StubHub Tripleheader Postfight (Ep 284)


This fits the HBO boxing podcasts. I am HBO boxing insider, Eric Raskin. And I am doing as always by my co host fellow HBO insider, Karen Mulvaney, and it was a tough Saturday night, a sad Saturday night, all in all not the best Saturday night of your life or my life. But one thing is for certain we both had a better Saturday night than max Kellerman. Did that was some crappy timing for a guy who speaks into a microphone for a living to have to lose his voice? It's my understanding that there were some celebrities at the fights in LA, including ROY sider who came up to max and said, you're going to need a better throat. See what I did there? Brought it all back around. How many years of you had that sucks away? At one point. I'm gonna come back, and I'm going to obliterate the embarrassment of my not knowing that line. I don't know that I a Blida rated anything with that. I'm I'm probably just amplifying the embarrassment. But you know, and I'm well aware, by the way that ROY Scheider isn't alive anymore. But you do what you have to do in service. Bad opening joke precisely full credit some actually showed up once showed up at the crew dinner and sat down and just like pointed at his throat and shrugs it just everyone was like that's perfect. It seems about right? Yep. Full credits. Him for soldiering on on. What was as you already alluded to an extraordinarily difficult and emotionally draining evening at the stubhub center in the tripleheader on HBO boxing after dark CD breaks out pointed Al exander, Mike Lopes Francisco Estrada stopped Victor Mendez caress, a shield dominated funky Herman's all of those individual performances were somewhat lost on a cold night and front of a small crowd by the broadening of. Active HBO, boxing, apparently taking its final bow after forty five years one thousand one hundred and nineteen fights we will talk about that in a bit. But first to the last professional, quote professional. We do our due diligence and give the boxes in the ring the credit that they deserve. So that's breakdown before we do anything else. That's the breakdown the evening as it unfolded inside the ropes, Eric. Yeah. We saw three dominant wins the victorious parties each arguably not losing around. It all went according to script with the winds for Clarisa shields. One Francisco Estrada and Cecilia breakup. Who impressed you the most of the three winners care in in other words who won the night? So I guess I mean as you said with with sort of entering this. Ev all three of the winners did while they had to buy all just need it to win and set themselves up for what comes next and move on. And I guess they all did that. Terresa shields. Getting up at and HBO wanted to win fairly impressively set herself up with a unification fight and she's done that Cecilia neither to look better than she did in HBO bell and cheated that. And promptly when straight for Chris cyborg clearly herself out for us sort of a, you know, m a boxing mash up there, which I suspect will go considerably better than the last big enemy boxing. Probably won't make as much money. No, David would be vastly vastly better evening. I hate to say that of the three probably wasn't sceviour because she was in the main event she won very comfortably. She may be lost one round entity will lost just one round in total of the thirty on the judges scorecards, and she did perform how she has. She showed up the first time around. But I think it probably wasn't Cecilia. I think is between of who winning the night. I think it is choice between Clarisa and Cisco Estrada who is really starting to grow on the law as a as a fighter e it's interesting. I've it's been a long time since I've seen somebody who's quite so remarkably calm in the ring as he slowly increases the pressure that he puts on his opponent. And this was a fight in which Astrada barely looked to be breakings Wes, and yet was gradually beating the brakes off of a very game. In front of him. And give them what they all had to do. And given you know Shiels and break basically just had to win in order to get themselves to what they need to do next the Strada as we talked about in the preview probably needed to do a little bit more than that. He didn't need to just win. He needed to win win impressively in order to sort of stake. His claim to be number one. A in an around that Superfly division in the absence of chocolate. Tito, and sister cat, and I think probably he did that. I think he had a bit more of a bar to clear an I think even though the first couple rounds were kind of quiet. That's what he did. So it's close for me between Cisco starting class. But if you ask me who won the night the winners. I'm just gonna go with Estrada. Okay. I I agree that it is close between those two relative to expectations for me personally. I would say Clarisa shields won the night because I'll admit I've been under. Twelve by her at times in her pro career prior to this. You'll recall we were at her pro debut ward Kovolev one off TV undercard, she struggled a bit that night, and in some of her fights since she's looked very raw, not not terribly school hall, in my opinion. I thought shields looked quicker slicker and more athletic against her Mons. Then she had before she was really snapping her mom's head around with the left hook. I think John David Jackson who she's only been with full time for a few fights. Now is making a difference taking expectations out of the equation Estrada might have won the night just for being so aesthetically pleasing even in a completely one sided fight, which this was Mendez. I think had a sparring partner mentality. He didn't see. Yeah. But even in a one sided fight stratas, a pleasure to watch. He so smooth and graceful there's an art to what he does. And how he fights and those compu- box numbers. What one? Shout out to Bob Kenobi. Oh and company copy box. Those numbers were stunning Estrada. Outlandish Mendez two hundred twenty five to sixty seven and percentage wise. It was thirty seven percent to just twelve percent. And what does it say about how good the winners looked in those fights that Cecilia breaks who box beautifully and one nine or ten rounds? Didn't get much consideration for either of us for winning the night. But she obviously thought quite well also. Speaking of breaks, and you know, sure her calling for cyborg, perhaps it doesn't seem especially likely that shields and breaks will fight in the immediate future. There's there's the break a cyborg thing that she's working on shields, ugly headed toward a big fight with Christina hammer, and she and breaks are still two weight classes apart. But if it were to happen at one hundred fifty four pounds based on what you saw tonight. How would it play out? Yeah. I guess if we're looking at it as an actual possible matchup rather than one of those mythical pound for pound sort of match ups. Obviously, you know, a lot depends on how easy it would be for shields to get down to one fifty four and what that would do to her. If feels as if you know a lot of what makes her successful is clear Cecil's that is. Yes, he's impressive hands. Feeding. She's putting together some good combinations. But she has like a snap in power to her punch, and there's the physical intimidation to her in the ring. That is an important part of what she brings. And if she were to lose that if she would still, you know, go down to one fifty four still be able to throw combinations. But lose a lot of the snap and Boyd those punches lamb. I don't know how governments that up because a lot of those punches were landing. You could feel them ringside really good thudding punches. So if she were to lose that as a result of cutting that much weight, then you you've really Cecilia breakers. I think probably to be able to move out move and boxer because breakers does have I think probably the better silky skills out of the two of them. But if something close to the Clarisa Shiels that we saw last night was to get into the ring against Cecilia break. We saw last I think it'd be very intriguing because then it would be a question of whether breakers is movement and boxing would be enough to frustrate just the the raw energy as well as the power and combinations of questions. I think breakers would probably have a very very hard time with the Clarisa Shiels who was who we saw last night. If it was able to maintain that kind of standard that kind of strength that kind of power that kind of energy by going to one hundred and fifty four pounds. I says, but to Celia breakers thinks so too I'm figures that you know, in a risk reward scenario. It's better to go. Elsewhere, hence, the the enthusiasm for you know, the way she very rapidly dismissed fighting Clarisa shields next in interview and said label. So as you said, I suspect we shan't see or at least very soon, but I think it'd be very intriguing although on the one hand breakers to go back to your earlier point by a terrorist issues working with Trump at David Jackson on the one hand the risk factor might be diminished by breakers taking fight sooner rather than later because it does feel as if flourescence yields it's getting better ever increase the reward ratio as well to put it off a bit. But you know, that's why she's really go to thread the needle. If is ever going to happen because it does feel as if the rest is starting now to put those punches together well to put those companies together to turn over the punches properly and just give her a little bit more. And it feels as if she could be quite close to a complete package. So the T L D R. Suming assuming shields is able to maintain some kind of strength and energy. By cutting white and going down. Then I think it would be very difficult for her because breakers is on an entirely different level of anyone face before. But you just go to feel that aggression that energy that power that combination punching would give Clarisa Shiels the edge. I believe when it's on a podcast. The acronym is t- LDL guy that you go. Oh. But yeah, I agree with you. I think it's you know, it's a really good high class competitive fight right now, assuming shields can make one hundred fifty four without depleting herself as he said, and assuming that breaks doesn't put on bad week to get to one fifty four. I probably wouldn't have said this two days ago, but I favor shields. You know, and the listeners know that I'm not a big size guy. Most of the time skill is much more important than being five or ten pounds heavier. But this is a case where shields has pulled close enough to even on skill that, I probably favor her over breaks. But you brought up the timing. And that's what's on my mind. If I'm breaking I wanna make this fight ASAP. Be like Floyd locking up canal. Earl right? Yeah. It's a tough fight to call right now shield is only twenty three the exact age Cannella was when he fought Floyd who was thirty six by the way, a one year younger than break is now a year or two from now when Clarence twenty four twenty five and break pushing forty it might not be so competitive, so I don't know if this fight is going to happen. I don't know that it needs to happen. But if it is going to happen. I'd like to see it in twenty nine thousand nine rather than waiting any longer for it. So. Francisco Estrada got the only stoppage of the night, helping you get your hand raised in our final fight prediction disagreement. So congrats on that this this planned? This wasn't a notable opponent that he beat. But he looked good. And it was on HBO got a decent audience. Does this victory as a last minute replacement for chocolate PTO help springboard Estrada to a meaningful fight next year? Yeah. I think so I think to you know, to get to the playmate earlier he had to not just way. And I think it would have been very bad for him. If he just sort of slept walked his way to to twelve round win ee D needed to look better more engaged than he did against Philippi or to the last time around and he does have this habit. When I asked him about that I had to gauges performance consultant cooties. Well, that's what I do. I just start slowly and then gradually pick up the pace, and he seems to be quite comfortable without being the way that he fights. And that was the way that he fought as I said before I liked the kind of com- assassin like way he goes about it. He he looks sometimes like he's bored and there he so relaxed, but he did exactly what he had to do. Figured the guy out in the first round slowly started to crank up the pressure. Really good technically, I felt the way that he retreated just enough to have Mendez come to ward him. And then steps forward inside Mendez's point punches to counter him tremendous natural skill and experience there, and despite our real real craftsman's performance, I thought in the ring bear, and that's what he needed to do. He needed to go in and show that he can just be up these kind of guys and that he's better than these kind of guys and the people that he needs to be fighting are chocolate ITO, and in a rematch, and he was impressive enough that you would want to see in a rematch against chocolate towards risk cat. So I think it was absolutely jumped on Francisco Estrada. And obviously, there are broader considerations. Now, we'll have to see where all these different fighters. Wind up in terms of networks, and and everything else, but streaming all of those things fall into place. They don't know have a SuperFood. Franchise ready made to dislodge into swimming that they're able to do that. And that will the politics work than. Yes. Absolutely. I think has started that himself. No harm at all. He's always been in an around there when he has had the opportunity to get big fights. He's won them against everyone except those two and then he's been very close. He deserves another opportunity, and I think he kept himself in the discussion. Yeah. It's the cat rematch. That's particularly on mine. I mean their flight was one of the five best fights of the year in two thousand eighteen so I I would love to see that on some network in two thousand nineteen Estrada deserves it. He he's been in and out of the lower reaches of my pound for pound top ten. He's that good. And by the way, he carried one hundred twenty pounds nicely in this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe he has some flexibility on what wait he can fight at to make a big fight next year. Okay. Deep breath. I think we are done talking about the fights. And that means we're literally done talking about the fights. There are no more HBO boxing matches to talk about at least for now the door has been left. Open a crack for a possible future pay per view of N. And who knows what could happen if the landscape of boxing changes a few years from now. But as of now, this is the end of a forty five year run in boxing HBO. And that means this is the final episode of the HBO boxing podcast that cured, and I will be hosting together. We started this podcast in March of two thousand fourteen shortly after ESPN had pulled the plug on and solo podcast, which I know all of yourself proclaim big fans out there. Heavy hitting boxing podcast isn't around anymore. So cure in and I we're both doing work for HBO at the time. And was suddenly available to podcast. I'd been pestering various editors there since about twenty ten about starting and HBO boxing podcast. And Michael Gluck stat deserves a lot of credit for taking a chance on this thing. When HBO wasn't in the podcast business at all. And starting up a podcast for boxing meant potentially rocking the boat a little but Gluck thought it was worth doing. He believed in the two of us. So huge thank you to him for making this possible. And for beyond just the podcast being a great editor to work with. And we're at war all these years and one more thing Gluck deserves credit for is putting us on radio row until about two weeks before may whether pack. Yeah, I had no expectation of being in Vegas for the fight. But then Gluck made that happen. He put us on radio row, and that became a great tradition for us in one of my favorite perks of this gig. We've done some memorable podcast interviewed plenty of noteworthy people over phone and Skype, but. It's the in person stuff on radio row with Roy Jones with Freddie Roach with J B smooth with Lennox Lewis on and on and on those are the memories that will stick with me. Not to mention the adventure of trying to find a quiet place in the arena every fight to live post-fight pots so lots of fun memories as the HBO boxing podcast took me all over the world. And by all over the world. I mean, mostly just Las Vegas occasionally New York in Atlantic City. Of course, none of it would have been as memorable or as enjoyable without a podcast partner that I enjoyed doing it with you knew this was coming here. And if I could force myself to say nice things about debt lawf- at the end of ring theory, you better believe I can muster something nice to say about you. But seriously, it has been a pleasure. It's been an easy partnership Rask in the mold of ETA. The chemistry was there from the start. Yeah, we agreed on our fight predictions. A little more often than was ideal. But doing a podcast or radio show or a TV show every week for five years, you're not gonna make it if you don't enjoy working with the person you're having these conversations with and I'm hopeful that this isn't the end for us as a podcast team. But it is the end for us on the HBO boxing podcast, specifically, I can't imagine. There's anyone else in the boxing media. I would've enjoyed doing it with as much as you. Thanks for letting me ride your coat tails. And yes, that's something. You say when you're pretending to be humble when really everyone knows down was the other guy who is running your coat tails over to you. Karen? Yes. Fuck say, it's said I and here the writer bells into his big bag of Okabe Laurie to describe what it was like and comes up with sucks ass. It was it was really rough. I mean, it's been. I think our gig over the last five ish years has been I don't think that as gig that I've enjoyed more. I really thoroughly enjoyed it. And a large part of that is podcasting with you and talking with you and. Actually, dealing with you. You will thrill at the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl before before podcasts and not note to the patriots fan listeners. I didn't bring it up. Karen, brought up this year's been better, obviously. But I have a horrible feeling. It's going to take a nasty turn that that's been hugely enjoyable and also he said, Eric, I think we've been so fortunate obviously, we've had other editors in the past with ice O been tremendously supportive who've who've helped move things along Chris Vivian and Steve Morrow self, but I can never say enough good things about Gluck who has been such an advocate for boxing and within the company's then so much not just us. Not just to the podcast, but for HBO, boxing, generally, really fought the good fight within that company. And you happen to be a great editor in offense person that it's been an honor as well as a pleasure to work with him as it has been. With you. And the only reason I'm not getting overly emotional about the end of our podcast is that as you alluded to. I think we're both that being too complacent. I think we're reasonably mildly optimistic that this is just a pause and a reset and the reformatting of the series. For for down the line. We do hope that that will be more of of American I- inbox in boxing podcasting. Hopefully in the not too distant future. There was one other thing with your indulgence that I wanted to add here because as you know, the podcasting is part of what I do for HBO as you mentioned when we started this. We were both working for the website and contemporaneous with doing the podcast. I've had the opportunity to be the digital reporter for HBO and. You know, I'm really fortunate for the last five years. So I really have been all over the world with. Vegas less Vegas. LA london. Montreal Monaco Macau. Ecotank. Berg and Russia could fill 'em entire podcast with this non against it took place on that trip. And as a consequence it's been my really good fortune to get to know. So many of the crew the production team that people really make the broadcast happen and make them look so good. It's a tremendous bunch of people traveling circus our own family. We like each other. We have fun together. I look forward every time to go into a fight. Because I knew that I'd be seeing friends and might be working with friends. And and the thing is well as being great people. They will all not only good, but the best, and that's why boxing was so great because the quality of the people involved as people on us professionals was so great for me like my favorite moment. Always and fight week on fight night. And there's always just a couple minutes before the broadcast started and everybody, you know, we'd all be having fun during fight week. And whether you ringside sitting next to me, or whatever we you know, chatting and the crew. Meal and then the clock kind of tick down, and I was feeling that everybody would start getting that game faces on and everyone would get into position. And I always felt really proud to be a part of that team. 'cause I looked around and realized that not only did we all know in like each other. But you knew everyone was going to do a good job. And you knew everyone was going to pick up everyone else. So. We already talked to with your indulgence just wanted to give a quick shout is I'm really grateful to Dave Harmon who has always really supportive very encouraging and give feedback on his own time. And was a good friend of the podcast to. And it was great great to have him. Another still one of my favorite episodes having Dave on talking about what goes on behind behind the scenes to some extent and very grateful to him and for this sort of traveling team at Mulholland and Kevin Flaherty, Jerry Eliah. Certainly gonna miss you guys terribly full credit to Tommy Kotel when my door, and folks, you may have sometimes just seeing this woman with a headset on like in the corner of the screen escorting fighters to the railing were being in the ring or wondered who she was you have no idea how much HBO boxing broadcast really needed time to make everything run like clockwork. And I was also really happy to be a part of what we call it internally. Delta force the team that put together the fighter minutes you would see during broadcasts. So that it'll packages or the two days of the twenty four seven, and they were great bunch of people, and I really enjoy being a part of that team on our own little subgroup within that the digital team Alba came and just Johnson. I'm most of time Castillo who had the worst job in HBO sports because for the last five years, I don't know how much time he's been looking at my face and listening to he's trying to edit both in a way that made everyone look good. So many times by me. Purpose that hotels around the world over the years. He's very patient. And so thank you, Tom. And anyway, I'm realized this into an academy we'll speak. You don't have to budget for the music to play me off. So just to say just the reiterate, look, it's this has been with you in the podcast with working with with being on the road. It has been the most enjoyable gig. I've ever had it's been enjoyable because I like the work it's been enjoyable because being HBO you're among the very best. I will miss this very much, and I will miss them. But it's been a fantastic right for you. And I and of course, for all of those have been a part of it for many many years before us, and I just wanted to finish by saying HBO, boxing, maybe over, but it's legacy will endure for a long long time. And as ensures the case with you. I'm honored to have played a very very small part in it. Absolutely. Well, said so that brings us to the end, and it is the last HBO boxing podcasts, the two of us are doing together. But it's not the last HBO boxing podcast. That's coming next week. The. Fourth and final installment in my series of oral history style podcast previous episodes covered Hopkins. Vs. Trinidad I obey Bucci and med versus Kelly next week. It's Oscar de LA Hoya vs Fernando Vargas, so don't cancel your podcasts grip. Now, we always end the podcast with pithy. Thank you for listening. We'll make it slightly less pithy this time as we thank you for supporting the show over nearly five years nearly three hundred episodes. We got an Email on Saturday night from a listener of sharing how much the podcast meant to him. How it got him through some tough times how he still releases too old episodes that just blows us away. It's wonderful to hear it doesn't suck to feel appreciated and the Email ended with the hope that we have a new podcast in the works. And so you alluded to that Kirin all week and say on that front is make sure your following us on Twitter. I'm at Eric Raskin cure in his at Kieran Mulvaney. We will keep you informed there as to where we're headed next. But for now, we close with a sincere. Thank you for listening on aircraft. And I'm here.

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