Gun control debate returns to Congress


This episode is sponsored by j. P. morgan chase. Good morning. welcome to axios today. It's march twenty fourth. It's wednesday. we made it. I'm lou. here's how we're making you smarter today. Federal regulators clapback on astrazeneca's vaccine data plus jalen rose on the lack of black coaches professional sports. But first today's one big thing going nowhere on the gun control debate less than a day after the mass killing in boulder colorado president joe biden urged congress to pass gun control laws. Now this is not a should not be a partisan issue this an american issue it will save lives. American lives access white house housing correctional reporter. Elena train is here to catch us up on. How this debate is already shaping up alina. We've seen to mass killings in two weeks. What exactly did president biden for yesterday. President biden issued a very powerful speech at. He even went a step. Further than a lot of democrats are willing to go when he said that they should ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country again on the legislation that we saw house democrats tasks last week before breaking recess. Would address having more background checks in closing loopholes in the background check system but not so much on air fifteen and some things that biden brought up in that speech the problem is going to be what legislation they can really bring up that will get enough republicans on board to make it law. You spend a lot of time talking to both parties right now with democrats controlling the white house to house and the senate. What are you hearing from them about if they're confident about achieving anything without republican support. It's almost like a broken record and that sort of the attitude of a lot of members from both parties on the hill. They're frustrated that there's always a conversation about gun control and gun reform after a horrific incident but they never agree on how to deal with it and so right now. It's expected that the house bills will come up in the senate but republicans do not see those as viable options. They certainly won't get the sixty votes that are needed to become law. Are there any leaders in either party. Who were trying to bridge this gap. Yes there are. I think one thing that we've heard from democrats in particular. We heard senate majority leader today. Said that he wanted to work with chris. Murphy who's been a huge advocate for gun reforms on on where they can find common ground in what they can do to find some sort of compromise here. Republicans are pointing to a bill that had attempted been passed in the in the past but never made it which is the mansion to be bill which looks at enhancing background checks again. A lot of this is going to take time. And of course the further you from the mass shooting harder is to pass some of these. That's what most of my sources lawmakers seem to believe to alina. Drain covers the white house. And congress for axios thinks elena isla. We'll be back and fifteen seconds with understanding. What's behind the latest news on the astrazeneca vaccine j. p. morgan chase is working to advance equity and inclusion in the workforce three high quality career readiness program and partners. The company is investing three hundred and fifty million dollars into jobs in skills programs over five years. Learn more at jp morgan chase dot com slash path forward. Welcome back to axios today. Our healthcare editor. Sam baker was here yesterday to talk about the release of us trial info for the astra zeneca vaccine since then us. Regulators released a highly unusual statement raising concerns about the trial data. So i asked them to come back and explain what is going on. Hey sam thanks for coming back. Of course so astrazeneca's being accused of cherry picking data. What does that mean so. It seems like what they're being accused of here is using data. That is a little bit too old. These complaints arose from an independent panel of experts. That have been keeping tabs on this trial. And after astrazeneca put out that seventy nine percent number that we are also excited about this group of experts said. Whoa that doesn't seem like the data that we've seen at least not the current data for those of us who are not scientists. How much should we be concerned about the vaccine. Well there are two levels of concern here one. If the effectiveness number is not what astrazeneca said it was what is it. The implication here is that it would be lower than what the company claimed that it would be less effective vaccine. That doesn't necessarily mean it would be an ineffective vaccine but just by going through all of this back and forth and astrazeneca has had a couple instances of this. This is not the first time this has happened with this company. In this vaccine you are casting doubt on a product that is really important to the entire world particularly the developing world. This is a vaccine that people need to trust and need to be able to trust and all of these data discrepancies. Call that into question. See him how much do you think this reflects speeding up. A scientific process because of the urgency of this pandemic. Maybe some you know this has moved fast and people make mistakes and science doesn't always work out the way you thought it would. We shouldn't jump to conclusions here. There's obviously more information still to come out at the same time. We've seen three other established pharmaceutical companies do studies on corona virus vaccines. That did not have any of these data issues in these back and forth issues especially since we've seen multiple rounds at it with astrazeneca but it doesn't seem like something inherent to the corona virus vaccine process. It seems like something is going on with this company in this product. Sam baker is excuses healthcare editor. Yesterday i had a chance to talk with former nba all star now. Espn analyst jalen rose. It was part of axios systemic racism coverage in this case with sports. We had a great conversation about his playing days social activism and. I asked him how concerned. He was about. The lack of coaches of color in the nba. I'm extremely concerned and it's not just the nba as you mentioned this the nfl. Also but it doesn't start. Coaching is starts with the ownership. Usually when you have an opportunity to hire you're gonna listen to voices that you're familiar with in a lot of times. They're going to not only look like you trumpet. Some of the things that you feel or think or say and people don't want to go outside their box outside of their comfort zone so it starts an ownership. You talked about the four. Nba coaches in the nba. There aren't four black owners in both sports combined in at sixty four teams that then trickles down to a low number presidents a low number of general managers which plays itself out as head coaching job. But when you look on the floor primarily black players. Look on the field primarily black players so what that tells you is. We're skilled enough to perform. But you don't feel like we're smart enough to be decision. A part of my interview with sports analyst. Jalen rose between out the link to the entire conversation which includes japan. Singing will also post it in our show notes before we go today. One more story watching his in australia. Where once in a one hundred year floods have hit the southeastern part of the country. Tens of thousands of australians have been forced to evacuate and still have animals and wildlife. I feel like i need to give you a squeamish. Disclaimer and my producers are making me. Say this there have been several reports of both spiders and snakes heading for higher ground taking up residence in homes and trees and even trying to escape the water by crawling up people's legs. Ooh that's i today. If you want more news tomorrow you can tune in turn afternoon. Podcast acce- s recap labou. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. Only thirty two percent of eligible americans are a painting a four year. University degree. J. p. morgan chase believes that the future of work is about skills. Not just degrees. 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