Silvas UFC Swan Song, Izzy vs. Jan, Khabibs Short-Lived Retirement?


Hello friends it's your old pal area. Wanna back with another edition of the fastest growing show on the planet yes. Dc in hawaii is back him. Let me tell you. We've got a lot to talk about today. Like anderson silva's potential last year. See fight to return of Demidov israel into sonya against jahn behove which all those things and more we shall discussed on today's program but first in case you didn't know season. Two of the espn investigates podcast is now available. The running man tells the story of an obscure former olympian and alleged serial sexual predator. And how a fourteen month. Espn investigation brought him out of the shadows. More than fifty men were physically abused mentally manipulated by their quote unquote coach for over forty years till they banded together decades later to find subscribing. Listen now to espn investigates wherever you get your podcast. And now onto today's program which may contain some language that's not suitable for all audiences so listener discretion is advised. Enjoy now making their way to the microphone. Inhale when you guys were like hugging teammate. Does everyone say call arrow could get him on facetime. No i was not wants. Nobody ever said that. I guess we forgot about you. He is daniel and every oh hell wanting back in your life on this. First week of november two thousand and twenty a logan everyone. Welcome back to a brand new edition of dc and halawani. That man over there is daniel cormier the one and only d. c. I'm halawani area awani. Dc i gotta say it's looking very festive wherever you are right now. This is a beautiful scene right here. You've got the. What does that the christmas stuff. I don't know you you guys in the back you'll if you pay attention aerial yes. These opposed kids. Kids these pumpkins. it's the holiday season in a beautiful sister. Yeah my sister. Did a great job of decorating the mantle in the fireplace. Here so yeah. It's nice so you are continuing trend of joining us from the world We have las vegas last week. Two weeks goes. I would now. You're in your home state of louisiana. I'm in lafayette louisiana. The whole hats stuff at the take care of down here last minute things to deal with family and got down here and i said you know what regardless of what's happening i'm not missing. Show remember we talked about it. Being thing number one here and me so i was able to bring all my stuff and make sure that i could do the show from louisiana. I'm excited about lafayette. Dc joining us today is kind of dc. We kind of gumbo are we having look. I haven't had gumbel yet. But i'm excited to go as the show's done. I'm going out to my favorite place. Donald get a plate lunch a plate lunches you go into the stores like a bit of a. It's like a convenience store. Batteries are right here right next to the batteries like a kitchen. All we'll get some food. Give me a plate luncheon and the get some food but yeah hey. This is phenomenal. Hey dustin when you say old. dc. He's a guy each california now. I'm at my residents in. Lafayette ride like zomba residents lafayette's little even act like. I don't have a whole do now. So yes this is. My is home for me so now does the can't go always rebel afford you know this is from the home in by the way. How far are you from. Where destined lives like. Is there a chance you guys walk by the days. Dustin doesn't live on this side of town anymore. He lives on outside doesn't gucci now or so dusted moved to the southern part of we grew up on the north side right. So when you make it in you purchase a whole you know these stay where you were raised and live like dc or do you move to the south side on on dustin live next all foods. You'll not by the whole foods my side of town. You dustin jefferson over here right dusted. He's moving on to sound side. Dustin the porter justin dustin jolie. He'll do kids from the dark. i'd have moved on. Look adam so proud so something before it's all said and done my time here on earth my dream one of my dream like if you ask me for a bucket list giving you top five top ten things. It's to go to lafayette with you and have one of these plates because it just seems like good living over there will only be only been to the state of louisiana once in my life believe it or not last year. When i was doing sideline you know. Pelican's against average. Melissa was a good trip because i want to go to yet with you. Simple things down here. Lafayette louisiana is the best. Lafayette what did i say. Lafayette lafayette back yet. Yeah lafayette louisiana. Right okay well. It's good to see your face smiling. Happy as ever We have a lot to discuss on today's program but first. Let's start with the spider anderson silva on saturday. He fought your riot hall. Forty five years old look good early on eventually loses in the fourth round via tko and for the second straight week we have an emotional ufc main event where there's crying involved and there's hugs and there's all kinds of liquids coming out of people. I mean it was a very very you know emotional scene afterwards and even the post fight interview. I wanted to stay. Tried to ignore it but i can't like mucus liquids you know. What are you talking about anyway. Even say shot ignore it to the road. Both still fis liquids people you right now. I have tears. This is crazy like drowning streak facebook. I was like oh my anyway. What did you make food bank. The whole scene on saturday with anderson was very emotional very sad. I was emotional on saturday morning. When i woke up i was like man. It's been a rough year for pretty has been a rough year. Think about this two thousand twenty. You have a hobby myself. Anderson in hitter pseudo. So looking at anderson enola in going in there. He said there's going to be the end of his. You have at least your secret. It makes you kinda sad because for enersen. Civil was the guy honestly that made me go. Wild noticed dues. Different is different. You know what. I talked about this last week where i said i was in philadelphia. But it's like he just was like almost like a rockstar. Know everybody in the world new anderson silva so his time to be underneath thing was was very sad to see him. Losing away to the did was awful. But i've always said this. Even when i had this retirement data forty years old i was like most of our heroes. How do they go out. How did they go up on their back right in. Unfortunately enersen again now. He's one of those guys to you. Know he has to go out on the loss like that unless somehow he finds a place to fight and he recreates one more memory so we have to remember him being knocked out by your hall. It's a it's a sad to see him like that once again. One of our heroes goes out in the same way that most of them do. So here's the thing he does have one fight left on his. Ufc deal but it seems very clear. They've decided to part ways that he said. This was my final day in the ufc but he stopped short at saying. I'm done even in a subsequent instagram posts on sunday. Still didn't say this is it for me. There's two big differences between his story. And the ones that you just mentioned you so who are be you guys. I know you lost to st bay but you went out on top right like you're fighting for the belt. It was a decision. It was a close fight. So who one habib want different right. He you know. He hasn't won a a real like decisive. Victory hasn't had one of those since two thousand twelve when he beat steffan bonner believe it or not but it is worth noting this like. These are his last fights urology. Is everybody our number ten. You're hall part of that. Jared cavalier got injured. Okay but cananea was fighting in a contender. Fight is part of that. Beats their brunson close fights and people thought he lost but still brunson was highly ranked dc three days notice you michael spinks super close fight nick diaz wom but in turn to a no contest and then the to i've fights he's not fighting bombs and he's not getting embarrassed and by the way enough is it made of this dc in two thousand thirteen. I remember it vividly when he broke his leg against chris. Wideman thought he was done then. The guy that seven more years right. It's more the best of the best in the best. So that's the thing right. Ambition is anderson in this. Like when you're legend like that. If i decide to go back and fight say is our fight again. I wouldn't get some random dude. I get the best guys in the division. It's like you don't get those types of fights even if you aren't the person that you were before you still have to fight at that level. Because what is it the put anderson silva in there with a new guy like it does work. He will always get those fights unless he goes somewhere else and know we make so much money. It's like you gotta justify the fight being in a big enough spot for us to be taken up. So much of the the The budget forties these fight cards He doesn't get easy fights and he never will but like you said earlier. You know we're all fighting for championships in. He's fighting the fight night. You know against one of the highest rate guys in the world. But it's like this anderson silva this guy was a rockstar. One boy you would hope that at forty five you know like this is it but i thought mcgregor had a really interesting post about the fight. He was like we don't know what's in a person's heart in terms of competition. Go find someone in he. I think he alluded to finding the right type of five four anderson at forty five because they are out there right there are guys fighting out there that he compete with a unfortunately he cannot compete at the level that expected in the ufc right now. So it's going to be on him to Decide what he wants to do in on the ufc to allow him to go and pursue that because connor was kind of right side. You don't tell if a guy has it in his heart to compete. Then i guess he gets to compete. Would you like to see him do. I'd like to see him stop. I mean i'd like to see him. Stop if i'm being honest. Because if he goes in fights a world like he's fighting somewhere else now with everything that we have come to learn about anderson in everything that the spider was you see related and i always think that as our legends goal on in they get done and they go to other organizations. I think it changes things a little bit like eight or never came to the ufc so all. The fatal intrigue was always surrounding. What could have been so. It doesn't matter. If he goes to bella tour strikeforce reisen single coup all the things that he that he fought it. It didn't matter right. That was what he did. Pride m one global. It didn't matter it was never in the afc. I think anderson so tied to the organization that you want to see is there in wins. Done be done. They're like not somewhere else selfishly. I'd like for him to stop. I hope he's not fighting for money. I hope he's made enough money and more invested his money the right way you hope that these fighters especially the legends aren't sticking around because they feel like they don't have enough money or didn't spend their money the right way. But here's the big happy brought up fyodor Happy you mentioned him. You know it's it's actually fyodor michael and you want to correct. It's hey i've got a friend that pronounces better than you. John annex better than us so everybody somebody better and it gives the goat when it comes differentiations. There's no doubt about that. But here's the thing. Remember fyodor was getting knocked out in like forty five seconds by hembo. He was getting knocked out by ryan. Bater it was getting sad with furor right with with with anderson. It's still happening dc beaming that fight. He's winning. He's looking pretty darn good for a forty five year old so i don't feel like he's done i think he's going look at the beginning of that. Fight rightly or wrongly. Say i still got some left in me. Maybe i'll go to one bella tour. Maybe i'll call chesapeake and running back for a third time. There are fights. Left out for him and i feel like he's going to stick around bro. That's the thing that's what we do talk to you about this. would you. Squint all men are. Remember that guy that held the two championships. Remember that guy that beat the winter fires. I remember when anderson looks at himself he goes. I remember what. I did the chris leaving enrich franklin he. That guy i saw early looks like him but then as time goes i don't like to agree with jones but i saw a tweet from the night in my fight. He goes while as fighters gone on. Look at the box defense. Kinda slip right is like. That's what happens as you get older. That right hand. Atlantic would not have hit anderson back in the day. It just wouldn't of yeah right in innovated wouldn't of florida. I hit him hard. So maybe you're right. Hala just hits harder than the guy that hit him brier but he would have seen that in your right. You will look at it and go. Oh man i was doing really good because that's what you do as an athlete right. Drew brees doesn't throw the ball downfield as much as he used to because he can't even though he's great and he still is accurate. He chooses the safe throw because he doesn't want to take the risk of doing it down the field but when he does occasionally he probably goes you know what i can still get the ball down there and it's like that's what you do as a high level athlete in i think answers gotta do that and i don't know if that's the case but you're right there are fights out there jail jail fight yours older seem to one. He's just kidding about that. But i will say our guys you guys but do you wanna see them fighting and or in one f c like. I don't know what i want to be very clear. I hope stops forty five like you should be fighting. Forty five forty. Five years old going into an octagon fighting cra. No no no. I hope he stops truly. I hope he stops. I just don't know if he'll stop what i'm saying. I don't believe that he's done. I believe that the reason why he is being sort of vague about all this is because he is continue to do it. He's uncertain about something. There's some uncertainty in him somewhere. That doesn't allow him to be definitive about him. Being done. look man the only person not many people get to do it that long. Tom brady's doing right now. Which is absurd agrees. That forty one is still play really well. The second grade is basketball player of all time. Michael jordan averaged twenty points a game at forty years old. Certain guys can do it. But it's not for everybody in for anderson to have competed at the level that he's competed for so long instill inmate events and forty. Five should be in. How dare you say. I heard what you said about wait. What how dare you say that. Unless you're talking about like wilt or bill russell how dare you. How dare you say that about him. Jamie really. I can't even property averaged twenty points a game at four kid a disturbance eighties. Nineties should not be talking about. I'm jay like that. Like that's just i'm saying. Mj yes but you said the atkins greatest of all time is lebron. James degraded basketball player of all time. We had this discussion off air. We discussed it at the beginning of quarantine. I told you didn't wanna listen. But now you're finally come to realize that the discussion needs to be had but not many guys get to do it. That good and true or false. Do you hurt. Your legacy is a fighter. Because let's be honest. Everyone wants to go out. Like hubby did right. And we'll get the habib of course later chased it. Yeah you did. And i'll still. I mean you didn't get that last victory but funding for the belt. How many people fight for the both in their retirement fight but that's fair. Everyone wants to go out like gsp right yet. Addison square garden. Do you hurt your legacy. Because i would argue. Bj penn severely hurt his legacy. I would argue fyodor hurt. His legacy will argue that anderson is hurting z. And we're talking about the pd's do hurt your legacy when at the end of the day. There's eight straight losses on the. Because because i think there are people who are like. What's the big deal about anderson. They don't remember that guy. No you're right. You're right area yet man. Do your on point today like you really had this discussion. You really you really went like thought about discussion. you're right. you're absolutely right. Because when these young kids i saw something the other day. I don't know what it was on twitter but it was. It caught my eye right. And all the mentioned you've got some catches your eye in one. Some kids are talking about. It was about the fight. I put that picture of him. And i held and these kids are talking about. I didn't even know anderson fought. Oh jeez in there. Like the big deal about anderson. This dude kids like i didn't notice in the guys. No one was like five. Four or five years ago kid was like well. I'm twenty one now. And he's like. I was like fourteen and i really kinda got into the sport a couple of years ago but are a few years ago but he didn't remember that from sixteen he has no idea thousand nine ten eleven so when he sees a forty five year old man walking out there he sees all these highlighting. Wow but that anderson from then was never a part of his real reality so all he knows engine silva is getting beat by a your hall which you're all a good fighter but you and i both know that ten years ago. It was not beating anderson sill. Now right so it's like that's the thing you're losing fights to guys that you would not have lost two in your prime. It would not have been close and i'm not even. Your hall is a good fighter. Most guys are but it was proven. You couldn't beat zillow. Nobody did so. It's not a knock on hill. Nobody be anderson. Nobody beat fatal. Fate was unbeatable. But then you watch him get knocked out by ryan bater like ryan bater. Are you see him. Get beaten Who who beat him. It wasn't matt material or something No that was a little different Hembo yet. Dan henderson knocked him out. But that's front. Like dead henderson right. Dan could not anybody and you never know if back in the day. Dan could have competed with fayed because they ended pride shirley man right double champ all that but they need lose to matt material he did. He did but wasn't ten seconds but yes he did lose in the first time. It's a crazy like double knockdown and would have lost matt material back in the day that so it's like all these like you're losing to these guys. These guys are taking these losses with them in woods with them. These victories over these legends. And it's it's actually really sad. Yeah it's a crazy thing in the fight game. How quickly things move along. I was talking to a couple of neighbors of mine dash banned. These guys are huge fence. They love this show so shout out to them and they're like oh what's the big deal about this guy their early twenties mid-teens. I'm trying to explain to them. Like forrest griffin. I'm trying to explain to them. Veto belt for an academy fighting all this stuff but you know the sport evolves are so much going on. I have to say though it was sad and then the ending was heartwarming in. You have your eye. A-hole they're apologizing to the guy you know what what a moment that was apologizing to him and i understand why he was apologizing. I that didn't affect his actual game plan. Because sometimes we've seen people fight others who they look up to. I think pat barry miracle cro cop and they're like a little gun shy but that was just kind of a surreal scene. Like in what other sports you see that it was almost you know what it was reminiscent in shadow to my guy. Jed goodman for bringing this up it was shawn michaels and ric flair like. He's crying he didn't want to kill him right and it was exactly that moment in real life remember. That was also right. To the side of the faith he took the oath dude heartbreaker. I was watching that match with rick flair and going. Oh my god. He's make rick flair our even though they had so many retirement matches right like this is the one because shawn michaels did it. So well bro. Watching your whole weeping in the octagon afterwards like it is on his knees it was so like it was. It was a powerful moment in the sense. Also because of who we thought you ride your whole was going to be when he left the ultimate fighter so it was almost like the perfect way. If you have to go out on a loss right lost at guy that everybody thought was going to be. You lost the guy that that everybody thought it was so closely. You guys are so similar. I don't know if it's it's a better way you're right. There was a lot of honor in that in iraq hall. You can see that it was real. You could see that your whole meant everything. As he was speaking to anderson but again it's just a hard thing to see our idols get carted off like that not not technically would like you know is gone but the reality is like honestly won't be an honest man like you as an athlete special firewood mentality man loved. It loved the gesture from araya. But if you're anderson anderson into himself man thank you. But i don't necessarily need it. Kick my dad corpse off to the side in. Just move me out of the way. Right dole weep for me right. Don't we for me. I'm a fighter. I'm gonna get through this because i know that if that happened to me stephen will not me out man. Throw my curbs on the side of a bridge. Where let me move on. I don't need to be honored in that way in terms of from the competition. It's just a fighter's mentality. And i'm sure anderson appreciated it but in hindsight will be like forget this man ladies throw me out the domi out to the river. Don't matter pasture you'll get rid of me. Let me rebuild myself. But i think you're right. He loved them so much that he couldn't help himself. It's like when someone beats another guy in they pick up that guy and put him on the show and the guy's like can you leave me along key. Let me have. My mom told me the past. Don't take me out behind the woodshed. You know ray yellow me. All yellow yellow. I believe they shot him right. Yes take me out to pasture. I'm an old man i'm done. I'm an old man i'm done. I'm good and by the way. Can i just say one thing about about mr hall like i hope this moment. Take some load off his shoulders. Some sort of pressure officers. This guy is to mad at the world manyara. Life is too short. I saw your media day on wednesday. I think it was like mad at the media blaming everyone just upset i get a. You're cutting weight. Although it was wednesday. Thursday why are you so mad. You're hall like things are going well for you. My man stopping center you ryan. I had an incident on the phone once and then when we got Efficiently tall any kind of explained like the pressures that he's dealing with. The show man deals with a lot of pressure. And you know what era not everybody's built to go through it you know. This is what he does you. Don't fighting his what he does so a lot of times you ride your whole has to make sacrifices in order to get to the fight that he might not really enjoy our life knowing. That's a bad luck. went to jacksonville. Was the fight. Didn't get to fight Lived in gym all that time. You know so much made about that before the fight. So there's some things is like why could see why you're right halls mad but you're right life's short man and i mean we cannot live with will just anger it. Just drags you down. So it was an emotional. Main event was a fun car overall. Bryce mitchell with a big win very excited about his new camera shorts kevin holland with a nice win going back and forth with z. Who happened to be in attendance. Alex hernandez kobe a bunch of nice forms. Yes bryce is all. Hey in when you get a chance. Would you tell tyler said hello. I mean that's so bryce mitchell audrey audrey in when you see taliban would you tell them i said hello right. There are so old so many ways to get in contact with tyler. Diamond like so. You're telling me. Bryce mitchell has spoken to tyler damage. The show i mean. What can you tell tyler diamond. I said hello. Audrey view that you'll now i worked for you yet. You meet beat me all work for you like all those brissman with a character. he's awesome. he's awesome any does he. He can grab like no one else. I like has gotten so good man. If his coaches have done a fantastic job he likes to cook them to the bone as he likes to every time i handled chicken and it falls off breath mitchell because he likes to cook it to the bony faith as he said he said Eight get my camel. Shorts aid push push push next. Made him at surprising in the words of your friend. Luke rock hold. He don't do that. don't do that. Negative those who that don't do that bisbee. Children been killed him when he said that. Leave my boy older. Thank you thank loops as i just broke breaking. Dave loves you do. You will drop the you'll drop the bobblehead no good. You should raffled off. Says you want to drop a break. It on maybe i will. I'll sign it and raffled off now. We have to talk about some big news last week on the program you said to the world habib is done. I know my brother done and we had a whole second line notice. Second line is in new orleans. The music the dancing the garrett gasket. Yes i mean we had a second line. We were dancing in three days later. Dana white says while i've been talking to him and i think he's he's coming back for number thirty. What do you make of this. Do you have an update. Have you talked to be the only thing. I said the hobby was brother. You have the shortest retired history like for three days. He's like. I said you retired for three days. But you know we didn't get much into. We laughed about it a little bit. But you know what man i think that. If you're dana white you're saying what you need to. you know. Hope that that's what he wants to do. I the thing is this man. I take their word in like. I want her to feel comfortable talking to me in in I don't want him to few like whenever we're talking. I'm trying to find things for my show. It's a weird you know. What i'm saying is a bit of balancing act right so it's like we have conversation that i don't wanna always say. I think you're dana white in the afc. You're hopeful that that's with how she wants to do. But like i said last week if habibur mega metal gives his word generally. That's that's that's a fact not what i'd be surprised with the economic impact that a fight that he could have with would bring that would bring him back. No mean and i will not judge them for that if he came back. He's thirty two years old. For god's sake any can still be everybody in the world so But there are things that if he says it's his word i take him at. That can ask you this. I don't want you to reveal. Because i was thinking about that. Especially when you you told the story last week about you know him. Not going for the armed bargains gates. You which by the way ended up blowing up and and got the show everywhere. So i thank you for that but i know that he's your friend too. I mean to be honest. i've had to deal with with you over the years. Like you have told me things and and and i don't reveal them on every show that i go on so i respect that very much. Can i just ask a week later. Have you soften your stance like at this point. Is you still think he's done. I still i like. I said i know how to be a man of his word and i believe that if he says he's done he's done but like i said dana white knows more than i do because i'm not trying to talk to even at way we're we're we want to talk as friends read. I spoke to him about one of the guys from aka being out in dagestan training. For a long time i was like. When did he go so we talked about that. We talked about our family. We talked about how life has been since he went home. That's it. That's the stuff that i wanna talk to him about more than always How's the fight because guess what for eight years we did that. A lot of our conversation centered around winner. next title. defense are wgr next title defense. Now it's easy to retire guys. I wanna talk to about golf. I'll go things like that. Golf actually he didn't answer me. Never responded on the golfing. It'd be interesting but okay. so what about. What about this dana white said. They're not taking the belt away that he still the champ on right. I think that's smart. That's smart in that speaks to the value that habib as in again. It's so hard to discuss these things because you almost end up like insulting people. When you don't want to henry. Suharto said he was done the same night. The announced somebody for that like henry get out of the way. Are you sure it is that you don't do. That's a hobby. Their mega medoff. You sit and hope you wait you sit and wait in hope. Like they said he was very emotional world. You could see it. It all came out of him so you sit in you wait in you. Hope that the stance changes and you do get that thirty fight. The truth is they don't have to make a decision right now. Heck didn't even have to make a decision until january like the the real time to make a decision january. You can wait till next summer after. I'm saying if you wanna make connor verses poor air next fight for the belt that's when you probably have to decide and if that one isn't for the you're probably not going to do it for another title for a year right like you probably just going to wait a year but reality. Is this deal right with the way things have gone right with the pandemic and everything huckabee was gonna fight in april but he didn't fight until october didn't nobody was yelling. Take the belt from him. You know what i'm saying like so you got time in regards to how be new mega metal and if you if push comes to shove he needs more time. Create another intro died in indonesia's Gabby like that's exactly what's happened. The last couple of times right as he was hurt recovering couple years ago. Dustin max fought for the championship. He fought dustin be dusted. This year fight got cancelled because of the pandemic. Tony adjusted fought for the intertidal. He'd be just and so like if push comes to solve you know in you know for me. Everybody hates the interim championship with me. Because i believe such a big star when that guy becomes interim champ dusted create. He made more money than you'll ever make. Because now he shares on the pay per view just engaging made more money to ever make now he shares on the pay per view as a belt holder. So i'm all for if they do that. you know. those guys are getting money. I just think it's hilarious. How quickly they took the belt away from henry and even john jones we also all thought that that was that was a negotiating ploy right like everybody thought. That was a negotiating point for henry in. Nobody thought that's being there. Mega medoff was doing everybody thought. Wow we didn't see this coming so this must be real in. I believe it is so now. We're gonna try to see what happens with the whole week. We're deciding okay is going to be a tournament is going to be this. Meanwhile they're like yeah. You could take all the time you want. We respect you. We respect your decision. We hope that you come back and And here we have conner. Emporia getting ready to fight. Conor says one fifty five so that is good news. Although dana white told the media he thinks it's done dc. I'm here to tell you it's not done. It's not signed. There are no bout agreements. I wonder if i'm again. I think you said last week. If i'm pori i'm starting to get a little bit nervous. Try to pull the switcheroo and do connor versus gay. Ci right and make that a number one contender. Five or even an interim title for reich is yes imagine. Could you imagine if mcgregor gets a hold of the interim championship in now you go to. How beaming go. Hey you know. I told her abu dhabi. You mcgregor again. Oh god the money because now you have be walked away and you could say i will more. There's a good chance you'll probably get more because that's a home run. It's a homerun unit. Mcgregor so i. I don't know but if anybody gets and i'm starting to get worried about that because of used do the switcheroo last week. I put conroe. But if you're dustin you start to get a little worried i think a lot of people forgot the fact that the reason why pour you versus ferguson. Didn't happen was. Because i wanted a bump and then the conic materialize like. I said he on twitter. He was very eager but what happens when they call him behind the scenes they were still not calling him right and they say oh are you in he still gonna wanna bump. You know what i mean. Like stance hasn't changed. We're talking about a month later if they if they have gay you ready to go. It's let's be honest connors. The dry here right. I'd love to see poor you connor. I hope they make that fight for you deserves it. But if you have gates she in the background raided ready to. He doesn't have the leverage that he thinks he has potentially and that's the problem. I think that as a fighter. You can't negotiate your way out of these fights. I mean. I don't know if maybe desam in connor in a ufc started to come to terms in terms of money. You don't know. I don't know how far along they are in the process but doesn't may have gotten what he wants already. You don't know like we don't know that so we have to wait and see what materializes but here's the deal My boy lafayette. I will start calling the. Usc is starting to try to get some answers in terms of how how in. Where do we get what we're trying to go because you wanna be that fight. Come january you want. You want to be the guy standing oppose mcgregor in january if you're him if you're gay cheesy if you're ferguson don't matter who it is at one fifty five you want to be on opposite side because the reality is this if there is going to be a string of medoff in putting the championship on the line is probably going to involve mcgregor even though i do believe it should be dust in versus justin. I will also say this. I think conor wants it to be poor. I think there's a lot of personal bad blood between him engaged. She member gates said some things about him as a dad and stuff like it got really kinda ugly between them so i wonder if that's something emporium favor if mcgraw no. I'm only coming back to fight this guide and use. Uc will have to figure out how to make that deal coming up in just a matter of seconds. We're gonna talk about another situation. Where at the belt and a champion moving up and all this stuff a fascinating thing that has developed which. I do believe i told you about i. But first a quick word from our friends over at draftkings. Dc there's no better place to get in on all the action than with draftkings. The official daily fantasy partner of the national football league at this excitement of football draft kings is offering a free shot at millions of dollars in total prizes. Up for grabs drafter lineup. Feel the sweat like never before every run pass and catch means more with draftkings. It's simple just like your lineups down to the salary cap and see how your team stacks up against the competition if you haven't signed yet. What are you waiting for yet in the game right from your couch. Download the draft kings daily fantasy app right now and use the code aerial yes. You're only getting one this weekend honest. I didn't even bat an eyelid. you're good For a limited time new users get free shot of millions of dollars in prizes this week. Again that's code area a. r. l. to get a free shot at millions of dollars in prizes with your first deposit only draft gains. Make it rain. Minimum five dollars deposit required eligibility restrictions. Apply see draftkings dot com for details. This is fascinating a few weeks ago. We were talking about after is the cost of fight. What's going to happen. Who's going to be. Is it going to be rob whitaker than after the robert whitaker. Fight against the jared kenna near. Oh it's going to be whitaker. He's want to enroll. Who was sitting in this chair in the spot telling you that it's going to be busy versus yang that it could've even been in december beyond having a baby and everyone's like vs john. How does that make sense. And what does dana white say over the weekend. I spoke to z. We tried to make the whitaker fight. He has no interest. Were doing is versus. John is moving up to two. Oh five and going. After the belt. The belt that john jones vacated and now he's saying oh yeah john i'm gonna go take your belt is what could can i get credit yourself credit but last week we also said it's not a great look for easy to go up now like we talk about this like we talked about this last week. Look i love it. I love it. I love it for the fact that if he wins it does lock him into that jones fight. That's does it. It kind of locked him into jones fight unless he goes back to eighty five like amanda in just kind of gold between divisions defending but even if he goes back to eighty five when he comes back to two five it will be jones. And i think that's why. I love this fight so much but hey i'm not gonna go and look past the homeless man. I'm seeing behoves. Do some insane stuff lately. And he can put anybody out if he gets a hold of eta sonya edison. He's going to be in trouble but the reality is this. Who gets a hold of that assign you. I think science as good as they come in the entire world. Wait a second. Are you saying that is. He is biting off more than he could choose. You looking at yanez as an easy fight. And that's why he's moving up now. Is this jesus. I think a lot of people are a lot of people. Look at the tool five divisions. I've heard dude in five island in other places as i had conversation so many believe that the belt at five gonna start to kind of just switch hands. They don't believe that there's a guy that's gonna just hold onto it. I don't know case the whole seems to be getting better in any beating guys more impressively. So it's a tough fight. Look man. I think it's crazy. How much success guys going up have had in those higher divisions right knee being sleep eight a first time and all that but in bella tour gig besides just beats up on these little dues every time the little news go up to eighty five up right so you don't know what's going to happen whenever you get a person going up in weight to try to challenge the champion division. Higher twenty pounds is big jump is he has fought at a highway so he's used to let me just lay out the scenario like this d so whitaker wins right and they say okay. It's appealing now as i told you. It's not appealing to and to be honest. I don't disagree. He just beat them a year ago and was fairly one sided. It's going to be hard to get excited for that fight. And i do want to throw out one thing. I spoke to whitaker last week. So i would know the way. It was painted on saturday. Night from dana white was. He doesn't want the easy fight. would occur. Never said that you never said it to me or anyone else. He said i'm not going to campaign for it. I'm not going to sit here. And yes my wife is pregnant. She's giving birth january so he never. I don't want people like what occurs the nicest guy in the world. I want people to say like he doesn't want is your doesn't want the bill because he really never said that but if he's having a baby right wife's having a baby in january and is he wants to fight in february. The timing just work out. So what's the next next option. It's darren until versus jack manson. But did you see that happening in december right so. The timing doesn't really work out because is he wants to be active and he wants to fight in february. The winner of that fights not gonna turn around that quickly and fight israel so i agree with the notion. Hey there's nothing going on that's interesting for izzy right now. Let him do something. Fun led him. Move up right and oh yeon okay. Maybe there aren't some big matchups from i get that but to see if there's nothing going on for izzy right now and we wanna move up. Why don't you just do is versus. John jones right now. Why don't you do that fight. Isn't that what it makes sense. But i love the slow bill. I love this little build. Like i told you this time again. I love the dancing around. The fight actually happens. I don't hate it so much in. It does build entry if you can put a title on the line. Would you don't need jones edison. You don't need a bill for that. But if is he can win. I think it adds something to it. If you can put the belt on the line. Okay so is he. Moves up gets the ball and says hey john look at me. I just got your belt. Do we believe that john. John knows the game is. He just told us to submission radio he said. This is the biggest role. Move to john. I go up there and take his belt after he just vacated but then john's not gonna reciprocate as moving up the heavyweight go. Let me just sit right you know. Let me come back down to. He's going to be like okay. Have fun with the loser. Belt is what he's gonna say. Have fun with the paper time. That's what he's gonna say he's going to try to diminish that and say i never lost it. That's not the real. And i'm not gonna come down and entertain you. It's going to be this. Basically what i'm trying to say is the easy. John fight isn't going to happen. I feel like this is going to go down all around around until they meet in the middle but win is we are in line for a bunch of insults. A bunch of fat actions a bunch of jim. Earning jabareen one guy going jones want. I'm not going to give him the time of day but then doing exactly that the dominate is. He just continued to poke and prod while the property brought in a vigilant end up by internet as he is returning next week. Because he's in vegas and has to quarantine again because he's there to To corner his good friend. Carlos who's fighting on the contender series on on wednesday. So he's going to go back to internet izzy and a couple of days and we'll get him for two weeks in quarantine again so it will probably then all i'm trying to say is. Why would john jones come down to fight izzy. If he's already on his way to heavyweight ghana meet in march which appears to be the case. Then hopefully the winners ready to go against jon jones in the late summer all win in who've does jones fight in the nba. Who's curtis blazed. Fighting there coming up very soon curtis blades. When i say put him in jones to get no look you have to money fights for jones right now. You have the izzy fight or the heavyweight title fight. Let's be honest. The last refighting trending in the wrong direction with john jones. I've thought he lost the dominant grades. You can't risk putting him in there against someone else and having him lose. Now you got no money fights but then area he's not gonna fight. Since when did he fight naming the grids. Wfan february network so steep fighting marks jones fight until july august next year. It's a problem. Somebody i'd say do the right now. I do the easy fight or let them fight one of those guys. Don't win of lewis and blades and see risky. Because if curtis while here's the problem. Curtis blades wins against their glimpse with the wrestling. In unless the derek did show after we fought that his last fight is down gotten better he actually was able to get back up his feet when he got taken down so he's showed that he's improving if he wins they're wins said jones. Curtis blades wins. You let him fight in. Whoever wins goes into the title fight with a ton of momentum because if jones beach curtis blades he beat the tough scary gary guy in the division outside of the champ if he loses now curtis blazers beat this. Don't make him legitimate in a person. That's been this broke. We always talked about the road. You put curtis blades in there. That's why i would've if kurdish blades could have fought and he. If you beat me it would have made him okay. You fight anybody now because you get the rub officials longtime guys. I got it from jones. I got it from hindu. I got it from anderson. All those guys that have fought that were higher level than the at the time it brought my praise. My profile in curtis blades needs that. I mean he understand what you're doing here you're basically saying is. John is happening right now because if he's fighting yawn now listen if is in john fight january jones if they can fight sometimes around april may that kind of keeps him in line to fight in the fall against the winner of meals You gotta keep him in line with the heavyweight champ even fighter too because risk jones at two thirty five which is what is that in off season is still viable contender at heavyweight. I thought there. I've been in there with the best heavyweight. I know that he can compete with these guys in a vacuum. All say is moving up to two five fun. I think it's a fun fight. It's the biggest fight yankee get. Obviously it's the biggest fight that you can make for yon is. He has nothing going on at one. Eighty five so. I don't hate it because no one's being held up. The division is installing as a result. All i'm saying is i fear that we're not gonna get this jones fight as it was like this. I think we're going to look back on this time and say this was the time to make it their rivalries as hot as ever. They've got nothing else. John is waiting for the heavyweight title. Is he's waiting for middle guitar. Just make the fight but unfortunately it doesn't look like they're making that fight and i wanna be clear it's a fun fight on paper. I'm excited but i just wish they were going with the jones for because that's the bigger fight. I think that. I think that you can't get always the bigger fight. You know. i think this will be big. You know the whole has not sitting there going to just sit That his title taken away on. Oh you'll be ready to fight man. I think it'd be ready to fight him is he has to understand that beyond has to try to mix things up. He's got a russell little bit. I know he's not agree wrestling. Would if he has to stand with sonya zambian trouble. Because as i've said on the show variously. If you're just standing with edison you you probably get beat so natives and what about the fact that in five days the fight that we thought was going to be the number one contender fight chango scientists. What is it for again. Why did they wait four. No i have no idea and walk. You're mad over over and you've got a win over the champ. you like. This is my path to the title over to share forty one years old. The guy reinvents himself you. We thought he would never get another crack jones here. He is on the cuss. And they're like seven days One of those fighters. Aren't you demoralized right now. But here's the problem. You can't even think about that. You can't start trying to think about what happens next because then you lose this weekend in. It doesn't matter what happens next. So you gotta stay in the moment right now even though everything around you is just changing because for the last eight weeks right. 'cause when the dominant when the young when the bill six seven weeks ago no this month ago five weeks ago. Yeah right so for the last five weeks. You've been under the impression in preparation for camp that you're going out there to earn a title shot and if you're You're like i beat this. Do before i'm not. I'll have a way. I know i can win. I have proved that. I can beat him it. Now you're looking at it like but it might not happen now. Because if edison but if you're glover that's who's mad series man because every day that passes at forty one it makes it a little bit more tougher for you to believe achieve our conceived. They're going to be the champion of the world. You know there it is yes. The timing is funny like they could have waited ten days to say that it does feel like it took the air out of that balloon. But it's a good fight and that's the next made event that goes down on saturday. We'll talk about another main event in a matter of seconds of announce that. I think you'll be very interested in what's before we do that. Let me tell you about our good friends over at manscaping just three. Ads got brees. One yeslam three hamming. where just. It's just unbelievable kind of anyway. Listen up the holidays will be here before you know it. So that means it's time to bure up and give the gift of shaving this holiday season. I'm talking about the manscaping. Perfect packaged three point. Oh and includes the landscape lawn. More three point zero manscaping crop preserver anti chafing deodorant as well as their other crop. Reviver as if all that wasn't enough the perfect package also comes with a pair of manscaping. High performance anti chafing boxers. Yes tis the season to manscaping. So get yourself your dad your brother and your friends the best gift of all the manscaping perfect package three point. Oh get twenty percent off and free shipping when you use the code. Areo e. l. dot com. Did you know now back the errors and again. It's twenty percent off with free shipping and even bigger discovered. It'd be sure to use the code area now. How about this. Please go support manscaping because they support us. How about this do you. As around third here How about the fact that last week you're out there saying hey habib's gone he's retired aka is gonna pick itself back up. We've got a new crop of guys led by islam achieve and we know it starts on november fourteenth main event islam. How about that against the mental work started mental work on his love right because the text messaging. Hey champ how you doing. Oh best in the world. I'm good brother. Good brother isaac talk a little bit. I will not call you islam anymore. I'm only calling you champion. Because in your mind in your subconscious you act to believe that you are the man now. You're the guy that leads this new charter fighters at it again. Guess what it's a natural progression. If he can get past gills they start to become very close to title contention big fight i this last week. I just couldn't say no. Thank you big fight massive moments islam and if you can get past. Rda shortlist now to start to get into contention real contention because if i beams gone. Right islam's whatnot twelve or thirteen. Rda starts to creep into the top ten another fight against one of those guys that a lot of guys that don't wanna fight islam ship You get into the top ten now. They can't nine. It's the fight to happen. I feel like islam to fight from fighting for the bill. I wanna see fast track enough of this monkey business. Let's see how good he is. This is start main event. Five round fight against the former champion argue by the way out to rda who fights everyone like anybody he he flies all the killers who are about to become champion. Like at one. Seventy one fifty five. The poor guy can't get an easy fight but this is a big deal for islam. I would love to see this happen. Obviously we're hoping that it happens in less than two weeks. And then the kevin li fi kevin lee is is coming back mid next year. That's the fight that we've been talking about for so long. I feel like that's the natural progression from emily and then right right now who knows silly ranking so you think that if he goes and fights. Rda get fast rdm safe if the difficult. Then he fights kevin lee if he goes past kevin lead. That's enough to warrant a championship fight at that point. Will things might get a little funky forbid comes back right because that's been the issue. Maybe even if habib comes back does he stay back or does he get to thirty and he's done right. You don't know it's like everything's so up in the air like if he retires it comes back you might as well just stay here. Keep fight can lead by the way Thank you Corporate jake imports. God number ten also make sense right sort of in the south is rda still ranked right. Now know we'll get we'll get that three four five at one seventy just very recently. He's twelve at welterweight. Okay okay okay. But he's a named former champion. It's a big deal. Kevin like you said. No one wants to fight islam. And you're right. Kevin lease been asking the fight islam. Habib i mean for four or five years at this point it's unbelievable and maybe he won't be ready. All i'm saying is this is exciting. It's good to have him in a main event slot. It's good to have him against the name by far the biggest fight of his career. So i thought you'd be excited about that. Since you're in italy saying he was the next guy for ak so no time to cry about the the the the potential retirement of habib. Because you've got some coming up an other breaking news that we had onset. Senator was a very big A newsnight because it was halloween this while hope. Your family had a nice halloween. But how about the fact that They announced that the ultimate fighter is coming back for the twenty nine th season on espn plus beginning in march. The try-outs are november thirteenth. It's going to be middleweights and bantamweights and dc. I don't know if you know this. But my sources are telling me this. Because they didn't announce the coaches right they did. Did you hear who they're considering. Ooh you didn't hear no no idea because you've been busy. I know it was all over the year. They're so so case doing midway and bad way to makes a lot of sense. Coaches march of twenty twenty. One word on the street is dc and helwan. He what he they and that is crazy. And i imagine real news. Could you imagine you coach. Tell me that would break records. Tell me that wouldn't be the best season. I've closed adviser like. Hey why would they come back right. The ufc espn plus in a way. I'm telling you of the top ten things. Viewed on espn plus now seven or eight of them is you have see related. Are mma related so good stuff but what about coaching. You don't like the idea. I don't know if you know what you do a man you're gonna bring me. I did pretty good on the ultimate fighter. Hey look i beat my team. One fights over trade in my athletes. So everybody getting hurt. We kept getting beaten up on sea-based cmos over trading but it's i'm excited about it being back. I'm the author. Fire is still watch ultimate fighter. I've i've watched the whole time. I have no egos. So i'm the kind of coach like i'm steve nash. All bringing the mike d'antoni of the world all bring the other guys yard my totally yeah upbringing. Bring my amari stottlemyre bringing guys and then they take Then daryl morey who is just look. I can't stand there are more now. There's mcdonalds trying to like make this narrative that they should get james hard bro. You don't do. These guys are trying to do right now in a university i do. It is getting them over dude. Chill the everybody's at you. Who would trade outlook ben. Simmons is an absolute stud. But you don't trade. James harden forbids sentence. That's crazy talk if you're if you're the rockets if you're the sixty day no get out of here with that crap in any event. I think it's a good idea. These janas coaches. I mean you just seems like the natural you you keep trying to avoid this this idea of mind for some reason you keep trying to say like okay. You know you're not into it. That's fine But i'm putting it out there into the universe believe achieve see achieve or whatever it is What is it a achieve. What is it. Why cannot get this right. Believe achieve oregon. I'm believing can conceive it and then you believe it you can achieve all whatever those great you'll see one ninety nine other forget it anyway ultimate fighter coming back and last thing. Dc what about our guide. Neil magny. I don't know if you heard this last week on fire. Neil magny on that very mad. He's frustrated he's disrespected. He didn't get the hums fight. But hey i don't know how much you follow the news. Some crazy stuff happening in the world. England on lockdown i. I'm getting worried about leon. I'm getting worried about him. Being able to train leaving england's going on lockdown am. I just went back. On lockdown thursday goes into effect. What's poorly. i'm going to do this. Poor guy good is i hope. I'll just does not affect. If i'm getting out right novel. They need to get out right now in ghosts of where it come to the us cause whereas the fight happening imagine right get to the us right now where you can train seven weeks away from family and stuff doesn't matter it guys do it all the time. Don't right now you're gonna end up stuck leon. There was needs to get out of england with this team in get some where wake in train effectively but not even just trained able to get out of the country in the coming fight a weird thing going on with the words imagine. He loses his What fifth big fight of Of twenty twenty. I know he's a little madam for things i said last week is out of love bro. It's outta love me. i'm i'm looking for you. i'm your only friend. I'm the only guy who had your back throughout all of this and literally the breadth abdomen. The back toward senate. He goes area of chasing leon. Leon i'm the only guy. I literally the only guy when there's another guy right here. That is supported liane edwards at such a selfish statement. I have put my reputation on the line for one of the guys. Leon i allowed us. I've been the loudest one of wavered. I've never wavered you. Wave i have not waver. I think you should be fighting for the belt next year. D- you veered completely off to the right. You were off road at a point you wavered. I'm the one that's held me on this time. That is crazy anyway. Hope it works out for him. Because i do love the fight now i hope it works out and it would just be crazy. I mean what a year for liane edwards anyway. A great great weekend a boxing. We had amazing fights davis. Knock leo santa cruz head to the back of the alamo dome anyway raises uppercut i've ever seen and saying devante davis tanked what you know what there's a reason they call them tank right. I have no idea. Let's just so great to see you. Look at that. I mean you got the festive. Look behind you. You got the i mean. Gosh one way you would. i'm trying to hit. You would think that hit. That uppercut came from the hip two. Oh i thought it was. It was it was a little telegraphed. I thought he should have not tell my dozen boxing. You how in the world do you to critique something that works perfectly telegraph growth. Don't go ahead like older. He just because he moved his head to the side their strike. Like just engage. You said don't try to judge. Just enjoy the cordage. That's like my favorite saying now. Enjoy that. It's the best you love that you give shot a little liam kuni over there with joy. The carnage right. Love it. yeah. I did i did i do well anyway. It has been a pleasure my best to your family over there in yet and are you. Are you working this weekend or are you not working. I'm back home. We had personal stuff. Okay all your shot to my sister. She's done so tremendous man. I'm so proud of her in in the fight that she's showing in this tough difficult time so so proud of her and my family for coming together all the tough times. Much love to the corner. As much love to 'em bobblehead again go check him out and may bobblehead dot com our guy. Dave manley look at this beautiful thing. I mean this is amazing. Hey you let me do it in person do aradio. Oh i can do it all day. The weird starting to your thank you draft yet beautiful bookcase. Thank you i. I got a lot of books or lot of leather bound books. A lot of i love. Dc autobiography in there. Maybe mahogany in there is never ruthless. Smell like mahogany and cologne. Thank you all right. thanks to everyone who listens. Downloads subscribes rates reviews. All those things were back next week. Say type of place tellers way patients ready.

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