Tuesday, Jan. 15: Bill Browder


Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. Subscribe now to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon, and while you're at it rate us in labor review, the zapping are hot and the view is lie kings fall Republican heavyweights are calling for congressman Steve king to step down over his comments about white supremacy. Is this too little too late served by Trump the president's fast food feast for college football champs visiting the White House deep you take the cheap way out. Or is he giving the people what they want plus the president's relationship with Russia is under the microscope and the main called Bruton's. Public enemy number one Bill Browder revealed by the Russians really wanted to meet at Trump Tower. Let's fire up pots up eggs with Whoopie. I'll be huntsmen joy Behar, sunny hosting and Meghan McCain. Now, let's get things started. House Republicans are soon to be turning on congressman Steve king for his latest comments asking why the term white supremacy is offensive. They stripped him of his assignments and Republican heavyweights like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell say he should probably look for another line of work. So why do you think this is because he's sort of been around a long time. And this is not the first time he's sort of come out with a Leo times. Just published a list of his racist. Comments going back to twenty two. Oh, great. That'll make you feel good about being an American and they go right that they kind of let it go in the party. Now, I guess McConnell is looking at you know, the fact that the midterms there's a message being sent suburban women particular don't care for this type of rhetoric. We don't want to hear it on a see it when they want to smell it. And and also the ROY Moore event, I think probably contribute the total. The rum mummy was right on his side a few years ago. That's the I I think it's a crime to that. He was reelected just a year ago by folks when he had said things just as bad leading up to that race. So that makes you really question. I always look for the positive as you guys know when things that it does make me happy that they are speaking out that they did come out as quick as they did this time. But why is it taking so long in the pack says expedient now it works for that didn't work. We'll know silences is is no longer acceptable. Especially in these times, it was never acceptable. But certainly in these times is no longer acceptable. I think if you read Senator Tim Scott head and has been in the Washington Post. He's the only black Republican in the Senate, and he certainly slammed Steve king. He said some in our party wonder why we're publicans are constantly accused of racism, it is because of our silence when things like this or said immigration is the perfect example in which some how our affection for the rule of law has become conflicted with the perceived racism against Brown and black people and. Say. Did you? God and Charlotte. Yeah. I'm Tim, Scott. I think he's been very vocal about this. But his voice has seemingly and often times been the only one, and I will say, and I'll speak just for myself. I think often times in the black community think the Republican party has had a lot of difficulty. Getting the black vote getting the minority vote in large part because there is this feeling like there's a lot of racism in publican party, or they haven't addressed a lot of black knees directly to naturally happen till Barry Goldwater. Exactly it used to be the party of link. I want to say one thing. But allow it so about maybe things change I condemn him. He should step down. He's a racist. And he's bad for the party. Yes. It's not hard. Okay. Seems to be very complicated for some people. There's no place for him anywhere in politics. Romney hurting ounce done that list of natual Rangers a list of people. But I'm just saying more people should come out. He should be. He should step down. I don't have patience for this. I don't think anybody has for this in any way. I would like us to move forward and pass things that I thought were done in the sixties. Apparently, they are not he's a bad, dude. Should he step down? Should he be sent anything to get him the hell out of congress? I didn't really care. Sir, sir. I don't be talking about crap like this. I'm a political analyst. I don't wanna keep reliving stuff that I thought we had passed by a long he'd be hit with Han. He tossed out. Then is the question salary Hong industry. They're only twenty he can see that have been out the the problem that said we will have is he wasn't voted in by like a board. If he was noted by his Swisher from Republicans in the party, and Mitch McConnell and leaders and people like you, and I on TV the pressure mounts. We've seen it in different fields. Why can't it be the same? And they strip all of his duties so you're in office, but there's really nothing you can actually do there. And that's what censoring is. So they take him off his committee. So he's really doesn't have a job. This is the time to do it. I mean, I remember joy you were pretty upset when Al Franken stepped down. And I think the Democrats wanted to take the moral high ground, and he did it getting to get that if they get anywhere with it. Right. But Republicans now with this. I think could make such a significant statement by forcing him to resign, but will Republicans now step up to the plate with Donald Trump because he has been using I think the border wall as sort of this dog whistle for racism, but. Government is still shut down. And I think it's all about let's not let all these Brown people in right, unless they're working for farmers unless they're working in agriculture. So now will the Republican party step up to him and say, we don't want any there. There's forty two percent of this country. That's worth the wall. Are they all racist? That's a good question. I'm not that. I don't think. So I don't think so I believe in Donald Trump races. Doc. I'm trying to say. If you're if you're going to paint, a broad stroke about a wall and that being racist than I know. But there are people that support to wellbeing Bill is Donald Trump races. There are a lot of web about there are a lot of people's support that well when I think when you blanket, I think this is the problem with identity politics in the country, which is something we sort of touched on yesterday's when you broad stroke, everyone, all black people think one thing people think one thing or publicans think one thing that's how we got ourselves into this mess, and I'm one of the people that would like to help pull ourselves out of it flits focus on Steve king. I'm happy to talk about the wall and border. And we talk about Trump still will Trump, by the way, I think I have made myself quite clear how I feel about President Trump. How I feel about the America. That was always great before he came to it. I think I have made myself explicitly clear on this show and other places. So please don't paint me just because I'm for border security that is somehow racist in some way or another because I don't think that's fair. I'm against the wall letting up being accepted, I'm for strong border security. I would like to say kings language is important. He said, white nationalist white supremacists. Western civilization. How did that language become offensive? This is very clear. It's very clear racist language from congressman king. So when I think that is what I'm just saying when we broad stroke, everyone, I would like our show, and I've said this many times to be above that to be above broad stroking people into different. We all. It's. Put with forty two percent of Americans are racist. Aren't just said. I don't know. That's the question. Aqap G rating on his racist concentrating. Stop dom. Anything that's happening now because by talknet just make one small time. Point point is that I don't think that we concentrate on Steve king. There's always racist. I only that because it's the topic thing on eight o'clock. I'm not done. What you did just call forty two percent of the country. There was an implication that they could be racist. Which is something that obviously when you're talking about Republicans in general that is obviously something that's going make. I on the platform, not the person. I am John McCain of daughter, I am not someone who sits her and is okay with racism. Daughter. Murga? We'll be right back. Leader, Donald bids. Mc Donnell was he bad taste for the president to serve best food at the national college football champs White House lunch, or is it what the kids want? Tomorrow on the view, a New York mayor Bill de Blasio hits the table with his big new brands for supporting undocumented immigrants getting lots of buzz on a totally different. Look who else does hitting the view jet towel, Regina hall, and Don Cheadle, hang with the ladies this week on the view on ABC. Later, Vladimir Putin's public enemy number one Bill Browder on what he thinks of the FBI probe into Trump and Russia and why he says Putin wants him dead. So diversity and the media. We're actually on. Yeah. Bursary in the media is a hot topic shockingly after White House Washington Post reporter, Chelsea Jane's covered Senate, Kamala, Harris speech at harasses, alma mater and Howard University. Now, the speech was attended by the aka sorority that Harris pledged in college who gave her their trademark ski we call. And then prompted the reporter to tweet members of her Howard sorority are in the room and screeched when she mentioned her time there did not expect to hear screeches there. She was immediately kind of called out on social media of not knowing about the ski wing. So question this was she the right person to cover the event. Do you do your homework if you know, and apparently both folksy about all women talking at all our screeching to some people in the media. We just open up our mouths were screeching and hysterical. So that I would like to just change coming out the gate. We were talking about in the meeting that I have always wanted journalists for every network in publication to have a gun beat to have someone who actually understands guns when God forbid a shooting happens or anything with gun legislation happens people will actually understand the difference between I don't know at assault rifle this dummy assault rifle. So I don't have a problem with diversity with journalists in general, I think everybody got everything wrong in two thousand sixteen and having a whole new swath of journalists coming in as good idea. I mean to put into context, I'm a member of alpha Kappa alpha today is our founders day. That's why I'm wearing a sweater at this nineteen okay? Percent. Yeah. No one thousand nine hundred eighty one. We were founded today is our founders day we were founded one hundred eleven years ago where the first black. Already me just. That was not a great one because my voices. And what was shocking to me was if you are the report or following Kamla Harris, then at Howard University, where sorority was founded, you should know that she's a member, you should know that that that is our sorority calls back, right pink and green did know that she must not have. It sounds as though right? She just didn't know the screech. I don't know. She said members of her sorority. I mean, you ski you ease or call. I could save what you might not know that little detail. I mean, not every report a every single I'll higher room is doing it. I remember just to try to. I mean, this is something that I think you should know Michelle Obama's in a I mean, this is not rocket science. And the interesting thing is and the reason there is an AK as because black women weren't allowed to join white sororities in one thousand nine hundred eight so it was a matter of ten sixty was allowed to join a a Jewish sorority. I wasn't allowed to join other sororities that kept me out of many sorority. They wind up this point of this is that the the the question is do you have the right person would have to be a black reporter? I report this story given that this young lady apparently didn't know that ski was to be reported and his heard flop and informed reporter. I don't. Yeah. And informed or someone that does the reach, sir. He was demolished on Twitter for that. So in a way, I think it was a good thing to happen. Because as the in beds are all getting ready to go out and cover the twenty twenty campaign. It's a lesson that it shouldn't. I don't think you need a black person to to represent a black candidate. If anything that keeps you in your own world. I think we need to keep learning from each other. But to your point you've gotta know who you're following. But you got a bunch of men cheering on a male candidate. Are they screeching? No. Well, this loaded words screeching hysterical. They're things that are said about women in general was this was a woman writing about other women. So the question, I think women are immune to attacking women. But the question still remains do we have to doesn't have to be a person of color or could would an informed journalist had a better feel for what the hell? They did. Apologize. And I will. I immediately got on Twitter because I was just there for the ratio. And I was there for the dragon because maybe I'm petty like that, and I but what what what? What what what what I was? I was interested in what what the exchanges were like and a lot of people came from a perspective of trying to teach her about the organization, and I thought that was wonderful to send lighting it's a good. But they're. There's so many white sororities out there. I guess the point is that this is one of the few real really important black sororities. And that's in that case. You're right. She should know everyone tale of it. Because you don't have that much research too. Million nine hundred fraternities exact. So there's a real laziness today when it comes to journalism, there's some great journalists out and Meghan. I bow pinker campaigns. And we've seen firsthand the different than someone that is really their job on medicine seem to be hard working people times report is the Washington Post reporters they are on the job twenty. That you've been on where you had. Bobbling you and new they're biased. I mean. There are great journalists word hard working. I'm I'm to that point. Why not saying they weren't in bed or sitting lazy? Kennedy go to target hopes that I think can be lazy today because you can go on Twitter, and you can just read if you facts, and it's like, I know what I need to know to cover this person in to cover the story. And that's when you get a wrong to cameras school way. I am surprised that someone that would be covering a potential presidential candidate, isn't she? Might not know everything about or maybe or maybe we'll be made this point in the meeting that maybe maybe they think that they're already right? So even if they are being told something different. They don't want to hear. If you're in a room of all these people singing, I remember when I went to college, and I'm from Bronx. I never heard a sweet Caroline. I never heard that song. And I was in in the highly. You never heard of swing. So I was at the party and everybody's like sweet Caroline. Oh, and I didn't I was like, oh what I like. Like always. Point. The banners of the point you have to make right now. Okay. The point very quickly. What can I make the point really fast? The point is that was not a cultural thing for me. I asked around this is this everybody got sorry. Oh at that point. Yes. I wasn't making people around. But but I engaged in cultural moment, he got right back every quick. You can still feel the Oprah that dead buehner deal dot com. We partnered with enders to offer her latest batch of favored things or at least half off. So get you your deal dot com. Now. Welcome back. Welcome back. Gillett released a new ad campaign. That's calling I meant and toxic masculinity. Take a look we believe in the best in men in me to whole other men accountable. Rouse meeting. Come on to say the right thing. To act the right way. Some already are. In ways big. And smalley. Because the boys watch today. We'll be the man of tomorrow. And there's a lot of support for it. But as always there's some backlash from people saying demonize is all masculinity. Well, yeah, you know, sometimes people see what they need to see in order to make the argument. Okay. So I think anything that celebrates trying to make it better is a good thing as a good step forward. But for some reason, this is this is your -tated. I've always found those that are the most negative that are the ones that need to make the change most. And they're not listening to that. I love the moment where the dad's look in the mirror with her little girl saying, you know, something about being strong. And if anything I think it points to so many good men around us all over that are being good examples that the next generation can look up to and learn from I actually find this to be one of the most positive and like heart warming pieces I've seen on this whole conversation about how should be an art by. I mean, I've thought we had a perfect example of a man who is the opposite of toxic masculinity and President Obama we had him eight years he would be role model that every child could look up to and say, hey, that's the kind of man, I want to be you don't he was kind. Smart data their husband, and he did everything he was supposed to do. He never. There was not a scintilla of scandal. At that, man. Remember that? Policy wise was but not in his personal life. That's correct. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, I have a teenage son, and what I've enjoyed so much seeing my husband, and my son interact, and I've heard my husband, many many times, let my son know that it's okay to cry. It's okay to lose. It's okay. You know? And I've I've watched that dynamic, and so I do, and he has often told me that when he was growing up the messaging was very different, you know, that it wasn't okay to cry when he was growing up. So I do think perhaps there's a pain. This message is different. This message isn't about crying. This message is about pay attention. And the all adage, you know, is that if someone did this to you would you be comfortable with it? You know, that empathy thing that sometimes people forget because I think once someone can relate to your shoe. Us, you know, maybe not by walking him necessarily, but can relate to it. I think that makes things easier so someone who sees someone acting as that was acting to go follow the girl in the guy says not cool. Don't you know, don't do that? I think that's the that's the important thing is good menace stepping up. And that's I think they're saying ready for this. I don't love the ad. Okay. All right. I know my God. I don't love the ad number one. I don't like virtue signaling from corporations as a general rule of just don't like it. Number two. I think this conversation about toxic masculinity. I grew up in a military family all the men in my family are in the military. We all shoot guns. And I think there's this sort of like backlash against being traditionally masculine as well, and I just want men to obviously not sexually harass anyone on any women feel offensive. Not do anything illegal all those things. They're doing that at our great. But I think if you want to be like a UFC fighter that's fine too. If you if you have a side of you that's just hyper test asteroid, and you want to I think people like James Shaw junior the waffle house hero that stopped the gunman. There was masculinity or protectiveness involved in that that he was like, oh my God. There's a shooting. I'm gonna attack that doesn't mean. Tuck. That's not toxic people booing. And so I don't think anybody's I wou I just heard I know what I was far. All I'm saying is that I have issue. I take issue, and I would like to have a broader conversation about what it means to be to have toxic masculinity. And I think in general when you're talking about don't care. Call women don't sexually harassed them. That's all fine and good. When you're going beyond told me about as a hero. First of all. Of course. That's not toxic. It's the opposite. And it's also showing I love the word empathy, by the way, because I think women carry so well, and I think that is showing up those masculine mended jumping to save someone's life because you're putting yourself literally manage you have been told women can they can't show emotion. They can't show embassy. They can't cry. They can't show. What historically by the way, feminine carry the weight Ristic, you, you know, me. Well, yeah. Fit into all of that. I'm bad showing my emotion, but you know, all these things like in your a lot softer side. It's just she's a bear on the outside. Not like that. I mean again the line. And that's where we're talking. I don't think we're talking emotions here. I think we're talking about interpretation stepping. Well, I think based on what I saw what they're basically saying is don't be a jerk. Do I need a shaving company to tell me that? Well, you know, I think they need to do. I think those messages can come from as many places we can get them because as we've seen sometimes that it's the people have forgotten and we wanna maybe want. Yes, I've seen this true. I see. We'll be right back. Is it still a struggle to get that good night's sleep? Then maybe it's time to try the purple mattress. It's made out of a new material that makes it firm and soft. 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Or your favorite podcast app. So this morning, we lost a Broadway and Hollywood legend really spectacular woman named Carol Channing. She took final bow at age ninety seven. That's incredible. Pie into her back in twenty ten on my other show. I used to have on CNN, and she she told me she was on Nixon's enemies list. Yes. And then all she was. Yeah. And then all of her playbills, she would list her credits. And then she'd say I was on Nixon's. So she made that list. You make any. Wait. Why are we on Trump's hate tweet bliss because route because we're winning people? Listen to. That's why we're saying with they are. Say I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Somebody quoted him judge me by my enemies. Yes. Yeah. That's a good James Komi just tweeted this. But he's be. No, no, I'm sorry. All right. No, I know. I've got pregnancy. Bright, I Pol. Dench, right. He was in the amazing. I think when you think of Carol know about love was a big major. Yeah. Doored her four hundred. Was amazed. And so we were talking about things that men also need to work on. And here's one recent test study on a male broke console injection, and we stopped because too many guys didn't want to deal with the side effects, which are essentially the same side effects as the female pill. They don't want it. Yeah. Oh, poor guy. I really didn't believe that study. Now, I thought that if men have had the opportunity to take a pill and have as much sex as they wanted without the possibility of getting somebody pregnant, I put big go forward and read the side effects. You have nausea, weight gain decreased libido. I've got to tell you. So I'm having this con- now about your shipping. Well. Hyphen pillow picketing like are we done having kids hate birth control? Because of a lot of these reasons, and so I said, well, you're getting the snip like it's done. And he's like, no I said we've contributed nothing physically to what we build our family. So you will get the snip, and he he's still refuses. He says, no you already, you know, if you'd see section, which we don't know yet. But you'll be in surgery. So they can just, you know, tied the tubes. Like, no, no, no, Ben just can't deal with him. I tell you something about them. I haven't pregnancy back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. Yes. I was died. It was very serious. And so why because I I had an all you, Jay. And that thing. Yeah. I was in a class action suit. Anyway. So when I'm on the willing minions the OR say, well, you know, what you're going to have to take a two because what it is is the little embryo gets stuck in your in your view Lopion tomb, and then it ruptures and you bleed late. Okay. So the wheeling man, and I say to the doctor can you please take out the other tube? So then you're not going to get pregnant and they. Said to me. I don't know if this is still true, you we need a thirty days for you to to sign papers. You get just say that as you you Ali, which I believe is a very I was thirty nine years old. Okay. That is the most sense law. We make it. What I was talking about being under anesthesia now, I wasn't sure yet. No idea. I never been pregnant before I doubt now. Well, in the old days in the old days, you were lucky to get someone who even asked you because you used to have someone who would ask your husband for your own out, can you? Yes, they have made tale. Well. Yeah. We'll be right back. Why don't these this man save Ladimir Putin's been trying to kill him for a decade? How worried is he about President Trump's relationship with Russia? Bill Browder is alive on the view next. We are really strong women people make to hear what women have to say. And that's that's what makes the show so good. We will back you up. We will stand with you. Anybody who's anybody who wants to make it to the next level in politics has to come on this show. I feel like there's no better time to be on a show. Like this to stand up for those things that you believe in. It is up to all of us to continue the conversation. Do you wanna do? I'll see you on the view say you want to see the you on the view. Say that. Relationship with Russia continues to cause concern. And right now, we're getting insight from the man who was the real reason behind the infamous Trump Tower meeting and has spent the last decade of his life trying to avoid getting killed by Vladimir Putin. Please welcome the head of global Magnitsky Justice campaign, my friend, Bill Browder high. You don't own your story. You were a fierce partner in fighting corruption with my father, you were the head of the largest foreign investor in Russia, and you were giving you a vocal supporter of Putin at the time. And then everything changed can you explain to the audience why you are bladder Putin's number one enemy. What happened was? I went out to Russia sort an investment fund. I discovered that everything was corrupt out there. I wanted to stop the corruption of the companies I invested in I expose it. And guess what I exposed Putin and all of his guys and they didn't take too kindly to that. They expelled me from the country. They raided my offices. They seized all of our documents. And then they arrested tortured and murdered. My lawyer Sergei madness game. Which is how we got the Sergei Magnitsky though that I got from my father. I, you know, I think he understanding is that the Russia and Putin was basically using the United States as a slush fund, correct? Well, basically what? So what Putin does is? He does terrible financial crimes like the one that that Magnitsky exposed. He he does. And he doesn't all over the place, and he's got all his guys doing it. And it's a whole corrupt system. They take all this money, and they don't want to keep it in Russia because as easy as they stole it, it could be stolen from them. And so they put it in US banks and in London banks and in Swiss banks, and one of the things that Putin is scared. Most of all is having that money taken away it you'd probably when you hate sends the checks, so he sends all this money. All these guys send the money tonight's as they put it in real estate here if they put it in real estate, they put it in Bank accounts. They put an hedge fund and somebody has to launder that money right because it's really not taxed so there's a the the worst thing is that there's a whole industry of people with nice, suits and good accents. And well, educated schools everything. That launder the money and take the money, and and and give them a, wink and say, don't worry Blad. Your money is going to be safe with us. It was your name that was brought up in the infamous Trump Tower meeting. It was also your name that was brought up in Helsinki at that press conference. Putin is obsessed with you. I mean, he brings up your name every chance he gets. And then President Trump even called the idea of giving you over to the Russians he called it an incredible offer. Isn't that Helsinki press conference? What's going through your mind when you heard the United States say that it was incredible offer to give you up to the Russians. Well, so I'm sitting there and Vladimir Putin has been going after me for ten years. I they they made death threats kidnapping threats. They tried to arrest me through INTERPOL. They've done all this stuff. And I'm sitting there, and I was in the United States at the time that that that that the Helsinki summit was going on. And I thought to myself this guy is about President Trump is either very stupid not having been been briefed about my story. Because my my story is is all over the place. Or there's something something wrong in his head. Because to hand me over to the Russians is about the worst thing scared that that could have happened. Well, you know, I think that he says a lot of really dumb stuff, but but but the system in America still works, and I didn't think that the department of Justice or the US courts would have handed me over to the Russians. But but the fact that he said that was was was pretty unnerving. And it wasn't just me. There was eleven other people that they wanted to hand over and and and the Senate actually had a vote should we have these guys over and they voted ninety eight zero not to hand us over. But I it was only only like an hour before the Senate vote that Trump finally welcome back four days later. So he probably didn't know any Messaien, right? He's what they call. It a useful idiot. That's what that's what I believe. It was Lenin will use that phrase that Russians will use someone like him as a useful idiot. We don't know we we don't know, we don't know. But because it's not that we're signed that. My name is come up as you as you mentioned in June, ninth two thousand sixteen Vladimir Putin send a a lawyer a woman named the tally vessel knits guy out to Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump junior, Jared, Kushner, Paul Manafort, and that meeting in that meeting was all about me and all about Sergei Magnitsky, my lawyer in the Magnitsky act, which Putin hates so much. That's what it was about. So it was about Russian adoptions. But that was a lie that was ally the Russian adoptions were the Putin banned Russian adoptions after the Magnitsky act the sanctions against Russia were putting Magnitsky asked is 'cause they don't it's very important. And this goes to Megan's father John McCain when when my lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was killed. I went to America went to congress and I met with members democrat Benjamin carton from. Maryland, John McCain, and I said I told him a story of the murder my lawyer. And I said can we do something about this? And they came up the Magnitsky act and the Magnitsky act freezes the assets and bans visas of people who killed Sergei Magnitsky and people who do similar types of terrible things and flat him. Putin hates us more than anything because his own money is at risk. And it's what they were petitioning, Don jR in Trump Tower about to get rid of. So you've been following the money, right? And that's where a lot of people are saying you're going to catch Trump. You're gonna catch him. If you follow where his money's been. And maybe he's been colluding with the Russian some way, but you've had a closer eye on this in any of us. Have you seen anything unusual with Trump and money being spent or what are you know? Well. I I have spent since since Sergei Magnitsky was killed. He was killed for uncovering a massive two hundred thirty million dollar corruption scheme. I've been following the money, and I've spent nine years finding out where that money went and we found out where that money went. And I've learned everything there is to learn about money laundering. And and what the first thing I can tell you is that money leaves an indelible trail if any money has been transferred the banking system, you will find that money. And so far we've not seen any any overlap between the Magnitsky killing and that and the money laundering connected to that. And the Trump campaign, but we found a lot of other other overlap in fact, we've found that Vladimir Putin got some of that money, which is why he hates me so much and he's as we speak. He's trying to kill you as we speak as we couldn't number one enemy. Yeah. Aren't you scandal a little bit to be in the world walking around? How do you the fleas at night? Yeah. I sleep like a baby I wake up crying every. Curiously I don't live in fear. And because you cannot live in fear because if you live in fear than they've already they've already got you. They've already got. Final thing. I think it's been bizarre for those of us who know about the murderous KGB dictator that is Ladimir Putin. Why do you think it is the President Trump is so reticent to ever say anything even remotely critical of bladder MIR Putin question, I it's it's it it just makes no sense because it doesn't serve his political purposes. It's not like the his base loves Russia. I mean, it doesn't serve and neither does the Republican establishment. Right. Love russia. And so it doesn't serve he it makes no sense. Unless there's some other information that we don't have available to us, and the wonderful thing that everyone asks me to predict what's going to happen with Muller investigation. I don't know. But Muller knows Muller has got Miller knows everything. And we'll find out. Everything's been unturned. Thank you. Thank you so much. I might friend Bill Browder right back. Thanks for coming. Tomorrow comedy superstar Judd appetite on Kevin Hart, Louis C K and people complaining that PC culture is killing comedy and mayor Bill de Blasio on making New York the first city in American history to opera healthcare for all. So look, thanks for watching. Thanks for common. We want you all to have a great day. And we want you to take a little time to enjoy. Whatever view you happen upon. These days news comes out of Washington so fast. It can be hard to keep up. I just don't think this is going to play out the way everybody thinks it's going to play out. We're getting giancarl prediction. I'm your look we need special music for this. I'm ABC news political director Rick Klein, join me along with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Every week as we break down the facts and turn to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics podcasts. Or are you going to talk to moan I listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app?

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