BrainStuff Classics: How Does Sleepwalking Work?


Instead of ad today I wanted to tell you about another podcast that I think you might dig. It's called history verses in it mental floss editor in chief and pretty cool. Human Aaron McCarthy Explores the the inside stories behind history's ultimate fighters who changed the world as we know it season one tackles Theodore Roosevelt. Very famous figure who did a ton of not-so-famous so famous stuff like he almost died exploring uncharted territory in the Amazon and he modernized American football episodes launch weekly on Sundays. So Oh listen to history versus Theodore Roosevelt on iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to brain stuff. A production of iheartradio. Hey Brain Steph. I'm more in vocal bomb and I've got another classic episode for you today from our former host Christian Sager. This one is about the phenomenon of sleepwalking gain. I myself used to sleep walk sometimes when I was a kid but I grew out of it and as it turns out. That's not all that uncommon. Here's Christian Hi. I'm Christian Sager and this is brain stuff. Have you ever seen someone sleepwalking. It's creepy right. They're just sort of shambling around like a Zombie and not one of those Super Fast World War Z.. Type zombies but more of the slow clumsy walking dead type. They might even even have glassy eyes or a bland blank expression and when they wake up. They won't remember what happened. What the heck is going on with sleepwalking? How does it work? Who Does it affect? And what are the common misconceptions about it. Well first. Let's define sleepwalking. If you WANNA get fancy you can call it. Some NAMBU lissome. It's a type of parasol. Omnia or abnormal disruptive behavior that occurs during sleep this category also includes stuff like bed wetting thing and teeth grinding. Sleep walkers may also act out a number of activities during this process. These could be simple things like eating more complex processes like like driving a car. Yeah driving for centuries people have been trying to figure out what's going on with sleepwalking and while scientists haven't fully cracked back to the case. We do know more and more about this phenomenon and it's helping US bust some myths one sleep walkers probably aren't acting out their dreams we know this because most sleepwalking occurs during the first third of the night when your body is in N. rim or non rem sleep. This is the deepest part of your sleep cycle. It's a time when your body repairs itself and releases hormones. You're not dreaming while this goes on and because your brain will resist awakening in the state. It may be difficult to snap asleep walker out of it but don't be afraid to try because here's another fact you can safely wake sleep. Walkers don't do it violently of course but you're not going to kill them either now that we know some facts. It's time to figure out who's taking these he's midnight rambles weirdly enough. Children tend to have a higher likelihood of sleepwalking. This Para Sonya appears to run in families and it occurs more often in boys than in girls and sleepwalking. In general is more common than you might think a study at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that one in twenty five. US adults are prone sleepwalking. And that twenty nine point two percent report some form of it since Childhood Para Sambas have been called the era in timing and balance in the brain more technically it could be called a disorder of arousal meaning that something triggers the brain into awakening from deep end rim sleep stage so the person is in a transition state between sleeping and waking. So why do kids experience it more often and why do they grow out of it. Some researchers argue that kids brains aren't mature enough to fully comprehend sleep cycles or that areas of their brains don't develop at the same pace and since Enron sleep is a period of hormone release. It's possible that hormonal releases may have something to do with sleepwalking. Most adults who walk in sleep did the same as children exhaustion stress. Some medicines illnesses an alcohol can all contribute to sleep walking. And there's one last myth to bust. I hear sleepwalking really can be dangerous. It's been linked to seizures as well as disorders like Parkinson's Alzheimer's. Some people throughout history have even even argued successfully that they killed someone while they were sleepwalking. Today's episode was written by Christian. I'm pretty sure and produced by Tyler. Crying brain stuff is production of radios stuff. Works to hear more from Christian. Check out his pop culture podcast super context and of course for more on this in lots of other topics go visit our home. PLANET HAS TO DOT COM plus more podcasts from iheartradio the heart radio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows how do our food stories change during wartime Johnny Bistecca. 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