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Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. Have we advise extreme caution for children under thirteen lowest. John Draws Trudge to the bus stop on July morning in one thousand nine hundred sixty. The Sun beat down on her sapping Oliver Energy as she wiped the sweat from her brow. A car pulled up to the curb a familiar face in the driver's seat flash smile. It was her CO worker thirty year. Old David Joseph Carpenter. A bespectacled nickeled slim young man who she rarely spoke to through an intense stutter carpenter offered her a ride to work looking for reprieve. Lois gladly accepted almost before she closed the car door carpenter pressed on the gas he wove in and out of traffic making lowest sweat. Further her discomfort turn to panic as she realized. The scenery around here was growing less and less familiar when Lois asked carpenter where he was going he insisted he was lost. No matter what lowest said carpenter refused to turn around eventually he stopped opt. Near the lawn of the presidio military fort in San Francisco before lowest could react carpenter out of the car and moved swiftly around to the passenger passenger side he ripped the door open and drag the helpless woman out by her hair. He threw her down pulled out a pocket knife in one hand and a hammer in the other he hissed. I have a weird sex quirk. Do as I say or I'll cut you Off Hi I'm Greg pulsing. This is serial killers apar- cast original every Monday. We dive into the minds of madness of serial killers today. We're taking a deep dive into the life of David. Joseph Carpenter also known. Ask The trailside killer. I'm here with my co host Vanessa. Richardson Hi Hi. Everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial. Oh killers for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar at podcast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening? It really does help. This is our first and only episode covering the life of David. Joseph Carpenter who terrorize the San Francisco Bay area in the late nineteen seventies carpenter murdered at least ten people between nineteen seventy nine and nineteen eighteen. Eighty one his infamous attacks frequently perpetrated in popular hiking spots of the region gave him the nickname. The trailside killer Miller David Joseph Carpenter was born on May Sixth Nineteen thirty in San Francisco California. He was shy and introverted child. His naturally withdrawing nature was likely exacerbated by his unstable home life. His father ellwood carpenter was an abusive alcoholic. He was rarely present in his family's life but when he was around ellwood ruthlessly berated and beat his son carpenters mother Francis only made matters worse. She was incredibly controlling and dictated every activity him and her son's life she enrolled carpenter and both music and ballet classes. Despite his protests the classes made him feel effeminate ashamed and and humiliated for years as a young boy carpenter developed a severe stutter. He wrestled with the speech impediment for the rest of his life making taking him even more self conscious. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist interest but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg it's possible carpenter. stutter was linked to the abuse. He suffered at the hands of his parents. A two thousand nine study conducted by neuroscientists at the University of Wyoming concluded that childhood traumatic experiences play a key. He role not only in the ideology of stuttering but also in complicating the problem. Further by generating social anxiety and related. Personality analogy problems on top of the stuttering carpenter exhibited some extremely concerning behaviors during his childhood. That are red flags for psychopathy psychiatrist. Hi a tryst J. M McDonald identified three childhood behavior patterns that can indicate future criminal and homicidal tendencies known as the MacDonald Triad. The behaviors include animal abuse. Fire setting and bed-wetting carpenter abused and maimed animals. Does he also had prolonged issues with bed. Wedding at age fourteen carpenter committed his first known sexual crime his juvenile L. Court records have been expunged so information about us. Actions is limited but we do know. His crimes were so drastic but he was committed by court order to Napa State Hospital. Dr Catherine Ramsland. A professor of forensic psychology noted part of carpenters driving rage was this need to have have sex and yet he had this stutter. So it was very hard for him to meet girls and do the socially appropriate thing as a result he'd feel frustrated is traded an angry as well as humiliated. It's not clear how long carpenter stayed in the hospital but after he was released. His abusive desires continued sued in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty seven. Seventeen year. Old Carpenter was sentenced to the California Youth Authority after molesting two of his cousins aged eight and three three it was there. That carpet was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. Harvard Medical School defines antisocial personality disorder as a a long standing pattern of behavior and experience that impairs functioning and causes distress. The condition is known to spur from negative environmental ironmental influences particularly when the community or an adult role model is not supportive. Those with the disorder can be deceitful. Reckless this exploitative and even contemptuous towards others while the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder can be reduced based on environmental changes. The disorder itself is not preventable following. His diagnosis carpenter. Served his time at the California Youth Authority until he was released. We're not sure carpeted immediately following but at the fall of nineteen fifty five twenty five year old carpenter married a woman named Ellen Heat Dole over the next several years. They had three children together while there isn't much information available about Allen and carpenters union. Some sources this is state that their marriage was far from comfortable carpenters. Overactive sex drive. Didn't go away as he grew up. In fact it had gotten worse. Ellen reported that carpenter demanded sex as frequently as three times a night but as far as friends and neighbors could tell carpenter was nothing thing but a mild mannered guy. He started a job at an advertising agency in the San Francisco area and took pains to hide his darkest tendencies. He's but by mid nineteen sixty carpenter found that he couldn't keep his abusive urges to himself. His quaint appearance began to crack back. He targeted his CO worker lowest. John Raj he abducted her one morning in July. Taking her. into the presidio. A closed military fort and neighborhood on the northern tip of San Francisco but the Presidio was an active military base and patrol officer. Wayne Hicks saw walk. Carpenters vehicles suspiciously speeding through the neighborhood. He quietly trailed the couple hiding just out of sight after throwing lowest onto the grassy along carpenter removed a clothesline from his pocket and bound her hands. He then attacked the helpless secretary stabbing her repeatedly with a pocket knife and bashing her head in with a claw hammer when Hicks heard lowest screams ring through the air he sprang into action as carpenter winter beat lowest with a hammer officer Hicks yelled for him to stop without hesitating carpenter pulled a small pistol from his back pocket and fired at Hicks. Luckily he missed and Hicks had a chance to fire back. He hit carpenter twice once in his leg and once in his abdomen he crumpled to the ground subdued. Lois was rushed to the hospital. Where after an excruciating five hours of emergency surgery she survived in late? Nineteen sixty carpenter was tried for the attack and sentenced to fourteen years in prison for the crime. During a sentence his wife Allen divorced him in one fell swoop carpenter lost the normal life he had painstakingly worked to create but carpenter dealt with his incarceration surprisingly well and was considered a model prisoner. He was so good in fact that he was released in in nineteen sixty nine after serving only seven and a half years of his original sentence outside prison however his model behavior quickly cleef fell by the wayside less than a year after his release thirty nine year old carpenter was arrested for kidnapping attempted rape and possibly theft. Yes well he spent another nine years behind bars from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy nine. Once again he was released on good behavior and paroled rolled to a halfway house but carpenters violent urges only intensified during his time in jail hidden beneath a polite unassuming demeanor leaner on the morning of August. Nineteenth nineteen seventy nine carpenter left the halfway house and drove to Marin County just outside of San Inference Cisco the spot was popular among adventure seekers and outdoor explorers as it's known for beautiful hiking paths just as carpenter arrived at the park doc. Forty four year old. Etta Cain was hitting the trails for some fresh air edit. CAIN was a banking executive and an avid hiker. She often explored explored with friends. But on this particular morning she was all alone. Etta parked her car at the base of a trail and began her trek throughout Tamil pious pious. Also known as the sleeping lady. This route was particularly well known for its scenic trail overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge at was gone for hours as the sun went down that evening. Her husband started to worry back at home he contacted authorities and police took to the trails bringing bringing a canine team with them. In case ETA had fallen off the path. They searched late into the night but came up empty handed. All they managed to find was EDA's car which was still in the parking lot untouched since she began her hike that morning when authorities resumed their search. The next day they found out as nude lifeless body just a half mile into the trail she had been shot in the back of the head with a forty four caliber gun investigators. The gators took note of EDA's scrambled belongings some credit cards. A pair of sunglasses. Ten dollars in cash and nearly all of her clothes were missing her jewelry however had been left behind. Police were particularly surprised by the condition of the corpse while stripped of all clothing. Ed Eh apparently not been sexually assaulted. Her body was found in a kneeling position which could have suggested she was shot. execution-style perhaps made to beg like for her life before she was killed. Investigators searched the area extensively and spoke to locals but they came back with little to go off of the case quickly ran cold and stayed that way until an eerily similar crime was uncovered just a few months later only feet feet from where Eda's remains were discovered coming up the trailside killer Taylor begins his spree. Thank you so much for listening. We want to take this time to tell you that serial killers will be taking the next two Mondays off. We'll be back with a brand new episode on January sixth. In the meantime we do have a special gift to share with you while we're away. We'll be airing our listeners. Most requested episodes of two thousand. Nineteen if you'd like to check out the most requested episodes from parkhouse subscribed duparc cast presents to hear our best of two thousand nineteen from everyone here at park cast. We'd like to wish you a happy holiday holiday season. We're thankful for your support and look forward to bringing you even more unique and entertaining podcasts. In the New Year thanks for listening now back to the story On August Nineteenth nineteen seventy nine forty forty nine year old David. Joseph Carpenter claimed his first victim in the trails of Marin County forty four year old etta cain they were left without any leads on her killer in March of nineteen eighty twenty-three-year-old Schwartz decided to take a walk through the same hiking trail rail known as the sleeping lady. She brought her dog along for safety at some point in her hike Barbara was approached by a white man with a ball cap app and a warm smile. David Joseph Carpenter Carpenter. Cooley stopped Barbara to ask her a question. Seeming anything but dangerous Barbara Barbara obliged and the two chatted in the woods for a while then in the midst of the friendly conversation carpenter whipped out at ten inch boning knife from his jacket in broad daylight. He repeatedly stabbed Barbara in the chest. Spring the dirt with her blood a witness hiking nearby saw the vicious this attack and screened for carpenter to stop. She then fled the scene to find help leading park rangers to the site of the stabbing by the time they got not there. Barbara's corpse was limp on the ground. She was found naked and kneeling in a similar position to add a cane. Once again investigators comb the scene but their efforts were fruitless. Even with a witness she was so panicked by the encounter. She couldn't remember Burnett about carpenters appearance to describe accurately like at us. Barbara's case to ran cold. Investigators were left with only one clue clue a pair of blood. Spattered bifocals dropped at the scene. The glasses were determined to be prison. Issued but even after cross-checking various lists of recent CONVEX and parolees with a history of sexual offenses detective. Still came up with nothing carpenter inexplicably flew under the radar. The sheriff brought in a psychologist. Dr Are William Mathis to take a closer look at the case. Based the ritual Listrik aspects of the two killings mathis hypothesized that the murder most likely hoarded souvenirs from his kills almost like small prices. Unfortunately even with a psychological profile police had no strong suspects and they hit another dead end then and seven months later in October of nineteen eighty carpenter struck again on the very same hiking trail twenty six year old and Alderson disappeared appeared while jogging on the trail. One morning her body was found a few days later she had been viciously sexually assaulted and shot in the head execution style. Oh just like a cane. In the wake of Ann's death a panic set in over the sleepy community of Marin County it was official a serial unreal murderer dubbed the trailside killer by the press was on the loose and his reign of terror over the San Francisco area was only just beginning in November of nineteen eighty carpenter visited point Reyes national seashore park but he wasn't alone among the many other people on the hiking trails. That day was twenty five year old. Sean may who planned to meet up with friends and parking lot at the other end of the trail when when she never showed up her friends called police for two days. Police searched the trail. It ended with a grisly. Find Four. Your body's just a half mile apart off the trail. The I belong to Sean I may. She had been stripped naked and shot beside her. Lay The decomposing body of twenty two year old. Diane O'CONNELL been reported missing a full month. Before Diane's murder was was particularly gruesome. She had been sexually assaulted strangled and shot multiple times. The two bodies lay side by side in a shallow grave just down the path. The corpses of two more missing persons were found Richards Towers and Cynthia Moreland both of whom had been missing since the middle of October. Both had also been shot in the back of the head the to lay face down under a patch of brush. The Bay Area Korea began to panic now. They knew for sure. There was a serial killer on the loose hunting as victims on hiking trails. Everything about these murders particularly chick clearly the way the bodies had been left behind instill tremendous fear in the hearts of locals forensic psychologist. Dr Catherine Ramsland stated that anyone who's posing victims in a specific way is trying to extend the crime scene to the reaction of the first people who arrive on the scene. Gene they want something to radiate out from their crimes in a way that will make them feel powerful again just thinking about it carpenters. Murder scenes followed pattern. The bodies of victims were left either kneeling on the ground lying face down or otherwise posed into a submissive position. After after the most recent discoveries the trails of San Francisco were deserted residents and locals were afraid to leave their homes but for the first this time police finally had a piece of traceable evidence the bullets used in all four of the point. Reyes murders matched the bullets used to murder merger and Alderson carpenters third victim. Feeling close to a breakthrough police diligently monitored all the trails around the city helicopters kopchev conducted flyover searches for clues and everyone from hiking clubs to marines volunteered to guard the trails to help. Stop the attacks. Some police even Windhoek horseback to patrol but these efforts came up with nothing after six weeks though little progress had been made in the case some residents began to feel feel safe hiking the trails again on their spring break from UC Davis Twenty. One year. Old Ellen Hansen and her boyfriend Steven hartill decided minded to go camping together in Henry Cowl redwoods State Park on March twenty ninth nineteen eighty one after camping the night the couple took a hike up to an observation tower. It was here that a slender bespectacled man in a ball cap approached them from the trees hidden in his hand and was a small gun. The man approached the couple calmly. He spoke to them in a quick low tone using short sentences. He told Stephen he was going to sexually assault Ellen. The man warned that if Stephen refused there would be fatal consequences at first Steven and Alan didn't know how to react. It wasn't until Carpenter revealed his handgun that they knew as threats were serious. Desperate Stephen begged the stranger to let them go. But Ellen could see that the man was not going to Budge Ellen stepped forward confronting the man face to face. She said he's going to he kill US anyway. An instant it was over the man raised his pistol and shot Ellen point blank in the head twice horrified. Stephen tried to escape but he couldn't move fast enough carpenters shot. Stephen twice fled the scene leaving the couple for dead but the trailside killers work was getting sloppy. Normally Carpenter prided himself on his ability to operate with precision killing his victims carefully so he had full control over their last breaths. A hasty murder like this was a far cry from his other killings as Z.. Typically preferred secluded emptier trails in this case multiple witnesses saw him that day as carpenter fled the scene. Several all people at the observation tower reported a suspicious man running out of the park. They described him in detail to police as a bald unassuming man with a slender billed and a pair of glasses. Surprisingly some of the most crucial testimony came from a ten year old girl as has carpenter rushed to his vehicle parked just outside of the camping grounds. The girl noticed suspicious of his frantic manner. She grabbed a nearby piece of cardboard Lord and sketched as best. She could the scene before her a man escaping at a small boxy red car but it it was the final report that was most damning of all from one of the victims. Stephen hartill miraculously after being rushed to the hospital title. He survived the brutal attack. Post Surgery Stephen was unable to speak but was determined to help however we could patiently using nonverbal communication police and a sketch artists were able to create a detailed composite. The rendition matched the testimony of the other hikers. The killer wore a ball cap glasses and had a slender build. The sketch was released to the public and printed in several local newspapers. Almost immediately police received a tip via a hotline. A local woman recognized the sketch. She said the man's name was David Carpenter. Her and that she'd met him several years prior on a cruise ship. She noted his stutter and claimed he made awkward advances towards both her and her daughter however there were several David carpenters living in the San Francisco Bay area than police while closer still could not narrow down their search coach. The sketch continued to run locally and to authorities hoped someone who might know more would provide them with a tip but potential tipsters weren't the only the ones reading the newspapers carpenter was too and he was growing anxious. He grew a beard and changed his appearance as best he could God. He also hoped that his new more stable life would help him continue to avoid suspicion he was now living with his parents and working in a warehouse. A parolee with a history of sex offenses carpenter. Had A hard time finding work he was legally barred from working in a facility with women. The the new warehouse job made it. Seem like he was a respectable man trying to reenter society for the first time in a while he felt like he looked normal mall but working with men did nothing to temper his sick and violent fantasies he soon turned his attentions next door to the warehouse to a print shop owned owned by the same company. Several women worked there. one of whom was named Heather Roxanne's Skaggs Skaggs was a twenty year. Old recent high school graduate graduate and carpenter heard. She was in the market for a car on May. First Nineteen eighty-one Carpenter approach skaggs. She was a young and kind and he felt drawn to her carpenter. told her that he'd heard about her car shopping and claimed he knew of a great bargain. Not Too far away. He offered to drive for over to take a look at the vehicle during their conversation carpenter emphasized to skaggs that she should go alone. He encouraged her to keep the location. The vehicle a secret and not to mention who she was going with skaggs accepted the offer and the two left but unbeknownst a carpenter skaggs hadn't blindly trusted his word. Her boyfriend was suspicious of carpenter after all he was an older creepy co worker. Who seemed far far too interested in skaggs just to be safe? Heather's boyfriend told her that if she failed to return home by seven. PM He'd report her missing to the police went wins. Seven o'clock came and went he frantically made the call. Police began their investigation. Swiftly by finding out who the last person person was to see heather her boyfriend and Co workers were quick to point him out David Joseph Carpenter up next. We'll investigate the final undoing of the trailside killer now back to the story by the spring of nineteen eighty one fifty one year old David Joseph Carpenter had murdered ten people dubbed the trailside killer he usually sought out his victims on the hiking trails surrounding San San Francisco but after increased scrutiny from the police carpenter changed his methods. He invited Heather skaggs to go. Look at a car for sale with him. When skaggs gags didn't return home that night? Her boyfriend called police. The I suspect on their list was the last person to see skaggs alive as soon soon as authorities arrived at David Carpenters House. They couldn't help it become even more suspicious once he opened the door. Police noticed the startling ordering resemblance carpenter had to a sketch of the trailside killer printed just a few months prior even just his name made them wary. David Carpenter was the exact name given by a woman calling a hotline about the killer. The final clue sat just in the driveway. Detectives took a hard look at carpenter's car. A Red Boxy Fiat. It was just like the one a ten year old witness had described the day. The killer last struck police quickly consulted with carpenters. Parole officer who confirmed that he could very well be a suspect in Heather's disappearance terrence they also double check their records and confirmed carpenters name and profile had been accidentally left out of suspect lists for the previous trailside murders. Police took carpenter to the station and questioned him about his relationship with heather skaggs but he refused to answer when pressed a carpenter. Reportedly started stuttering so terribly but he couldn't speak at all. The interrogation continued for hours eventually turning to carpenters background and childhood. When speaking about his early life carpenter sounded full of bitterness and resentment he mentioned the dance classes he had been forced to take as a child and another investigator shared that he too had taken dance when he was young this resonated with carpenter in some way as he sat in a sudden cold silence after a moment he stood from his chair? Move to the middle of the interrogation room and began to dance he. He completed some of the traditional ballet positions calling them out as he remembered them I position second position and so on as unnerving as has the performance was many of carpenter's other answers. Were even more suspicious. Often he told blatant lies to detectives or was Dodgy Gee about important details including his whereabouts on the days of the murders at the end of his questioning. Carpenter reportedly turned to authorities. He's referring to Heather skaggs. He said I pray to God. No one finds her body and finds that she's been raped with these haunting words. Police police were itching to make an arrest but in the hopes of building a stronger case they let carpenter go for a week. They put him under surveillance since secretly watching his every move hoping he would lead them to more evidence after a week when no new evidence emerged they they decided it was time to officially make the arrest. They surrounded carpenters home guns at the ready prepared for assistance but when an officer knocked on the door Oren explained a carpenter that he was under arrest. He surrendered quietly even so the horror wasn't over yet. Barely one week had passed. Authorities received another call about the trailside killer. A pair of hikers had gone for a walk in big basin redwoods woods state park located near San Jose when they smelled something disgusting coming through the trees they followed the scent and found rapidly rapidly decomposing body. Investigators quickly identified the body as Heather skaggs carpenters ninth victim. Her body was discovered verdon shallow grave covered in dirt and leaves. She'd been assaulted and shot just like the others. After this discovery police put carpenter are in a lineup. Stephen Hartill the trailside killers only surviving victim. Positively identified carpenter as the man who murdered murdered. His girlfriend months later when carpenter appeared before a judge he reportedly showed no emotion at all at first. But it's calm demeanor suddenly changed when the judge estimates first question is your name true. As stated according to those in the courtroom that day carpenter contorted noted his face away from the judge and jury. He shook his head and stuttered so horribly he couldn't remain still after a few moments. He was finally able the answer. Yes on May Eighteenth nineteen eighty eight fifty eight-year-old David. Joseph Carpenter was officially convicted. You did for the killings of Richard Stars. Cynthia Moreland Shauna may Diana O'CONNELL and an Alderson. He was also found guilty. Not on two counts of rape and one count of attempted. Rape Carpenter was sentenced to be executed now. Almost ninety he remains on death. Throw to this day with the trailside killer safely locked away. The sickening attacks ended and the parks and trails in the San Francisco. Enciso Bay area opened up again since then. The city has been free of the nightmare that haunted it for years but many still still remember the monster but once lurked on the paths stalking victims in broad daylight and dragging them helplessly into the trees. Thanks again for tuning in to serial killers will be back Monday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of serial killers and all other park has originals for free free on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all all of your favorite podcast originals. Like serial killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream serial killers on spotify. Just I open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Have a killer week. Serial killers was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original executive producers include Max Ron Cutler sound design by Michael Lang's ner with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Carly Madden. This episode of serial killers was written by Jess. Hana Vich with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson just a reminder. That will be back with a new episode on January. Sixth in the meantime we'll be playing our listeners. Most requested episodes of two thousand nineteen. Thanks again for listening. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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