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What's up guys? This is a special bonus episode. It's pretty straightforward wagon and go around the room each give you top financial results recommended. Obviously this podcast is go to. Here's some about other favorite resources helping you get your shit together. Okay so the book I'm recommending is called the Barefoot Investa by Scott Pape and yes it is Australian but plays to stick with me guys. It was the first book that I read. That really got me thinking about how to divide my money up. It's got really practical tips for making show. You can afford the life that you want but also making you question. What kind of life do you want? Do you want to Big Bend? See Things. Do you want to spend your money on travel? What are your priorities so the Bedford? Investor is a really great way to kind of get used dotted even if there is like stuff about Australian retirement. The you should ignore the rest of it is super great for anyone. That's fire at US FILE. So My podcast recommendation is bad with money with. Gabby done gabby religious like interviews a bunch of different people from different backgrounds telling all the true stories about how money has impacted their lives and she approaches it as someone who like really did not understand money and was terrible with it and has gotten better over time so you can kind of feel like you up hot of the journey about learning more. And it's okay if you don't like have every piece of info about the finance world already that's a really good one so my website recommendation number one is my website. Oh my newsletter which is better. Have my money DOT SUB STACK DOT COM. Which is a weekly newsletter. I write about stocks and investing and just like feelings really about money and my own investing journey the other sides are really like actually facebook groups so one is coach she spends and another is code women in pursuit of FBI just financial independence and they just had these really great stories and they're also kind of funny because people are often sort of Branca's so it might be stories about like his how to cut your hair all the time and his spent twenty dollars on groceries for the next three months. I really liked him as a mix of being able to kind of see everyone's stories and also be like yeah. I don't care about money like that much so tweet the other day that was like Bang Browser or expensive. Just take to snow cones and some dental floss. You have a facebook group. So like crazy The website that I recommend is raising Benjamin Dot Com. First and foremost is my website. Sambas second I teach the basics of financial tools. What they mean and how they're used and do it in a language that anyone can understand another tunnel. Podcasts out there listen to and of course listen to a podcast right now. But one of my favorite podcasts. Listen to about money is masters of scale actually created by. Reid Hoffman the founder of Lincoln and massive scale. Tcu The business side of all of our favorite companies in tech listening to this. Podcast will teach you how value older companies as well as new tech companies. Yes so I read a ton of books. One of my favorite books that are recommended if you learn about finance is the intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham. This book actually teaches you how to look at companies from an investor's perspective. If you're looking to buy I stock. This book will literally coach you through making sense of all of it. I love that book. It's a good one of my best friends bumping my bet they last year. I've read a couple of pages. It's six hundred pages Kubrick it's actually currently propping up my monitor paperweight if you don't finish it. My favorite website for our audience is called personal capital on personal capital. Dot Com so website. Where you can link up all your accounts whether that's at a bank or brokerage or your credit cards and it will let you know what your net worth is. The other cool thing is I can tell you your historical net worth so a year from you can see how you've progressed right. I've been making these changes in my life of paying off my credit cards. I've been this money in my 401k. So you can see the balance change over time so it reinforces good behavior. It also shows you every transaction and cross all of your account so it's really helpful to see like to double check like review your transactions instead of like Porn Bank statements looking at brokerage account. Or what have you like? Did I really by that? Or what's hitting my account so you can see everything that's hitting all of your accounts and it's really good for freelancers as well because it'll show you every transaction so you might find some write offs in there if you if you review. It's in there. That sounds round. Isn't free if your net worth exceeds one hundred thousand dollars. You'll get phone calls from personal capital as financial advisers because they do have an arm or they'll invest your money and they'll get paid that way but otherwise it's free and there was no advertising either. My Book recommendation for our audience is called the simple path to wealth. The author is J. L. Collins is a no nonsense book about learning how to take the money that you have and put it into the market reducing your fears about what's going to come down come down the line. There's a lot of practical advice about what happens if the bear market calms. What happens if I don't have the cash what happens? If it's just like Sh- quiets your fears. Everything's GonNa be okay. It's the simple past. Stick to the plan and you will be wealthy eventually. That's a great book. I love that one. I love it because he shares his personal journey and he kind of like overcomes his own biopsies throughout the book. So He's like well. What happened to the stock market is going to be down? And he tells you exactly what he went through so he's already outlined his emotional journey with investing so the reader is already prepared for it and also. I'm sorry I still have your copy. I'll get it back to you sometimes. No worries My favorite podcasts. Were audience is called the money guys show. It's two dudes in their forties. Talking about money. They run an investment advisory firm but the content is actually really relevant to anyone. It's like really basic stuff like how to get the best rate on a loan on a car that I'm about to purchase and how not to get ripped off it. Just really distill some really difficult concepts down to bite size nuggets of actionable insights and it's been around for ten years. Yeah they have so much knowledge over decades and decades of experience. Greg is guys my book. Recommendation is get a financial life personal finance in your twenties and thirties by Beth. Kobliner you don't have to be in your twenties and thirties to read this book. It's just a fantastic primer on personal finance. It when anyone asked me like how do I get started on personal finance? Send them a copy of this book right off. The RIP. Not only is informative but it's also really easy to read so you come out with a lot of knowledge but don't feel like you fall asleep along the way. My favorite website is nerdwallet. It is awesome because there are tons of resources and it's great for a quick answer. They've got into schools and calculators. They make money from advertisers but they have a very what I believe to be a sound editorial policy so huge fan of nerdwallet. I really love note wallet and some of the recommendations the bank that you should go with something like that. They're really good. It's kind of like a a wire cutter or strategist but like for money totally. Sometimes you don't need to read a whole book about something. Sometimes you just want to educate yourself quickly so you can do more research. Yeah read my favorite money. Podcast besides get money is how a built this with guy. Ross it's extremely inspirational. If you're a business owner he just interviews the founders of companies everyone from the CEO while former CEO of work to honest company to Patagonia so to listen to these really long format interviews with them is so insightful and so inspiring Kabul this is so fire great interest onto all right. That's it as usual if you like. Get money be sure to hit followed face. Peace Love I was like I've never said on my entire laugh about that. My mates bribes but I would say.

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