EP 112 Nick Sotelo Transitioning To Your Entrepreneurial Dream


How can you transition into your entrepreneurial dream from where you are now. Stay tuned to find out. Okay here's the question. How are we dark horses. The ones everyone is betting against the ones they don't expect to win place or even show on track and they'll even laugh on us. We talk about trying. How do we show the world greatness and triumph. Come while that's the question and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the dark force entrepreneur. Tracey bregman darkhorse friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of transitioning to your entrepreneurial dream learning. I'm your darkhorse host tracey bregman. And you well my friends that is infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or one in the making either way. You're here because you're ready to start restart kick start a start living up with some great marketing personal or business results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire absolutely deserves to be who that another big episode for you today today. Nick sedillo shares boat. How both he and his wife transitioned from both of them. Being six figure earners in their corporate careers to their entrepreneurial. Dreams plus i'm gonna let you in next week's interview episode guests who went from freelance consulting career to creating businesses it provides top nut services to the likes of pixar. Now i know you guys are enjoying this and i want you to come jam with us on a more personal level so come on over to the. The facebook group go to facebook dot com internet. Search bar up there type in dark horse tribe and come on in there and ask your questions drop. Your knowledge commend your and share with the other driven entrepreneurs debtor in group and that are joining the group as we speak and then of course be sure to stop by dark horse. Schooling dot com incentive for a newsletter. We'll be dropping all kinds of extra goodies Things like the thirty five Entrepreneur productivity hacks. The success of entrepreneurship plus from some new goodies. That are on the horizon. Here that will not be aired here on the podcast or shared in the facebook group. So you're going to be. I wanna be a part of that newsletter all right now as per usual the dark horse corrals chuck full of personal business and marketing g. o. l. d. spilling from every corner of the dark horse entrepreneur. H q so let's get to the starting gates and go all right my dirk horse friends and family. Today's guest is nick. Nick is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Who's turned life coach now knicks. Not your run of the mill. Life cooks at. Nick has a phd counseling. Education supervision in nick is a podcast host of the upgraded life. Where nick draws upon this advanced education is training and twenty years of experience to bring something that you can immediately apply in your life. And i know nick's going to bring something that we can immediately apply today nick. Welcome to the dark horse entrepreneur. How you doing brother doing excellent. Thank you so much for having me on the show at absolutely my pleasure. I know we had a couple of scheduling difficulties. We had to to muddle through but here we are And so i literally as you as. I was just telling i want to step back from the mike for a minute in hand stage over so you can tell your story the good the bad the road traveled to bring you to where you are today in love. Do what you do so much. All right sounds good. My story well. My story is one of those common yet uncommon. Here i am trying to be unique and special type of person so I'll start with You know i was. I was raised by my grandparents. Meaning that You know the people that brought me into this world. I'm we're young and they didn't have life quote unquote figured out. And that's kind of how i started in. His british raised an only child. And of course you know like you just told you audience. I do have a phd in counseling. So that's kind of where my mind goes. Turns chai child development. And how i got to where. I'm at so bear with me on that and so i was raised by my grandparents. They were Born in the early thirties so they were the depression era. Type people so You know. I wish that they were around now talk about. What are people talking about spanish flu. When you're little kids they would have been close enough to it. Right right But it was depression. Era type folks and so you know. We ate what most people would consider weird things like we would. We would take things out of the pantry put on a pot and turn it on. And that's what we ate dinner right and i was not so great of a student growing up until something clicked in middle school where i decided that if i guess if i'm going to have to go to school then i might as well do it as best as i could and kind of snapped into you. Know honors type principles. You know List for good things not for for the less not. They kept on a little drawer his desk. But you know the list. That got Pasted out in the hallways and whatnot but High school rolled through and i ended up being a pretty decent athlete. And you know finished with a three point nine eight. Gpa and Football basketball baseball. I went to a smaller school. So i was able to take advantage of that. And if you're an athlete you're at athlete didn't matter what sport you're you're in your on. I ain't rio Rolled into college. And i thought. I was gonna premed and i thought it was going to be a dentist and that was that was an expectation in my family that you know all the males went to school and all of me males achieved highly in school meaning. Bachelor's degree was just kind of the beginning. And there was an expectation that you would continue to go on. I guess filled that role you know capping it off with the phd. But i think you're good with acting i was. I was pre med But i went to school in the town that i was raised in so that was that salem oregon and i went to alliant university which meant i'm a townie. I guess that was a word that the the other students had for people like me and so still connected to all my old networks or existing networks and friends and when it came time to study or go out and hang out with my buds. While i picked to go out and hang out with my buds and come sophomore. I was put on academic probation on my first term That didn't last very long. I was able to snap out of it. I was premed with chemistry as my major was kind of the play and long story. Short ended up graduating with a psychology. Degree didn't do pre-med and was courted by a couple employees in the youth correction Or agency in in the state of oregon and they really kind of put their hooks into me. I applied and that was twenty one years ago that i started working in in youth corrections. It's the primary source of income. That i've had the only quote unquote career that i've known. I had jobs before that in college and whatnot syrian so today in starting the last probably three to four years corrections folks. Don't have the best outcomes when it comes to post career mortality statistics. Meaning that we the average corrections employees will die about five years after retirement. Yeah and i've seen it enough now. I've been around know twenty years. I've seen that. I've seen people not make it to retirement and i don't wanna be one of those types of statistics. Sure my wife kind of on a similar path with her career. We kind of looked at each other. She was an educator and we both looked at ourselves. Like we've been doing this for twenty years. We're not gonna do it for another twenty if that makes sense sheridan's though and we started thinking about how can we exit out of our careers and not burn the ships right. We're not we're not completely is going to cut ourselves from income. But how do we do that. In a way that makes sense you know financially we still have. We have still have kids in school. I have a junior and a seventh grader And so you know. It's not responsible to distill the cut loose of our primary income streams and then hope for the best right. We started looking at ways of. How can we build a different income streams and then systematically back out of our careers so my wife has been able to do that We were both six figure. Earners in our careers to keep that in mind. A lot of people have that goal of becoming a six figure earners and we were there right here that we we were there. We were realizing the cost of that as it as that was hooked to a employer employee dynamic right of developing other income. Streams is what made sense my wife Pushed forward with with her income stream that i fully support her in and part of me developing income. Streams is basically three fold one is. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I've operated private practice. Counseling since two thousand six and through my continued education. I have earned the ability and privilege to supervise other counselors as they're trying to become licensed in so part of what i do the best. Is i help people help counselors. That don't want bill insurance and they they wanna be in private practice. I don't wanna have to bother with insurance. So i show them how to do that. And it's kind of a unicorn within the the field that people don't think that you can do that. People think the goal is to grind away. Get licensed so you can finally billiards. Sure and i show people how to not do that. And then there's a lot of benefits and advantages to not billing insurance within still being able to have a thriving practice so That's a big income stream for me and another one is Doing that full pivot into becoming a life coach. When i specifically work with people it's Less mental health format and more and more life coach format. And there's a lot of reasons for that. But i'll be to say it's much more rewarding for me to work in the in the realm as life coach versus mental counselor. And this podcast. I think that that is another kind of building An income stream building towards it. and so. that's that's my story at this point in time. I'll let you dig into it as i heard. There's lots of golden pieces in there And i wanna come back to the whole bill insurance thing but let's let's go back to the beginning right so you're you're raised by your grandparents and i think that's kind of cool my My mom was actually raised by her grandma and her grandma lives in my great grandmother. Live to be an awesome age. I got to know her well into my teens. And her perspective on life I know molded. Some of my viewpoints is. I grew up. Listen to the amazing stories that she told no. She literally came across the united states from florence kansas to southern california as a young girl on a covered. And i'm like okay. You gotta tell me more about that right. You know they they. They got their plot of land they. The family themselves physically built their own home. tore down in their rebuilt. It later on and you just hear these kinds of stories and things. They did migrate. Grandma ended up being a made for the nixon family The parents of of richard nixon in whittier california for a period of time which obviously leverage itself into a number of reports in school for me right. But like like you were saying the the coming from that different era that thirty zero you learn a different perspective of of life and would you concur with that absolutely. You definitely have the just like you said the stories that they they have the towel and the way of life that they knew was just a little bit categorically different things that they had seen an inexperienced. I definitely wouldn't would agree with that. Yeah it was a. It seemed to me in that. It was more of a giving lifestyle. And that's how you got back you. You didn't take right. You weren't this out. They're taking from the land or taking from other people or taking site you were giving and then you're getting in return and i got a different perspective for mine term meaning that because of the the life especially that my grandmother lived she was really programming me to not necessarily take take But don't ever trust anyone because everyone is trying to get something from you okay. It'd be very careful about who you trust in in in what you give to whom because ultimately people are out to take advantage of you and unfortunately your family members are included in that category. And so that was. That was the message that i grew up with as a as a little child to be very suspicious. Very guarded very skeptical and that was based on her experience. Growing up happen absolutely. Yeah i can get that. I think if i look at some of the messages i got from mike Great grandparents or grandparents but my folks as well it was. Yeah there was that under underlying tony. Hey people will treat you how you give them permission to treat you right if you give them permission to keep taking from you they will if you say Stop right there. We we got a hold this bow. Then they'll learn and they'll move on to quote unquote easier targets right so okay so you had You you mentioned that your family for the males in the family had this high expectation I'll insert words into your mouth and say higher education right absolutely. Do you think that that was one of the driving. Factors behind your your scholastic achievements getting all the way to phd. It definitely was for master's degree. And when i look back on it I probably did that more out of dynamic to finally or maybe the continue to win favor with my definitely sought. They're not so much. phd by. I think she was still around by then. But i had made a tough decision Kind of mid two thousand would have been right around two thousand six is. There's a story there. Where i i started having less and less to do with with my family of origin and so so definitely. Phd was more of a decision that was made between my wife and myself. Okay nice but still. Obviously i think by that point you had years and years of schooling under your belt. It was almost a habit for you. I would imagine. Because i know a and i was just chatting with my wife earlier. And she's an in the education field as well and she's like yeah just to be a psychologist. You're going to all these hours of internships and that's just a get there. Then you've got a you know. Go into on might might. My head was spinning. The the pieces of information i didn't know so the corrections arena. That's that's got to be interesting. I know especially the the youth corrections in. I'm lucky enough. That the closest i got to okay. I'll be honest I was on the receiving side. Some use corrections okay. Let's be honest right But i think on the other side of that. The closest i really got to that was when i was in the public speaking. Arena down in in georgia One of the things i did. Oh god for longest time. Monthly or bimonthly is. I would go to the dekalb county a youth corrections corrections facility and just go. Give presentations you know. A know is went there with a personal development Kind of presentation but once they learned where i worked which was coca cola. That's all the questions rat right. And so i started going there and just sharing some of the behind the scenes coolness of the dakota world how they make the product how they market the product. And then you can leverage those relationships you build to help hopefully guide them say. Hey here's an opportunity over here and here's an opportunity over here so that you know god willing when they get out of the of the facility. They start making better choices. Tell me about about your row. Mindy as us corrections what you gained impact. You hopefully had Though i started when i was twenty one years old That was the minimum age at the time that you could work there. The i i came in. There is an era folks. That could you could start working at nineteen and so there were some folks that were like that that were there. But you know i was twenty one. Salem oregon is a small town i think. There is barely any small-time relatively considering there's about maybe two hundred thousand. Two hundred. Thirty thousand is the capital oregon but sits in between portland and eugene kind of the bigger cities and in the area an important self compared to seattle. La's pretty is small potatoes of portland metro. I don't think he even has two million. I think it's like in just under two million so compared to like seattle six million. Yeah no anymore but at least ten right and so being big. But i definitely didn't know What it was like to live you know in urban situations and lot of kids coming from portland and whatnot gotten in trouble It was a little bit of a culture shock You know. I was raised in the church in the christian church and was a i involved in youth group and those people that were courting me like i mentioned earlier were or folks that i knew from church and so there was a lot of culture shock you know and here i was Have never smoked. Never drank then. Have anybody pregnant. In went to school went to college. Played played sports. And when i walked onto the living unit There were five youth. We call him. You were older than i. What is an oregon. We can keep them tell their age twenty five. I'm twenty one guy in there is five that were that were older than i and so that was always kind of interesting mckenna hit here. I am telling them what to do. I've got the keys. I have the power. They weren't much older. I mean they they were you you know barely more the most was somebody would maybe like a year and a and a handful of months older than me huge spiritual there but so that was that was different In terms of what. What did i get myself into. And you know. And i didn't think that i would be sitting here. You know twenty one years after the fact talking about it. This might be a good stepping stone. And i might move onto something else. You're definitely a big culture shock. Going to dice. Yeah i can only imagine stepping into that. I know it was. It was also a culture sexuality. I wasn't behind the scenes but it was certainly a wake up moments. I want i know the first time i went there and gave the presentation. It was shortly after one of the big Shootings things that happened in the schools. So i'm dating myself here. Obviously and They had one of the lead suspects in this particular facility and he was in the audience. Walked out going. Oh my god. I'm glad i made some of the decisions. I made as a youth myself right. 'cause i could have been on the other side of this so it was it was it was interesting perspective to look at what could have been here. I was going okay. Thank god for that Okay so now you you've traveled these these awesome roads in that. You and your wife have made some choices like okay. We don't be traveling down this this road all the way because five years after we retire. Statistically it could be over right not going to be here. I would just call it like this. I'll be dead right So you start making decisions. Due to venture down the entrepreneurial pass good bed. Different right just is goes. Yo sounds like your wife is doing successful I know your your. Your podcast is taken off in your got. Some good things going on doing the life coach Cool for you a given your breasts of experience and knowledge but let's go down into the how does a coach help scenario absolutely and it's one of those things where you have to see it to believe it to a certain degree meaning. There's a lot of ways that you can become a coach. And that's one of the most one of the downfalls is one of the criticisms while anybody can become a coach it which is true a major the way the internet marketing works these days. Young on the interwebs and you can be hit up with all kinds of be certified to be yet become a coach. You know an eight week course over ninety seven dollars. You know things so twenty-seven right so so that is definitely a pathway into it. That's not everybody's pathway that definitely wasn't my pathway But i've been coach. I'm currently being coached remotely For some fitness goals of mine and In this list is focusing on that my own personal journey with fitness Again i was. I was an athlete in high school. I should have been an athlete in college. A different story and you know coming through children having children in my late twenties and not really modifying at my eating habits. You know very much at all. I wound up being. You know pretty damn close to fifty pounds overweight. That was you know about two years ago or at really kind of crested for me. And i was like enough is enough and so i spent like a year and a half on my own trying. This trying that Eating less in and moving more in reading books do i bought a couple. You know self Self driven in online programs to and nothing really work in a got to a point dory elissa still a goal of mine right and i still haven't move the needle so to speak in so i Took up somebody on an offer to Be coached them. In the in the rumba fitness and i've made incredible gains and just in. It's been since may as october so six months or something like that. So i've made incredible gains under under my coach Because number one. They know they're talking about Number two they know how to individualize it to not only what my goals are. But you know. I was able to take them. Show them pictures of this. I don't. I'm not going to jim. I'm not going to a fully decked out workout center. So i took him. Pictures of. This is what i have available to me to work out with. No problem will put together a program around that and the the accountability in the expertise around it. So what that means is one of the things that i learned that. I never read in a book. Never nobody ever told me. Is there's certain phases of of my fitness program. Were i actually will gain weight right. And so when i was trying to lose weight and i'm doing this. I'm eating the wham supposed to be. I'm hitting my workouts. I step on the scale. And i way more hell to the gar. Course entrepreneur podcast. You're right and so. I got to that frustration. That's the reason why you know prior to this was just a slight cycle of frustration. Why got that at that point again with my coach and i let him know. I said hey this is. This is crazy. You know i've been almost two weeks of E- eating a differently. I won't say restricted at felt restricted at time. It doesn't mean more and i step on the scale. I'm way more. Oh let's because you're you're in a muscle building as been doing these workouts in your body's kinda like what what's going on and so it's it's holding more water than what alert on. Oh so let's normal. Yes pretty normal. Oh okay right right. And if you don't know you don't know i know Interrupt you here for minute. My wife When we met. I was at that point. Your address like i had been watching my stuff. I've been feeling like crap going to crap in my in my life in eating accordingly right. And so i probably tanked on like you multiple digits of a extra weight. And she's in. She's a big fitness advocate license. In the whole nine yards and she never pushed it on but You know just out of habit in being with it's altered my eating pattern and then just the education. And i love working out with their right and over time as i. I got to that poems. Hey i'm losing. His wins will wait a minute and guinea back and gets you know no. No here's what's going on with your body you've been dropping fat and now you're getting that muscle that that from the workouts in might cool. I could deal with that. And then you start looking at the whistle device for magister registering your your body. Fat percentage okay. Now having that number. I'm a numbers geek. Right now. i have a different numbers is okay if my weight is here in this number is that that percentage i'm okay if the weight goes up and say that percentage of silica if they start changing i okay but yeah you're right if you don't know these things having someone who's got that expertise to share with you. Here's what's going on under the under the Under the hood of the car. So to speak so i mean you asked how. Coaching helps in so coaching helps Because you know if it's done right it's going to be individualized to to what your goals are and what your needs are and then there's going to be that accountability piece there as well. How did he know if your coach is good while the they ought to be able to point you to happy customers. I mean because coaching is a is can be cut throat. Because if you're a terrible coach that word is going to spread. And you're not going to be able to do much you're gonna have to turn to you you're gonna. That coach is gonna have to turn to internet marketing in order to to make it around that in. So it's really that ability to to know who you are. What is that you actually want in how to individualize that process to make sure that you're heading the goals that you have. That's that's that's a. That's a gym right. Dare right to point you to to happy customers. But hey here's a question right so I'm i'm talking to this guy. He's told me all right. I'll be his first customer. Where do we go with that. He can't put me to. Customers is just the individual expertise and help bring to the table absolutely I i would say that. The accountability piece is also multi-layered. And this is part of the reason why. I pivoted out of mental health counseling into coaching and so We know by research in in statistically that when you have more invested in your own process the more likely to follow through. And i'm not saying that just because you paid somebody x. Amount of dollars means that you're going to get results but you are far more likely to follow through We also know that the average person when they take up any kind of program doesn't matter what it is or it could be. You and i are both products of know. Zachary babcock to certain degrees and we always doing to help. People build their podcasts. Well that's a good example to most people only follow through about sixty percent of whatever. The thing is laid out in front of right so absolutely. I'm working with a coach where actually invested money in yourself puts more skin in the game so to speak and so so. That's one thing that i would tell somebody. The other thing is You know what is the person's background what what have they done for themselves. The you even though they may be their first customer so to speak for him. What have they been able to do for themselves. What have they been able to do for friends and family. There's a reason there should be a reason why. This person is out there Branding and marketing themselves as a coach. And it's you know it can be a little bit scary like in my domain. It's like i don't want to be the person that the surgeon has Patient number one for right behind the scenes. You're not patient. One surgeon has done a lot of things to get to that point. That coach should have done. Some observable quantifiable things. Take to get to that point that that's a that's a great point for anyone who's considering a coach who you know either. Admittedly our or not is newer to the game right. The there's there's the those questions you can obviously ask about. What have you done. What have you done for yourself. What have you done for you know. Maybe you were in corporate america and yet they could speak to the coaching. They gave their employees. Okay they were. They were paid from a different aspect but they were so still paid for that. Absolutely so in the coaching arena. That there for a minute for our entrepreneurs missing what you find is maybe you're Two part question answer either part both together Is your biggest struggle as a coach or in getting the the the clients in the door or both in answering that kind of for me specifically or or what people are talking about collectively out in. Let's start with you for specifically your experience right so my well part of it is just to some areas know what i do is a mindset coach what is mindset in so it's it can be difficult to put your message out so that people can say is this may or not me if it's me this look like something that i want to add to my life because he can't just go around saying hey tracy your mind sets off. You should work with me as a coach fight which could be very true. Could be hundred percent true right but most people don't go around looking at or or self a analyzing how their mindset is helping them or not. Driving is not. it's not a concept that is out there that most people are chewing on from day in and day out so it's learning learning It's really breaking down what it is that you do Very clearly in them being able to message that out in a way that the average person can actually stand and make the make that assessment for themselves. You know this is me If it is something that i want to add into my life and this is where people get too technical and what. They're trying to explain that they do. And how they do it in all these certifications that they have and blah blah blah blah blah. Right your your average client the ear that need your help doesn't care about any of those. That's a hard thing for people to wrap their mind around because we get trained and inundated the will show him your credentials and show him all right walls that you went to you. Know you're proud of all those accomplishments right. Your client doesn't care cares. Does this work. And can i do it right. And so i think messaging is is a big thing and i kind of Coit around with with different types of messaging. To the point. Where i again. I hired somebody to come. Help me with a message. Right and so. I'm a product of coaching. I believe in. Coaching is not me. You know Do my best to be out there. I've actually you know brought coaching into my life. And i've benefited minister. And there's a i think there there is yet another example that jeff you know if you're playing in the the arena. Do you have some coaching you. Because if you don't wait a minute do you believe in your own service. What's up absolutely it. So that's a good question to back to. What what what would you ask you. Ask your potential coach. How have they been coached. Yeah and how did it help. Absolutely i know. I've had god through the sousa forty forty years. How my god is dated myself. Pretty aggressively their forty plus years of In in and out of corporate america probably can't count on the as many fingers. How many coaches or mentors. I've had in different aspects. I mean If from every aspect to you know how to be a good boss how to be a good employees how to speak in public is all these different nuances that you learn through your Your careers in your life. You're like a guy i i need to. I need to smash down this learning curve. That's find someone who's done it already and bring them into my world in. Its for me. I i in as we're sharing was folks and i think you'll concur. It's not always a hey pay me. You know three hundred bucks a month. And i'll teach you. There are plenty of folks out there that you know in organizations or groups or associations that will be willing to mentor you just just as part of their growing opportunity as well. Yeah and. I think that that's a good point. I would concur with that. You know the the mentor thing and again. The average person isn't out there. You know trying to think you know man work at i level up in my life and who might be a mentor for me. And if even if they do even if they have that realization that i need to level up something in my life. Nobody wants to help. Nobody's going to write that. Mindset right there right but i. I would actually concurred but i i would say. The stakes are higher with mentoring than they are with coaching rebecca. Yeah the reason this is that nobody wants their time wasted right. And so if you're if you're gonna coach mentor in you. Have this idea that you're not going to have an exchange financial exchange or any kind of bartering arrangement in that this person who has what you want or as ben down a road you wanna travel If you're going to take their time. Yeah darn welby be need to be willing to execute on the knowledge that they're giving you because if you don't you know that that's insulting absolutely coach if you paid me in and you don't want to execute I'm gonna dig in there with you and figure out why you're not executing on it but at the end of the day i'm not going to be insulted. You paid me. It's your life type of deal. The mentor and they're giving up. I mean they're taking time away from their projects and their friends and their family to give you time. Dr welby Have to be ready to execute on whatever it is. They're giving you gotta shut up and listen in and do yeah. That's that's a that's a great point. I hadn't thought about that. That's an interesting angle. And there comes the the the point right if i'm if i'm the client or the men t and i have no skin in the game except for maybe insulting my mentor right. We know the. We know statistics. On that i i was. I was listening to something yesterday. Where they shared a statistic of all these online courses like you mentioned early. Hey get certified to be a coach for ninety seven dollars. Whatever but All these these coaching opportunities or all these digital products that are out there that about six percent of people go through the entirety of any given product. And it was like googling it. See if i can find numbers. I'm still looking so more to come on that. But i mean we're the product that was being talked about guy was saying. Hey i have this thousand dollar product. It was nine ninety seven he goes. I can say from from behind the scenes watching the numbers. Only about ten percent of the people are going all the way through the product and then he added in alive. Coaching call a weekly call for the the net. Like round three. He did of this product and it jumped to like seventy percent because now there. There's that accountability that one. Oh wine they. They had a coach that was answering those one off questions that maybe weren't answered in the product so that to me that helped reinforce that right coaching works. And especially if it's really aligned with the goals in case in this case you know the the digital product they were talking about So definitely if anyone considering a hey. I need a coach or if you're like i got. I'm struggling in this one area. I bet there's someone out there that can help you. Don't like nick like myself like new. The number for we we mentioned zach earlier writes the whole podcasting arena. There are folks doing these niche coaching areas. And they do it very most of it very reasonably for the for the effort. They're putting out that that you're getting from your life right. Saint myself all kinds of money by by flattening that learning curves. Now how i want and in the on the intake form. And i usually don't share this but you had this really cool thing in here about the the young living business to platnum. I see you have it on your shirt there. You wanna you wanna share a little bit about that. You're so young living as a as a network marketing company at tracy. I don't know if you're familiar with that format. Yup absolutely so Network marketing you know when we say the words sometimes you you get the sh. Yeah but it's an industry just like any other industry there's there's great people involved with it and then there's people involved with it and so But that's that is the income stream that my wife really latched into because of the product's helping our oldest son a major way. That's part of our story. And when she was becoming disillusioned with her career meaning that her the they kept reorganizing and it got to the point where she realized they were going to reorganize enforce her back into the classroom. Which is what she didn't wanna do in sale. She put faith in our in our own hands and said i want to build this business. i said okay. Let's do it and member back when i said we're both You know Six figure income earners day one of young living. We were one six figure income. That's like half your income is gone right right and But it taught us tatis us a lot about what we were doing with our money And we were able to maintain our lifestyle through that building phase We were functionally making half half the income that we're used to so it was. It was a huge. Learning phase wasn't easy now But that's that's what that is living in so We've been intentional business. Builders for the better part of three years ago approaching four years and about year two We we got to the point to where we played half of her income Through through young living and so And there's structure to it and you have to. Do you know so much monthly sales and and building your team structure in order to hit these ranks. So platinum is is the rank that We're going for right. Now we're we're manifesting you know golden gold. Ira around it's been. It's been a great ride young living in a company that's been around for for twenty plus years does about two billion dollars in sales every year in. So it's been around i. It's not going anywhere in. The product is just amazing in terms of helping people boost their health quotient in their lives in a variety of ways. Nice awesome awesome. Okay so let's let's loop back around here. Let me pause for something completely different. When it comes to your business so you're breaking out into entrepreneurial wet what is your Tell us about your biggest fear absolutely Yes there's there is fear associated with again. You know the play. It safe route is for us to still be in our careers right. I'm still in it to a certain degree In my wife was in a career in. That's what again the average person looks like. We've made it again. Not only where we you know. Single six figure income of double six figuring occurs right. But there's other things in it was that comes at a sacrifice when you when you're locked into an employer employee dynamic the level that she was is kind of the same level where i'm at where it's not forty hour you bring you bring work home with you. I i have twenty one direct reports at my work. I'm of Three critical state level programs in terms of of of youth than you. Just don't turn that off as a switch when you come home responding to emails. You're you're planning for meeting. And so that was coming at the sacrifice of being there in a way that we knew that we could for our own children in for my wife as a mom you know that was starting to eat soul a quite literally and so that was big. Part of k scary to do this is scary to leave my career. But you know we're survivors. What we're gonna make it in even you know and so that was kind of had to get over that hump of fears is now having the vision. It's getting your mindset right. it's also being grateful data day for the things that you do have and the time that she's been able to be here for our boys to send them off to school with a hot meal to be there when they get back to to to be able to do all those things i mean. There's no price that you can to then sign great so it can be scary How do you get over. the fear. Part of it will have a plan have a mission make sure that your mindset is set and know what you need to do every single day that if you were to commit to that every single that you can't help hit your goals and that's my coaching platform. Right their mindset michigan ice. Once you have that dialed in than the fear. Stood to ratchet dance. I like that. I like that. And i i see. You're a you're a proponent of those little messages around the house you just feel left at gold message up in front of you i. I went through a period. I did a lot of that right. Little sticky notes all over the mirrors in everywhere. A big embiid. Here's another one for podcasters at says start recording. Gotta remember that. I've been lucky enough. I haven't forgot to set the record button yet. I had one shared this real quick with your head. One probably like episode number three or interview number. Three and i got on and john gets on. We had this great interview in all right so that was the middle of the week and i do all my at my my processing on the weekend so i i sit down here my little space and i bring up the laptop might whereas my recording and your does that panic moment. And i'm like looking through all my files. And i'm pretty organized with my file structure so it was like it's not here anywhere. Okay maybe it's somewhere else and you know doing everything and then i'm just about ready to send a message to johnson dude. I got my face right. We need to record this. Because i can't find it in realized it was on my other computer shoe and so i think this that fear has kept me always checking the record button like the sticky too so Want to be mindful of your time and appreciate you hanging out here. let's let let's drop a top tip for our entrepreneurs are listening for any any arena. You'd like to share absolutely top tips for somebody who's early on in their path as someone that's about to start or restart maybe they've tried it before an stepped out but whatever it is. They're they're getting ready to say okay. I'm going to kick this into pants Saw i'll give you know two things one. Is you know. it's that stephen covey. You gotta start with the end in mind right and a lot of people wanna start small and see where it goes right in. That's probably one of the things that Creates that scenario where you start and stop and start and stop by experiential failures so start with the seven habits of highly effective people. Start with the end in mine. So that way you can have an idea of okay. Necessarily you're going to have to start small especially if you're if it's a one person show but then you know that that small step is building towards whatever the ideal end state is gonna be walkable. Go into it. They don't know what the ideal state is going to be in so when they start small they don't know where it's going or what is right or and that doesn't mean that it doesn't shift and look differently from roy for joining step. One step at one million. I'm not saying that either but with you if you just have a mentality long to start small and see where it goes. Probably aren't going to do much with that so yeah and then of course. The other thing is is Who's on your team yet. A coach get somebody who you can pay. That has a pathway already. Established that way you can lop off them. The time in in lop off the money to it. Might it might cost you more upfront. But it's gonna save you tremendous amounts of money and time in in in not even the long probably the mid term for sure into the loss of those are my two tips. Yeah no absolutely those great start with. I'm i'm a big proponent of the start with the end of mind. I learned this one the hard way at early on in my entrepreneur game and again i'm going to date myself. It would have been probably the mid to late. Nineties started out. I'm going to write this book. We all know how fun that can be right here and So i i actually did. Write an e book okay. I sell this book and made a few sales. But i didn't have anything past like. Okay what are you going to give them next right if someone raises their hand or saying. Hey i'll i'll read your book. Then they read it in. Oh that was awesome. What's next right. I don't know where i think more of late. I've got this bigger vision of gay. Here's this big product. i want to sell. Well i'm not going to go out there and pitch someone a nineteen ninety seven product right out of the gate. It can be done right but you know you need the big marketing budgets in everything else behind that and so i just started backing inches. Okay now what comes before the two thousand dollar product right. What comes before that. What comes before that so now. What's my lee. Call it the lead magnet. We all heard that turn right. What's the lead magnet of person that would in the end by this two thousand dollar car. Now right i have that small. Start like you're talking about but that still that big vision still there in mind in your ear right. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to start that lead magnet. And i'm going to get these new new results. These new inputs from whoever is buying it saying. Oh will that thing that two thousand dollar product. I thought of. They really need this. You know it could be two degrees different. It could be two hundred degrees different. But the point is yeah. I think you're right. It's just start with that in mind. We already talked about the coaches right. Get those folks that will help us a short. Those those learning curves is huge. And i think beyond just the short of the learning curves. It's the what do i do next right. And if to your point if you get someone on your team that's done something along the path you're trying to travel. They can tell you well. If you're going to do this take this step. You're gonna do that. Take this step right which which direction so they can give you that guidance towards that next step and then hold you accountable crack that whip smack you up the head pat on the back. Whatever it might be. Yeah already sir. any final thoughts before we let you go. No tracy thank you so much for having me on. The show was was a fun time. And i really hope that your listeners got something out of this and we're able to apply some the knowledge that was given. I'm sure they will but before we let you go. I don't wanna. I wanna shirt my responsibility here. They want to learn more about knicks. Telo in all his goodness. Maybe they want you as a coach right. They know you got game. Where do they where do they find more about you. Yeah so you can go to my website. It's www dot nic dot com s. l. o. Is my last name. You can find me on social media on facebook in the search nextel. I should pop up. You'll see the purple branding all around. They're not cast called the it'd life and that's on most of the major platforms again. You'll see the purple brandon cap mistake. It you're gonna see me. I'm just now starting to grow beard out and most of my photos. Here's vol- affect so that might look a little bit different. Instagram is at the underscore upgraded life. And so probably my website the best place again. Find me in what. I'm about even book a strategy session. Tracy i give away thirty minutes to just listen to people and see what their needs. Aren't if i'm a good fit. I let him know not help them find somebody else. Who is thirty minute strategy. will be sure to get all those links in the show notes so people can just click and get right to you right away knit. Thanks so much. I definitely appreciate your time brother. Take care okay there you have it. My darker friends and family. Nick satele dropping some entrepreneurial in coaching consulting bombs on today what thoughts did resident hooked to. What thoughts did resonate with your wild. Here's good speaking his knit. What thoughts resonated with you. Let me give you the ones that. I came always thought number one. How do you transition to your dream. The knit mentioned the mortality rate of those that were in his field and he sat down with his wife to plan their exit out of their current fields into their purposefully chosen entrepreneurial path. Now we've heard a number of guests that have been on this show that just jumped off the cliff and grew wings on the way ghana. That was their tactic of entering their entrepreneurial journey. Now this tactic is his. I've said is really not for everyone. So here we have. Someone is a little bit more purposeful and thought out transition to go from one to the other without the risk associated with that a growing wings on the way down tactic so the question becomes which one is right for you. Well i'm going to be honest. An answer only you can determine right now however. Perhaps it's an answer that you might be best served to get some help with from a coach from a trusted mentor year spouse. Perhaps it's a blend of one Or or multiple of them right. Everyone's situations are unique in need to be addressed as just that unique yet. I think so much of the time. Someone's unique situation has been faced by so many before them that those who have faced them before concertedly lend a hand and helping you facing yours thought number two. they're always different perspectives. Aren't they now. Nick didn't call. This went out specifically but during our great conversation. I shared a perspective. The head learned from migrate grandmother. Who raised my mom in nick. Who was raised by. His grandmother shared a different perspective that she had gleaned or the he had gleaned from from his grandmother is either one wrong. You know what for me the answer is no everyone gleaned from their own perspective from their experiences and how they view them right. So here's what's even better for me. Neither one of us had to jump to defend the perspective that we had learned from our elders. Both of us were able to understand the perspective of the other person and respected. We would want our perspective to be understood and respected so as an entrepreneur. And i think moreover as a thought leader you are most likely are going to need a willing to hear out those perspectives. That might not ally one hundred percent with yours and at least ponder them right with your own perspective right or and then maybe ponder the embassy how they might impact your own perspective or might not impact them. Right do you. Does your perspective needs to shift as a result of this new bit of information even in the slightest who knows thought number. Three having a coach can make a huge difference. Nick shares his experience of trying to get his fitness under control member emma. He was an athlete in high school in well into college but then he found out his later years at his fitness was not near where he wanted it to be even mentioned now he had dabbled tacked on a little bit extra weight. Now after trying. A number of different self paced techniques courses and things He then took on the aid of a coach and a nick was able to make some incredible improvements in his fitness and only five months and he had taken on the coach at a time. We recorded the episode versus all the time. He been trying to do it alone. Prior to his coaches assistant. And here's the deal. Call this out. Not only does a coach know what they are talking about because they've been there and done that and they've studied many many that have right they can also personalize the journey to your situation and to your goals as well as help hold you accountable to reach into very dreams and goals. You told them you wanted to reach so once again. You hear not only me but yet another guess touting the benefits of having a coach to help you along in your journey be at entrepreneurial relationships spiritual or an example of nick gave fitness and thought number four. Start with the end in mind. Nick reminded this that. Starting with that mentality that you know. I'm just gonna start and see where it goes yet have not so much. That's you prescription for ending up nowhere near where you want to be instead. You need to start with the end in mind for me. This is much like the vista vision. I have my coaching clients. Who's right you're sitting up high on a vista for example overlooking the life that you dream and desire. What does it look like. What do you see where you living what do you. What's the i smell. You have when you walk outside the door of the hope that you're living in right. Who is helping you. What are you doing to earn a living. How does it feel when you help others. Who are you helping. With whom are you hanging out. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning right. Who like i said who has helped you or who is helping you. Leave your dreams c. n. As you look down over that vista vision of your life has it. Make you feel proud. Happy loved wanted hamas. the above. You see when you start with the end mind. I think you are much more motivated to take each and every step to get there even if over time you're vista vision changes which i think by the way it will even if it's just a little bit right. Few saas ponder there. What inspiring ideas resonated with you. Whatever they were take some time right one down just take one write it down and put it into action today or tomorrow get out there run your race get your results and the comeback. Let me hear about them right seriously. Email me at tracy at dark horse. Schooling dot com and share the the tips ideas that you came away with today. How you put into action in what results you gained from them heck might even bring you on the show and had you share your story and hey here's another opportunity. Come on over into the facebook group at you know facebook dot com type in. I i told you earlier. Darkhorse tribe in that search bar and commitment to the a dark worst tribe group and share with us. What you glean and how you put it in action and what results you gain from it in for some reason right. You can't find a facebook group that way. You can go to your favorite web browser type in dark horse. Schooling dot com backslash darkhorse tribe. All one word that should take you right there as look forward to hearing your winds. I speaking of winds. Let me tell you about a next interview. Episodes guest rich resent sqi now. Rich is the sole founder of tragic media. Which is a technology and software consulting firm based out of san diego california who. I'm envious of rich right now right. I love to san diego. Surfing rich has grown tragic from the ground up out of his successful freelance consulting career. Now to honor. He has provided some top notch services to companies that we all know and admire. I mean even the likes of pixar all while being one hundred percent himself. Now i knew you wanna keep getting all these valuable tips and stories. This podcast in the guess. I'm lucky enough to be able to get on. So go on down there and smash that subscribe button wired there. Could you leave us. A five star review. That would be awesome and some kind words a five star rating. Here i go. i'm a. I'm so ahead of myself. A five star rating and leave us some kind words in the review. Heck go ahead and leave us. Some words for improvements anything you think would be beneficial to those to me and to those listening right and of course. Don't keep all this. Entrepreneurial g. l. d. all to yourself get out there and share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners you know would get value from it and with that. I'm gonna leave you as i always do. Successfully it take action. Thank you for listening to the dark horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in check us out at. Www dot dark horse schooling dot com. My name is tracey bregman.

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