Law from liver girl. Talk about goals with Kevin used does yes it's Sunday is indeed time to talk about ghost with me. Kevin used just like the intro says every single week anyway a very special episode this week because we actually have a guest on the show. Yes, we do record this mid week now. Special Very special guest is Liverpool native and Western Star? Ethno. Brown now Aetna is a liberal native as a say. She had a very successful run in the west end play one of the lead roles in blood brothers which Willy Russell plant. And she went on onto soak stardom. She was in Brookside and Asham Brookside Emmerdale, and she's about to go into coronation street should have benefits soap legend don't know about eastenders but I'm sure it'll come anyway. How we met ethnic was you know where mean Becker were delivering those food parcels awhile back the guy who runs a charity he Helga. Thank you meal for everyone who done it. And Ethanol is there we started talking about ghosts and she then let slip well to that the flat I lived in in Liverpool city centre on an old street named Hope Street was very haunted poltergeist the lot will like no but do tell us more and she started to tell us we we were like hold on stop telling us can you come flat and tell us for an episode and she was like Yeah I can do that. So that's what we don't. So this episode and Wednesday's episode will be US me and becker add ethnic Brown talking about her haunted flat now, this episode will be focused mainly on flat and We don't need to talk about ghosts. Still be rather spooky, but it's a competition with admirable and both episodes were brilliant. Really WanNA. Thank you for taking the time out of her very, very busy schedule to belong to our little flat. Is haunted by the way how dash? And that tell us all about her coasties. Wonderful Beautiful Lady inside out. Very nice to meet up Also, a will say that out for a look look patrons ethnic being ellipoid celebrity she has actually got to meet sit down and have readings with two of Liverpool's famous psychics slash mediums one none other than the infamous data Akoda Derek now deceased of course, he was big on most haunted. If You've ever watched most haunted. He was the psychic medium from the first few months, the ten series or seasons. AM. Ethnic tells us all about the reading that she had of. Derek core, and also the reading she had of Billy Roberts, another very famous Liverpool medium who's been on a few American shows to believe it makes you tells us all about that in the Patriots. If you're a Patriot subscriber, you will be loving listening to that. It's quite interesting. We do get into chats about him. In. The meantime if you're not, but you would like to be the new need to go along to www dot patriots, dot com votes slash we need to talk about ghosts or click the link in the description of the podcast and you can go sign up and join and all the Parque for data anyway without further Edouard I give you the inimitable MS ethnic. Route. So, I thought that weeks start officially. Hello everyone. Welcome again to we need to talk about ghosts. As, mentioned, will not speak show we have a very, very special guest. we have the wonderful Edna Brown with us and didn't reveal her name US time because I wanted to surprise bought. She's tone I. Mean we'll speak Tabatha now I'm we'll go over after she's actually accomplish which is loads and she's tried factor. Now, of British soap seventy two don't brookside coronation street's Emmerdale I think it's only eastenders they need to get your cell phone and. I always wanted to understand brookside obviously wanted like Sheila Grant Chrissy, Rogers, played them brookside. And say another character to just be in the back of shot in police eastenders. London rate as we used to have those away days than you. And I just think wouldn't it be great if the three of us we just in the back of The Queen Vic. Shopping bags so you going on. On. This. The first. This is the first time of being on. No No, no this is the first the first time I've been on it. On it's funny that we had to talk about ghosts because I did go for an audition to for coronation street and it's to be less dentist is wife. But I knew before I got there. Even that was a good audition not I wasn't going to get it. Just a sign or knowing because I bumped into Derek Cora. Jerry. On, on the. Before just before ears filming that. All right. Now, what are you doing all? I'm going for gun for addition and Coronation Street. And he just looked at me is when the having promote game. Right Okay All Amok at nothing. No No, no, no no. No, it was just. It was like one of those where he just had to listen to voices. Sounds like that. Now she's not all that was. But I'm just going into it it's one episode fingers crossed. For more because I had to really lovely time when it was there. And? I'm the mother of the prostitute. Things are looking up things are looking up who is it gorge? I never actually had to seeing the third but paths crossed obviously even in she was. And she was so lovely our help you back in. She was and she texted me she texted me that night. It was 'cause I. I've lost track of it now. But like we never I used to all the time because we. Addict. Since, we have stop watching. Vicki. down. Right down is Mister Barlow's Song I think and his his wife died to with a young baby and he paid play. He pays sorry my daughter to dress up and his wife's clothes. Come. Yeah. Sanderson. Initially Louise could be mad at. Interested of some backstory the we used to do me, but me in Becker worked. But we volunteered for kind to delivering food parcels and stuff. The guys know about that could reach sometimes recode episodes of the car normally a fast food delivered. At, balls the guy who runs a Steve Ivana Charity Time doesn't exhaust prevents an ethnic even gave. A few performances from the. Show von Yeah does that. was imposed while now it's like saying tobacco when you got. I know if. I should do token towards. Yeah. Because Stephen both load copies of the because well, jazz assignments. Del Could. So but anyway, but that'd be talking to the Athlon said she's got. Some history with the supernatural. Before we go into that you obviously, we found some not nice that you vote she. You've also got a lot of you found you'll you'll? Only found you foot in the door with. Broadway sorts of the. The process very first. Time this sort of hit a major stage at being done. you know you to play your first and then so this was the very first time it was up and running from the playhouse Barbara. Dickson was the lead. UNDERSCO field who lots of people know from the other one for field what was load since? Thank goodness. Another really good friend of mine also, not Davey edge a wonderful musician and also paid with him on. A few times times. So so lots of people are not unthanked was the very first time actually be onstage. Professionally anywhere. Five. Hours in the chorus on then One night when Barbara wasn't going stage only had to go on in place but then she wasn't at all and so I did over fifty shows in the western in the West and the rest then as that that was the first job that was the first job. So buffer I own that role. She was Mrs Johnston I she was the mother of the twins the defendant. Lead. Yeah. That's got. It is it is. Academic interest. I've I've seen blueprint this kind of piecemeal. I went along. Showing A in the empire. and. Dean Sullivan Jimmy Coco is a team so. A. Ginny Coal Clean. He was the narrator one of the empire. and. I I just couldn't get around around it because it let. Yeah. I mean, I'm forty one. Now I was about maybe child nineteen, twenty five. At the. Twenty plus years ago I remember couldn't get drama. It was Jimmy who they're in the pleats. So because he walked, he was walking around the sets in Lake. AND LOOKING DOWN STATEMENT POLL To Bruce. Couldn't stop laughing accounting. Also to go on the do so we left off we to go in the past. And and that. I caught the second half. Yeah. 'cause I arrived late for the show I mean sad to drink prior and didn't realize we missed half of. Bonds. Have seen it bought to castle who was the Mrs Johnson's can you remember? No of course? No no no. No. What's to with anything. New. Well another strange again. Look for this connection because once it was played by Kiki Dee. Don't go breaking. My hockey are breaking my heart cake date. Now I was a hostage by. Liverpool medium that a lot of people might follow, of course, Robin Roberts. Billy Roberts asked me to speak. At his wedding and then I was invited to the do afterwards they think the Hell Barco Tail Terry Portion Gorgeous and stuff very nice happy for any day and Kiki and hege terrorist with the after show entertainment as it were. So, we will then just getting everybody to sing anyway how sweet it is to be loved by you. So it's like I remember the song. And she just walked towards me and I wasn't bellow are doing listen to me or anything like that. Just walked towards me. Pointed at me picked my hand. Come Up. Consuming. And she said Billy told me the another. Another Mrs Johnson whispers, one of the guests. In reading the wedding I just heard your voice. It was clean clear. I just heard Mrs Johnson and so ended up getting. Seeing the kids. Can do harmonies and stuff like that with. Searches Sang with Kiki Dee. But that was that was another Mrs Johnson Twist. Chase together. As. But it's not run to your. Iran deal. Let's be honest if you ought to say. More, with even be the odds of two people being in the city who played Mrs Johnson Yeah. ONSTAGE in Bloomberg is. Miniscule. Lonely. The same way. Yeah. Yeah and now we've got a bracket because A half. And we'll be person you talk to her friends. So gets to the crux of things. When we did start chatting June charity nights you informed us with this very meeting that you had an apartment on hope street. Older streets and you experienced some spooky shenanigans. Oh, God tamp truly. God. No I was living. Over sort of lived around seven o'clock nervous since. My son and I. Moved away from the family. And when on yours going to have to leave the flat I lived in been there for about thirteen hundred years really really well settled lifted hated happened to leave, but I had to leave. That was on sefton drive. Awful at road. Really happy again. I'm like you. I like space in front of me I like Air and light and well have you. So this avoided from top floor flats. Thought safe up there. Unhappy seeing chimneys, tiles, and blue skies. So this is the first time since. I live in Bedford Street the I'd lived on the ground floor. When talk of the flat and to be honest I thought Oh this is it flattened hope street I was fifties thought this will to me. I can walk to work the royal court in the time I can walk to work. I can just walk onto the quarter and sit outside. This is where I belong I felt really yes at. Bad. I'm used to live better street. Renault's first away from home and I you know I did love the area the Georgian quarter felt like home to me. So this I've been doing quite a bit of work at the Royal Court of the few pennies in the bank and I thought right and I went into the flatten hiding all painted have a of few jobs. Can you do this? Can you do that? Let shelves? No, I won't say fitted wardrobe that sounds posh but you know it was a walk in. Kobe. But I made it feel like. Home. To me. and. It was quite all deep boost The front room was a bedroom, the backroom, the big grew. With the living room big old fireplace in there, and then you walk through and there was like an outrigger on the ground floor clear bathroom. Long little little water kitchen just to give you an idea, the shape of the place. and. I. Not Been A. Long all of moving, and also I was working during the day and on stage of the night in you. So. It's like doing shift work and is hardly the to begin with. On spent more time there. And I began to notice various things I began to feel very uncomfortable. The. Things that I could put my happened that weren't usual. Things. Fell off the wall on one big mirror. Split my head open data. Don't yet just hit just came off the wall and hit me there. I wasn't moving it. I wasn't. Wasn't shelvin anything banking environment figure out. Other things that would happen I opened a door bowl favorite bill shot out and smashes on the floor. He was confined to one area, which was the back room the back of the flat front room. Peaceful Blue Gorgeous looked out onto the cathedral. and. I ended up without realizing IT spending most of my time in. In the bedroom in yet metrics yeah. Okay. Sort the front the front of it yet. So the back room, it was very dark. It was quite though it was a gorgeous little garden had steps onto the yard and. It had everything going for it. and. More and more and more I began to feel I'm not wanted to what would you say that was the Source of time anything that you recall is being the best. Moments I wish more like an overarching sorts of. It was more of an overarching coming in and going into the. Back of the flag, all seem to be space in the back of the flat. I had a friend who can to rehearse with me one day youngish man and he walked in through the door to the back living room dark and you. Didn't like that. And he just said I just it was like walking is on the with an area where you that's what happened it was you sorta felt it's there comes from there. If I had to stay in that. Room the living room when I had a friend staying in my bedroom. Bright. If I stayed there stepped on the couch. and. I'd have terrible nightmares about dropping babies about things dying about really. Quite specific. Specific nightmare those nasal ferry I remember it from the was from a school roof and me his baby and herbal. The feeling. Eventually got to feel with this. Feeling around me female right. It was spiteful. I. Would have swear words in my head and other made you angry made you know. But who? Yeah he was like some sort of your thoughts would be. Yeah. That's not that's not me once I came in at had a lovely walk on the pier head at what backup Sunday evening. Really Cool. Lovely walked in and something pushed me. Physically Bush basically pushed me. Other things Bockel back in about. Some walking in I got pushed through my front. Do I got pushed. Just wants. Your push me I know it to push me the in and outs thing. When it became Our had to move out twice because of the dump problem that they keep coming back in sorting out. And the was once I moved into a flocked. Backer began in the Central Park I still tough to move out for a month. From Hope Street I would have to move up from St. so I, moved into the flat. I was there for a month. It's on the top floor. It was white clean calm quiet a second by to my dad while I was living die I'm really glad no no, it was a peaceful. Happy. Service. Nice. And I could walk around the park and saint volume stuff. then. I had to move back to hope street. On about four days after I remember feet. And it just came back down again like a really lowering feeling and there was nothing I mean without trying to be overly pastoral. There was not been that would dot says I like? This is quite fast. Food example that what you just described that. We say there was this than feeling if. I thought sometimes with, for example, financial worries. Documents dealing with the WHO awards adopt water and Electricity Company now. And I thought all too bad and then the unfulfilled relatively can offer situation the near the day we realize that it's not on was still needs to shows are and I felt up to the blankets of misery. Komo comic was nothing like the financial situation relationships the not could've. Trump turning basically say I or is it just the bill basically? It was the building because I would say to people are so upset you have you to my friends and I'll be talking about it. Have you ever heard me talk like this before about anywhere about anything you. Know. Why would I suddenly start making a don't I need I I'm reckon attention seeking I get votes I walk out onto stage and he's like, yeah look at me that fantastic and new pay to look at me. So I'm not somebody who goes about going. Oh, well, I, heard the hunter. At all in fact, the opposite I really play things down. One of the worst. Things that happened. was. I had a neighbor living upstairs and who could be quite problematic. Tried to keep a good relationship and he's had somebody come and stay an there's lots of. And shouting from them upstairs and I opened the whole bags down the stirs obviously a dispute going. On I. Said of this person could you just please keep it down interest like the clock in the morning and it's like I was lifted up hold of me and threw me down the stairs regarded know the woman the. Absolutely true and the woman did and I'm thinking. I know, but the thing was. I'm on stage I'd been on stage that night and was on stage the next night telling ghost stories in. The beautiful constant room in Saint George. Charles Dickinson reasons. So. North. Think of bouncing down the steps all who will get replacement. Thought. She sort of calm don't you? Crossing who will they? They importune? Who Go to get to replace me. And it was a very good friend of mine pointed out because another time it all seemed to start getting worse worse worse. I went to go in one afternoon. Earlier. On the I couldn't get in. The key just wouldn't work. On those no reason could. From Georgia's would not work in the building. on then somebody had to come out and you know give them check. China. The key giving the caves I got no idea why suddenly going like this. The be a problem with the lock when the hasn't been before unafraid pointed out it doesn't want you in the building. It's now thrown you out when we view. So you know we talked about Billy Roberts. He can visit. visit. As our friend just to just to interject today those who don't know because. Lawlessness in the states. Billy. Roberts is very, very well, no Liverpool medium. Loss clients he's he's an exceptionally. And he's not very rational tasked with stupid Showbiz, but he's not like you know. You Zach Bagan sorts of people even is less fumbling Dan Derek. Larry's very much. So he's not really like shows himself. So he just. Well. Come back because I viewed him as his friends. So. So they came to visit me. And he saw a woman. And he went to me it's not the woman you're thinking about. And I haven't said anything because I always thought this president who said she? She's inherent time. She's very happy to be there. He could just feel like the with different veils. Feel like he could see expose yeah, right? Yes. Yes. You know very very well dressed and she's she's in her own time, which is very happy to be there, and then also another friend who come male friend very worked for the Council when we're not talking anything. show-bizzy Atoll. And it's just more just thought. I saw something in the kitchen and. I said well, attend something on the floor behind me. A dog and they're gonNA turn back bracketed gone. We still think small and spiteful smallest. Allard exactly how eight felt something small and spiteful the most pathetic nasty little things used to happen to. You know really things would get. Ripped thing. Solis that this, this is an interesting. By I the those restored once I mean free tied in with Like the theaters and things like that. The I was very, very brief synopsis because I think there's no this new story, but I once was going read for part in a of some sort of play somewhere and it was part of An army major. was like seventeen or sixteen, but at sixteen bled John, Lennon, glasses and. A deep fully at the time. So what attend for the sergeant major role in the cafe? On Deck. Copy back. Your Bow Street. Ago in I'm you sit down and it was like a different sorts of copy it Bohemian now in quite trendy was. The get frequent tales of the homes. And stuff like that, and we all sat around in this group at long story short the guy who's wrote the play mark he's introducing everyone around the circle says. And Steve Does the music and gestures to the left of me, and there's a fellow left not we kinda on dead because I'm awfully interested when we've done the place of stuff icing anyone believe in ghosts we talked about ghost get no spooky, and then we leave medal from Cavs Dale go one way towards central and our from heightened. So ice inaugural streets. On this Steve only to keep. You from heightened Saddam from Lubavitch one electron Yuck on. US Call. And he says, should you believe in ghosts likes giant? And he says right He's GonNa known whether we should tell me this thing. And he says rebel says. I went to gladly with the kids said, the numbers of the kids on camera of the kids noticed those people move in rob the toll the could see like a hill and Gloucester. And could see like these little white he said starts phone film now and then and then just went back to the kids to the manipulate the tape. Bach. Go said, the moment ties remain. The tape on the screen flips upside down is black and white, and it's a video of holding the camera. He said that I was like duck sommes says, yeah. So they said since that said, all these things are stop. They said, we added an envelope through from Georgia to fingernails in it. We said we've got a message saying yet without a message saying, you don't know you've seen you've interrupted something you shouldn't. Be Seventy dollars seen by figuring room about a bolt of lightning complete, wind all this stuff, and he's getting more overseas tolkien to storms counts. And he's then start. To this point Tom like this little punk homeless steadily. But then he starts saying things like under supposed to the story you start saying things like and you know then you'd be driving along on the registration fruits he will be the initials of your and Nemesis. Be doing it just to mind your own and I'm starting to think that's not normal McDonald's parliament and they started to go down the pub until the point when I said on height lane before we actually got to my outside. And he pulled over the cost of the engine. Couldn't tell anyone because I wouldn't like to pass on. Today. And I was like, no no. alleged. So I think the call on I run home. I. Had Find US trash. Pointed at being the points of the whole story won't. Off The special investigator yet unrealized. I like this. When you just want to say, then the most petty things would start to happen. Ripped jeans or Do you think that was down to this all ended up being one of those situations where anything went you tag on the snow because I? Always in a place where I was happy. Financially, FM's okay. So marvelous you know he'd come and stay at the flat and. Enjoy the ambiance they're able to make to live in the area. So it was it. Wa- wasn't looking for anything and I was working really hard as well. I was tired. You know can sometimes be tied it'd be like. No. I used to have. I stepped in a singles. and. Tibetan singer. So you still like to big missing. Jimbo. Living on my own Bingo bill before move there and just like goes through. A lot and think about just wishing world and nice peaceful thing at the end of the night and then. It just that little thing I'm not religious. All Obviously, I was brought up Catholic. One of seven children. and. I wasn't I didn't I didn't follow a religion. I like places I'm drawn to places not a hospitals. Yes. Spiritual output. So our time of this that. Whole thing disappeared in Hope Street. I just felt like if I pick the bones might put me down. I don't want this. Theater when he said what you? Always spy he and spiteful it's interesting to. To to look at something and say dot spiteful that must be feeling 'cause you call. It the visual notorious for. Giving US exactly what you? CONGRATS. You should we that that's how it felt. I've never lived in a place before was only there for eighteen months had to leave and I put a fair amount of money into doing all. We walk in Colbert. Affairs Day I missed it. And so it was never I have not seen a casual. flirty person wherever I've lived lived for like thirteen years or second years. Put Down Roots. That's yeah and it was like when the way I left a left because after the thrown down the stairs business. And and then has began to get more and more uncomfortable live in the flowers was like the people like to stay with when. All the dump workers being I move to I sustained the Adelphia for another. Yet steinle Delfi. Siblings who else is found looks in their bathroom and it was when I found a worm a just. No this is just and he was freezing. It was one of the places I've ever lived. You be like got to go through 'cause you'd have to work from the bedroom front right the way to the bathroom in the back of this. And also that I would have to pass through that room. Yeah. Stink you. It was a beautiful room. You know beautiful painter sailing all the lovely features were still a massive big fireplace. It was plants and store for knit risk candles and. It was. I did I've always been happier of never of never lived anywhere modern. So it's not even as there was no building I felt a bit of always loved the ancient under. It, it would be I. As I came into the flat if I had to go through into that room. That term ahead to win switch the light on I know could child. On. Fifties what's You've never had anything like that previous like Indian places you've lived. Non Places of listener. No no hadn't at all interesting unexplored. Key thing that really jumps out is it's two things one you say it's a woman. A. Those dreams to make quite specific things are not like I do not saying I had nightmares. You said I had specific nightmares about dropping the child Oh. Yeah. Roof shape makes you think. You know also just to ask because you still on Rodney Street in. Yeah. Well, until streets. On your. Immune. Yeah. So you should the engine to being on Pilgrim street style building something there. So the entry yet to go through the buck through the foster mount insurance. Yeah. But your pilgrim street flat was we'd be acquainted a to it would would have been the saddens call too. Yeah. Because a high to just. was that similar. Saban's place it regionally all downstairs downstairs that was that's where the kitchen was, and that was still up the basement that's real dump came from. where she s Gazza, wish things store down there you know. Going on you could. You could also get getting into the garden from the basement as well in the people who lived on the top floor on people the the guy who lived on the floor above me, they would go down to the basement if they wanted to get into the garden area, the best stuff you know and things restored the you know. So it's. On Hoop streets it, you don't have to give us the number may ask for that offer more. 'cause we know that area just. Listen to you don't know hope she is this really Nice Street in Georgia bookended bibles, the cathedrals in Liverpool's. Let you walk down hope. Street knows and you hit the Catholic. Yes, if you have pound street behind you and the Anglican, Cathedral. As you walk upstream the beginning of hope. Street. In that first block. Before you here ski on the rights opposites the yes or it's no, no, no no on on the right opposite the. Opposite the graveyard and. Gardens. Mike flatwoods of Saint James. Console. Parlay down that way talkie library there. See little catches could walk over to toxic library jam box. I, the people in the shops will make a hadn't for the first time in ages because when you have in big old houses and you don't often see neighbors, you don't see people in a because everybody's moving at different times. Once and drive the doorbell went. There's a guy and you standing in front of the postle. Mike. What are you doing? I live next door. would. How long have you lived there? Two years. So. So this wars before it even going into the flat was a lovely woman live two doors along she saw me looking over the ravens while you. Couldn't cup of Coffee Love. The next door to her next door to me there was no chuck Bryant used to give me his parking permits. You know. On the other side. Wonderful. Wonderful people, lovely ladies and come commit for. A. Hat neighbors I wanted to be. I really wanted to be. Moving in news already positive in A. Lofty decorate new places about every. Facet of location. Fan, when you spoke about moving away for a month while the the movie looks at dump, he said Hat's move back and it surely adopt with you know all of. You so positive about into the. About was to go back to go back with that was the second time I'm D- The thing being run I. Knew I sort of had to leave after being thrown out down the front steps of bounce down the steps of Oak Street so the. That's what I thought. No this house, the chaos and everything. Now it's not worth anymore I'm never at rest I'm never. And I felt like I was carrying something with. The left, that's not nice. Feeling is I'm amazed by I will be on someone. Because it makes. I was carrying something Nice with me. It's like sometimes I've got the feeling about minimum around me or something like that. I'm very open to thinking. Oh. Lovely. I was having to cross separation. was in the women's and just before I turned over the night before the operation I just felt my mom or an agenda with the people. Believe me or not doesn't matter to me. That's how I felt. So he's just like I know the feeling of warmth and all of that. Good for you. Yesterday, you compare it to your this. Also you know I'm just thinking as well may not be upon pretty sure I don't whether it's just. The, Singers Gone Smith instead listens. That's why we've done a hollow. Your special prom yet recalls in respectful on the record but anyway the. Some of those apartments, how tunnels underneath that go to the graveyard because there was sold on the premise. That was policy. Can Balkan the needs to your family creek. Yeah. I'm just wondering if thoughts. Could be one of that. The black magic societies that around the time. You. Look into that. Think about well, no. What do you think about the Victorians they had to real interest domain the supernatural number that you know that's when you you tables with your lovely. tablecloths until you start to move. And seances and stuff like that. Thank they sort of happened and so I always had the feeling. It is something leftover from something also. From finance may be and I got, I got landed she she didn't like me. She didn't like me and it was the simplest EPOCA. Leave off. Pass not yet review like this. You might. You're right. Someone else sports she she didn't like women Moshe. There is another beautiful actress of worked with WHO's full of joy. Joy. Joy Shoes. We did. Break up the tunnels together and she came in and she was somebody else who she was just will. Host the hadn't. On the suddenness And she gave me be financial. That's something and Michael piece, but flew off. Stay. It really literally did fall of I didn't push it. It wasn't balancing. It wasn't a tiny little bit of. It fell off on. Burke. So. There you go. Guys. That's part one of our interview with the Browns the wonderful ethnic Brown to will be on our Wednesdays. We don't talk about ghosts because although we finish off athletes tail as you as with this is a bit more like you know how will you sort of conversations anyway I. Think it's pretty scary. It's a good authentic tale of from the Horse's mouth. So to speak NOCCO Horse, she'd batter me. So, there you go. So patrons, of course can now go to page on and listen to describe her spiritual reading. She had with none other than celebrity medium Derek Accord and a Roberts, and it's patenting if you're not patron but you want to be able to pay on dot com forward slash, we need to talk about ghost or click the link in the description and go sign up in the meantime. Time, guys tatty by take. An speak to you for part do a on Wednesday. Okay. Don't forget. You GotTa story that you want to send in during. Week Senate to contact at we need to talk about ghosts, Dot Com and what I'll do. You see I'll leave the mouth for that's what I do and it's how the show works. Okay. Guys I. Hope you enjoyed this little off and it will finish up on Wednesday. Okay. Taty by all W by. Dan.

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