Old Lady. Crawley apparently heard it and kind of hums to herself as she's walking down the hallway. Yeah that was pretty funny and then you gene to confront her and ask. She thinks it's the right time to propose and she says that she's Eugene is not her time I love how Eugene is so So nervous about it. Because he's been turned down twice now that he will literally ask Old Lady Crawley just to give himself some more confident he has no idea. If it's the right time this point yeah and like you and I totally called the proposal things like I think I can't remember. I know he predicted that. What of them would propose again in the next episode before the season's over and I was right for Rapunzel was thinking of proposing herself so I was. I was happy that we kind of predicted that a little bit and I think it was really cool that she wanted to propose on his birthday. Twist that she was. GonNa do it because I mean after turning him down twice. It is kind of on her. I feel like He. Honestly it's the NFL of a weird move for him to propose a third time after being turned down twice. I feel like I feel like you should get the hint that it's going to have to be heard to make the next move after you know getting turned down but and I kind of love it. 'cause I think repentance it'd be a little bit untraditional and be like yes. I want to ask you now Just kind of turned the tables on him. And it's funny because in our family There's been three different women in my family who have proposed to their spouse so I thought it was kind of funny but yeah I liked. Tally was having her make kind of that. Fido move be like. Hey we need to tie this. Not so yeah. What did you think of the ring she picked up? I thought it was really cool Then after that little intro song cuts away and shows US CASS and she has finally arriving at Coronas borders and she's got a cool new outfit. Yes her cool are is made from the Block Rock. So it's super durable. But I have to wonder exactly how She moves in it if it's made from rock. It's like flexible rock. I wonder how how like how come the is that. Like when she's sitting down she's literally sitting on a rock. I also loved like Eugene's Dad being back that he was still there and Republicans. Like so worried about Eugene. Finding out about The surprise party. She's planning because the dad let her know what day is actual birthday was and how he's actually turning and he's like. I didn't even think about it around him just to make sure that he wouldn't signed down the crazy crow. Dodd is back in his still. Has that quirk where he says what he's thinking like when he's like okay. Come to hi Fi Frederick. Yeah he's such a such a silly billy he in Frederick would get along really nicely now. That Frederick loosened up a bit My goodness I wonder. I wonder when his crow crow ever lays an egg about Frederick's GonNa Steal it his collection you won't have to steal it. He'll just the criminal. Just give it to them coming back to when they were trying to keep you gene for Friday. Doubt about the party and stuff. I love That landslide caught on so quick to repentance. Hint like Oh get him out of here. Give him like a a list to do for this fake party that were like coming up with. Keep him from finding out the real deal and lance was just so funny about his his list and like getting everything on less exactly right and it was just really funny. I really enjoyed that little moment. They had together. I was a little confused on. If that was a list of things. They actually need it or was it just a random list that she had lying around just randomly. I'm pretty sure it was actually for the party because I thought I saw some like a few of the items were party related like balloons or something but then almost it was like singer Song. Well maybe maybe she anticipated having to get Eugene out of the way and so she wrote it up ahead of time. Maybe it may be. So what do you think about the kind of the setup for the episode being that it's Eugene Party? I liked it. I like that. You Gene Eugene he no. He loves talk about himself. And so it was like the cake was of his face and everything I thought that was so funny And it was really really interesting how they all hung up about his age. Yeah that'd be so interested. I thought I was wondering how you feel about that because we always talk about how funny their age gap is in. He confirms that he is officially twenty six today. His really feeling his age. He's like wow. I mean imagine scary. That'd be to realize like your your life like your days are already so numbered and then being like wow. I have a whole less year of life than I thought I would have. I wrote down. It reminds me a lot of if you read the book the candy makers by Wendy Mass it reminds me a lot of daisy because she the same thing happens to her basically she finds out. She's a year older than she was in so she finds out that she missed her big like official teenage coming of Age Party. So a just a year might not sound like a big realization. It does mean that all your milestones off. Yeah that is Kinda. That's very weird and I was. I was lucky kind of annoyed because they always get interrupted like right before like right before they can answer so like Republicans like just about pose and then like cast bursts. It and I was like no because at the coronation like very similar happens where she liked. Can't really answer because Fillon pops in so I just what I wanted to be? Like right after Poza where he says yes and then cast can come in as like I was so close. But but how do you feel now? That Eugene's ages officially confirmed as twenty six. Well he acts like he's too so balances out kind of funny because we've always talked about that and then they give like this like Yup. Okay you want to know how this all the. It's a surprise to him too. I thought it was really sweet though his dad knew about it and kind of planned planned So he could officially give them real birthday. But I'm kind of didn't tell us what day it is. It would have been kind of Nice to know so we can celebrate you know as a Fan community like in January twentieth or something. I mean I guess we can say that it's the day the episode came out which would be January twenty. Sixth Twenty fifth. Isn't that twenty today. Oh my goodness so. Eugene is a January Baby. Oh that makes sense though. It came out on the twenty six piece turning twenty six thousand good schedules things the way they do. I guess so kind of makes sense in this case the twenty sixth of January. Okay but yes right right on time to spoil the engagement which we kind of predicted as a funny thing remember we were like will you marry me and then. Casandra like no. If it's Herbert cazar ruined everything. I'm wondering so she comes in and she's like swell party guessing. My invitation lost in the mail. How Long Do you think she workshop? That expect there to be a party when she burst editor. I mean I feel like she probably surveyed the scene a little bit. I was Kinda confused. They seemed like so surprised that she came to corona. But why didn't they expect to come to corona? I mean. She obviously had beef over puzzle at? She's big odd for Bud. So obviously I would think it'd be logical. They expect you to show up sooner or later. Will I mean they were probably trying not to? I mean it's not something you really want to think about and after it's been months so I feel like if she was gonna come back they would expect her to come right back but since she stayed away for so long they probably were just trying to put it out of their minds. I mean obviously all their attention was on this part is you don't really think about you know that happening at that time. Cast you perfect. I like to think that she planned it on purpose. So that she could ruin Eugene's birthday his birthday was maybe she did. Maybe the ghost told her. Maybe I really loved Lances Little Bit with the popcorn. Two dollars funny. I'm glad you said that 'cause I screened to that and I tweeted out. This is all of us today. Yep Very humorous yet but the whole first confrontation does not really go at all. How I expected it costs. Just kinda walks in and she slices herself a piece of cake and she even shuts the door on her way back out. Yeah she's very neat and tidy. It was yeah. I was not expecting that at all. I mean it. Wasn't it really a standard kind of villain reintroduction expected at least slam the door? You know I think she shouted pretty pretty normally. Yeah it was. Kinda weird how she said. Oh you know there's only like You know ex cons to advise you now and I thought that was kind of a weird line because reponsible has parents who are royalty to advise so I was like what do you mean like. She's still not like a lot of like wise people router to advise it. I was just kind of a weird weird lying. And then she says lance she says the only advisers you have left are ex convicts and losers but I thought it might have been a better line to say ex convicts and children because reading angry. You seem to be in the inner circle. Now that's true that's true and technically to land said that ever been convicted of anything that everyone caught to be convicted. That was funny and I also thought it was funny when Eugene Votes. He needed to clarify whether you felt that he had to clarify that. He did not wish for cast to come back did he was that secretly. His wish they collaborated yeah. I thought it was interesting. That after last week's incident with the moisturizer he has this whole age. Dilemma TALKS ABOUT NEEDING. A skin tightening serum. Yeah I just felt bad for me. He's only twenty cents makes it sound like he's a Geezer. I guess it's just when he's you know Interrelationship with puzzle. He just feels so much older. Because of the gap between them maybe maybe he has a lot of life. You know life of Crime. Really Ages you. I just loved it when we got to see vary again. Because they felt that the scroll was with varying because he was doing some testing deciphering with it and I was so funny with his little mineral content and then he gets embarrassed when they come in. I died it was so funny. Variant has a pretty big feature this episode. I Love Marianne. Yes Jeremy Jordan. Oh his dog was so good. Yeah so Basically when cast stormed into the party she says that she wants the scroll and she'll give them some time to think about it And then re runs vary in because he has the scroll but then of course Cassandra tailed her. Yeah you should have been a little more discreet about that. Yeah I mean I guess the the party excitement and the proposal excitement in the cast unexpected entrance. Everything Kinda went to her head But they get the Than Cassandra starts causing some chaos and unleashes a giant boulder whatever. It is After Eugene lands and Max Yeah and and you could see like cast is shaken like a little bit with Pennzoil says in the ghost girl like appears and says like Oh you got to refocus on your goal your mission and I really think she is a she is a ghost or like she was a ghost Pretty pretty explicit confirmation here because nobody can see or hear her. Yeah so yeah I was GONNA say no she. S kind of. I mean yeah so. I thought that was interesting. A haunting CASSANDRA. Yeah so that was kind of sad to see her pop. No cast keep focusing on this story and your arch rival Blah Blah Blah. Yeah Real quick before we move on. I just want to highlight the fact that Max did a backflip and landed on the boulder and capped his balance with to fully grown men on his back. He's very athletic. And also when Knox an Eugene fell into the cavern land single handedly pool you know. Stop Them from falling a horse girl. I was thinking about that. You got guns on you bro. Yes during that scene I was Kinda confused because the the boulder starts to tip and land. Eugene start to fall and I thought the reponsible is GonNa go save them but then it looks like she's running the other way and I was so confused because I was like. Why are you ready to go save them but then? I guess she was holding up the boulder so they could escape but I thought she was going to go pull them out so I was so confused at first because I thought she was just like. See you guys later. She's like every princess for herself. Only by one quote I wrote down from CASS IN REPRISAL CONFRONTATION. Here is that Castrate up tells her. My mother chose you over me Even though off puzzles hurt by Goth. Those actions Cassandra like I mean it would be kind of a hard thing to deal with. If your own mother chooses to kidnap another little girl instead of his one. She already legally as well. I Made Magic tear child or Normal Chai. Which would you rather So it seems like I mean Cassandra's not really angry Angry at what repel reminds her of which is her mother. Yeah not choosing to be with her. Yeah I feel sorry for varian because the all this drama between cast puzzle gets results in his entire lab being destroyed when he you know has no idea about what's going on and he didn't go on the road trip with them and he's not involved in this in this beef them but he is like the collateral damage that the whole episode. Yeah and Whitaker Poor Whitaker Ruddiger. Isn't it a whitaker you're right? It's ready to go. I thought I said what occurred the episode. I was confused yet. He has a twin brother than whittaker. Yeah like what for some reason? I thought it's just the way the pronounce it confuses me sometimes rutgers kind of odd name as you're saying that she kind of cast uses varied to Get Like what she needs like. She's him as the means to an end so she kidnaps him and takes him to this layer. She creates an Lizzy was saying that it really reminded her of like Elsa which makes the rocks and like her her cool middle layer because like alpha. Does that like with your point. The ice from the ground and I was like no and the Mara washed. I was like yeah. It is very reminiscent of Elsa because she always use your hands to like flush out ice spikes and now it's rock spikes instead at certain really kind of reminiscent of Ice Palace. Though I think CASSANDRA's a little bit more overtly villainous than Elsa but yeah yeah so she brings varian back to her her hideout and she gives him a true Sierra after she knocks him out and she says and lucky for you. Lucky for me. You sleep with their mouths open. Because he's like it kind of just showed you know cast is one step ahead of them. Yeah and she's still. She's still her very snarky. Self so yeah so poor commode yeah. Poor varying was forced to to say the incantation when he really didn't want to. I felt bad for something. I thought they might. You know do something with the potential romance between them. Since he had the truth serum and she might something might come out of that but I guess not well she. She already knew that he liked her so she did ask him any questions. Okay who is the opposite? Very totally would've asked her but anyway they get. I'm kind of glad you get married. Because they get this amazing. Soggy were varied like no. I've been evil and it sucks and you lose who you are and you need to come back to us. And she's like I don't have anything else to lose and OH German Jordan's voice is just amazing and eat into a wonderful job as well. I'm pretty yeah I think before before the song What prompts the song is that varian. Kind of says she's the villain and I thought it was really funny when she said is what I am. I was like CASS. Honey you literally wearing black spikes and you're singing about darkness while you're fighting your friends come. Yeah it's kind of interesting. Didn't think of herself as a villain. Necessarily she just thought of just taking what was rightfully hers. Shame think about how it would affect people. Maybe necessarily mean you all have. Everyone thinks of themselves as the hero of their own story about that story. Spikes come on. You're going to grow. Who Sings too? Are you saying that people who are black spikes are come on okay so I? I was a little annoyed that wraps in cast get their rat battle Song that the more I thought about it the more I realized that at this point varian was kind of the best person to reach her. Because she's harboured all these feelings toward puzzle all these months now and so they're basically at this point. I feel like there's nothing they can really say to each other because there are so cemented in their feelings toward each other. I mean wraps no. I'm not going to engage with you. I'm not going to give you a reason to hate me and it's like I don't care you soul everything from the bow tie feel about you and so there is like the he has to speak with her goth to gough and sing song so that you can reach or because he's even says like. I'm sorry I know this is your fault. Yeah so I thought it was kind of a cool thing. But he's the one who gets that big emotional song and the shot where they were circling around the Kimbler circling around them as they like each other is really breathtaking on the Arctic Bat. Songs definitely GONNA go down as one of the best. Yes definitely anyway so yeah so after that cave like confrontation and everything She liked built her her rock. Tower thing up and Lizzy was pointing out. I didn't get this at first. But she built like the tower on top of where Mother Gospels Tower stood. And I get that I really interesting because they really made a point to emphasize like this is what's missing. What what did you think all those scraps of old paintings were I i? Yeah that's obviously a tower and I was like no that's weird and then I finally got it and I was like wow I guess you're right because she did paint that a while ago and that was a really interesting call back and everything like that they chose to set it up there But anyway yeah we're pencil was really really a power. Move by Cassandra to make rapunzel revisit that trauma. Yeah and so you. Gene is like oh where she or someone is and runs. Like I think I know where this obvious. Rock Tower there. Let's go look for her there and then them trying to get it was kind of funny. All the hijinks of the sap and everything I I was on board with Lances Plan in theory but an execution. It wasn't so bright they were doing that. I was reading note about like I'd be it'd be funny. If cast was watching them and then literally shows her laughing about. I could watch them all day. Yeah that was pretty funny at this point. She has the power and so her neck step isn't really clear. She's kind of content to just sit back and watch but then the blue girl of course has to stir up more strife. Like No. You need to have that final confrontation now because we eventually learn. She's angrily to have a full on clash between son and mood because somehow that will release her from her spiritual prison. Yeah Yeah that was I. Don't think either you are. I would expect the ending of this episode because I was like what I was expecting it to resolve the drama between them but it turns out this was kind of like the I mean it was the mid season and this was kind of the mid point So it seems like CASS is destined not to come back to them until at least the finale. I feel like this plan. I mean obviously the blue haired girl is going to be a villain and cast is going to help. Take Down Probably. Hopefully she's not really blue anymore is she? She's more of a like a vampire. No wonder cast was attracted to be her underling because cast is very often. She's very goth as well. Loved Scoff Representation. My goodness fun fact. I dyed my hair completely block when I was in middle school. I was not a good luck. Fear Your skit Berkeley Vampire you were. It was like a good. It was a good time to look like a vampire though. Love Vampire books and fiction and shows were out there so they were they were had a positive light a little bit in the media so it was a good time to look like a vampire so basically the final act is rapunzel confronting cast while Eugene Talks to varian out on his little spindly arm which reminded me a series of unfortunate events win. Sunny Baudelaire is kept that tower in the first book. Yeah I didn't even think about that. You're right think about the henchman without the hands. I oh he's he's so funny. I I love. Oh by the way. Apparently Net flicks is also going to make a series of the Prequel all the wrong questions series about limiting kids. My goodness excited in the same director. Who did the series is going to be so it will have the same easy. So that's going to be cool if I know it's crazy. And what I found out to from net flicks. They just announced that Goma girls a year in the life is getting a second season. I did not think they were going to do it but they are. And I just couldn't believe IT I. I didn't really like a your life. A lot of people don't like the in life but I mean there are some really big questions at the end of the year in the life so it will be interesting to see how they answer them off. So I'm GonNa Watch it because I'm a fan even if I don't like them I'm GonNa Watch them. 'cause I've watched everything five for about an with an E. So I was I wasn't I wasn't quite done with I character placement. And so that's going on up above lance and Max and read. An angry are doing their best to get to the drama and try to find the action but much to read an angry. Chagrin lands does not know what he's doing. He said we have to go down to go up. Going up to go up is too simple. Yeah that was pretty funny. They're very silly little. I mean a little annoying because I was like. Why did you guys split up in the first place but I guess cast with Or Self Yeah. They had to have a little showdown and I cannot believe that vary in like the blue girl comes him in a dream and he kind of takes to heart what she says about finding the fourth incantation that it will set cast free or whatever and I was like no vary no. Why would you believe this weird blue disembodied baby had wherever thing and dream like? Why what are you doing like why? Why using this for like kind of knowing what it might lead to you like I was so nervous I was like. She's totally tricking them. Obviously like why are they walking me this again? Tation because like that one time when we're pencils saying being Asian the really know what it did like you know. Everybody's the lifeguard drain so be careful about that Yeah I was confused. Why is she was helping them at first But then I guess seen it from varian side he probably just woke up and didn't really I mean he just remembered the advice he didn't really think about. Oh why did this random blue girl tell me? He wasn't with them. When repel chanted incantation in the yeah that is true? That's true and I mean I guess too. He's also fourteen you know he doesn't have great decision making skills yet so. I probably panicked. You know trying to solution to get out of there and they burned the actual school dot. I thought it was funny because repent zone. Eugene were standing together and she's like could use this and they're having that moment and then Cassandra like makes this big bump hathen and she's not come on guys run interrupt this heartfelt moment. You need to come come to me beyond the and then. They have their big epic battle. It's pretty cool. Rapunzel has glowing eyes and everything and she's floating over the ground. Yeah she's such a creepy like Golden Ghost. I don't even know it's very interesting. And Yeah we kinda see like during the battle like with her with her golden flash of light with her power she singing this fourth incantation that bring the sun and moon like together. Whatever into alignment Their forces like combined or whatever It was interesting. I could see like the Moonstone Shatter. The peace falls out. I had this premonition. I was like I bet like. That's at the ghost. Free Alexi stuck in the moonstone factors like she's set free and that's exactly what happens We kind of end the episode with The ghost being free and I was a little little confused. How things wrapped up. Because Cassandra falls off the edge and we learned that she survives re Pencil. Do they not know that she survived? That was so weird. I felt like they'd like didn't care about her three like I. I'm very confused about what happened. Because it kind of just like wrapped up and they were just kind of went on their merry way or whatever after like cast fell down and they were free to leave to search for a body. Yeah yeah like they were like. Oh let's go home. Nothing got resolved like I am very confused about why they just feel like they could leave without like fighting casts. Because if he's alive you know they would think she saw threat because they don't really know about the blue girl. Let's let's get into our our final thoughts about this episode. I guess now that you mentioned That I kind of agree that it felt like nothing. Really this upsurge. Generally really I get prolong the conflict and it gave us some nice songs. But I didn't feel awful lot of progress happening with Kasai Jan Rapunzel I mean the blue girls out which I guess is the end game. They were going for but it seemed like a pencil. And Cassandra just reiterate in their same old differences and so I would have liked. Some progress happened between them. Well I mean I feel like like you said like. They just can't get anywhere else because they like their where they can't listen or like here each other effectively anymore so I thought there was some progress with casts regarding various like I felt like he did get to her on some level Sometimes I think it was a little bit of progress made with that but yeah like nothing really happened like to heal any conflicts necessarily and yeah and also the blues out now like I'm so freaked out about. She's so scary. I thought she was so scary. A CISCO doesn't think she's that scary Lewis he's like oh she's a dumb villain but it was remind me of the baby had from gravity falls footer out and her evil smile gives me chills. It's so I didn't think she was very scary. Up to this point but in this episode she does a lot more smiling and her smile is not a good look no and then she comes out and Alex Gray and creepy and give us not not fun so overall this was it was. It was a good episode. The action was really cool. There is some good funny pirates. We did get some Eugene and repeal progress on their proposal so I will. I did like that. They didn't officially make it official. Though did they just happened. I think they wanted to let things settle down a bit. I but this is the time at the climax. Be Like Hey baby you could die literally tomorrow. Let's get engaged. I feel like they know that they are though because they were both going to propose. So I mean if you're asking the other than tech exactly this just put the rings on so that was nice overall. I think I I like to do as a good episode it. I still think the season two midseason finale might be my favorite of the mid season finale. But this was a really cool action packed episode And Varian and Cassandra Song is definitely Super good yet. It is awesome. Okay so I- three minutes before I leave to wrap up right now all right. Our next stop isn't anywhere. Our next stop is going to be race to the spire. Repel an old friend. Calliope race to the spire in an attempt to stop cast from acquiring a deadly weapon. Oh it's Kelly up. It's the one that you hate. One is she. She's the one from the bear episode where they had to go find that piece of the scroll and like the museum. He perspire much. So I'm excited to be reintroduced to her and unexcited that they're still on the cast trail. It'll be interested so we will see you guys next week. You can continue the conversation with us on twitter at Corner podcast or by emailing conversation at a dot com. If you're enjoying the podcast will free to tell everyone you know about it and leave. Us Vice Review wherever you listen to podcasts. Chris yes we love to hear and thank you so much for listening until next time Don't free and he goes girls with a weird incantation if you have any conflict with your friends just seeing a three minute power ballad. Exactly five for now.

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