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You really have no excuse to wear clothing anymore that doesn't fit golden edge presented by ESPN sports mobile from station casinos. What is up fans this has been goes to the Las Vegas Review Journal? We got a great golden edge. podcast coming at you today. Eh Sat down with Golden Knights Ford Riley Smith at city national arena and touched on a number of interesting topics that I want to remind you that the Golden Age podcast is sponsored sponsored by Sdn sports from station casinos. We're also presented by Harry's Indochina and Roman without other way let's let's get to the show. What is up fans this is golden edge odd cast coming at you live from city national arena? I am Ben Goats One of your Golden Knights or reporters with my colleague day. Shane and a very special guest. We have Golden Knights Winger Riley Smith joining us today Riley. Thanks so much for coming on things army. Yeah really appreciate it so first of all. Just how's it going right now. What's kind of the mood of the team? 'cause he has a little bit of a slump. We're not winning his negatives as we'd like to you like you said a little bit of a slumbering out with Really turned folks on our work yet. Again Era Defensive Structure Toge- service losing skid our right now Obviously practice a little bit of an option today. One thing I noticed that the end. You cody glass or working on the between the legs move scoring. Are you trying to give the rookie some tips on how to do that. Trying to pick up some things actually It seems like all the younger kids coming into the League. They're they're so August their hands in they've done so much skill development so they're pretty good at those Around the net and it seems like there's goals being scored that way so A lighter thing the Dannebrog this is actually pretty good attitude Cody so he's teaching recent. Thanks so let's talk about just maybe a little bit on how you got into Hockey Odyssey. You come from a family come from hockey area area around Toronto. I'm just naturally gravitated toward it absolutely. There wasn't much else to do. You know I played hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer Since I was five but add do older brothers who both started playing hockey and skating around three and four I started around the same same time. It was kind of just the natural thing to do in Toronto team. Like all kids are playing Pretty early in getting into it so it was something I enjoyed and it was a good way to do something outside of school with her brothers. Yeah did you play with your brothers. A lot growing up was there a lot of like emit house competition. There's a lot of in house competition taste. There's no doubt about that. So two brothers Brandon. He's two years older than me. Rory's four years older so I never really played with them on league teams or anything like that I. I was a little too young in multi small so I wasn't able to join but at home. We're always doing stuff in pretty competitive so you know. There's a lot of leading noses houses in in chipped teeth around the house just from playing mini sticks in stuff at home so we are definitely a handful for my parents but they did a good job you know putting up with us in Illinois ends at home so as it was Grad. I certainly remember your brother from college was kind of influence on you in in wanting to take that path or was that maybe just the best choice choice for you. Miami University. Yeah I don't think any of the. Oh L. teams really wanted me sell H- really yeah so I had to wait it out a little bit both. My parents are educators later so they really instilled on on that route for for us in I think it was the right choice for me. I need a little bit more time to develop basically a pretty small. I think I was when I was drafted. One hundred fifty five bouncer so can went to probably but it gave me an extra couple years to to play junior a UH Iger physically a little more time for skill development. in-network count for me. I really enjoyed my time in Miami in having my brother. Brennan in you've played Wisconsin as a sounding board. Going through that process with was great is a unbelievable career Wisconsin. It would've been nice that get get to play against them we were. We were close when year in the frozen four Boston. College beat us out in the semi finals and then beat him in the final so that would have been fine. It would have been nice nice to have those bragging rights later in life but on all it was a great choice for me to go to Miami I think it was the same for my brother. Brendan ended the plane hockey. Rory became a Lacrosse players. The National Lacrosse League was there ever a decision point for you as to which brother you're gonNA follow her. You're always hockey. Yeah no it's. He said it was a tough decision for me like I said I was a smaller kid growing up in when I was probably all the way dead sixteen extend years old. I was probably better on the cross growing up in. That looked like that was the route that I was gonNA take until my grade probably ten or eleven years school look like hockey was painted out for me so the cross was you know it was a big part of my life like I said earlier played every summer in. You know. It's pretty good at it. I really enjoyed I do it doing it and I had my oldest brother who is really good lacrosse player. So is a tough decision for me. Obviously a lot more opportunity with hockey so I I decided to wait it out with across and ended up working out because the next year I was able to get a scholarship to to Miami University and be able to play there but it was a I think it helped me with my hand eye coordination just being able to do both sports all the grown up. Yeah so that being said we're GONNA see a lacrosse style goal from you anytime soon like the hurricanes did I can't. I can't pick the bikes. Can you do that in practice. Like I said earlier. The young kids are. They're so good at all. These nifty plays in. You know you don't really see less demanding games but when they do about they pretty dazzling. You won't see that for me. I unless you fix it up and plops it on my my blade. It's is not going to happen. So Rangers injures are coming up on the schedule have been burned. Texted is that a normal routine. Does the trash talking chirping go on when Riley and Brennan coming up the game. I mean you guys see every day. I'm a trash talkers now. I of course relationship with the brand new we talk pretty often It doesn't get to eat it on the ice against him but it but it's nice to be able to play against them it and it's nice our families coming down enjoy with US usually the night before I grab dinner with 'em or something like that. Yeah it does kind of lose the trash talking edge now that you guys have been through it a couple times you know. This is obviously. Isn't your first Rodeo. Playing each each other you have some experience at this point the ad the first couple of times it was pretty surreal. I guess there is a little bit of jarring played brandon one year in the playoffs when I was in Boston. Austin in that was probably like the hype of the competitiveness Is really cool to go through that that you know that that whole process with Amit and being able both kind of live a country when playing the Stanley Cup finals than do it against each other now won t master lose. Unfortunately it was him but It it was really fun and hopefully we can do that again sometime. The series a he played the Bruins. You guys was seriously tried to fight the Dino Charro. Is that a different time. Yeah I think it was that series. susie that's one of the regular season games. 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Just go to get Roman dot com slash blue wired tired to get a free online visit and free shipping. That's get Roman dot com slash blue wire for a free visit to get started get Roman dot com slash bluer. Well let's shift a little bit. you've been obviously one of the most active players in the community. I remember actually one of the first times jobs I met you was when the rides for the military. I don't remember exactly the the name of the Organization for sure but but that's something that's obviously very very important to you. I guess maybe explain why you've felt that. She wanted to to be so active in the community. That way. I think this community is is really special. They really embraced us. When we came into town I think as my career has progressed? I really notice the ability. We as professional athletes can implement in in the community and it's such a great influence in the last few years really starting to realize how easy it is to give back in how appreciative people are about it. So there's a lot of people in this community and all over the country and in Canada's well that can be helped from hockey players just reaching out in it does make a big difference so one the more recent things you did was the cherry softball in the summer in Las Vegas Ballpark. How much fun was it to be in that stadium and get to play? It was awesome. You you know. Hopefully we can do it again this year. That's the goal is to do annually but thanks to teammates. That came out in some of the Las Vegas celebrities and the The Oakland Raiders. who showed up because they really helped make it a great event into it for a great cause so it was nice having such a great fan base? You Know Vegas Golden Knights Years Throughout the whole game. It's great to see that even in the summer. It seemed like this community wanted hockey when the wasn't around for a couple of months this summer but is great to see their year long support. So like I said hopefully we can do it again. I think a lot of people really enjoyed it in for great 'cause okay so who had the best swing on the team I. who were you most impressed with? I don't WanNa go. I was kind of impressed by MARCI. He added many home runs as close. Jose Canseco so didn't see that out of the little guy. Neither neither I really didn't. I figured he'd be one single athlete type of guys but he. He mentioned that any played a lot of baseball growing up. But you know. He says he does a lot of things he says he's good at everything. So I I figured I was just trash-talking but it was good to see he definitely one that homerun Derby force it. who had the worst thing? Who Do you never WANNA see taking bad for your team again? She Theodore maybe him. Or William Carlson emme. I wasn't baseball until we. Yeah Carl just like. He just seemed like he was on a different planet that day. There wasn't a lot of hustle and his asking us like jogging. First base a lot of the time. So even at Kala Hustling in that game. I know what's Carlson's excuse. I don't know as the summer. Have five thousand. Say he got up until next summer. Get get more on. Yeah Yeah But yeah those those Hala hit a inside the park home. Run I think. He almost gave her chairs couple of heart attacks when he was coming around. Third Base there but He enjoyed it I think that was the hardest he ran Dan probably eight or nine months. So that was pretty cool. You and your brother Brennan also handed out about fifty sets of equipment to a bunch of youth players later in the summer in August. I I just touted that come about. And what was that like those a really cool experience. the helps with these programs that that can give the opportunity for players to to give back sets into minor hockey associations and we decided to do one or we spend our summers in Nova Scotia in was just you know. A lot of deserving families has nice to give them that in obviously. The kids really enjoyed it. And they had a lot of fun so albuquerque. Claiming can be expensive occupied Achieve Sports Blazo. Every kid deserves the opportunity to be able to do that and it was a good way to be able to give back to unity so for you personally a little bit. Are you Kinda like music guy. Do you have a song or or sometimes you play before a game not really. I'm CANNA pretty bland I like top forty I maybe should start listening to something else. I pretty much listen to whatever expert on in the Myanmar here Martin Than Merrill is like a music guy too. Yeah Johnny Yeah. He's A. He likes everything though. Janis easygoing whatever you put on. He'll be singing. Good is there a TV. Show your binging right now right now. Jack Brian to show on Amazon prime. Just junkers Kinski Jeff from the globe up the APP and it's tough to see him in a different way. He's not that believable waiting for Dwight d pop on screen in the background somewhere. But it's a pretty cool show it's We spend so much time on the road plane so I feel like I go through shows movies pretty quick it was looking for for some. Okay so do you have a go-to movie then as as well go to movie. I like a lot of comedy so a lot of Welfare Pharrell movies like I said I go through a lot of them so I'm pretty cut out but everything that's that's new is kind of. We don't know about hockey player. The travel time. You're able to catch up on the NETFLIX. And all the him on stuff and all that yeah either. You're you're watching movies playing cards so so I stay away from the car tables so I I'm a movie Guy Smart. If you weren't playing hockey what do you think you'd be daily. Probably Lacrosse or something It's a tough question because they spent so much time with hockey doc in Lacrosse growing up. It's it's been pretty much everything done outside of school so I went to school for for business management in a and that was kind of a minor behind hockey to be honest so nice going through the whole college experience in. I know it helped my my hockey game just having those extra time but you know the the school is important and so I guess maybe something along is this management i. I'm still a year. Oh from graduating so chip away at that. Obviously you still got a long playing career out of you but have you thought about afterward. A coaching management type stuff is that interesting. Maybe the ad does we spend so much time around the rink in you start to learn so many out to the game. I'm not just playing but everything around it and I thank after I'm done. I'd like to be able to give back in some type of coaching or player development. Hopefully picking up something in this game you know he spent so much. I'm doing it so the game is always evolving. But I think when you're playing you're trying to be a student of the game you pick up a lot of things in a Lotta different trends in so you know. Hopefully that's something I could do after I guess back to more hockey questions. You and William Carlson. I'm Su- skate together. Five on five escape together on the penalty. Kill I guess what helps you guys read off each other so well because it seems no matter how many guys are on the ice. You guys know where you're going to be I as I can't take a lot of credit for this I think he's just he sees the ice incredibly well It's been a treat to be able to play. Him Is the third year in Vegas. And there's definitely a huge steel being able to get in from Columbus is obviously is underutilized. There he's been then Using great for for me to play with incredibly well is a great passer. The wind in it seems like he's always open. I don't know how he does it. But every time I look over my shoulder easier wide open so hopefully this chemistry continues to play each other athlete with each other for for a long time. Here in Vegas. We talked about a little bit at the start. Obviously you guys are struggling with just kind of going forward in terms of the style what do you. What do you WanNa see from from this team going for? What do you think? Maybe he is the best way for you guys to go about winning games. I guess in terms of style I think we have to be just like a little bit greedier now. Oh I think our game right now or in the right places but were we don't have the awareness with our stick on the ice or just like little things that are caused in right right now and it's easy to to watch video and say you know I. I should've had my stick here. I should have done this better but it seems like when you're you're working hard in planned smart the Puck tonnages find you and I think that's just what we need to get back to right now is simplifying redeem a little bit lead in playing a little bit harder and a little bit grittier kind of making your own breaks a little bit. Yeah exactly the PUCK will find you if you're in the right place. Carlson is an interesting where today said Pesky ask once you guys start playing Heskey again. I mean. Do you agree with that. And I guess how does one play Pesky out there on the ice and I don't even know if he knows what that means but And we have seen. It's pretty optimistic. Seems like a lot of teams. Say That in in means you know you're you kinda just coming from behind in finding ways to landon. That's all you have to do right now. Is just to find ways to win but I think the best way we can do do that is just through work ethic and playing a little bit harder. That's all we got Riley a thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it. Thanks for having me awesome allows Riley Smith. I'm Ben Goats. Shane of the Las Vegas Review Journal. Thank you so much for tuning into the Golden Edge podcast. We'll talk to you again real soon.

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