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Style. Thing under The school, you don't have to be better than everyone else in the draw a lot on the court. You have to be better than someone that's been. Active. In his sense, you know go out there this sports I think it always makes it feel better maybe more tied in very moment but actually the recipe feels better then I think giving back as well. You know making other people happy is going to give you a good feeling to. Welcome to tennis cow chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis. This podcast is sponsored by tennis Powell. Tennis. Pal for iphone and android is an APP for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat schedule playtime and share moments with download the APP today at Tennis Powell Dot com I everybody I'm Phillip Cam also known as the tennis pro for the historic Langham Huntington Hotel in sunny seven. California and it's a joy to have my co host back in the hotseat again. Welcome back Valerie Garcia. How Hot Yeah, and it really is hot in our seats. These days isn't it I mean how are you handling the heat stay indoors lots of air conditioning, right? Yes. Have you been hit at all by the rolling electricity blackouts that we've been having? No thankfully. So yes. Yes. You what about you? We haven't been hit, but I've seen it on nextdoor dot com in our neighborhood people are saying, oh we just had a blackout that kind of thing for those of you that don't know here in southern California, we have had record one, hundred degree weather. In the last couple of days and almost two weeks now. High degree weather, which is about thirty eight degrees, Celsius I think for our international listeners so very hot and unfortunately were in the wildfire season again, and it just feels like we have wildfires every year. Now that just doesn't seem right you know. Yeah. I have friends in the valley in southern California where it's on fire and there's there was a lot local to you and I in Zuza and some in Riverside I believe and then northern cal where my sister lives. There just on fire everywhere up there. Yeah. That fire looks really bad. That's about six to eight hours away from us where we are but the fires that Valerie just talked about it in a zoo. So that's actually where my tennis program is. It's on hold right now obviously because of covert. But yes, we would definitely have seen ash coming in over the courts from those fires because that's really in our backyard. Yeah, so best wishes to everybody who's struggling through all of that in southern California and and dealing with all the heat, which means a lot less tennis on the tennis courts I. Think a lot of people have been taking your break. So I've seen in attendance drop in the local courts at least just as far as people showing up in the heat. Too. Much, right. Yeah. For most people I know you and I are Sun Lovers. So we'll we tend to go out there and brave the heat Yup Yup. We're Lizard. It's nice for people like us who have open courts in the middle of the day. Exactly, we really enjoyed the heat, and so I I actually don't mind playing it like twelve one to when it's completely empty. So that's great or I'll bring out the ball machine. You know work on the back backhand did you get a ball machine? Philip I've had one for about two years? Yeah but. Yeah but it says cheapie small one that I really enjoy and it works fine. I actually converted it from battery to AC of because the courts where I hit, they actually have electricity from the public park. So I can actually plug it in because before if I had a battery, it would only last twenty thirty minutes and then it would die you know how those batteries always die. So it's nice to have a plug in for that. Yeah that's cool. What what brand is yours no. No. So that little box, the little black box he sat down on the floor I'll have to show it to you next time I. See it. I'll put a picture up on our. Well actually I think there's a picture on our on my website loves that match dot net if you go to. Tennis lessons paid for you'll see the picture of a ball machine there too. Cool. I know they were they were promoting one on the racket. PODCAST. That supposedly like awesome and I was like man if only. You know I already have one but it's old and like you said, my battery is is like I don't think it's like twelve or thirteen years old right. So the battery have to fully charge for eight hours just to get like forty five minutes. To an hour exact. It usually, I can't last that long anyway. I of all machine. Kreis. It's pretty brutal but Yeah. It would be nice to have a new one. I think Nice, Freshman I'm glad you have one. Yeah. I think really important in the covert era you know where you have to be social descent. So sometimes you know you just can't play enough tennis. So you got to pull out the ball machine which I have done quite often in this time all some well, that's good. Your game won't suffer. It's it's definitely suffered. Suffer more in the fitness is you know I was really hoping that I would be a lot more fit through all this downtime I would spend all my time exercising and building those that six pack and you know, of course. Ultimate Fail on all that stuff you know. But I know you've got a lot done around your house and painted Your House and I'm sure you're doing. He like cleaned all your your your tools in your garage. So you know being productive home. Depot has all my money. All the kittens of southern California have all my money. I cannot believe the cutest pictures you're posting I. Love that one all the kits ends with Star Wars names. So that was hilarious Oh. Yes. Yes. That's my I have ten right now ted Kitin search my gosh it's GonNa have to call you. Valerie. Kitty that works. On the crazy cat lady now. So Fun. Well, I don't know how to transition into our giveaway with from kittens. giveaway it's called federal not kitty ask how's that FEDOR s you know the first elegant coffee table book it's so beautiful and we started to give way on last podcast and we're GONNA end it in this next month. So please make sure that you enter a to enter all you have to do subscribe to our Youtube. Channel which is at loves that match tennis on. Youtube and just send me an email that Let me know your youtube profile. Even if you've already subscribe to our Youtube Channel in the past, that's fine just send me an email will enter the dry. I've got quite a few entries valley. So I'm very excited to choose someone to win this beautiful beautiful book and thank you so much to the wonderful people behind. Who created this book and are doing this give with us they're gonNA mail it directly to the winner sweet and I That's a great book and whoever wins it's going to be very lucky. They won't be disappointed. Yeah. It's it's a treasure to ask. So I I, really enjoy it and M- of course my hope is someday I'll get to see Roger Federer again, you know I was at Indian Wells I would take the book and get it signed. But hopefully, maybe next year we'll fingers crossed right Yeah let's hope Nicholas are rough. Reporter was just asking me if he's been getting the emails from. Indian wells saying tickets are available. Now have you been getting those emails? Yeah. For Twenty Twenty, one yeah, I saw that. It's interesting. It's like. Well, it's Kinda hard to plan like. Do we buy them and then just get a refund again right They're GONNA have it. Are they going to have it with no fans. You know like rights it's hard. It's so hard to tell what's going to happen to. Indian. Wells bubble. Yes. Well I mean. That is a great segue into the US Open because I cannot believe that the US Open is just one week away now and they're going for it. You know last podcast we were saying. Shouldn't they be canceling? I wouldn't it be prudent thing I mean at this point, there's no turning back right I mean they are full steam ahead they're going for it and in this podcast later people please stay tuned for Rich Nar who's going to talk about some of his in-depth views on what's happening with the USDA and with the US Open he's had great discussions with the president of the the the national president of the US. So. He has a lot more insight into what's happening there and his newsletter somethings I highly recommend Tennis Club Business News. So you can check that out what do you think Valerie give us an update on what you know with players and where we are going into the US Open. Yes well. First of all I can't wait to hear that interview. After we go over this it's probably going to have so much insight to have a tennis insider were such outsiders were such fans you know. Who just study whatever we could find we don't have our press passes yet. But one day we will one day day. So the US Open well I will just preface to say the US Open for those who don't know is going to be held at the in flushing were normally is Billie Jean King Center Currently, they are having the Cincinnati Masters One thousand, which is the western and southern financial open I'm actually watching it on TV right now, Sloan Stevens, wait how are you watching it? WHO's broadcasting it? Tennis Channel. Oh Wow. Yeah I just watched John is ner win and now I'm watching Sloan Stevens she's down a set, but she looks good on serving the second. Oh my gosh I thought great. There's no spectators. So that's kind of weird and then when they make the announcements like the chair umpire, it's kind of like who were they announcing to like? It's definitely you know it's strange but you know when we were watching all those exhibitions and the camera angles, kind of you know just were less than par for us It's at least nice to have all the big money at a tournament have all the great camera angles were used to. So you're getting to see tennis the way you really want to write without the noise offense. So it's not like the gopro stuff that was happening behind the scenes, top three hundred people, and then just one little gopro kind of thing happening. Exactly. Exactly. It's great cameras the we're used to But. Yeah. So the western southern is happening they're actually playing at the same place that the US Open will be played, which is the Billie, Jean King Center in New York. However, I think they're only playing on outer courts. Court ten court seventeen and a few others I don't actually know. But I'm assuming that they're doing that to give a different feel and that when the US Open starts, they'll play on the bigger stadiums at least different stadiums. To make it seem like a different tournament even though I I know that they try to make all the courts on one location as similar as possible At, their level of professionalism they can tell the difference between each court you know The minor little the subtle differences and the size of the court also. Makes a big difference how much room you have to run around but going onto the US Open I will try and list out in somewhat of A. Systematic order to keep it easy. I'll start with the women ladies first. So let me ask you a question. So the the reason that they're all playing on the USDA campus is that because they're trying to create the bubble the tennis bubble to keep everybody safe I believe. So I believe that yeah. They did not want to have people everyone going to Cincinnati and then everyone traveling a week later. Right, because the finals going to be this weekend and then the US Open starts like a day after the final right and it's so interesting because I think that's really the only way that sports is moving forward right now I heard this wonderful podcast from the New York Times about the NBA and the bubble that they had to create the actually you know, chose Walt Disney world created a bubble and it's like two million dollars to test every player they're. Actually tested, getting tested daily on the NBA side they had to task and then wait eight hours. Then test again, just to be in let into the bubble and then all of these players are being tested every day. So you know millions of dollars being spent to create this bubble so that people could go and play basketball safely because I mean, how do you play basketball? You're like in each other's face you're sweating you know it's just crazy, right? contact. All kinds of fluids going everywhere. You know that's just crazy and so at least tennis outdoors, it's pretty distance. It's easy to keep your distance. Does the US have two million dollars to spend on just creating that bubble and keeping everybody safe and then? Will the tennis players you know adhere to all of the regulations right? That's the big question. Right, I did hear on the other podcast that one so far leading up to the western open that There was one coach trainer who tested positive with Kovic, and so it's one of the trainers for one of the doubles teams, and so because of that that doubles team obviously is out of the Cincinnati and has to wait now to see if they will get back in to the US Open. So that's huge right? I mean once you test positive you're out that's that's the end of your play. There's no coming back because you'll have to wait at least twelve days, which is the whole tournament, right? Yeah. Yeah and I actually I think there was two more from South America to more players that are not going to be allowed to play because their trainers tested positive and there's just not enough time to quarantine and test and be on the drawl right Well, I don't I don't remember their names they were lower ranked players but. Yeah, it's unfortunate and I just read today that key Nishikori tested positive for a second time for a second time I saw that. It's it's questionable whether or not he will. Test positive in time to play. but it's kind of I think at this point, it's. More, likely than not that he won't play. Right, because I mean is he even if see in New York already That I do not know because if he's not in New York, there's no way he's GonNa make it how how will you travel tested positive? There's no way. Yeah. Exactly and then, and then once he gets into New York, you'll have to quarantine for twelve days. So unless he's he already it's too late there's no way. Yeah. Well. We'll see. So shall I shall I enlightened with my list please yeah. I'm sorry to interrupt but I was just thinking out loud about how hard this situation is you know and and how strange it is that these sports entities like basketball or tennis. These people are going to be tested every day right to make sure that everybody's safe and not only all the players but all the staff, all the servers, everybody who's involved in this trainers physios, and you know a lot of places in the US, we can't even get a tests. So it's it's a it's a little weird you know. For sure. But yeah please update us tell us what's going on. Awesome. So I'm going to start with the women and all that you know who some big names that are in we got Serena. Miss Serena. Williams that's a big deal I. Think Right is this a good chance for her to get number twenty four prob- probably a great chance right And then as it kind of weird as well because she has those health pre existing health conditions with her pulmonary embolism and such. That you know were life threatening when she was giving birth So it's just kind of interesting that she chose to play I, guess, she must really believe that they've made. The tournament safe we have cocoa gov shelby playing Sloan, Stevens Sophia Kenan and those are some of our big name Americans. We have a Johanna Konta. And your girl Goba is playing and Oh some the Czech Republic. Yes and Soko will be playing as well. So those are some of the big names that we can count on seeing and then There's a there's a lot of people who are in I. I'm not going to obviously read the entire drawl and there's a lot of people who are out but I'm trying to just name. The bigger names people are going to recognize And also probably more. So leaning towards having some sort of like being the favorites in the draw although it's very hard to say, there's any favorites given the training conditions that everyone is going through right it's like never. Before seen training conditions and everyone, there's a lot of actually articles I found when looking for this information that was on players either complaining or just. Just sharing their feelings about How the training is not. Fair quote unquote you know a lot of people some people who don't have a lot of money or access to. Went months without being able to play. Tennis So any who what we'll see what that holds in terms of favorites hold up or not But so who's out my girl? Petkevich, she's out not that she's relevant but I love me some petkevich she so great because so silly she's and she's such a character, right? In our sport. Yeah. Love her. And then some big names and and former Grand Slam champions. A HALLA PAL UP is out. Big. Yeah. That that is big. Not as a surprising since she did didn't play in South America when the Zico thing was going on. So I wasn't surprised that. She chose to skip this Belinda bench is out Defending, champion. Is Out, but she actually has an astro. She's out just because she's injured she may have chose not to play anyway but regardless, we won't know because she. I think. Is it her hip or ankle? Do you know what she hurt I can't reveal. Yeah she's hurt again. That's the point and which is unfortunate because she was a rising star and having such a great start the year. Super talented wow. Ball skills her her high forehand dropshot. Crazy, oh. Yeah. Love watching her plan so sad that she's hurt. Former US Open champ champion us, Bet Lana coups, nets UvA is out spittle Spirulina is out along with her boyfriend Moan fees, which will get to when we get to the men Kiki Burton's the women's world number-one. Ash. Bharti is out. PALLIATION. Cova Julie Gorgas Sam, stow sir, my girl. And Wong Cheung is out Chinese number one. She's one of my favorites. So not playing either. So that's my list of women who are out and which reminds me to say that basically all of the China swing is done, it's canceled like none of the Asian countries are hosting tennis and their rates are incredibly low like they're closing everything down when they have like a new outbreak of ten, you know Kobe tasks and here we are in the. Thousands in the US, and we're still the turnament we're awesome. Sunday say arrogant but you know we'll see. So the men the men we who do we have in who are we going to watch and be excited about Jovovich joke of will be in and I think he had a surprising exit last year. So I'm sure he'll be excited to do better and he is probably really excited. He's. Pretty sure been vocal about. Not wanting to miss any chance to catch a dollar federal. So I'm pretty sure. He's just Hungary to get a Grand Slam asterik or no Asterik Murray Murray actually I think he got a wildcard because somebody else. withdrew. I feel like there's a little buzz around Murray right now like there's actually people talking about him and saying, you know this could be something for him because he you know he's returning to tennis in a in a big way where he maybe wasn't ready and now he's coming back. But at the same time, everyone is returning tennis and maybe everybody's not ready. So almost like an. Even, playing field, and of course, he's an incredible player in his game style and his court knowledge you know. So it's interesting to see what his game can do against everyone else and how ready everybody else will be right. Yeah. mean. I hope that would be really awesome because he's won the US Open a couple times right a few times maybe three such a great player yeah. Yeah. So excited about that we have Sasha's. dominic team the man who never says no to a tournament. Didn't Daniel Medvedev of last year's finalist who took nidal the five amazing sets He'll be back sillage former Champion CINCY POSS and rising star Baron teeny there they'll all be playing. So those are some players that will I'm sure we'll all have our eyes on hoping that they can make it. To the. Fourth Round or so we can start seeing these classic matchups. And then out WHO's out well. Obviously. You Know Nidal, and Federer very sad to see them out the door I mean, yeah. An adult the for the champion Yeah. He's not he's choosing not to defend his title. So that's so crazy right both men and women's champion that's gotta be a first that they're both returning. How strangers that twenty twenty come on? Yeah. Well, we'll get to we'll get to maybe the reasons why when we talk about the rankings a little bit but I There's been speculation that you know. had. The rankings not been frozen the doll would've tried to play the US. Open but he's he has cited that he chose it for health reasons and so you know good for him Kudos to him fetters going to be gone but he is recovering from his surgery and re-aggravating the injury during rehabilitation so he was going to be out anyway and once again. There's talk around federal to as just being that the guy who's lucky like he also benefiting a lot from the fruit frozen ranking points because he's not playing for, he's not going to play for eight nine months at all and he's going to have his ranking frozen. All right. So that's nice for him. He's a good planner. Yeah Right. He knows when to get injured we got curious WHO's out with Songa, WHO's out. We have stand bothering a former US Open champion who's out, which made me really sad when I saw that and then as I previously mentioned multis is out and Nishikori most likely out and then Luca Poi- is also out but I believe that is due to an injury and not a chosen coronavirus skip. So that's our list of WHO's in WHO's out again I just you know. I apologize if I left her favorite player out they probably weren't in the top fifty. That's a great list. That's a lot of great information, and of course, everything can change it every day as we head on up to the US Open. But yeah, that's really great to know who's in and who's out right now. Yes, and then so I was speaking a bit about the rankings which I just We had to look it up because as I said, Nicholas had told me what about The rankings you know I was like, wow what a great point. So I quickly before we got on this call looked up what is happening with the rankings because I did see an article about them saying that you know Nidal was point calculating when deciding where to play and so basically the way the rankings normally work is you have a calendar year you have a twelve month period you know. All your points for that year from from each tournament you know, sit there and the next year. If you do better, you get an increase in points. If you do worse than your points fall off, so you can move up and down the rankings. But what what has changed is they're going to have a twenty two month period. It's from March this year too I'm sorry March last year from because when. We stopped This year was in March. So they froze all of last year's and it's going to December, this year. So it's going to be twenty two months instead of twelve months, which is almost doubling the amount of time that they're going to be basically frozen and so what is going to happen though is if the player chooses not to play the tournament, they still get to keep their points from. The previous year. If they play, they're going to get to choose obviously they're going to choose the better one, but basically, they're going to get to keep their better result. So let's just say, let's say like four someone who won the tournament last year. Let's just go with Cincinnati since that's what's happening right now someone who wants Cincinnati last year if they play again this year and losing the first round, they still get to keep their championship points from last year. Because they have the. To. Exactly. So within the twenty month twenty, two month timeframe whatever their best result is from the from the even the same tournament gets to stick. So. It's kind of That's very weird. Right generally you there's a lot of pressure on these players to do well, if they've done well at a tournament the year prior but now they're going to get to play without fear of losing any ranking points. So yeah. So the other thing is that they they actually the way that they comprise. The points is they take the best results from eighteen tournaments and the last Fudge. That was awesome. I gotTA use that. Piano. Was So dramatic. So the way they do it is they take the best eighteen tournament results from the twenty two month timeframe and that is your ranking. So it really is a great incentive for tennis players to play because I mean, they could all choose to sit on the sidelines and lose nothing. But if they do play, they could better their ranking especially like for instance Djokovic, he could easily better his ranking because he got knocked out last year exactly and I mean we all assume that he will do quite well. If. Not Win easily I. Mean at least that's how I feel because he's been training and playing a lot like right I mean everybody's missing out on competition but he's got a good amount of training competition compared to the rest of the field. He also has this really strange bandage right now that he tested positive with covert months ago and assuming those antibodies are still active in his body. He probably is impervious to vid during this timeframe I guess that would be the same with Zavarra as well. Right But the NISHIKORI tested positive again. So There's a chance that that doesn't hold up what was the time distance between when he had it and when he didn't have it I actually don't know any of those details. Yeah. Because I think well, here at least in the United States to CDC is saying approximately three months that the antibodies give you protection. and. You know who knows if the information we're hearing from our federal government is correct or not it's really hard to know. But I mean just just that feeling that maybe he can feel more free be less stress less worried about illness just because he has that. Kind of advantage. For sure I mean I don't I don't really see anyone. Taking them out personally but stranger things have happened. I know I've been joking on the tennis court with my local buddies like. Why even have the tournament just hand joker the the trophy. You. Know just give it to him and save all this. You know risk of getting infected. Yeah Right. But. If it's not Djokovic, you've gotta think all these young guns are saying look I only have to be Djokovic now, I don't have to be three and that's why it's always been impossible right? Like, okay. You can beat Djokovic maybe then you could beaten doll, but then you have to beat Federer or you know in any in any combination of those three. At minimum, you had to at least get through two of them back to back right which is nearly impossible nearly impossible and I mean very few people have done. It that I can think of I mean team is right up there. Right he's taken at all of them out I think Zavarra of beat Shoka Vic and better at. At the finals rat the London. Again. That's three centers which I don't think really count I. D-. In a slam, there's only like one or two people who have ever done it. Right? Right and I think the record even though everybody says Medvedev has a great chance I mean he he's never actually won a five-set. from if I. Understand that correctly. A. Five five set final I should say. He's he's been in a couple of them and he's lost them all so. Yeah well. I. Shall. We shall we play the game now who men and women like what's your call will? It's really hard right because you don't. Always know lead up tournaments other than Cincinnati which. you haven't here's lunch exhibition tournaments to go off of which joke of each and team and Zverev all did very well and but they were playing against. You know a lot lower ranked players in these weird experts like the ultimate tennis showdown had weird rules four quarters. All these. Antics right wasn't like right tennis and then The other ones also had had different scoring. You know the third set I think for some of them were was like A. A. tie-break type of thing. Instead of a full set. So Right I don't know that any of them have had really enough conditioning. To to know how they're going to do in five the best of five for two weeks for for a two week tournament which has always been the US Open. They've always said has been the hardest one because it's towards the end of the year and you're battling injuries but everyone's now super fresh but also. Super Rusty, right. You're also battling ton of heat. You know usually the soap in is really brutal. Really is I guess they do it with at the Australian Open is probably more brutal but you're right? Yeah, I mean it's going to be hot and then it's weird to it's got to be weird like playing a grand slam with no crowd right because you better believe that a crowd has so much to do with a lot of. Think when if Serena gets tight. Or? Jovic, or whoever right? who normally have like a ton of crowd support. unless they're playing Federer and Djokovic case but normally these people are really used to being able to get sort of pumped up and get a bunch of energy from the crowd support. And the like, how weird is it going to feel that they're playing for a grand slam with no one clapping no-one screaming you know I've got to think that that gives the advantage to the underdog whoever that is. Yes. There they're used to not getting the chairs in back they're used to getting you know kind of. Anti cheers. People cheering when they double-fault or people cheering when they hit it out you know. So they're actually going to have less of a distraction and maybe kind of evens the playing field in a lot of ways. I mean I think this is gonNA. Be The coolest and strangest US Open I can't wait to watch as much as possible because we're going to see like. Really. Crazy. Stuff happening I mean I. I think there's going to be. A lot of shocking headlines as far as like not only just who loses early to someone they shouldn't have lost to quote unquote but also who like, how does Corona Virus Play Who's trainers going GONNA test positive and they're going to have to withdrawal because you know they have to quarantine or something like that. You know. and then what happens like do we have a draw full of walkovers or do lucky losers get thrown in It'll just be interesting, right it'll just be a tournament we've never seen. Yeah I honestly. Feel like it's such a blip on the on the calendar just such an anomaly that it just shouldn't count like I really feel like the US Open should just be an exhibition until we actually get back to you know where everything is. Somewhat normal and and people can actually play again because I mean even if Djokovic wins you know that everybody's GonNa say, Oh, well, that's because it was the Cova Tournament. GOING GONNA. Totally discount it and I think I think it's actually different for Serena I, think if Serena wins I feel like they're going to give it to her more but who do you think is the biggest competition on on the women's side Is the as I think there's it helps and hurts her equally more than anyone. How first of all Serena is notorious for. Two players shouldn't lose too. Early on when there's a lot of pressure. But she also really relies on the crowd the US Open to help push through those close matches. So I feel like she's very vulnerable in the sense that she's not going to have that support to help push her over the edge if he wakes up and has a bad day she screwed. Because she's missing that that extra edge she has being a home home player however that being said I, think like because there's no no one there and it's it'll be a lot less pressure, right? Because everything's so kinda strange. I feel like maybe she'll just. All of those expectations of you know. Thirty thousand people screaming her name you know not being there will help her as well to just relax. So it'll be interesting to see how she actually goes with that. I think the draw will be important. Right? Who knows if she gets someone WHO's The draw means so much so much forever right. I'm feeling great about ASAKA too. I mean I, feel like Asaka can take anybody out if she's up to speed and you know. She so fast so I feel like this is her tournament to lose in a lot of ways I feel like Serena's a little bit under Naomi as far as chances are concern. But true I'm GONNA I'M GONNA go out on a limb and say like plus Cova like she. She kills at all the you know lower ranked tournaments and usually kind of doesn't do as well at These grand slams, which is why she's not aggressive champion yet but I wonder if it's going to be different here because there isn't that much pressure there isn't the crowded really is matched by match player-against-player without all the other stuff and that's when she does really well, she's super calm. So I'd like to see her really step up and just play her game without all the distraction and pressure on wonder if this could be here, call I think you're totally on to something there. she definitely does. Feels pressure from a crowd and tends toll lose matches that she shouldn't. I'm and does very well when it's not like a big stakes match like. A Grand Slam I don't see why not and plus with her serve. What a weapon? Yep. I would I would not definitely not be surprised but I'm really hoping that one of the Americans will step up and take it Cocoa Golf actually lost in the first round of Cincinnati. so Hopefully. That doesn't hurt her confidence but We'll see I that would be nice to see her have a nice run as well. I mean and that's the whole point, right? No one is match ready on the men or women side there's no one is match ready the there haven't been matches how can they be matched ready? They can practice all they want. They can do you know practice. Matches all they want, but it's a different thing when you're playing against the next person down the list, who is just says high level you know approaching high levels, you not a practice partner. So none of these people are ready in my book. Yeah. For sure and and the women haven't had very many exhibition tournaments The men have had quite a few. And Sloan Stevens? Just lost F Y. So, hot and cold man. Yeah. I I'm also feeling on the men's side team is right there I mean, I don't feel like he's lost any bit of his intensity even after the Adria tour where everybody tested positive he literally flew off plane to the next tournament. You know he was just like their I'm ready I'm playing. I'm done I kinda feel like if it wasn't for Covid, this would be his time So even with now the quarantine Ken he even more. So take advantage of the fact that he's really on right now. Yeah I mean I would think he's The favourite next in line to Jovovich right without a question. So we'll see it will be it would be fun to see him do well, you know Of, course with. The Dahlan Federer out and as a federal fan. I would love to see someone step up and get have a new. Avenue Champion in a Lotta ways. For Djokovic. He gets off the hook because if these were normal tournaments without the quarantine man, he grilled incessantly about all the negative press that he's gotten up to this point with his tour were you know with the Anti vaccine with all of the stuff he's talking about for the vaccination I feel like he would be He'd feel a lot more negatively but because it's GonNa be so corentin much of the press is not going to be there I think he's going to have a little bit of get out of jail free card going on. Yeah Yeah for sure I mean there's just so so many strange things that are going to affect this but. It it'll be cool I. mean we're when will we ever have this experience again? And then it'll be cool when the French Open comes in a month or whenever that is and to see the kind of differences between. How to play out. Yeah. All right. We're going to end it there. That's our show for this episode. Thanks so much for listening. As promised, we will have the rich nee our interview on the next episode which I will upload very shortly. I can't wait to hear what Richard has to say. About everything I think you'll really enjoy hearing about his views on the US ta his drop in Tennis Program and Book and more insider Info on the US Open. Don't forget to check out our better esque giveaway online. Oh, you can join our conversation access the show notes and discover are fantastic bonus content on our blog love set match dot net and thanks again to our sponsor tennis POW visit their website at tennis pal dot com download their helpful tennis, APP? I. Think you'll really enjoy it. Hey. Stay safe. Enjoy the US Open and may all your serves as

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