Sewing Fur, AK Beaver and High Definition


One year got trapped. I like to travel. I like to make. And i liked to where it'd be able to spend more time in the woods. I was losing money when i get a traps out. There is the hardest part i think with. Leave him in the back of montross. Lastly we're going to no matter. What traffic talk. This is what you get to ask them guys. You know everything this arkansas china. Learn something from pledging to ask questions without aspiration volume the game magazine especially from her. They're going hurt. Running the whole lennon trapping radio tracker carcelle listened to listen developers system yet working ahead to build the traffic very good pal told about these big hands. Most of my to come from downtown. Probably the best part plane shush waiters back. Dick fear of ood. They're back in for shed. This is strumming day. Care by would great to have you guys here. Thanks for tuning in again. This week And every other week it's always fun. 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How fun talk with them as you might imagine the in this episode. We talk about trapping for beavers under the ice. A little bit about what i do here. Main and his experiences in alaska were trapping around trails which he has a lot of. There's a lot of potential to have issues with that up in alaska with with all the guys run dog teams and doing training and stuff. They're on different trails. We get into sewing further and making your own further items items out of the for that. You catch it sung us getting much more popular. I think all of us are going to be doing little more of that here. In the coming months and years with the firm market being the way it is and then finally we go off on a little bit of a tangent and discuss maybe that kind of the some of the intangibles about trapping for me. The whole alaska experience when i went up there last winter. Just just some of the thoughts are going through my head up there in and how special that place is so Get a little emotional. Maybe at the end of the episode. That's always good right Get in touch with our emotional side at times. But i just yeah. It's i've always dreamt about that area and it was great to experience it and mansard hard not to think about it. It's just The sort of back to the basics of what it was like to be a trapper thinking about the old mountain mandates seon. And that's about as close to wild as you're gonna to get so hope you enjoy this long guys and we will get into it right now for crap into ice strapping strapping out. Yeah i I always try to do a little beaver trapping for one for bait and two because it's fun to travel open water Bodies easier to take the kids on that and cohen and cutting through three or four feet ice in march and run running snares through the ice. But that's fun to slot more work but the other thing about that too. Is you get other guys like me. And they trap beaver house out this time of year and then i'll go try to trap that same house in march and don't understand why anything being close to town. Yeah and it's got to be your chapter with you down there or anything like that but just from us talking. There's there's a lot more beaver down there than there are up here. It seems that way. Yeah it does. Yeah and and just access up here you know. It's you can look at google earth. Or i run on x Pap on my phone. And who knows how. Old satellite pictures are and those things and a lot of the the beaver florida's and stuff that i come across the just happened to stumble across or there along the road so anybody can see him and and like we talked about before. There's only so many roads here. Yeah so you're pretty well guaranteed. Somebody's gonna be trapping beaver. A beaver largest rate by the road. Yeah yeah one of the ones. That's here so maybe a mile from the house. I was gonna go set. And the day that i was going to do it after work that morning when i was driving to work maybe was coming home. I don't remember. I think maybe that's coming home. I saw a guy taken out of the back of his truck right there. He had his waiters on. He's taking traps out. I was like okay. I know where he's going you know that's the only thing that's open right now. So i'm going to end up and down the river on a boat. Yeah i probably could Not now there's too much down. The river now really is phone already there is. This started here about five days ago and and before that. If i'd probably done it. If i had a garage to put my boat in but you know i don't want my both now out in. The winter was checking all the water. Out of the water pump and everything. Yeah everything freezes up when you out of the water. Yeah yeah well. I mean we. We ran both in october. And stuff. And i worked a fishing game. But you probably ya. The the has usually only one or two boats that got ran that lay it. Make it pulled in the garage and we make sure. Everything was drained on them before they got parked outside the winter. Yeah yeah. I don't know. I could probably put a little more effort into doing some of the stuff but this year life was just crazy. Everything got going on buying buying a house and selling house and job promotion whatnot and teaching being the teacher for the kids with the whole cold. Yeah it adds a lot is definitely the what you had. You showed me a beaver. Under ice beaver. Set up that you use different than mine. You said you've had really good luck with it. Yeah let's that's something Tristan actually showed me that and just take two spruce Polls that are. I'd always cut my whole probably three feet by three feet and i use a chainsaw and i'm not gonna chip through ice with the spud like you do. It's i'm using an ice all. Yeah i bet. Yeah if you fold your poll up and everything. I don't think that would work too. Well of ice auger but now. I'm i'm drilling like five six holes parallel to each other. Okay just to make because i. I was using chainsaw up but the problem was that i'm running like an eighteen inch bar and you got like twenty four inches of ice. So you'd have to cut a big you know big wide opening. And then you'd have to pull all the big ice chunks out and then you have to step down and cut again with the ice hockey you can just go through all through in one punch and then i'm running like four or five and then some i'll just chip the ice in between the holes a little bit icier and there. I'm starting to like that quite a bit. There you go you just need to get a bigger saw a bigger bar. Although guys have told me if you he dumb idiot just find the run and you want to do that. Which a lot of times. I've joked holes and then walked a few feet and fell through at times but we Yeah i've got like a. I guess i'd call like three foot square hole or so and then and then cut cut that part portion you cut out a cut that into quarters and then shove that underneath the ice and i'd always i always try to locate my my whole in between the cash and the house or at least on the edge of the cash And i'd prefer aspen or Birch for forbade One because it's kind of kind of a lot lighter color than the willows. The elders or anything. So i think in my mind sticks out better in the water like i just picture this beaver coming out of his house and make this cartoon. You know news like you know. Here's your dinner sweet. Yeah something that just jumps right out at you know until that date that baseball and a shove it all the way down into the bottom and then i'll take usually i take screws polls or some sort of dead tree. That's around their dead at call the two inch two inches around or so something of that size. And i'd bridge the whole make cross and then Wire those to the poll. So everything's kind of solid then and then just hang a snare Force mares one off each side of each of the the brace kohl's yeah either side of the people and just hang just below the ice have caught co colorado be like that you've ever have them cut from the bottom. I've never had a date. Poll doing that. So there were wandering. They're always coming into the of the ice. And i don't know if they come out and they cut it at the top of the ice i they can pull it out of the mud on the bottom. I don't know. I guess i've never seen a beaver do that. Under the ice but The only problem i have had with that is if they come out before that whole skims over with ice or anything like that. Yeah yeah then. Sometimes you'll have a beaver sitting on top of the ice or he'll be sitting in the water you not dead I think i've only had that happen twice. Though and one other issue. I had actually been big beaver ever caught Squared seventy two inches. He he as he was big He got hung up the snare and then there was a log in the water. Like i'm talking like an entire tree and it came up and he got the snare wrapped around that log. One time got hung up in one or the other snares and then got wrapped around the log again underneath it and he was froze to the in between the log and the ice into snares and i spent probably the better part of two hours chain sawing around where i suspected this beaver was 'cause i like reached underneath and felt where he was at and that was cold And then proceeded to cut out this huge block of ice And then found out that this log was in there too and shoved my chainsaw down as far as i could without like emerging it and got that log cut and then i had this huge block of ice and beaver and log that i had to figure out how to get out of water and The trick for that was one of my old wolf snares that had ninety six inches of cable on it. Yeah so the loop was big enough to get around that whole big chunk ice and everything and then i pull out on the ice and then proceeded to chip around the beer with my spun. Dope didn't didn't hit him. And yeah i was. I was pretty lucky there but yeah that was. That was a big deal and so i guess that's like the biggest flaw with that said is is that you can get tangled up and things underneath there or the beavers can be still alive when you get there. Yeah right and i think it seems to me in my little bit of experience. Of course i learn a little bit more every year. Every time i screw up but it it seems that the you know they. They exit the house and they're hugging the bottom and as they get closer to the feet bile they're raising up in the water column and so i don't know if that's the case but it seems like when we're my snap polls like right by the entrance of the house you'll tend to get the beaver cutting right near the bottom and as kosher anything when you get a fair distance from the house. They're always cutting rate as close to the ice as they can right under the ice. Okay i don't know if they just think they can get maximum amount of that poll cut off so they can drag it back to the house but an enemy. The other thing is it's hard to tell because a lot of times like you'll catch a beaver and then you know there's other beavers been coming back and forth after that beavers already been caught in and they'll sometimes you'll have the poll three pieces. You know they're obviously coming back and chewing things off and going through that sure. That's one of the only times that i could feel like. I'm similar to trapping in alaska as when i'm under a beaver trapping. Yeah you catch many doubles and stuff but the way you almost run your set almost. Never almost every yeah. I've caught To maybe two doubles it. Seems i would say probably like but it. It seems when when you kept one they mess up snares pretty bad his all in one poll and so pretty much. Everything's taken down and most a minor. Four snare sets The times that i've had doubles. I think both times were ahead. Three tiers of snare side six snares and it was one beaver on the top and one on the bottom. Okay so i'm thinking that was just you know they. The born of the bottom was far enough away. That one of the top didn't mess up the those volunteers nares okay. I thought we caught. I would say like probably ten percent of mine have been doubles. But i think kind of same thing you hang on her up and he just you know he's swimming around underneath there and it doesn't take much current to get the rest of this nerve the fire you know where he bumps him or whatever but i yeah to try your your method sometime. Yeah i don't know if it's the best. I try to experiment. A little de seems to you get utah to action With with a method having you know the the snares in the poll everything. The paul is bate. I've tried a lot of the old. The old style means that's where the polls is dead and you got beat sticks nailed to it and stuff and in his fine when you get beaver coming in. But there's it's very very often where beaver just gonna go buy it. And they don't even pay attention to it. I think it's back to your Thing about the cartoon you know You want something big and bright and something that stands out that really them to it but you you are cases where you have the full chewed off in the snares fired and you get nothing in the trap and nothing in the snares and that's I a lot of people have that experience. It seems to be pretty common with that set and the the best the best guys in the underage beer snare and business just say said a bunch more you know set set four or five of those and you're gonna have one or two of them that are gonna be fired off but you may have beaver and the rest of them and i can't. I've had years where i'll go I think i had not this past year but the year before i almost had no misses a and i only did. I might have been like twenty twenty twenty or something like that and then the year before that i think i had like i had probably I i hate to bring say numbers. Because i don't really remember. But maybe twelve or fifteen behalf. I i missed. I was like it seemed to be like half the time. I'd missed beaver. I'd have to pull chewed off in the snares fired. And i didn't do anything different so i i don't understand eh probably have to catch two three four hundred to really understand it. I guess a lot of work. Yeah i don't have that any beaver guys that do it. I've been scouting for ever and it seems like when you're looking for him. There aren't as many as you thought there were right. I you funny. You said before we started tonight. You had something about some getting shot or some by the road there that you thought been shot and i went. I was scouting here the other night after work and i was riding around hunting birds and looking for beaver lodges and i found i was like wow. This is awesome. It's only like three or four miles from my house for five miles and the there's this logic ripe by the road. It's all mud up their sticks everywhere. There's beer just going nuts. So i walked over. I just like you. I get the anex. I went to mark my My location that lodge and i at there's something on the surface of the water on the edge of the pond. What is that the big beaver in there. So i'm sure. A bird went by and saw beaver swimming around and shot it down. So it's it's one of those things you can't seem to win when you're looking for him right. You guys you probably. You're not allowed to shoot beavers down there. No it's not legal issue. Can you shoot there there. There are some units up. Here you can. In fact the wife and i were talking about that. We were this morning. And then i found a couple of beaver houses out there and and we cheat at that. She's like well. If we see when can we she'd it. And i was like no not here but there are places you can. Yeah further from town. Probably just across the river. He just got a goal other side of the lot. It's this imaginary line you know. And and i've i've gotten some nuisance kermit's before and i Through work and everything like that. Where the plug and colder up and whatnot. I'll call get a nuisance permit. So i can just shoot them instead of trying to trap them so that i can just be done with it and and so i shot. Maybe six about all the more. I've ever shot to something that i've thought about doing going out in the spring rafter ice out and try to get them before they start fighting and stuff. Yep the you know is are still good. But i've just something i've never done. Probably be fun to do better. Definitely i don't know there's something about trapping but i think i enjoy that a lot more than shooting. Yeah make a bunch of casterman sets in the spring. The ds eighty five yup burger. So you use on xtra market trap locations I'll probably do that. This year. I just downloaded the app like halfway through last winter and And started using it in the summer. He used during hunting season and Actually got on my. Gps and downloaded a bunch of my locations and stuff just punched him in manually on the phone don't think alma mater but yeah i've used differ quite a bit besides just hunting especially they'll let the land ownership thing There's one trail i was looking at. Maybe trapping close to town here. So that i could take the kids out and and get them kinda more introduced into it. The the oldest daughter's really taken into hunting and trapping and stuff this year cool. She was looking forward to go and beaver trapping and she was pretty bummed. The other day the one house we walked to and didn't have enough sign and then the other one that the viewers and i would assume they were shot. That's my guess because dot went and took the damn out and whatnot and in the beaver. Seven attempted to rebuild it or anything but just didn't see anything looked promising and And so we went. Look at this other house and near is just five or six. I chewed sticks. Just nothing really gave very good Indication that there was gonna be a reason to put a trap there but the oldest daughter was pretty bummed. You know she was all excited about going and looking for beavers and then like we said you know the isis too thick and thin. yup. I'm a year too thin to walk through too thick or too sick to walk through too thin to walk on yup yup exactly so the eye anyway she She shown a lot of interest in that. So i've been thinking about trying to get somewhere close to the house that the just run a quick line and with cats being high last year. Maybe we can pick up a cat or two and do you know something to keep her really interested in it. Because when you're out running your traps zero or whatever kids not gonna stay entertained with that very long right if you're not stuff so you can find someone else. Got a a piece of land pretty decent fairly decent sized piece of land near town. You can hopefully trap on. Yeah her. even this this place were were buying. it's got some land to it and barren land baron. That's it just trying to get into cattle farming like you. But it's the properties all backed up with State of alaska land There's some blm land. That's out that way too when it's all public lands so you think you cut it. You could cut a line from your house. Yeah and that's what i'm thinking. I'm gonna cut a small loop lime. Just there's i gotta watch out far go because there's a there is a winter trail there. That dog mushers use and snow machines and stuff. And i just don't want to get get caught onto that where people start running by trap line to that doesn't go over so well dog owners and that's that's a big conflict. We have up here especially around. You know dog owners and trappers. And i'm not gonna live to. I've got two dogs like slide day. My no no. They were just people if they're took their dog for a walk. You know places. There's places that. I been trapping for a few years. Not had any problems and then somebody decided that they're gonna come and run their dog out here and you know and then obviously smells. Good dog too. They're going to come investigate it. And but i just recorded an episode on that dogs and trapping earlier today. Probably go out here in a couple of weeks and her neck probably next week and that's boy that really hard to find an answer to that. I mean it's 'cause places like fairbanks are changing. There's a lot of people. Moving in and people are retired. Go time on their hands. They wanna walk. The dogs get some exercise and they don't understand trapping and Updates boy it's a tough one. Yup it is. And it's i guess a lot of the problem we run into here. You know that same situation. This guy's been trapping this trail for maybe even ten years. You know and never had a problem and then decides. They're going to start walking their dog down here and then their dog gets pinched in freak out. They don't know how to get it out or you know. Their dog does get hurt break. Its leg especially when you're talking bigger traps you know number nine and stuff like that You can't say it's trappers fault and you can't say the dog owners fault or you know who do you really put the blame on. And and it's been. I think it depends on the situation. But there's definitely there's some There's some areas up here where there's been some pretty ignorant people but traps where they shouldn't put them. You know kinda like well. I can trap. Because i i have the right to. Yeah and yeah you do but not a good outcome for robbers. Yeah probably not a good place to be running traps and you know after. I had my incidents and stuff like that. It's ok well. People are starting to move in here to walk their dogs and stuff. And i'm just gonna put traps because you know i'm not nearsighted. It's you start having all these conflicts and stuff like that and trapping always always looks bad. It's you know it's never the dog or back. It's always the traffic. That looks bad trays and and distant. My is is if we can avoid those situations and we're not shining a light on for trapping responsibility geez. I should've had you on for that episode. Three do this again redone. It it happens. It happens every year up here multiple times a year. It's newspaper bank. Yep yep happens fairbanks happened. Anchorage united into la. There is last year. There was a big battle about one of the trails down there on the peninsula. I don't remember where it was that but yeah the town was trying to take over trying to have the authority on regulating trapping but something to that effect right. Yep yep yeah. Anchorage actually has a trapping band in the municipality. And and i don't know if that got tied up in court and then valdes i had the same thing and Alaska trappers association goes in and they serve fighting that stuff. Because it's it's a start in in alaska the municipalities don't have t- To regulate trapping right fishing fishing game. Everything yup everything up here is is fishing game and the state manages all resources Even on federal land at supposed to be the state manages the resources. And if you go if you get into that whole rabbit hole of every town municipality regulating their own trapping rules. I mean what a nightmare imagine. How does the guy keep track of the difference. You know. say if they you know they did have that around fairbanks that h- how does a guy. No you know you gotta keep five different sets of regulations in mind so make it near impossible to trap. Those are the things to think about. When you're thinking god there's a trail over here. Should i set my raps should i. I don't know you know that's the kind of thing to to keep in mind is Long term what. How's that can affect the long-term if does does get caught right and you know. There's there's no Marking requirements or anything for traps theory. That tags on your traps. You don't have to signed on your trap lines. But i would say the majority of responsible people responsible trappers up here they do mark trap lines you know this is trap line traps on and off trail. Here's my name. Here's my phone number and and honestly a lot of other users. Don't respect that stuff. They get mad when when a trapper puts that stuff out on their trail. And it's like this is bs like josh. Should be able to use this trail to. And maybe maybe john here has been trapping this trail for twenty years and now all of a sudden. The dog mushers in the skiers another recreational users want to use it and and they get mad that he's running traps on there and it's you know it's it's definitely a a real issue. 'cause yes certainly because the trappers outnumbered go definitely and it's you know like we were just saying the trappers always wrong on it. So yeah it's a yearly thing up here yep just keep moving further out of town man. Yeah that's what i keep saying. If things get worse than me. And i'll be in alaska that's fine. Only things get worse banks just move further and further out of town right. There's a fisheries biologist position. At least there used to be in galena. So let's talk. Let's talk after lena's a little. How do they feel about outsiders in galena. Okay that's i the couple times i've been there you know. I have any problems. If if sydney huntington was still there at jump all over that yeah there you go you just gotta come get your residency so you you can continue on with your fisheries for. Yeah that's that's that's one option I it's a very risky option. But another option to hopefully retire. While i'm still in good good enough shape retire early when i'm still good enough shape to trapping out there. There you go ship sell everything ship up there but yeah we'll see dactyl family to follow all i'll maybe the kids will be in school by then they'll be they'll have their own thing going on and just have to drag the wife up. Maybe yeah maybe up to. I don't off to talk about that more later of one thing i did want to talk with you about the only thing left that i haven't covered yet. Is this This new thing that you have started you have been Sewing and making your own for items and this you sent me this these beaver mitts this incredible hat Tell me about how you got started in that. and what. that's all about Well i guess that. I've always had an interest in doing that with my first Or at least getting my wife do it with my first. I'll go. I'll go catch it. You saw it and then you can sell it. And i'll do all the fun stuff and yeah. How's it going to do the work. I'm doing it all so but it. I guess the media's grabbing it and doing it was from a couple of winters ago i think we went fishing ice fishing and i had my beaver hat and she was like i'm cold said okay. Fine here my hat and stick my hat. And then she kept talking about how she needed a hat and and so two years. I think two year while. After that. I asked her what kind of house you wanted. And she's like what do you mean i said. What kind of hat do you wanna. You wanna be hat or your heart hat or or what. She's like walking. I have and i said pick one of the first hanging around the house. Except for the wall for the wolverine. I'm not putting those up and And she kinda hot about it for a while and then finally when went. Grab the link off the wall and threw it at me and said i wanna hat out of this and i said okay so i started trying to figure out where to patterns from and And how you know just how to go about it. I didn't have any idea. And i just happened to be working out. And in manley. Hot springs and mentioned something about wanda so sofer if one of the guys out there and he's like my wife teach you and i was like what my wife will teach you. She loves showing people how the seoul for and whatnot. And i was like okay. Well next time. I come out. I'll bring something while. It was like a year before. I was out there again but before i before i came out there. I think i text her and asked her. If i brought stock she would be up for Show me how to do that. And she was like bring your stuff. And then i asked her what else i needed. And she gave me a list of things to bring. And so i brought it out there and and We've we wiped out the hat. And i think to evenings or something after work and she saw like a traditional sewer background. Yup yup she. She grew up down on the lower yukon in okot river area down. There grew up trapping and and living this assistance lifestyle with her family and and then she came up. I think wanna say she lives in town and offer a while but don't quote me on that and And then she got married to the this co worker of mine and and they just live out there now and cheese sauce for everybody. You know that interested in it and then show. She'll show anybody how to do. It just wants to keep the traditional live kinda Yeah she she enjoys doing it. She loves doing it. and And and and she enjoys passing it on trees daughter her daughter oh and her daughter-in-law and And then obviously me and And she even when we were selling the hat and stuff like that. And i said well. How hard is a pair of mittens to make. And and you know. I have left on this cat. And she was like oh yeah and she poses mitten pattern out and made a pair of mittens to and and she was just all about showing me how to do everything with it and And so we got. We got one bit and put together out there before i had to leave and then tend everything together on the second one and then when i came back from that trip. That's when you were up here. Okay picked up. But i didn't have them both. I didn't have both mittens today. I remember the hat. But i don't remember the men's yeah. I don't think i had both mittens done. I had the hat on for sure. But surprise. surprise him with the mid and and whatnot but You know she absolutely loved that and then you liked it. And i was like man i could get into this and then you you sent me those first and and i tackled that on my own. I didn't i didn't have really shady. Did you have a pattern or did use the pattern from kim's hat. Don't i got a pattern from somebody else here in town and we went to little. I'd sent you a fisher and three martin. Maybe something like that To fisher and to martin's okay yep to fisher into martin and man you guys is. Martin are law smarter smaller time. Yeah yeah they are. It's a lot to get an x. l. martin here yeah. i got And that was. That was like that was a challenge for me. You know trying to figure out how to get what i needed to get like the size of the pattern and stuff like that out of the martin. Because the martin wasn't big enough for the old patterns so i had to like cut and splice and and try to make things blend that was definitely challenged. Or somebody who's only doing. Their second hat doesn't It's i i enjoy doing it. I enjoy challenge And it's kind of therapeutic and and And rewarding too. Because it's not necessarily with your first but with you know with i had i made for ten minutes man. I caught this skimmed it. I didn't can't got ten. And then i like. I made this product out of this and that's pretty cool And you know even the same thing with the areas. It's like man. I'm doing this This is gonna be cool. Jeremiah's furs and he's gonna have his his own for hat now and it's stuff that he caught and Yeah and it's it's not full stuff. It's not it's like it's going to be used you know it's not a fashion thing is just like this is this is good. This is warm. This is stylish. Looks awesome feels awesome. Just there's nothing from what i've experienced. There's nothing warmer than for either. And it's i loved my beaver hat that i have. It actually gets too hot if you start chopping wood or splitting wood or something like that. It's too much And i and i kind of learned that you know. I'll manley that. The different versions are good for different things and beaver and otter and stuff are good. If you're just if you're sitting around but once you start working there just too hot. Because they do retain their heats. Well yeah And i don't want ruin the surprise but you're going to get a package in a couple of days probably see nice awesome. Yeah so what's the occasion on this one could so you're not done sewing you've been you've been sewing yes. Yeah i've been sewing. And i probably would've sold a lot more but i sold almost all of my extra i that i had To to pay for a trip to disneyworld world for the kids last year But i just actually just got a couple of cats for martin in a firm and back from the tannery yesterday. So i got. I got some more stuff to play with now. Well you're gonna eat. I have to otters. I sent to malls so i know you want to but just let me know. I want them when i get them back there. Yours okay Yeah i'd i'd like to have that first pattern i use versus the second one. I think i liked about a little more. The cow hat fits and everything But i'll keep playing patterns and stuff and hopefully the everything works out with this thing that i sent you. What's the hardest part of this whole for sowings or the for manufacturing thing I'm gonna say like sewing sewing. Defer part of it Because when you're trying to soul like the for to the for pieces for peace for peace the hairs always trying to come up in between your stitches and stuff and maybe i'm just too particular about it But just trying to get it to where all the hairs like on. Its pulled out the right side of stitch. It's not like bunched up and stuff That and then probably the second part is thing i would say is to make sure you're not bunch and stuff up to where he asked to. It's called like a gather statuary after they start trying to make up ground on one side or the other. Because you're not you're pulling too much or something when you're showing it so things come out even at the end like they're supposed to okay But the baby showed me some pretty good trips or doing that with the gather stitches and and where to start doing them. You have to constantly check to make sure you're not pulling too much one way or the other and it's it's a lot more exaggerated when you're so in two different types of fabric together Because like the first stretches more than and say like the leather. That's on the shell of your hat right okay. So there's just a lot of little things like that you have to pay attention to and then i'm by no means an expert at doing this since i've only made a couple of hats but in that like the liner inside of that was that like a from a blanket or something. What was that material. That's all that's all just Fleece fleece but anti police felicia and and there's some it probably wasn't so hard for me like picking up and learning how to do it because i had somebody they were so good at doing it and had been doing it. You know her. Entire life to show me all these little tricks and stuff. Like when i called and i told you or maybe a text and told you that i wanted to fix your hat. Because if something's not right on yeah you don't know but i know it's early dude. What are you talking about. what's wrong right. There's just because you know. When i when i made this the second hat i was looking at that going okay. What do i need to do different here. Because i didn't like that on jeremiah's at and and i figured it out. That took me some thinking but i remember you know how save you showed me to do it with kim's hat so it was An exercise in memory for sure. But it's it's i. I've enjoyed learning how to do it. And and kim wants wants me to show her how to do stuff. And i'd have to find a pattern that i like and then we'll probably take off from their time right. It's pretty time consuming. Actually it's not. I was surprised. really yeah. It's well like kim's hat when i made that i probably spent. I'm gonna say not even not even eight hours making it. Wow there's a lot of stitches. There are a lot of out. There are a lot of a lot of holes you had to poke through for yup. Yeah and it's the only thing that that i sold with. A slowing machine is Is just a shell. And i couldn't even get it. Yeah i do that with your did use the sewing machine online. Yeah just on the shelf. that's it just the show. So the shell pieces to the showpieces. Okay so what do joints. I think that i use seems i should have brought it out. It's in the house right now. But yeah that i wouldn't know would i. Because the liners covering that up because the stuff you see is all you can toes hand. It was hand done. Jeez that's yup yup extending meticulous but when it's forty below what else you gonna do. Yeah and if you're evening off of work in you what do you do. Sit there watch. Tv right and that's you know. That's what i made. Your hat was my evenings after work up the road there and you know i got three hours or four hours or so to make my dinner. And he way from just chilling rather and a you know i'd rather do something productive and sit there and stare at the screen on tv so you're gonna do more of it. Yeah yeah i'm fully planning on. It was already when when research showed up yesterday. I was already turning to decide what i was going to do with them. Nice any you're gonna ever ever sell any of it that in the plants if i hadn't really thought about it As soon as you come up here and we get a long line going together trap more. Furry yeah we could probably start selling it because at that point we're going to really have to find ways to sally we're going to be able to send it to occupy. I don't think i would right now. Anyway yeah the free market is dead right. Yeah i you know. I know i can always go sell wolverine but it might be harder to pardoning cats. Yeah and and i can honestly always been able to beaver to and i. Don't you know the guy selby. He's always said that he'll always be refer me interesting. 'cause i started trapping them because we they really care for so i'm sure that's probably the same thing but i i do enjoy getting things tanned. One hanging hanging on the house here pretty much. I have one of everything i've ever caught hanging on the wall. You make or sell early on overtime. You make up for that by keeping a bunch yup and i. I think i figured that out. When i caught my first wolf as i started. That's about when i started keeping my first of everything. So i got my first wolf which is a gray and then i got my first black one and i caught a blue. I kept that And then just on down the line from there i guess. That's maybe a a piece of advice. That i never would have thought that i'd share with somebody but for very young trapper. What would you offer old-timer for what what advice do you have for me. I think one of the things i would say is Keep keep one of every for you. Catch i one. They'll never forget it. You'll never forget it. There's always a store you get that for hanging on the wall and the rest of your life you'll see that and you'll remember that story. Yep data definitely bring back memories just looking at it. You know even like that cat. That i got up to make kim's first one and and even i even thought to myself like man. Do i really want to cut this up. But you'll see you'll see it every winter. And and i just thought you know that's my first cat number one. I caught it down by where kim grew up. So there's you know there's a connection there and and then she's going to be wearing it around and it's the first hat i ever made the first pair of mittens i ever made. There's a lot of i with that and it's not like it's guy still here but it's just not hanging on wall to the union. Screw that one. Yeah no kidding you remember that one time. Oh jeez well if you get that cabin Get the line setup. I'll go run the traps and you can make stuff out of the sell it. I can do all your or so important skin. i'll skin you can sell okay. I'm not gonna come to saw i just. I don't think. I have the ability. But okay i can't you should have seen. I've tried to draw stuff. I just have no absolutely no artistic ability. Okay well how are you for skin and are you. Are you quick no. I'm very slow. But i don't make i'm getting better. I don't make a lot of mistakes. Okay battle after change. Why are we catch a lot of for why. Yeah we're going to run the big long line. Yeah we'd better put some numbers up. We need to get to that. What what what do they say you can do. A martin and eight minutes Ordine eight minutes ready to go on the board. Eight minutes yeah. I've heard that that'd be tough for me. I think i'm about fifteen twenty. I i can have them tacked on a board twenty two minutes. That's the fastest. I've ever done it. Your mariner baidu yeah. They're just easier skin. Then it's like right feazel than i used to be used to be pretty slow with cats and wolves and stuff but i got showing a couple of things on that. Probably have my time on skimming them. I would bet in you say that but like what. I learned this winter. There's a lot of dead time in the cabin because you're out there and there's nothing else to do and dark for a long time before you to go to bed. You know you probably got five six hours dark before he goes to bed or more. Yep in so you can skin a lot of in that tyne strew or you can so a lot of for in that time right but we'll figure it out figure out the details there you see how soon as you get up here wolf if we're gonna figure it out our our cabin in the line and then you can work on the the other things. Yeah all right Anything else did. We miss anything. Anything i didn't cover you wanna talk about what's taken that. I was gonna ask you stuff about your your trip up here. But i should probably go back and listen to what you talked about. So you're not. I can repeat it audrey getting than you don't pay much attention when they're listening refresher from twenty episodes ago shore. No i think. I can't think anything we've missed and i'm sure we can. We can do this again. All interview sometime about your your thought to trap them up here. Yeah that'd be fine. I hijack your podcast. Yup it's been done before The in i mean i guess in general just. It was everything that i expected to be it to be but it was way more. If that makes any sense now is like you know you hear about talk about during the about it you think about it and you herald stories and but then you get there and it's like wow this is all actually real and like the scenery you can see thousand pictures of the wintertime in interior alaska but when you actually see it it's to me. It was completely different. And i don't know if that's just Just me saying that like from my viewpoint or whatever but everything was just like the the way that the air everything so cold and the air is so clear there's like there's no vapor no moisture in the air. It's so dry. In the sun hits the trees. And it's just it's unbelievable how crystal-clear everything is is. That is that we weird to say. That i mean no no 'cause i know i know what you're talking about especially when you boy from the cities and stuff like that like like everything's in high definition. Exactly that's exactly what it is exactly what it is in an like. I'm sitting on the bank of the porcupine and you look upstream. You look downstream in. There's nothing there and you look up at the sky and it's all blue there's no jet trails in the sky and there's like one raven or crow or whatever just calling in the distance as the Afternoon for like twenty thirty minutes and it was just dead silence. I mean that's awesome. That's in end Stupid things like like you walk on a pack trail in that sound that you boots make great just that creaking that like squeaking that your boots. The rubber makes the snow because it's so cold. It's almost like allowed. That is in stop for a second in. Everything's is dead silent so just a little knob dead silent you. There's nothing making any noise it's Yeah it's the netflix. Yeah go ahead now. It definitely something something different that you can you. Can you can talk about it and explain it all you want. But when you're when you're saying like it is dead quiet it is like you. There's not a humdrum like a distant machine or nothing you know. you're you're forty miles from the nearest motor. Besides you jim we. We'd get to a spot. And i one time i stopped and i was like how many people have been here in the last twenty years. Like been on at this on this This creek about five like you get out there and you're on this line and you stop in your alone and you know there's nobody for at least twenty miles in you almost like i'm a. I'm a visitor up there. And i don't own any of that and i'm i'm just there for two weeks and it was almost like i don't like that was my area. You know you almost feel like an ownership like this is my ground. I just set traps here and nobody else is gonna come here and could do that. How many places in alaska you can do that. All over the state. There's just so much area that that you could you could just pop onto a spot. If you knew where everybody was and who's trap line was where you could pop into a spot and you could. You could essentially own that. I mean in your own mind. There's there's some truth to that for sure we get here one. Snowmobile come up over in two weeks. But i imagine that season in the fall when they're running boats up there ever. I'm sure it's pretty busy. But all winter all that places dead yup definitely when when kristen and i were running that that seventy mile line the about the first twenty mile twenty five miles of it. There were people that use that to get to a lake out there. Recreational lake people at cabins and stuff on but after that there was nothing. You know same thing. We were the only ones on that trail for forty miles. Oh i remember. We stop one time on a on the river and it was like the end january. We stop the launch. Like the first time. I felt the heat of the sun. You know all coming into all year. Yeah i after he hit winter and stuff you know. The sun doesn't have any warrants to her for a while and then like we stopped the river. The the and i took my helmet off and it was like boom sun in my face man. That's nice. I feel good and and you just sit there and it's like we could. We could see mel mckimmie and everything out there like looking at a book like this awe-inspiring view. And everything. like that and same thing. Not not a sound you years remits years ring Quite like that sometimes. Yeah like kind of the tonight is ring that you'll get yup i get about their. It's like you're trying so hard to hear if there's a noisy just like get that buzz going up for sure. Improbably the other big thing On a subconscious level for me being out there was the the fact that there were essentially no regulations. No rules and i've always been a lot of us. Have that kinda pioneer spirit. Where you you want to experience the way things were years ago before everything got built up and regulated and roads and bridges and homes and civilization and jobs and everything else and you go into a place where like i. I love trapping out here. And i don't get me wrong i really do. I mean this is a beautiful place in the northeast as good as it gets in my opinion. But when i go out there there's always this little thing in the back of my mind like doing things right am i following the rules and m. i. Obeying the law. Am i gonna get in trouble if something happens if somebody gonna come and see my chops and out there. All that was gone. It was like a whole weight. Lifted your shoulders like just go out and set traps and have fun and you got. You could do whatever you wanted if you saw place that look good for a scenario a snare if you want to three thirty for wolverine on the ground you you set it in everything was just. It was like a whole new world like wow. This is what. I've been missing huge sense of freedom. Yep yep for sure. Yeah all right man. Well i guess we'd better get going. All right. sounds good will do it again. I'll write down the questions. Yes that sounds. Good a back you sometime. That'd be fun. You gotta do the intro and everything now okay. You're practicing on that. And it took me about one hundred episodes before i get it right but you're quicker quicker than the you'll pick it up. I don't know about that but okay all right man. We'll take care. Thanks a lot for for For talking with me. Thanks for having me. I would again sounds good okay. That's that for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure did and we're going to have a little bit more coming up with me. And josh josh actually took over the podcast and interviewed me the other day. So that's gonna come up. Appear at some point in the next couple of weeks and we kinda he kinda turn tables a little bit so Looking forward to that now. It's time for the koch brothers deal of the week go to koss. Brose dot com. Kf bureau dot com. And when you place an order from cots bros you have the option to create an account. And you're gonna wanna do that. You're on d. 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And thank you guys for sticking around hope that if you gotta strap and season on right now you've got some traps out and you're just having a blast on the line and until next week keep on talking trapping. Keep on thinking traffic catch

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