Deepak Chopra's Infinite Potential


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now, let's go. Shopper and this is infinite potential. He knew podcast where we explore what makes us conscious beings and wide matters that we are. Consciousness is perhaps the most precious thing in the entire universe. I'm bringing together the stories and conversations with remarkable people thought leaders, scientists artists philosophers and fence that have transformed my perspectives and can transform yours as well. What does Jane Goodall think we can learn from the animal kingdom, we apart of this incredible web of life and the more. We learn about it the more. We learn about us. How does Dr Sanjiv Gupta? Explain what's going on inside the three pound mystery that recall brain, our brain, we have only only begun to understand what it is capable of. Why does Russell brand think humor and change the stories retail ourselves. I feel that Huma is powerful force. That intuitively connects you to the unseen world. And the laughter is the consequence of that temporary elimination of that temporary connection. Together. We will explore the frontiers of outerspace die started floating up, and it was this giddy crazy moments. It's like a rebirth and deep inside. What makes us creative connected. He was being beings. The brain mind system is changing because the world collectively is changing because it is a time of grow or die. And my choice is yours is always to grow. Join me on this adventure may subscribing here or wherever you get your podcasts to get each episode delivered to you. This is infinite potential every time I meet with you at the end of army's always think do I exist, and I just manifest you to hang out with you. Because it's a lot of fun. It's loaded.

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