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The Green Bicycle Murder


Starlings thank you for listening to the Star Burns Audio podcast network. We have so many comedy shows to add to your playlist just last week on starnes audio on emotional support. Allesandra is joined by her guests arch. They talk all about mental health dealing with loneliness while moving to a different country and becoming Paris. Hilton's bff on dumb gay politics. Julian Brandy interview the high school senior. Who's viral tweet? To President? Obama led to his historic nationwide graduation. Commencement address in the season. One finale of musicals that never made it gave him. The gang are joined by. Broadway's drew gambling for inspirational. Show about the magic of self worth in the great vaccine on that Black Ash. Show comedian and actor. Jejomar NEIGHBORS JOINS HOSTS DULCIE. Sloan and discussing the cultural impact of the movie. Friday audio on Apple podcasts spotify or any podcast platform or full list of our shows featuring hosts like Gilbert Godfrey Paula poundstone and Kyle Kinane. Don't forget the foul was on instagram twitter at starbucks audio. Enjoy the show and remember. Stay safe stay healthy and keep laughing. Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the Green Bicycle Murder. But I your true crime headlines in Georgia two men are facing murder charges for the shooting death of Ahmad Armory. Who was killed while jogging through his neighborhood armory? A black man was confronted by two white men. Gregory Michael Sixty four and his son Travis McMichael Thirty Four. Who claimed that they thought Aubrey looked like the suspect? In a string of recent burglaries in their neighborhood cell phone video footage from the last moments of Aubrey's life show him jogging down the road. And encountering the McMichael's pickup truck a struggle between Travis McMichael and Ahmad. Aubrey ensued and Travis. Mcmichael shot Aubrey twice killing him. No charges were initially filed after the broad daylight murder sparking outrage across Georgia and the rest of the country. Gregory McMichael is a retired law enforcement officer who worked as an investigator for the District Attorney's office because of conflicts of interest the case is on its third prosecutor who finally agreed to ask a grand jury to bring charges against the two men the video was filmed by third man. William Roddy Brian who was a neighbor of the McMichael's it is unclear whether he will also be charged. In the crime a fifty eight-year-old Iowa man has been charged with the murders of three women in the early nineteen nineties after investigators were able to link him to the crimes by using forensic genealogy Clark. Perry Baldwin was charged with two counts of murder for the killing of thirty two year old. Pamela rose mccaw and her unborn fetus. Mccall was found strangled to death in a town outside of Nashville in Nineteen Ninety One. She was pregnant and had last been seen with a truck driver. Baldwin worked as a truck driver for most of his career. In addition to the murder of Pamela McCall and her unborn fetus. Baldwin is also charged with the murders of two unidentified women whose bodies were found in Wyoming in Nineteen ninety-two forensic genealogy is a process that takes DNA from a crime scene and matches it. With profiles on public genealogy databases it has been instrumental in solving numerous high profile cold cases around the country. Police suspect that Baldwin may be responsible for several other unsolved murders in. They believed that he was likely a serial killer. Baldwin is being held at the Black Hawk County jail in Iowa pending extradition. To Tennessee. A Michigan man was arrested for allegedly wiping his nose on a dollar store employees shirt after. She told him that he needed to wear a mask inside the store rex. Gomel Sixty eight was booked into the Oakland County. Jail on assault and battery charges. According to police gobble was inside the dollar tree store when an employee said that he needed to wear a mask. Police said that the store had signs up telling customers that they must wear a mask to enter the store when the employees told him that he needed to wear one. She said he walked over and said here. I will use this as a mask. And then wiped his face on the sleeve of her shirt. Police say that the man was loud and disruptive before finally leaving the store Gomo faces up to ninety three days in jail and up to a five hundred dollar fine if convicted those who your true crime headlines up next the green bicycle murder but first a quick break. Is there something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals? I think I know the answer to that. It's time to get better help. 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Visit their website and read the testimonials for yourself like this review written by a better health user after two weeks of counseling with Rachel Atoms. Rachel is understanding and open. She provides a kind ear and solid compassionate advice. Or this one about Diane Gore's. She is helpful and intuitive. Very thankful for her vice. Start getting better help today. Visit better help dot com slash murder. Minute that's B. E. T. T. E. R. H. E. L. P. And join the over eight hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. That's ten percent off your first month for murder minute listeners. Better help dot com slash murder minute. Welcome back to murder minute on Saturday evening. July Fifth Nineteen nineteen a farmer named Joseph Cao was herding cattle near the village of Little streghten. Leicestershire when he noticed a dark haired young woman laying alongside Gartrell road. The Sun was beginning to set. The man moved closer. There was blood on her face and she wasn't moving a bicycle lay nearby to cow. She appeared to have been run off the road by a motorist. He rushed into town to fetch the authorities and the doctor. The arrived to the scene after nightfall constable Alfred Hall and Dr Williams examined the scene by candlelight. The agreed with cows conclusion. The young woman had suffered a fatal accident. They decided to call it a night. The body was placed on a milk cart and taken to an unoccupied home by but constable hall couldn't sleep that night something was off and he wasn't ready to dismiss the young woman's death as an accident at first light. He returned to the scene where the body had lay. There were what appeared to be bloody bird. Prints a dead crow lay nearby and there was blood smeared on a cattle gate to the adjacent field but no footprints around the gate. Constable Hall crouched down and started looking in the soil seventeen feet from where the body had lain slightly embedded in the ground by the imprint of a Horse's hoof. He felt a hard lump in the soil and pulled out a four fifty. Five Caliber Bullet Constable Hall rushed to wear. The girl's body had been stored. He washed the congealed blood offer face and there was a bullet hole just below her left. I this was no accident. It was murder constable hall informed Dr Williams. A full post mortem concluded that the victim had been shot once from a distance of between six and seven feet and the bullet had exited the rear of the victim's skull. The victim now also had a name. The body was identified by relatives as twenty one year. Old Anne Bella Right Bella as she was known was born on July fourteenth eighteen ninety seven making her just shy of her twenty second birthday. Bella was the oldest of seven children born to an illiterate farm laborer. Keenness right and his wife. Mary and the family lived in a small stone. Cottage just outside. Leicester in the village of Stauton Bella was like many young ladies of her class and time. She had attended school until the age of twelve when she began to work as a domestic servant to a wealthy local family in nineteen fourteen. The war broke out and with male laborers scarce. Bella like over a million other. Women took a factory job the roles of women in society. We're changing the roaring twenties. Were right around the corner. And the Women's suffrage movement had recently won women the right to vote with so many young men of fighting the war. Modern young women like Bella had spent the last few years earning their own money and enjoying freedoms previously denied to them from two. Pm till ten PM. Bella worked in a tire manufacturing factory named Bates Rubber works in Saint Mary's mill. The factory was five miles from her family. Cottage and every day. Bella could be seen cycling to and from work on her bicycle but on Saturday July fifth. It was Bemba's Day off. She slept in and spent the late morning and early afternoon writing letters to her friends and her boyfriend. A young sailor named Archie Ward. Who in July was serving offshore as a Navy Stoker in Portsmouth? Her family believed them to be discussing marriage but Bella may have also had another suitor. She told her mother that a young officer had fallen in love with her in the afternoon after she had finished mailing her letters. Bella decided to visit her uncle. George measures four miles away in goalby. She got on her bicycle and set off somewhere. Along the way Bellas Bicycle malfunctioned and Bella. Found herself in jam bent over a loose wheel. She looked up to see a young man approaching her on a distinctive green bicycle. The man offered his assistance. Bella asked if he might happen to have a spanner to tighten the loose wheel. He didn't but he offered to accompany Bella to her uncle's cottage. An offer that Bella politely accept it along the way the two were observed on their bicycles by several witnesses. When Bella to her uncle's home he asked her about her friend on the green bicycle. Oh Him Bella told her uncle and a really know him at all he's been riding alongside before few miles but he is in bothering me at all. He's just chatting about the weather after visiting with her uncle for about an hour. It was time for Bella to go home. She stepped out of the cottage and much to her and her uncle surprise. The young man hadn't left there. He stood with his green bicycle. Waiting for Bella. The man gave her uncle the creeps but Bella was unconcerned. I hope he doesn't get too boring. She joked adding I shall try and give him the slip. It was eight fifty pm when Bella and the stranger on the green bicycle road away half an hour later the LA was dead after police learned of Bellas movements that evening and the mysterious man on the Green Bicycle police theorized that she had for some reason attempted to flee from him and that he had been shot. Bello right dead and fled. The scene from the description provided by her uncle and other eye-witnesses wanted posters distributed seeking abroad faced dark-haired man aged between thirty five and forty years old height between five seven and five nine and word quickly spread to keep an eye out for his distinctive. Peak Green Bicycle on July tenth a bicycle Repairman. Harry Cox informed police that on the previous day he had repaired a green bicycle for a man matching the description. The man had also remarked that he was going for a ride in the country. Seven months past then in February of Nineteen twenty a barge on the river soar hooked an underwater obstruction a green. Bsa Bicycle a local laborer. Samuel Holland came forward to say that on his night shift he had witnessed a man throwing parts of a green bicycle into the river. Though an attempt had been made to file off the bikes serial number it remained visible and police traced it to a shop in Derby where records identified. It's buyer and thirty four year. Old War veteran Ronald Light was arrested on March fourth. Nineteen Twenty Ronald Light. Lift alone with his mother. The senior Mr Light a successful plumbing parts inventor and civil engineer had died in the early years of the war possibly committed suicide walnut light. It turned out had a troubled past in nineteen to at age seventeen. He was expelled from the respected. Oakham school following allegations of improper conduct after he quote lifted. A little girl's clothes over her head around the time of the war. He admitted to improper conduct with an eight year old girl and was accused of attempted sexual activity with a fifteen year old girl. He was fired from a job on the railways after allegations of arson and vandalizing station property with indecent graffiti in the lavatory and dismissed again from another job at a farm for setting fire to haystacks. He first joined the war effort as a commission officer in the Royal Engineers but later lost his commission in Nineteen Sixteen. He rejoined as governor with the Honorable Artillery Company. In nineteen seventeen he was court martialed for forging move orders. Ronald Light had recently been sent home. After three years of service. He was classified as suffering from severe shell shock and partial deafness and ordered to return to England for psychiatric treatment upon his arrest for murder mottled. Light denied ever having met Bella right or owning a green bicycle when police told him that the serial number had confirmed his purchase of the bicycle. Nine years ago Ronald claimed to have sold the bike to someone whose name he couldn't remember but when he was positively identified by the Bicycle Repairman bellows ankle and numerous other eye-witnesses. Ronald Light finally admitted that he was the man who had been riding with Bella right on the day of her murder. He claimed however that the two had parted ways at Kings Norton that that was the last he had seen of her. Ronald told police that he didn't know of Bellas death until July eighth. When he read an article about it in the Leicester Mercury. He said he worried over the matter for some time and then decided to get rid of the bicycle on March nineteenth. An army pistol holster issued to Ronald Light and bullets matching the one which killed Bella right. Were also pulled out of the river on June ninth. Nineteen twenty the trial of light for the murder of Bella right began. He pleaded not guilty. His defense was led by Sir. Edward Marshall Hall a successful barrister. Who was known as the great defender? Ronald was portrayed as an upstanding ex army officer from an upper middle-class background in contrast to Bella a poor factory girl born to an literate parents at the trial two girls aged twelve and fourteen testified that Ronald Light chased them on their bicycles on the afternoon of the murder but they were able to make their escape. His previous record for assaulting young girls however was not revealed to the court Ronald Light spent four hours on the witness stand although he openly admitted the Gun Holster. The bullets and the bicycle were all his. He adamantly denied the murder asked whether he was the killer Ronald replied certainly not. He admitted to poor judgment in failing to step forward as a witness and by discarding the bicycle he blamed shell shock from the war and claimed that he panicked. When Belo right was murdered? I knew from newspaper reports the next day that she was the girl I had been with just before she died. He testified. I knew the police wanted to question me. I became a coward again. I never told a living soul what I knew. I got rid of everything that could have connected me with her. Because I was afraid I see now of course that I did the wrong thing. The prosecution pointed out that Ronald lightheaded attempted to file off the serial numbers before sinking his bike and let the bullets found in. The river matched the one. That killed Bella right. They also pointed out that Ronald Light lied again and again after his arrest changing his story whenever confronted with the evidence. The prisoner is no ordinary man. Prosecutor Gordon Hayward said but one who is extremely clever and deliberate in his actions the defense suggested that Bella right could have been hit by a shot fired from faraway. Perhaps by a bird hunter. He argued a close up shot. As in the police. Theory would have caused much more injury to the young girl than what was found. He highlighted a lack of motive in the case focusing on the fact that there was no assault and no robbery and he introduced the idea that some mystery person was the one responsible for the murder. This theory and Ronald Lights explanation were evidently enough to instill sufficient reasonable doubt within the minds of the jurors on June twelfth. Nineteen twenty after three hours deliberation. The jury acquitted Ronald Light of all charges as the jury announced their verdict. Congratulatory shouts went up in the courtroom. Well done well done light. After his acquittal Ronald Line disappeared for time. He assumed the name Leonard Astill and moved to the isle of Shabby and Kent In nineteen thirty four. He married a war widow and mother of three Lillian. Lester her husband Sergeant Ernest. Lester had also served with the Royal Engineers and was killed in action in nineteen seventeen following his death. Lillian abandoned her two young sons in an orphanage fearing that she wouldn't be able to support them on her widow's pension. Her daughter stayed with her. Lillian. Ronald had no children together. His stepdaughter knew nothing about his involvement in the death of Bella. Right until after his death in nineteen seventy five at the age of eighty nine years later. Apparent Confession was uncovered in Police Archives of the case the type written account was found in the notes of Superintendent Levi bully and was allegedly written three days after Ronald Wright's acquittal. Ronald Light went into a police station to collect some belongings there. He confided in the officer that he had in fact killed Bella but insisted that it was an accident. He also said that he would deny the story. If it ever became public the alleged confession reads. I did shoot the girl but it was completely accidental. We were writing quietly along. I had my revolver in my raincoat pocket and we dismounted for her to look at it. I had no idea there was a loaded cartridge in her hand was out to take when it went off. She fell and never stirred. I was frightened and altogether unnerved and I got on my bicycle and rode away. This has been murder minute for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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