Angola Agrees To Comply Fully With Oil Cuts After OPEC Pressure


You're listening to the news at this Africa Business Radio. According OPEC's falls this and has agreed with O. Beg to comply fully with a global pact on supply cubs, and we'll compensate with previous overproduction cotton more from July to September, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies led by Russia a group known as OPEC flaws, agreed to cost oil output from May by a record nine point seven million dollars per day after the coronavirus quite destroyed of fed of global demand, the wreck of constant to run to the end tonight Bertha tapering to seven point seven million dollars per day until December. So stood white, since then on Gola had now committed to improve its compliance with this quota, and may comforts, May and June older production by cotton more in July to September. and. That was the knees that this time on Africa business. Radio you can continue to this in life online at www dot, Africa business radio DOT COM or via a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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