Trade Rumor Rankings: Which NBA Players Are Surfacing in Trade Rumors (Ep. 161)


Welcomes Hoop site. podcast my name is Alex Kennedy joining me today. NBA Writer for CBS Sports. You can follow him. I'm on twitter at Dennis Chambers underscore. My guest is my former colleague. Dennis Chambers Denison argue once going on. Thanks for having me on buddy. Thanks for joining me all right. So you're based in Philadelphia. Alvia I WANNA talk about your Philadelphia. Seventy sixers for a minute. They are eleven and five after winning. Four straight games including two huge wins over the spurs and the heat. They currently only had the fifth best record in the Eastern Conference. They're all in on this core. They owed the most guaranteed money of any team in the NBA going forward. What do you make of the sectors play so far in and do you think this team has what it takes to win at all? I think currently constructed with the starting five. They haven't played their absolutely a team. That could be a contender for the championship at the at the end of the season. Obviously that's their goal. And what you want to accomplish in of course putting this together and like you said paying everybody all the money they have between Tobias Harris contract signing Al Horford. You know Joel embiid contract that. He's under Ben. Simmons Max contract extension. They're obviously all in on this core and what they expect us to to turn championships out of it. And you mentioned the two wins Yoga over the course of the weekend. Friday and more specifically Saturday against Jimmy Butler the Miami Heat Jimmy Butler obviously returning to Philadelphia where he played for most of last season Seeing that type of I guess performance in and how the starters one through five GonNa have the opportunity to play against one of the better teams in the east as we. You know we've seen the heat able to do. They're saying over the course of the first month month and a half of the season Watching that defensive performance especially is kind of where the sixers are going to be able to hang their hat over the course of the season. And that's how that that lineup is constructed to Ghana wreak havoc on teams defensively. And they really just gave gave Miami fits all night. Jimmy Butler was clearly not himself. Benson's as his primary defender a Condo was able to take him out of his game early on. And you watch she. No guys like Josh Richardson. Who had his clearly his best game as a sixer thus far no surprise going up against the team that traded him away in favor of Jimmy Butler so to be able to see that performance especially after a rocky start from this season I think it was super encouraging for the sixers. Not only for themselves of course their fan base but you know after a game and her performance like that. I think the front office has to be feeling really good about the decisions they made over the course of the summer. Yeah that was an impressive win and I wanna ask you about Jimmy Butler his comments. After the game game he talked to reporters and said he's talking about why he left the sixers new said. Obviously something happened. We're not going to say what it was. We're not going to go into detail. We can't keep living thing on that they can't but I'm happy basically when you know praising his current teammates in Miami in that situation but you know you were around this team a lot. Obviously do you have an idea of what he's he's talking about or what he's referring to. I know there's been talk of chemistry issues and you know. There are some reports last year about him butting heads with Brett Brown and you know different teammates but you kind of have an idea of what went wrong with this core last year. Yes so I think I mean in you you kind of set yourself. There were reports of. I wouldn't necessarily say butting heads more so like we know Jimmy Butler. We know who he is. Now you know after all the time that he's been in the NBA in his stops in Chicago and Minnesota and obviously Philadelphia. There's a common theme that he's outspoken and when he feels like something isn't going the way the best way that it possibly can he's GonNa say something and you know there's a lot of players don't do that some guys will just you know either. Keep your mouth shut or or say things you know maybe in a different fashion that they shouldn't like to Jimmy's credit. He comes out and says how he feels so that might rub some the people the wrong way and I think you know. He being that type of vocal leader so to speak Maybe rubbed some people on on on the team the wrong way and it's hard to speculate exactly what he was talking about and I think you know he gave obviously professional answer saying that he's not going to dwell on it and he praises current teammates and Brown was asked before the game on Saturday. You know about Jimmy Butler and he more so did the same thing as any coach would like you're not really going to dive diving on a player. That's no longer on your team. Now have a current team you now current goals. It's not you're not there to dwell on the past more or less which is exactly what Jimmy said I think for my personal take. It would probably especially if the way that you look at the way the teams constructed it's built around two pillars. It's built around Joel Joel embiid. And then Simmons and the franchise in the Front Office is doing the best they can to run the ship through those two. We've heard the comments Jimmy Butler in Joel. EMBIID are on record. Numerous Times talking about how close they are boys. They text all the time you know they got along very well when Jimmy was in Philadelphia. But what we don't hear I think the silence on it is probably you know what's most deafening about it. All is the lack of like friendship. Friendship phrase that Jimmy Butler ever said about Ben Simmons we correct me. If you've ever heard anything numb but I you know exactly like I've never heard him talk about each other as glowingly. Joe Knew Joel and Jimmy do so it like I said it's hard to speculate but if you really kind of read the writing. That's on the wall I. I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Simmons Jimmy Butler maybe they didn't get along and that was One of the deciding factors in terms of Jimmy deciding that you know he wanted to move on to Miami Johny but even so you. I'm sure you can corroborate this. Jimmy Butler is always had an affinity for planning in Miami. He's always had an affinity for the Miami Heat. dwayne wade aid that franchise. This wasn't the first time that he tried to get himself to their so when the opportunity presented itself. I'm sure you know that's something that he. He found very very appealing and as we see. That's the way that it went down. Yeah and the on the court to talk about this before but you know Jimmy obviously our guys that want the ball in their hands in you know I did. I did a piece where I covered the first twenty four hours. I forty eight hours with Butler. On the sixers they happen to be in Orlando so I went to their shoot around and talked all different guys and went to the game that tonight and whenever even even right after they made that trade embiid was super excited and saying we needed someone that could create their shy and he has perfect skill. Set for us and Ben. It was very quiet and didn't really say much so that kind of set out to me as well You know they obviously having Jimmy there in creating zone shot and writing things through him. took the ball away from Ben so maybe that was part of its you even. If it wasn't a friendship thing maybe it was just a usage thing that could be possible. Yeah and I mean you look at it from a money standpoint point like they obviously would have would have had to pay Jimmy Butler. They still decided to pay Al Horford but when they decided to give Ben Simmons that contract attract extension. Like you're not GONNA pay one hundred seventy one million dollars to somebody who wants you know playoff time comes. He gets relegated to a dunker spot. And that's you know very much how Brett Brown was using him in crunch time situations in the playoffs last year because he would put the ball on Jimmy's hands. And that's you know that shows more more so what Ben still has to work on his game I think you know the entire world the entire. Mba Community is very aware that he can you know not that he can't shoot although he really can't but he's very in related to even do so let it fly so in those situations where the game slows down in. The court tightens up. Ben's best ability is being athletic and those half court sets so so he's getting placed under the basket while the rest of the offense operates around him in hopes of getting a put back where law or something around the rim. And for somebody. Ben Simmons you know stature and skillset skill level. And you know all the things that come along with it being relegated to that type of position. I'm sure probably made him mm feel uneasy in in certain aspects. Yeah I also. I'm I'm doing a I want to ask you a little bit about the tanking the habit in Philly and kind of what it's led to. I'm doing a long form. That comes out and hoops hype. Pretty soon here where I interviewed him beat writers in heat. POMPEII was one of them that I interviewed. And we kinda talked about this tanking years a bit and I'm interested. You know you look at this team how they were Burland Benz's image and Joel embiid eagerly didn't hit on all of those top draft picks. They were able to get two stars out of it. They were able to find some role players like Robert Covington. TD TD McConnell but by basically using those end of the roster spots as proud spots and just bringing a different guys and getting different looks guys you know. Do you think that that plan has been validated dated. First of all you know in. What's the response and fairly to those taking years? Fancy like it's worth it and the Sam he get the credit he deserved you. Think and also do you think we're GONNA see other teams try to do this. I think first of all I think it totally the entire tanking situation is is completely valid. And I've always been You know somebody buddy that was on the side and a of tanking and very much a fan of it because in the NBA. You know we know we've seen over the course of Especially the last couple of years but the course NBA NBA history as well. The the best way to win championships is to have superstar players. Can you cannot win an NBA. Title without at least two into two star players that can build out a roster around and the sixers didn't have that after you know Alan Iverson. They had good role players. That good you know. I wouldn't even call Oldham Stars but drew holidays the Andrea Darlas. That team that that lost a on the eastern conference semifinals in like two thousand eleven about a year one season removed from when they kind of started their tank when they traded drew holiday on draft night in two thousand thirteen and kind of Sam hinkie started to get the ball rolling on the whole process. tanking situation. I mean they went from you. Know thirty four wins in two thousand twelve and then they were in the teams the nineteen eight teens jeans and that two thousand fifteen season they won ten games and it landed in the first overall. Pick to get Ben Simmons and now you have Ben Simmons Joel Embiid to fruits of the process to superstar players and obviously they both have their flaws as every player in the NBA does but they're two of the best foundational pieces that you can find. Did the League and you know considering how young they are and being you know locked down under contract for multiple seasons To be able to have that foundation in as a starting point to you know in your goal of winning a championship I think completely one hundred percent validates what the process was supposed to represent what it meant. And when you really they look at it you you had you know. Three Four Seasons three seasons in particular of just absolute atrocious basketball. where it's like night in and night out? They're hard hard to watch. And then you get you know m beads first year that that he got the play after missing two seasons You know with navicular bone surgery but but I think what like I mentioned to be able to pull those out of your drafting whether they didn't hit on Julia Ghafoor Nerlens Noel. Or what have have you To be able to get those two guys validates everything Entirely for the process. And I think that a lot of people in Philadelphia are you would agree with that and they like you can see on twitter and kind of how crazy the fan bases for the sixers. Everybody is at least for my aspect like everybody was all in on the process. Because they've recognized. You know what was going to be able to come from it so of course you'll have those people who are always going to be contrarian or disagree with any method without it but now that's professional national sports and that's professional sports fandom but I think the majority of the people in Philadelphia. We're very much processed trustor's they like to say yeah. It's hard to doubt at this point. I mean when you have two stars that come out of it you know had they missed on all their picks and yeah you know the you could really doubt it but the idea was right at that point in time Dan the NBA really incentivize. That right and it was a loophole that basically Anki and his staff found and they made the most of it by drafting these guys. I don't necessarily think we'll see it again because the NBA's trying very hard to close that loophole. They're trying to get rid of tank era really making it harder for teams in the top to get those top star players get a top picks. You're seeing I think it was miserable for the NBA. The League office was so frustrated because basically there was a team that was openly taking for several years and that hurts. TV ratings. And you know you do have fans in the moment that are upset about out that so I think the NBA's trying to dodge. But I love it. I mean I think Sam Hinkie had the right idea worked out perfectly and he got he was able to do it before the NBA. Close that loop also perhaps the him in that staff. I think made a ton of sense. Yeah absolutely I mean you hit the nail on the head like he identified a situation where he could take advantage of the current system that was in replace. He totally did I mean. That's you know. That's what saying he was says. It's time as a general manager like he found different calculations to everything and and you know tried his best to exploit the rules that were currently in place to his team's benefit and he did that and he did it effectively and you know I think that in its own right kind of rub people the wrong way around the league and people that had to deal with him and you know agents and other executives Will probably tell you that. He wasn't the best to deal with because he probably he wasn't. He had his eye on. You know one particular prize in terms of being able to run this system that he wanted to run and he wanted to do that. You know in any way that he could but I mean you brought up. TJ McConnell and Robert Covington. It's like those two guys you know. They're not superstar players. They weren't drafted. You know with the picks that Sam Hinkie was trying to cut it in terms of you know those first First second third overall picks the reason for essentially losing on purpose. But these guys are now turned into you know respectable MBA players. Robert COVINGTON. COVINGTON is one of the best wing defenders in the NBA. And you know I in my opinion on a championship team a perfect complementary role player And those guys got. They're shot because this team decided that they wanted to more or less lose on purpose and they needed to just fill out roster spots those guys you know the the cream rises the crop. They says it has to say. And it's now more credit to Sam Hinkie in a way that that he was able to identify that and be able to h exploited as you said in like you said. I don't think teams are going to try that as drastically as that anymore because the won't allow it with the way that they changed draft odds but in the moment he absolutely did what was necessary for the sixers and I think it paid off entirely for sure one thing to do on his podcast. We're GONNA switch things up a little bit here we like to do trade rumor rankings. And what we do is on hoops hype. We have the rumors page and we have tons of different rumors on their. You know coaches on the hot seat trade rumors for agency agency rumors. You name it. They're all on that rumors page. Make sure your tech it out but one thing we do is we go through a review weeks and find. The players who've been mentioned the most intrigued rumors on our rumors page. So so today. We're GONNA talk about players that have come up in rumors recently in recent weeks and discuss their situation what the future could hold for them. They've been you know it's still early. Obviously Trade uh-huh deadline isn't till February but their team this year that are contending and looking to really go deep in the playoffs. So I think you're GONNA see a lot of trades when you don't have a Juggernaut like the warriors here's I think a lot of teams feel like they have a shot and it's going to be an active trade deadline so let's go through the players that have been mentioned. The most recently the first player is bogged on mcdonagh Vich in Sacramento Bogdanovich has an interesting situation. He turned down the kings extension offer and there have been some rumblings that he's upset with his role in Sacramento Demento. He's a restricted free agent. offseason but some executives feel that he could become available prior to the trade deadline in February Sean Denny recently reported that the kings aren't are entertaining. Trade talks just yet but that there are a lot of teams around the league that are monitoring this situation basically when I talked to executives about Sacramento. They say they're not sure if the kings are car buyers or sellers. They're a team. That's desperate to make the playoffs. This year they really WanNa make the postseason. But they're unsure kind of weather team stands at this point. It's still super early. Uh so I it really depends on whether or not the playoffs are realistic. Goal for this team. One thing that avenue also said is that the New York Knicks are one of the teams are expected to be interested and Bogdanovich if he does become become available but again there are teams that would show interest in him. You know he's Kinda shot down. No not really shot down. But he hasn't been really will be willing to talk about whether or not he's upset with his role or the playing time this coming in Sacramento it does seem like he wants the ball more in a bigger role elsewhere but obviously restrict free agency. There's Glenn so much you can do but I do think he would welcome a trade if it comes down to it. Do you think we could see him. Get traded and you know I feel like there'd be a lot of interest firm if you did it becomes available. I completely agree with you. And then there's a there's a lot to like about his game no obviously everybody knows that he can shoot and you can score. The ball shoots like a forty four percent clip From beyond the ARC. which you know we know? Excuse me how how valuable. Yeah three point shooting is in today's NBA. But he's also you know he shows. The ability flashes didn't really able to create for his teammates as well averaging five six game I think you know like you mentioned. It's it's GonNa work. We're we're what a month and a half into the season they're six and eight Sacramento is as it were currently stand like. They're right on the cusp of being able to make the playoffs. I think you'll obviously losing buddy. He'll or nobody healed up the Fox to injury obviously getting him back and getting the team healthy and finding more chemistry between everybody nobody. I wouldn't be shocked if at you know. We come down to the end of it at April under right there squarely in the playoff picture because they have talent I'm I don't necessarily. I think that their championship contenders by any means. But they certainly have the talent. If all you know everything's clicking on all cylinders to make the playoffs and maybe disrupt somebody in the first round or kind of see where they stand once. They're kind of in the in the postseason but I decided we we have to wait for the season to kind of unfold and see where that all is. If they decide that you know they stumble or they suffer more injuries. Or what. What have you and they want to sell? you're not gonNA trade The Iron Fox. You probably not gonNA trade. But he'll you probably not you're not gonNA trade a Marvin Bagley like the person on their team. That would be able to bring them back. The most value would absolutely be bugged on which is situation in a bigger role in a starting role alongside somebody like an RJ Barrett in New York. I think that that would be a good fit especially with how you know. As I mentioned that Bogdanovich can stretch edge the floor in kind of act as a secondary creator. I really liked that fit. Actually yeah for him in New York especially along a you know. Rj and they have the the front court the pieces that we that we all know about it. They went there there signing spree of power forwards this summer But I think somebody like him especially in New York being able to have that a bigger role act as a secondary creator Stretch the floor playing alongside RJ You know if he's unhappy in Sacramento. Ah That's that's a great place for him to go. People will probably say like. Oh it's the knicks and make their jokes about about how bad either the team is or the organization and that's a whole nother conversation. All another can of worms but from an on the court standpoint. I think that'd be a great fit and quite honestly if they decide that they want to move on from him. I don't see why he couldn't Garner a first round pick and you know in the trade market. Yeah he's Kinda guy where he can fit it on so many teams because he the great fit in today's NBA. And you just plug him in and get three point shooting in facilitating tasting you. See it's really easy to imagine more different teams. and He's twenty seven years old just turned twenty seven so he's not super old. I think a lot of teams that are look into now obviously want to bring him in and teams. That are just right on the cusp. Could be interested as well. So yeah I mean I think you know there could be a bidding war for him and that's where you could see some interesting assets assets get thrown out there by teams that are trying to bring him in so he's definitely someone to keep an eye. On as February gets closer Kevin. Love is next on our list. After the cavaliers lost lost Lebron James and Kyrie Irving they obviously gave love a four year. One hundred twenty million dollar extension. It was kind of shocking at a time because they were rebuilding and love is obviously in his prime at thirty thirty one years old. Maybe a little bit after his prime. Now there's been a lot of speculation. That Cleveland Cook Trade him at some point because they're on very different trajectories obviously love and the team team love recently talked to Los Angeles Times about the trade rumors eventually said he's used to the trade talks in Then so be it. But he's going to stay committed to Cleveland and the organization Shen for as long as they want to keep him. Say It's possible that some teams will want to avoid this contract. That's something that bobby marks talked about. Whenever I had him on the podcast he basically said the thought of paying twenty nine million dollars to thirty four year old Kevin Love May scare some for novices away and I can totally see that too? Loves game should age better than some players players given his skill set. But it's hard to imagine this becoming a bad contract at some point in the future especially if injuries limiting him. I mean we saw him Miss Twenty two games last season. He's in so you know. Why do you think he could obviously help a contender right now? That contract is a bit scary for some teams. Do you think we could see Kevin love get traded or do you think the ones keeping in Cleveland. And that's why they gave him this extension. I mean I from a basketball standpoint. And what Cleveland is trying to accomplish with rebuilding owning their team in the Post Lebron era. I can't understand. I didn't understand it at the time. I still can't understand it a while you would sign that contract. Maybe they're you know they were. They wanted to hold onto some point of relevance. And that's what they could get out of having Kevin Love. There's at least add a name and a top thirty player in the NBA on their roster which which sells tickets sell tickets. I keep people invested a little bit like have one of the faces of the championship team. So they're like I guess from a business standpoint. I can understand understand that but you know to bobby marches point in in what you just reiterated like who what front office in the League especially in the way that you know teams Iran like now in from analytical thinking standpoint. WHO's GONNA WANNA pay? Kevin love at thirty four years old. Twenty nine million dollars. I can't I can't reach. I wouldn't be able to even reach into a hat names and pull one out and look at them and try to make a case for wanting to pay him at thirty four that contract and that's not to say that Kevin Love Love is a bad basketball player because he's having a great year you know after coming back from injury You know his he. He's averaging his most amount of rebounds obviously that you know that he's he's had in since he was in Minnesota because he's been able to kind of be the focal point of everything and get back to his game. That benefited him. So much pre playing alongside Lebron on So he's obviously still very talented and can contribute to a winning team. Like you said right now but I just don't know what team would look at that recognize that they have to give up some Atlit. They're not just going to move on from him for free. Of course it probably won't be a hall That we would see with other players players of his name or caliber because of his contract. That's going to be attached to it but you still have to give something up to get Kevin love back. They're not just going to give him to to you for free and you know look at that contract and break it down And understand that you have to pay in that money you for now. Four Seasons That just seems like a hard bill to swallow to me so I mean it's very possible that he can still get traded. Especially you know. I don't know maybe we get situation in halfway through the year like Houston who they're suffering from spacing issues or whatever it might be and they wanNA bring a stretch four and and kind of continue their three point barrage that they are like. Maybe he's a team that fits and Darryl Morton always figure out the cap numbers because he's literally a wizard. So maybe maybe that's a team that you know you could convince me to at had a midseason move. If they decided they wanted to really shake things up yeah fit in there. It would have to be a team that is all right now is willing to look past those later years the contract just Roy gathering this season and I would argue Cleveland. Say they need to try trade him now because pretty soon that could be untreatable contract so they almost have to mow while they can well. Yeah it is hard to kind of find Suitors for him just because of his contract situation You mentioned Houston. Let's go to the next player because he is Houston Rockets player Clink Capella. His name is popped up in trade eight rumors since last summer really and most recently a few weeks ago Brian I S. Pin brought up the fact Capello was shop early in the off season last year. Or last last off-season. Excuse me but at the rockets decided to hold onto him. When they landed Russell Westbrook they basically decided to go all in on this season and keep the core together so they did not move cappella even though they had a number of different trade conversation involving him Daryl Morey is someone that loves to make midseason changes so winward said if the raucous decide to mix things up before before the deadline Capella could become available once again to pell us three years remaining on his contract beyond this season so a team that deals for him would get the twenty five year old center they they have wonder contract through twenty twenty three twenty four so I could see why not WanNa do this. But if you're the rockets would you be willing to move on from Capella. I think things you have to go very badly for him to get moved. Yeah saint similar to what I just mentioned with Kevin Love and if they decided to maybe bring somebody like him and it would have to be because we we get to February and the you know Russ in James Thing is not working out and they're clearly not you know the caliber of team that they expected to be like you said down more is always looking to shake things up as we've seen you know countless times he'll do that with no accord anything else. I could see them convincing themselves that it would be the best idea to get rid of Capella for you. Know Kevin love or somebody else that can help them space a floor and to a scoring punch But for my perspective even what you just said like. He's on a reasonable contract. Eighteen million dollars years really not you know all that much in today's NBA on a yearly basis especially with some of the other contracts. The different players around the league are making an eye for my personal sampling. I think he serves a great purpose for this team. I mean obviously he cannot shoot. We all know that issues. You know forty seven percent from the line line. He does not shoot threes. But that's not what he needs to do Even in an era where big men you know they are Karl. Anthony Towns Joel Embiid kristaps porzingis. Housing is all these guys can step out and make shots. I think Clink Cappella serves the purpose of being that rim runner Being able to set effective screens and protect the rim and play lockdown defense in the middle of a team that spreads itself no as far out as it possibly can. I think he serves a very you know unique in important purpose for this team especially centered around James Harden and Russell Westbrook so you know like we mentioned it would literally have to go downhill. Oh fast and be on the edge of about as bad as they could you know had a manager did at the trade deadline for the move a young talented center that I think you fills a a very necessary need for that. Yeah I think they value him more than other teams do also because of the huge role plays for them so they're asking price are probably very high and it just seemed like that was a deal that made probably more sense before they were able to get Russell Westbrook so it's hard to imagine it happening now. The next player on our list is the Ngelo Russell. When the warriors I I acquired him from the Brooklyn Nets in the Kevin Durant sign and trade? There was obviously a lot of talk. About how the only added him to trade him at a later date. That was speculation. At least I think they intended you to play Steph curry and Russell together this season with Klay Thompson out. Obviously but now with all the injuries they've had and you know basically their season being decimated by injuries they. You don't even have curry now. So it's the the question is will go and state one hold onto Russell next year when Curry Thompson are healthy and unless they wanna play him off the a bench or at the three. It's really hard to imagine them keeping him long term. You know I think when you lose some like rant you obviously want to get something back for him rather than lose awesome for nothing so I think that's why they wanted Russell in this in that deal. I think he's a bright future. Obviously he was obviously all star last year at twenty two years old so I do think the warriors as with want significant pieces back for him if they do trade him but he someone that is making a lot of money to. He's making twenty eight point. Six million next season the following seasons you'll be making thirty million and then thirty one point three million so let's say the warriors do keep all three of these guys in twenty twenty one twenty two. They'll Bill O.. One hundred fourteen million dollars to Curry Thompson and Russell. So that's obviously a ton of money to pay back court. When there are obviously other position Dak they would need to fill now? The reason he has popped up in our trade. Rumors is because Brian Win. VSBN reported that the warriors could get back. I guess he said it's not unreasonable. To think the warriors could get another first round pick plus equality role player for Russell especially if the warriors are able to construct deal where they take back salary sorry so his name has popped back up. It's not just the summer speculation that we're talking about here. It's rich from three weeks ago. Brian saying that they could get back possibly equality role player plus the the first round pick. So we'll see if he someone that gets traded before this deadline or if they decide to hold onto him awake. You're deadlines but he is someone that I feel baffert kid because his name's going to be key popping up a trade rumors for the next several seasons if he does get moved this summer or this year. Yeah Yeah I think it's I think you just put it really well. I'm starting to feel bad for him. Because he he had a rough start in L. A.. He gets moved to Brooklyn and he finds his role he didn't really. He really was able to to Flourish Rish under that coaching staff and kind of come into his own and like you said he made an all star team and he was really starting to fulfill everything that you know. He looked coming out of college. As that. You know scoring point guard that can also still effectively run and set up his teammates. And you know run an offense and y'all he gets now moved to Golden State. which would always you know in the past like four or five years? Sounds great idea. Like oh man. I'm going to golden state him and he gets. It compete for a championship. Except he's their two year whereafter Kevin Durant leaves and the two star guards get injured. And it's you know no nothing even close to the team that they have been It's all you know. I really feel I feel for him in that sense but you made a comment whether it was last week or the week before where he mentioned that he was he had the opportunity to go. Oh to Minnesota and chose to go to golden state. Yeah he's off on it and he said that he had to deal with the weather in New York so he couldn't even imagine going winter in Minnesota us. Oh he did he did sign up for this. Yeah so I mean like from that perspective it makes you makes you understand a little more. Like I guess that he wasn't just held hostage got sent there against his will after having to deal with all the situation in L. A.. And then having you know Brooklyn take him in. Grow him him. And then choose Kevin Durant inquiry which noggin understand why they would make that decision But I think like I think Brian Windward said it's completely accurate. Like I don't see the any scenario where you would trade him and not be able to get back at least a first round pick and a and a solid player in the deal. You mentioned he's making a lot of money. Of course I mean his last service contract and twenty twenty two twenty twenty three will be over thirty one million dollars but at the same time like he's only twenty six years old so these last two seasons were watching Dangelo. Russell really really come into his own and be that you know super effective scoring guard. And you're walking bucket. You can go out there and get you a basket whenever you need at any point in the game. And he's shown to be able to you know step up in those clutch big moments And towards the end of this contract is current contract kind of I mean for all intents and purposes be the entering his physical prime so you would assume that you know his basketball game will continue to grow. I certainly don't think he reaches reached his ceiling as a player So I don't I think it would come down down to golden state having to decide which two of the three of those dogs that they're gonNA WANNA keep and I don't see a scenario where they decide that de Ngelo. Russell is one of the three on like you said. I really don't think that they can play them all together. And in the same respect are you really gonNA pay Diangelo Russel thirty million dollars to come off off the bench. Even if it is in like this super size six-man roll like that just doesn't necessarily make sense either So I think it would probably be in their best interest to move along from cannon and find a suitor who can send them back picks and I I know he shows not to go to Minnesota but I really think that you know especially with the friendship him. mm-hmm and Karl Anthony towns. Have I feel like that would be a great fit especially for those two in particular. I wondering we've seen you. I wonder if you told him that. The words are GONNA lose fourteen of their first. Seventeen Games uh-huh if he makes sense same decision. Yeah I think he'd be. Maybe John Up to you know go by Canada goose jacket or something as opposed to as opposed to picking the weather right. But I mean you you know you can't tell those things in the future so you just gotTa ride with decision that you make. But I don't know I. It seemed that Minnesota was super. We're interested in him and bringing him in like I said you know we all know the relationship that him and cat have. I wouldn't be surprised if he does get moved. If if that avenue is reopened because yes you would assume that if he's going to get traded in a tell him that he's GonNa get traded like he's GonNa want to have some level of input in that situation especially with now now that being his fourth team in such young career So I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually did wind up in Minnesota. Yeah I mean I think he has a bright future like you said he's twenty three. It'll be twenty six to end this contracts with will just be entering. Its prime. I think he's going to be a name. That pops up a lot in these trader marine. But I hope you can either stand golden state and blossom awesome air or land somewhere where they can just develop him and you know really have him realize its full potential the guy on our list we have two more. We have won honorable mention. So the fifth guy is Stephen Adams for the Oklahoma City thunder now the thunder of Italian teams. That Stephen Adams as part of their future at least for now but executives around the NBA have been speculating thing that he could be available. They've been saying since last summer at one point. The Atlanta Hawks were being linked to Adams he the main reason why because obviously the thunder are rebuilding. They've already traded off a number of pieces. There's four draft picks. They're hoarding drafts. Of this point and Steven Adams is an older piece then some of their younger guys so the thought is that maybe they would look to move on from him and and get some more graphics graphics and young players He has two years remaining on his contract. He's getting paid. Twenty five point eight million and then twenty seven point five million. Next year the large salary may be somewhat difficult difficult to imagine a trade. But I think it's easy to imagine the thunder dealing atoms for picks and young is. This infamy said for Dental Ari. WHO's on an expiring contract? He likely doesn't resigned over the summer. So they'll probably want to get something for him Dennis Schreuder is another veteran. That's been mentioned And then Chris Paul E. Someone that we heard a lot about mainly over the off off-season now he's Kinda bought in and there has been much talk popping up but I think the main reason why he hasn't been traded. Yeah thirty eight point five million dollar contracts. That's extremely really tough to move. Even if a team wants to bring Chris Paul I that salary it becomes very difficult but I think we could have had this entire list thunder players because of how serious as an active trade talks. So we'll see what happens with them before February. But I would not be surprised Steve now gets move. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised at either. You know it's I can understand then why they would wanna give off the vibe no to other teams and especially their fan base. Why they wouldn't WANNA move? Stephen Adams especially like all of the turmoil had Oklahoma. Oklahoma City has gone through in terms of you know having James Harden Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant all in the same roster getting to the NBA finals and never returning and then one by one. You know watching those guys go to other teams and especially obviously Kevin Durant choosing to leave then winning you know what he won in Golden State. Yeah I I got under. Stephen Adams represents the Oklahoma City thunder better than everybody else. You know on on the team right now because he was a part of that core and you know he's he's the they drafted him. He's only played for Oklahoma City like he means more to that small market fan base right now essentially then you know even what he could put out matured. Maybe what he can return trade not necessarily surly sure how much they can get in return for him especially with that contract in the way that he would have to go. You know so much like Lynn Cappella. He would have to go to team. You know like the Atlanta Hawks in terms of having somebody like trae young that can effectively run pick and rolls and they have other players players on the court that can shoot because he cannot do that at all so He would have to go to a team that can slide him in and he can be used in his most effective You know way on the core in terms of being the big bruiser defending center that's starting to fade out in the NBA. And in even run down the list of the roster in terms of you know who's GonNa get moved absolute. I don't there'd be no reason for them to keep y'all Nari in any capacity because he's on an expiring deal. He's I would be shocked if he resigned there. I'm sure were they already recognize that understand it. So he's probably somebody that will get moved at the trade deadline and you mentioned Chris Paul Short teams. I'm sure the Lakers would love to have have crispell right now but like how do you find a way to move that thirty eight million dollars like it's such a roadblock we heard Miami do but Miami I mean same thing yeah yeah right. I'm sure that they would love to have had to jump through hoops to get Jimmy Butler. So you know they. They don't even have they. Don't have the money for that But I I don't see I. I mean I saw when he got traded to Oklahoma City that there was no way that he was ever GonNa play a game for that team. I thought they would just find a way to flip him before the season. You know even too much money for a buyout. That's what makes it difficult. Yeah exactly how. How do you even negotiate? That is a big check to write so much money. And you know back when the the supermax and everything you you know got got put into the sea like Chris. Paul will was one of the leading local Boko Voices in terms of being able to like give players this power to be able to sign these contracts and essentially at the end of his career when all he probably wants to do is compete for a championship. It's the biggest thing standing in his way of completing completing that goal. Because now you know he got stuck in his trade situation and he's on a rebuilding team in a small market in Oklahoma City Where you know? Oh he has. How many years left of you know really good Chris Paul Basketball and he's spending one of them You know on a on a rebuilding team Yeah so showing me. We could have done a whole segment city thunder. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw mobile You know these players moved by the trade deadline. Yeah Sam Presi. He knows what he's doing. He's is trying to do a Philadelphia. Seventy sixers rebuild where they just graphics so we'll see we'll see ours with under. The final player is another player that stuck in a small market losing losing team and probably wants to be on the Lakers. It's Andre Dollar for people who haven't followed along with this story. Not only iggy not playing for the grizzlies. He's he's been away from the team all season Recently I saw some people posting videos on twitter where he was spotted in Los Angeles. So he's working out on his own and basically waiting for a trade. They'd likely to a contender that three teams that keep being mentioned are the Lakers clippers and the rockets. They're all teams at him for his defense and his versatility he's been Someone that's been talked about since the off season and basically the latest the reason he's popping up in our trade rumor section is age roads now Sqi. Some others recently reported that as much much is teams want the grizzlies to buy him out there. Basically holding out and trying to get something back in return they want at least a draft pick. Maybe a second round pick they want something back for Gonzala they're telling teams that they're prepared to keep Gudauta and not trade him they're going to they're going to buy 'em out or I'm sorry they will trade him not him out but I mean what else are they supposed to. It's Kinda like you were saying with Stephen Adams you want other teams to believe. Oh Yeah we're GONNA hold onto this guy we know we're not going to buy them out because you don't want to call your bluff and not give you any kind of asset and return They obviously want to get something back for him. It's possible that you know we see these teams calm emphasis block in wait to see if they actually buy out. And just don't trade for him but it's also possible that one of these teams just this budge in meet the Grizzlies asking price especially one of these teams. You know maybe outside of these three or the rockets even one of these teams. That may not feel super confident about her. Chances of Cyangugu Dolla- you know if you're the rockets or another contender and you're worried that he's going to go to the Lakers or the clippers once he weren't bought out let's say after the deadline maybe US decide the trade for him before the deadline and bring him in now. I think someone that could still a contender. But he just stuck in Memphis right now and I don't believe Memphis that they wouldn't buy Albert. I'm curious to see if some team just traits room just to meet their asking price and get him and rather than play the game because that can be all. That could be difficult. Yeah Yeah I mean if it's if is asking prices that's the thing that we don't know right now like if there's a second round pick if it's two to whatever it is it's it's not like a game changer. In terms of what your trading to get the dollar who want a championship team. Like the clippers. The Lakers the rockets teams. You know that caliber like he's going to serve a super important purpose. Especially you know once wants playoff. Time comes The price I it's not about trading you know what that is for him but if you're a team like the Lakers and you're already super short on on assets as it is if you believe that if he gets set free like he's GonNa come sign with Lebron and his buddies in L. A.. Then like why would you anything for it and from Memphis you know point of view like you said like of course you're going to have the poker face and tell them like not. We're not going to outlive. You have to give us something for him. That would make sense from Houston's perspective perspective or maybe the clippers like if they're getting indication that that he wants to play for the Lakers in La maybe you just bite the bullet and trade off whatever it is you have to trade off the get him in the door because you know you would lose him for whatever it is that he would sign up for with the Lakers than that would make sense in that capacity as well but I don't really expect the situation to get resolved before you know right right up to the deadline if I'm one of those three teams at least from from the perspective of bringing him in like you said he's working on his own Memphis is giving them the okay to be away from the team. So He's I'm sure keeping you know care of his body the best way that he possibly can and staying in game shape much Carmelo did before he returned to Portland East thirty five years old. He's played a ton of games. He's been deep into the playoffs. Helps you know with the Golden State Warriors through their entire run. You know bringing him in F- in February like right at the trade deadline not getting him on the court before that letting his legs be freshest possible for a playoff runs actually for a team. That's going to need to rely on him like the three that we just mentioned or somebody else in that caliber of championship team if they decide to make the trade rage warmer. That's it makes all the sense in the world for me to let this drag out as far as possible so that you can have him as fresh as possible at thirty five years old boy. I need him the most. Yeah now. It's a great point. Yeah I could see that happening for sure team. Just say you know to stay fresh. You know we'll get you eventually. I think if you're the Lakers right now yes feel pretty good because not only can you not only have you played really well year going fourteen and two but there's minutes for their it's Los Angeles you know he can play with Lebron James. Anthony Davis Abyss. You know they I think they feel pretty confident about where they stand because they were arguing talked a front runner before getting off to this excellent start. So we'll see you know he could also obviously tame off the bench as well With all experience is championship champion. ABC's one you know. He could definitely help a team in the locker room to. So we'll see what happens with that situation. We'll keep monitoring that we like to do. These trade rakings every now and then in the podcast to kind of give you an update on these players situations in guys that may possibly be moved before February. I want to thank thank my guest. Dennis Chambers make sure you check out his work on. CBS Sports and follow him on twitter at Dennis Chambers Underscore Dennis thanks. Thanks for joining me. Man This is great. Yeah thanks for having me on men really appreciate it. Yeah we got to do it again soon. If you guys WANNA listen to where facilities hoop say podcast. Check us out on spotify apple. PODCASTS stitcher audio boom anywhere podcasts are found until next time. Thanks for listening.

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