E56: The Kirtland Cult - Jeffrey Lundgren


Support for this podcast is brought to you by Postle from the twisted mine of Gareth Evans responsible for the raid franchise comes a new movie that will surprise audiences with the visually stunning and disturbing tale of a man in pursuit of rescuing his sister from a religious cult, starring Dan Stevens and Michael sheen apostle premiers, October twelfth, only on Netflix. Duda graphic nature of this cult's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. On December thirty first nineteen eighty nine, a tipster contacted the ATF or bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives the tipster advised agents to go to a barn located at eighty six seventy one Chardon road in kirtland Ohio. There the bodies of the missing Avery family could be found buried in the dirt. By January third, local police had secured a warrant and Rabl to follow up on the tip. After digging through piles of rocks and garbage. The police found suspiciously soft dirt below. They eventually unearthed the bodies of Dennis Avery, his wife, Cheryl and their daughters fifteen year old Trina thirteen year old, Rebecca and seven year old, Karen the prosecutors chief assistant in kirtland later recalled not only the terrible smell in the barn. But the reaction of the local police. He said, quote, there was some pretty seasoned law enforcement officers there that day. And I remember the effect it had on them when it was clear that children had been murdered two and put everyone already knew who was responsible. His name was Jeffrey Lundgren, and he was convinced he had the power of God. Hi, I'm Greg Poulsen Vanessa Richardson, and this is cults today. We're taking a deep dive into the kirtland cult. Originally an offshoot of the Mormon church leader. Jeffrey Lundgren eventually convinced his followers to commit mass murder for him. You can listen to previous episodes of cults as well as all of par casts other shows wherever you listen to podcasts, a new episode comes out every Tuesday. A lot of you have asked how you can help support the show. And if you enjoy the podcast, the best way to do that is to leave a five star review. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram as at par cast and on Twitter at par, cast network. The kirtland cult was started by Jeffrey Lundgren in kirtland Ohio in nineteen eighty-seven. The called eventually numbered up to twenty adults and their children with some of the moving into Lundgren's home at eight, six, seven one Chardon road Lundgren formed the cult around his new interpretation of scripture eventually convincing his followers that he was God's last prophet. The cult ended after London, coerced his followers into murdering the Avery family, which led to his arrest January seventh nineteen ninety and eventual execution by lethal injection on October twenty. Fourth, two thousand six in part. One of our two part series will focus on Jeffrey Lundgren himself, his background psyche and how he turned from a troubled child into a cult leader in partout will broaden our focus from London to the cultivar ended known as the kirtland cult will learn about what the cult believe. How long used mind control to instill fear in his followers and how the cult eventually ended in the murder of an entire family. Jeffrey Lundgren was born on may third nineteen fifty in Independence, Missouri. His parents were named Donald and Lois, and he had one younger brother. The family was well off financially and were members of the RL DS church, which stands for reorganized church of Jesus Christ latter-day saints to understand Lundgren story. We need to understand a little bit about the religion. He grew up in their many splinter groups under the general banner of Mormonism the largest of which is the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints or l. d. s. these groups all differ in their specifics, but are United in the belief that a man named Joseph Smith who was born in Vermont in eighteen, oh five was a prophet of God. They believe that Smith through God's inspiration wrote the book of Mormon which includes new biblical teachings. Mormons regard the book of Mormon as part of their scripture. In addition to the. Old and New Testaments of the bible. Mormons also believe in something called continuous revelation, which Joseph Lundgren would later use for his own purposes. Continuous revelation is the idea that God or his divine agents continue to interact with humans through revelations. These revelations can come in the form of influenced by the Holy Ghost visions or visitations by divine agents like angels and prophets. This Mormon ideology has positive and negative consequences while it means that God can feel quite president everyday life. It also means that anyone can claim to have been visited by God or even be a profit. Some of the different splits within the Mormon religion have come from disagreements over whether or not someone is or isn't a prophet of God. In fact, one such disagreement led to the formation of the l. LDS by the eighteen thirties. Joseph Smith had amassed several hundred followers in both kirtland. Hi, oh, and Independence. Missouri kirtland was where Mormons in the mid west had initially gathered, but Smith claimed that independence was where the Mormons should establish Zion because that's where Christ would make his second coming. But not everyone was welcoming of the settlers in eighteen thirty four when Mormons in independence were facing persecution from nonbelievers. Smith made an important prophecy Smith claim that God had visited him and said, quote, I will raise up onto my people, a man who shall lead them, like as Moses lead the children of Israel and coat when Smith died in eighteen forty four. Most of his followers pledged their allegiance to Brigham Young who led the Mormons to Salt Lake valley in present day Utah, but Smith's widow, Emma, stayed behind with her three children. Those who stayed with her believe that one of Joseph Smith's descendants should become the new prophet eventually Smith's son. Joseph Smith third took up the mantle. This faction of more. Romans eventually evolved into the LDS church as Jeffrey Lundgren's parents were well regarded members of the are LDS church. They would have believed completely in Joseph Smith's teachings. Don was even a church elder, but Jeffrey was not always a believer. He's quoted as saying, I would sit there on Sundays and people would be in tears, talking about the Lord's presence and his love, and all these strange events that they claimed happen to them. And I would think that something was wrong with me because I felt absolutely nothing and nothing had happened to me like what they were describing. I was stone cold to all the emotional drivel. Jeffers parents enjoyed good standing at the community. Jeffries home life was far from perfect Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode, please note, Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks, Greg. Jeffrey described his mother Lois as cold and control. Trolling more worried about her appearance than her children's welfare. He claimed that quote, I always had to fight for affection. And my parents love was always conditional. It was always used as a reward and taken away as punishment. When I was inadequate lowest fits the standard profile of narcissistic parent seeing her children as an extension of herself rather than as Thomas creatures. She was highly concerned with how she was perceived. So she controlled her children's behavior to maintain a perfect public image. According to psychologist, Dr Eleanor Greenberg with the New York institute for gestalt therapy, children of narcissists frequently grew up to be narcissist themselves and though Jeffrey might not have done so consciously will later see him using the same techniques to control his followers that his mother used on him and Jeffries relationship with his father doesn't sound any more positive. No Jeffrey's father was a tough alpha male who liked to claim that. He had to earn everything he got and couldn't stand laziness and others. Jeffrey said, quote, no matter what I did. I never felt I was men enough for him. I always wanted and I love you. But what I got was male on male competition and quote, life at school didn't provide much of a reprieve for Jeffrey. He had a couple of friends, but was generally awkward around his peers and wasn't popular a classmate of his recall that quote, you felt sorry for him until you started talking to him, then he realized that he was air against no one really liked him and quote, nevertheless, Jeffrey set his mind to bulking up perhaps to impress his father and by his senior year, he was strong enough, let it enough to play shortstop for the baseball team after high school. Jeffrey attended central Missouri state university located in Warren's Burg Missouri. The school is secular but had a large number Mormon. Students says it's located just an hour from independence where Smith for told Christ would reappear. A two story house bordering. The campus had even been renovated by the LDS church and made into a student union. That's where Jeffrey met his future wife. Alice Keeler when she was still a senior in high school and visiting a friend on campus, she can remember exactly what he looked like the first time she saw him. She said, quote, he was dressed in a neatly pressed, white short sleeved shirt with tiny, thin, blue and yellow pinstripes. He was also wearing Brown penny loafers and no socks. Can you believe it? He wasn't wearing any socks and quote, despite Alice's shock over Jeffrey's fashion choices. She was immediately interested in him even when she later heard from another young woman that Jeffrey had taken her out on a date, only drunk and try to take advantage of her. Alice remained convinced that Geoffrey was the one for her Jeffries. Sexual aggression may be an early sign of his narcissistic personality. Narcissist believe normal rules don't apply to them and they're entitled. To take what they want. In this case, Jeffrey felt entitled to a woman's body the next year when l. started as a freshman at central Missouri. She ran into Jeffrey again in some ways. Jeffrey was still as awkward as he was in high school. And one of his friends had ask Allison out on a date for him. Now let's accepted and the two went on a day to a friend's picnic around a campfire on the night of the picnic, they discuss their lives telling each other about their pasts. Unlike Jeffrey Alice came from a poor family and had low self esteem, but still they hit it off sharing a background in the early church and perhaps a conviction that they were both special meant for something greater. Even though Alice had grown up poor, she was incredibly spoiled by her family. Her sister recalled about her quote. Alice always wanted to be the center of attention. She loved being in the spotlight and at church. She was on center stage and quote. Alice was a true believer in the teachings of the. LDS church. She even believed that she had an encounter as a teenager with the devil which left her momentarily paralyzed. It wasn't until she called out Christ's name that she was able to move. Again when she recounted her ordeal at church, her bout with the devil only made her more liked and respected. One of the churches elders even told Alice that God had given him a message about her future husband. He said, quote, you shall marry a companion whom I have prepared to bring forth my kingdom and he shall be great in the eyes of these people and shall do much good unto the children of men for I have prepared him to bring forth a marvelous work and wonder and quote, two hours. This message was an extension of Joseph Smith's eighteen thirty four prophecy. Her future husband would be the Moses like prophet that would help usher in the second coming of Christ. Her sister was more skeptical about Alice's claims saying, quote, I'm not certain Alice knows sometimes the difference. Between the truth and lies. Alice's always been able to convince yourself that whatever she wants to believe is the truth and nothing else matters. She was that way about religion and that way about her life and quote the night of Alison Jeffries. I state Jeffrey didn't show the propensity toward violence that Alice's friend had observed. Instead, he walked to her door and asked her if he could give her a kiss. Goodnight. She said, yes, later that night alone in her dorm room, Alice was convinced that not only was Jeffrey, the man she'd marry. He was also the profit that Joseph Smith had foretold. Jeffrey was Justice. Mitten with Alice says she was with him, perhaps obsessively so, but Alliston seem to mind even just the first week of dating. His romantic overtures were already mixed with controlling instructions. He would shower her with roses, an escort her to and from class. But he would also tell her when to sleep and what to wear behavior that might have made other women. And feel threatened only made Alice feel special once in a freshman chemistry class, Alison. Jeffrey spying on her through window just staring at her. Nevertheless, Alice said, quote, he's fascinating. He's handsome. He's at letting he's everything that I have ever thought the perfect man should be. And he is crazy about me and quote Ellis was right about Jeffrey feelings just one week after their first date. Jeffrey asked Alice to marry him telling her he was already in love with her. Jeffries obsession with Alice could be traced back to his insecure attachment to his parents. According to psychologist, Dr Lisa, Firestone director of research and education at the Glendon association. An insecure attachment occurs when a child doesn't feel safe with narcissistic parents because of their emotional abuse. As a result, the child can develop an anxious attachment with other people later in life with an anxious attachment. The person is trying to. Fulfil the connection he never had with his parents. Of course, the person will never truly find that fulfillment leading him to pursue it more obsessively and aggressively after their engagement, Jeffrey immediately pressured Alice into having sex with him. Even though in the RL DS church, you're not supposed to have sex until marriage. Alice wanted to please Jeffrey. So she agreed despite her feelings of shame, Alice felt that quote to him, it was a sign that I loved him, and I wanted him to love me and quote, but their marriage was by no means sure thing. Alice was only eighteen and Jeffrey was nineteen and Missouri in nineteen sixty nine. That meant that by law Jeffrey needed his parents permission, Jeffrey knew that his parents would like Alice due to her family's poverty and lack of status within the LDS church. In the meantime, Jeffrey and Alice's obsession with each other was so intense that neither went to class much that's a master Alice. Zabell to squeak by, but Jeffrey failed all of his classes during the fall of his sophomore year and flunked out of school entirely win. Jeffries family met Alice over winter break. Jeffries prediction turned out to be right. His family did hate Alice, but in the spring of nineteen seventy. Alice realized she was pregnant. Now Jeffrey had to marry her even though as parents were furious about the situation. On may fifth nineteen seventy Alice and Jeffrey ages eighteen and nineteen respectively. Gotten married at Alice's. Families are LDS church in Odessa, Texas. Presumably before her pregnancy began showing only one person attended the ceremony on Jeffrey side. A friend from college Jefferson may have thought they were just in for great things, but after their wedding, they had to move into Alice's parents house. Alice was pregnant. Jeffrey had flunked out of college and with the Vietnam war in progress. He was only a matter of time before he was drafted to try to avoid serving Jeffrey enlisted in the navy as part of the delayed entry program that didn't require him to report until the end of nineteen seventy. He hoped that by then the war would be over, but in November of nineteen seventy with the war still dragging on Jeffrey had to report to training in San Diego and missed the birth of his first son, Damon, Paul Lund gr. Grin, Damon helped repair Jeffries relationship with his parents who do not want to be separated from the grandchild Jeffrey's father, even personally blessed him in there are LDS church in independence. Jeffrey was assigned by the navy to work in San Diego as an electrical repairman on the USS Sperry. So Alison, Damon moved with him to California their time there was happy, but neither Jeffrey nor Alice could figure out how to make life work on a budget. They both overspent and had to constantly ask their families for money. There were other problems in their marriage. Alice said Jeffrey was obsessed with sex claiming quote, he do it several times a day. If I let him and when we did it, he just want to satisfy himself and quote, again, Jeffrey showing classic signs of narcissism. He's only focused on himself and sees sex as validation narcissists also tend to think they're much better in bed than they really are in the spring of nineteen seventy two. When. Jeffrey was twenty one. He was assigned to a destroyer bound for Vietnam. Alice moved with Damon back to Jeffrey's parents house. It was in Vietnam that Jeffrey reconnected with his religion. He studied the scripture every day trying to figure out why God hadn't communicated with him like he had with others, including Alice. Then one day his ship, the US Shelton came under fierce attack from the Vietnamese, somehow the ship withstood the bombardment. Jeffrey believed that he was responsible for the entire crew survival. Quote. God had showed me a sign. He had protected the ship because he didn't want me to die in Vietnam and quote, he hadn't had much use for the religion before, but if he could use it to make himself feel more special than he was in his nurse assistant personality is being bolstered by the idea that he has been chosen. Jeffrey also remembered what Elsa told him about the prophecy regarding future husband and he started. I think it could be true. He really was special. He could even be the profit that is church had been waiting for. We'll examine what Lundgren did with his newfound religiosity. After the break. There so many home security companies out there. What's one of the reasons you like simply safe home security? So much simply safe is great because it's ready for anything that gets thrown at it. If a storm takes out the power or an intruder cuts, the phone line simply safe is ready. Even if they destroy your keypad or siren simply safe will get you the help you need. That's good. 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Ad free, six months after they're released. Again, this will only affect episodes that are older than six months. Nothing else will change will still be releasing new cults up Assode 's where ever you listen to podcasts for a free month trial go to Stitcher, premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code park cast that's Stitcher, premium dot com. Slash podcast and use promo code par cast. Now back to the story. In January of nineteen Seventy-three after surviving an attack by the beaten AMIS and assuming full responsibility for his crew survival twenty two year old, Jeffrey Lundgren returned to the US as a decorated navy crewmen and dedicated Mormon. He had received excellent reviews from a superior officers and even considered staying in the navy as a career. But he ultimately decided against it because of his obligation to his family. Jeffrey Alice and their son moved into the house of a family friend named the we's who recall Jeffries treatment of Alice. During that time, saying, quote, I felt Jeffrey was in the process of making Allison to exactly what he wanted her to be. He wanted to control every part of her life, and she gave him that control in return for his love and quote, Jeffrey was so controlling that Alice wasn't even able to use the phone without his permission. Jeffrey had become a full-fledged narcissist and needed. Alice to be perfect so that she would reflect positively on him. Alice believed that Jeffries treatment of her was mandated by the bible and that it was her job to serve him. She would often cite a passage from the New Testament that reads quote, but the women serve in silence with all subjection for I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man to be in silence and quote. Meanwhile, Jeffrey was sent out on two more tours and during the last one in nineteen Seventy-three. He first became aware of how persuasive he could be. He was bunk mates with a young man named Kevin curry who lived a risky carefree lifestyle. When their ship would dock on land, Kevin would head straight for the nearest brothel. At first Kevin thought Jeffrey was odd. He was so quiet and serious always studying his scripture, but he gradually became curious about Jeffrey. When the ship returned to San Diego, he accompanied Jeffrey to dinner at home with Alice there. Jeffrey told Kevin all about his our LDS beliefs and about an experience he'd had while at sea. He claimed that Satan had sent a cloud that grew into the shape of a hand. He Venturi almost pushing him overboard. Jeffrey cried out my God, save me. Deliver me and the cloud disappeared. Jeffrey said that the only explanation for the occurrence was that quote, the cloud was Satan in the forces of evil, and he was trying to kill me to keep me from doing something that God has chosen me to do. There has to be. The reason why God is saving me and why Satan wants me dead and quote, whether Jeffrey believed this delusion or was consciously lying will never know. Perhaps he told the lie. So often he began to believe it himself. Kevin was fascinated. He ended up staying with the Lundgren's for long time and at the end of nineteen seventy four. He was baptized. Jeffrey was soon discharged from the navy and decided to return to Missouri leaving Kevin behind, at least for the time being. But through his conversion of Kevin, Jeffrey discovered his powers of persuasion in nineteen seventy four at age, twenty four, Jeffrey re-enrolled at central Missouri state university. This time he earned straight as and became a leader of the fundamentalist Mormon. Faction of students under the direction of Joseph Smith's grandson Wallace bee's myth Mormonism had started modernizing causing a rift in the are LDS church. Jeffrey was on the conservative side. Which among other things believed that women had no place in the RL DS priesthood. By the fall of nineteen seventy five. Jeffrey was so passionate about his beliefs that he decided he should join the priesthood himself and put his name for consideration. Among the elders. Priesthood in the early church isn't a fulltime job like it is in the Catholic church. Priests in the are LDS church do most of their work on Sundays, but it is a sign of status to be appointed to the priesthood. Jeffrey was also asked to help teach a course of the university, even though he was still an undergraduate and had been able to buy a house with the help of a loan given to ex service members. He and Alice had another child, a son named Jason from the outside. Jeffrey Lundgren seemed to be living a perfect life, but behind the facade. Jeffrey was thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. Alice wasn't allowed to know anything about their finances. So she only found out when a Bill collector had come to the house. Jeffrey blamed Alice for their money, troubles, saying, quote, Alice became just like my. Mother, getting possessions, accumulating things became extremely important to her Alison. I were having a difficult time on our personal relationship and she wanted physical manifestations from me that showed I loved her and quote their friends and family later said that both were to blame for the debt, which by January nineteen seventy seven reached forty, four thousand five hundred dollars when adjusted for inflation data mount would be almost one hundred eighty thousand dollars today at the same time, Geoffrey mysteriously quit school, even though he had almost enough credits to graduate. Again, he blamed Alice and Alice blamed him. Jeffrey said that Alison system, he got a job to support them. While Alice said Jeffrey had been caught stealing money from the school and in final blow, Jeffrey was denied. His priesthood in the are LDS church elders cited his emotional immaturity. As the reason Jeffrey was so angry that he dropped out of the are LDS church completely. If God communicated with him directly, what did you need the church for shortly after in the spring of nineteen Seventy-nine, Alice became pregnant. Again, Jeffrey told Alice that he got a job with TWA an airline as part of the preflight inspection crew. But Alice began to notice some suspicious activity items from the house started disappearing and Jeffrey never came home at the same time. Everything blew up. When the police came to their house. It turned out Jeffrey headlight about the job. He hadn't been able to secure employment, but he needed to keep up his image. So he'd made it all up. Their rent was overdue and Jeffrey had written a bad check for gun. He wanted to buy. He liked collecting guns because his father had a gun collection and he wanted to amass better collection that his dad Jeffrey ended up being taken away by the police in handcuffs by this time. Geoffrey, Alice's parents were tired of lending their children money, but Alice's mother still allow. The family of Ford move back in with them. The family was about to expand on Saturday, June, sixteenth, nineteen Seventy-nine. Alice gave birth to their third child. A daughter named Kristen, Jeffrey got a job in a hospital to support his family, and they rented an old farmhouse to live in Jeffrey analysis. Marital problems continued. Jeffery claimed that Alice was frigid while Alice claimed the Jeffrey wanted her to do things sexually that made her uncomfortable including defecating on her. In fact, Alice claimed the Jeffrey was fascinated by feces. A sexual facination with feces is known as copper affiliate. According to Nick hassling, a professor of psychology at the university of Melbourne. Many people have vetting his which only become clinical issues if they interfere substantially with a person's life or caused distress. However, studies have shown that copper affiliate has some correlation with Saito masochism which is the giving. Or receiving of pain for pleasure. How does it tie in with Jeffries narcissism while narcissist feel the need to project a powerful perfect image to the public deep down, they feel worthless. Jeffrey might have asked Alice to engage in sexual acts in which she treated him as that worthless person. It might even have been cathartic for him a chance to reveal how he truly felt inside and why was willing to put up with Jeffries sexual obsessions. It sounds like there might have been a couple reasons. I Alice grew up in a religion that taught that women were supposed to serve men without question. Secondly, Geoffrey had been controlling and emotionally abusive for a long time. He likely didn't start out asking Alice for these sexual acts. He had to build up to them over the course of several years. Oboe disgusted by these fetishes Alice agreed to participate in an effort to please her husband, but unfortunately for Alice, it's still wasn't enough for Jeffrey. During this time, he had an affair with the woman who also worked. At the hospital at I also blames herself for his lapse. She thought that if she had been a more subservient wife, he never would have strayed. But eventually her anger boiled to the surface and the two got into a heated argument the to disagree about how the fight started, but would happen. Next is a fact established in hospital records Jeffrey through Alice so hard against a doorknob that he ruptured her spleen. She had questioned his authority so he needed to reestablish control. Jeffries abuse didn't stop there. While Alice was under painkillers and bedridden from her injury, Jeffrey had sex with her while she was nearly unconscious. Alice became pregnant again, eventually giving birth to their fourth and final child, Caleb Lundgren and September nineteen eighty. Throughout this time, even after his arrest, Jeffrey had continued to write bad checks. Finally, they were kicked out of the farmhouse and had to return to Alice's parents house when they're. Landlord came to look over the farmhouse and see what condition the lung grins had left it in. He was shocked. Jeffrey had stolen. Some of his personal items that had been kept in the garage with that was far from the worst of it in the basement. Jeffrey had cut through a sewage pipe so that everything from the toilet on the first floor empty directly onto the basement floor. He recalled quote, there was a pile of human waste at least one foot deep and six feet in diameter and quote. Additionally, he found magazines with sadomasochistic photos in a closet along with a plastic dildo caked with feces, even if we knew what that was four, we would spare the details. The landlord also fun books about the LDS church all over the farmhouse and he couldn't understand on Jeffrey could have two such different sides to his personality. The landlord said, quote, he wanted to be liked. He wanted to be admired yet. He didn't want to do anything to earn you liking him at the same time. My also never knew anyone who thought so much of himself. He simply looked upon himself as someone who was unique. You know, special, Andy felt people needed to treat him special and quote, Jeffrey was later fired from the hospital after he and his mistress were caught messing around in the office. He told Alice, he decided to quit. By February nineteen Eighty-one Jeffrey had gained and lost several more jobs. He was living in Independence, Missouri, so that he could look for work while Alice was living with your parents and taking care of their four kids. When Jeffrey visited Alice, she would indulge his interest in copper filial and bondage because she wanted to make him happy though. She said it made her uncomfortable. Finally, nineteen eighty-two Jeffrey got a steady job at independence as a bio medical technician. Allison, the kids moved there to join him and Jeffey was finally able to pay off all the bad checks. He had written, his criminal record was expunged. And for the first time in a while, the couple had disposable income Jeffey decided to spend it on rifles again, trying to build up his collection to better as father. Jeffrey Alice reconnected with old friends and independence. One of whom invited the couple to a bible study class on the book of Mormon. The class was taught by a man named Ray treat, who taught. Pupils that it wasn't enough to read or even memorize the scripture. Jeffrey said, quote, you needed to examine each individual word and discover it's meaning when you did that, you could actually see God's thought process from that point on, no one could keep me away from church. I had to know more and quote, jiffy decided to give the r. l. d. s. priesthood and other try, but through his time in the army and his conversion of Kevin curry, he now understood the importance of personal relationships. He took some time to network and cozied up to church elders, volunteering for any odd job. The church needed done, but friends thought that Jeffrey analysis were motivated by something other than religious zeal. One friend said, quote, Jeff in house were anxious to get prestige. They didn't have it. They wanted it and quote, mauled Jeffrey's plans were progressing smoothly church, his work life returned to the same pattern. Jeffrey was fired from his job as a biomedical techniques. Shen and then two other jobs all for stealing. He would never hold a pain job again. After this break will track the beginnings of the kirtland cult and their path to murder. Now back to the story. The end of nineteen eighty-two Jeffrey and Alice met a couple at their church named Jim in Laura Robbins after Jim was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A few years previously, he and his wife had become devout Mormons, Jim had never met anyone who could match his knowledge of scripture until he met Jeffrey a small number of devout Mormons, including Jim believe in communal living. Some early Mormons had practiced it for a time though. It never lasted for very long. Jim was so impressed with Jeffrey that he thought they should give it a try and in February nineteen. Eighty two, Jim told Jeffrey and Alice that he and Laura would financially support them at the time. Jim didn't realize that Jeffrey analysts were already being supported by numerous other church members through a fund meant for poor. Mormons, in fact, they had such a surplus of goods donated to them that friend recalled coming to the house and seeing their front porch completely covered in grocery bags, full of food. When. The friends question Dallas about it. Alice replied, quote, Jeff had things to do for God, and therefore he wasn't required to work like everyone else. Other people were supposed to take care of him. That was their job. He was to serve God and quote, although Ellis was subservient to Jeffrey, we can see that she was also benefiting from his status. She wasn't working either and seemed to feel entitled to other people's help and money. After Jim began to bankroll the Lundgren's, he and Jeffrey became obsessed with one passage in the book of Mormon in it. God says, he has revealed to Joseph Smith and other Mormon, great and marvelous works, but he doesn't specify what they were. God had led his prophecy. These works after the two had prayed in kirtland, Ohio. So Jeffrey Jim decided they would go to the kirtland temple and pray to be shown the same works. The kirtland temple was the first structure of its kind to be built by the followers of Joseph Smith. He oversaw its. -struction himself and the church was first used in eighteen thirty six. Joseph Smith claimed to have several visions there and it's considered a sacred space for Mormons once they're Jeffrey, Jim prayed in private in the temple for half an hour, but nothing happened. Jim decided that he was arrogant to think that God would show him the same thing he'd shown Joseph Smith, Jeffrey, however, surprise Jim by standing up and praying out loud for Jim to be cured of stomach cancer. What happened next differs according to Jim and Jeffrey in gyms account, they went to a nearby diner where Jim felt sick and had to return home in Jeffries account. God had told Jeffrey that he could either cure Jim's cancer or be shown the great works that Joseph Smith had described. It was Jeffries choice. Jeffrey proudly reported that he had chosen Jim to be cured. And therefore he was Jim's cancer was in remission, but he wasn't convinced that it was due to Jeffrey sacrifice. Jeffy told everyone else in the church's version of the story. Anyway, Jim and his wife became uncomfortable with Jeffries claims and in the summer of nineteen Eighty-three. They decided that they could no longer financially support him. Nevertheless, Jeffrey was ordained in the RL DS priesthood in October nineteen Eighty-three at thirty three years old. For his first sermon, he read a series of bible verses about how God would punish the wicked members of the church, complained about the violent imagery he used and Jeffrey wasn't invited to preach again shortly after the Lundgren's first son, Damon was injured when he tripped and broke rib, the rib punctured his liver and he needed emergency surgery. When Alice tell Jeffrey that she wanted to stay in the hospital with him, instead of going home, Jeffrey became enraged because he felt Alice wasn't paying enough attention to him. He raped Alice on the floor of their bathroom according to Geoffrey, it wasn't possible for a husband to rape alive because she only exists to please him even though rape is clearly morally and legally wrong. But for Alice, this was the last straw. She threatened divorce, but Jeffrey knew how to. Allison, the marriage. He claimed that on the night that Damon was injured. He had a vision of Christ dying on the cross. He said that he walked up to the cross, looked into Christ's is and that quote I saw everything and I was aware I was in his head and in his consciousness, and I could see all things all eternity from the beginning of time to the present into the future. I felt his pure and total love, and I understood that there was no anger in him at all, and quote, Alice believed Jeffrey and decided once and for all that she could never leave him. Because according to Geoffrey quote, God is preparing me for something he is directing both our lives and quote, despite Jeffries checkered work history and abusive his wife. He was still allowed to teach bible study class at the local hour LDS church in Independence, Missouri at the time. The rift between fundamentalist Mormonism and liberal Mormonism that Jeffrey had experienced in college was coming. To a head in April of nineteen Eighty-four. The RL DS governing body held a worldwide conference where they voted to allow women to be ordained to the priesthood. Jeffrey was horrified and decided to make his bible study class into a haven for fundamentalist church members. He preached that RL d. s. was God's only true church and that God would punish any disbelievers. He was a terrifying, but charismatic lecturer and do a class of about twenty loyal students. Two of his most passionate followers were named Cheryl and Dennis Avery dead grown up in our LDS households and admit during church. Weekend retreat for singles. The couple had three daughters Trina, Rebecca, and Karen, the couple wasn't popular in the church or in general due to their social awkwardness. Another member of the church said of the agencies quote, I think one of the reasons why the Avery's latched onto Jeffrey Alice was because they were nicer to them than most people in the church. The Avery were not particularly easy to like labor, Wimpy, mousy people, and a lot of members simply voided them and quote. However, the series had something in common with the Lundgren's they hated how liberal the church was becoming, and even thought that Satan could be corrupting the mind of Joseph Smith's descendants. But even they were challenged when Jeffrey made a startling claim in class Jesus Christ in God were one in the same. Jeffrey wasn't referring to the holy trinity, which in the cap. The tradition suggests that the father, son and Holy Ghost are distinct but made of the same essence. He meant they were indistinct from each other part of what made that claim. So disturbing to RDS members was that Jesus Christ and God had appeared together to Joseph Smith and vision. So essentially, Jeffrey was calling Joseph Smith a liar. Jeffrey said that he had unearthed different accounts of Smith's vision that supported what he was saying. But church elders were nevertheless appalled and discontinued his class. Jeffrey was so sure that he was right that he refused to apologize for his assertion and instead move the class to his home. He was followed only by his most dedicated students, including Dennis and Cheryl. Avery and Denison, Tanya, Patrick, Jeffrey then had another vision. This one involved, his student, Dennis Patrick. He claimed that he and Dennis were walking along a path and Jeffrey was given a set of gold pleats different than the ones that Joseph Smith had been. Given his vision, Jeffrey brought the plates to Wallace b Smith, the current head of the church, but God told him that the are LDS church had gone astray and could not help him translate the plates. Jeffrey continued on his search for a way to translate the plates. Even when Dennis Patrick tried to take them from him, Jeffrey interpreted the vision like this quote. I think it means that God wants me to bring forth some new revelation. I think it means that Wallace b Smith is a fallen prophet and is leading the church destruction. I think it means that Dennis Patrick will try to stop me from accomplishing task because he will be more worried about winning the glory of the world than the glory of God and quote, Jeffrey shared his entire vision with Alice. And then with his followers, though he left out the part about Dennis Patrick's betrayal when he preached this in class, they didn't think it was so strange because as Tanya, Patrick, put it quote, if you had gone to any Wednesday night prayer service that week, you. Probably would have seen someone stand up and talk about how God had inspired them to say something or shown them vision and quote, Jeffrey became obsessed with the vision doing everything he could to become worthy of receiving the new revelation that God was going to give him one day during a scripture study. He thought he had found a passage in the book of Mormon that told him what to do next. It read quote for this 'cause I gave unto you the commandment, but you should go to the Ohio and there I will give unto you my law and there you shall be endowed with power from on high and from thence, who so ever. I will shell go forth among all nations and it Shelby told them what they shall do and quote, although God had originally given this order to go to a high, oh, to Joseph Smith, Jeffrey was so self important that he thought God was talking directly to him. And as if God had planned it. Alice noticed an advertisement in the church newsletter for volunteers to go work as tour guides at the kirtland temple in. Hi, oh, where Jeffrey allegedly cured his old friend, Jim, the position was unpaid, but the church would cover housing and utilities. It was like a miracle, Jeffrey told the members of his class and they through the Lundgren's a going away party. Sharell Dennis, Avery were thrilled for them and Cheryl told Jeffrey quote. This is so exciting. You've got to tell us what you find there and quote Jeffrey was convinced that everything else in his life had been leading up to this move saying, quote, the Lord Ed chosen me me for a great mission. I truly believe that. And I saw this as a new adventure, a new start. We were going on God's path and I wasn't going to let him down. I was going to do whatever God commanded and quote, Jeffrey Alice Lundgren along with their four children arrived in kirtland Ohio. On August nineteenth, nineteen Eighty-four. They moved into the church provided housing, which was directly next door to the beautiful kirtland temple. Jeffrey began his training as a tour guide. The temple just a day after his family's arrival in kirtland his eagerness so impressed. The head of the temple staff that Geoffrey was put in charge of the financial records of the temple. In addition to his tour duties, Jeffrey would oversee the offerings left at the temple and the sales visitor's center, which usually amounted to about twenty thousand dollars a year. Although Jeffrey was well respected at the temple, they weren't paying him anything and the family was struggling to survive around that same time Jeffries old navy buddy, Kevin, curry. The one he had converted to Mormonism arrived for a visit. Jiffy told Kevin about an amazing discovery he'd made in the book of Mormon. There's a certain passage that said, a prophet would help usher in science in independence. That's why Joseph Smith had moved his followers there, but Jeffey thought that men had added in that passage later, the real location of Zion wasn't kirtland Hieaux Kevin believed with Jeffrey told him and started visiting Jeffrey whenever he could, but Jeffey didn't. Have the high opinion of Kevin that Kevin had of him. He said, quote, Kevin, wasn't that much different from all the others who eventually joined my group. They were all drawn to me because there is something lacking in their own personalities in lives. They wanted me to provide it for them. They were week I was strong. I was there host and quote. In January of nineteen. Eighty five Kevin became the first person to move into the Lundgren home in order to be closer to Jeffrey and learned from him. He also agreed to hand over his entire paycheck every month directly to Jeffrey rather than being thankful. Jeffrey used the opportunity to exploit Kevin further. Soon, Kevin was doing all the household chores. In addition to being the only one in the household with a paying job. Jeffrey also began to take more people under his wing, including Sharon bluntly, and Danny craft, both interns at the kirtland temple. Neither of them knew anyone in town and both were lonely. Jeffrey saw them as perfect targets. Like most leaders, Jeffrey was skilled at identifying people's vulnerabilities so that he could explode them in the fall of nineteen eighty five. Jeffrey was asked to teach an adult Sunday school class at the temple. He used the opportunity to talk about a new method for analyzing scripture that he had learned. Called Kayastha Mus Jeffrey claim to have invented Cosmas, but he had actually heard about it from other people cayennes MRs based on the belief that God created mankind in his mirror image. So you should study the bible, my looking for phrases that mirror each other, whatever is between the two Mirroring. Phrases is the truth. For example, a section of Isaiah chapter fifty. Five reads in one line, neither are your ways. My ways then in the next line for as the heavens are higher than the earth, then in the next line. So are my ways higher than your ways the first and last lines of similar. So the true message of the section is the middle line which reads for as the heavens are higher than the earth. The other lines were written by men while the center line was written by God, Jeffrey used Cosmas to give the impression that he had a secret to interpreting scripture that no one else knew and many members of the church, aided up a friend at the time recalled. Quote, Jeff, had this magnetism about him. He never expressed any doubts. And when he said something, it was like the Lord himself had set it and quote, everything was going well for Jeffrey and his family. Jeffrey was enjoying giving tours and studying scripture and Kevin and Sharon were supporting them financially. Jeffrey was still demanding sexual acts from Alice that made her uncomfortable. But by this point, she had accepted that he really was the prophet that had been foretold. So she no longer felt she could question him for the next year and a half the Lundgren's continued in relative happiness. Jeffrey got so into study of chaos Mus that he used it to completely reinterpret the entire bible. He crossed out anything that wasn't surrounded by Mira phrases, believing that everything that remained was the true word of God. More and more people began to notice Jeffrey and believe in him, especially RL DS fundamentalists, Jeffrey capitalized on their belief, presenting himself as the conservative option too. People who thought the church was becoming too liberal. He even began to consider that the special purpose that God had in store for him was to lead a fundamentalist revolt. Ousting Wallace b Smith from the church leadership and installing himself. He began teaching additional classes at his home drawing not just Kevin informer interns, Sharon, Daniel, but other people who had met him at church or during his tours of the temple by the fall of nineteen eighty six, both Kevin curry and another man named Richard Olsen were living in the Lundgren house while Danny and Sharon lived across the street. They had all become disciples of Geoffrey Geoffrey continued to study the bible using cayennes Mus even though he had moved to kirtland my God told him to, he felt he was still missing some sort of key that would truly unlock his power and allow him to become the prophet. He was meant to be the key came in the form of another alleged vision. Jeffery claimed that he was visited by Joseph Smith who explained to him. Mm, that God had created eight Sears. At the beginning of time, these men were immortal, but wouldn't know that they were immortal or what their role was until God needed them. If you thinking that sounds like the plot of a movie called Highlander you're correct. The movie was released in nineteen eighty six and Jeffrey, and Allison mid being so szeswith it that they sought seven times in one weekend, but Jeffrey still claimed that his story was true. In fact, he was the last of these immortal seers or prophets through all of Jeffries hard work. He had finally become worthy of his role. So now God was revealing his true self to him as he put it quote. I was finally at the point where it could happen where Joseph Smith could turn the role of the prophet over to me so that the scriptures could be fulfilled and quote. It was the last piece of dangerous puzzle. Jeffrey had begun to a massive followers and now believed that he was God's last prophet on earth. He alone could. Bring about Zion in kirtland next week, we'll discuss how Jeffrey Lundgren would use this supposed revelation together, even more disciples gained complete control over the members of his cult and eventually convinced them to commit murder on his behalf. Thanks again for tuning into colts. We'll be back with the second part of our episode. Next Tuesday, some of you have asked how you can help the show if you enjoy colts the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. 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