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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? Cried pack and patron Torri of college football leaves here. The Paul finebaum show our four podcast. Well, we are here as we continue the final hour of the program. Let's continue with more calls and. Of. Evelyn is up next in Georgia Evelyn. Thank you. Good afternoon. Hi, I I'm caller. Hi other. How are you? Yeah. How may we help you? Well, I'm over here. Reading my book, and it's reached for the summit by Pat summitt. I'm not going to read settle for me mediocrity by Holly Warrick. And and I think we always took Pat to go out, and and she is the bear Bryant of women's basketball. And if you look at where Alabama was seven eight years after their Bryant's they had kissed them frogs to try to get some princes their first prince that they that they wound up with stallings, but it took a while to get to Nick Sabin. But I think the same pattern needs to be taken with Tennessee. Well, you make a fair point. And I think you have to look at her overall resume, and I'm I'm I'm sensitive to it because anyone who knows Holly Warlick and new coach summit understands where Holly has done and her loyalty to that program. But when you take an objective view, you can't look at well she's had a lot of twenty eight and twenty nine when seasons in in six years one two three four five. This is seventh year she has not been to a final four. She has been to the elite eight three times she the last two years. She's been knocked out in the second round. And quite frankly, one year, she was pretty fortunate to get to the second round based on she she finished the season very strongly because team wasn't wasn't playing very well at all. And this year has been an abject disaster. So far, so I I don't know. I mean, your overall winning percentage. Is seven thirty three which is good by most standards. But it's not goodbye Tennessee standards now. And if you look at the players in recruiting, you still had you just a couple of years ago, you have diamond shield who actually left you have Russell you. Have you have recruited heavily you've gotten your in the top five consistently was recruiting. So it's not personnel. It's it's it's it's unfortunately, it's the coaching and I'm sensitive to the situation. It was a unique situation. It was a unique situation in some ways even with bear Bryant going to Perkins. But well, it was a unique. It wasn't quite the same. But you had the passing and then you had Perkins coming in even though bear had retired. But it was a unique situation. And I think I was sensitive for maybe a year or two, but it's not been a year to seven or eight years. This is this is to clo-, Pat, toughened up butter buttercup, the women's program cannot accept not it least attempting to try to maintain it just for the fan base that they have the that. How long will it be before a Tennessee women's game? Looks like an Alabama linens game with with ten people in the Coliseum. You say that after Alabama drubbed Tennessee by double digits the other day. So my question is this. And you know, I think Thursday nights going to be important because Tennessee will be compared to the defending national champions and the current number one team in the country that that's we're Tennessee is fires to be. And I mean, there's no moral victories. But assuming that game goes like almost everyone is going to predict to me that that's where we're fans get a good dose of reality. Where you know. You realize these aren't fluke losses. He's aren't narrow losses. This program has hit hit the bottom and was six straight losses. I don't wanna hear anyone say well, you can still turn the season around. No. You can't well in that game is a big game. They have the personnel to actually you never know that you they could win. It's it's not personnel. They have the personnel who could who could turn it around. And. That she does. I really do it that could be the game that could maybe changed my opinion. But that's why it's an opportunity, but, but if I, you know, I'm I'm listening on a national program. And this is about the six or seven call we've had today about Tennessee va-, women's basketball. It's getting more attention than the men the men are number one in the country. So there's a real problem there, and I can assure you that Phillip Fulmer is acutely aware of the problem. He may not acknowledge it he's in a very precarious position. But you know, even though John was on here earlier. And I don't know if you heard what he said he seemed to to to indicate the Tennessee doesn't care about having a quality women's program. I disagree. Well, that was what prompted me to call you because I that's not acceptable that would not be acceptable to Pat summitt ninety two to what she she builds and injuries I've railed because it looks I wish. But I promise you if this program doesn't turn around there will be plenty of people calling for change. All right. Well, that's good. Well, thank you very much. Thank you from. Yeah. It'd be people are going what's going on here tonight. Well, this is this is about the third or fourth year. We've heard this on this program where Tennessee women's fans are calling in and going. What's what's going to happen here? Thanks very much for the call. Do. Appreciate it. Meredith is in Birmingham, you're on the air. Hi, Paul Abbott. Cut linked to just ask you about Mississippi State. Okay. Sure. I wanted to know how you think state is gonna do next this coming year in football. And if you think that coach Moorhead can turn this program around and get it going again. Well, I know I know the program I think nine wins last year. But I found I found the overall tenor the season to be moderately disappointing. I thought there were a couple of games it just works were shockingly bad. And maybe because I was there for the Florida game. That would have that would have been the one that that stood out the most. But I think he can turn it around. He's made a few changes scheduled pretty manageable. I mean, you talk about a terrible non conference schedule. Lafayette, southern miss, Kansas state and Abilene Christian. I mean that's pretty laughable where where are the problems on the schedule? Well, you start with Alabama. At a and m those are two extremely tough games. LSU becomes a challenge at Auburn at Tennessee. I I'm trying to think what I would go with in terms of record. I think what what happened this year is manageable. But it, you know, you tell me a Merida's. What what are you looking for what what's good season for for Mississippi State fan? Well, obviously to win every game. I can promise you right now. I don't think that's going to happen. I don't think so either. But I do think I'm hoping that coach Moorhead cantering the probe around. I hope that state can win. I don't know. I I hope that they can win all, but I'm looking probably all but two or three games, and that would be very impressive for the state of. There would be I'm not I'm not sure I have your optimism or or share your optimism. I I'm going to reserve judgment because I just really would like to see a little bit more about the passing of the torch. But I I do think he's capable. I I was I was not impressed with his place election. His play calling last year though. I agree. I do agree. I just wanted to call because everything is always Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Clemson and everything. And I I wanted to give a plug for Mississippi State. I'm a graduate. I lived in Birmingham. But I love my dog. We'll listen I'm a huge fan as well. But thank you for the call. It's a great school and have a lot of good friends there. Thank you very much. Jack is in Tennessee. We spent a lot of time in that state tonight. Good afternoon, Jack. Hey, thank you, Paul. I'm a first time caller. I watch your show all the time. Thank you. Thank you. I just you know, on the last caller a few minutes go talking about Hollywood. And I think it's time for change. Now. I really do we we haven't had this many losses in a row and a long-term. Pat summitt has built his program. And I think I agree with you a hundred. Hundred ten percent about our women's program is just as important as our means. And I'm glad army. They're doing great. But I- women has done great for years. And we owe it to Pat summitt invest the money. Get the best of the best. And I hate to say it, but I think Holly work needs to go. Yeah. I listen, Jack. I watched that game very closely last night and I saw the Alabama game as well. And it's it's the body language that bothers me. It's I mean, I know she's a very good coach. But she's not she's not relate. She's not getting through to those players right now. I agree. A hundred percent now. It's a it's a thank you very much. I mean, it's pretty interesting. I mean, I try to keep up with all the different games. But I mean, I was really studying that last night because I had a feeling if they lost that game. It was going to be a big topic tonight, and has it ever been we will break. More to come to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Glad you are with us here as we wind things down on a Tuesday night Darrow in Greenville, South Carolina. Daryl good afternoon. Hey, paul. How are you doing today? We're doing great. Thank you. Great. Thanks for taking my call a little something to say about John Adams when it comes to go Fulmer. Okay. He always seems to want to go to jab in adding. And it makes me wonder. If he's still welcome on campus. Yeah. For those you miss the interview. He he did make a fairly distinct of crack about Fulmer wanting to be the coach, which I don't I don't believe I think Fulmer is doing what what would he is good at and that's mentoring young people. And in this case, a young coach, Jeremy Pruitt who. Well, I think welcomes. I just think like I've been watching John Adams and listen to him and reading about is articles all the time. You just amazes me every time he can get a stab at him. He he takes advantage of it. Well, I will tell you this. I don't think anyone is going to lay a glove or or anything else on Phillip Fulmer right now, I think he is he is got Teflon over him. Because I genuinely believed that he came in and saved this program from total disaster after John Currie after the administration literally went up in smoke. He brought in a really good football coach. And I'm telling you the law Jeremy Pruitt, you can always judge someone by where they used to be. And I I can tell you that in at the university of Alabama. I know Tennessee fans get sick of hearing about that. But inside that athletic department there he is as respected as any coach who has left and if Nick Saban. Tonight. Just for the sake of argument. I think Jeremy Pruitt would be the first call they make wouldn't not about. I wouldn't doubt that one bit. But I want to go with that. And. John Adams who just amazing? Well, how he take steps? And I listen I as someone who has thrown a few shots in my time. I we heard it pretty loudly here. Thank you very much. Rick is is in Southern Cal. Hello, rick. Thank you might call center on the subject of Pat, summitt, Tennessee. I got a book story about pets. I'm but just real quick to put a cap on the final court in the bottle if you will the Alabama football season that game was won by the best player on the on the Bill that night dislike. Shawn Watson was two years prior to that travel arch was best player on the field dates voided, Alabama weakness, which was their strength the passing game against Alabama secondary, which was agreed fire and the coaching carousel there in Alabama, which was actually more sporadic than the the Mexican cartels turnovers this concern. So I mean, all that, you know, I mean anybody. To sit here and say that the dynasties over to towards the torches passed. I thanks ludicrous. Obviously to have the best player. But you know, it's a lie. There's a lot of lot of planning before next season. I I'm won't you know, pass any judgement yet as what's going to happen. But a pad some story real quick in nineteen. I think it was eighty eight eight or nine hours traveling in the Birmingham buddy of mine said man, we ought to go down, Allah bama's playing Tennessee. I wanna go check out a women's game. I couldn't have been more discouraged about going. But I went and the one thing that I will compare it to I've never seen the the absolute precision done by Tennessee. And Pat summitt on that on that court. I have watched several men's game. And I'm gonna compared to the New England Patriots the way she operated that bench in the way. They just dissect it our bama's basketball team, which was pretty damn good at the time. I think they were ranked like eleven or twelve and they just dismantled that team. And and the way she coaches and the way when she's walking off the corridor. More way, she did walk off the court was just I to me at that point. I started following the Tennessee basketball program, and I think anybody that's ever watch Tennessee lied. If you've had the the pleasure doing that your entire mindset would change when it comes to women's Babs the ball. Somebody's coaches are absolutely phenomenal. But Pat summitt to me was every bit as big of an icon as bear Brian ever was. I mean, I know I'm gonna upset a lot of people maybe yourself saying that, but I'm telling you right now, she was right there with the bear. When it came to coaching in the SEC, and I'll never forget that night. I've never seen it. In fact, I've I've never seen men's basketball coach the way that that that woman coach that team that was extremely and then then her graciousness walking up what she thought to every toge on Alabama shook hands with a lot of the fans walking off the. Board of something. I just wanted to share that. I'll never forget. Thank protect the story. Thank you very much. Rick really do appreciate that. Let us continue at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. And Mark is in Florida. Mark, welcome. Oh, hey ball. I hear you. Good to hear you. Thank you so much. You know what? Pitching on the championship game. Just for a minute. You know, I wanna languages you mentioned about you know, you were talking about a basketball point. But. It's so between the plays. You could just see Clemson had a purpose behind every step. And it seemed like they were quicker to their second third steps before Alabama was looking around. You know what I mean? I just see like the offense is lines. Clemson would be, you know, set and getting ready, and it just seemed like they they had they had that fire. You know, and you know. You know, sometimes market to it happens that way, I haven't seen it too many times like that. But it was extraordinarily to watch. And I do appreciate your call, squirrel. You're on the air. Really? Appreciate you taking my call today. And I'm I'm really I'm really doing all this Tennessee talk the best. But. When I think about Tennessee basketball. And I think it was doing your time. You're actually for some reason I wish it wasn't true. For some reason when I think of Tennessee basketball, I think of Benard keying getting pulled over in the middle of the night. Dr Ray Mears Cadillac and didn't have stolen TV in the back. Let me say this. I I was covering that team at the time. And I can't remember the specifics of what was in the back. But yeah, so what have you next time? I see you. I will I'll tell you my version of that story. I will let say it on the real. Rule flags and believe it or not those are you know, I was like seventeen eighteen years old. I was junior in high school, actually when it happened and me, and my buddies you remember drinking age eighteen and I'm ashamed to say, we will slip over to Cumberland avenue. For some reason whenever I go into your public over there now is buying your drinks. If you remember you say many fans for so young, of course, Sam I went in there. But are keen was in there. And I got to, you know, just him by sitting up against the bar with you know, what I'm saying. I was naturally high school kid, and he got he got a kick out of that. But it was no big deal. Even though he was a superstar. It was a different time back, then you know, I used to use to sit with him on the team plane when we traveled in got to know him quite well extrordinary. I mean, I know we're talking forty years ago. But one of the great they I think they didn't they do a thirty for thirty in burning wants. Yes. Yes. They did. They encourage young people to go watch that these guys were unbelievable especially Bernard. Third player on the Tennessee taint team winter saying Jackson less than job. Mike jackson. Yes. Yeah. He was really good to to the point guard is Johnny Darden. Yeah. And he was always used to for some reason while I was doing it. I don't know. But another. What are you gonna have rich Rodriguez? This is kind of a sports take. I don't wanna do. Mock y'all chair. They when are you gonna have rich Rodriguez on? That's a great question. Yeah. We we had coach Luke on long ago. But rich, I was thinking about giving rich zone segment is he dug in you? I don't think I'm not sure we've we've made the request yet. Okay. Well, I'm gonna have a sports take. He's he's our recruiting. Now, I presume. Yeah. I look forward to that day. And then Thirdly, and Lastly, I really appreciate allow these older callers been calling in lately. But gentleman you talked to yesterday how but the ninety two year old war two bit. Oh, yeah. Oh, he was special. And you know, we we could let him talk for an hour. That's it for the show today. We are back live tomorrow as always taking your phone calls. Hope you have a great night. Thank you. For listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network. Beginning at three eastern.

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