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The R.'s John Burnett Explains the Homeland Security Department announced. Today the restrictions will be enforced with thirty more days. The additional border controls have had a dramatic effect with visitors and shoppers blocked behavior. Traffic has dropped. Seventy percent and pedestrian crossings have declined seventy five percent according to US Customs and Border Protection congested border crossings. That took hours now take minutes combined. Almost four hundred thousand fewer people and cars crossed the US southern and northern borders every day. People who are allowed to cross include healthcare workers and truckers every day more than three billion dollars in trade crosses the southern and northern borders. Canada and Mexico are the second and third largest trading partners of the United States John Burnett NPR news near Governor. Andrew Cuomo says the rate of new corona virus infections continue to slow in his state but he warns that lifting social distancing measures. Too soon could backfire. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports. The governor is also repeating a call for additional funding from the federal government. Governor Cuomo says the state cannot begin to reopen until it receives federal funding to drastically increase the capacity for Corona virus testing speaking at his daily briefing. The governor said that funding could also be used for hazard pay for frontline workers. We all say boy. They did a great job. The healthcare workers did a great job. The police the heroes. Yes they are but you know what thanks is nice but also recognition of their efforts and their sacrifice is also appropriate. Cuomo says the number of new corona virus cases in the state continues to slow but warns the infection rate could increase as more people leave their homes and resume normal activities. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Facebook is rolling out a map tracking corona virus systems across the US and pure Shannon bond reports the social networking site hopes to help officials than identify hotspots and make decisions about reopening facebook has been asking users whether they have. Kovic nineteen symptoms like fever coughing. More than a million responded so far the survey is being done with researchers at Carnegie Mellon to produce a map showing what percentage of people in a county are reporting symptoms. Ceo Mark Zuckerberg says. The project will expand to other countries this week. The survey is voluntary and facebook. Says it cannot see individual answers Carnegie Mellon is also surveying Google Users Shannon Bond. Npr News San Francisco stocks plunged on Wall Street today the US financial markets falling precipitously after crude oil futures went into negative territory for the first time. Ever the Dow was down. Five hundred ninety. Two points the Nasdaq plunged eighty nine points. This is NPR officials in Canada. Say the attack by gunmen. Who Shot and killed at least eighteen people during a twelve hour. Rampage was the deadliest such attack in the country's history the fifty one year old gunman posed as a police officer shot people in their homes and set fires in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. He later died after exchanging gunfire with police. Further details have not been released. Authorities do not yet have a motive. Sea Rescue groups are accusing European Union governments of using the covert nineteen crisis as yet another. Excuse not to take new arrivals TERI. Schultz reports of e was a unable to reach a joint agreement on how to deal with the overcrowded migrant camps with boats waiting at Sea France Germany. Italy and Spain have asked the E. U. to redouble efforts to come up with a plan that would require all twenty-seven governments to share responsibility for migrants and asylum-seekers programs attempting to require EU countries. To resettle people from Greek and Italian camps have failed in the past leaving them overcrowded and now vulnerable to corona virus infection Italy and Malta have closed their ports. Leaving rescue ship stranded Greece's requesting emergency medical and accommodation supplies to try to speak out inhabitants in the camps and manage treatment of corona virus infections. Austria is the first to say it will send containers you. Foreign ministers hold a virtual meeting Wednesday in which they'll discuss the impact of cove nineteen on migration in the Mediterranean for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz. In Brussels. People died in the south due to wild weather. In Alabama sixty one year old man was killed when a tornado flipped his mobile home. Another man died in a home in southwest Mississippi. And in Georgia a woman died in a fire sparked by lightning. I'm Jack.

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