... And Chill! with Kai Valentine: Episode 69 - Special Guest: Ben Simmons


Introducing the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's. We don't need that music made with tender chicken. Let's lose the echo on a warm buttermilk biscuit perfect juicy simplicity of our buttermilk. The crispy chicken biscuit speaks for itself. Get it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg or a one dollars small hot coffee all from the one two three dollar menu simply your breakfast at McDonald's prices and participation vary cannot be combined with any other offer or Combo Tattoo and some of the Jonas brothers circa. You're listening to siren radio. It's coming up to ten o'clock on your Monday evening and that can only mean one thing my name's Karl Valentine and it's time for and chill. I've got the fantastic Ben Simmons live in the studio. You're going to be hearing his new single. Do you hear the rain and so much more so come back after the news at ten o'clock but now it's time to send you to the sky new center you F- online mobile compile this is Byron Radio Lincoln Siren Radio Seven point three good old barry where you're listening to an chill on Siren Radio we got Ben Simmons coming up but first a little bit of Charlie Simpson Uh uh yeah eh take a break uh-huh yeah <music> yeah. Thank you Charlie Simpson Long road home. You're listening to siren radio. It is ten zero five on your Monday evening another another bank holiday. It feels like every week bank holiday at the moment but you have survived. It and Tuesday is very much on its way but for your final two hours. I'm here to keep you entertained but I'm not alone in the studio. Ono as I have a fantastic returning artists to the show and his name is Ben Simmons. How're you doing Ben? I'm good man how you doing great thank you now. I was shocked as Z.. Were to realize how long it's been since you were last here. Full blown five minutes to seven months. It was October twenty th awesome thin like something like that yeah very close to Christmas. It does not feel like that all feels like yesterday to be so what have you been up to for the last how well it feels like I've been everywhere to be fair. I've been gigging a lot these past few months <hes> I've had the recent release of my new single D._A.. The Rain which came out in April last month on my birthday and just recently I've just been trying to play an promote and get as much recognition as I can really building up a fan base <hes> so that includes going out and talking to people playing the pubs venues and stuff in and around Lincolnshire and it's been going going pretty well safer and if people are interested they do have the opportunity to so you performing live this week they do in Lincoln. It's part of a discovery session with the incredible Tom Lock and the wildflowers supporting both of them at the curiosity shop in Lincoln. <hes> Saturday at seven o'clock. Look in the evening and tickets are free and you can you can you can just turn up yeah. I'm going to be there to kit <hes>. I'm really excited. I've never actually been to the curiosity shop beautiful beautiful place you say new with that last week I was yeah I was there last week. Nick watching the lovely <hes> George Shelley play and it's a lovely a lovely any space <hes> full of fairy lights makeshift stages and it's very you know if you've seen so far sounds on youtube thirds of any that you'd expect that to be hosted. It's beautiful. I'd like to live there. I think I was telling one of the one of the hosts that was presenting the Gig last week and just how I wanted this to be. My Attic Space Corps thing actually if you can create somewhere that's a music music gig venue but also somewhere that you'll feel really comfortable totally yeah yeah is perfect. I mean I think intimate spaces are my go-to big venues a brilliant and everything but I think there's something about the intimacy in the rawness of smaller anew which just completely does it for me and I think actually and people are going to find out very soon. Your music does fit in really well with intimate relaxing vibe is going pretty well so far but yeah Aziz said without with the whole kind of funky Blues Gritty Blues Kinda sound it does it does seem very especially the curiosity shop I can. I can see myself definitely having a good time there this weekend we get so the first song that you're going to be performing for for as this evening is from your ep that came out last August one. Does it feel like a million like a million miles away now in it does actually I have to keep reminding myself every five seconds that it wasn't that long ago and I am still quite young but yeah it came out last August and it's my pride and joy at the moment and this particular track. Do you WanNa you perform this last time you're on the show. Yes I did yeah and do sooner remind the listeners who maybe have slept since last August and haven't been like me listening to your album repeat onto various streaming platform wasted wasted is all about yes so it's it's more of a I say this all the time. It's more of a generalized context that wasted was written in so we've all some point in our time have gone quite intoxicated did and have maybe message does texted that person that we probably shouldn't have done and it's also about that thought process that you go through during that text or that cool or not message anything. I really shouldn't have done now but yeah it's about a story really of just a person who is experiencing a night and is missing that person I guess an enduring the all that intoxication those those feelings and those memories that come with it what has been a what may have been what should have been yeah. That's what we about. Let's take a listen. You are listening to Siren Radio one seven three F. M. in the Lincoln area or online silent sign online dot co Dot U.. K. Wherever you are in the world get in touch audible seven nine seven eight hundred seven one six. That's the number to text in on odal seven nine seven eight hundred seven one mm six. Let us know how you think Penn's doing this evening on twitter at Sarah F._M.. Or on Facebook Siren Radio One zero seven three this is Ben Simmons performing wasted live on Siren Talk Radio <hes> harder and the mind several things I love the other mm-hmm does me crazy and maybe they're right. Where does that leave me with Gye? Does that place mean MHM Reno some. Please don't know tracing. Hey We home badding <music> Jag in Joe you there and I'm wasted Liscio. I don't even know Musalo side trae lonely lonely nights ooh boy skin that rather be so me baby Dan where the battle Nah. It's only three joe made me way this lay here on then you. That's your waist Liscio. Don't you sallow and I'm craving lonely alone. In boy as the B <music> wasted the chance I have Dr Don you blue bird. I'm craving these lonely boy. You got me ask in they'd rather be rather be there. Be there to nine badly there too now I eh rather be rather to <music> siren radio fresh sound Linka father to me we again yeah well we we we this and where along <music> aw <music> birthday nouns then now and we the house down <music> uh-huh long <music> way down Wego. You're listening to siren radio. It's eighteen minutes past ten. I've got the fantastic Ben Simmons still in the studio with me. Ben We just heard the <music> Song from your ep last year Larsen Shade that was wasted it was yet people will have heard that if you're listening back in October the last time you were here and you you say that you absolutely love that song what I really love about. It is the I really love the owners of the lyrics and the fact that it's every one of your songs especially from the lion share album the EP or album I always I always guest some people aren't as friendly about it logically record whatever and when when I was listening to I realized that every song from the EP so not only had its own story but they all intertwined kind now. We're going to be hearing more from you as the show goes on but I want to go back to talk in a bag from a performance standpoint I must say but but <HES> I want to go back to talking about your Gig that you've got coming up on the first of June this Saturday discography featuring Thomas Lock yourself and the wildflowers all foam guests of an tale. I'm really excited for it. I know you are to my question is deep affir- prefer working on Il studio work all performing live which one's best few conclusion. <music> I'm recently. I'd probably have to say that the recording aspect would be my favorite only because I have while these past few months. I have geeked a lot and it's I've never worked in that capacity. Before I mean there are so many memories of that went into light and shade. I think that probably gives it. The you know the overhead of it but <hes> yeah I mean performing live recently as well. I've practiced so much in in small pubs and things in my room <hes> you know when I get my myself. Just I get a guitar and I just I just practice all the original songs and some covers. I love as well but yeah I probably answer the question. <hes> studio work would be would be the major because it comes with writing what comes with recording what you've written and I think there's a personal touch there that not many people understand stand unless they were in the room with you at the time. I guess <hes> having that project come together after all those years I mean light and shade was written during university in my three years at Uni and just four songs came out of it after for those three years and I think there's a there's a deep personal connection to each and every one of them so I think again that's what gives it the head ever performing live at this moment in time now we also see one of the great things about this Gig on Saturday. The curiosity shop is the EU performing alongside to a Gr- axe from Lincoln's local music scene. I know you'll be focusing a lot on your own EP and your own individual performances but is collaborating with other Lincolnshire Musician Station something that you're interested in totally yeah so Italy. I mean if it's especially performing live. I think is very important because you network as well. You make friends you meet people. It's amazing what think Lincoln can has so much to offer in terms of music. It just needs to be heard. There's a there's a lot of talk recently about people getting together and singing and doing songs in getting involved in it's it's incredible to witness as well as be a part of so yeah. Collaboration is of course one hundred percent and collaboration seems to be the key word of the moment because I know that tonight already we've heard from a couple of artists that you are fan fan of uninspiring Charlie Simpson for one more coming up as the show goes on but announces that also inspires you Ed Sheeran yeah absolutely yeah. It's it's why he's why I started playing and he's got a new album coming out. Have you seen yeah yeah. What is it the collapse sixth dish six something like that? Yeah got like fifty new songs coming out because the first thing I saw was on I tunes and I was surfing through and I saw a new album and it didn't didn't have a name that was referenced to the mathematical thing plus divide in hang on what's going on and then I checked it was it was his collab- album which is fab- really really cool. It's something different as well. Am I know he did he did like the fifth one years and years ago and then you'll see focused on his own stuff but yeah there should be there should be different. It should be good and the next song that uniform for us is an at Sharon cover. Guess it is yeah. It's one of my if not my most favorite song of all time I remember listening to it. When I finished watching the habit in the cinema and oversee Lord of the rings has always been my favorite favorite genre what they were trilogy as it were and seeing the hobbit and stuff is great but when you're one of your favorite artists does the song to one of your favorite types of film? It's just perfect and had to learn shying away so yeah. It's it's going to be a good one all really excited to hear more from Ben Simmons. He's going to be here until eleven o'clock. We've still got his brand new single. Do you hear the rain into come so stay tuned for that and if you want to get in touch it's audible seven nine seven eight hundred seven one six. That's the number to text in on or twitter's at Siren F. M. now it's time for Ben Simmons Him and to perform I see fire an ed sharing cover live in the studio. <hes> no misty the <hes> the mountain below key careful watch over my brothers so assertive sky high be fair where fi earned small on the key watch you know ver- JER AW <music> this is too dim fire shoot all burns. Give what's the flames James Graham Ha in soo nine cool the road hold fasters. We watch the flames on the mountains we should tonight shoot will die together and raise a glass of four the last call the row fasters we what's the flames burn the amount of phone. The Sky does see then side them burning cheese CPAC Bolo ensure see <hes> the the two Ma'am you know soon nappy both fall Leah do same confirmed in too income the wrong fasters flames burn towns <hes> sky does see fire inside them see fire <music> cheese. Take is Bernie. If reads reads brothers will die just the sky's falling down this lonely shadow on the ground people screaming agreement does see fire seep on in the sea shore. We'll see <music> five hope the two <music> Siren radio. I'm proud Ben Simmons IC- fire and sharing cover that we've got multiple from I'm Ben as we head closer to eleven o'clock including his brand new single. Do you hear the rain coming up more from Ben after Chris Stapleton and broken Halos same mass shy first and say <music> John Ons Jong ask Jesus long along the by Eh go ahead Josh Ben Simmons live in the studio with me and he's really enjoying the playlist which has been put forward tonight thoughts on those on the second song which was way down. We go eat yeah. You said Oh my God. This is amazing. Level songs invested into a puddle. Yes and I said to you. Of course I've looked at your facebook page we we we do try them. What these things out a little bit advanced but I appreciate the I appreciate the enthusiasm so then we've been talking about the GIG that's coming ELP on Saturday and how it's an intimate venue but you aren't going to be performing at a much larger avenue in Lincoln in September? <hes> I am yeah it's well. It's the annual Brayford Pool Pool Techs Talk. That's being held at the engine shed in Lincoln on September fourteenth and it's going to be a daily is going to be a whole day and <hes> yeah. I've been lucky enough and very very honored actually to be a part of it and I'm going GonNa be performing on there. It's always a fantastic event. You know this is the third year that Ted expert Paul has been has been running in the Lincoln area is getting bigger and better as the years go on and then <hes>. I think we're GONNA fit in really well as one of the performers on the day. Is it something that you're excited about being able to because we got lots of artists coming in and they say cell for news. Would you really love to perform in in Lincoln. Surely the engine shed is near. The top of that list. I think is the top in locally. I think it's the top I think I've got a feeling last time I was here of what we said. Something similar and I did say the could be my imagination but yeah the engine shed just one hundred percent straight up loved before and I've been given the opportunity to do that in September up so now for people who don't have much about Ben Simmons you are during this time around the you know the real world of work. How do you find facing a music career around of the death? Say Grind shall. We say it's heart out especially in a full time job. <hes> while I always I always struggled to with myself. I think do my writing enough and my performing enough <hes> shabby writing a lot more more because one day one day one day one day the dream is to turn into a fulltime career other moment. It's going steady. I mean I think it's like with anything. If if you have the heart and soul you will make time to to fit that in and that's what I'm hopefully trying to arm doing at the moment and yeah it's it's tricky but but like I said if you have the heart and soul for it shouldn't be a problem so that's kind of where I want to be. I'd I'd hardly I can relate to that. Someone is working community radio now for five years eight eight completely relatable topic and where do you see self in the next couple of years and what's the next plan for you to <hes> so the next plant well just to build up a fan base. I think <hes> it's a it's an imperative thing. It's it's it's an essential part of where I want to go and where it's all well willing good having the music but if there's no one to listen then you've got fifty percent of something and fifty percent of nothing so like I said with just going out <hes> taking every opportunity <hes> and just just playing as much as you can and just say to everyone hey look. I'm a singer songwriter his music I you enjoy it kind of thing that sold Israeli and <hes> within those five years. I'd like to think that I just I makes tiny steps every day whether that be writing something new in my room whether that be playing something new learning something new meeting someone new in terms of you know the industry the music industry and <hes> you know that that's just kind of how it goes really. I think we'll see the whole social media thing is is a big image thing just obviously keeping that regulated an updated. Maybe doing a mailing list. I think that's one of the major things that I'm going to do next because I find it hard to to like break the news safe. I've got a GIG or something well something new records coming out. I find it hard to navigate all of these social media's and put in the same post on everything especially on twitter when you're limited to a certain amount of characters so I think a mailing list would be would be good good but yeah other than that five years time I'd love to I'd love to record more right more. I'd love to tour touring is something I've obviously when you go to gigs. You're heavily inspired. I am you. I'm I'm heavily inspired. I just go home and I just want to write do things and touring I can see myself on doing that like doing that kind of life and again. It's something new something exciting and Yeah Spice Account Way to Worl- really excited to see what you've got a head in the months and years to come if people WANNA keep in touch with you and fully of story. Where can they find out more about Ben Simmons? You can find me on facebook. It's my page under Ben Simmons Music. You can find me on twitter which she's Ben Simmons underscore. I do a lot of covers on instagram only because the acoustics in my bathroom are really good so my instagram is Ben Simmons Music and then obviously you've got my you've got my singles and you've got my debut pee on on my spotify which is just Ben Simmons. You're Amanda there and I tunes and Amazon. Music is awesome. Steph do not worry their lesson gentlemen. You've still got more Penn Symons to come before we hit eleven o'clock and then I'll be keeping you company until that midnight hour strikes with a little bit of chatter and some more relaxing music irs I and you try not to fall asleep but Ben's new single. Do you hear the rain is coming up in about five minutes time. We're also going. That'd be streaming live on siren radios facebook page so pop over onto there as well Jill screen. It's multi platforming radio at its finest but I it's time for a little bit of another song that I ink pens GonNa Enjoy Siren Radio The music you love lives. It's Best Dan stay tuned to Siren Radio <music> Nafta our souls of both some great elise where in the sky free from our shackles or chains our mouths how will open all care straight into and so and a feeling questions aside union the thoughts of just brothers uh-huh he will know <hes> <hes> and guard your home is your best Dan with elise eum mm how you pronounce it then you're the expert on it was this is your play list. Basically improvising baguette blame band send send all the mail to him. You're listening to an tale on Siren radio. Your Monday is almost over choosed as on its way and we celebrate in that fact with some great music. It's just coming up to quarter to eleven and Ben's got very special. Treat firs now indeed this is your brand. New Single came out last month did you do you hear the rain. We've heard it many many times. It's been in our list here at the station for the last couple of weeks. WCHS so if you've been tuning in you'll heard lots and lots and lots book being able to hear it live in the studio something that we're very excited about now. What is the story behind this track and how does it differentiate from home license? Shed so the story behind D._A.. The Rain Is it's about an event that happened in my life. That was inevitable. It was unavoidable. You can't escape. I mean it's it's I think like a lot of people can relate in terms of something like that. I could be something like you know an exam that you can't miss it could be <hes> something in the family that happens and it's unavoidable but yeah it's about mountain event that happened and it was unavoidable and the rain itself is is almost a metaphor for that event is bittersweet memory that comes with it and it's almost telling you can you hear it. It's coming. You got to do something right now. You're going to make a decision. I think that's what it's about yeah well. The wait is over. Let's take a listen. You're listening to a siren radio and this is Ben Simmons with do you hit the rain. <music> <music> last Trente was tell that girl the wasn't try data. Keep you settle down on just lavas occurs break. Do you hear the rain mellow of do Louis here. The Rain Dot Cana- thought we'd fizzle lap. That's your evidence. Stay away from the term in its through the arm still hollow inside. Do you hear the rain. I love the rain the rain mellow do tell me that it's all right. There's nothing more detain Joma do do the rain <music> <music>. You got it too that you want it to work. Give me take their certainly put it aside and you task for song about so. Do you here to to do that. It's all right <music> <music> <music> siren radio. I seven point three the mid week drive on Siren F._M.. One in seven point three are you are you this is who we coffeehouse the House Herbert's from Lincoln England where all travelers in space and time with strange characters and it's the one with the knows I have enough and surprised as Galore a free concert as being sung by Elvis Presley unusual unusual discussion topics. Would you want to give every child a water pistol. It was a bit right chasing between kittens and babies that will make your ribs song. You have really done your homework. What we call show business joined the mid week Dr Team every Wednesday from five till seven on silent F._M.? One Oh seven point three the mid week Dr Team with Alex left choke as it says every week here on Siren radio that that was the fantastic Ben Simmons with his brand new single. Do you hear the rain d think that's the most proud that you are of one of Your Single Sofa absolutely yeah. I've had a lot for myself my my thoughts about it and it's a perfect for me. It's a perfect combination between my debut single in two thousand fifteen where we once were and light and shade. I think there's the contrasting sounds between those fit perfectly that folk that blue sound and that's exactly where I want to be so yeah. It's it's like it's like the little child the single in the E._p._a.. which is exactly what I wanted because you came to Lincoln in Ooh two thousand seventeen twenty seventeen you've been working on music back in your hometown oath snowbirds yes and opens back in two thousand fifteen? It was my first ever ever according as an artist was we once were twenty-fifty. We've developed so much of the last four years nearly going on five years in and defeated the Lincoln Music Seniors has helped you achieve that yeah I would say <hes> especially especially in terms of performing live <hes> going back to that kind of not vibe and like I said earlier about how Lincoln has so much to offer in terms of the music scene and I think last time I was here we mentioned it as well. It's in terms of recognition. I think it's Lincoln's not so big in terms of music like Oxford Nottingham all of the other cities but it's there it just needs to be known more because it is wonderful. I mean growing quickly is is being a part of that as well so humbling. It's fantastic love and keep on growing something that I've loved doing over the past two years especially here on Siren is working with local musicians light itself and just giving you that platform a to present the amazing work that you do now then you are going to be <hes> you've got two gigs to major gigs coming up over the next few months the first whirl we'll mention the one in September once again the fourteenth of September. It's the big it's the engine shed Fort Headaches Brayford Pool when I say engine shed. Do you still get that feeling of Oh yes. You're basically warming up for the Happy Mondays. We're coming up in December but the Brayford Pool will rethink event on the fourteenth of September tickets are just twenty five pounds which for a full day event for Ted Event as absolutely incredible. You know the average about forty pounds across the country so you've got an absolute a bargain here in Lincoln. I'm going to be covering that more as the weeks and months go on but you've got the gay coming up on Saturday night. I'll be there are many of you will be to discography with Thomas. Lock Lock yourself and the wildflowers going to be a great night conway and we're going to be here in the whole of light and Shade Yup. It's going to be hall of light and Shade All four songs and it's going to be do you hear the rain and where we once were hopefully I'm going to be the first time performing that for years and a few covers thrown in there as well for good measure awesome stuff and where can people find out more about you and your music you can find me on facebook and Ben Simmons Music. I've got page you can find me on twitter which is Ben Simmons Underscore instagram which is where I share most of my covers and music as well because my bathroom has good acoustics. That's essential I have to say that and it's Ben then Simmons Music for Instagram and then my original music can be found on spotify which is just Ben Simmons and then I tunes and Amazon Music under Ben Simmons as well. Thank you very much for joining me over the past hour here on siren are in radio and I. I hope it's not the last time I hear you on these waves. You're listening to siren coming up to eleven o'clock on a Monday evening. Money's Valentine one time I'll be keeping you company until midnight strikes but first passenger Belgrade clouds wrapped trough town like elastic car toys made of Taiwanese plastic the boy laughed at spastic dot seen around while on James Plainclothes high heels rope tows puddle slash bus all star Crowe trusting shoots and the video took myself down to the cafes final boys loss team team book signed crackling fine carved out of Iran or the red. Don't you cry fo the loss smile fall living <music>. Dan Give Watch given life's phone leaving so living better off well the evening for the moon now to these past star Sean Lock Doc Buckles on an old man Jackie forty nail attack teens in federal why pitching's peg train sparks flew like claims rain show the rainbows in your state when we all had new iphones no on had no one to call stone down to the stomach John McCall town where the widow takes men reach too slowly trial tooth sky in steeler saying Jones traff the house smile lies fallen leaving so Sir Laurie take your dreams down in the snake command storage box. When you paid mortgage in aw hell the church down the highway must be you mean my bad from the tree leaves on a blanket stops steetch? The word seems we need three and so trump smile she need on. He lives leaving so living better. They cry snaffle Living Georg. She needs on give watch given I saw. Aw If you love video games be sure to join the Brits and Ozzy Gio shake the voice and hyperion on the cyber we've got the latest news exclusive interviews bad voice voice acting in video game samples and much more after all it is approved by me Duke Nukem Kane from command and conquer agent forty-seven master chief of the halo series and more to if you love video gains and in heavy metal check out the cyber. Dan Live every Wednesday ten till twelve here on Sarin radio online mobile mobile. This is <music> Siren Radio Siren radio where back from the sky new center. He's just gone eleven o'clock on Monday evening. Opio will have a wonderful bank holiday Monday Valentine nine. I'm taking it to midnights the the consumer switching stays with you too <music> yeah decide things to this <music>. I think <music> <music> <music> <music> ultra volks taking it back to the nineteen eighty nine thousand in eighteen itself in fact wow making a few of you feel a little bit older thirty nine years since that one came out he are celebrating the fact that that's your Monday is almost over Tuesday's on its way and you have survived the bank holiday weekend and it's always a little bit different. <hes> you know we celebrate the fact that the weekend is almost all the Mondays almost over the hardest day of the week and the rest of the week. The heartbeats Tony's waivers if you've had the day off today if you've had the luxury of the day off like I have then you know I'm sorry the rest of the week might not be as good this week <hes> but I hope that you've all taken advantage of it. <hes> I got the chance yesterday to go up up the hill up to the old side Lincoln Castle and the Cathedral and say in the Nice Sunny Weather <hes> of the castle grounds surrounded by loads of families having a really nice time they had they adultery on loads of events taking place over the castle through the half term holidays. Make sure the check those out for certain but some how you've spent your bank holiday weekend. Let's get the conversation going on twitter at Siren F._M.. And on facebook Siren Radio One seven three. It's seven minutes past eleven. I'm getting a little bit sleepy. I'm sure you are too but don't worry. Come on we can hold out at least keep your radios tuned into midnight on the fakers. The rest of the week is looking like it's going to be is looking like he's going to injury to be honest. We're looking at showery and thundery day tomorrow with highs of fourteen degrees so if you've got some half-term plans it might be might be worth heading in Dole's. I've got the week off. I'm going to let you know what I'm going to be up to <hes> in a couple of minutes time but some you know we we like on the show to try and separate ourselves from the real world and relax relax chill out on Monday. Evenings trend forget what's going on in the news and this week is going to be more difficult than ever. I must say his his live Acoustic version of a song list mess out for a few people with birds of prey tale world zone needs severe feeding on the not being afraid with fair by now high wire in Byron government fire combat side that the way even down your keep up the reward of babble look at that move land by self-service Tony. You're harming dummy was the rupturing the Robert Reich Patriotic Flambeau neck right feeling in the the six o'clock T._v.. Our dollars last burn return to near turn uniform landon every automotive century by candlelight down means no fear cavalier relegates dare tournament tournament tournament live on the the the the uh-huh as we know we know it's the manager denies continental amount said in a line Leonard Bernstein leaving the bank for cheesecake being symbiotic nature plan both nats right. It's the word ah the the were we know it's the and the were has we know it's the the world asked me and I feel the no the UH inside. He's IT'S GONNA be fine. Today is a promise R._E._M.. S._P._N.. The world as we know it from a live performance in nineteen ninety tonight with sitting back relaxing Chile now celebrating the fact that your Monday is almost over and choose day is on its way. I've got some great chilled out songs. Keep you company until that midnight hour strikes go some acoustic live stuff. <hes> I've got a little bit of Robbie Williams as well and I'm going to be talking more about the <hes> the big new film of off the week in fact two big films <hes> Alan and rocket man which premiered last week of seeing them both and I'm going to be giving my thoughts later on in the show but up next a little bit of Birdie and an acoustic take on wings we're going back to two thousand and thirteen screen when we watch the stories of starts to they may EH <music> mm-hmm eh uh-huh uh-huh <music> and mom along <music> with an acoustic rendition of two thousand and thirteen single wings is a song that I read discovered Ovid Elia well late last week when I was a lead in my room and I was doing something I hadn't done for a while and that was just listening to chill out playlists on on spotify and this is one that came up and I went oh. I'm so glad that there's a show forgotten involved in that process because I would have never have gone looking for it and I'd completely forgotten existed but I knew that it exactly rights for this show. Oh it's one thing that I'm trying to do a little bit more especially this week's inozyme on annual leave it means the I've got a bit more time to myself and I can spend my evenings just doing what I'm encouraging you all to do tonight. Sit back relax chill lamps celebrate the days almost over and tomorrow's on its way <hes> and the united that the other night I post some L._P.'s on my record player <hes> a little bit of anti monkeys Actually Tranquility Base Hotel and casino <hes> and some other stuff as well developed this so some of the classics <hes> APPA <hes> but then I decided to do something that hadn't done for a very long time and that was I got my laptop power and I got my hi <hes> a dug out the old microphone and I started to do but recode singing and a lot of people. I've never really spoken on this show before of my passion and love of singing the I had from being a kid going to like like not stage schools but drama classes and things like that before coming here to Lincoln to do a degree in drama and it was something that I thought of I didn't give up on buddy fell to the wayside <hes> last year when my dad passed away and it was just something that wasn't as interested in at kind of lost the lost the passion to get up and perform over the last couple of weeks of the last month aside left <unk>. I've been back to others failed twice to visit. My family are very big Karaoke family. You know it's very rare that I can go back and visit without being dragged down to the Queen's somewhat vague various <hes> popes in the Yorkshire that you know the names of around there but basically Lanka Nafta join us arms and in doing the open mic nights I guess and I got open performed and I realized how much I missed it so it was a really fun thing today my bedroom at night when I the whole house to myself just so of chill out and the record something that I thought went all right for one take and cheeky bloke you can find on my new soundcloud page to search for Valentine a nice little cover of ain't that a kick in the head for now. That's all over. Let's talk a little bit about something that has been a lighting up the <hes>. Meanwhile the the Showbiz industry this week and that is the finals of Britain's got talent every night this week. There will be a semi final taking place tonight so that's happen. I and I don't actually know who I watched the show so what from seven till nine <hes> but I haven't actually seen the results yet so no spoilers. I'm going to watch it. When I get home? You Know Benetton and we had to do all they see. No Ou go to set up for the show. I've got the common entertain Newell. Oh what a shame jehad life but I thought I really enjoyed they. Series of Britain's got talent. Some of the performers were absolutely fantastic. My favorites this evening would indefinitely the school the school kids. I think they'll call champ to thirteen might be I might be misinterpreting not with another act but they're you know a school from the Midlands I believe and it's it's basically like if you're a fan of the Nativity the Christmas show all the scenes present for from last year. It's just a Lotta kids having fun with an incredibly amazing amazing influential teacher that to be honest. I think we'll do them a wonder of good in future life if you haven't gone and checked it out it was David Williams Golden Buzzer Act and they are absolutely fantastic fantastic so <hes> definitely suggests that and he got me into the mood of thinking about prior prior Britain's got talent tax and then I came across this song on the system which are thoughts encapsulate that show he's one of the most iconic hacks musical thanks to ever come out of the program and he was the winner of the ferry first series twelve years ago. Mr Pol Pot's aw <music> Eh <music> Art <music> Talk <music> aw <music> you too <music> uh-huh uh-huh <music> <music> <music> poll pulse with everybody. Everybody hurts. I'm not gonNA try and pronounce the Italian version you're listening to siren radio. It's twenty seven minutes past eleven on Monday evening. The show is just running away with US tonight. <hes> hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. It was fantastic to have the wonderful Ben Simmons here from ten to eleven plane <hes> songs from his EP from his brand new single. Do you hear the rain and and you can hear more from him at the curiosity shop as part of the point creative hopes event discography alongside siren regulars Thomas Lock and the wildflowers as well this Saturday today the first of June tickets are available via event bright now just search for discography at the curiosity shop and if you're looking for other stuff to take your fancy through what is for some the Hof weekends <hes> all week. Should I say <hes>. We've got some really fun stuff coming up in the Lincoln area. <hes> including Roman Posten Gates Eight tour which is taking place on Saturday first of June from ten A._M.. Until three thirty PM see 'em filling this Saturday up now. It's a rare opportunity to explore part of Lincoln's Roman south wool which is now hidden under a city center bank with a guided tour from experts at the collections. If you really into Lincoln's history that might be all thing with also got lincolnshires archaeology festival taking taking place from tomorrow until the second of June throughout the city so find out more about that on the visit Lincoln Dot com so some exciting stuff coming up I myself <hes> I got a busy few days planned including tomorrow. I'm going to be heading out of the county because I thought the plan was was me and my girlfriend we both have the day off so we're going to head over to skegness over to Skegg Vegas and uh-huh sit in the sun on the beach 'cause I thought it was going to be like it has been this weekend but now as soon as I get the day off his stance to rain doesn't it say it's Ben Simmons thoughts and I thought ourself you know what we need to do something a bit more in Dole's based and we've done the cathedral in the castle recently so we're heading up to <hes> Rotherham <hes> Well Rotherham Sheffield on the boundaries to the MAGNA adventure centre and I haven't been there since I was a kate if no one's ever if you haven't been before you've never heard of it. It's a fantastic day out. They've got a it's basically a really large steelworks warehouse which has now a huge adventure senator and Science Museum obviously mainly for kids but you know adults can enjoy it too and I'm really looking forward to having ago myself tomorrow. So <hes> yeah next week on the show will not only be talking about what a great time it was at discography the curiosity shop on Saturday but also Kai's adventures in a child's science museum still to come. We got my chest. Ask about my thoughts on the rocket man film which came out last Thursday. I've got some Arctic monkeys and so much more to come keeping you company until that midnight hour a strikes were sitting back relaxing chilling out celebrating the fact that Monday's almost over and choose day is on its way this next song you may not have heard this version and you'll have heard of the artist but I really enjoy it with a Stacey Solomon with gravity ooh and such aw and do the <music> and you in the Sky Louis on you and it's been a long long way such shoes aw now do you and so I know no and then all the way hello everyone yeah Taylor <music> they do you can you <music> so no <music> gravity from Stacey Solomon's under the radar album of two thousand and fifteen shy for for those who may recognize the song it was a b side on coal play album it was Chris Martin that actually wrote the track and he decided not really to run with it as a coldplay song although they did end up releasing and <hes> it further down the line <hes> but it was never really pushed as one of the major ones but I think he is. It's one of his best songs from a lyrical perspective indeed now as I've been talking about as the show has been going on <hes> last week I had the pleasure of going to see rocket man in the cinema here at the Odeon in Lincoln and on its debut they'd be nice. I went to go see and <hes> I really really enjoyed it. TERAN EDGERTON FA me does a fantastic job as Elton. John and I don't WanNa give too many spoilers away but what I will say is that if you're expecting expecting a regular bio pic like for example hime rhapsody last year than it's really not what you're expecting it is how they describe it a fantasy musical which post a whole new perspective onto onto Elton John's life which we do learn you know it has been documented in the past days he his antics ups and downs in his personal life. <hes> you know folks Salon. His addiction issues his alcohol issues and it's it's really really interesting way to go about presenting for certain. I think really really benefits from the fact act that David David Furnish obviously Elton John's partner is the executive producer and therefore he was working with director and the cast and they basically said the they they'd been holding off under in this his film for many years because a lot of directors didn't one and production companies didn't want to run with publishing a film that was the that wasn't sugar coated. Shall we say they didn't want anything anything to be sugar coated and I think that's what they do. Really well is an honest approach for what is very strange presentation of a fantasy musical on the sleigh. I don't want to say too much more. What I will say is that the choreography is incredible the storytelling amazing and the cast from young to old not only are vocals absolutely component but some but they're acting to sir? Do make sure you see it yourself. You know it's on all through the day at Odeon Lincoln over the next couple of days. We got showing from eleven thirty in the morning right through till eight thirty at night so if you've got the chance I suggest you can see it and this next song play for you is from the movie soundtrack. It doesn't give anything away but I will set the scene in the this is was in the trailer anyway <hes> a moment where Elton John <hes> he you know things got so bad for him that he decides to try and take he tries to take his own life and the moment is set to the music of the title Track Rocket Man <hes> Like I say you've got to see it actually picture and feel feel the way that I felt about this film so I really really hope that if you do one thing tonight if you listen to one thing I ever say I say go and watch this. It's an absolute treats definitely one that are we recommending. Mending rocket man of featuring Taryn Edgerton and the film cast so let's take a listen you're listening to siren radio. It's twenty to midnight about well twenty minutes until I say good night we can make it ladies and gentlemen. I won't fall asleep. If you don't stay tuned to siren radio she fact bags last night. Pre Flight Zoo now you as a Chi- so long it's lonely out and on such a a touchdown now laws aimed to raise words in fact. It's cold on <music> silence. It's just my job five days. Rocket touchdown raise be rounding amount L. man now Dasche Down Hello Yeah Rocket Talkin Man Haron Edgerton and the rest of the film cast there and it sounds in cinemas now Elton John One of the most incredible artists of all time certain as an artist. I the the blues very few artists. I actually do sit there and go. You know what I really really do. which I'd see live but you know I can imagine that he'd he'd Paula incredible life show this we all enjoy <hes> but he's retiring from touring now <hes> which is a shame but you know he's? He's getting a little bit older now and see the school to kids. He wants to spend more time with his family <hes> speaking of songs and bands. I wanted to see live or moments that I wish I was there for live. I'm going to take us back now to Glastonbury two thousand thirteen to a band that I broke the Arctic monkeys and and the not only the I guess play much off here on chill especially. It's fifty minutes to midnight. You know we're we're going to be relaxing chilling out celebrating the fact the Mondays almost over and Tuesday's on its way a <hes> but I remember when I first saw this performance. Take place via BBC I player and realizing wow I I wish I was there live because they played a song which which which they don't play very often when I got the chance to see them in two thousand fourteen they played about forty seconds of it as part of a medley but the they they don't crack it out very often and and they sny they just decided yeah. We're going to do it but if we're going to do we're going to do it right and we're going to do it different with a full on orchestra. I'm going to set the scene for you. Ladies and gentlemen it's cluster number two thousand and thirteen the nights is looking quite like it is out of the window. Now we may be not be they may not be looking over the BRAYFORD and the Castle in the Cathedral all lit up in the background with the new little Clinton's walking past <hes> <music> but they did have a crowd of nearly seventy thousand people in a field at Glastonbury for in my opinion one of the most emotional performances. That's the anti monkeys he's have ever put on. I'm going to stop big it up now. This is Mardi Bom by the Arctic monkeys from last embrace two thousand and thirteen. I hope you'll enjoy stay tuned to Siren Radio Jio taking you to that midnight hour thirteen minutes away almost ten to sleep now the side move to Your uh-huh four sorry yeah vizier. Ah We're getting ever so close to that midnights our Muslims kind of time. This TSK is Adam. Shell I mentioned earlier that at a recording of a track from Robbie Williams swing album in then a kick in the head and his another one dream a little dream stars Eh above nine breezes soon to whisper. I Love Birds Sing and the Sycamore tree dream little <music> kiss shows all too long <music> <music> sweet dreams some games fine behind compagno dreams <music> <music> trees in the middle <music> <music>. Eh Dream a little dream Robbie Williams featuring Lily Allen. You're listening to Siren Radio Radio. It's five minutes to midnight here on Monday. We're going to get through those last five minutes in style now. It's been a pleasure to join you for that. It's been a pleasure to join you in your living rooms and your homes homes in your car's wherever you are in the world listening to Siren Radio Tonight. It's always been fun. Ben Simmons was absolutely fantastic find out more about him. Ben Simmons Music on Facebook facebook. Oh Ben Simmons on the school on twitter his event of the first of June discography Thomas Lock Ben Simmons and the wildflowers at the curious curiosity shop take kits are still available now now but thank you very much for joining me this evening. You have survived here Monday. Tuesday is on its way denied God bless and I leave you tonight with a little bit of a personal tributes the twenty ninth of May would have been my dad's birthday so I am leaving tonight's with one format they says Elvis Presley and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Astray with a gorgeous gorgeous rendition of always on my mind. Thank you very much for listening good night. God bless and I'll see you all right back here next week. So maybe I didn't treat you. What is as I should maybe <music> what is often as I said? I just never the time you were all his own you. Maybe <hes> and I guess I'm number. I'm so bad if I made certain girl I'm so sorry I was glad you you eh as me one more chance keep you satisfied. Uh Little things I should've said I just never oh you role. What is maybe all as A?

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