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Wheres The Bluetooth?


The. Letter. Where's the bluetooth sometimes? The simplest answers the one you don't think about how, so I assist with a check in desk at an organization. I phone here with. You've added a self check in with an ipad and printer. This has been a good thing for the line. But yesterday I could not get the ipad to see the printer. I turn the printer on and off using the power button, removed reacted the printer. I even restarted the ipad, nothing started looking up, anything are thinking that maybe the printer factory reset itself was going to go up and get my supervisor laptop, and I was going to try and set up the printer again, then something dawned on me. Try unplugging the printer it, my head this seem so stupid as I already turned the power button on an off, yet I decided to try this approach. So I plugged the power cord and I plugged. Back in what happened next that the ipad saw the printer so this week. Don't let a problem. Stop you. As sometimes the simplest answer is the one you don't think about. Brain more letters like this at the awesome known letter dot com.

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