Irwin Redlener, M.D. - Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative at Columbia Univ.


What's the truth about the covid. Nineteen pandemic we'll talk about it on this episode of the mind dog. Tv podcasts talk Get another episode of the mind. Dog tv podcast. I'm at napoli. thanks for coming. It's great to have you here as always we're gonna be talking about pandemic tonight Hopefully my guest arrives. guessing. There might be some technical issue. I don't think he's ever done anything like this before. I just talked to him about an hour ago. And billy was not familiar with the whole world of podcasting live streaming and all that stuff He is a frequent guest in real old school television. Nbc and miss nbc. And so forth. But i i'm assuming there might be a little difficulty in connecting tonight but the subject tonight Was going to be the pin them again. I know a lot of people are tired of talking about that tired of hearing about it. But i think it's important to get to the real truth about what's going on. Was it and what we can expect them. 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And founding director of the national center for disaster preparedness at columbia university's earth institute with which works to understanding improve the nation's capacity to prepare for and respond to n. Recover from disasters in twenty twenty doctor. Redlener created the pandemic resource in response initiative at columbia. In addition. He is an on air public. Health analyst for nbc and msnbc. He's a partner with the singer. Share and i don't think i need to say the singer or you really need to say share. Yes they share in a new program called share cares organized to provide assistance to communities struggling with covid nineteen among other things. Ladies and gentlemen please open your ears and open your minds up. We welcome irving it leonard to the michael. Tv pockets. Headliner will thank you for coming. I'm sorry for the technical Miss before you know the big question everybody's got on their mind and I it's i know it's it probably sounds really childish. You but is this pandemic ever going to end. That does not sound childish number one number two. No one's quite sure we presume that if we continue to follow the public health guidelines and we Get the vaccine to most people's arms that we will be ready under control now. What we don't know though is will stay under control or it was become an annual situation or will vaccine with just evolved for. They'd be next end the regular seasonal flu vaccines that we have to get you know once a year so this is all this possible does not access to a lot of this yet Now we're understanding. Active virus has mutated. will that necessarily On the gates. Some of the work that's been done. Vaccines Is it hasn't been proven to be effective against mutated viruses short. That's a good question to so virus always mutating and so that we're dealing with is actually. It's been already been hundreds of mutations. All of them are really quite minor. The one that was discovered in the uk may already be here by the way but it was discovered at least publicized out of england and certain parts of england. Actually the worst part of england southwest reports that particular strain Is thought to be a. You know. No problem for the new vaccines. Now after a long time europe It might be that. They'll mutate enough so that the vaccine that we vaccines plural were just evolving. They may not work eventually but right. Now there's no reason to think that at all and more recent happy mishra. They get their jobs when they can. While you can understand that the anxiety level oh really chart and what we're seeing unfortunately and it. It drives me crazy. Is that apparently all your money. You spend on your education and the timing wasn't necessarily be an expert in this disease just by having a social media account. Because everybody i talk to is an expert and at must be really frustrating for people like you but the question is how people know we have you on as an expert in and you. You can talk to it but with had contract contradicting Took words from different experts contradicting puts. So how do people discern and figure out who who's telling the minister. Good information you. There's a third grade crush it question out. So here's the thing about that first of all. I'm not at all uncomfortable. With what i know or don't like people. I like patients in people being informed. It's much much better. The challenge now of course is that is so much john. Garages hussein french. That comes across the internet. It really is difficult to determine. It's like this whole controversy about whether we want her community. You know this insanity that was being put forward by the administration actually. That's somehow you just let people get sick. because then we'll build up immunity in the population. Once we get enough people got sick We'll have will be protecting ourselves. Which of course we could have done that and probably cost another three hundred thousand lives so that was really sort of off. The wall idea promoted by scott atlas that the president had brought onto beings adviser months Those are crazy and you couldn't tell from the internet because if you google herd immunity you get both seemingly both sides of that story right and that's really what you're talking about is website that says this is mother quote unquote expert saints something else. It is extremely frustrating for people. So the antidote to this and it's really difficult to tell bs from the real deal and this means whether it's coming from a proclaimed expert a politician or the internet. I think the thing to do way out of this. Dilemma is to is for people to look at reputable sites. The american medical association The cdc The infectious disease experts in a major medical center or medical school there. You're not gonna get inconsistencies. There may be some there'll be discussions because his a lot of things still don't know about virus Are legitimate controversies. That have not yet an answer by sites for example. If you've had the disease can you get it again. While probably not in the short run you know three four months five months. Can you get it again in unknown. We just don't training that need to be doing is at least looking like they're humble because we so much. Do not know only answer so much. Many more questions than answers. I do think most of the doctors. I've spoken to her and honestly you're only the third Md that. I've actually had on about this talk to about this but most of them are generally humble. I think it's the people who couldn't Will barely pass high school. Biology that the experts in. I have no humility at all about this stuff and a really you know. Tell feeding bad information. But i think and i'm wondering if your experience as a pediatrician gives you any insight to be behavior the cognitive dissonance that We see any People just get acting like children not without any patients without any behavior Behavioral control self control over this stuff. Eight does your experience as a pediatrician. Give you any insight into what we're seeing in the behavior in reaction to this well an externally real time. Actually and i'm an you know it's unique because we have this pandemic hem last thing that even remotely like this was in nineteen eighteen with the spanish lewis course. Hardly any of us live away early on so this is a big deal experience and it's required a lot of discipline because the things that we need to do wear a mask and stay physically separate or socially separated To be very careful about hand hygiene to not be closed indoors spaces. That are poorly ventilated. And and a lot of shutdown internal businesses schools. And so on. so it's been a major disruption of our lives are normal lives as we might describing her walk down. The street in new york. City and restaurants are crows that weaves to my family. I used to frequent or the movie theater on on broadway. A third straight at whatever is close and maybe close permanently so we're really from the demands put on us and changes in our lives and this. It's understandable but wanna point that last word for trade. It says exhausting but people have been through far worse than we're and put up with his people as we speak before just before the pandemic it there were the middle of warzone northern syria Sixty five million refugees with absolute singer within the risk on thirty two bitten major wars world war tubes left a destroy europe and people are just making this point. This is all relative. Yes probably the worst thing in most of our lives but in the greater human experience today and throughout the millennia This is there things that are happened happened that make it difficult to live or get to living the way we thought of as normal right while of course everything you just said about that situation a true there could be a lot worse than even and i say this pandemic itself could be a lot worse if it were a higher deadly if it was a more deadly disease with the high fatality rate now But that also kind of makes my point about what will so impatient light a month. Lack down was not law was too long for most people so we went out and started acting irresponsibly and then continued on. I think it would have been more controllable if people would have been more patient but we run out of patience pretty quickly and that's what we're saying so we're seeing people now who are for whatever reason trying to act like this light at the end of the tunnel and we're almost out of this thing but at the same time seeing cases go up daily at an incredible rate and death rates. Go up nearly at breaking records every day and still being told we're almost out of is this light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is we don't have like yet now. It's a very very long tunnel. There may be great for the way way down the track actually so and again. It's it's relative. So what do you mean by law by law at. Here's what the reality is so My office at columbia will open provisionally formally in september. Twenty twenty one. Basically you know ten months from now And then they'll officially formally opened with zinc. Right now are also changed january. Twenty twenty two so for some people that's eternity and for some people. Whatever but i think your point that you were when you're saying people are impatient with people are impatient. And it's unfortunate because it's gonna take patients and grit and courage to keep up the things we need to worry about or follow Until we got this fully under control right and how silly it is that people just think again to your point about how you know war zones and all this stuff in and we're making a fuss about something as trivial as wearing a mask when you're in proximity of other people other stuff. It's just it's mind blowing. How how happy we can be about some of these things and a catholic makes me a real Angry to deal with that. But that's my initial app to deal with now We learn something from h one n one and there was kind of a plan that was in place with dealing with pandemic and not to go down that road of how it was gra- scrapped. Just because they're petty stuff but are we learning anything in this pandemic because my feeling is with bound to have more of these right even so are we learning anything powerful about a had had a deal with this and deal with it shorter term for the next one. I don't know i hope so. I hope so. But like you is frustrating that We we have such a level of impatience That were so many of us are not putting up with any of it anymore. This is think called a pandemic fatigue. In oh okay. But it's pandemic fatigue pandemic fatalities so take your pick here yet inconvenient. But it's the the governor of the jerseys amusing in the context of everything but he said yeah. I know it's i know it's annoying. I know it's difficult but you know it's a lot a lot more noise and death definitely a more. It's on the jersey. Are you from jersey from new york. I'm i'm out on long island. Which kind of when you bring up new york. I i mentioned be connected with chair cares And so it's kind of curious like a your new york. Dr at columbia And so and she has a west coast there. Tell me a little bit about your relationship with chair and out. How got together to form this foundation. Yeah so i think it was about in. May i been doing a fair amount of tv on msnbc are with respect to cove. I'm a public f- analyst for them but Sheriff saw something that. I was where i was being interviewed. And she had her people reach out to me and then she called at a long hawk with earn some months ago now and she was very concerned in verse specifically hit by covid also deeply respected. She was concerned about the whole pandemic of course but she was particularly concerned about low income communities. Isolated humidity's people. Who aren't getting the there what they needed in terms of. Ppa or other supplies through testing. And she asked it finds. It helped her a make. Sure that some of these very underserved communities populations would be getting help and i said we had helper teams. Took a million dollars of her own money and put it into a special Funds and she has helped distributors. And that's what we've been doing for these months. So we've been providing health for health a help for people in rural clinics were for example in some into central california dealing with the clinics that are serving farmers were providing p and s clean insistence and some cases. Things like this in fact is we have a very interesting pro. Made york that. We're gonna be rolling out soon. So one of issues schools were closed. The reopening a closed again on when they reopen lot of rushing from low-income families. will need their vaccinations that regular childhood. Vaccinations to get back in school. But we haven't clinics and all that a lot of places are closed so in new york. We're gonna be using a mobile pediatric clinic from my foundation. The trolls fun. And we're going to be going around the city. Exact sedating children so they can get back into school and so they could be protected against mumps measles oil and so on. We have this tall ridiculous anti vaccine movement. That's going on in the world today. And i hate to even sound like i'm supportive of that because obviously vaccinations have Played a big part in why we lifespan for our longer. And people are dying You know you up. But i don't even wanna make It's kind of difficult for me to trace bet just use vaccines to vaccines have been developed. Go fast that it makes me suspect it takes ten years normally and this only got rush through in ten months or less. It makes me wonder. Is it going to be safe in. Just because we've seen you know trials and all that we won't know really for for several months right if there were any real serious side effects from an either yeah but most of the serious side effects actually do occur in the shorter time by the way i had the same issues. David croker bannon on air. I was very worried. When trump announced the operation warp speed and talking about getting vaccine ready before the end of twenty twenty-nine as very skeptical. But here's what the reality. So yes they from. Google companies may clashes work buns off and they got the vaccine but really the fundamental underlying work started. Long time of two thousand. Three mars scare thousand. Three is the same family as a virus as this cova virus affect. It's sars kobe to and the two indicates is the second round of a virus on the same family. And that's important biggest. We started working on technology to develop a vaccine that ended up being employed to create the kobe. Vaccine number one and number two. The manufacturers really started focusing on the covid At least a year ago or january the first indications were happening so and has been very careful. Are they as folsom as no. They're not all. I can tell. You is soon as i can get one. I'm getting my son is emergency. Medicine docket In the amounts is list and his wife was a researchers in the serology and then the vaccine. Both of them have gotten their shots. In fact anya my daughter was in the clinical trial for five but she actually got the actual vaccine not single. Wh is this what you just said. There i think needs to be part of the public information. that's out there. It would make a lot more people a lot less anxious or nervous about taking the vaccine at definitely when it makes perfect sense that yeah one was a good starting point. Says they already had some of the work done explaining that relieves a lot of the fears. You why why do you think. That's not being publicized with everything else. I mean we get so much else. That's thrown at us. That's a very important piece of information that would make people more likely to get the vaccine. Yes absolutely late. But you know we've lived for ten months with so much confusion so many missteps so much incompetence and so much. Is this a family. Show where you can rewind superbowl. This is has been fucked up from day one. When it first came out at china The mismanagement by the trump administration has been staggering. Look i was never triumphant but this degree of confidence and misrepresentation created this first lavas absolute loss of confidence By americans for anything. Coming out of government. I mean trump was publicly humiliating. Some of the most respected infectious disease experts. The world like foul g It was it was mind boggling. And it's very very frustrating. But at the same time it undermines confidence so no matter what set by this point There's a lot of repair work that has to be done. Hopefully this'll happen relatively quickly. But i i'm not sure that speech. What do you think your communications. Guiding so i call him president. What well at this point out and credit we cut You know he put out other. Doctors weren't even really dancers. Just people standing there in the white coat to dispute everything that found she says and then You know it doesn't give him the answer that he's looking for you'll find somebody else who will and and so that part of it just plays into the confusing and all that stuff. Yeah i agree. We are in a place where and it it. The situation is this and it really is. Donald trump is asking people not to believe anybody but him. So don't ignore science. ignore it. All your doctors ignore history. Historians ignore everybody. The only Ignore your own senses if you wake up and you see sunshine. Don't believe it's a winner so with the guys to vaccine now it confusing for people. Because i don't think any other infectious disease like this. That i know of and obviously i'm not a doctor but I don't think any of them where you've gotten the disease and you still need vaccine I is as wrong in that. Like if you got the flu. General for that season. You don't need to get the flu shot because you're immune to it now with this we don't with you and by the way this is still one of the open questions. Should somebody had the who have the disease In march or april should they be online to get the vaccine. My instinct is now. Why would they be if they have. If they have the appropriate immune response which measure by getting this open serology tests not the test to see if you have the virus but the test called serology to see if you have immune immunity and that's that's one of the big tricks however so now we have in the last week or two biden is getting a vaccine harris Pence got Should front get a vaccine. He had disease neurology however he also has a very powerful addison's which could have interfered with the development of a cropper immune response he steroids dexin. He had something called monoclonal antibodies. And we just don't know whether getting those medications have interfered enough using him as an example with him getting a proper mule fuster disease so for him. He should probably get shots. But that doesn't come across clearly so that people are completely confused by the way a lot of doctors don't know the answer either. I'll tell you even big experts. That's a that's a part. I've been saying right from the beginning and and you know to the Social media experts to people who Never went to college and barely graduated high school who are experts of this They hear things on the news. And my you know mantra is. This disease is way to new whether it be any like complete experts in it. It's just not as absolutely true. You know take with things. Like the hydroxy chloroquine treatment. Prescribing claim dachshund. Still believing it. It's just that when they do their testing When they do the her peer reviewed evaluation whether it actually helps overall improve it Hossam reducing hospitalizations improving the disease. There was a lot of controversy until the studies came out. Said it really didn't tell right so go ahead. No i was just gonna say this. There were still. There are a lot of doctors who were giving it out and believe in it probably still do believe in it to some extent right so along those same lines being so new in the vaccine being so no. We don't know if i get the vaccine. Say i'm a healthcare worker I get the vaccine is still capable of getting the disease passing. It passed somebody else. Even though i've been vaccinated a we know that for sure or not so three weeks ago. A call routing him. How can i asked them so accepts about to go on on. Msnbc interview said. I'd like to make the following statement on television. Which is that if i get vaccinated and i have four weeks later against the immunology tests serology tests and shows positive that i'm immune to it And my good to go. Can i go anywhere tonight. Get about the massacre with he said. Don't say that because we don't ask will whether you can be a carrier or not even a simpler manically and even if you have antibodies after you've gotten shot so there's this foundry at his mouth and i'm telling you just there are too many things that we don't know the answer to so wait. I think the good thing for dr to do is to as we say in any field air on the side of caution so we want to be a little more conservative that otherwise might want to be like. I was all ready to go with the folks. You get your shot. Crew the jeff immune immune response and go party man not right One of my closest friends is an administrator in a nursing home and Often one of them will often phrases. I've heard out of his mouth in the last six months i would have to say is false false positives false positives and he enough for me to think that it's It's it's a prevalent situation now. I wanna share my situation. 'cause i'm still confused about it and the question really is how long can the remnants of the disease or the antibodies within your system. When last january third. I was working in an office doing some consulting and Somebody just came back from wuhan china with the flu. And i got sick but it was such a mild sickness. I said to my wife. This is the weakest flu. I've ever had my life. It doesn't even feel like the flu. Nowhere got it from the guy who i was in contact. That in the office will yes but i never got tested. Two months later my wife got it. And then i got tested and i had antibiotic bodies but i didn't feel thing. I felt great and matter of fact i better than i ever had in my life. So my thinking is now i might have had it in january and the antibodies. Were still showing up different january. You must have had in january guys. Of course who symptoms didn't get doesn't when he got tested get anybody's there's no other way you got it. You didn't get seen out right the only way you could have gotten those antibodies was because you have the disease it don't forget. This is a horrible scary disease but the vast majority of people have either no symptoms or minimal symptoms of people that are at high risk of reasons when they get a virus. They can get very sick and some of them will survive. But i i would bet anything that you absolutely did have You know lead covid. Nineteen does that with my assumption. But i am very outspoken about anybody who wants to self diagnose diagnose tells and say that so it would seem like it made common sense to me like made a lot of sense to me but at that same time it wasn't really in this country or had been discovered in this country before and so they were claiming. It wasn't in the nobody had you but as we've known this you said it was up from the beginning trump. We don't really win the first. You know that's right so so there's no you're saying your way mind and i'm saying in my professional mind. Were in the same place you had it. Yeah okay you said your wife had it too. Yeah my wife had it. She wasn't terrible for her. She slept a lot of went through the. I can't take mellon. what did you taste and smell. When when i had the symptoms in early january it was yeah but for an hour or two it really. Wh one day was really kind of bad and then the rest of the days. I was walking around. Saying i i. I'm coughing. I know i have something at. It doesn't feel like a flow in that guy just came from from china with the flu in but just doesn't know when i get the flu. I'm a bad patient. I am i in bed in Die every time he gets a little call it sniffle. You would brave on going to work and going to a nursing home performing music for seniors with thinking. I just had like you know mild flow in as long as i stay away from people. I was okay And so i think you know but the question really is if antibodies can live in your System for that long that could account for a lot of what we going all thousand people who actually had an welcome at the didn't have really breads and running. Yeah you know we make sure my wife. My wife's not listening. No she's not. So i would get one of my grandchildren cova night. She's not behind you so now seriously and is something very real and what that means is that you send a test lab where you get one of those new rapid tests and it could be positive but for just a laboratory so that happens and so false negatives sometimes people have the virus doesn't really show up and this is when they do the testing when find your or a madonna dosage testing. They're looking for the rates of false positives and false negatives but it's they're doing the testing to confirm whether somebody give virus. Who has the false positives negatives can happen by you. You know test at the time but turn out that you did. In retrospect habit. I know something. I i say often. But i don't think he'd be said enough because it the ridiculous conspiracy spirits and nonsensical out there and unfortunately It it needs to be solved said lee and by as many people with authority as possible weekend. So i'm gonna ask you this in a very point blank way is would you compromise Your education your license your integrity your everything you've built your whole life around for a few hundred dollars took to inflate defeat numbers of of kobe. Patients inflate inflate while they saying that actors and nurses are are are creating false go just attributing data from two to with four money for monetary game is frigging. Crazy is just and this is the problem with the internet. Now you know some ways. It's the most incredible thieves. Think about what you do with google But internet has a very dark side. Which is the ability to amplify right. Wing racist extremism Bullshit about the covert and everything to do with it And it's really difficult. Which is why you know at the beginning of this Podcast you asked me about. What are reliable source of people could turn to and again it's worth repeating the cdc your your local major medical center infectious disease department of the american academy of pediatrics recommended association. All of these are brand names of highly. Reputable organizations doesn't mean they're all right all the time and many things get changed review. Want the most credible information you go to one of those sources. Don't listen to people. Blabbing about conspiracies and bullshit on on the internet. It can't do it and we can do it but you'll end up being misleading going down into a rabbit hole misinformation and and militias misinformation that. Either way my very politically tainted right there were people were trying to make a poi- supporters of trump or whoever and sank. What he says. It's good with me and that's also very bad. And you not just remembering. Now you reminding of these frigging insane rallies and he went out for the magazine nomex during the height of this calls it a disaster and how many people sick a people died from the exposures and and from the crap that was being spewed out by donald. Trump will never go exactly. Does a damn shame that we laugh this to happen. America a yeah you know. It's extremely frustrating for people who Kind of look at it from a common sense of perspective. But i'm not. I am defensive of the profession of medical doctors and for somebody to to even kind of suggest that a doctor would go to school for ten years or whatever and residency and internship and all that kinda stuff that hundred hundreds of thousands of dollars for as game and when risk it for without dollars to save somebody died of covid for donald trump. Because they're not really ben benefiting beyond that. This is all good benefit somebody else's Agenda or still see people doing it and and matt day Guy who again. He's an administrator at a nursing. Home is arguing me. That mass don't work. And here's the proof. Study where one st had people are mandated to wear masks other. People didn't have to wear masks. And the one that didn't have to wear masks had a lower infection rates so that proves that massive really not effective in off bogus piece of research absolutely bogus and the overwhelming not just us international data and studies over and over again have demonstrated that mass worth and Can you find somebody who's that they didn't work. Of course you can like internet for anything you want. Whatever be reinforced. You'll find it on the internet and This is what we've been living with and it's It's just amazing. And i you know what the real antidote to that ended his to that. But we're after figuring out that the binding administration's going to be really good not just science but also on the messaging and as you were talking about before dealing with the anti vaccines we're going to have to get to them and make sure that as many people's puzzle really do get that vaccine. Well at the start of this thing and i think for most of it children were a very Small part of the infected Population they won't they weren't. They seem to be harder to it was hard for them to get to these in of sorts. She's the effects of news. Were were less on children. But what i read in the last couple of weeks seem to suggest that Best that. I'm working with a the child population now and they're getting it more prominently do do we have any like rescreen info that what the right. So we've always. The kids can carry. Carry the sars. Kobe virus cordless And they carry their noses but usually very low level and they usually don't really get sick. There was for a while A multi multi system inflammatory syndrome in children. Which was this kind of weird. After effect for kids getting attracted a lot of men that nice us. We're still seeing some of that. But compared to adults they only get covid. Nineteen anc small fraction comparatively to what adults get. They can get it. We're seeing more of it as you point out but it's still a fraction of the Threat is to adults the end. The idea Would it's another ridiculous idea. Everything has to have some political angle too right but the people who are trying to whatever agenda tried to play in this thing down with still ten months into it you know still under denial edge of it They want to claim it goes three hundred lives. Three hundred thousand lives. One at one is important because you will old and you're gonna die anyway i take it. You're like me over sixty years old or at least in that area How does that argument ring with you. It gives it fills actually yeah You know the i made. This is way to remind a little bit about what countries or systems that want to eradicate people like you know you think about nazi. Germany that That the jews gypsies people disabilities gays were expendable and that kind of decision made by government is outrageous and even to hear it from the public and by the way the other uncomfortable truth. Here is that Blacks and hispanic populations are much more susceptible to getting sick cova to getting the first point is getting very sick and actually dying from it. It's not because there's any inherent vulnerability in african americans. It's because there. Many many many puts that are predominantly black. Respondents are with predictable. Must go to work. They absolutely must go to work. And the working and You know these essential jobs like their clerks in grocery stores or drugstores or the working public transportation jobs they are way more susceptible and expose rather to the general population much more likely to get sick and then take it home even without symptoms and infect other people. Yeah so you know. I'm hoping that no one is suggesting that we should be taking care of them with ecobill equitable access to medications and there are a lot of economic factors that play into that as well. I mean the people in those areas where there are lot minority areas. A lot of them are for eib. Especially since we've kind of abandoned obamacare at twenty million people now have health coverage at did they have no health coverage so they're not like you to go to a doctor and even foreign. It's a nightmare. It couldn't be a worst combination of mismanagement taking away. Healthcare from twenty million people when they need it most drunk the biggest pandemic that we've seen in a hundred years is probably the worst Recipe for disaster and then of course what you just described with the twilight zone Europe's elite tied type of mentality that we are in nazi germany and stalin's regime and all. So where's the optimism here now because we are getting close to where we need to wrap this up. I have your share cares website in the description and people can click on it and it's scrolling across the bottom. How can we help And what can what can we do to kind of be do anything positive in in all so so there is an end to this. This is sort of conversation with that question. What are they growing questions was about that in the end will come if a patient if we stick to the guidelines. If we take the vaccine soon as it's availables us it is going to be over and what's not going to be over part of it is potentially fixable i i'm reading a new book on the pandemic generation but my existing last books Called the future of us and what the dreams of for twenty first century. America that book the future for us has been updated to include what people what families at parents can do to bring the end of this sooner than otherwise. But the thing about it. Why i'm worried about the future of children. Is that a lot of children who are missing school right now. As their schools have been disrupted since march up and down on and off in in-store in remote. Learning situations has been for some kids. Just fine my grandchildren. We have Seven of the You're all doing fine but for the children who are living in families where they don't have broadband internet access with a may not have the hardware. They need to work and made him have adults at humble good helps them and mentor them. Through this process of learning how to learn remotely those children and millions of them matt are vulnerable now there To catch up in school is extremely limited. And i am hoping that every person in our country understands this challenging does what ever he or. She can to help who are vulnerable right. Now get through this really talking mostly at the educational trajectory you know. It's it's a big challenge. Oh of course it would seem logical bet First of all low income areas and people who were struggling economically to begin with the schools aren't great to begin with but then but then when you when you put that challenge on On a school that was already challenged with staffing and student being able to kind of Focus because as we know in in some of those cases where families are economically destitute. Those children seem to have a higher instances of adhd and all that stuff and so all of that complicates of again. It sounds like Scientists science fiction that has been scripted for the worst possible outcome. But it's the the reality that we're living within. We have to deal with it. So i'm willing to do anything i can to help. Continue promote the stuff and Promote your work as well. Because i think again. I'm the only one person he is. I think i probably helped a little bit but there are too many people who are just suffering from tremendous cognitive dissonance. Right now that. It's it's just really hard to break the cycle of bad information which i thought was really why i'm very grateful for having you on and the more we can get this message out. Maybe maybe things will start to improve sooner but So i do appreciate your time here. I hope i hope we got through to somebody. I don't you know fingers cross. Fill get through a lot of people. Well thank you. Thank you for all your information and please when you when you new book comes out. Please consider coming back and promoting it. Here gonna mess can be sick. I'll take you up on that. But in the meantime this book the future of us is available updated for the pandemic jewish in it's available wherever people get books but thank you so much for having made the break competition time with very quickly and you'll love made it at the freedom to say whatever i want language included. Yeah well and that. And you know what i think. That's important because you eight minutes on on national tv or when you're on like cnbc m msnbc or any of those networks I think it's important to let somebody like you. Really tell the full truth in long form so people can hear without sound in way we gotta get to watch sponsors and all that kind crap because information is more important right now than than sowing the next widget or nonsense comes warns again well might sponsors. Aren't too happy about that but that's true. I mean we we definitely want to. We want to get the information out there and add some value to the world rather than just being another another a pitch company which. I'm glad to be so. I will put your book in the description. I will find all the links make it easier for people do do. Please come back when you book new book coming. Come have a great night bye for now. This episode is brought to you by put me in the story put me in. 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We still had him on the phone. i hope i hope you will come back and subscribe and tell you friends about this and really share this program which as many people as you came because there was some really powerful information that i think needs to be heard against goes shouted from the rooftops Doctors and nurses on not selling out their integrity to for anybody's political agenda and a couple of hundred or a couple thousand dollars. It's just not happening. So drop that conspiracy theory. Hope you've got a lot out of this program. You take friends about a comeback subscribed youtube channels of their mind on. Tv dot com and get a mailing list and questions and comments always info at mine dog. Tv dot com info at mytalk tv dot com Till tomorrow night. Which is my last episode of. Dis- long stretch. I've been on where actually get four days off Comedian artie hoffman. Comedian slash psychic is going to be doing free psychic readings on our christmas eve. final broadcast this long stretch. And so join me then. It should be a fun night. serious tonight by any means but to be a fun shelves till then i guess thanks great night. Sometimes words can lose the me being win over us dance. Oh in with we turn a phrase so small cliche words better left unspoken alive shannon low reply. We've learned along the way we ran below with feelings communication. The way feels just anytime we say you. He bad to see it in the doll them for that rating chance to speak we can get. Liz talk is cheap. We can't keep the hours in a day. A little slips past six pools miss. Emt miss that exists nine here you say you just he meal in need look into so you know the sinc- wants to you win. Ila moves have the time. I am on sir. My mind just fades to black again. Su know that you're the one who understands me. Promise then hearts in bad stay and suddenly the of that man to promise you ever saw. You'll never hear me say i love you. Justin he the Ms the bad demands me to promise you forever. Never hear me say you. Just he re bad i you.

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