Gab and Juls: Embarrassment at the Emirates


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We're GONNA LOOK WE'RE GONNA have a big Spanish any segment. We have slow on this week. Clinton Real Madrid barshop with a view towards the couple of good games as well. I know you're hyped and pumped an amped because most of your heroes. I don't appear on stamps but we're going to start off first of all when it'd be very clear hear about this. You are not allowed to mention the former arsenal manager in the two managers ago. Okay so can you. We can mention the guy before. I want to see if you can get through an arsenal discussion without bringing them up. Okay are this was A.. Pasting Yup that first half really actually. The whole game looked at me like city. I know people say. Oh the crash-bang-wallop primarily they never take the foot off the gas. I I thought from the moment I thought in the second half I thought city were just like okay. Let's not let's not be mean here and I also thought see arsenal except for that Martinelli. Chance on from that point on it was it was a shambles. Am I being harsh. No you don't being hush And I thought it was coming because I'd I been to liaise to watch against Standard Liege. Where the game plan? I couldn't see what the game plan was conceived. We're going to get the ball from back to from They couldn't defend sense here. You're talking about a Europa League game is still menacing. Qualified is still many of the same. Plus you still have a game plan. Freddie Ljungberg UGH got so as the as the coach get some continuity getty's ideas across and the game plan against Standard Liege was absolutely and I couldn't see how that was going to change orange. Come the game against man. City didn't change both with the ball and without the ball and Man City of despite given an early chance against Martinelli were never really under that much pressure and when they had the boy easy for them to to the game plan in sums of so. Let's think Friday okay so he's got doozy Lucas Torrero. Forget about four Yup. So I'm assuming part of the ideas to take her back to what he it wasn't some kind of stop being for a while which is more of a deep lying playmaking tidy passerini type so that is forcing Debrecen and Foden To vote into to chase him a little bit and that's the idea and then breaks forward and then you've got you know the freshness of Martinelli he doesn't pace and trickery of and and you've got creativity you've got the drive of and creativity of uh individual. Guess what you've got a wonderful cake but what I'm talking about is when they play it from the back the to center midfield players get in the way when The senator got the ball and they're looking to play. Because that's what you play it from the back to get better quality into your front blessed to create avenues so you can roll the ball into your center forward so you can robos into your y plays and they don't create that spice so when you're coaching a team you you go through the the the housing patterns this is our patterns of play. This is how we're going to get into the trump someplace that obviously hasn't made any of that work down because they couldn't there's no why they could get the board into the front pleasure then he's sort of len planes in Midfield Man City can close them down they go back right to the standoff. The kicks it long. No idea what they're trying to show my combined eleven for this game As you know they they love having students. I don't think it ever. Actually it. Actually aired but I think I might have had to arsenal players In this is only among players were available okay accepts having dimension would be one of them now it wasn't wasn't Or might have been I I go yeah no I think it was. I think it was a Obama. Young and The other one was so cannot because actually like them I think there's a cohort of people who don't particularly pay attention and don't seem to understand that defenders endure impacted by what happens around them more so than any other position on on on the page especially centrebacks. I'd also let's face it. You know city headstones and Fernandina Otamendi Sagnier nothing to write home about But I'd much as I love talking about this and indeed calum chambers. Why why are they involved in the build-up when time and again it seems to be problematic especially against Striker like Gabriel's Zeus. Who does a lot lot of running around and in does press the ball perhaps a lot more energy? And that's again what we're talking about is when you know. I've played on the coach. He's the of tried the plan from the back and the ones that do well. They are the coaches that. Say This is how we're GONNA platform that. This is how we're GONNA get the ball you look and you know he's making the rounds and when you're creating space to play the next that's not happening. Also that's why Man City or the have been made mistakes in recent times but they've been the best thing plan out from the Baptist there's Pep Guardiola gets the movie. That's why fullbacks come into play into midfield. So they open up channels for the ball to go out to the wind players. That's why they suck people on and then then front three get their movements movement. So they so. Edison knows as soon as it comes to me. That's where I'm GonNa play because they practiced it and the coach gives them the ideas off. No they haven't had those ideas so it's almost impossible for callum chambers in socrates too Platt from the back with any sort of composure and quality to what degree do optics coming to signal. Chew things that have nothing nothing to do with the actual game drinks upticks. I no no no one. Is this guy soccer when he comes on. I think they scored while soccer's it's yes well freaking. I know you're GonNa go old school right now. I'm I'm sure he doesn't address himself arsenal but what the hell was up with that. Did you see that. He's like removing hundreds of layers putting hundreds of layers back on. Why did you do that at this point? I don't know why but I'm having a go at hand. Everybody does it as a coach or a manager or the the the fitness guy or the manager. They she's he's I if you'll the sub you should have your penzone bed zone. You should have your show. You can have lots allies on top. Now you'll needed get off. Get that off. It can only take you to get a couple. Let's take you thirty seconds at the most funny was a weird day it happens. You're hoping is I feel bad about. It's obviously not his fault. It's obviously somebody L.. They should be ready to go on the field whenever elster. What about ozone who doesn't have the excuse of being done Is He's walking off. The pitch booed dude. We've seen this happen before with Granite Chaka He throws just gloves. I'm in two minds about this. I think you always have a right Tabu. I know I know you being mean of a pocket beyond the team Os. Obvious is this has been ongoing and stuff like that but at what point do you cut. Your losses is on ozone. Well what point do you say that we know you have an enormous contract. We're stuck on you forever. You don't WanNA leave. Nobody wants to sign you. But let's figure out a way of playing that does not does not involve you because you're not going to be much longer we're gonNA be rebuilding anyway. you're not gonNA have the marginal gains Ainsworth you in there What what should happen now? I think it should have did happen within the start of the season and then because they were losing that to bring him back into the side and they said well if you go flair that quality you need to blame. The manager sometimes has to make decisions and if you don't fence here as well because he can't do certain aspects of the game and he's not playing with enough endeavor and he's not working hard defensively. It's just you don't have to be a player's GonNa Chase back and run all over the field but you need to do some sort of defensive jobs. In the way of the opposition bloc bowls being played into midfield filled going. Close the Baltimore. It's near when you lose position when it back quickly you have to do that as a full. There's no such thing as an attacking planet if you have to be an all round football these days to play in the premier any other toppling in Europe. And who doesn't do that so in the end the manages always looking at and thinking he should have done this. You should have done that and he gets frustrated. Don't blame younger forgiving missile ago. Doing no he. Now that you've gone 'cause I'm paper you figure I've got these new very quick geyser and COMPLA- first time pass with accuracy. Hey makes sense. Let's create a game plan focused around now that you've done that now that it's not working. Should you move on. Unfortunately I'm not sure he's got the players to be able to move on from other due to midfield matter if it was me would be nowhere near the team. Because I don't think he's contributes enough. He's not effective enough Yes he's been a great passer of the board over Several years but now he actually slows also play those one touch parties quite as much as he used nice to each slows everything down and then when he's in possession also So easy to play through and that's one of the problems last arsenal question before we just because we don't wasn't a drowning negatively Nicholas Buffet now If you look at Lille the way he was used he started. Why but pays actually a really really good finisher so yep he was encouraged to come inside and shoot and so on numerous and really playing as a as a winger as well? I don't see that at Arsenal I mean it was all great. Finish in in was in midweek yet How do you get him to do more of that? Sa- ah when he thought EMORY remedy mentioned. The previous Monday revolt him to play in a very similar way to the the most place for Liverpool you know because he loves what it made sense that because he's not a wide player and he plays through the inside right position on these left-foot cuts in and I thought that's the way I know we're GONNA play. They would play him down one side Obama gang down the other side plenty of food and upfront looked fearsome from three. And that's the way that we're GONNA play. But simply because they've all got as they can play on the counter-attack and play exactly the way Liverpool play in the front areas but he was employed as a wide player where he has to go taper when he's losing possession he's losing possession imbed areas. He's got so he's GonNa have to run sixty yards with the boat to things at times. He also has an attacking full-back right behind him whether it's Niles or so that puts even more pressure which he didn't have at Lille no but I just I think it's the right situation for him would apply in exactly the same role that Salad Place for Liverpool or money down the other side in that would have been bombing suits imperfectly. Really as you said. He played up front at times for Lily. He can go wide but doesn't really want to be what he wants to come in. And he's left foot inside. Roy is the physician in in a front three. Did you know that he he played goalkeeper until he was thirteen years old. No I didn't know there. You go find facts that you learn on the Gab. Jewish podcast now A City I look. We don't want to be negative Kevin to Brian had an absolutely monstrous game. Not just him Obviously he missed big chunks of last season is he back at the level. He was two years ago. I would say he's the best bowling world football. There's no question about he sees things other. People can't sees the technique to deliver those passes. He's a join a watch. He can score goals. He's assists must be Magnificent over the the the the time is being manned city did you like that. Where William starting wide I mean I'm wondering I'm wondering because everybody seems to forgotten Leroy? Sonic I think actually that was pretty important because that had a big knock on effect in the sense is that without without signing your wide man. Rotation goes down to you know sterling Marlin's Bernardo Silva Bernardo Silva good is as he's playing wide right. He can't play centrally at the same time. which in turn means David Silva and Kgab Ryan get more minutes and more wear and tear? Is this something else than than we might see more of undergone undergone or foden central that rotation and. Maybe Brian occasionally wide and and the great thing about the drawing is the when Guardiola wants to change the tactics. The play he uses uses to change the tactics is because he complained so many visits but even in in in a in one game you might play three different positions. Says we're not getting any spice vice here. Go and play out on the right wing. Maybe Bernardo silver credits. He won against their fullback because he's got that quality to do so he's got a great understanding of positional plays the technique technique to carry out all the things that you won't do what he can see in his mind. He's a world-class Blah pep said They played better against united and the game that they lost at home. Then he did in this game. It's the did you knows. Get a little longer more. Do you know why two parts of the game you have to defend as well as attack if you have attacked against mentioned. But they didn't defend well enough in the first twenty twenty five minutes. I don't know I could see what he was coming for. I can see where he's coming from. A final thought on Arsenal just got a negative note. If you were Josh Kanchi you'd be the heir to an enormous fortune and you probably wouldn't be talking to me but just not thank you when you review where you are going forward do you also review Rowson. Yeah he has rousing his position. And I do's position as well absolutely you know they've got to make sure they know exactly what everybody's doing they're gonNa make sure that they made the right decisions. Signings and the savvy lease. Yeah I mean one obviously stands out. Julian told us that they had a bunch of other targets. Who fell through for whatever reason but great but part of your job is to deliver your targets? And they haven't done that. I mean you have to be slighted. Because at the beginning of the season was sent down their business and what they've done they've been at the best transfer window inevitable and shame. Now shows Laura all this one. You'll partnering crunch giving him a hard enough time about the IMF of your negatively on Arsenal stuey Let's talk about the classic on Wednesday and let's talk about the two big games that happened this weekend and We're joined by silo on this one. said Dexter coming on board. Let's talk on Saturday night against it finished to to. I always thought this was a good game. And I thought it was kind of interesting to the Barcelona's owners to best performers Teigen and messy had a pretty quiet game. Yeah Yeah I think you're right you know and not just a quiet game and I think certainly yeah exactly. I think if you look at the second row so I think he's been questioned. Second on it. I think Messi really struggled games. He's got you know this is messy will ever and they had to buy a game played out provide this show So so you know even in the game as a big influence. Those to those who really weren't very good Boffa really struggled. I think a lot this year you know with women seem pressing very high the question off the Pos always. How long can you keep that up for the ninety minute? She gets to wins and seven for La at this point petering Allenby regression to mean. You can leave. All of us heartbroken here and now. I don't think it's quite that I mean there's there's a there's a small element of five things. I think I think that the circumstantial reasons some of these results. I think he'd be watching them slightest still probably the the most enjoyable important and I know that something that you Champions League I mean look the the proof of that is a full. And that's certainly not the most enjoyable to watch but have very very good and they really could genuinely compete with that. I still think if that all are really really good thing there are very young thing as well And I guess that will probably play a part in this book but now this is this is through tutorials author often when the manager put it right off the guy and he said you know we really go but we could only throw with author and that tells you something about the kind. Ah Now when I'm watching the game said I'm not quite sure what Barcelona and now trying to do there. They used to be a position. They wanted dip controlled possession. Now they want to do it with their policy and still but when you look at the stats real associated had more of the ball chances. The one thing that Barcelona aren't doing particularly well is closing down on winning new back quickly enough. Would that be true. Yeah no I mean look I mean this is a big buy in finding that she has been for a long time. He's about BUFFA. I didn't see and kind of losing that sense of what they are and in particular about let him salutes. There's a lot of people who absolutely hate bow because they are not just as a manager who lost aroma unlawful Liverpool. Because after if you like to start but managed you lost what they are. Look there since I think this is a full time but by I bet a has had a guy on the ability of how the game where they haven't had more fix possession actually full is quite a law when you remember boss under winning a riot cows does. He is the first time in eight years. They haven't had more than fix division so is quite a lot and as you say the thing. That fracking qualify. They want they did but then maybe he never fullwood. Louis Yeah. I'm not fuss by the lack of press and this whole thing I mean th. There's a time and a place to do it. You need to players to do it. I'm more encouraged. By the fact that Greece mine is growing That is up and down but he looks to have his game face on and I thought jerk. PK played really. Well actually an has done. Yeah you know I was really really good. uh-huh actually really necessary as well and I sat in front of me by. I'll be willing to bet in that. First Half Allah. There's at least three four times when you go into the ground making really important cycles of really really important blocks Cutting out crosses is one of those guys. I saw that you get to and in that first half an hour when an obviously being citing the increases may be exaggerate the fence that Ralph Cohen coming and kept on coming in Boston with totally overwhelmed and it was on his own withholding them together for that I I I mean I'm what about the oil and he's performance at the moment do you think he's settling into the side. You think the game is being played. Bits Foxman let me slows down at times. I oversight. Well it's about the damn excited. They whether whether the young is signed off on or actually every foster that going well you know he plays a great and some of the others in the movement of the board and how quickly gets across the page and how much the pitchy covers. But that you feel that then slows things down. And he's kind of being drawn on into that and I I think I think that's quite the questions that he's down oriented the upper y round And you know this is the hall of this whole founded by about Boston is it. This is supposed to be identified by. Its midfield on a cool sold now. It's not clear. Exactly what about back midfielders reconcile and play diabate now also Outside of Dallas played in a lot of get very angry about that. But I think you know if you if you said your hair and I'll I'll sort of people wouldn't see. The image is so radically radically known buffalo. I I really think that they kind of look at them and he can look at him. He looks not he's apple about when in fact we're going to talk about about things like pricing on the intention usable. He has some of those qualities. Abbas done on the guy who bites eight people is legitimate Barcelona People Barcelona player right so yeah let's not be. Let's not some of the Dallas hair. Well I mean it. Have you seen that by the white have you seen. The footage of a little kid has been a couple of weeks ago now. Ninety strong very very good isn't it. I mean I I would. I must confess frightening the talk Sunday. Valencia against Real Madrid. We really curious to see. How did you finished a one? One draw late equaliser Komo Madrid. I was really curious to see with a view towards classical. All right what sedan GONNA do. How's he gonna mix things up Gareth Bale on the bench? He ended up dropping dropping CASA. MITO and I'd love to know whether he's being rested ahead of the classic go and if so what the impact is and and playing the system which is almost like like a diamond was East Cohen. Moderate sort of creating involved in front of the back four. What'd you make it i? Do we read anything into that. Yeah I mean the CATHARINA. Why is very simple simple? which is a Kashmiri's on four yellow cards and he didn't want to risk getting the fifth and the suspension of missing class? That tells you that tells you a hundred percent. He plays the plastic traffic. So it was not much arrest as a precaution. You right you got. Does that mean my man but does not that means that customarily plays a plastic. Oh this is my guest right. Joel Casamayor replacing classic cruise plays the classic. Oh and I suspect one all martyrdom of other classic and then he'll put another midfielder and now the question there is either of monitoring for across the middle. Does he try and try. Try and kind of often placing that although the apple my case go so that you go back to that slot the diamond shape. You're talking about your own. Almost their four three one to Sedan is curious the way these are backing because he's goes position doesn't naturally exist in Madrid statements when he plays he's behind the force but then he'll go wide a bit then. I try and get in the midst of it and I personally think it's go get it wrong. Even though he's eight very good flag at the wrong when he comes through from wants to be too involved but yeah yesterday was curious. The picnic thing that was I was really struggling with how high motorist by walking with your diamond thing. It was more squared and a diamond to and to but it but it also meant the stem the left hand side net show was in incredibly advanced positions. He was one of their out boys and he was getting lots of crosses into the box. Sure match the play in that position. He now he's definitely not bow cool yet. At least they they had very little choice. They had five million and and Ma settle out the the choice really was doing that show Middletown. The theory actually originally was going to be many times because he's a little bit stronger. That little bit more aggressive matches being injured not quite a lot as an apple but not by them before and it doesn't look like a quick look at that guys Natalie. Lucky very very quick. Quite good Yes yeah yeah absolutely no not to roll that we had before and so given how he paid you the eight. I wouldn't be surprised to see him. Get the saw in the class go. Now I saw Valencia tied up in knots for long stretches especially In the second half earlier on like one of those Games where Rama Dre if i John Dominic made a great save from Tony Cross. I think it was and then another one but it felt as if Rao Madrid. The their heads are numbered in the second half. I don't know you tell me was it. Valencia kicking it up an aunt or was it. Yeah Autumn which is thought with really really good and they've had fought six shot inside ten or fifteen minutes they they could be dominated positioning. It was a moment in the first talk. When when Messiah side I I wouldn't call it whistling in the sense of you? Know in the Gareth file and there was this kind of whistling of frustration whistling of fear. Right this largest completely overwhelming now almost precisely the point when that happened which is about twenty five minutes in was the moment took a step up now. I don't think I'd go so far tape. Length did took control in the first half or things like I'm back into the second off that can keep it felt like this was the moment of the teams that kind of defined by suplies for as long suspends them all the outstanding player on the pitch. It was Madrid leaving the game. And then when Donnie Darko saw gang holds a guy in particular very very and so to take you back to your question about customers a lot of the question what was done was we get. You didn't WanNa read customer. But the point in which you were risking the game. It was his case. You will you not. I'm to put him on. Because it's all well and good protecting for the Classic Code if you get the Messiah you still drop three point Off In the end they away of it but yeah I thought blenders that is responsible for ten minutes with ten minutes to fall. They were accurate window. The two games. When I'm watching the Games I would still say Rao? Madrid's it's performance at. Valencia was better than Barcelona's associated. That's a yeah I'd agree with you and you look at Boston as the former now. Obviously Look Matthew big kind of flashing caveat the ALA areas but the class goes to the camp note. But you look at performance of why this season and they've largely been awful and I think that's continuously the case and yeah. I think it will come through this and feel like they. Yes they could have lost. Yes they call. Saddam called jewelry. They deserve and they would have wanted more. I think you're right. I think the within the kind of the emotional impact of this is probably much against the KLAPKA feeling. Pretty good not least because not if you get a drawer Wi fi reasonably wealth. The property five minutes the guy makes the whole game but then of course you get that laughing equalised which gives you a huge boost stewart. I WANNA drive my question you because obviously the equalizer for those who haven't seen it comes off a corner kick Tibo courtois is up. He jump see heads the ball down garage Kinda just loses loses his marbles and the ballpark's Benza. My who's very quick and captain I can put into the roof of the net. But here's my question when you have a guy like Tibo bill courtois and this might be way too far out of the box and this Giving your old school this will upset you but if I have a Doodoo six foot six six foot seven a guy who you can I mean he. He's like a kangaroo right jump anyway wants right. He's an incredible athlete. I'm wondering what what if teams didn't use this. Just like a last ditch resort to send the goalkeeper up. If you have a courtrai. Wouldn't WANNA do Jordan Pickford Is it something that will wreak havoc everybody on the other end freaks out and if if the goal keep became a good header of the pulpit after president. There's another technique and hitting the ball. You still gotta get Simon at the jumped. Seventy differences did that though on that occasion. But how many times have you seen goalkeepers go up. They get nowhere near like commits a foul. Then then they get nowhere near the bowl. They don't Eh you well if I do get the head on it if you learn how to mix things out if you could learn and you and it became a single take free-kicks and do very well. I'm sure it could be used. But he'd have to be absolutely outstanding because the risk would far outweigh the advantages. Said you on board with this. There's a there's a couple of you know there are a couple of things. Well I think I think there are three things that were said last night which fade into this right. In terms of the usefulness of twelve been this number one is cool to himself and he says look unto maintenance told a when I go up if pregnancy. You know when you think about not they get worried about crime and simple England and all the time. He came off the bench. I took you guys forever to learn this. But every team in in the world including Germany all of a sudden their pants because the giant was coming off the bench. Yeah Yeah on Minimu- truth in that and I think that's about all I cool for this type sauce. Ponder on very well clearly is very good judging that crosses coming and he says well off the game that he knew what Khanna's delivery Tony Cruz was gonNA put in so that that's one thing two other elements that go with it. One is himself. which is I often off the game? You know what what did you think when cool twelve went up and obviously it was his idea so overseas you something. There's no plan as such but still plan because I love this quote unquote for the game. He said He said also they schooled. I was standing there in the goal thinking about south. This is slipping away from us. All we can do now is keep stocking becomes and hope that the corner in the ninety minutes. Exactly what happened now. Now the on the on the final quote foot is called himself colorful at the Valencia midfielder. Who says off the game when he goes up because he doesn't have Mauka now? We're not set up tomorrow. Plan because authorized offensive operations are not designed to kind of being kept in Volk having a an an attacking golden in the penalty area. I think you can add to that. A couple of other things look at the players that are involved in the move supposedly jumps from his Jeffrey Bill. Come on as the light subcommittee. He doesn't have a clear sense of to reach reviver. The ball drops I think between garage and I think by Echo and by echo come on as a light subs wealth heat up and how to play offense of guiding full they spend on Ebay as an extra defender so the whole defensive structure is thought he changed. I'm I think he can go building the corner. Look at those last five minutes. So March happened from the moment the board went up the end of the game. I mean too much much too much happened. I don't think that because the holding The kind of broken. The Game Six windchill the schools to go that allowed has he schools that goal eighteen. The second should've wanted at the other end having had the chance to win. Oma immediate need an older almost immediately in a position where where they're gonNA see the Gulf. I it's just a broken just made another point very good point co often. I think it's a mistake to put substitutes on when you're winning the game but sequin in defensive positions because there's only one thing that can happen they don't get tuned to the pace of the game. Yes you and Duncan Ferguson. View at the same way. Take off a striker. Sent on another striker said thank you so much I enjoy the classic. Oh I know I will a little bonus on this Monday. Let's Talk Champions League round of sixteen draw lots of themes. Let's let's start right at the top Borussia Dortmund against essentially we'll be asked to make a prediction as well Robert so are you on your thoughts. I think it's a fairly good draw for. ps Gee I think they'll have too much for Dortmund yes don't Wanna a AH decent season but over the two legs are think. PSG will have too much and therefore we'll go through with you on that a bit of a revival thing under Lucic well he was going to get sacked not that long ago. But Hey he's still in charge next up against Valencia better contrast in styles here ear which which which I kind of kind of love Do you know offensive Atalanta alike. Their star football the threat the wingback toy up the field the old when illegit planet. He's he's he's the Creator along with Gomez's So other guy for them and I don't think that Valencia that the good aside Yes they did one group to to top IT. But I'm going to go with Atalanta and that would be a great tale. You turned on. Its head here. More Defensive Defensive Spanish signed versus the more attacking tyneside definitely one To to watch But I'm GonNa Lean Valencia on this is one Athletico Madrid against the holders Liverpool. We're talking contrast in styles I know he's trying to evolve them. Njit two point. Oh but to knock out game so we're still going to see old school athletic director and that problem scoring goals this season even though they bought in jail. Alex who is GonNa then they wanted to play up front Diego Kostov as he got injured meritas back to somewhere near his best. But I would say over the two legs Liverpool the poll with that counterattacking pace and their ability to dominate midfield. I'M GONNA go with liver portal in this. You're giving Liverpool's lead in in the table unless something happens between now and then it's so we are talking about matches that are what six weeks away But you assume they can prepare properly overly free up so I'm with you on that ongoing Liverpool Chelsea against Byron Munich. Well I mean if I'm one in the Champions League but not so well in the league they're starting to hit a bit of form Chelsea Gone the other way the of frank again main critical of lucrative Franklin part may be the he refreshes the sides somewhat. But I'M GONNA go with by Munich to win this survey experience. I think they'll have too much for Chelsea and I think Chelsea on a downward slide at the moment again. It's tricky game so far in the future I think Lucas Hernandez should be back for this. which is a big boost because buying a serious defensive issues at the back of is he still no Nicholas Zulu curious to see if they move for a defender in January? If they don't I'm I'M GONNA go Chelsea and Olympique Lyonnais against You Venice Short trip for them Obviously Cristiano Renaldo was brought in to win the Champions League. Your art being disappointed with adventists on the Sarah even though they are a joint top of Syria at the moment but I love the combination that are sold at the weekend with Rinaldo and he even plane quite quite far apart as the center forwards and develop lining behind and. I think that can move forward. I know there's a problem some might say defensively but I'm not sure that develops any worse than on a discount plan is the is the player in that number ten roads. So I'M GONNA go with events to be Leon who are inconsistent. Yeah I gotta go with you over. Leon Especially now with With Memphis of course being injured contrast in styles. I taught him hotspur against causing Bosch fought each year NOG on their top of the table in Germany they played a million miles an hour Against the Guy I who knows his way around the Champions League yes but I wouldn't say he's stuck his stamp on a stamp on spurs just yet because spurs are still some mm some good attacking football look more breaking Ford's some breaking forward kind and allies somewhere near his best but I'm not sure it'd be too happy with the defensive side of the game and ah right back with Orient Right back. They're vulnerable so if they play their very best. I'm going to go with the Leipzig in this. Is I think I hate saying this. If we very rarely hear me say this but I think experience does matter and I think Lipsey are there single-mindedly focused on on on the Bundesliga this year. I think you saw it in to where they were very much up and down up and the game. So I'm GonNa Lean Marino and Spurs Napoli against Barcelona Reno got does not only against Barcelona and no I've a check I don't think they can bring back on Schlocky just for the Champions League so Robbo They're the only team to have beaten Corinthians of Europe how stack up against messy war. ANCELOTTI did brilliantly in the two games in terms of organizing the that was one the criticism probably people ahead of him. That he didn't organize some of the Mundane Games in Syria. Because those games against of these tactics absolutely right in new he he. He was expecting from Liverpool and defensively. They were really good and they coups Liverpool program harder to know what to expect when you're playing for your now messy right exactly and and Barcelona he's GonNa cut in from the wing wing income inside and shoot the problem. I wouldn't say that Barcelona of dominated possession like they normally do so. I don't think that Napoli frightened of them but Netflix will have to be at their best. If that's Bacelona from Barcelona to win it and we can have a very special employed by totally reading. The game has happened the last two years but yeah logic not at this stage around sixteen ongoing Barcelona and finally row Madrid against Manchester City. Pep taking on the old enemy But Row Madrid or title race. Manchester City are not. We don't expect them to be by the time that rolls goals around. But we do expect a glare to fit maybe the part may be signing. It could be a different city. I I'm going city. I like going against against Rao Madrid in the Champions League because of their history and whatever else but this Manchester City team I i. I think they're really good. And if I was a coach coach playing against any other side I wouldn't have great fear. There's ways you could stop them. Playing the one thing that I would always feel if I was a coach would be pep guardiola aside aside and this man's to decide on the day when he gets everything right continue apart. So I'm with you. I'm going to go from Manchester City to be Real Madrid but that's only reports back. Can we I'M GONNA put that little rider. I'm GONNA say that Really Stones Fernandino back there against a mighty Kareem Mendaille and I wouldn't play stone on stones will be no India or whatever against the mighty Kareem. I'm still gunman city all right time. I'll tell champions draw. Ties are in February. So you got a a lot of time to think about it and remember every. Don't give us a hard time about our predictions because between now and then everything could change. I know for this now. Let's go for some quing. Hits Robbo you know the drill. You been doing these for years. Liberal be WOFFORD and that means they've won twenty five of their last twenty six premier league matches as long as Zeno face a team management Carlo. Just Fine Robbo. You'll tell me all is well and it's the right mindset to set off to the club World Cup rate. Es a little the poll crash with that performance performance at the moment Liverpool. I think I've got one or two issues. Defensively they're trying to hold so high line and the to send arms aren't reading danger. Alexander Arnold's is being taken on thought to easily and not a good defensive player a damn thing but that's the negative side far out is far outweighed by the positive every every time the bright or they get the boards of front areas. It looks are they going to score so if you can defend that little bit better and carry on doing the things they do in the front areas. There's every chance the gum when everything at the moment who's the most irreplaceable player for Liverpool. I'll change my mind. Set Van Dyke back in the day Alexander Arnold Right. No I'm going to say that's Mona is the place that just gives them that edge when they counterattacked. The he's he's moving he's stall play a night club to play the game he wants to play. I'm goal exander Arnold Okay event iskoe joints off in Syria based new tonight. He three one is Cristiano. Renaldo bags to goes got we saw DEBA- ORLA guerin Rinaldo Plaza from three hour. We're GONNA see more because they played well together. I think we will see more from them. We we just sort of foreshadowed in the by Labour cruising game remember. KNBR was sort of the perfect live for society because the dead Robert for them. Not a dead rubber for a Labor Kuzin and and we saw them and then we saw this again. Now you don't get the play every week. They were fantastic debate. I I saw the match all with the two golden by the way sixteen seasons is in double figures for Cristiano Renaldo. These movement three second goal was magnificent. Brotherly album that egg-laying past Jonah renowned. He's he's a number ten. You miss this calling That said I think to play those three. You need to have a very stable midfield which is something that that they don't have you know apart from panic it's kind of been revolving doors. I ideally you'd want panic majority and one other guy you can say all right you guys are GonNa play all all the big matches and then you can start thinking about this. There's this run three. I think it's something to use certain games. But I don't think he's at the stage of the game magnificent absolutely absolutely and they rotated positions quite quite often and Ebola for the first call made the full run through the Center for physician. We're now backing up and go straightaway. Yeah question is could they do this this against a team. That's not the mother baby babies. You know. I mean because that's the reality right now for me now. They're still forced because so many other primarily teams are awful but after losing to bore warmest who had themselves lost five in a row Chelsea of now one one out of five in the League some of the Sheen wearing off. Frank Lampard Juniors Halo I would say so. I was never a great champion of him when he was at Dhabi. Did a decent job without doing a great job all the great champion of Franklin part because was on not in terms of the play. Yes as a coach I think he got loaded. Forty did it Darby when every other manager done exactly the same and got sacked Dhabi for doing that. He can't shows at the right time because they didn't transfer bans. We could put all these young players in the place excellent football. He's still doing. The thing that Sarah was criticized for playing Sushi knows the holiday midfield player. But it's none of your. None of your people have noticed those all that army of Neanderthal Seoul Expo could defensive midfield all these morons don't realize no no no. No Gino cannot not defend. That's GONNA. They're not morons because they hold that position they're morons because they don't realize what you just said it is that he's doing the same thing in front of the body has come forward. Has this what he has done. But he's usually not oh to policy it forward more and more long but he's still defend. What does he do now? Because Mason Mount going through a rough patch again callum. Hudson Doi hasn't started already game in two months where the previous manager. We're still there. I think he would've been crucified right now. Trump into pieces and thrown into the Thames Wilson I'll do something announce your question the original one. Some of the. Shane has gone off of the empire. Taylor he's got a mix and match he's GonNa get the plays a plane informed getting them back in the side and he's going to make sure that he got his game plan right and they've got to be better defensively otherwise they could slip out thoughtful. I I wonder if maybe you don't try. Just give me a couple days off. Maybe go go with Hudson dogs. Police and William Stryker and a platform of two and just just try to a US pay because I I. I don't know I think this is the difficult. This is the really difficult part is mixing and matching. And you know after you stuck with a changing. Yeah so long now. Inside gave up to light late equaliser theory encinas one two kids Tucson lavish scoring the go and they dropped two points Gabes echoes of the defeats barcelona-based. That right yes that's right I. I don't know that we need to call them. Barcelona B when they bring on Frank de Dion Luis Suarez and event grease men starting think but hey fair enough. is obviously not full strength. Barcelona I think is very simple and you know this is one of those situations where actually as I said on the show last night both things can be right so it can be right that if Inter bury their chances early on against Barcelona and in this game against Fiorentina. We're not having having this conversation louder. Luca played a lot of games there. Finishing wasn't great in those games and as a result they don't have a big cushion late in the game the same time. It's also true. That the way interplay if you are going to go and not be pushed back and forced to defend unique. Did you go and play with more energy late in games and win the ball high of the page and really difficult to do that with Barco Vallejo. who was what feels like? He's forty years old and we know who's about as as as quick as the Duomo Milan. So you can't do that and and it's not making excuses but this will be a different situation with if especially with the magic united are held at home by Everton one Robbo. Is these last half full or half empty. While I'm sure also was big Donka bit harsher and Moist Cat Melissa off on social. I'm sure he always thinks he's glass. Is Half full but me being a misery guts. I'm going to say it's half empty. I'm to them because against Tottenham Against Manchester City. When they plan they cantered second for all the things that are they gonNA social? When I came in and they played that counterattacking football like rushland running marchisio running lingered running beyond now the James's well lots of pace? That's okay now when they play against teams that are sitting that little bit deepen. They've gotTA break them down. And when is the creativity. Creativity is in their most talented player. Not Mine that guy's been injured most of the season exactly so somebody's a another dynamic flab liberties not gonNA open up people with passing Fred's not going to open up people with partying so that's where he's got to try and improve even with Marcy and rash word and James. You still go to get some some clever play in and around the box if you're going to be every time that you play against when they come and sit old traffic all right. I'm going to describe the moist King Big Dunk situation and you can tell me as a coach somebody who's meeting there. He's done that for those. Who Don't know their seventy minutes to go there? Nursing a one zero lead at the time Yes right say twenty minutes ago so he makes a substitution `institution and he's got a ton of injuries. She does not have defensive players on the bench. He brings on moist. Ken Moist Keen as he's now known And after nineteen minutes in the eighty nine minute he takes moist keen off and he brings on another striker who Marnie us. Now I he said afterwards. Well there's nothing personal because I wanted to make time wasting substitution. So I took this guy off. I had to bring on another striker so I took I. So you know I was going to take a strike or off. Defender midfielder fair enough. Although a lot of people were did note that he didn't even look at him when he came off the pitch or or or say anything to him unlike say Marino or or Henderson when they meet substitution similar circumstances a brewing. Your KLOPP obviously I was surprised the number of experts who dared to buck the trend and go against big dunk and say what he did was wrong. Absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong He wasn't happy with these performance in that he I think he suggests up to the speed of play but he's just really crucified. A young player apply that hasn't seen his best as Everton apply that needs premium around. He showed her needs a bit of encouragement. And Duncan Ferguson. I would say it was an easy decision by taking off a young striker Leica putting on another one and not messing with some of the more experienced players who he might upset or I think it's a poor decision and I'm not sure he's GonNa come back from it the way I I gotta say a because people said well but came keen was route. Was Rubber issues right off. If you're GonNa do that then own owning afterwards come out and say eh well. He wasn't doing what I wanted to do. But to go out and say what was nothing personal so on and then to blank. I'm like that. Obviously either he made a big mistake or he's got no no concept all psychot- because I said I'm just shocked it just so universal from X.. Frozen coaches like yourself. Just slamming Duncan Ferguson. For this I open it for me. Munching glad back full Wolfsburg to one as they can see too late when a Gab. Is this where they're taught to. Run begins to crumble much as it hurts. Maybe because I am the leader of the Marco Rosa Bandwagon Kind of think it did because this wasn't a game where where they had their chance. But Wilson plenty chances as well also not a pretty good team afterwards summer talking about well you know could have been a foul here. Could've been offside there but you know you give up a goal that late late and you you lose points and the pressure is on you. The context of this all the chasing pack Chic Dortmund by all playing the day before I wonder I mean I think the break can't come too soon for Mark Arosa. I think God I'm getting late. John for tongue in winner. Take all three points away to wolf. Which isn't bad considering that under under the previous manager they rarely on the road and now they've done it twice under Joseph Marino ask Marino himself helpfully pointed out? Are you ready to jump. On the Special Special Special One bandwagon rob always been uneasy California. We go bots This isn't a Josie Marina side. At the moment. This is still a lot of poetry. Serve to win not paying more for quite some way right what. I'm sayin' in with Spurs at the moment. He's he's allowing the creativity that was already there with the license. Lucas Mora and song run in alleys plan a bit better. And Canes overseer from he's trying to make them more solid in midfield but at the moment the hardest thing you have to do as a coach he's continued to place him attacking football and play with pace and all that stuff and then get the defensive offensive side of the game right and at the moment. Defensive Side of the game isn't right and that's what he's GonNa have to change if he wants to get into that top four play more defensive players five teams teams with six points. Near the top of Bundy's they all wanted the weekend except for glad back as you've already mentioned Gab. How is this going to come forward? I don't know but further neutral. It's fantastic. I mean you've got you've got buying Philip Chino Pie. Having his best game in a buying coming from the wing a hat trick. and Jesus live on Dos Q.. Scoring and then again Dortmund running riot that was against mine so you know take it with a grin Sol Life say they once elegance are joined US adrift. I thought this is going to be double figure scoreline nine when the early goal winning from Patrick Schick. No last but wasn't the greatest performance on them. I wonder if they're slowing down. A little bit perhaps slowing down physically which would be more than understandable coming up but they have the break coming up. Yeah and shock and also life's can go and spend money in the break and taking away that others other cannot And shocking Fokker Crook hang in there beating beating Frankfurt one now so. I think it's fantastic. I think this is really exciting and I'm sticking with my pick to win it livesey now. Basically a few days on this is a special request for our Producer Farrington who incidentally also would like to remind. Hi this that if you're in the US you can watch the area DVD ON ESPN plus. Yes we have the rights now and it's a few days I xe lose at home to Valencia and get themselves knocked out of the Champions League lose to alkmaar which means are now. Join Tom Rubio. Is this a blip whereas reality biting for Eric. Ten hot well the reality is Ten how is that. The scores probably isn't quite big enough for the guy had to play. Hustle are up front. Who now I can hardly move? So they're not gonNA play behind. Yeah I love the way the plays and the Tadic's play Don van debate just in behind them but if you got hustlers hunts allows the main strike when it's normally narrates playing the front. You're GonNa like that little bit of Pie and dynamism and the only slightly and the back No daily he was not available for the game and although people will question these defensive qualities he still inexperienced play read situations he can play out from the back so given that. I think that the ten. We'll get the team right again. They will still be tough of divinity. Come the end of the season. It's a major blit. They didn't get qualifying. The Champions League that was that was their major blip easy to forget that this time a year ago then where people calling for ten Hawk doc to be fired easy to think. Also forget that you know we were like. Oh Wow what a shock. I x out semi final answer. Yeah they're out they also lost Lhasa Surena Who was also important player for them? Plus linked plus ranking young. So I I don't know I. I think this is an losing your best place which delivered lose his not the second coming. Yeah I think the other point here. He's not some miracle man is wonderful is not even the beaches and whatever else you know days like this will happen but it's a tight race again in the Air Red Devi staying with Holland suit of Memphis defy engineers crucial liens home defeats Ren Gabe Izzy. If he's out of the euro's all the Dutch dumb for I don't want to write anybody off 'cause the petition but Yeah it's a massive blow dry for me is back to the level. He was APP or Org joining Tim Allen Green I didn't going off the rails Two seasons goes up sleep phenomenal last year. He was still pretty good this year. He was on top of things again scoring a ton of goals for not particularly good. Leon side I think he carries the attacking for Holland and Yeah maybe this guy boy dues ready legs eighteen eighteen years old. They're certainly not shy about charging kids. But it's a horrible blow for Memphis and he also plays that centerfold row in a slightly different way to others would drop steep. He goes is that why people might run beyond. Its their style of play. That is a key to what he does I mean to go paraphrase you know. RV D. he's the whole Athen Hyphen show users. Napoli lose at home on his debut falling to one department Robbo weirdly. He wasn't an instant fix was he. Now he wasn't they they did dominate the game. They had something like thirty or shots so they didn't take their chances It's not going to be an instant fixed. Because don't these a settled side at the moment it was a et Cetera. Side at one point Co home back into the side where and she left him out for a while as well forty five minutes milic played upfront. Napoli still have some good players They've just lost their way slightly. The obviously lost their way with the club owners will Napoli. We will end the season quite well. But then they're going to struggle to get into the top three. I think it might also four because they're inconsistent and they were winning games at my. That's the whole readings things brought in ugly story from the Spanish Second Division. The referee applies the protocol and the match between Alba say and Rayo Vallecano is abandoned after Ukrainian cranium striker Roman Zulia is abused by the RYO fans gap. What's your take on this? Yeah what's unusual here Is is the way that the protocol was applied who's pretty much Unprecedented Romans Leah. wasn't racially abuse. View wasn't homophobic abuse wasn't religious or ethnic or sectarian abuse He was being he was being called. a Nazi Because he supposedly has right wing leanings. Although he's denied being a Nazi in the past now look it's it's the football match people. Shout shout. Insults historically Ryo have have a left-wing fan base. There was a it was In February of two years ago rial actually signs and the rial ultras were so upset with this because of his politics that Eventually rise it. Okay fine we signed. We're not GONNA play him. which meant he had to sit out effectively four months because it was a it was a loan signing? Couldn't go back to his team because the paper gone through. Whatever I'm It is it is a curious one because I said we haven't seen this before now. The Spanish league is come out saying that that they back Does it they back the decision to To to to suspend the game or to abandon the game are apparently to WANNA keep playing. I was Neil Neil and you had a man sent off offense at that point It was half time I think this opens a can of worms because obviously your political thought. Whatever that may be he is a choice? The other thing that people get racially abused for like their ethnicity on or their race or their sexuality is not so it's An An and so. You've set a precedent where the next time round is. There's anything political coming up or or whatever else Theoretically you take the same step and of course we have a we have a A classic coming up at the camp now Barcelona versus Madrid which is incredibly loaded With with with political meaning so I think they've kind of painted themselves into a corner a little bit here. I mean I don't know I people shout things all the time and we've we've agreed or generally. The the societal standard has been right now. These things are out of bounds sexuality ethnicity to bring it further. I'm not a hundred percent. Sure I'm comfortable with this unless we're prepared to do this consistently and as you know full well. People shout all sorts of things. UH-HUH AH Games. I certainly do. Did you get abused for being bald. No when I was I had when I was playing it was only in the last days. Yes of abuse and also went to public school which got unloaded abuse at the time. Probably Scoop if in America that means something different but it's a it's a private school posco. Yes and I got a lot of us when I first started playing because of that because it was highlighted in the papers and they always put me in a boater and a scarf when they have they pictures in the paper and fans took exception to that just to clarify the school. You went to was not eaten so you weren't wearing a top hat and tails some stop frame and no but we just before I got there. They still have to wear boaters in the summer the year before I was there. They will voters after you got there. They allowed their lot standards to lap. So you could wear on your head still had to wear this this tweed suit that was the that was the winter uniform. And then it was a blazer around flannels in the summer. Watch this space. I have a sense that Soon as the Gabon Jewish show gets its own feed. We might be putting out on social media. Pictures Cheers of young Stuart Robson in his tweet and boater so we got time for today. Thanks so much thanks to Rio. and thanks to producer Freddie deigned us with with his presence this time because he's normally so busy that we all these off brand producers coming in or generally rubbish but if the show is so much better this week it's not just because your hero because it's already Freddie Freddie the franchise is here Next week is going to be Jewish. Back may take care. I'm loud and bold radio announcer. Who was hired to tell you about the loud and bold flavors Tyson? Anytime there's chicken snacks. There boldly says it done full of flavor. Thanks for listening by Tyson. Anytime chicken. Bold flavorful chicken's necks.

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